Taxstone on Getting Shot in Eye and Blindly Shooting 2 Innocent Bystanders

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Before having a successful podcast and gaining over 42,000 Instagram followers, Taxstone lived a very dangerous lifestyle, in which he tells his fans to avoid. During his sit-down with DJ Vlad, Taxstone addressed his glass eye rumor that circulated after he admitted to going blind in his left eye from gun residue when he was shot in the face. The near death incident which started when he began to over-bully a man he grew up with. “I over-bullied him. I use to walk over to this dude at the bus stop while he was with his girl,” he recalled, “I use to give him a pound, grab his a**—grab his whole a** cheek—, then grab his girl and kiss her.”

After their last encounter, where Taxstone said he slapped and choked the man, his victim was able to grab a gun and shoot the personality in the face. In turn, Tax says there was retaliation and his friend’s mother and a little girl were shot, which he apologized for. Following his recovery, he admitted that he “wanted to die” when he suffered erectile dysfunction and considered taking out the shooter’s mother.

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