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A trust has three parties but a Quasi trust has the office of three parties, the Office of Creditor, the Office of Debtor and the Office of Administrator but only two such offices are held by man at any one given point rendering such a three way trust as a fraud or false trust. When only the debtor and the Administrator are present, without the Creditor appearing, such a trust will convert the Administrator from Administration to Creditor! and never have to settle the bills of the State because we were deceived into falling from creditor into debtor through a dirty planned grammatical deception.

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before you know or before you can detect
the lie you have to know the truth
you don’t know the truth you want that
we won’t be able to see the line so you
watch this
most of us will read that as the cat sat
on the mat
but that’s a lie and the only way you
can detect that that’s a lie is by that
by knowing the grammatical truth of that
type of text that’s called a glossa but
in the Black’s Law Dictionary it’s a
corrupt class that corrupts the essence
of the text which is the meaning of the
text now we will assume that that would
read the cat sat on the mat but in
actual fact it doesn’t read that at all
because when this typeface is translated
back to English
it reads this
that’s where it rates
that’s only when we know the truth of
that text there that we can see the lie
as the truth of that text doesn’t read
what she sort of did
in article 11 147 of the Chicago Manual
of style it identifies this all
uppercase text as American Sign Language
or ASL and when you enter into a
contract contract you have to sign
yourself into it sign the document
that’s the sign sign language so when
you enter into that document that sign
document you have to sign your name sign
something and the trick is in 11 147 of
the Chicago Manual of style it shows you
the truth of how to write sign language
it change you it shows you the correct
way to do it so when you know the
correct way to read sign or how it is
meant to be so it can be strung along
into a sentence or so two or more
science can be put together in into a
the signs
must be hyphenated
because sign language follows the
grammatical rules of ancient Latin and
also uses ancient Latin which is it all
uppercase symbolic text to create signs
so when you know the truth when you’re
like the cat sat on the mat and you put
the hyphens in between well it actually
reads that whole line it
strains it together in the sentence
so when you know the truth that you can
detect a lie
you see we have been lied to for
thousands and thousands of years is what
I assume but especially in the last done
since of Perseus in 1230 ad when they
created the corpus juris which is a
quasi trust law system and what they did
to do that is they created two names
I think that that’s – two names there
but it’s two words that constitutes one
there’s the other nine
sign language so if you know the truth
you can detect the lie so what happened
in 12:30 when they created the surname
which means cog nomen this is known
cog nine
it’s a diamond my name is the power of
Rome coat cogno minh is the machine of
Rome that’s the power
and this is the
the machine of run and a machine is I
it’s a corporation
it’s also the data
that’s the credit huh
so when you know the truth you can
detect the line now that you know that
there’s two names and these two names
were created in in 1230
ad in the rain in the Hohenstaufen
Empire of Rome and the Hohenstaufen
family ruled if I think from 1100 to 12
around roughly 100 years it was in their
reign of power that they effected a
thing called the corpus juris that was
created by Justinian around 5:30 to 560
and it was perfected in 1230 just after
the Magna Carta in order to counteract
through pompadour they had to keep going
the private contracts of Rome which were
inside the corpus juris or the law of
the water law of the sea the Holy See
now I’m going to show you the absolute
lie in trust law and this is a it’s this
is a crime this is a true crime this
this crime is sort of so simple but
complex that we don’t we don’t see it we
don’t get it and because we are born
into this crime birthed into what born
into it
we can’t see the truth because the lie
appears to be the truth because we were
born into the line now trust law which
it has three elements and it’s usually
used in private contracts and it’s a
very powerful system because if there’s
a contract established between two
parties a third party is present present
and it acts as a go-between but also
acts like a witness to the agreement
that was made
trust law has a credit up I data
and an administrator it’s got three
elements in it the creditor gives the or
grants the Dominion the he may own some
property and if he’s if he’s the
sovereign then he will own the mineral
and energy wealth of the land that were
born on to because that was a grant that
was given to us in article 126 in
Genesis where God granted Dominion which
is the absolute authority to Maine over
land a/c and the thing that creepers
creepeth that is the surname the cob
the predator has power over all of this
what the creditor does is an
administrator comes along which is
usually the Vatican and offers to take
the Dominion from the creditor from the
man in order to administer it and look
after it for man said that he doesn’t
have to worry about it but he’ll take a
and what the administrator then does as
he offers this to a debtor to pay the
debts of
the builds of the state so the
administrator holds all these debts and
he gives it to the data the data pays
the bills but what the data is gets is
trusty compensation he gets compensation
the administrator gets a percent as I an
because he’s a guy between ya as the
debts of party by
it’s a part of the creditor the creditor
gets profit
creditor gets the profit it’s all of his
son he says state looked after by the
administrator the administrator hands it
to the data and the administrator acts
as the go-between
that’s how Trust works that’s the truth
now that you know the truth about the
trust you should be able to detect the
line so we have the truth there’s a
creditor there’s an administrator
it’s a debtor
one two
three parties
makes up the Trinity the trust that’s
that’s the key
but what the corpus juris did and what
Justinian and occur seus and the Vatican
have done in the judiciary they’ve
a quasi trust looks much the same
it is a quasi which is a fictitious
trust a fiction trust and it operates as
the office
I’ve credit up office
of administrator and the
data the office of administrative office
of the terror and the office of the
these offices have to be filled
in reality there are only two parties
there is us and there is the
administrator but the difference between
the creditor the administrator in the
debtor between us you and I have an
ergot a choice of being either the
creditor or the dead
we can also become the administrator –
but once the administrator that’s the
judiciary the judges the magistrates
once the judiciary sign an oath will
swear an oath to enter to leave the data
or creditors standing and become the
that earth is alive earth they are told
how the system works on the condition
that they never return back and if a
magistrate or a judge
ever attempts to act as the creditor or
ever attempts to step down here the
magistrate will surely die he won’t last
the Vatican will make sure he doesn’t
last and rightly so but
when it comes to us so that puts the
magistrates up into the office of the
administration but what one are you well
if you have look in your birth
certificate it says on the day you were
something was birthed and that was Smith
I’d say it was your surname but it was a
birth for something
and about a month later your Christian
name was in burst
born night
and registration data
but you only have a choice out of those
two birth certificates to hold you can
hold one or the other this one is called
the certificate of birth which is but
the birthing of the Christian trust
which happens about one month after
you’re born maybe even a bit closer I
don’t know but when I was born it was
about a month the UM the Smith Trust is
the birth certificate so that is the
certificate of birth this is the birth
certificate the Smith is the dead poor
John Paul is the creditor
but you’re born into the ship of the
debtors because while you’re a debtor
the administrator will look after your
trust to make sure that you don’t
destroy the the equity of the credit but
on the age of 21 which is the age of
majority for a man I think it’s 18 for a
woman but the age of 21 you have a big
party and you get the key to life and a
lot of people get this cape and a lot of
people don’t understand what the cases
all about
well it’s really the sister key trust
it’s a key to access the creditor
standing it was inside this quasi trust
but if you don’t take that key and you
don’t work out what you’re doing and you
maintain the name your surname Smith
then you are deemed
to not be the creditor you remain as the
dinner after you turn 21 which leaves
this three-way trust in our case there’s
only two parties so a trust can’t work
with if there’s only two parties it’s
just an agreement but it’s not trust law
but in this quasi trust the government
sets up by an officer of administrator
the office of creditor and the office of
data and it knows that only one of these
can be filled at one time so what
happens is that allows the trust to
still work because the office of
administration the administrator the
office of the crater and the office of
the debtor still constitutes a three
party trust law set up so the trust is
fine but it it’s only the house there’s
only two people at home in each of these
offices this office remains empty now
when this office remains empty what that
turns the magistrate and this is the
because the magistrates and the
judiciary and the Vatican
that offered to act as the administrator
the minute that creditor is is not there
and it turns into just a two-way trust
it turns the administrator into the
creditor because the creditor moves back
up to here one that becomes the creditor
he becomes just the debtor so the dead
are now as we’ve paid the Dominion which
is the authority to the mineral and
energy wealth these are the mines here
that’s whether all of the oil that the
coal the energy that we supplied
billions and billions of dollars
trillions of dollars whether oil gas
energy and mineral wealth is owned by us
the creditors we offer that to the
Vatican for the administration they hand
it to the data to be for the debts of
the of of the system to be paid for so
the debts are paid for back to here and
when the administrator goes to pay the
to the creditor creditors not be
and the Vatican
then becomes
the creditor so the trust is a quasi lie
set up to let us believe that it’s all
properly working so when we go into the
court we go in on this side the police
or the council’s they stood on that side
the magistrate sits up in the chair at
the top but by the time you walk out
with the magistrate has done it all he
does is establishes are you the creditor
or are you the dead arm and after you
catch after he gets your name and date
of birth
he works out that you become the
creditor you become the data there is no
creditor so that means that everything
that’s been paid for that you’ve paid
your house loans you all your fines your
mortgages everything that you’ve ever
borrowed your credit cards everything
has been paid back to the administrator
who turned himself into the creditor by
deceiving you into becoming the debtor
now what happens when you come back to
being the creditor if you find your way
back to me the credit
by working out your true name and your
true date of birth and by starting to
hold this side over here then you are no
longer the debtor the debtor the office
of debtor then becomes vacant which
changes the administrator of the
creditor and their dead arm once the
debt is put on appeal it changes the
magistrates the Vatican into you
that’s why the administrator and the
magistrates and the police and the
government are so hell-bent on you
remaining dumbed down stolen the surname
because what this three-way trust does
that is only housed by two parties it’s
housed by the Vatican and us and we make
the choice
are we creditor or debtor if we are data
the administrator becomes the creditor
but if we become the creditor
the administrator becomes the debtor
that find a debtor here down here to pay
the debts so that means that he only
moves up into the debtor and he must
then settle all of the charges that have
been clocked up by the debtors and by
the magistrates in the Vatican they
clocked the debts up they must pay them
and that is why you have been tricked
and deceived into spending all of your
life as the debtor
and when you die and you get you get
your name engraved engraved under a team
you will have the name
John Paul Smith that is the debtor
and it’s also the born day
to identify that you are the credit and
then what the administrator does appear
the magistrate he makes sure that that
man goes on the tombstone and he uses
the tombstone as the absolute
confirmation that you as the debtor
never return back to being the creditor
because the proof is on the tombstone
the final stone the final act that you
did is the final act of death you
remained as John Paul Smith you did not
come back as the predator as John Paul
the evidence is on the tombstone that is
your eternal death so that gives the
administrator the right to claim the
estate of the creditor and never have to
pay back and what he’s done it’s called
conversion because he converted the
mineral and energy wealth the Dominion
this is the Dominion over here he
converted the Dominion of man and stole
and took it for the magistrates and the
Vatican which is the serpent usurper
which is the snake
the snake in the garden and Adam is
tossed from the creditor into the debtor
by eating the fruit of the tree of
knowledge instead of the Tree of Life
this is the Tree of Life and that is a
tree of death and the way they did it
they did a two parties in there is by
creating a three-way office of creditor
office of administrator and office of
office of predator office of
administrative office of death and no
matter what you do or government’s an
office you will notice that there always
speak to the officer and the only way
you can have jurisdiction with the
government is that you must hold an
office or a a private name or a surname
that renders you a part of this trust
isn’t these two names Danny this is a
birth Smith is the birthing place for
the debtor and the John Paul is the
birth of the creditor and it’s what
birth or what office you hold in this
system that makes you either the
creditor which turns administrator into
the debtor or if you’re the debtor
it turns the administrator into the
so he will win and that’s why he needs
you to remain as mr. Smith remain in the
office of the devil in order that he can
remain in order that he can convert
himself from administrator who gets just
a percentage of the take into the
creditor and takes his percent plus
everything done here and he never ever
has to return it to the crema because
the creditor has died he’s gone you
couldn’t find your way back home so you
lost your estate and you lost it to the
magistrates to the Vatican into the
snake in the garden and that’s what the
Adam and Eve story is all about that is
the perfect crime it’s a crime of
conversion by converting the Dominion
that was granted to man in 126 over to
Satan the snake the serpent and the
magistrates and the judges left the data
and creditor and signed an oath with
Satan the snake they once they’ve up
there they make sure that they
administer all the wealth for this
and that’s what’s happening that’s
exactly what’s been happening that’s why
the Vatican and the government whether
that’s what the Vatican has so much
amazing wealth and that’s why the
Vatican Bank and it’s corporations and
the Rothschilds that are the debtors of
the Vatican the first debtors acting as
the agents that are actually converting
the Dominion of the creditor into their
pockets and leaving us as a data through
the grammatical deceptions sign language
sign and they’re using that the debased
sign language which is the corrupt
Glosser the corruption of the Glosser in
order to fill and trick us into falling
into a quasi trust a quasi three-way
trust which means a copy of a real trust
but it only can have two parties is
which destroys the essence of the trust
it must have three parties but it can’t
because we can only be the creditor or
the dinner it’s a choice that choice was
established in the Garden of Eden with
God when he said to Adam if you eat from
the tree of knowledge the true dead
you’ll surely die
so there’s no one or one or the other
there’s no one and the other
it is just one or the other that’s the
perfect crime I think it’s the only
crime that’s really been we’ve been
warned about in the Bible warned about
this crime here God warned Adam not to
fall for the tree of the debtor or you
will surely die
that’s the perfect crime
I don’t blame you if you can’t work any
other because
you’re never meant to work it out
and I think that um
I think that
silence time has come
but even if it hasn’t come for this
planet and no one works it out if you
work it out then that’s the end of Satan
that’s the end of the the administra
with the administrator acting as the
creditor he falls back into where it
should be back into the dinner because
that’s where he started out as it was
only through his trickery trickery and
deceit but he changed or converted
himself from being the data into the
creditor but when you’re awake up to it
when you can see the truth
then you will be able to see the fiction
or the line that’s when you see it’s
when you know the truth you will see the

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