THE-CORPUS-JURIS and the Magna Carta.


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The real face of the European Union, a warning of what the Corpus Juris really is and the implications it has in relation to one’s common law rights and the protections of the Magna Carta…

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I want to share with you today some
information that I found on old
documentary about dumb it was probably
filmed over 20 years ago and it was our
Britain’s concern about the changeover
from British law and surrendering their
sovereignty to the UN or the EU the
European Union and the United Nations
because they were concerned about going
from British law which was the Magna
Carta over into Roman the rule of law
Roman rule which is really a Babylonian
law called the corpus juris now I’ve
been going on about the corpus juris
because Justinian and between 5:30 and
560 roughly was the the mastermind
behind bringing this corpus juris back
even though I don’t think it I think
it’s always been there but he was the
mastermind in the modern day corpus
juris that we have today the curse is
the mastermind behind the modern day
corpus juris that controls the foreign
governing corporate merchant banking
system of the world today as well as the
United Nations and the European Union
via the introduction of the surname in
1230 ad the surname is the consent into
modern day slavery
and around 12:30 or 12:15 when the Magna
Carta came into being when that was
signed off that was a where the people
had just had enough of this Roman
trakone ian rule of law which was really
a millet military-style law or a
shipping lord
hope corporate law where it was a young
was the rules of a statute law would
have to everyone had to follow the rules
and there’s no trial by jury a lot of
those sort of things didn’t exist there
you who were faced be you’re charged and
then faced a magistrate whereas with the
Magna Carta he had all the rights to
common law rights of land and I’ve been
concerned about it and I’ve been trying
to warn Australia that the people of
Australia about what’s happening with
this corpus juris and obviously without
Whitlam signing the unit-wide Treaty of
Rome in 1974 and even when num President
Kennedy refused to sign the Illinois
Treaty of Rome in 1963 he got his brains
blown out of the bat’leth the day that
his limousine and shortly after that
lyndon b johnson came comes in and
sciency you draw a treaty of life what
Kennedy didn’t realize I guess that he
was not the president of the United
States of America he was the president
of the foreign corporate us or United
States and was that dumb released Laurel
or was that really America I don’t think
it was I think it was a private foreign
and rots our banking system that they
signed up to they sign up to obviously
the US Federal Reserve when President
Kennedy want to get rid of the US
Federal Reserve and bring back a true
American desert bank there was basically
the end of of him now this documentary I
found I’ve taken a piece out of this
documentary to share with you because it
explains this is you know twenty years
ago there are on to this twenty years
ago or more and it explains some of the
young the legal minds and their concerns
about what was happening to Britain and
England and I think it’s why now England
is its finest talent II and a few other
countries they want to get away from
this UN or European Union takeover of
this one world government it’s really I
think it comes from to Lenin I think
that the original plans of this one
world government this really it sound
like a communist plot to take out the
whole world in one world system
and the corpus juris run that the EU and
the United Nations operates under this
corpus juris system now I’ve always been
going on about the two birthing
certificates this is the us that state
birth certificate and this is the
original certificate of birth this is
the Christian or though the creditor
side of the trust and this is the data
side of the trust
obviously the magistrates and the legal
part they are the administration side of
this trust and the corpus juris is the
is the law system that governs the
debtor side of it the corporate side
burner and a corporation is really
called a creature in the UH in the
theories of of corporations and a
creature is just a subservient anima
nothing more than an animal so you
really when you come across over here
you really are just a caged animal you
have no rights well look at the Magna
Carta you’ve lost your Magna Carta and
because you have chosen to go from this
side of common law over into the corpus
juris by becoming a citizen of a of a
governing corporation that is registered
in the District of Columbia and not
registered on the the districts of your
own country
that is the consent that they use to say
to you while you joined us over in the
District of Columbia so therefore if you
are an Australian or if you’re in
Britain but you’re a citizen of a
corporation called Commonwealth of
Australia or Great Britain those
registered with the young
the United States Securities and
Exchange Commission to the District of
Columbia you then become a resident or a
a foreigner on your own land and once
you’re a foreigner you need a license to
do everything you have no rights on that
land and the very fact even though they
know I was born on this land but it
makes no difference because of your
legal standing you’ve gone from the
Magna Carta and you’ve entered into the
corpus juris and all the nations the
United Nations States they are just
simply the corporate governments of the
world and all corporate governments of
the world they’re all registered with
the United States Securities and
Exchange Commission the United States
which may be not the United States of
America and the minute you enter that
and become a citizen of a corporation
register the District of Columbia and
not the other districts of your your own
land you are considered just nothing
more than a follower an animal under the
laws of the corpus juris which is the
rule of law which is the old Babylonian
Roman law whereas the common law the
Magna Carta is a true English law you’ll
notice the writing on the all uppercase
text that is the language of the corpus
juris the English language here is the
language of the Magna Carta which is
proper English and that’s why they fool
you because such as the Commonwealth of
Australia written improper as a proper
capitalized text with the first letter
capitalized and the rest is lowercase
that’s a proper noun and a proper name
but when that name appears in all
uppercase texts such as to come north of
Australia that’s the one registered and
as you can as you can see here that’s
the one registered with the District of
Columbia the United States the United
States Washington the
see going into the don’t from the magna
into the corpus juris so have a look at
this old clip and it’s very interesting
and the concerns this is many years ago
of what was what’s happening in the
world finally today and maybe today some
of us are starting to wake up laws of
the European Union are drafted not by
the euro Parliament but by the EU
Commission one of three powerful forums
in which the true might of the Union
resides members of these forums are not
elected to their positions nor we are
told will they ever be
when cornered politicians and public
servants routinely tell the British that
the EU is just a trading partnership yet
underneath the surface a different
picture has emerged in 2001 a market
trader was convicted for selling a pound
of bananas weighed using British
Imperial measures instead of grams and
kilos British District Judge Morgan in
passing judgment upon the hapless metric
martyr stated we are now living under a
new legal order the 1972 European
communities act was a one-off not an
ordinary treaty but a new way of life
these are new constitutional powers the
British Parliament surrendered its
sovereignty in 1972 European laws have
overriding force with priority over our
British laws the articles on the
supremacy of the British Parliament are
now only of historical perspective they
are non-binding
we asked constitutional expert John
Bingley whether our politicians were
entitled to abandon the rule of law by
handing over the powers of British
governments to a foreign power the
answer is simple no we have much written
constitution which is not really fully
appreciated in this country and these
documents the Bill of Rights and
Declaration of Rights
along with Magna Carta and many other
legal instruments make it quite plain
that allegiance is owed to the Queen and
that allegiance is returned by her
through the contract of her coronation
oath to the people and that is not
something which may be broken and our
politicians are not entitled to break
their oaths of office
it follows therefore that Neoga with or
without a popular mandate may transfer
sovereignty on a temporary or permanent
basis to a foreign power that has no
allegiance to the British crown and is
unaccountable to the British people the
new European justice system currently
being introduced into the UK is known as
corpus juris literally body of law
corpus juris is designed completely and
permanently to overhaul the British
justice system and will include the
following the scrapping of trial by jury
and so forth you will face a state
appointed judge who will pronounce you
guilty or not guilty the scrapping of
habeas corpus you are liable to summary
arrest without charge under corpus juris
you can be detained without charge or
any evidence being presented against you
for up to nine months the scrapping of
innocent until proven guilty henceforth
a citizen must prove his innocence
against the combined machinery of the
state the scrapping of double jeopardy
or not being tried for the same offence
twice under EU sanctions Jack Straw
while Home Secretary gate prosecutors
leave to appeal not guilty verdicts if
desired technically this could be done
repeatedly until the required conviction
is secured the scrapping of non
disclosure henceforth under corpus juris
any previous convictions you have will
be made available to the court before
your trial begins there is no
presumption of innocence the French
system or nor Continental system broadly
the dry administrative places everything
the subject of the foreign or
continental countries have no rights at
all an Englishman has full Liberty
except under the due restriction of law
under the drought administrative you
have no rights except those that are
allowed to you by the state this
fundamental difference is very important
because it’s now leading with the
takeover of the EU situation we are now
leading to a state where
by we too will come under the drought
administrative and this will stop us
having a right to trial by jury and that
in itself is a backdoor to a dictatorial
arrangement well as you can see it’s a
interesting it’s an interesting
documentary for that long ago those
people knew what was going on this two
dictionaries two main dictionaries in
the world which is the law of land the
common law of land and the corpus juris
which is the law of the sea and there’s
a some satanic stuff happening because
people would say well how did the law of
the sea get up onto the land and I think
that that’s the Masonic system truly at
work that happens there because and the
reason why the gut is the symbol of
and you know a lot of people can’t make
this connection what is the goat got to
do with Satan and I’ve said this before
the Geo 80 spelled in English like the
capital T ot constitutes a gut that
thing that bear that thing but when the
word goat geo 80 appears in all
uppercase texts like this and then you
go to the Black’s Law Dictionary which
is that black Pope the black nobility
the Black’s Law Dictionary is the
dictionary of the signs not the words
it’s of the signs and it is not a
Dictionary of English it dumb it’s the
concepts of the corpus juris that’s what
it is and the word geo a team’s written
in the all uppercase text means the
sewer and the strange part about the
it is the man-made channels of channel
the water from lands down into the sea
and thus through these sewers these the
goats through the goat that the law of
the sea has channeled itself through the
through the channels of the saw up onto
the lands and that’s why the masonic
system is really called the underworld
because they’re dealing with the
underworld which is the sewers and the
world of the dead of course when people
are buried boxed
and put into the grave they’re boxed in
and under the boxing rule so while still
in the box they can’t escape that box
same thing happens on paper and they
enter into the underworld of the dead
and the dead text that is on gemstones
is also on ledges your driver license is
only your bank statements your bank
cards and what’s happening is when you
accept this type this all uppercase dead
language text which is the rules of the
corpus juris when you accept that what
you’re saying to them is that that’s me
I’m dead
this is my name that’s my name and the
driver license it’s all uppercase
language it’s debased it doesn’t work
and even proper true Latin when because
it’s based on a Latin text the corpus in
this case corpus juris to join these two
words together to string the sentence as
corpus juris which is say um the
language the jurisdiction of the dead
it’s got to be hyphenated between the
science in order to bring the words
together and that’s found in the old um
the Chicago Manual of style that points
it out eleven 147th Chicago many old
styles that points out clearly how –
must be used when using the sign
language and the sign language when it’s
used as Babylonian Tex what they’ve done
is they’ve removed the hyphens between
the words
so when birth certificate or your name
John Henry Smith is written in all
uppercase text if the hyphens are
removed it reads John and Henry and
Smith it destroys her name
destroys your identification it places
you into Babylon which is just a world
of absolute battle it’s it’s bullshit
total crap but if you believe it and you
accept it and you are not aware of this
world over here then you will fall into
it and you’ll become in grave grave
danger the what you’ve just seen the
documentary kind of is a warning to the
people of the world this is a control
system because it’s a military-style law
so that when you’re in the military you
don’t have any rights or anything you do
you follow the orders of the state and
if you don’t follow the orders of the
state you will be punished and even to
the point of death whereas in the corpus
juris and you keep the Christian name
and don’t deal with the sinner name
because it’s the surname to drag your
cross into the corpus juris but if you
go by only your Christian name and your
date of birth of that Christian name if
you stick with that then you alone find
yourself in the Magna Carta which is the
the common law that only deals with the
true Christian trust there was no
surnames in 1215 seven days came in at
12:30 were a courteous the jurists of of
12:30 of the home staff from Rome he’s
the one that perfected the Justinian
corpus juris to bring it back into the
modern day standard today and that is
the one that’s given us the UM the
ability to or the choice to stay with
the Magna Carta as equitable title or to
go across into legal title into the
corpus juris of course we don’t know
this now that’s not taught to us in
schools we always were just brought up
in this world and we can never work out
why we have no rights
well the rights are basically right here
on the birth
certificates with the age of 21 before
you become an adult which is an
adulterer you have the right and to go
back to your Christian name back to
Christ and if you don’t go back to
Christ that you remain this trust over
here after you turn 21 after the age of
majority and you will be subject to the
laws of Rome the Roman law the rule of
law which is the Babylonian trusting
that’s where you will remain until you
can work out to get back from decide
that the debtors are into the side of
the creditor patrician the plebeian
remember the plena sites they have and
who votes in the plebiscite the breads
that’s that feel if you’re voting in a
pleather side then you’ve you’re a clip
so that’s a quick rundown of just sort
of the dangers of the corpus juris and
the concerns that not only just I had
but these concerns were raised twenty
years ago before I even have any idea of
what was going on
that’s only now that I’ve been studying
and searching I’m starting to find this
from from other people but just hope you
enjoyed that and to get your head around
the parallel universe the two parallels
that we do a lot of people say you know
there’s another hidden account yes there
is this is the count of the the debtor
and over here is the account of the
creditor when you burn up when you want
to borrow money for your house you will
go to the administration the
administrator which is the bank and he
will then take the money from your
credit account and give it to you over
into your debtor account
if you come back to here well then he’s
left paying the debt that’s why they
don’t want to tell you about the
creditor and that’s why the magna carta
that is the equitable title and that’s
why the government’s want holden that’s
why it’s outside the parliament house in
australia because they want to hold in
the magna carta and while you hand while
you accept the legal titles of the state
of anything then you’ve surrendered your
equitable title to the state and if you
come back and claim back your equitable
title by surrendering all your legal
titles back to the state then you will
come back to the corpus juris and you’ll
have the right of trial by jury you have
all these rights that the Magna Carta as
granted you from the beginning it’s not
the government’s it’s you and I where
it’s our own fault that we fell over in
here and it’s our own stupidity and our
own ignorance and our own ability or
disability to at least look and learn
and to work this out well I first was
starting this I was called crazy and all
this but it’s all there or actually
exists in black and white these
documents are they the standing exists
the Magna Carta is real the corpus juris
is real all this is real stuff it’s
satanic to the max but the satanic side
of it is what brings you from the living
into the world of the Dead

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