This DIY Paracord Bracelet Could Save Your Life!

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A Paracord is known to create weapons of mass destruction, a safety harness, or a toy designed for your pet cat(s). Though it has many uses I’m going to show you how you can transform a paracord into a life-changing tool.

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Are you concerned about the Zombie Apocalypse or the impeding destruction of UFOs to our planet? Fear no more because with the paracord bracelet you’ll be able to get out of many disaster situations that you encounter. The secret all stems from the paracords super strength and how it is able to intertwine itself with other paracords. I’ll show you how you can take a paracord and use it as the safety net that will save your life for your future.

Materials Needed for this DIY Project:
– Paracord
– A lighter or torch

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