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The private bankers dream coming true, a one world private military corporate government passing itself off as the real common law government of the people when in fact, it only has governing power over those that have been deceived into acting as debtors (Citizens) of their private foreign corporations acting as governments. Military governance is not a common law governing system, it is governed by “rank” being a master servant style relationship, a form of slavery by consent but did you know how you consented to be a military slave of a private banking system? Did you walk into a military tribunal while assuming you had common law rights? … If you don’t become the alert knowledgeable citizen, your life, liberty and property may be in grave danger. Also comments relating to the Dick Yardley book of Treason and treachery by the Australian corporate government. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

this is dick Yardley’s new book or the
only book I’m aware of that is put out
and it’s a compilation of many years of
research in relation to the Australian
political treason treachery and sabotage
it’s the asserting of the Australian
government and the Australian people or
its national government by a foreign
private banking corporate corporation
cartel and with all the evidence that it
looks like that’s that we’ve discovered
and with dicks evidence here this is an
amazing amount of research and this goes
to all of the acts that saw that he
feels of cause there
the problem to Australia my research has
been in the grammatical standing of the
documents that are used by the
Commonwealth of Australia Corporation
the the United States Securities and
Exchange Commission’s subdivisions such
as the Commonwealth of Australia the
state of Queensland the state of New
South Wales Victoria South Australia
Western Australia Australia etc all of
these states are registered as nation
states to the to the United States
Securities and Exchange Commission
they’re registered as companies
corporations and because there are
subdivisions of the United States
Securities and Exchange Commission they
are foreign bodies acting as government
agencies on Australian on the lands of
Australia and the only way that we can
be associated with those types of
government those foreign corporations is
by consenting to it or agreeing to it
somehow or other by allowing them or
giving them the absolute consent for
them to administer the mineral and
energy wealth of Australia now these
things have happened in the past and
there’s a
a statement here by the propaganda
minister for Hitler Joseph Goebbels and
there’s a couple of statements that I’m
going to read that these people have
done because they did the same thing to
the people of Germany they usurped a
private foreign banking cartel
corporation into the people solve
themselves as the de jure government of
the as their national government but in
fact they were a private water based
vatican style governing system that had
really very little to do with the the
national running of the of the country
and probably in in that time the
national government was under such heavy
debts debt ridden government that
Hitler’s government sort of overrode
everything it came in as a private
foreign corporation and administered the
country whether it was good or bad I
mean at first it was good but um I think
what happens to a lot of those type of
things that when the power goes to one’s
head or the wrong people get into
government just as the Eisenhower
warning was when he left office in the
United States he said a warning that
basically saying that the the military
power of the United States was
unbeatable and it’s true it’s it’s a
massive power
it’s an incredible strength but he
warned that it was being usurped from
within and this is what sort of happens
with with our governments
and the council’s of government we must
guard against the acquisition of
unwarranted influence whether sought or
unsought by the military-industrial
complex the potential for the disastrous
rise of misplaced power exists and will
persist we must never let the weight of
this combination endanger our liberties
or democratic processes we should take
nothing for granted only an alert and
knowledgeable citizenry can compel the
proper meshing of the huge industrial
and military machinery of Defense with
our peaceful methods and goals so that
security and Liberty may prosper
together you know dick Yardley is
discovered blow our blood how our
national government has been destroyed
through this how the Constitution has
been destroyed but I have a feeling that
nothing’s been destroyed it’s just that
we have left it we didn’t know that
we’ve left it yeah that system something
happened in 20 round 12:30 that the
Magna Carta was created around in 1215 I
think there’s some other dates there but
roughly between 1215 and by 1230 occur
seus in the Hohenstaufen
reign of rome at that time the empress
of rome they created on behalf of the
pope on you the the vatican they created
a thing called the corpus juris and what
they did they didn’t create it but they
perfected it from Justinian and I think
the Roman god of wine at 400 BC worked
on a very similar trust law system these
the system has been around for many
thousands of years and it’s um and they
were not primitive even 2,000 years ago
three thousand five thousand years ago
Egypt it was not a primitive Society
even a lot of the
contracts for leasing arrangements when
you go and leave the building or lease a
market store the contracts you sign over
5000 years old they were written 5000
years ago and still to this day there
are their contracts of leasing and so
forth still exist today but in Hitler’s
time Joseph Goebbels made some strange
statements and going and Hitler did too
because what they had to do was usurp
their government over the top of the
national government of the people
propaganda this is one of his statements
Kerbal state statements propaganda works
best when those being manipulated are
confident that they are acting on their
own free will so when you think you’ve
got freedom you have freedom to vote you
go to vote rights it’s all right I can
vote him him out or him in but you don’t
have the freedom to pick or choose who
is actually the candidate you pick and
choose what candidate they choose that
would sit in power but whether it be
left right middle labour liberal or
Democrat or Republican wherever they all
work for the one the same corporation
company which is a subdivision of the
United States that secures an exchange
commission which is the United States
Federal Reserve which is really governed
by the City of London and which is also
governed by the debtor first debtor of
the Vatican which is probably the
Rothschild the Rothschild dynasty which
is probably the real true Roman Empress
of today
and there’s a couple of other statements
so what gurbles was doing he was to
propagate the propaganda minister for
the Hitler regime he was the one that
sold their system to the people hitler’s
statements to conquer a nation first
disarmed its citizens and you’re gonna
start to see a lot of similar things
that are happening here another Hitler’s
statement the government is lucky that
the people never think
this is a statement by Goering and he
was one of the the head dumb Hitler’s
again naturally the common people don’t
want war either in Russia nor in England
nor in America nor for that matter even
in Germany that is understood but the
people can always be brought to the
bidding of the leaders that is easy he
says all you have to do is tell them
they are being attacked and denounced
the pacifists for the lack of patriotism
and exposing the country to danger if
you think about what’s happening to our
country today
the same thing is happening the conflict
by introducing two different types of
Christian a Christian system and then a
a Muslim style system as one where they
used to be separate countries and I used
to work quite well as separate countries
and there’s a lot of respect but when
you start mixing these two together
that’s the conflict that they are
creating but what they are really doing
is is the Muslim system really the enemy
well are they being portrayed or being
put in there to that we assume that
they’re the enemy when really we’ve got
a look at who’s actually behind putting
them in me and when you look at our
governments of today usurped private
foreign corporations are registered to
the United States Securities and
Exchange Commission that Bank the US
Federal Reserve Bank run by the
Rothschilds and by the city of London
that’s really run by the Vatican who is
the first debtor of man in a religious
sense you know who is the one behind
trying to create all this conflict we
all know that money is generated from
walls without want war no one wants war
but governments and banking cartels love
war and I’ll explain another reason why
they love war in in a minute
another gurbles statement they can never
hide the truth no matter how hard they
try they there will come a day when all
the lies will collapse under their own
weight and the truth will triumph again
so they’ve got the men that we’re
running this Hitler regime they
certainly knew that they only had a time
span to assert their military foreign
dictatorship over the people there’s a
life span because people will start to
wake up they get over all the glossiness
all the fanfare by the time they’ve
gotten through that it’s they’ve been
disarmed it’s too late and their fallen
head into war with their properties and
their homes being destroyed
not ever
what’s going on another very interesting
statement by Joseph Goebbels propaganda
was based around this famous quote if
you tell a lie big enough and keep
repeating it people will eventually come
to believe it that’s true too
the light can be maintained only for
such a time as the state can seal the
people from the political economic and
military consequences of the lie is thus
become virtually important for the state
to use all of its powers to repress
dissent for the truth is the mortal
enemy of the lie and thus by extension
the truth is the greatest enemy of the
that’s Goebbels again propaganda
minister the man one of the men was so
close to Hitler it wasn’t funny gurbles
again a lie told once remains a lie but
a lie told a thousand times becomes the
truth Joseph Goebbels
so wall is big business and the strange
part about governments and getting you
to become a citizen of the corporation
that gives them the equitable title and
the right to administer really comes
from the Vatican and the Bible because
in article 126 of Genesis God granted
Dominion which means the absolute
authority Dominion is the highest of
authority there’s nothing greater than
that it’s the major majority authority
God granted Dominion to man over land
a/c and the thing that creepeth the
thing that creepeth up from below and in
the Latin dictionaries surname means the
thing that creepeth were the thing that
creepeth up from below
so man has been granted by the god of
existence authority the full authority
over and a/c and the surname now in 1230
ad after the magna carta when the corpus
juris was created they created the
surname because when Justinian did it
there was no choice of being the dead or
creditor I think the only people that
could escape the Justinian the Justinian
plundering of of Rome was to go back to
Christianity that’s the only thing they
could do was to leave the state and try
and go back to Christianity but he still
killed and murdered hundreds of
thousands of of people so in 1230
Akershus recreated the corpus juris or I
should say perfected the corpus juris
which is really the jurisdiction of the
debtors the jurisdiction of the dead and
in the Adam and Eve story it is the
house of knowledge the tree of knowledge
the house of the dead arm is the
jurisdiction or the legal system that
exists in the tree of knowledge
The Tree of Life is the house of the
creditor it’s got nothing to do with
this the corpus juris that is probably
the the common law of the land the the
law of the Magna Carta the the law
dealing with land which is Eden which is
not cast off into the sea whereas the
corpus juris was the law the sea but
because they could not force someone to
leave the land or leave the creditor or
will leave them the standing of the
creditor and join the standing of the
data then they deceived man into doing
it by offering them the surname which is
that’s the reason why you have to birth
in certificates you have the state birth
certificate which is really the birth of
the family name or the surname which in
out of John Henry doe that is the birth
of the doe trust not the name the doe
trust it’s it’s a trust law system a
threeway trust dead a creditor and
administrator so the state birth
certificate there’s the birth of doe
trust the office of the debtor but this
this the certificate of birth which is
the certificate that is set up on your
registration date which is in my case a
month later but in your case or other
cases it could only be a few days but
it’s never done on the same day and that
is the birth of the creditor Trust which
is the John Henry the Christian name
trust so the John Henry name is actually
been split into two entities
that’s what the extract is all about
where you pins split and to do into two
which means really divide and conquer
so when they created this this corpus
juris that’s what you have been born
into as a child and as a child up to the
age of majority up to the age of 21 you
remain in that being protected by the
state in the state at that time was your
parents because by the time they passed
the age of majority they stayed in the
dead of state they didn’t leave the dead
estate at the age of majority and go
over to the creditors they stayed in the
dead estate they had the choice of going
to the creditor state but they remained
holding the surname and remained in the
debtor state and of course then
registered you into the state for you to
be looked after until you reach the age
of majority which which really is which
is the age of 21 but the word majority
majority means major the absolute
control the highest of authority which
is Dominion
now the states the foreign states from
the water from the Vatican because the
Vatican handles all of the laws water it
is Mary Mary means water the sea and the
Virgin Mary virgin means girl virgin
this girl and Mary means the sea girl or
the sea witch is the Vatican so when you
turn 21 you have the choice of remaining
with the state and turning from a child
into I think or an adult but that word
adult comes from adulterer adultery and
that means that the word adultery is
means the worshipping of another deity
apart from where you come from or the
god of existence the first God the real
God so when you hit 21 and you remain in
the state and you don’t leave and go
back to the house of the creditor if you
don’t drop the surname and go back to
your Christian name and if you don’t
know your date of birth of that
Christian trust then you won’t find it
you will remain in the house of the
debtors and what happens there is that
the usurping military which is really
the administrator where you can go back
and direct the administrator to the
administration who are the magistrates
and set up on the bench rather than you
go back and administer and administrate
them or direct them on what you want
done with your estate if you remain in
the house of the debtors then the
remain as the holder of the equity the
holder of the Dominion which means the
holder of the complete authority over
your estate and that’s why the place and
the Vatican and the magistrates hold so
much power over you it’s not that they
stole it off you it’s that you did not
claim your standing of that God granted
you which was Dominion which is the
power over the creditor state you didn’t
you left it you remained in the state of
the debtors you remained in the tree of
knowledge rather than turning 21 and
being able to step across as the
director of your estate of your world of
your of your lot in life what’s been
granted to you which is the mineral and
energy wealth all the wealth of the
world the mining royalties everything
that’s come out of the ground that goes
into your account and it still does
today your account is full of it but you
don’t know how to get how to get there
and one of the things that these peoples
kerbals and Hitler and Stalin and many
of the military takeover people that
have taken over
l.l.bean our lands and country they
don’t they do know how this works and
whether or not they are just the puppets
of the banking system but the banking
system itself which is really the V
which is the valley and the V is the
Vatican and the Vatican is the first
bank it’s the World Bank the very word
means it that our King means holder I
and it has the knowledge to set up or to
set government’s up to come in and usurp
over your lands their foreign
governments that oversees governments
they don’t come from rain that comes
from the water they come from the
Vatican the Vatican is the girl of the
sea it doesn’t have land so it knows how
do you serve over your Dominion to
access your authority but it does it
through military style tactics such as
what Hitler did and what’s happening to
us in Australia today they slowly get
rid of the the de jure governments and
the assert them with private foreign
banking cartels or just for making money
and to siphon the value and and the the
mineral and energy wealth from land to
siphon it over into the water into the
sea into their corporations into them
into the maritime and the Admiralty law
system from common law into ad murphy
from common law into maritime law so
it’s really they are pirate ships raping
and plundering the payors
fatherland’s now in Queensland and in
Australia the biggest effect that we
have are our courts and our police
whereas our Queensland police in
Queensland of our history the police
they were proper police men that were
there to serve and protect the people
the Nationals of this country we put
them there we elected them but the place
of today served to keep the citizens of
the fallen countries in line and when
you’ve become when you change from being
a national of Australia to a citizen of
the Commonwealth of Australia being a
private foreign corporation that is a
subdivision of the United States
Securities and Exchange Commission which
is a foreign body deriving from a
different district a different territory
then those place and you are citizens of
that you have committed probably
unknowingly but dick Yardley says an act
of treason you serve a foreign deity
that’s what the whole point of becoming
a and adult is all about an adult is
someone else committing adultery and
adultery is serving a foreign deity
you’ve left your
Dominion now one would think that the
Queensland police would be a legitimate
organization and only a few days ago
around the 8th of the 6th 2018 the head
of the Queensland sergeant at Queensland
there may claim that the Queensland
police were a power military
organisation and I said I don’t think
you are but just to just to try and
understand what a power military
organization is this came from his words
these are the things he said military
power potential consists in the
resources that a nation-state can
mobilize against other nation states for
the purpose of military deterrence
defense and war it is defined as the
ability to affect the behavior of other
nation states through actual or
threatened exertion of force which is
so he claimed that he was a military
power military organization but on dun
and bradstreet when I did the checking
on dun and bradstreet I found that the
Queensland place and all of Queensland
police back Limited quiz and Police
Service Queensland Police Service
commands and police service quiz and
police service northern region
Queensland Police Service central
traffic support final northern region
industrial relations branch north coast
region southeastern region all of the
Queensland police entities
we’re registered as a non organisation
on Donna Bradstreet and being a non
organisation was strange because the
police plank that they were an
organization an organization is a group
of people with a particular purpose such
as business or government departments
the synonyms are company firm concern
operation cooperation a group
establishment consortium conglomerate
combined syndicate body agency
Federation this is what they’ve been
calling themselves but when the word
non-displaced before it it means not
organized and the engine ‘m of
is disorganized
so when we go and have a look at the the
when we go and have a look at this
these are the synonyms of a
disorganization or a non organisation
which is telling you that it’s not
organized so the Queensland Police
Service is a non organisation in
contrary to what the sergeant of the
Queensland Police told me he either lied
or he doesn’t know what’s going on a
disorganization is a ferrule up and
mix-up Anarchy chaos confusion a
derangement a disarray disjointedness a
disorder a disparate reputation a
dissolution incoherence
rat’s nest a screw-up an unholy mess
which is what it is legally same on dun
and bradstreet so our Queensland Police
Service and this would also relate to
all state police around Australia and
probably in the United States and all of
them that are subdivision entities that
are upholding the United States
Securities and Exchange Commission and
the United States Federal Reserve which
is really you know now the just the
antonyms of disorganized
on on here a disorganization
disproportion or in imbalance so a
disproportion is that these are other
synonyms of a disorganization there’s
the same a difference the discrepancy
disparity in adequacy in equality in
Suffern see irregularity the word
imbalance in a inequity inequitable a
shortcoming disproportion never miss Yun
sorry unevenness so we’ve got a
Queensland play cells that are telling
us that it is an organization but the
dun & bradstreet are telling us there’s
not an organization at all it’s saying
that it is registered as a non
organisation which means disorganized
what dick gnarlie says in this book is
the same thing it’s he’s gon blow by
blood how it’s been usurped and my
research is just going to the
grammatical standing of their documents
of who they are are they registered
where are they registered who are they
registered to and what are they
registered as and it’s coming to the
conclusion that getting back to this
statement here of goring that I think
it’s in here if you tell a lie big
enough and keep repeating it people
eventually come to believe it the light
can be maintained only for such a time
as a state can shield the people from
the potential economic and all military
consequences of the lie now what’s the
consequences according to dick and
according to all of the statutes and
here is that when the Queensland Police
have joined another deity or another
foreign nation and they are acting
against the people of Australia by
disarming the people of Australia and
then becoming belligerent and forcing us
to pay the debts of a foreign nation
while the foreign nation rapes and
funders are still our many of mineral
and energy wealth than those acting on
behalf of the agencies that are forcing
Australians into
surrendering leg their Dominion their
right over this over the lands in the
mineral and energy wealth at the point
of a gun and at the point of terrorism
acts by the Queensland Police and lies
and conspiracy
well not conspiracies but dumb by
conspiring with each other to bring
false charges against people as what
they did to me or for looking and as
what they did to a lot of people anyone
that’s looking for the truth whines up
in prison because they don’t want the
truth out but Joseph Goebbels even in
the Hitler regime they all warned about
it they can only get in and out as quick
as I can before people start to wake up
and in this case whether or not the
United States heads of these companies
are flying the coop but I’ve left at the
Queensland place and its its military
back in here to deal with the mess then
there sure is going to be a mess they
gurbles again they can never hide the
truth no matter how hard they try and
they can’t because only a matter of time
when we start going to all the books so
the acts and thrilling the grammatical
standings of the their documents how
they’ve written and years two English
languages and they haven’t used
well they’ve actually used those
languages against us they can never hide
the truth no matter how hard they try
they all cut there will come a day when
all the lives will collapse under their
own weight and the truth will triumph
again well all I can do to the
Queensland police to government agencies
and to all state police and federal
police and any other agency that some
that’s registered with the United States
secures and Exchange Commission and
that’s easy to find too because the
United States Securities and Exchange
Commission have not hidden anything they
put everything in the public domain
because they know that you just won’t
look but when you do look you’ll see it
all them they haven’t hidden anything so
what is happening is that when courts
place government’s
utter any of their documents or any of
their acts or any of their laws in
public they are uttering a counterfeiter
because everything that they have done
according to the grammatical standing
and by using debase flatten on their
documents which is a criminal act in
itself have created counterfeit
documents can’t fit money counterfeit
charges counterfeit courts so you have
agreed to enter into this counterfeit
even though you didn’t know what you’re
doing at the time and the schools have
they created didn’t teach us the fraud
that they administering they actually
took our grammar and Latin from the
schools in 1966 in order to make sure
that you would dumbed down and you could
not see the fraud on their documents but
it has come to the light just like
people like dick yogi again that’s done
all this research and people like many
of us researchers that have looked into
this we’ve finally found the truth and
the grammatical standing of any of their
documents when they years all this all
uppercase text on it renders counterfeit
documents and the only way that they can
confer these documents in these charges
to you is through the mail through a
seal signed which is a sign language
sealed in an article delivered which is
and if it can’t it cannot get to you in
any other way it means that police now
on the side of the road can no longer
issue your ticket because the minute the
police officer hands you a ticket he’s
uh Turing a counterfeit he’s been caught
out just like all of those military
governments are the reason why this new
government are this third world war that
apparently according to this document
I started in 1953 they called it a quiet
war quiet was us quiet weapons for
silent wars a silent weapons for quiet
wars they created something that was
here it is silent weapons for quiet wars
you can download this on the net it is
about thirty eight thirty two something
pages long it’s it’s a hard read and
difficult read but it outlines the
protocol or the guidelines for the
manual on how they are how they’ve
conducted this third world war and
because it’s a silent war and started
you didn’t know it was happening but
according to these people it is a war
that was started by the bank’s again in
1953 as I said
the reason why war is so much that makes
so much money for the bankers is because
when you turn 21 and you don’t claim
back your estate your dominion over your
share of the country that you were born
on as a national when you turn 70 of
them at the age when the trust expires
if you don’t have a will and or
testament in the correct name in the
correct date of birth they the baking
administrator the foreign administrator
claims the right a legal right to keep
the estate if a will and testament has
not been found so what they do is they
keep you in the house of the debtors so
you never ever return to the house of
the creditor in order to make the will
so that you can pass on to who you want
to your estate your share of your
authority over the mineral and energy
wealth of the lands and what they do is
they create Wars while you’re young and
while you’re gullible and while you’re
not even you’re not aware of any of this
and they get you off to war you go for
every soldier for every man and or woman
that dies without making it a will your
share of your mineral and energy wealth
goes to the bank to the US Federal
Reserve and that US Federal Reserve
people say that the bank writes up
promissory notes out of thin air it does
not it uses your authority over the
mineral and energy wealth and when you
finally die or if you don’t pay the
debts back the bank accesses your right
your Dominion your ownership over the
Commonwealth the Commonwealth of your
land it accesses your authority it
administers your authority
it takes your authority because you gave
it to them and you remained as it in
house of the data after you turn 21 and
that’s why this Wars go on they make
money when you when you die they take
your estate the estate that you didn’t
know existed and that probably adds up
into the millions of dollars per head of
man for every man and woman that your
ownership of the land that you’re born
on and you must admit that Australia has
been is one of the richest mineral
wealthy mineral and energy wealth
countries in the world it has that much
dole gas mineral and energy wealth coal
and oil that it’s it goes on for over a
thousand years as it stands image with
burn oil as it is now without finding
any new deposits we have enough energy
to last a thousand years
so that’s why the the Federal Reserve
the United States Securities and
Exchange Commission and the Vatican one
all this hidden that’s why they conduct
these wars but in this silent war they
silently came here they silently
plundered us and they silently disarmed
us but I guess in a way they will have
to silently leave hopefully but just
remember the warning to the Queensland
Police and to state place around
Australia and probably around the world
according to pick Yardley and all the
old common law laws that are still in
place we just left
but treason and treachery are still life
imprisonment charges and if you are
operating against a national on
Australian soil but you were born on
then you are serving a foreign deity a
foreign land and you are aiding and
abetting the theft of the mineral and
energy wealth of our lands for another
entity so I would suggest from these
days on and into the future that you be
very careful and you’re approaching
people on the road not because anyone’s
violent but for your own safety in
relation to the documents and what
you’re doing don’t hand over anything
don’t make any rash decisions on a
person or a man that you see if you come
across someone that has a strange name
you can’t find him on the system or this
car doesn’t add up with something like
that you know where he lives
come back later and do what you have to
do but walk away stand down immediately
and let that man or let that person go
because only you only have the ability
to deal with the persons that are within
the jurisdiction of the District of
Columbia the United States Securities
and Exchange Commission the subdivisions
of the US Federal Reserve whether they
be the Commonwealth of Australia and the
state of Queensland Queensland Treasury
Corp and the rest of the states if they
are registered there you do have the
right to administer power over them but
it’s only a matter of time when they
wake up and find out that they’ve been
they’ve been deceived through
grammatical trickery and deceit caused
by magistrates and lawyers they
shouldn’t even be there they have signed
their oaths or sworn their oaths to the
City of London which is the Vatican the
word Canberra means on Denny which is
London Canberra means London in London
so you are serving London that’s fine
but you keep within the jurisdiction and
within the people and the persons that
are subject to your laws you do not
force anyone to join he come across
someone that you can’t find in your
system walk away stand down because you
are looking at the most hideous crime
which is treason and treachery against
your own land your own stupidity that
you join these other countries ignorance
is no excuse to the law
there’s um
there’s a maximum I’ll leave you with
this it’s a Roman maximum it says some
let those who let themselves be deceived
be deceived but Christ says love your
neighbor in a spirit of brotherhood so
what that means is that if your brother
is stupid enough or gullible enough to
be deceived
don’t deceive him helping so the Roman
maximum states that you can deceive your
brother but Christ says never deceive so
if you join Rome and you go down that
path you are not with Christ there’s
only three Christ that you’ll be saved
he said that through his name only and
he’s named is the creditor

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