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The act of “incorporation” is the system copyrighted to the terms and conditions of the Vatican. You may own your Christian name and your heritage name but the incorporation of any two things is governed by the copyright owner of such an incorporating system… Incorporating things as one is the corruption of the original thing or name. It has nothing to do with the names, its when they are attached to each other in order to create another “new” name altogether that causes the deception of ownership where you assumed the incorporated name was your name, as you are doing right now and that is what they want!!!! … that is the deception working as how it should, perfectly!. The incorporated name made from your two names is their property that they want you to assume is your property and than you will never understand how they have so much control over you, and they hope you never work it out… You claimed their copyrighted name, you became the “Holder”, trustee of their copyrighted property… When you say fees apply to use your name, that is what is happening to you because the incorporated name: “John Henry Doe” is their name and you have no proof that it is your name, its not on the birth certificate as your name! and you will pay the fees to use it… Welcome to the deception… Make sure you pay all the license fees attached to “your” name: “John Henry Doe” because its really “their” name, if you read the fine print…
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that’s a state birth certificate
a lot of people when they try to to find
the remedy to find where things have
gone wrong in the government a lot of
people are looking in the backs or
looking into the past or looking they’re
looking elsewhere the law books the
history of how our government got copy
which is a very important module but
where a lot of people are going wrong
and I’m not saying most of the people
that um that are looking for this answer
the answer is within ourselves because
we simply we don’t really know who we
or um our own standing a very clever man
said to me very savvy in the law said to
me it’s too late to say I don’t consent
when you’re standing in the court and
this is treaty because
if you’re in the court then something’s
gone wrong
you’ve become their property or subject
to their rules their laws and the
governments that we have today
especially after 1973 when when Gotham
signed the unit roit Treaty of Rome
which handed the administration of
Australia over to a foreign United
Nations entity under the control
basically of the Vatican and the Vatican
have been sort of doing this for at
least the last two thousand years but
probably goes back further than that the
Vatican has always had its control over
the world and that’s because the Vatican
owns the copyright on the type of system
that they that they control the people
with and the people are being controlled
with or by a just a military system a
standard military autre law system
the reason why the water the laws of
water are controlling us men and women
that are on the land is because they
needed to bring in a different
controlling system for people other than
the controlling system of land because
the common law of land is it’s a freedom
it’s it’s we are we control ourselves on
land so what they had to do is they
created a jurisdiction of the sea a
controlling system of the sea and what
they had to do was invite us to join
them on their ship or on the fiction
corporate ship in order to become under
the control of their system because
their system cannot control men and
women they don’t have jurisdiction with
that so rather than them rather than
them coming onto the land and
controlling us what they’ve done is part
of their ships their corporations their
foreign entities on our land like as in
ships in drydock and then they invite us
onto their ship or into their
corporations and then once we enter into
their corporation under their tokens
they give us they give us a name to
enter into their jurisdiction into their
ships and once they achieve that or once
they they grant you a name and you
accept that name then that name is their
property and you’ve attached yourself to
their name and that’s how they start to
control us in such a way because we have
apart or a crew member on their
corporate ships and that’s what birth
certificates are all about it is a
certificate of you birthing onto one of
these ships birth certificate and the
date of birth is the date when a person
they say is born but a person doesn’t
exist until it becomes an incorporation
so persons are in corporations it means
that a person is a man join to something
so that’s when the incorporation happens
the minute you become incorporated with
something or join a ship or join a
foreign entity then you legally become
the person and persons are controlled by
the Vatican which is because the Vatican
controls all of the incorporated or you
could say or the corruptions in the
world because in our given Christian
name is one name even though there may
be two or three words that make up the
one name
it is one night and that one name does
not have the family name attached to it
so what the Vatican muster do or these
ships that part those ships they’re
shipping corporations fallen shipping
corporations on our land is that they
must get you to join their ship and give
you a name
that belongs to the ship so you can
attach yourself to it now they know that
no man in his right mind would go and
attach himself to some foreign ship and
wind up being deemed lost at sea and
never likely to return and while you do
that then whoever offered you the legal
titles to put you on another ship have a
right to your equity if you don’t come
back so that’s all I do I just wait for
you not to return and the reason why you
don’t return back onto the land is
because the name that they gave you is a
name that you thought and assumed and
believed was your name
together they gave you a name that
belonged to them that you assumed
belonged to you
and then this bloke comes along called
Christ and he tells you he warns you he
said in my name he shall be saved but if
you accept the company name the
corporate name then you are with them
and I think it’s quite stated in many
parts of the Bible that if you are not
with me you are against me so if you
worship or accept the foreign name of
the ship that’s dry docked onto your
land then you are not with Christ
so therefore Christ cannot save you but
even though you believe that your name
is your name when you think about it
when you think that and when you read
this shipping document carefully
that’s all of tents you just gotta read
it and have a look because John Henry
doe is only John Henry he has one
Christian name and John Henry the two
words make up the one Christian name but
what the state has given John Henry is a
name with the incorporated family name
attached to the John Henry and accorded
John Henry doe and the minute if you
believe that your name is John Henry doe
then you have attached the name of the
shipping foreign shipping corporation
that is under the control of the Vatican
which is a control of the sea you’ve
attached your body to their name and you
have abandoned Christ’s name so
therefore you step from the creditor
which is the Christian into the debtor
the Christian name is John Henry when
you claim the John Henry doe name
written in proper English has
capitalized common-law English
once you accept
which I’m Henry doe you are deemed by
Christ to serve another deity you are
worshiping the gods of the sea who
worshiping the gods of the Vatican which
are not the gods of Moses and certainly
not the god of Christ because Christ
said in my name you shall be saved so
the Christian name of John Henry doe is
John Henry on his certificate birthing
still Achatz his Christian name is John
Henry the only person that has surnames
on these documents is your parents
because I have already assumed the
surname by the time they created the
steward for you but they certainly make
sure that when you’re born you are
correct which is just John Henry and
then what happens is as you are
indoctrinated for the tourney by the
time you turn 21 the age of majority
you know idea that what’s happening to
this banking privately
shipping foreign document no idea
whatsoever so the remedy of the system
is simply knowing who you are the other
thing is is the date of birth is the
date that you birthed your body to the
corporation and in the system the
Christian Judea system that the Vatican
runs it has a data and a creditor or the
office of creditor and the office of
data and if you attach yourself or birth
yourself to the office of the debtors
then you will pay the debts of the
Vatican but when you birth yourself to
the office of the creditor see that’s a
birth and if you look at your to
birthing certificates one is the state
versus difficut which is the debtor
state but the creditor state if you find
that certificate the date of birth was
one around one month for a few weeks
after you were born
the word born does not mean birth the
word born means born into life or
existence sometimes the word life really
means the duration of a contract so if
you birth yourself into the ship or the
office of the debtors then I think they
call that the pagans the pagan trust the
pagans of the debtors which are pay
against pagan and the life span of a
pagan is threescore years and ten so the
life span of the pagan is 17 years and
if you enter in from when you turn 21
and you remain in the office of the
debtors holding the surname or the
Shirdi name which is really John Henry
doe that’s the surely name with because
it’s incorporated if you if you remain
holding that name then you will be
deemed as the debtor the one that pays
the debts and when you’re a debtor or a
crew member on a ship you don’t have
rights you have a privilege but you also
have statutes and if you follow the
rules of the ship then you will have
liberty to go on shore but if you break
the rules of the ship you may lose your
Liberty and wind up in the hole which is
the soul and you will not have freedom
but it’s not freedom liberty and freedom
are not the same thing but if you want
your freedom back
to not be on the ship and not be a part
of the debtors of the ship if you want
to travel on that ship
being looked after as the creditor where
the crew members look after you and you
simply enjoy the ship and the skipper is
just happy to have you on board whereas
the crew the skipper who is the
magistrate he makes sure the crew does
what they’re told the difference is
you’re standing that’s the remedy the
difference is your name the Christian
name or the pagan name not the only
uppercase name I’m talking about a name
written in proper English
John Henry is the creditor named John
Henry dough is the debtor name
the thing is if you assume yourself to
be John Henry doe then you’re holding
the property of the Registrar General of
your certificate of birth now if you
have a look at a city every that of
birth in the margin on the right-hand
side of the margin it says in black and
white and signed by the Registrar
General who in Queensland is at the
moment 2018 is David John he has signed
that stating that John Henry doe is in
his custody so he has the ability to
allow John Henry to have Liberty to go
ashore or to remain in the Hulk but John
Henry doe is the slave servant of the
Registrar General
so think about your name think about who
you are
have a look into drive licenses your
passports and all the state
paraphernalia that you think your name
is on and because you’ve claimed all of
those instruments then they the state
have a right to assume that you are on
the ship and as I said the ships are the
law of the water the law of the water is
controlled by the Vatican the Vatican
controls all in corporations and any
corporation is a corruption of Christ’s
anything incorporated that’s joined is a
corruption whereas you the given name is
one name and it is not corrupt it is
pure so therefore the serpents the
Serpas of the sea the Vatican and its
foreign military such as the United
States secures Exchange Commission’s the
United Nations anything United is
subject to the law of the Vatican
the corpus juris the laws of the Dead
and when you are incorporated and joined
to another foreign entity then you are
assumed dead lost at sea that’s why they
call it the corpus juris so while you
are dead but you haven’t got a a death
certificate you must be in some form of
purgatory so all of the controlling of
these souls is dead souls is done by the
chambers of the Vatican if you look
inside the Vatican I shall walk in to
the Vatican the text written on the
outside of the Vatican is proper ancient
Latin it has the hyphens or the marks
between the signs but when you walk into
the Vatican
in the cross which means dead the
chambers of the death of the dead if you
look up the ceiling of the Vatican
around the edges they use debased
Dogma which is the Latin takes the all
uppercase text it has no marks between
the signs which is Babylonian
it means absolutely nothing
but while you assume that while you are
assumed to be dead lost at sea when you
are inside the chambers of the Vatican a
chamber is a tomb
you’ve been entombed here in the dead
and that text that’s inside the Vatican
is the same text thrown on these
documents it’s the same text that’s
written on your power bills your rates
notices your driver licenses that is the
language the jurisdiction of the
incorporated dead the cells and how are
you what it was you’re standing what are
you are you the free the living are you
pure do whole Christ tonight or are you
incorporated and attached to the serpent
of the sea
remember Adam and Eve that snake to the
serpent that came and tricked Eve into
eating the fruit of the tree of the
debtor the tree of knowledge becoming a
user front or the tree of the foreign
well that’s the deception and the snake
is the serpent which is the foreign
militaries that come in the Vatican not
only did God in the atom in the Garden
of Eden warn Adam and Eve about that
Christ also warned you about it so all
of the wines not only from the Bible are
there but in the very the the Latin
dictionaries and the very English
dictionary the meaning of the words if
you look closely enough to the meanings
of the words if you learn how to read
sign you’ll see the difference between
sign and English there can be no legal
jurisdiction between two separate
languages so when you have dog Latin or
dBase Latin and English written on the
one document if you assume that to be
one then that is an incorporation but if
you are grammatically savvy if you know
what you’re looking for and you know it
can see then you will see that the all
uppercase text which is the Babylonian
texts and the written English when it’s
separated the document reads nothing
nothing nothing at all
it becomes the presumption of law when
you raise these matters with magistrates
they don’t like it but at some point the
magistrate may work out that you know
the dirty trick but what they can do the
magistrates is all I have to do is make
sure that you are holding some form of
attachment to the underworld the minute
they can find an attachment some sort of
a a document with a license or
identification that identifies you as a
part of their underworld our water law
system the surfing corporate ship that
sits on in drydock on our lands if
you’re attached to that ship it doesn’t
matter what you say or do or think the
magistrate is going to itself with you
and take your equity and administer your
birthright your true dominion your
ownership of the mineral and energy
wealth of the land the nation that you
were born on but when he can see that
you know and he’ll be heading for the
door because he is the actual dead arm
he is the debtor he’s the first debtor
and we did not force him to join the two
actors for magistrates he applied for
that job
I didn’t force anyone to stand up there
and act as the debtor he has the tricks
and the knowledge how to confer the debt
back on to the creditor
convert the creditor into the dead arm
he has this ability is this knowledge
this sorcery these tricks but they are
only just illusions tricks grammatical
knowledge and when you know that and
when you know their dirty tricks and
that’s the remedy for the system you
always agree and it’s all offer and
acceptance so if they offer you the
ability to act as one of the citizen
Tedder’s then you can accept the offer
absolutely yes I will be a citizen but
what you must do is a remedy is what’s
it worth to lose your freedoms your true
standing as a man on land or in that
case your standing as a creditor on
their ship
you mean environment of the ship
originally as a creditor as a guest they
will look after you on the ship so you
have to you have to weigh that up do you
want to be a crew member of their ship
so when I offer you a standing as a crew
member and think about it think about
what it’s worth offer and acceptance do
you want to be a crew member and maybe
you should be paid
you see what I’m saying
then there’s no conflict there’s no
reason for them to assume that you are a
belligerent there’s no reason for war
there’s no reason for the military codes
the label codes there’s no reason for
the water or military to affect you
because you’ve already agreed to be a
citizen of their foreign corporate ship
the City of London the bar a dead of the
bar that’s what you become so if you
want to become a debtor of the bar and
be subject to those lying deceiving
clever magistrates then think about what
it’s worth because many of you just
simply and I many of us just simply went
along and fell into the into the
standing of the debtors because of our
own ignorance and stupidity and us
thinking that we knew everything I know
everything I can run a business but you
knew nothing absolutely nothing and when
you learn your grammar when you learn
who you are and you learn the difference
between sign language and the English
common law language which is the
language of the sea and then in the
language of the land when you learn the
differences between them and you start
to recognize them on their documents and
you have the ability
for remedy you have the ability to
accept the offer of citizenship accepted
offer and acceptance but what is the
offer to accept the stand as the citizen
of the foreign unit Royd United Nations
the remedy is probably simple as an
infant you are John Henry you are not
John Henry day if they force you to be
John Henry day than that committing a
if they issue you documents through the
mail and you don’t accept them through
the mail because there’s something wrong
with the writing on the document then
they still don’t have any jurisdiction
over you if you cracked open the seals
of those articles or of those envelopes
that they come then you have broken the
seal into and into the world of the dead
the spells you will be attached to the
spell that’s attached to that document
you you you will find this hard kindness
in some cases as a friend of two friends
of mine are going through a hard time
Rowen Lorien is still in prison but they
will not show him any of the paperwork
because they know he can see the fraud I
don’t know what they’re going to do but
they’re being belligerent and they are
committing absolute serious crime by
holding that man in prison partly he’s
asked to see what is the charge and can
he see the charge documents because he
knows there was no offer and acceptance
that’s outright slavery and that’s a
dangerous thing for the state and I
think the Vatican knows that too so even
though the remedy may not come or the
remedy may come with imprisonment and a
good right bashing of witnessed all of
these things and many threats against
myself and my family but I must admit
this has stopped because of that last
court case I think that the magistrate
had recognized that I knew a little bit
more about it than what the average man
and woman knows about it all so he could
not do his trick you could say his
illusion could not work
so the remedy is knowing who you are and
when you know who you are and you can
see the grammatical deceptions on their
paperwork then you can see that it is
nothing at all the old saying of kicking
a dead horse if they keep on pushing it
that’s as good as kicking a dead horse
because in the end they can’t prove that
anything exists existed because when
they did it they made sure that nothing
existed in case someone worked it out
and when someone works it out it’s then
when they go they’ll back off and say oh
okay you’ve worked it out and of course
it’s our own fault because we accepted
it we thought it was something what it
was nothing so it’s not their fault it’s
her own stupidity in our fault but once
it’s pointed out to them and they
continue on with it that’s when the real
remedy will start that’s when the
charges will start to come then damage
you’ve been hurt by the state
and well we are already with rich we are
already wealthy the poorest man in the
street has a birthright and but he’s
it’s been administered by these usurping
serpents these foreign administrative
corporations it can still remain like
that but rather than you being the
debtor of them so that they can serve
you but if you’re not very then they
will keep it themselves
so you must return back from debtor in
to creditor and when you pull that off
when you get that and you understand the
value of the Vatican the value of the
magistrates the value of Records you
start to see that while maybe it’s a
good thing because they’re getting all
of you to basically work for nothing but
as long you have a good life inside the
on the corporate ship and if you’re
happy there then
turn this off but very fact if you if
you’re watching this you are already
curious to figure out what’s going on

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