Texas sheriff: 2 dead, seven shot in music video ‘ambush’


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#musicvideo #GonzaloGonzalez #JonathanJimenez <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s the family according to the
Harris County Sheriff’s Department two
men in Houston have been killed and
seven people were injured during the
filming of a rap video the dead include
20 year old Gonzalo Gonzales and 22 year
old Jonathan Jimenez gone just like that
police suspect that they were ambushed
they said that the people that were
there were all between the ages of 17
and 23 what the hell happened to hip-hop
I remember there was a time when you
were shooting a rap video and it was a
time to celebrate that’s when everybody
came out you know you had the whole city
definitely the whole neighborhood would
come out and know it was a celebration
it was lights camera action girls
everywhere people having a good time now
you go to a rap video you might get
ambushed you may not make it out alive
that’s part of this gun culture where
people are waving guns and taking life
for a joke if a person is an ownership
of a gun and they are not an ownership
of their mind they’re not a rational
thinking person eventually they’re going
to use that
for the wrong reason and when they have
a problem they’re gonna settle it with
the gun even if they can beat the person
fighting it they can beat their opponent
that still pull out a gun because that’s
what you do when you got a gun the gun
stops everything pulled a gun out these
guys I think you get to a point when you
flashing guns and people saying you
ain’t gonna do nothing or do nothing
Oh a bunch of talking eventually
somebody starts squeezing off so you got
a couple of guys we don’t even know all
the details let me say that also police
have very little details this just
happened Saturday morning so they have
very very little details about this it
is no that’s two guys killed these are
the age age ranges and these are the
people that was injured this is the area
of the city that had happened in this
happened on the north side like 45 north
and Guf Gulf bang eventually somebody is
going to pull out some guns and prove to
everybody else that they’re about their
life and what they don’t understand is
now you got the two dead they out of
we don’t again we don’t know the details
we don’t know if these were innocent
bystanders or if they were targeted or
if they can or even if they were
innocent targets and or if they had done
something in the past to somebody we
don’t know what the details are but
that’s what we are in this particular
case but I’m seeing way too many cases
like this with dudes just putting these
guns out and people are rolling up to
these video shoots and shooting they
think video shoot me
gun they are tripping so it’s just not
like hide used to be it’s not uh you
know taking the weight of fun you know
we could do a video shoot in the past
and sometimes not even have security
most time you would have some kind of
security just to keep people that harder
but you never think of having security
to stop somebody from coming to the city
to shoot people again they say that
these people were ambushed this saying
that the cars that were parked there
that they’re saying that that what cars
already parked before the video shoot
started and that they believe that the
people that were shooting fired from
those parked cars they shot into the
crowd young people just throwing their
lives away and I can guarantee you I’ll
bet you a dollar to a doughnut it was
over nothing no moto

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