Tory Lanez got G CHECKED by Pro Boxer Joseph Valtellini. Joseph said "SET IT UP" Tory : 🤫


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a hundred milli I did rap shit’ then I’m
done okay wait smoker up and be make bar
icon my G Wagen Soulja Boy watch me
cocky so is your first opponent it is
January 1st and already rapper and
singer Tory Lanez
was disrespected he was disrespected by
a pro boxer
I don’t know why this cloud chasing
boxer came back Tory Lanez
this morning but I got to tell you how
it all went down down down down like I
said everybody’s just chilling on
January 1st I’m plays minding their own
business I’m saying get into that money
and for some reason Jolson balton Nellie
we’re not told her I disrespected Tory
late why you gotta do that foul
you guys are both from Toronto we are
all from Toronto yeah I’m saying
disrespect the man this man uploaded a
video to his own Instagram page showing
Tory Lanez boxing like a waste man found
the MAL was boxing like yo even a
five-year-old kid could beat that up
Beyonce so he uploaded the video and in
the title of the caption he said Latorre
we’re both from Toronto and I’m saying
let me help you clean up that firm dawg
hope you’re on that
how could you tell another man that your
form your fighting skills are waste bro
and that again needs help okay so Tory
Lanez we know Tory Lanez he’s ready to
pop at any time and he disrespect
happens he’s on that Nelson
but this time is that you got G checked
from he responded to the boxer with
respect and he’s like y’all take your
lessons I’ll take your free lesson
if that was somebody else disrespected
tory lanez
his form and all of that yo the map
would have said yo meet up right now
where’s your location we can handle this
at any time that’s what we know Tori
Elena’s now on the man is trying to
backtrack oh I’ll take your lesson so
now Tory Lanez is fearing Micky and I’m
safe from the public everybody’s that
killed Tory thought you’re a fire dog
thought it was blinky time at all time
now you’re taking lessons from a boxer
so now Tory lays it out this Twitter
talking Oh
belinelli responded and said yo doc I
see potential and I see potential while
you’re just not good or anything but I
see potential that I can help you out
those involve Denali eventually son
fight me
and Tory Lanez it’s been a while bone I
don’t see you saying nothing he’ll talk
Tory Lanez you acting like a punk bro I
don’t want to hear you talking about oh
you’re blinking this or you’re gonna go
beef I don’t want to hear it up because
what the man said meet me you’re acting
like you didn’t say that like you didn’t
see the tweet tag D bro
Paul up Tori laying it out my ten bucks
my ten bucks like ten bucks a lot more
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button make sure you hit that Bell
button if you don’t hit that Bell button
you’re not gonna know exactly when this
is going down the video Factory video
after video after video there’s just too
much videos did rap shit then I’m done
wait smoker up and be make bar icon my G
Wagen Soulja Boy watch me cranky soldier
50 Porter

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