Trans Teen Dons Swimsuit To Show Gender Surgery SCARS!


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what’s that family this is an article
that I saw on Yahoo I’m going to read
you excerpts of it as is jazz Jennings
is stepping into 2020 by embracing who
she is and the journey that it took for
her to get here by sharing a photo of
herself in a swimsuit that shows off
scars from her gender confirmation
surgery the 19 year old reality star and
transgender activist referenced her
battle wounds in an Instagram post on
Wednesday where she had the upper thigh
scars on full display for the first time
since her 2018 surgery Jennings has
documented her life and gender
transition in front of the camera for
the TLC series
I am jazz since 2015 in the show’s fifth
season she even lets the audience in on
the biggest surgery of her life I’m
proud of my scars and love my body the
way it is she wrote I called them my
battle wounds because they signify the
strength and perseverance it took to
finally complete my transition I’m proud
of my scars and love my body just the
way it is so why change listen I am a
true believer in people doing what makes
them happy shot of hurting others but
I’m also a realist you know we gotta
call things what they are you know
trying to use this like Jedi Mind
shame on the people and start trying to
you know tell somebody that he is a she
and she is a he you know you’re trying
to confuse if we like we know what it is
and listen I’m not even trying to bash
anybody I’m just talking facts these are
scientific facts because listen here
there are others who don’t get surgeries
to change their sex so to speak
some people get surgery to remove a mole
or birthmark
some people get surgery to remove that
some people get surgery to it even out
of leg harm things like that you know
some people were born without a hand
they get surgery to to have their arms
extended and stuff like that and so if
it makes them happy then I’m really not
against it you know I I just something
that makes somebody happy and they want
to do for themselves to make them feel
better about themselves that’s fine but
don’t try to trick the rest of us you
know cuz I thought it was called gender
reassignment now they’re calling it
confirmation let’s talk about the people
who have guide me so called reassignment
confirmations and had to get them
reversed who wanted them reversed
because they were so depressed the
people who committed suicide after
changing their gender because they were
so depressed let’s look at those numbers
let’s talk about some of those cases
these are not the cases that mainstream
media want you to hear about because
they really do have an agenda gender
confirmation no you got mail
you got female that’s just the way it is
y’all you got mail and you got female
they say me trying to make up something
and this ain’t my personal feelings this
is scientific facts this is as
scientific as you know the whole h2o
theory you know this is as scientific as
oxygen you know what happens when you
climb inside of a shower and then get
out how your body changes you know why
are you so cold when you get out of the
shower you know this is scientific it’s
not my personal opinions so you’re not
going to try to you’re not gonna be able
to get old on me with that let’s call it
what it is
it’s not gender reassignment it’s not
gender confirmation this is cosmetic
surgery just like any other type of
surgeries that people do anytime you go
put a knife on your body you have in
surgery and you keep putting a knife on
your body to improve your you know what
you look like you know you’re you’re
talking about cosmetic surgery that’s
what it is I’m from the hood I did stop
a lot more than what was dished my way I
have real battle scar
not self-inflicted ones you have mail
and you have female this is cosmetic
Yahoo nice try
no motel

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