TOP NEWS! LAPD Accused of Falsifying Reports Identifying Residents As GANG MEMBERS To Boost Stats


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what’s that family surprise surprise
not the LAPD has been accused of
falsifying records wrongly identifying
residents as gang members on purpose
the officers assigned to special patrols
in South Los Angeles are suspected of
falsifying field-interview cards during
stops and in putting incorrect
information about those questioned in an
effort to boost stop statistics the
investigation has uncovered at least one
instance in which body cam footage and
car recordings don’t exactly match with
the boys and blue were reporting and as
a result some of the officers accused of
falsifying records have been removed
from active duty and officers integrity
must be absolute Police Chief Michael
Moore said with a straight face in a
statement there is no place in the
department for any individual who would
purposely falsify information on a
department report he had to make that
statement and send it off he could not
have done that live with a straight face
I know he would have just felt like got
busted rolling on the ground laughing
because I know he don’t believe that
himself so what got them busted early
last year the LAPD informed the San
Fernando Valley resident that our son
identified as a gang member believing
the accusation to be untrue she reported
the misunderstanding to the supervisor
at the local police station that
supervisor then reviewed by the cam
footage and other gathered information
and concluded that yep something in the
border wasn’t clean the soil was then
removed from the documentation
identifying him as a gang member then
afterwards the LAPD launched an
investigation into the actions of the
officers involved the LAPD said in a
statement over the course of several
internal affairs investigators have
continued their investigation resulting
in identifying additional inaccuracies
and the documentation own field
interview cars completed by those
officers as well as others given the
serious nature of the alleged misconduct
all involved officers have been assigned
to in active duty are removed from the
field this revelation comes as no
surprise because the LAPD stops black
drivers at a rate five times their
population but what it does do is put
everybody on notice actually reminds
everyone how important police reform is
it’s bad it’s really bad when you have
correctional officers who are in gangs
being hired to protect people in prison
who are gang affiliated you don’t think
that the LAPD are hiring gang members
perhaps that’s why they can’t stop the
gang activity you better believe they’re
hiring gang members they’ve been doing
it for decades that’s why it’s not going
to stop all of the corrupt
that you hear about that you see it
starts at the top that’s why they can’t
stop and they don’t want to stop it if
they stop the gang activity and
everything was cool they didn’t have all
the violence the killings the beatings
the stabbings the drug dealing they
couldn’t make any money on the side
they couldn’t shake anybody down it
couldn’t extort anyone they got to keep
it going
that’s the game that’s the hustle you
know like they can try to do the
straight and narrow and make that what
is it 55 65 70 whatever it is a year
Pinner what level they’re on they can
get that or they can double down tripled
I know go in and get it all get as much
as they want as much as they can steal
as much as they can cheat and much as
they could beat the still system as much
as they can steal from them from the
evidence room you’ve seen all these
police officers of out here by jet skis
and boats you think they earned that
money off of a police salary and working
gigs overtime home I don’t think so
they say that all of the officers
involved well either sign to an active
duty or fire sign to in active duty
every last one of them should have been
fired this is not only grounds for
dismissal they should also be prosecuted
every last one of them and they should
go to jail
that’s why you need those we form DA’s
like the one I’d am feeling don’t need
that we’re gonna need a whole lot more
of them we talking hundreds more so they
can lock every one of them up no motel

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