THE-SECRET-OF-BANKING "The Secret of banking"


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The Secret system Behind Banking… Banking is the control of the people that have attached themselves to debt… Short talk on how we gave consent to a private foreign banking industry… <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

we ever heard that sign
banks create money out of thin air
it’s uh you hear that a lot don’t you
there’s this just documentaries about it
for people on YouTube and and on the net
talking about banks creating money from
nothing money from Finny well that’s
probably what the banks want you to
believe as well because while you
believe that you won’t know how banks
really work and that’s how banks need
you to be because banks don’t create
from thin air they create the dollar
Jenny and a dollar is a debt a debt
leaders a dollar is not money so what
the banks do is they create the debt out
of thin air
not the money the debt and you spend the
rest of your life creating the money
which is the real wealth the gold the
silver the oil the energy you create
that to settle the debt that was created
by the bank so that the bank does not
create the money from thin air it
creates the dollar being the debt and a
debt is a lot easier to create – the
money you can added debt like that but
that’s the difference between the dollar
and the money the money is positive the
dollar is a negative and to create a
negative then to confer the negative
upon another unsuspecting person then
that person will spend the rest of his
life settling the dollar with real money
but you will also notice that some when
you want to borrow from a bank the bank
does not end use the dollar straight up
the bank gives you one of their accounts
to hold so that no matter what you do
with their account
it is your liability you are the one
that held the account activity can’t
hold on and you are the one holding
their account that agreed to borrow
dollar and place yourself in debt for
the rest of your life so that’s how I
felt work the banks don’t create money
from thin air they create the dollar
Ben Ben

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