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Is the Ledger what you assumed? .. or is it the hidden consent into slavery? … Secrets of the Underworld Occult.

I missed something! go to time: 6.30 and look at article 4 of the meaning of Ledger in the Webster’s Dictionary… A LEDGER is also a Resident, Ambassador or Agent! .. are you a resident? that’s what the Council is calling you! a Resident resides on land he does not own, and the most strange thing: only Lords can own land, and the title of a Lord can only be given to the Christian name! .. the SURNAME is the Resident, the Christian name is the true owner… or Equitable title holder! .. its all staring at us in the face… <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

did you know that that’s a ledger I
didn’t know that
I thought aloud you were or the accounts
or them the debtor-creditor parts of an
account of our corporation company some
form of commercial entity but I didn’t
know that a ledger slab of stone that
sits on top of a grave for a tomb I
didn’t know that English now according
to the Webster’s dictionary the big
thick one that I love reading dates back
a few years the word ledger also derives
from lie to lie and something that is
lying flat has no standing so it’s it’s
not a part of the jurisdiction of
whatever you’re involved in the strange
thing so does that mean that the word
that arrives also derives from why does
it mean that the accounts are the ledges
or the data creditor parts of accounts
that appear in the mail from government
bodies banks power companies etc are
they saying that their lie some form of
a lie not only does that does the word
ledger depart from lie it also means the
bait on a hook which is interesting
because are they saying that the ledgers
that appear in the mail in the articles
from our governments banks power
companies etc I’m not only alive but
they are also a trap a bait some sort of
a smash that snares our centi falling
for something that maybe we didn’t know
what we’re talking about or didn’t know
what was happening another strange thing
about it is the word
the debate on the hook is connected to a
line connected to the bank tell words
which is funny because strange are the
bank always offers you a line of credit
so is the word saying that that the line
of credit is some form of a bait a trap
that renders you subject to some sort of
a grave or to dead ended dead another
funny fun about the words nature is when
these Ledger’s come in the mouth the
writing you will find on them is a form
of sign language which also appears the
tombstones which is an all uppercase
text which does not cannot be found in
the Oxford English manual styles it
doesn’t exist thee so therefore it has
no jurisdiction with some with the
English language its foreign foreign
type font
which is also a strange thing and it it
would make you wonder this is a symbolic
text or a sign is it an engraved image
that God warned us not to worship a word
ship worship
and yet when this type of writing the
sign language that is are identified as
Americans ASL American Sign Language in
11 147 of the Chicago Manual of style it
even states there that it has no
jurisdiction with the English language
it’s a foreign language so is that why
the articles that come in the mail I
feel you must break the seal in order to
enter into to worship another deities
another language another God and is that
the God of sign debris the god of death
another strange thing is when the
articles appear in the mail they come
under a inside and envelope they come
inside an envelope that has the same two
to one ratio as the ledges slabs a stone
that film the grave when you get a
normal letter from a friend the letter
envelope is not the same ratio as the
dead ledges of a tomb yet the accounts
the ledgers have come from your
governments power companies banks etc
all appear under the under the Articles
that appear under the same ratio as the
ledgers found on a tombstone
you see
when people say they haven’t got full
disclosure or haven’t had full
disclosure and in relation to a contract
whatever the full disclosure is in the
word itself the very word is telling you
exactly what you’re getting into by
breaking the seals of those ledges that
appear in the mail you enter into the
occult world of the dead and there’s
something you must always remember is
that the is that a dead man has no
rights so when you get involved in some
form of a contract from one of these
places such as foreign governments or
corporate governments foreign banking
entities power companies that belonged
to such foreign banks and you may find
yourself in deep trouble if you crack
open those seals of those dead ledger
accounts because you’re rounding your
self as dead the only thing I could
probably advise if I were to advise
anything is that we as Australians and
we as Americans and Canadians and people
of England the people of their own
countries should start being more
vigilant and questioned just who is
sending us these Ledger’s who is our
government who is really behind the
governing system of this new world order
that we
fastly being involved in all if not it’s
already here because
it’s a cult world the dead we’re dead
men have no rights
so the ledger the accounts that come in
the mail also the stone that sits on a
grave derives from a lie is the bait on
and houses the languages sign the
engraved images where you’re warned to
stay away from

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