The Ladies On The View Along With Tommy Sotomayor Give Their Take On Lizzo's Laker Exploits!


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as your view has to say about this and
what they saw and how they view what
miss Liz oh did I would love to hear
what these liberal ladies had to say
that would be an awesome thing so let’s
listen to what the ladies of the view
had to say about Miss Liz oh and her
disgusting behavior because well I’m
probably the only ones who believe is a
disgusting behavior because the rest of
the world apparently thinks that this is
empowerment but I don’t understand how
empowerment and embarrassment go in the
same sentence because if I have they’d
be oh my god what did Whoopi do Whoopi
Goldberg looked like she’s gonna say at
any moment in time you’ve got three
wishes make your wish what the fuck
then come on bro you have three wishes
man and y’all know I respect this young
lady this this this iconic comedy but
come on sis
come on Lady
come on lady you gotta cut it out let’s
get to the videos he was he had say game
on Sunday because eyes were on liz’ when
she went to Lakers game on Sunday
because she wore a thong dress that set
off a raging internet debate whether it
was inappropriate true to form
Liz o responded that the haters can kiss
the big red top
now I know because I used to go to Lake
games all the time
when you’re out especially in LA if
you’re at a home game folks are wearing
their thing there you know you dad
wearing less clothing than the players
are so I think Liz old does what she
always does she dresses she is who she
is you know some people are
uncomfortable with it some people say no
but you know you and Harvey Weinstein is
who he is some people are uncomfortable
with it
Laker Girls and to have some legs up
things that happen if people are doing
their whole thing and bouncing it you
know it’s all about basketball really
remember okay it’s really all about
basketball first I saw it and I said
that’s really inappropriate but now that
you’ve convinced me I think I’m gonna
wear that to this wedding I’m God
yeah let’s table it enjoy well that’s
not true to you joy you got to be true
to yourself
yes great she’s about five dollars joy
this is her stick and we know this about
as well she’s a provocateur she’s about
fighting image for me and I I don’t care
the argument old kids are watching the
game I don’t care about that
but for me I just feel like she’s this
big accomplished musician she’s a star
so if you be a Grammy nominee I just
don’t think she needs it I don’t think
that’s the matter what you think she
that’s what she needs
yes like all up in a vibe someplace like
I know this certainly happens to me in
Vegas sometimes so there’s like people
who are out every is having a good time
and you just like start dancing and I’m
nothing like Liz Oh in the sense that
she’s an incredible performer and I
started dancing you don’t run away
screaming she is amazing and I just
think she’s probably having fun at a
Lakers game and of all the things going
on in the country this is the it was
number one on Twitter yesterday and I
was like this is really the really
strata live listen to the stupid shit
she’s saying and like that woman is
saying sunny said no but she walked up
with this dress there was no other
moment hit her she left we just showed
you the video of how she was acting in
the tunnel how she was speaking in the
turn in the tunnel and yes she’s a
conservative but she’s a fat bitch who’s
afraid that if she says something about
the way this fat girl is is then
somebody else say something about her
fat ass and she doesn’t want her fat ass
to be a sellout you know you’re a fat
bitch and you’re not supposed to sell
out us fatties are supposed to stick
together and you listen to what Sonny
said didn’t Sonny say exactly what I
said she’s an accomplished person she
doesn’t need to do this she’s not a
person on the bottom desperate to try to
get to the top you’re already there why
are you doing this you’re already there
why are you doing this and then the fat
girl instead of that moment
she’s an accomplished person body
positivity how is that considered body
positivity if it is then we need to do
you guys know if a white woman had went
on the sidelines like this at the Lakers
game but she was skinny and fine no
matter how many of us men thought it was
nice every woman would have said she
shouldn’t have been wearing that
especially in front of children can I
get an amen if it was a skinny in shape
white woman and she wore that exact same
outfit got on the dance floor and did
this white people would at least stand
up and expect it doesn’t matter how much
this woman makes but because she’s an
icon more of them would have said that’s
inappropriate remember guys you saw that
little girl what’s her name Ariana
Grande there will be plenty of white
people who used to come out and say that
what she was wearing was inappropriate
she was on stage in her own damn concert
and she wasn’t sitting up there looking
disgusting and horrible like this and
being in your face and talking crap like
this she was performing on our own stage
to where if you went there you should
have known what you were getting yet
they were still complaining about it
this woman who came to the Laker game
expecting to see this again if she was
in our concert I wouldn’t have a problem
it’s her concert but she does these
things in inappropriate places when you
are being interviewed by two men on a
stage on national television you put in
your ass in this man’s lap is
inappropriate it’s a sexual assault and
you men need to start making it
difficult for these women by calling
sexual assaults on them when you watch
those videos of those women doing that
dumb shit in grocery stores and they’re
recording your reaction you know what
you need to do call the police and file
a report don’t be a part of their
internet getting Fame because while
they’re doing it you’re not getting
anything you’re just the guy was looking
at her ass or having her bump up against
you what you need to do is immediately
dial nine-one-one and file a report of
sexual harassment

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