Top 5 Worst Rappers Of All-Time


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Every hip-hop head loves to debate who is the Greatest Rapper of All Time. Focusing on the most coveted distinction in rap, this discussion is a loaded one, with those worthy of GOAT status often measured by influence, lyricism, and flow. But what about the worst rappers of all time?

THE STAR REPORT is hosted by Troi Torain aka STAR. Torain rose up through the ranks of WEA (Warner Elektra Atlantic) as a Marketing Rep. Torain was also a contracted writer for the SOURCE Magazine and hosted the Beat Suite on MTV. His popular radio show Star & Buc Wild is often given credit for inspiring todays podcast generation. In 2011 STAR was inducted into News Ones Top 20 greatest radio personalities of all time.

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hey good evening star report Friday
night welcome to the gun show yeah the
gun shows back I’ve been in the gym all
week getting buff okay um
Here I am broadcasting live out of
Atlanta GA the home of whoa Vicki yeah a
pussy how could never huh I’m a day one
whoa Vicki supporter some of you used to
laugh at me a couple years back I tried
to get her on every day struggle
somebody was hatin see no names anyway
so she’s popped off brand new diss track
out make sure you check her out on
YouTube cold went out bad baby
huh loving it loving it loving it
alright um tonight’s gonna be a little
just a little extra you know a whole lot
of extra carrying on and I’ve got some
notes I’m gonna welcome my sponsors
shortly and should I do fucked up
Bostwick mine will be calling in and
right I have to discuss Nicki Minaj Oh
queen radio pulled out the claws on
Wendy Williams now I heard it I listened
in detail the hater misses nothing this
wasn’t the cannon just yet she’s
bringing up Tasha okay my daughter and
TS Madison on Queen radio either next
week or the week after and they might
late they might they might lay Wendy
down you know listen out with old and
with you know
anyway um if you’re up to speed call it
in let’s talk about it Nicki Minaj went
in on Wendy Williams now it’s only right
because when he was talking reckless
about Nicki’s husband the guy I call now
the pimp you know where he got the ring
from you got it so we’ll talk about that
tonight and also just give me a second
here um Kamala Harris Kamala Harris
presidential candidate you know Trump’s
my guy I’m gonna vote for him again but
I want to just ask who on the Democrat
is representing the black struggle there
is a struggle whether you believe it or
not whether you think it’s all gravy now
because niggas is wearing Gucci and
Pullman slides they’re still they’re
still a struggle and Kamala Harris
according to CNN she recently closed
down three of her four presidential
campaign offices in New Hampshire now
I’m a political guy don’t talk about it
too much on the show here because it
just doesn’t really help with traffic
and/or comments but is she closing down
shop already if you ask me she never
represented the black struggle anyway
she’s known for locking niggers up and
she married she married the oppressor
let’s keep it real and Cory Booker he’s
from my hometown New Jersey I’ve spoken
about Cory Booker before and I look
forward to the day when somebody really
grills him about the 100 million dollars
that Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook gave
the North Board of Education under Cory
Booker’s administration and that money
so who represents the black struggle
that’s a question if some of you want to
join the conversation tonight we don’t
just have to talk about monkey ship
that’s a Friday night all right
and before I get to the show topics give
me a second I need some updates from you
snow Billy hmm I told you he’s talking
boss talk someone please give me an
update I don’t wanna get into who he’s
beefing with but tonight you know he’s
got the it factor I’m telling you trust
me when I tell you this and I like a guy
who talks boss talk you know I’m not
looking for an interview I’d only get in
the middle of nothing he’s doing by way
of beefing but give me an update please
if you fuck with him call it in let’s
let’s talk about it tonight all right
also um
salute to the homie choke no joke I call
choke today and let me just say to some
of you younger people if you fuck with a
person let them know that you fuck with
him I just called choke as I was driving
and said hey man I saw you do the the
big boy interview that’s a good look my
nigga I just want to say this – go look
in here
that we can’t just say you know oh yeah
I fucking this person I fell and you
don’t let them know so yes Lucy choked
he did an interview uh he went out to LA
with big boy big boy TV good luck you
know choked talking business and that’s
uh and that’s a good thing alright also
uh Remy Ma did an interview on that at
the speed Bostick money we’ll talk about
Chris kid was not sentenced today for
those of you who know who Chris kid is
loyd Chris I helped put him away
snitch Network him full effect sure sure
dirty grimy and he’s telling he’s
telling on every and anybody to try and
get him his sentenced sentence reduced
yes he is I got the call I get two calls
this morning because he was supposed to
go in from the judge today for
sentencing he’s been convicted dirty
crime or crimes plural and yeah his
sentencing has been pushed back to
December okay I’ll keep you up to speed
hey how’s my live chat working we okay
in there good evening good evening mmm
somebody said rat talk yeah oh he’s
talking he please I’ll give you this
person that procedures name and niggas
names I talked to the police they they
told me okay okay all right
here we go um cash-strapped super chat
let me just put some respect on a couple
of people’s names before we get into the
nuts and bolts of the show
thank you for your cash that is it Karen
Karen sent to the cash yet start from
I think this Plainfield check out my
website DPS for gem supplies okay thank
Taryn it’s at DPS calm I’ll check it out
thank you so much for your support and
okay somebody else hit me sent me the
links to Nicki Minaj going in on Wendy
Williams yeah when he was talking greasy
up on her show I mean I don’t watch
Wendy show like that because it’s very
female driven but I support Wendy always
have she was very good to me and you
know she pulled out the claws on Nikki
and then
I listened to her show and she was
talking about the level of hatred that
she sees from Wendy Williams so if you
if you heard it on Wendy show you want
to call in or Nicki Minaj’s show calling
let’s have some fun tonight okay all
right let me get Bostick on the run boss
chick money on the line Ronnie you can
call him pardon me
I’m doing that right now hold a second
hold on you can call in now I spoke to
Dana with the smoke Dana where are you
do you want to call in and talk about
Kamala Harris closing down offices huh
did she get the hint she packing up
shopping and folks let me also just jump
out the window and say Cory Booker does
not represent the black struggle huh he
still are pretending to be in a romance
with the rosario dawson huh she’s a
Bearden school dad tonight
hey Cory hey girl
all right I’m feeling good and I may
want to tell you about some trash coochi
ahead today God forgive me there is no
god but you see that’s my problem I tell
the truth
trash trash I brought over 45 I had to
look at myself and say nigga what are
you doing anyway uh let me bring it area
code 202 start the show out slow hey
leave me Friday night monkey shit are
you there
do I do oh the Breakfast Club sir you’re
like four or five days behind come on
we’re on the new shit every day
would you just wake up oh man yeah I
guess I did we are calling from sir we
come from DC okay see okay have you ever
sent to the donation you send a donation
to the show
yes oh okay that’s about to hang up on
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okay lose my number if you if you ain’t
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I’m sorry folks polo huh I put out the
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Tommy Hilfiger shit I don’t buy none of
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other stuff yes I got boxes and boxes of
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Tommy Hilfiger shirt that I was trying
to get rid of member but a year or so
ago the the Billy shirt the exact same
one that took Hashi you wore in that
that video I think I’m gonna keep that
may go to eight seven Oh before I get
Bostick running hey eight 7-0 gleaming
monkey shit Friday how are you a knight
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money Oh get money drinking a Luke
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that’s about it
okay you getting legal money or you’re
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right what state you calling that over
okay okay oh you have to speed on what
Vicky’s new diss track and bad baby she
mopped the floor with her and this is
her time to shine
all right oh shit now I must be sleeping
on that I didn’t hear that yet well
listen I’m a day one with wove icky I’m
ashamed to admit it I’m 55 and she’s a
baby but you I’ve been watching her over
man she used to claim she was
light-skinned see she’s a white chick
from Atlanta but you know she’s popping
now man you know if you good time go to
her YouTube channel and support alright
tell her I sent you alright I’ll check
Thank You Man thank you okay if you pay
you taxes and you got a job you’re okay
with me you know just I’m real cautious
but you know niggas out here still
scamming me all right hang on a second
guys black races good evening sir he
says story you’re right it’s nothing
wrong with letting people know you f
with them so let me tell you I F with
you star but I can’t stand your black
ass alright well thank you man as long
as you send in that scroller we
understand each other you know I
appreciate you Johnny – cool evening sir
he sends it a donation okay he’s talking
about wow I didn’t even get to the top
five let me slow down what the fuck on
the screen the top five worst rappers of
all time that’s tonight’s show topic
just I was driving tonight and they
didn’t want to talk about some of the
other stuff that’s you know trending so
uh that’s the the topic who are your top
5 worst I’m still working on my list
right now I have yg at number five that
niggas trash all right but Johnny too
cool he sends in his list number five
Bozo the Clown okay number four little
peep number three Hopson number two
Chris King and number one three bars oh
wow now are you hating just to hate
Donnie too cool because Dre bars has
actually got some fire bars he’s from
out of the six Toronto he he’s got some
heat man Thank You Johnny too cool for
your donation Corn Pops cousin Froot
okay Corn Pops cousin Froot Loops okay
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your mouth but don’t don’t go into a
church and scare other people alright
alright so that’s it for super chat
right now let me get Bostick Hey Bostick
one is that you area code 7 3 2 hey hey
how are you good evening alright how are
you tonight I got some energy because
when we spoke earlier I was kind of
dragging in like in an ice and I gotta
find the energy and I did so I’m here
and thank you for being available um do
you want to get into the top 5 worst or
your top 5 worst rappers of all time I
haven’t got to the second topic yet
about you know creepin and wife and I’m
sure that doesn’t apply to you but you
want to talk about top 5 horse rappers
yet or Nicki Minaj versus Wendy Williams
what do you want to go uh I guess I’ll
start with my top 5 worst rappers start
with number 5 first and then we’ll work
up to number one take your time okay
number five is Ryan Toby he he was one
third of city high she don’t know who
that is
yeah they’re from Willingboro yeah
they’re there from Willingboro do you
know him no I just think he’s a trash
trash is a rapper so he’s number five
and he doesn’t represent Jersey well so
I have to put in there come on okay my
number number four I think has put out
ten albums of consistent trash and it’s
uh-huh he’s only charted four times I’m
not the clearly no one likes him
number three is the worst feature on
every song he has ever appeared on and
that’s Birdman okay yeah all right
number two even he cringes at the
mention of her attempt at rapping and
that’s Angie Martinez
Wow okay continue one okay all right so
the number one trash rapper for me is I
want to know if you can guess who this
person is so basically they had like one
popular songs and Def Jam gave them two
million dollars and then they got
dropped like a year later male of female
nail can you give me the year because
it’s a long stretch I would say it was
like I think 2014 or 2015
I was about to go back to Curious George
he was trash but thank you say so
attorney that James like he had one
popping song and remember there was so
much press they signed him he was like
working at I think a warehouse or
something and they signed them they gave
him two million dollars like that was a
finesse like so I think he’s like the
greatest trash rapper
okay Bostic ronnie has just given her
top five worst rappers of all time I’m
not going to debate that’s your list but
mac-10 I mean come on he represented the
West met him in Cuban and a host of
others you know dub see you know maybe
you didn’t connect with him but you
really think he was just not mm-hmm he
didn’t contribute to the West or hip hop
you really believe that star he
literally put out ten albums and only
had the chart four or five times
after releasing like over 20 singles I’m
not the only person I didn’t like him
even the people from his area didn’t
like him either apparently Inglewood up
to no good
okay all right I’m working on my list
right now so I’ll come back but I’ve
already said yg is number five garbage I
mean I just I listened to you for an
hour last month or a month and a half
ago and I just I said what the fuck is
somebody must have co-signed him maybe
he’s popping on fucking Instagram but
I’ll come back to that later all right
Ronnie before I bring other callers in
did you listen to Nicki Minaj going at
Wendy Williams and Wendy Williams going
at Nicki Minaj can we just do a little
bit of a T as they say yes so Wendy has
a segment on her on her show I’m called
the hot topic and she discussed when
Nicki getting married and she spoke
about her husband’s prior convictions
for being a sex offender and
manslaughter and that was it and Nicki
went on like an extended rants on her
show Queen radio it’s just like a promo
video where she literally dragged Wendy
I mean and rightfully so it’s called the
clap back right right right
and one thing about it’s one thing if
someone is dragging you and nothing they
are saying is true like if it’s a troll
that doesn’t even know you
you know why would you care but if it’s
someone who knows your business and what
they’re saying about you is true that
and so Nicki just went in on her about
you know losing her husband to the other
woman she said you paid for her to have
that baby who you paid for her vacation
you pay for her to her bags you paid for
this you put her wardrobe where she
lived you probably pay for her ob/gyn
and it was it was really sort of epic
the way that she drags her okay so do
you watch Wendy Williams Show because I
don’t know the full scope of what she
said about Nicki Minaj if you ask me I
thought that for Wendy’s audience for
her audience which is a mainstream
television audience I thought that it
was a little harsh to go at the Queen
Nicki stole the Queen let’s not play
that game the Queen and that was a
little harsh what do you think yes no
maybe I don’t I wouldn’t classify Nicki
as the queen but you know it wasn’t as
if listen Wendy stated the basic facts
he’s a registered sex offender and he
did time for manslaughter now Nicki has
a habit of continuously going on the
attack versus anyone who states those
two basic facts there was a reporter
from billboard who she threatened to sue
through a tweet you know so I mean you
when you’re a public figure you have to
expect that people are going to make
comments about your life and facts that
are relevant to your life the person you
marry people are going to report on the
fact that he has a criminal record and
this is what the extent of his charges
were or his conviction now I understand
that but and Nicki made the point that
when he does have a job but it’s the way
that she does her job she Wendy has
always had the the you know luxury of
being able to spill the tea on everybody
else and no nobody really comes back at
her or they’re not privy to the dirt or
the skeletons in her closet but now that
Wendy’s entire marriage unfolded we all
know now hang on a second if I can just
jump in and I’m not taping for Nicki
Minaj but I have to say I love a bitch
that fights back I love a bitch to
fights back and and you know yeah here’s
the thing here’s the thing and this is
the reason why I always have branded my
show the objective perspective going
back to March of 2000 when I first
started doing radio
objective perspective would Wendy
Williams go at a white artist the way
she went at Nicki Minaj
she’s now intertwined with the
Kardashian family but if memory serves
me correctly a Khloe Kardashian had an
alleged coke problem when she was doing
a radio show with the Terrence J but she
never seems to bring that up when she
talks about you know the Kardashians
it’s just all you know kissing ass and
you know ha ha ha ha ha almost on some
mammy shit I’ll even jump out the window
and say mammy shit fucker Wendy but does
she bring the heat the same type of I’ll
even say hatred towards white on white
artists you know I don’t watch Wendy
show but I did see the clip where she
discussed Nicki Nicki Minaj getting
married as part of her hot topic now
what I can say is I have seen another
clip where I felt like Wendy was trying
to play to a certain demographic and
that was my takeaway from this spin that
she put on the story that she was
talking about and it sort of rubbed me
the wrong way it was something I made a
note of like ok I see where you’re
coming from but the thing is Nicki you
know she has her platform she has the
right to serve the team right back to
Wendy you want to report on my life oh
hang on a second Ronnie I want to get to
some some cash chefs and also I want to
talk about one of my sponsors here for a
I’ll be right back ok guys twit clothing
twit TW ID underscore clothing they’re
on Instagram and Twitter and forth
that’s what I do
they sent me a very nice box of apparel
and sneakers yesterday you saw me hold
up some of the they’re very nice quality
quality hats that they sent me let me
show you the sneakers again I wore this
pair to the UM to the gym this morning
yeah I’m up at the gym getting right you
know get my shit together
and I didn’t hold this up on the screen
on the screen yesterday I don’t know
what this is about but here you go
that’s what I do okay some type of
briefs are these like speedos can
somebody help me out and what’s that
look in the live chat guys what’s going
on is that whole speedo type thing
coming back in stop guys but again
quality don’t get it twisted quality
right and also I’m gonna be talking
about my triple butter calm tonight as
well another one my sponsors all right
hang on a second bullshit Ronnie let me
um let me get myself situated here oh
and guys I need a sports update if
someone can call in and talk about Kevin
Durant saying that one of the reasons
why he left the Golden State Warriors
was because of draymond Green how he
spoke to Kevin Durant okay if anybody
wants a calling with that alright
alright let’s get back to um phone lines
every a code for one zero good evening
four one zero do you have a top five
worst rappers of all time four one zero
turn it down the background please we’re
gonna get you out of there
one zero yeah can’t play with that
YouTube algorithm area code nine one
eight evening are you there no one eight
yo how are you sir
yo give me a loan clear very good man
yeah I’m good man you said top five
worst rappers of all time I’m happiest
man that’s tough I was just sitting here
thinking I got one in my for sure man
that’s sir do you have a top five we’re
asking for top five if you don’t have a
top five can you call back
yeah I’ll call back thank you thank you
please don’t don’t don’t blow my groove
you know it’s on the goddamn screen top
five worst rappers of all time I’m still
putting my list together right here oh I
get number four hold a second you’re not
gonna like this you’re not gonna like my
number four whose trash to me let’s go
to area code 907
good evening 907 are you there Friday
night how are you sir
doing good man okay um top I work when
you get off the speaker phone sir please
put some respect on my name put some
fucking respect on my name okay yeah
number five Iggy Azalea Wow okay go
ahead pretty famous do you have a list
all you do sitting there just you know
trying to put it together now my hair
right now okay what what are you doing
oh you’re home relaxing are you sitting
on somebody’s lap what are you doing
yeah what you doing you sit on
somebody’s lap children what are you
doing you got lines on the table keep it
sir I I did fish-scale for a decade from
81 to 91 I hear it in your voice
you have lines on the table no sir no
not tonight not tonight no no nah you’re
going out tomorrow night you’re gonna
get a little crank no I actually got a
word okay when do you do your prank
never never sir I don’t play like this
sir come on man listen I’m Chucky your
friend till the end
when do you do your claim and do they
still call it cranked answer days to say
back in 80’s hey you got a little crank
they still call it crank yeah yeah fuck
you okay Craig that correct no but yeah
not crack crank nope I only got three
man yeah great no crank up the car you
know I’m talking about hey good good
yeah who’s your favorite rock band rock
and roll who’s your favorite band and
how old you hold you chick 28 28 who’s
your favorite rock and roll band faster
pussycat all right can I give you a
would you take the suggestion for me
yeah okay next time you get some crank
listen to a band a band called Racer X
and a guitar player called Paul Gilbert
Racer X okay I’ll get you going all
right noted there you go man have a good
night thank you thank you okay all right
yeah yeah that was one of my bands back
in the days Racer X and looking live
chat hang on Ronnie that’s before some
of your time I’m sure anybody ever heard
of Racer X Paul Gilbert on guitar
forgive me Cohen okay so my set
Metallica no Racer X okay one person got
it okay whoo anyway uh hang on Ronny
stay right there
due to area code 646 good evening six
for six
Nikki pulled out the clothes on the
Wendy are you up to speed
hello good how are you sir meaning hello
can you hear me I can use a fella now
without here
fans can hear you too let’s go what’s
going on yeah yeah then I worked five
boxes yes sir
start with number five on all time
number five please
I got post Malone you got max Miller you
got it I see search you got P nice you
got em again mi name is your number one
Beastie Boys yeah you said the Beastie
Boy that can you pick one person from
the Beastie Boys I always thought they
were trash can you pick one I just said
I already named Bob I said honorable
mention the Beastie Boys and then why
did the worst rapper to me Wow
are you white yourself hell no okay
I’m just asking okay thank you
no way do you want to take a shot at any
of the other things we’re talking about
today are you a sports guy I’m looking
for someone to confirm that Kevin Durant
said draymond Green was part of the B’s
when he got the fuck out of the Warriors
yes Peter no Kevin Durant said said that
played a part
he didn’t say that was the reason okay
he was on our first take with Steven
Naismith right and Max telling me we
said that played up that played a part
of his decision in a decision okay okay
are you a basketball guy I mean it’s not
like I used to be man I’m older than he
got trying to Westham y’all
motherfuckers like oh all my hair was
Utah there’s 48 years old
anyway used to be all right Thank You
Man appreciate comb but I was I was
really calling I was called so I said
why do you step out on wife you son like
this oh okay yeah I haven’t even got to
that yet what makes you creep on wifey
are you married
what makes you creep I’m married who
makes a creep slide off you know smile I
will neglect neglect no appreciation or
no shit no attention okay run allowed
taken up taking up friends weed and shit
you know dumb shit dumb shit that
females do from town to town how long
have you been married
put it okay now respectfully you allow
her to have friends I mean man I would
kill 100 I’d rather she did have friends
but you know she is the boss of the job
and she moves up so it’s only right yeah
I got friends I know I can’t keep them
pinned up in the I’ve never been married
but I’m an expert in certain areas it’s
not about keeping her pinned up in the
crib but allowing her to have friends
takes her focus off of you can I make a
suggestion how you how you dead her
friends to make suggestion I’m not going
to do that again yeah smash her focus on
you yes master friends bitch you losing
focus you know I’m the Big Kahuna and
bitches you hanging with ain’t bout
nuttin they’re miserable dusty
you know there’s master friends who she
can she can get refocused ho holy second
one I’ll be right back
power bottom sends in a super chair he
says hey boo
you have seasoned booty also I’m not
letting you borrow any more of my okay
well this is really graphic you know I
don’t mind a little profanity now and
then but you take it easy on the graphic
stuff sexually graphic suggestions we
gave a story yesterday about Facebook
cracking down on sexual suggestions and
emojis anyway a power bottom says you
left bite marks and dents in the last
okay nigga what TF you doin question
mark lie thank you power bottom Thank
You Melvin Byron says Melvin from
Nottingham UK my top five worst rappers
are number five Silkk the Shocker number
four baby
aka Birdman number three my Jones number
two riff raff number one Marky Mark good
less good list
I don’t think Birdman should be
anybody’s top five though I’m sorry
Birdman lay down a blueprint you know
what the big time is come on hmm
Gorilla Zoe evening top five worst
rappers number five Birdman than before
j-kwon number three Hell Rell number two
Jah Jah number one men’s Wow men’s had a
hit though you know even though he
didn’t bounce back that was a hit Ronnie
was the name of our men’s song was it
this is why i’m hot one-hit wonder yeah
but I’m sure he fed the family off for
that you know anyway thank you uh Gulas
oh okay
let me go to UM cash up hold a second
and then we’ll come back to the
conversation okay Ronnie you sent me an
e-mail a guy that she says Wow in terms
of Nicki Minaj versus Wendy Williams as
a death threat hey Frank oh nice listen
if I don’t get three death threats a day
I’m not putting in work I appreciate the
death threats
Frank leaving so he sends any cash at
Mike Jones number five number four
Cappadonna Cappadonna is the truth man
are you serious
number three Trinidad James number two
Lupe Fiasco and number one baby Wow how
could Cappadonna being anybody’s top
five worse come on this list is like
ridden by a troll Lupe Fiasco and a
top worthless come on okay Tyrell hey
Tyrell he says a silky shocker was super
trashbag I would have to agree but but
it was instrumental in helping master P
build the No Limit Empire so based upon
that I guess I gave him a pass
okay Jack Jack says eight seven oh whoa
Vicki ether bad baby on the dis track
okay let me get him on line a whole
second Ronnie hold on where are you
eight seven oh hey hey what’s going on
man he suggested I listen to that I put
it on real quick and oh my god she
smoked her can I give you my top five
worst real quick can you slow down it
sounds like you’re speeding take it easy
I’m in no rush
oh so you went to whoa Vicki’s YouTube
channel and you heard her say a pussy
bitch could never write yeah and I heard
her give little babies the baby a pass
that was really nice of her to do that
yeah she’s fun man I like okay so good
yeah your top five worst rappers of all
time please all right number five yes
number five all right so it’s a tie I
had soldier boy but I had to scratch him
off Smith the Will Smith number five
Nick Cannon’s number four pitbull
pitbull at number three and then running
down the list we got little van – are
you with me so far as that sounds I’m
gonna spend about roasting and promoting
my sponsors go ahead and at number one
we have logit holy shit Wow okay he was
after that whatever you put over about a
couple weeks ago hang on a second Ronny
any comments on this man’s list he has
logic at number one and if I’m not
mistaken Joe Budden who is a very
knowledgeable authority on
hip-hop and rap music joe said logic was
Ronnie any thoughts hotdog water yeah I
did see on the story about the
back-and-forth about you know what Joe
said and all that the thing is I can’t
name you one logic song now I’m not
going to say because I don’t know his
song that makes him trash automatically
but I’m just saying you know if he is a
good rapper if he is decent I I’ve never
heard anyone say did you hear that logic
song or I’d never heard anyone plays
music what are his song so then he’s uh
no one knows it’s all yeah hey thank you
for your call man thank you for your
cash absolutely okay all right area
eight seven on the check-in all right
I’m almost ready to give my top five
worst rappers of all time I’ve got three
so far and I’ve got to get two and one
it’s kind of like a eight also yep I’m
still working late
hold on Ronnie hey Michael how are you
sir he’s on every coach six point seven
Mike is that you good evening sir thank
you for your support
how are you sir what’s popping man I got
my I got my top five list if you’re
ready please all right I got number
number five Tony Yayo number four mainly
on bars
okay so Tony and number five number four
Memphis Bleek fresh fresh herbage I mean
you just disappoint ment right okay
number five I
bass guitar bitch rap could couldn’t
Ravel it he had the business sense three
bars were just I mean there was no bad
so I got him at number three and number
two could have been number one I mean
this if it easily could have been number
one Meek Mill now listen I’ve got a lot
of roots in Philly a lot of been going
to Philly since the 70s
cheltenham o hopefully goddamn please
I’ve always thought Meek Mill rhymed
offbeat now he wouldn’t be in my top
five worse but I always thought here on
dog beat is that what you hear you hear
him rhyming or beat I hear him screaming
off beat and talking about the same I
mean that I mean is his raps were always
bad the deciphers he used to be in even
back in the day with you know when he
was doing him with Cassidy he was knit
he just
I thought his raps have always been off
when I haven’t been able to listen to to
anything he’s put out ever and good
great body and okay and here’s and I in
this guy I you know I have to give this
guy number one I number one okay okay I
I have to I have to agree with you there
on ice-t a pioneer but trash exactly and
the other top is what you had be
something about stepping out on white
yet what makes you creep on wifey or
cheat well what makes you slide off and
say hey listen I just I’ve had enough
for you for right now I’ll be back and
then you slide off and you just you have
really just dirty sex someplace else
you come home it’s not that you will
ever but you know just what makes you
say hey I’ll be back and then you go you
know do the animal acts someplace else
well you know I mean for me you know I
don’t believe in you know I’ve never
I’ve never cheated on my wife and I
really respect that you know people that
step up you know I just I just it’s not
something that I’ve ever said you know I
just I wouldn’t be able to do it myself
because I think once you do that you
know you’re you know you you’re not
trustworthy you know I I just I can’t I
don’t really respect guys who go out and
do that I’d it’s just not my not my
thing so I mean I can’t really give a
good answer for that it’s just you know
I just not something I’ve ever you know
thought was cool or you know something
that was necessary if I can jump in mic
and say respectfully you and I are on
the same page with that because I
believe in mentally tormenting a woman
and in order to mentally torment her I
have to be able to choose to look at
myself and know that I’m right and if I
slide off and and and smash somebody
else then I have to see myself as a
piece of shit and I’m not I’m not a
piece of shit I mean I joke around it’s
him a piece of shit but I’m actually you
know the the epitome of a man so yeah I
don’t I don’t slide off and cheat but I
thank you me thank you for joining that
conversation yeah on what you just said
I agree with you as far as if I went off
and did that then I wouldn’t be able to
tell her that it yeah you said it
perfectly I know I’m the ultimate man
and I need to not only tell her but I
have to believe it yeah exactly
your father taught you wrong your
father’s not half of the fucking a
winner than I am you know back your
mother was never uh nothing your
brothers ain’t shit and your sisters are
jealous jokes
therefore you should do what I say or
kick wops Beach
my good talk to you man okay thank you
all right hang on a second Ronnie holy I
gotta take a sip of Pellegrino I just
whenever I start you know dropping that
B word like that I just I know I’m doing
too much give me a second yeah I’m the
ultimate man your father hates me
because he sees in me what he always
wanted to be he spoiled you be king shit
your father spoiled you and lied to you
I know some guys okay how are we doing
in live chat if you’re new to the show
guys the live chat they do what they do
that’s right there I’m always looking
over here folks if you’re trying to
contact me if I don’t know you or if I
do know you send me a text message okay
Dana with the smoke okay I just got the
text from Dana hold on Dana okay she
says I’m on the line
hang on Dana hold on that’s dinner right
Oh Dana with the smoke good evening are
you there yes I’m here Ronnie thank you
for checking in on a Friday night
hey Dana do you have your time yeah
worst rappers Bowl yeah
yes number five I have Troy ass home
yeah number four I have Takashi number
three number three I have another ice
number two Iggy Azalea that’s how you
say the name two white shit Wow Diggy
car and number one solid quality he’s
trying oh stop Atos in her feelings come
on Dana that was personal
the quality is trash yeah it’s very
person is yes he’s trash come on I
wasn’t anymore come on if he’d to say
I’m trash I can see he’s trash you know
was the last time he had a hit record
yes your trash so that’s my number one
well but now hang on a second Dana
reflection eternal you’re gonna tell me
you you weren’t feeling that when he
came out that was the him that was a
name of an album reflection eternal I
tried to play that I tried to play that
on a hot 97 and the station I just
started working there I think that came
out neither was that I think was 2000
and they wouldn’t let me at that time
play anything that I wanted to play it
took about a year or so but uh yeah come
on him in hi-tech you weren’t feeling
that Dana no he’s trash I just remember
the song on quali that’s it and that’s
called the blast talent everything that
was going to blast off of the album
reflection eternal shit what have you
done lately what have you done lately
nothing okay so uh what else is going on
with you Dana you are you switched jobs
you want to mention anything promote
anything uh what’s what’s going on yeah
well I’m not going to say more my new
job is that I get to work three days out
the week Friday Saturday Sunday so I
have Monday through Thursday off so that
gives me now more time to put into you
know the YouTube and other stuff that I
want to venture out and do as well so
yeah are you up to speed and down okay
go ahead
I wasn’t anything okay
are you up to speed on Nicki Minaj
pulling out the claws on Wendy Williams
and next week she’s gonna have Tasha K
and T s Madison and they’re gonna gang
up on Wendy yep speed Anya on it I’m not
up to speed on what Wendy said but I did
catch taschek a show tonight
she was on a phone with Nicky so I know
they are supposed to be planning on
doing something so that’s a good luck
yeah yeah yeah she’s trying to come back
anything you want to comment on the
second topic what makes you creep on
wifey now you’ve got experience do you
from a man’s perspective what do you
think a man creeps all sometimes on
wifey whether he’s married to her or in
a committed relationship
your thoughts several things one he was
probably a creep before he got into the
relationship or the marriage to she just
let herself go you know anything that’s
how to looking at looking at her looking
a hot mess you know and three maybe the
sexist trash and he just married her for
other reasons and not just for social
purposes okay okay okay and if a man
call up to say anything different he’s
lying it’s so stuffy Ronny any comments
on what Dana said or is that it was just
not a topic you want to chime in on it
morning I mean I guess I would have to
put myself in the mind of a man it’s
hard to imagine I guess the reasons
would be the same for either sex so I
don’t know I guess I would agree with
Dana’s reasons Dana good to talk to him
and take some other callers and what’s
coming up on the real Dana YouTube will
be going live on Tuesday with who they
thought and I’m going to be doing some
more uploads but so I’m gonna start
doing more uploads and practicing that
so yeah so look out for that and then
I’m going to be in studio again you know
benign next week Friday so I’m gonna be
promoting that on Monday as well I look
forward to it Thank You Dana for
checking in all right have a good night
okay all right thanks Dana with this no
hang on a second Ronny I’ll be right
back let me make sure I hang up the
right line here okay BAM there you go
all right
um super chats full-blast radio on the
check and he says star gives out the
best relationship advice if you want to
love your woman like Ike Turner and
Talib Kweli has classic hits so get the
fuck out of here with that BS Dana
M okay full blast radio calm as two
homing DJ tiger he plays all the not
just the classics but he plays a lot of
um a lot of classic b-sides and
underground tracks you know if you’re
really really into hip-hop make sure you
check him out full blast radio calm okay
the mailman sends in a super chat whoa
he says his top five worst rappers
number five choke no joke
okay number four paws of the Fugees
number three afro man number two Special
K and number one toll oak okay that’s
the mailman all right
Malmo mamamoo sends in a super jet I
can’t say Silkk the Shocker cuz he kept
the party rockin I can’t say Will Smith
because he was like Dana Dane when he
was The Fresh Prince okay thank you
Malmo J Smith says just heard of you a
few weeks ago did you know you were a
light bite b IG HT a light bite okay
however the content is good keep putting
the brakes on these these haters okay
thank you Jay Smith okay I’m spending
Scola okay it’s my new homie black
racist worst rappers ever number five
Eminem number four designer number three
Liu Yan e number two rice gum number one
daddy long neck okay mamamoo says worse
rappers of all time number five Kobe
Bryant number four eazy-e number three
Chingo Bling
number two Allen Iverson number one
ice okay all right Ronnie I’m gonna give
my top five list are you ready I’m gonna
get your reactions ready I’ll write it
down okay okay
these are my top 5 worst rappers of all
time number 5 yg trash I listened to his
music for well over an hour I just I
couldn’t find anything that made me say
okay I’ll give this a chance garbage
okay number four special aid never like
speciality I always thought he was trash
he had some type of lisp or something
that just the rhymes didn’t roll right
to me he got by he was dealing with the
young coolie out of Yatta Yatta back in
the days I never saw him live but I just
I always thought he was trash I’m sorry
I I didn’t miss him when he and profile
records had that little breakup whatever
trash specially number three rules ain
loan Zayn is part of the reason why buck
wild and I left MTV I found myself
hugging him on on the show the beat
sweet and I said the book after the show
it’s at yo we’re haters or we’re trying
to build this brand and here we are
hugging you know niggas like this I
don’t think this is a good look I kid
you not for some of you who may not know
little Zayn and and the the talent
division at MTV that they thought he was
so cute oh yeah did you like little Zayn
and I just said no no it’s whatever um
yeah I quit MTV buckwild a night and
then we went to hot 97 and we took you
know more money but um rules ain’t trash
number two right of my top five worst
rappers of all time
ice-t now you might think it’s personal
because here I have gone back and forth
over the years but it’s really not
I remember at the new music seminar
we’re on 42nd Street this was the mid to
late 80s I forget when iced tea was on
the stage
stretch was in the building oh god what
is her name she was signed to female
Herman stretch had a battle I forget I
think was la star la star Ronnie can you
cope with la star I think she was on
either profile records can you google
that la story anyway and ice-t got the
microphone he said I ain’t no rapper he
said that out of his own mouth he said I
ain’t no rapper I just happened to be in
the right place at the right time and
he’s right so it’s not really personal
he ain’t no rapper he’s a pioneer but
he’s always been trash on the microphone
that’s just back and he confirmed it
number one out of my top five worst
rappers of all time the Beastie Boys all
of them couldn’t stand him trash all
right Pete so I was it but what’s what’s
one of the Beastie Boys died guys was it
a drop I think it’s Adam I met them good
guys they showed me respect because we
were all connected to the SD 50s down
there in West Village DB gamble Dante
Myles Kelly flash the Beastie Boys okay
did you find LA star um Ronnie Michelle
profile Ronnie there yeah I’m really
having a hard time coming of course he
said LA star right hang on a sec let me
look in Elijah
guys was LA star on profile records she
wasn’t on MCA who said em seems not MCA
I’ll figure it okay anyway never mind
Ronnie I just I was just having a
flashback and I have OCD so I don’t like
to mention someone and not remember
where they were from okay so that’s my
top five Ronnie number five why Gina
before specially at number three little
Zayn number two iced tea and number one
The Beastie Boys any
cause I thought that yg and eighteen
initially I was gonna I was considering
both of them for my list but I don’t
know anything
yg is done so I can’t really just say
trash but I feel like he’s a gimmick
artist and he every time I hear about
him it’s some sort of antic but I never
hear any music so I was gonna put him
one for that reason but then I said I
haven’t heard anything if you’ve
listened to it for an hour and he said I
guess I’m right too you know initially
have thought of him but I guess yeah
that’s a good list but little vain did
have one hit so don’t forget that yeah
okay okay all right and and guys for
some reason I can’t find la star she was
from the Bronx she wasn’t from Los
Angeles I don’t know why I can’t find
her that that’s so weird
right can you google Bronx New York she
had a daughter that was a rapper also
can anybody in that hold on running
cancer mind that live chat confirmed LA
star there’s got to be somebody
DJ tiger where are you DJ Tiger kick can
you text me was she on profile someone
says she was on profile I know my
hip-hop history you some of you may not
think I know but I worked at record
labels for a decade before I ever got to
radio I did I did a promotion for about
seven different record labels Google
rapper LA star okay alright I’ll come
back to it see type in rapper LA star
running seemed to come up with okay
let’s go to area code four one five in
the meantime great being four and five
were you there greedy who are you sir
hello so what are you doing you sound a
little crazy are you okay do you need
help you need help you should thank you
shaken no I got I got this list though
hold on let’s go okay let’s go I got a
little Debbie that’s one I got Birdman
number two okay I got absol yes I’ve
fucking soul and that’s because you
haven’t done shit you know tbe alright I
got lil yachty and I got dr. Dre man yes
whoa wait a minute wait a minute you’re
calling it from the bay so you’re
claiming and you got dr. Dre as the know
the number one worst rapper ever are you
doing dr. Dre always had ghost writers
never could write a leak it’s ok rap he
always executed well anybody died yeah
well kind of I mean have you heard any
as new shit like an album not respectful
your list is your list but if we’re
talking about dr. Dre was he a writer no
but you’re talking about one of the
biggest pillars of hip-hop in the entire
fucking Western work rapper he’s a aqwal
aqwal aqwal rap research you’re gonna
tell me that niggas for life my nwa
nothing dr. Dre said on that album move
you know look you already get
disqualified if you have a ghostwriter
don’t you ok we fan highfive worse you
made all that money yes he executed well
but he’s still the worst rapper aren’t
you all right Thank You Man I appreciate
honorable mention in his yellow book
okay thank you thank you okay all right
hold on a second uh I think DJ tiger
just sent me a text now we’re talking
hang out Ronnie can you google la star
profile records 1990 the album was
called poetess p OE t ESS yeah I know my
hip-hop history I may not know every
fucking bar and everybody who you know
was on stage with 50 niggas hold holding
their fuckin tools but la star she was
from the Bronx New York she had some
fucking bars 1990 album was called
poetess she battled trench from Naughty
by Nature at one of your earlier New
York music seminars I was there okay you
same thing Ronnie yes no maybe Jay hang
up or money uh yeah I did come across
one or two coming up I just want you to
confirm that that it was LA star on
profile records that’s long you see
profile records so I’m looking for 1990
yeah I’m getting a bunch of articles but
her name isn’t being mentioned in these
articles okay stay right I’m getting
articles about profile records but catch
it okay stay right here let me go to
Andre Thank You Sofia donation he says
you are the goat store
hashtag salute thank you sir for your
donation universe cell one says surety
low Wow Oh JD juice man Youngberg Chingy
and tiger okay young bird was never a
quote-unquote rapper I used to like his
music you know back in the days but he
was never a rapper
wasn’t he a rapper when he first signed
to DMX his label bloodline rapper then
but then he came out singing but thank
you man
for your donation go back to the phones
hey Desmond how we used her good evening
he says for the machine boss nigga stay
on they next thank you that’s what I do
and then Desmond also says I cheat on
wifey and the smell of news for the
smell of new season coochie okay lowdown
dirty nigger shit hey Ruth how are you
she says the roof spends money and she’s
sent in a top five worst rappers number
five blue face number four
P Diddy number three Travis Scott number
two Vanilla Ice number one Iggy Azalea
Wow okay and creep on wifey she get too
comfortable doing nothing
okay Thank You Ruth I appreciate your um
your support okay and then she sent in a
donation thank you so much Ruth was
something else she said I wasn’t too
sure about that was it Wendy Williams
hold on Ruth you calling in hold on guys
what the fuck something’s wrong my email
here give me a second little bit fresh
this what the fuck
go I think that later
a BL Haman ivl says I tell the last
caller to kill himself I’ll put money on
low debbie up against eggy Meaghan the
stallion cardi and Nicki she came a long
way okay
I’ve always liked Little Debbie she was
part of the white girl mob for those who
know know who she is Santa Ana Vic says
what up storm my top five worst on the
mic number five soaked the chakra number
four low be number three father MC
number two booth one I’m sorry bunk bunk
number one
Tim dog can’t wait to Wow
to hear your and buckwalds album sure
that albums never coming out Def Jam
gave me the money I gave them the tracks
and they didn’t put it out nor did they
ask for a refund I’m not a rapper it was
just a score man I took that money and
flipped it like like 30 times important
85 trailer parks but thank you me thank
you for your donation why have my emails
stuck something’s going on here running
start this over
fuck that’s crazy let me actually just
sent you an email
oh yeah would you send me cuz I can’t
see anything right now um the complete
roster list for profile records okay are
you sure it’s LA star well that was her
nickname that’s what was on the album
and she was from the Bronx milk she had
skills everybody thought she was from
Los Angeles um but she was dropped or
she left I forget and her daughter
contacted me years later because her
daughter was a rapper I remember
speaking her daughter but she was on um
hey listen kid misses Tiffany just sent
me an email
hold on a second here you go thank you
mrs. Tiffany let me send this to you
Ronnie yeah I’ve got OCD so when I
started thinking about something I I
can’t just let it go she was really nice
to LA story she came up to my job I was
national director of alternative RnB at
virgin records from 1990 until late 1991
and she’s really nice girl here we go la
star did the crystal good no that’s not
her name poor me okay yeah see if it has
a real name okay thank you so much mrs.
Tiffany right xavier good evening sir
sent in a donation thank you so much
is it nyla never tie them okay okay
where’s your number five at I see okay
academics is number four number three is
Petey Pablo number two is DJ Khalid
number one is Bosco okay thank you for
your donation never tie them okay
Freddy thank you for your donation he
says fu star you white devil so I’m half
devil all right but thank you thank you
for your contribution profit made ninety
nine cents in a donation okay this is
not an order or maybe there’s point me
uh number five ying yang twins number
four marky-mark number three
Takashi number two Kevin Durant number
one iced tea did Kevin Durant ever split
any bars don’t let him up on worldstar
rapping you know Rania no no but I know
that I thought about putting Shaq on
there yeah yeah yeah that guy sound like
someone would sleep apnoea when he the
Thunder sound sends in a donation star
why does Magoo constantly get no love
was Timbo Timbo
did you mean to say Tim Berlin to focus
on Kells girl to realize his homie
basura you talking about Timberland and
you said Timbo short I kind of like
Magoo I like I mean he was like the poor
man’s q-tip but Timberland
I’m sorry goo on timberlands beats right
I mean he helped Timberland come up
let’s keep it real you know thank you
for your donation
oh gee Joe says number five Florida
number four Soulja Boy
number three Joe Budden Wow number two
ice-t number one Flavor Flav okay okay
so you spell flow right or wrong that’s
number flow yeah flow rider you spelled
that wrong but thank you okay oh gee Joe
number five flow rider number four
Soulja Boy number three Joe Budden
number two
ice-t number one Flavor Flav Ronnie
would you ever think of Joe Budden’s
rhyme skills you watches and listen to
his podcast yes I like Joe as a rapper
but I liked a lot of like a mood music
mixtapes and I like that Joe but I don’t
like like you know the pump it up Joe
but you know I mean I didn’t have a
problem with those songs but I like the
more emotional songs he’s probably like
the pioneers emo rap I’ve just put it
you know pouring putting everything out
there okay okay okay
Bush kid sends in a super chat hold on a
second top five
Eminem number five number for yg little
peep number three number two Mac Miller
number one Nicki Minaj Wow
Nicki Minaj versa
he said he’s serious he’s spent money I
guess he’s serious
hate Melbourne Byron thank you sir okay
he sent the link to confirm yeah la star
was on profile records yeah I know
that’s going too far back and maybe
that’s that’s a kind of like an
underground topic but she had some bars
and the if you ask me the reason why she
wasn’t received was because everybody
thought she was from Los Angeles she’s
from the fucking Bronx anyway well hip
hop history for those who give a shit
and thank you of your other donation
Melvin Byron
Jenna no 504 says my top five worst
rappers number five French Montana
number four low B number 321 Savage
number two soap the Shocker number one
mug ooh
okay and then Hey Baby Love
hey baby love love you star good work
okay thank you so much Jen Jen Ola 504
you appreciate it
all right it’s bringing area code 202 –
OH – good evening are you there you know
I’m doing good I think you a super jet
but I heard you female guys damn female
– but I don’t beat up okay well let’s
get to you have the floor what do you
want to go sir please all right I won’t
go to my top five rap worthless all
right so number five
I got young to number four I never
follow I guess oh by the way with that
Laurie no yeah they would they be
expected Luke Lupe Fiasco – ma I heard
you laugh I’m like they crazy for that
whooping look so number four I got
dumped the shocker
number three I got I I hate cook my
colon I mean I love a car but I don’t
like McCoy
number two hang a second how could he
even make the list he never popped off
he was a wash from the jump
well B he called the silver wrapper so
you know he called it a wrapper so imma
put in a bad book did he even put out an
album about drinking yeah that was my
like a problem I’ll solve it tell you I
was gonna lie though I want to talk my
shit look how about the last to be
feeding system to W I got the Nano stuff
oh yeah yeah come on come on yeah how
about the WNBA or the women’s is one how
about way for us to come home any
confirmation that he’s really coming
home I know there’s been speculation and
rumors any confirmation oh no no a
tableau confirmation they angle angle
angle angle and a B no combination but
you know we still think this dealing
that he still they still talking about
it so if you know anything might have
you know how that is but anything might
happen but look I’ll start the other
topic we was talking about unified y/o
which there was a peak page there what
makes you creep on wavy make you free
alright look right here I got a wife
little leaf beside me here this car
okay and I will talk about what I want
without what does it say right this I
put the frame with tools they debate you
but dudes creep always when they don’t
polish the tool right Wow right okay
they don’t policy
yeah he got okay they don’t do that
right there you know you get the thing
how’s y’all’s can I jump in respectfully
how you run your household is how you
run your household but now I’ve said
this before
some people may remember for me for me
personally wife he can’t bump the tool
that’s a horse job I can’t let YP bump
the toilet because if Y P buffs a tool
I’m not gonna see her in a certain light
but you say that because you wait you
ain’t wiping up that man you ain’t wait
without you out there you know kqe say
you always say you don’t want to listen
I’m not jumping the broom I’m not
jumping the broom but you know if we’re
talking wife beat my ride a like you
know we moving shaking a popping
together no you can’t bump the tool if
that’s you you you put that on your
resume this but you need our wifey and
Krejci ain’t gonna do it then you hold
oh that’s gonna make you creeped out oh
not me but I respect what you’re saying
not not me but let’s hey good to talk to
you man salut salut yes sir ya know why
he can’t buff the tool no total mind
control you know get up off your knees
what’s wrong with you the tool gone and
then get the good book wash yourself how
dare you even think how dare you even
think like that huh that’s a whole job
are you a whore are you the mother of my
children to be kissing our babies in the
mouth after you do something so
disgusting and low shame on you pardon
me Ronnie I’m just give me a second
please hang on if I even think that’s
something that you desire we’re gonna
have a problem okay hold on hold on did
I miss any super chats hold on Ronnie
ghost rewind did I get you sir okay
number five top five Oh worst rappers of
all time kid dangerous whoa number four
Diddy number three Warren G number two
50 Tyson I haven’t heard about him in a
you ever heard of 50 Tyson um money yeah
he was he was the first i JJ fish or JJ
fish is like that yeah and number one
Eli Porter okay okay
Thank You ghost rewind Malvo sends in a
polygamy is innate within all men in my
opinion that doesn’t mean that there is
something wrong with all men I hear you
sir but now I’ve always said that all or
most males are not
men lead by example you know just
because you have a tool doesn’t make you
a man that just means you’re a male you
know men practice you know you’re
strange men can look at a woman and say
no I’m okay
not today that’s a man you know no
matter how bad she is but thank you sir
whew donation uh full-blast radio on the
check-in okay and I got that one okay
I’m doing a lot tonight folks it’s
Friday night also Ryan did we forget to
mention hold on a second was my list
do we want to even touch on Remy Remy Ma
interview I haven’t seen it maybe I
maybe we should wait until I see it huh
come back next week yeah okay yeah well
come back to it okay do you have any
snow Billy updates Ronnie I just I fuck
with snow Billy heavy I’d only get in
the middle of it who he’s beefing with
but I have not seen his his content in a
while just been busy and he’s nobody
updates I actually need to get caught up
to speed myself he I find all of his
videos to just be very thoroughly
entertaining he’s got the edge back
videos he charged up that guy’s a star
yeah I need to get actually I’m glad to
do something you bring him up because I
reminds me folks I need you Billy
updates I asked you once upon a time as
you the truth I’m going on record right
now and saying snow Billy it’s gonna pop
off might take a couple of months it
might take a year but he’s got the it
factor kick me up to speed please all
right okay um
brand Zilla sends in a super chat what
up boss nigga you’re doing a lot tonight
I want 10k in reparations for Ronnie
dropping a little port in my 2018 Lexus
and burning a hole in the premium
leather hashtag no cash
Ronnie will respond to this do you know
this person I don’t know what to say
that no these do you smoke in the car
you drive
do i I shouldn’t right I’m not trying to
play you out running just asking you
know do you do you smoke when you know
wood grain gripping I said okay I said
not in a second who’s this Patrick
northern Cleveland sir he’s on his area
code two one six hold on guys hold on
sip in my head is right nicki manaj
bringing bringing his smoke to Wendy and
the cannon might be coming soon with
Tasha K and T s Madison area code two
one six good evening eyes at Patrick you
sent in a donation hello two one six
good evening Yes No maybe
Patrick pick it up I got you on the line
Patrick Patrick Patrick okay I’m gonna
come back – I’ll leave them on hold for
a second let’s see if he picks up a pole
somebody else in King King sends in a
cash up top five worst rappers of all
time number five gunplay number four Lil
Boosie number three Bambaataa number two
French Montana number one too short
listen gunplay was my nigger man come on
I mean maybe he ain’t really like top
off but he was bout it he was rapping
about what he was living you know and
two short legend pioneer I interviewed
him twice what we had a great
conversation both times I interviewed
him for those in care and and we must
have said bitch a record number times on
hot 97
for like maybe a half an hour every
other word was this bitch bitch bitch
bitch classic show thank you uh King for
your donation
and again Ruth thank you so much for
your donation just want to say that
okay two one six are you there okay get
out here are you pic yeah yeah hey
what’s up man what are you doing you
doing little crank call you I had it on
mute that’s my bad star what’s going on
man how are you I’m funny name I’m doing
doing well how are you two doing that
hello – oh man thank you me do they
still call it crank keep it real that
was like an 80s term they still call it
crank oh you talk about uh crack right
no coke okay man fish-scale were you
doing coke why weren’t you on the line
what are you doing was it this
particular order this is ice-t baby okay
crunchy black from g6 chanel west coast
and then our youngest member is little
mozi okay that’s my top five minutes any
girl chronic any comments runny carpet
rappers morning no no really I mean I’m
not gonna argue and I’m not gonna argue
anybody’s list but I do ask them about
the second question yeah what what
causes the how do you have the question
worded I’m not looking at the screen
what makes one cream what makes you
creep on wifey what makes you slide off
and say I’ll be right back okay I’ll be
right back right back don’t go
Oh what makes me Creepo wifey with a
little wine I’m being self unselfish and
then she doesn’t know how to sit down
I’ll probably start creeper that doesn’t
I what sit down what do you mean sit
down like sit down like stop trying to
be all on my face and something would do
and not really contribute but still have
an attitude that kind of you know okay
just being disrespectful are you in a
relationship okay okay when was the last
relationship you were in let’s say a
little over a month ago yeah okay yeah
yeah do you do you like women to just do
what you say or do you like a woman to
motivate you and how old do you that
that’s that’s important to know how old
you I’m 30 okay do you like women to
bomb to do what you say or to motivate
you to get the bag no I definitely want
to motivate me and for me to motivate
them but I’m more focused on them
finding solutions that shows on me
crazier some when I’m sure women don’t
just do this but in my case women will
keep complaining about something and not
fix it right right just like you know we
we’ve we’ve we know what the problem is
like please fix it you know
yeah if you keep asking like that then I
might cry might creep I’m not creeping
like I figured out that creep I think
you’re going down the right path because
if a woman does not motivate me to get a
bag I curse her out you know cult call
me wake me a bitch and tell me how we
get the bag don’t call me and tell me
you miss me tell me how we get the bag
if you can’t figure it out I’m wasting
my time with you go find somebody else
you know don’t let a co-worker or plough
you and and take you uh you know to
fucking brunch somewhere thank you for
you donation man thank you thank you yes
hold on a second Ronnie a cash app comes
in from Michael he says star LA stars
album was called the poetess released on
profile Thank You Man yeah I got that
thank you so much
she had bars and she and again she
battled Treach at the new music seminar
and Treach slit her ass up but she was
fighting she was no slouch trent’s
called her a monster and some other shit
he was a problem back in the day stretch
tried to naughty by nature Jersey did
save your greenie sir he says you creep
on wifey because all women are driven by
and then it cuts off you see if I can
find out what else did he say yeah what
are we driven by well if you ask me
vanity driven but I don’t want to speak
up to him ok ah see Oz I got that one
hold on a second money I’m going through
my super chance did you do many grieving
sir he says the number one worst rapper
Joaquin Phoenix period ok yeah he was
rapping for a short period of time
Joaquin Phoenix who just played the
Joker ok
and a couple of people are sending me
information on la story thank you so
much hey grand finale salute thank you
so always on the check in grand finale I
appreciate you sir mm right swing to the
beat that was the song swing to the beat
1990 now I’m gonna have to find that
video and play it later on tonight Thank
You uh T Garner
David David sends in a cash app he says
store these women are cheaters that’s
why man she okay well listen if you feel
you know that you have to fight fire
with fire I have no problem with that
my approach does not have to be anyone
elses approach you know but yeah some
guys say hey man you know these broads
cheat some I’m gonna here I’m gonna
sling the tool hole so you know I can
respect that I can respect that
okay hold on guys Navin Navin says
number five academics number four Iggy
Azalea number three Nick Cannon number
two Trinidad James okay you forgot one
okay but that’s your list thank you so
much okay
no Lloyd Chris aka Chris Kidd was not
sentenced today they pushed it back to
December for those concerns hang on a
second let me just talk to the audience
for a second Chris kid convicted in
federal court of sex trafficking of you
know what I’m not gonna say that here on
the show right now
his sentencing has been pushed back I
spoke to two officers this morning Chris
is he’s trying to give up names he’s
trying to do anything he can to get his
sentenced sentence reduced before he
faces the judge he’s he’s talking I’ve
got some of the names who he’s been
pointing at I’m not gonna say those
names you know it doesn’t benefit me to
say those names you know but uh he’s
facing 15 years and he was convicted and
one of the other people got 13 years if
I’m not mistaken don’t have the
paperwork in front of me here that was
um down with him yeah me looking live
checking me a second
he’s trying to follow
Takashi six 9s lead he’s trying he’s
trying to get you know he’s trying to
get his less time it has he what a fuck
nigga Chris kid was huh can we can I
just gonna say that you know it’s
nothing personal
he was and guys in case you don’t know
who Chris kid is Christian is the guy
who interview years ago I tried to help
him he had that dis song message to
Makaveli anybody remember that in live
chat hang on a second message to
oh he had it in for to park yeah to park
wasn’t a gangster yada yeah he just had
hatred in his heart convicted in a
federal court
sex trafficking Lord Jesus hmm Tupac
dealt with that nigga from the grave
okay thank you uh Kendrick yeah I don’t
have any information just yet I was told
that the sentencing was pushed back if
you hear otherwise please let me know
hey Devon thank you for your cash at um
top five worst rappers of all time
number five yang Yang number three okay
this is written okay crazy a big Gipp
Wow okay Mack Maine holy shit so are you
high were you going okay he says I sent
my list to the gram what do you talk
about sir I don’t
respectfully I don’t deal with men via
Instagram DM but please don’t do that to
me my Instagram page is for females I
mean like the I post so that everybody
can see what I post but I don’t want to
DM with guys to just you know strictly
smash out you know sessions
yeah up your IDDM okay thank you
I don’t know where you’re going with
that okay okay okay guys I got all the
information on la store thank you yes
the track was called swing to the beat
thank you so much okay
coming coming through all of these super
chants hey Michael how are you sir he
says it’s wiggity wiggity sent my top
five via email okay let me check let me
check I don’t see it look again
Devon sends in a cash at number five
Domino number four little flipper number
three loon number two Soleil number 1 JT
money how can you have a little flip in
the top five worst rappers come on we’re
talking Houston niggas talking till my
nine go bang that’s what little flip has
said good guy Ronnie do you know about
little flip from Matt Houston
didn’t you hear I have a song with
Beyonce that song for the Austin Powers
soundtrack wasn’t at him on the future I
forget or was that the other guy was
that hell of a businessman little
flippant he came to the store in buck
wild show he brought some liquor with
him he had done we were drinking that
shit eight o’clock in the morning you
hear that song game over right and he
beats with Ludacris and he had that song
game over he mopped the floor with gr
Henry mopped the floor with him game
niggas talking till my nine go bang any
little Flo flip fans you know someone
says star
whoever you are my name is spelled
one arm please get the fuckin hero that
double hardship
that’s how females go their name st AR
AR my name is star which stands for
strange thoughts and revelations fuck
out of here
alright um hey my mindless bringing
someone calls you Friday night acting
silly and I’ll come back to cash area
code 707 good evening 707 are you there
hello yeah hey what’s up man Bernard how
are you
hey I’ll check it in man I said that
special cash app via PayPal for Ronnie
let’s go if you can go ahead and read
off for you boy what do you have that in
front when I hang up because Ronnie says
she doesn’t want donations to so mean
well no I said that donation I said that
I’m a supporter of the star report via
PayPal no you know you should have that
on deck right now and that will send a
couple I think about five of them I said
yeah and I read all the ones that you
sent yes hang on a second I don’t see a
super chat right now from John blaze let
me just hit me flesh refresh for me is
it cash app was super cheap no it was
PayPal I hadn’t use PayPal the Tahoe
right now okay hey hey I don’t see John
blaze I’m looking I don’t see John blaze
I’m looking uh
coming down did you put it on it um hang
on Nick Network Nick network yeah
network network did hmm I’m looking
right now Johnny – cool I’m going all
the way back hold on a second black
races as the odds the hater 680 apart me
I don’t think I read the hater 680 he
says yo who I got on the the BMF fight
ufc’s two four four I’m not at the speed
the hater six eight oh I’m not on that
speed and Clark crunch says fu
fu star fu star fu star Thank You Clark
cont salute to you man firestarter on
the check in okay John blaze I don’t see
it McKinney can you tell it to us
because I don’t see it please
well there was yesterday with the rest
of the talk before I start before
preference is comment and there’s no
disrespect to Ronnie hey fuck that nigga
Kevin Durant you know I’m over here West
Oakland let’s you know so you know I
want to let you know fuck the nigga
Kevin ray you know yet those uh fake
Twitter accounts why he would fuck that
nigga dumb horn let’s go spot it
dumb right right he was also bullshit
when he was with the words now the fact
that when he was on the bench and him
and draymond Green got into it draymond
told him what was up and we won the
championship without him now let’s go
back to see him when he went on the show
with first thing with Max Kellerman and
Steven a he went ahead and said and in
practically told them exactly that he
was gone after the common thing he had
on the bench with Tremont he said it and
made other excuses but Oakland already
knew what it was
I’m up with my father’s from West
Oakland my own 400 points so I already
know my ears to the pavement and I’m
right there behind East Oakland in the
parking lot of the Coliseum to know what
the hell is going on Kevin Durant ain’t
shit cuz he went there rode the
cocktails after we swept a motherfucking
asses down with he was with the Thunder
we swept him loads to the fuckin
Cavalier he came to us some two MVPs who
would shit with the curry and then he go
ahead and leave us it goes to Brooklyn
like a bitch-ass niggas hate undergoing
shit man but I don’t want to go ahead
and go ahead and fit too much time on
that I wanted to get the hang of the
second John blaze stay with me stay with
me you sit you spend scrollers Friday
night we turned up continued and make
sure you drop a few more f-bombs
continued please come on hey well well
it’s the fact that when you when you
mentioned Kevin Durant my antennas went
up and it’s the fact that I’m the West
Oakland right now so when you went ahead
and talked about why he went to Brooklyn
he went to Brooklyn he didn’t go to
Brooklyn like a real soldier like I went
here to put a team on his back he wasn’t
got a Kyrie and it’s not the fact that
he just got Kyrie on the goddamn team he
got Jared
Geri Allen who’s gonna beef up running
sense Geri Allen ego pushover so you go
ahead and go further in the Benz they’ve
been to so deep you knew what the hell
he’s doing all that motherfucking do is
go ahead ride the coattails because
who’s gonna hug in the hole is DeAndre
Jordan you guys right look at the depth
art of Brooklyn so the nigga is doing
the same thing he did with Oakland his
motherfucking ass they go go to a
motherfucking mediocre team the second
if I can jump in John blaze hold on if I
can jump in now if you ask me if you ask
me Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is not
gonna work Kyrie Irving is my guy he’s
from Jersey like myself Jersey all day
but Kyrie Irving has already shown us
that he’s not trying to play second
fiddle to nobody that’s why he left the
Cavaliers in bitch mode so he so in
Kevin Durant comes back and he’s playing
on the Nets he’s not gonna want to be
second fiddle to KD what do you thoughts
about that and that is correct because
now there’s reports of Arvin being
standoffish even when he was playing
last here without direct and he’s doing
that right now
so the relationship between himself with
the front office and a direct coming to
the team which he’s not the rest I can
play for the entire year he’s gonna play
up in the next year if they make it to
the playoffs and they go deep in the
playoffs are he’s gonna prove who’s the
leader on the goddamn thing even before
that nigga comes back all these but you
see the niggas a bitch
I’m positive niggas going is hop into
the all-star team
let’s go John blaze fuck the algorithm
let’s go a bit hello hey fuck the nigga
hey fuck the nigga I knew what the nigga
was all do when he left the Thunder
Westbrook tell you what Brooke already
told you how Sodom suck ass niggas
didn’t even text him the nigga textbook
yeah I’m coming back and then he hear
through ESPN the same motherfucker fools
are Stephen a Smith told that nigga
through the nose that he’s what even
hanging a second boss shoot run
where is Kyrie Irving from in Jersey I
forget hang on Jumblies oh yeah copies
on it he’s in that real Widow shit you
know he he only hangs around with white
girls you know bitch defied but he’s got
a ring so I can’t hit him but like jump
legs I’ll let you finish him come on
well well as you look before I finished
up I can give you a quick 30 seconds so
my quick girl Ronnie man you know but
you know it was the PayPal’s that I
think yesterday so because I was vibing
the show let me get a quick to the 26
for my paypal and I can go right now for
my top five to run soon the tops on top
five for Ronnie oh top number five while
I’ll smoke in the Newport Ronnie make
sure her work she wears her coat white
smokers gloves triathlon Oh rings with
complete perfection number four number
four before opening a fresh pack of
Newports while a dry cigarette dangling
from her lips Ronnie will slap a fresh
pack of Newports over red 27 times
before three yes
number three Wow Wow Ronnie is sexy than
a motherfucker it does not negate the
fact that he wears he had chestnut lip
liner encrusted on a dry Newport all
wear as well is a Bernie Newport in her
Whitney Houston bathroom let’s go to
number one and the final one and also
Ronnie is an excellent communicator as
well demonstrate a level of
communication from the academia side
without question he will always be known
how he possesses a unlit newport between
her ashley index and middle finger John
blaze on the chicken that man spends
Quiller don’t get it fucked up yes he
whoo okay hang on guys we’re doing a lot
tonight second I think Joanna wanted to
chime in it’s well hold on Joanna are
you there eight six four Joanna how are
you good I got your donation thank you
for being patient we’re a little you
know wound up and crazy tonight if you
want to just jump in on one of the
topics so what do you want to go runs on
the line also hi Ronnie
can you turn that down to background
there’s some type of echo and feedback
you turn it down Joanna please or your
headset something I didn’t have anything
okay so I’ll go ahead and give my top
five so my top five with the didya
number five um and I have to I have to
say because I don’t think that anybody
ever thought that did he was a good
rapper it’s just that he slid in under
being you know friends with you no
biggie so it’s kind of like it’s like
whatever I want to say Busey and number
four chance chance the rapper at number
three mmm yeah because people are trying
to pretend that chance the rapper is a
good rapper just because he gets like
some nods from famous people but
honestly chance the rapper age is really
a nice guy who says nice things the
equivalent to him would be Macklemore
because he fights for everybody but
chance rappers garbage and honestly you
gotta be high on something to really
listen to his music right now unless you
don’t unless you pop a lot of pills oh
god not gonna be really feeling his
music um number two would be Iggy Azalea
and I think that goes without saying and
number one and I have to say this
because this is you
the five worst rappers of all times but
I think this placement is considered a
rapper when he really was a pop star and
that is imminent and I hold a yes take a
deep breath
Johanna take a deep breath okay let me
Eminem is your number one I’m saying
imminent yes I’m saying I mean my number
one this is why number one nobody in the
hood listen to Eminem
that’s one nobody projects is bumping
number ear bumping imminent that’s
number one number two let’s be real
people treat white rappers like white
people treat dogs that walk on their
hind legs oh my god it’s a white person
rapping so it’s like given given props
but honestly most of them just write
that in their garbage Eminem is going
don’t get me wrong
Eminem’s a great pop star he is but do I
think that he is that influences who rap
no I honestly don’t go in I have to jump
in hold on a second just stay with me
stay with me mm-hmm
Eminem has been banging in the white
hood for a lot of years if we’re talking
to hood you can’t exclude okay but you
can’t exclude the trailer parks more
white people spend money on hip-hop
music than black people that’s a fact
that’s true that’s true but of course
but this is the thing okay so that isn’t
true and I’m not negating that of course
but don’t you think it’s like does if
it’s a white guy that came around and
he’s getting substantial backing from
black rappers also was I okay he’s a
funny dude charismatic and goofy and
everybody was on his nuts of course and
white people want to boost him up I
think that’s a goes without saying I
mean I’m not saying that I’m right I’m
saying that that’s my opinion
hang on a second Ronnie you any any
thoughts any comment you want chimed in
on what Joanna said oh do we just let
her say her piece I mean I don’t I
wouldn’t classify him as trash
as a top 5 trash rapper but I think
that’s a popular thing to do now because
you know a lot of what Joanna said I
hear a lot of people saying and making
the same talking points that no one
listens to him and the hood or you know
they talk about his content and say that
it’s not relatable but you know the
numbers don’t support the position that
he’s a trash rapper and I’m not saying
that it all boils down to the to the
numbers but the music business is a
business it’s an industry you don’t sign
a contract because you’re you know you
don’t want to make money you’re in there
to make money
so even jay-z said I want to rhyme like
common sense but I did 5 million I
haven’t been rhyming like common sense
so okay um so I just want to say my my
answer to that is Bill Russell has the
most championship rings but nobody ever
puts them in the top contenders of best
basketball player of all time so if we
base everything based off the numbers
Bill Russell should always be at the top
of everybody’s lives but he’s not so
that has nothing to do with the numbers
I’m just talking about the fact of who
goes around quoting eminence it was
going to be anybody it would be white
people I don’t know any black people who
just come around and they just you drive
up next to the light and somebody’s
bumping Eminem who’s black and also he
yeah hang on a second joint if I can
jump in and you know I’m a huge boston
supporter celtics pruin okay patriots
going back going back to the 70s 80s and
so on and so forth yes Bill Russell has
got the numbers the Rings to prove it
but the argument against Bill Russell
being the greatest is that he played
against a lot of scrawny white boys
that’s the argument I’m not saying I’m
not saying he didn’t play against top
players because he did play against Wilt
Chamberlain and a host of others and you
know just
but that’s what people will say well you
know he didn’t play against a lot of
black people you played against a lot of
inferior white people okay let you
finish up no I mean this is the thing
again my opinion is all your opinions –
this is my opinion I don’t know about
the popular thing of getting on immanent
because it has nothing to do with what’s
popular this is my opinion and my
opinion on the situation is that Eminem
really is hyped up by the fact that
black people love seeing dogs welcome to
hind list okay a white people rapping
alright hang on a second stay there
joining I appreciate you calling
now listen um do you have any thoughts
earlier I started out the show and I was
asking um what candidate as far as the
Democrats is concerned represents the
black struggle and I pointed to Kamala
Harris are you close down three of her
for a presidential campaign offices in
New Hampshire and any thoughts are you a
political person uh are you up to speed
and Kamala Harris Cory Booker are you
Democrat first and foremost okay as far
as politics I do people for politics but
as you said the other night without
hundred percent agree on is that
politics are super depressing yeah um
they don’t get to the point of anything
policy is not about solving problems for
it’s about propaganda to get you to vote
split votes or be stupid however you
want it to be that’s what politics are
for so the thing about it is Kamala
Harris her issue is I’ve seen this on
Twitter and everything before Twitter
took down like the political ads that
come on Harry said that no one wants to
see a woman of color being the White
House yet my thing about it is is Kamala
Harris is trying to take on too many
platforms being disingenuous
she was never for the black people just
be real yes like never
you can you can’t try to deny that you
are part Indian and part black Jamaican
like this you know people just assume
like oh she’s making she’s black no
there are many different types of people
on the island of Jamaica let’s be real
also number one she didn’t she wasn’t
identifying as black she use a woman of
color thing because she understood
that’s not what she’s identified here
now she’s trying to kind of make us feel
like she’s being blackballed because of
her skin color and it’s not that I think
that her and Elizabeth wins Warren
they’re some of the most disingenuous
because they’re about that bullshit
they’re trying to beat off a student
color bullshit not they’re also nobody
for them in their pronouns so good point
good point things because nobody wasn’t
here that bullshit
honestly and and then and there’s this
so easy to get by I think Cory Booker is
like be he’s the quintessential stamp
right now I know his type hey Cory hey
girl dancer hey girl whatever pronouns
he can get on whatever standpoint those
effects Spanish all of that he is like
Cory Booker he’s so easy to read through
and come on we’re not even gonna address
the old white man or the you know the J
white man so it’s not even a point it’s
like the Democrats are basically just
like they’re just splitting the vote on
it Joanna thank you so much for calling
in I got your cash app as well have a
great evening okay well I didn’t want to
say one more thing Oh what makes a man
creep on wifey
okay number one
okay I’m not married but this is my this
is me accessing marriage and having
parents and everything like that okay
number one people at like they get
married for the right reasons you think
that your reasons are the right me
because what you want and it’s not that
it’s just because that’s what you wanted
at the time so a lot of times men get
married under the pretense that the
woman they’re married marrying is that
person and not her representing it most
women offer themselves in a way so they
can get the ring and I
remixer like this one so number one I
would say because they’re really forget
Mary they are silly they didn’t really
talk about anything real also women are
like cops the way that they act in a
marriage is like how cops give out
commands right put your hands up a get
on the ground right women are like that
in American women women was better than
man I want you to be up under me all the
time and spend more tell me I went in
spittin facts pay attention I want to be
broke women what sit here and be like I
don’t want to give you sex right now but
I don’t want you to watch porn oh oh
don’t try to act like other women are
attractive but you need to tell me I’m
pretty all the time even though I’m a
sad ass bitch and I don’t look that good
like come on woman’s women are about
that bullshit and I think a lot of times
when you trying to dominate and
manipulate someone and always you going
to backfire so women are where’s a woman
I’m supposed to go along with all women
in this fake sisterhood that all men are
predators all men I’m unable to harm in
our lives which is bullshit because that
could be the same thing said about
women’s dress women prey on situations
too and they prey on a lot of the
bullshit and that’s it being rude and I
feel like if you would go I’m not about
making money and y’all not about the
success of each person then what the
hell are you getting married for because
you have sex all the time and everybody
has kids all right join up that’s
perfect you said enough thank you enjoy
your evening and we’ll talk again thank
you so much all right you have a great
thank you
okay Joanna huh you can go you can go oh
hang on a second I want to read some of
these cash apps do you have time Ronnie
or do you have to go it’s getting late
you good for another ten minutes or five
minutes away
well I’m wrong okay
okay hang on a second blade gleaming
blade says top five worst rappers of all
time number five a little C’s Wow nigga
was Biggs tag-along number four
Trigon mmm nigga was Cameron’s clone
Chief Keef garbage all caps he says
Silkk the Shocker number two and number
one blue face while he’s hating he’s
fuckin hating based hotep biggest issue
facing the black community is our not
our perceived oppression but a lack of
understanding how to be free people okay
if you say if you say so till you hang
on I see you in the queue hold on
the Thunder sound says number five Trick
Daddy dollars number four Sean Combs
number three ice-t number two little Xan
number one Juelz Santana Wow star also
men creep on wifey because women sneaky
and more than likely got secrets too
okay okay I think you know as as a man
it’s your job to bring those secrets out
of her every male can’t bring those
secret’s out of a female you know thank
you sir
black ice says why don’t you okay he
meant say don’t you start okay this is
written horribly start why does snow
Billy have the it factor and why do you
think so
he’s got it he’s got it I’m listen I’m
not the sharpest knife in the drawer but
I mean we’re talking about you know the
visual aspect of what he’s doing and and
his knowledge and his execution if you
ask me I’d listen I’m nobody’s fan
nobody’s family I’m just talking about
what I’ve seen sometimes I call it
sometimes I don’t but just keep your eye
on him and please give me updates on
snow Billy
welcome balls talk got it respect it
Mike from Michigan good evening sir he’s
the top five list number five rico
strong number four shame
diesel Wow number three uh mandingo
number two lexington steele number one
Wesley Pipes I think this is a top five
porno mr. right who are these people
Shane diesel Rico strong and the Wesson
Wesley Pipes of lexington steele those
are poor poor guys we are being told
being true Joanna says Wendy was doing
regular Wendy BS I have my top five list
and Mary okay Thank You Joanna joining
us just on the line Brandon says top
five worst rappers number five freaky
London that Nikki you went off on from
Toronto okay that’s a three bars
number three Chris kid number two late
20s Cam’ron OH
number one Kobe Bryant okay who’s here
somebody took my the roommate top five
horse rappers number five drag on number
four Shaq number three Meek Mill number
two cardi B number one Lord Jamar oh wow
okay okay okay Ronnie I’m going to close
this down it’s getting late and just
sift through these last couple of super
chats and ketchups I thank you for your
time Ronnie and your help yeah you’ve
been great um anything you want to
mention or a reference so do we just
talk tomorrow no I think that was a
great discussion um that list you know
I’m not gonna argue anybody’s list but I
thought some of the names on some of the
list were just Lupe Fiasco come on I’m
still a little tight about that but I’ll
get over it you’re a fan of his yes your
Lupe Fiasco fan yes huge fan huge fan
what was that song he have any first
came out kick kick
skater it was anything kick kick push
yeah yeah
you guys check him out beyond singles
you have to check him out beyond the
single accessory label forced him to put
out I did met him interviewed him good
guy he read my book my respectful that
guy get it he’s a great guy okay have a
good at running we’ll talk soon thank
you I know okay boss chick money holding
me down hold on guys I have to shut this
phone line down and in case you joined
the show late now nicki manaj pulled out
the clause not they cannon just yet but
the clause on Wendy Williams and
something Nicki Minaj said on her Queen
radio show she said in defense of her
husband we as a as consumers or you guys
as fans of nobodies fam we support
people who rap about guns and drugs and
so on and so forth and I guess she was
trying to make that correlation to her
husband having did what he did once upon
a time and served his debt to served his
debt to society
so her clap back was kind of nice at
Wendy but I’m sure she’s gonna have more
smoke and we will be here for the dumb
shit yes we will okay I got all these
super chats let me make sure I’ve yellow
yes yes yes Bush kid okay
blade second guys what I make sure to
miss anybody okay
okay okay let me shut this down give me
a second hold on
did I mention that the squirrels are
pressing me really hard now the Coyotes
have left the area because I haven’t the
squirrels have been around for a couple
of days now maybe even two weeks I took
notice and the squirrels are back at it
just like when and all through my shit
jumping around the roof those who give a
hey thank you who just sent me this
information I mentioned little flips
licker yeah it was called lucky night
yeah that’s what we were drinking back
in 2005 or some shit early in the
morning be self sensing a cash app he
says number five Kobe Bryant number four
while a number three you God from the
wu-tang clan
number two boo and gaudy and number one
little Reese
house no Reese doing since since you
shit his pants
yeah we’re not gonna forget that
hey no mad Nick I got an email from
nomads Nick thank you man where you been
have you been
he called in from work the other night
okay Thank You Nick um lets you and I
try and at least connect tomorrow if
there’s a UFC event on tomorrow I’ll try
and maybe I’ll stream live I don’t know
I got a little something handle this
David sister what would your pops a
salute to you say about what so I’m
one of the topics we mentioned earlier
I’m not sure don’t forget what we were
talking about hey guys all so let me
just mention my sponsors again in case
you joined the show late now my triple
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make sure that Alex a me or somebody
sends you a marketing deck
you can see the numbers and you can know
how to target your particular
demographic with this machine okay let
me get these banners ready hold on a
second okay hold on hey Sophia who is
Sophia sent in her top 5 worst rappers
number 5 Will Smith number for Kobe
number 3 Takashi number 2 all of Beastie
Boys judge and number 1 insane clown
posse and what is this the only tall
wife he should be jamming is the band
Thank You Sophia or I got your cash yeah
Devon says f the puma crew playing field
okay the Puma crews a thing in the past
thank you when did the Puma crew disband
early to mid 80s that was that was a
gang I was in back in Plainfield in
Scotch Plains the Puma crew thank you
for your donation okay I get Johanna hey
Joanna she sent in a super Jeff thank
you so much how do I say this name so so
I’m a female I talked to you on the
phone emailed okay thank you
so so BOM are you turn the hollow what’s
going on sugar
are you just saying you sending me a
donation thank you so much okay are you
in Atlanta I need a part-time girlfriend
in Atlanta part-time not full-time I’m
busier shit you know if you have kids
hopefully hopefully your kids are grown
I’m not trying I’m not trying to raise
nobody nobody’s kids and he be fighting
with the baby daddy all that extra shit
yeah I’m silly hold on let me slow down
baby and how are you baby and I shut the
phone lines off man sorry I apologize I
gotta get out of here I’ll get I’ll get
you a cache up tomorrow fame calm thank
you sir he says Google Andrew yang
hashtag gang gang okay I will do that
sir okay Fabian also uh he sends his
number we’ll get to you uh tomorrow okay
guys thank you so much for your support
thank you to the live chat I didn’t get
a chance to look in there tonight and
hopefully you guys did what you do you
know just death threats and also it’s a
fucking debauchery you know that’s what
the makes this show this show okay I’ll
see you guys Sunday not not tomorrow I
gotta handle some business tomorrow but
uh enjoy your Saturday take care and be

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