The FBI is INTERROGATING George "HITMAN" Lopez + The Game TAGGED Iran & turned his BACK on America


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okay so we got some early-morning heat
going down
worldwide spotlight the only channel
that runs seven days a week 24 hours a
day around the clock around the clock
more videos in the booth telling you
right now early in the morning I got all
the keyboard warriors at the computer
feeling thug though they got their
finger out ready to go
I thought you think this banging on the
keyboard just bringing on the keyboard
he’s got your bodies on Ebola trigger
finger on the keyboard I told you boys
nothing right now we got two things
popping eyes we got the game accused of
being an American traitor number two we
got George hitman Lopez and he’s under
investigation right now by the Secret
Service and I’m gonna tell you why but
first let’s talk about the game David
did some grimy stuff bro he went on IG
he tagged Iran
I didn’t even know Iran had into that
but he tagged Iran and said look fam I
know he’s not me with trunk you guys can
handle your feet but can you just leave
me and my boys here on the black people
side of it I’m saying if you’re gonna do
a strike
just hit the intended victim not us
we’re good I’m saying we good
is that being a traitor to America I
don’t know I’m just here bringing agasa
number two George Lopez hang up Iran
just like the game but this time he’s
telling Iran look you don’t got to give
us eighty million dollars to take out
Trump Russia
that’s way too much I’m not connections
you know I’m saying we’ll do it for half
so the Secret Service is now
interrogating George Lopez
checking his phone calls his history all
of that to see if he has links with the
Mexican cartel because if he does I’m
not safe and he made bro that’s gonna
put the man in jail bro hit my little
PEZ I got so many videos coming up next
the like buttons there for you to hit it
the share button is there it’s not just
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it’s there for you to share and I’ll be
back with more videos 24 hour videos

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