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Clyde damn
pretty amazing eye it’s quite up here –
peaceful sort of birds
that’s it that’s transport of God
transportable so I used to travel
I’ve been filed with the court
that means the one machine in fifth
month 2018 that’s all been documented
it’s no license it’s not registered
they’ve just been notified it’s on
record it’s been filed with the court
it’s been stamped with the court and
even when police pull you over and
arrest you and basher take your car when
it comes to court
that leaves magistrates sort of in a
bind because it’s on record no one
complained no one wrote back no one said
you can’t do it
so the charges that the police create
don’t go anywhere they have to remain
with the police the police created the
so therefore if they can’t pass that
charge on confer it conferring the debt
on to some unsuspecting idiot or lunatic
then they have to do it themselves
because they are the first lunatics the
first idiots they’re the ones that
created the charge and didn’t know what
they were doing it’s not a state of
Queensland or state of Victoria US state
of New South Wales it’s got nothing to
do with their state however it is on
record with their state it’s just
something that they can’t use as a year
struck I assume as he’s fronting and I’m
not on record because I don’t hold the
state birth certificate which is the
surname and the born date I hold the
Christian name only and the registration
date and when you give that you get
another birth certificate which is in
Queensland it’s called a certificate of
birth so when you hold that you can’t
apply for licences you can’t apply for
anything because you are actually the
equity you still have directive power
over over the equity you haven’t
registered it put it on the files of
their state and then act as the the
debtor of your own equity holding the
certificate of birth you hold that the
birth of the equity account we still
have the power of direction I over that
and that’s why sure I go through a lot
of trouble bastard
but that’s what it takes to have some
guts to make a stand in this world you
bow down you become a slave well then
that is your choice but the choice of
getting out of being a slave takes a lot
of knowledge a lot of research but it’s
something that you have to either do or
if you don’t do and you remain a slave
or a state citizen then you’ve just
gotta abide by the rules for the state
and always plead guilty as I do if I’m
forced to act as a a debtor but there
are rules there’s compensation so if
they want to force you to become a
debtor you have the right to to notify
them of the compensation that you’d like
but if you blindly go ahead and accept
their paperwork their documents their
legal titles then you know you’ve only
got yourself to blame you didn’t do the
work she didn’t read your Bible so you
become in their eyes the sinners and the
sinners have to be punished or
and that’s why the system works I think
there’s always been a one-world
I think the Vatican has always really
been the control Robin
and so that allows governments to
administer their own affairs to a degree
but the whole thing really boils down to
a a Christian Judea type system one
trust the biblical trust
and that’s the the dark sign of it all
that you have to know it’s satanic and
people don’t believe it but
it’s a crazy system

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