The Double D Twins Have Been Captured & You Wont Believe The Story Behind It!


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this story right here is a fun one
only because I hate that Jiffy Pop bag
but them titties on point I hate that
Jiffy Pop bag and a bitch look like red
man in the face but it is is real look
at him fit ace this Bismil like a nigga
I used to play in the back feet and in
the defensive backfield with that nigga
play strong saftey he hit anything
moving tight ears used to hate to grow
across the middle this nigga would kill
him but don’t it is blowing make a nick
make a grown man cry she look like shit
and I walk around holding this bitch a
it’s I will fuck around it bitch heads
all day
y’all get mad at me that’s your girl
it’s a girlfriend
yep it sure is look at those titties
look it up today I’m a sick man though I
like with it big titties I’m a sick man
and I need help but this is one of them
twins I think and they finally caught
the second twins you know what I’m
dumbass twins that beat a bitch with a
frying pan
that’s very subdued late
ladies and gentlemen about to do a story
about Chef Boyardee cups ship boy your
triple day you get it cause you got the
Chef Boyardee chef boy or triple days
okay this ain’t funny let me get to the
damn store shit if you guys don’t
remember the twins the third out twins
who beat a bitch with a with a frying
pan that’s that that’s that’s them they
got some really big titties
I’m about to go help them Jim how about
it you can get out of jail I’m out up
I’m I said pea I’m afeared a bail fuck
yeah I’ll go get bad at me I’m paying
that baby I’m shit panting you paid that
girl bail sure did yes I did yes I did
let’s get to it man
well the second twin has been arrested
along with the boyfriend and the
frying-pan attacked my sister’s second
twin sister accused in a frying pan
attack was captured on Wednesday in
Clayton County Kyra Faison 19 years old
has been arrested at a motel in College
Park the sheriff office announced in the
public advisory her identical twin
sister Tyra Faison had been in custody
without bond since Monday oh they didn’t
give him a bond when she was found in an
undisclosed location in Morrow both are
accused of attacking a woman who was
dating Kyra faizon’s
ex-boyfriend Paul Mouton really
that’s why they did it they beat up the
hopefully Paul Mouton was doing –
because if I date a twin I’m fucking
them both I’m just telling y’all that in
twins out there
hell if I’m dating sisters that are
relatively close in age I’m trying to
fuck them
y’all ain’t sisters y’all won’t let me
fuck you both
y’all don’t love each other I can’t fuck
both y’all and I don’t want to be around
this but twins yes I don’t know who
could date twins you fuck one and not
the other one that just sounds wrong
although when I’ve had sex with twins
its kind of boring cuz it’s the same son
of a bitch but it’s not exciting that’s
why I like sisters better than twins
twins there’s the same person sisters
they be looking a little look different
they built different like let me stop
let me get out of this and get into this
thing tried to go to this school let me
stop for I get myself in trouble
both are accused of attacking a woman
who was dating Kyra Faison Zechs
boyfriend Paul Mouton wait a minute her
ex-boyfriend so you’re not even with him
what did you fight the woman for the
woman told Clayton County police she was
beaten with a frying pan punched and
dragged out of moutains apartment after
the sisters kicked in the door oh okay I
get it now it’s like the guy who I did
the story about who was beaten to death
because he was dating the girl and her
baby daddy beat him to death that’s the
exact same thing happened so apparently
ladies y’all gotta worry about that shit
shit – I didn’t know this ladies did is
that a thing that y’all have to worry
about datin a nigga like me because my
ex-girlfriend might shut the fuck up and
beat you when she should be mad at me
whatever I did
you said a girl was friends of the twins
oh okay and I get that too ladies I’ve
heard a lot of y’all go through that one
that one I’ve heard a lot you’ll be
friends with some girl next thing you
know that girl and you know doing this
girl a really good friends y’all get
along and then you break up with your
man and you find out she been fucking
your man so it does hurt your feelings I
get it
it does but damn you beat her with a
frying pan you kicked in the door did
some hardcore hos man phonetic mutan was
also taken into custody Wednesday on
charge of boarding a prisoner Oh
apparently when they found the fuck so
the boyfriend was arrested for boarding
a prisoner according to a police report
obtained by the AJC the 20 year old
victim was attacked 20 and 19 the two
the twins are 19 the other girl is 20
and they fighting over dick the 20 year
old victim was attacked on the Scimitar
10th inside of moutains apartment in
Hampton downs complex off of Mount Zion
Boulevard she told the police that the
sisters jumped her she was punched in
the face before one of the girls grabbed
a firearm from pan and beat her with it
according to the report the woman said
she was then dragged outside with her
sister’s allegedly continued punching
her on her way out the door the victim
told police her keys and cell phone fell
out her pocket the sisters grabbed her
keys and phone before they drove away
during the attack Mouton walked out of
the apartment the victim who said she
knew the phase and twins had only been
dating the man about two weeks she’d
been fucking the man about two weeks she
had been fucking the man about two weeks
this is one of the hardest reasons about
dating black women those two pretty
girls and I think
they are pretty they look wild but
nobody’s photos when they go to jail
look good I think that the two girls are
pretty and I’m probably wrong for saying
but this is who was fucking all three of
these black women that y’all will
eventually get a chance to date
this nigga looked like an old crackhead
look at him
this nigga looked like one of the
original inventors of crack and perm
this nigga looked like the original just
for me inventor this nigga looked like
he owned Duke this nigga looked like he
started S Curl
I don’t know how these let’s see if we
can get to it they haven’t said his age
yet unless I missed it it says she’s 20
it hasn’t said his name yet no his age
hasn’t been announced
officers responding to the apartment
early in the morning found the woman
bloodied bruised and covered in dirt
they also found damage to the front door
and a frying pan with a broken handle
and daughter down with these mother
fuckers left all the evidence one of the
investigators tried to speak to move to
him but he did not want to state what
happened the officer said he believed in
you don’t say shit you handle that
yourself Bo tire and Kiro facing charges
of burglary a great aggravated assault
aggravated battery robbery and criminal
trespass Kyra is also charged in pinning
misdemeanor casein in Clayton County
Kyra faizon did not appear in court for
a scheduled here in on December 11th one
day after a frying-pan attack she also
played guilty to charges of reckless
conduct by receiving stolen property and
firing a weapon
Jesus Christ
black women know how to pick them and
they’ll fight tooth and nail for him you
know what you could never get black
women to fight over a good man like that
I’m not trying to say fighting is good
when’s the last time you seen black
women fight over a nigga worth a fuck
like I don’t understand that fight
what’s the last time you’ve seen that so
I said debate King faced over what
when’s the last time you’ve seen them
fight a nigger worth a fuck fight over a
new worth a damn the hell he’s fight
over I don’t I don’t know it just hurts
my feeling cuz it just seems like though
the better you treat a black woman the
worse they treat you it may be it’s just
in my case I think the more you give
them the more they expect but these
dudes they don’t give them shit and
these women work their ass off for them
I don’t know

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