Talib Kweli Goes In On ADOS


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Talib Kweli recently sat down with Dj Vlad and explained why he believes ADOS is an anti-immigrant organization. They also discussed the group’s need to try to silence its detractors. When speaking about the group ADOS, Talib stated that he doesn’t agree with all movements in the black online world. He went on to share a story about people in the ADOS group attacking his family’s lineage during an online back and forth.

Talib Kweli Greene born October 3, 1975 is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and activist. Kweli earned recognition early on through his collaboration with fellow Brooklyn rapper Mos Def, when they formed the group Black Star. Kweli’s musical career continued with solo success including collaborations with producers and rappers Kanye West, Just Blaze, and Pharrell Williams. His most recent solo album is titled Radio Silence, released in 2017. In 2011, Kweli founded his own record label, Javotti Media. Website http://www.talibkweli.com


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hey good evening star report Friday
night all right come on in
action-packed show tonight let me just
start out by saying gunshot for ED the
blood clot yeah where is it it’s a
little shit anyway alright welcome to
the show that never ends I’m excited
hyped in charged drinking some fancy
what the hell am i drinking here tonight
crowd source pristine rockies mountain
spring water suddenly dead supposedly
it’s got what do you call that stuff in
alkaline ooh all right anyway um
give me a second I want to get situated
here Oh polo you know for those always
concerned about what the fuck I’m
wearing um the second title the second
title just let me think that through my
head it’s Friday night when I have a
little fun right but off the rip holy
smokes Talib Kweli going in on hashtag
Dave for the fourth interview was just
posted on Vlad tv.com I’m gonna be fair
and objective and I’m lacing things out
too in case you’re not up to speed
because the discussion of reparations
here in America has been gaining
traction over the last couple of years
but more so if you ask me by way of
hashtag Atos Evette Carnell and antonio
more i’ve never met either one of them
I bet Cornell called into the show we
had a good conversation I respect what
they do by way of presenting data for
their arguments but I myself I’m not a
member of Atos nor do I want to be nor
would I fit their criteria my mom was
white so I would be excluded but for
talking reparations as you’ve heard me
say before my father fought in a goddamn
war so I’m getting something if anything
is divvied up also Talib Kweli
um very well execution I have to say
with regards to what he and DJ Vlad have
been talking about and I want your
thoughts I want your thoughts Friday
we’re we’re all gonna be sipping
something smoking something we might get
low reckless but I want to just say
those things before we get into the meat
the potatoes of the show
okay Danny with the data we’ll be
calling it at some point and Bostick
Ronnie as well me make sure my phones
are working I was really busy earlier
and okay we should be good Ronnie you
can call it now if you once we can have
a conversation while as I’m I’m not
sipping and then we can open up the
phone lines to other people as well
good day I have for those who give a
shit got myself an acting coach yeah and
um I want to expand some of the things
that I had been thinking about by way of
acting I may talk about talk about that
little bit later pardon me um you know
I’ve always said I wanted to be a to
play a coked-out cop who shoots an
unarmed teen whether that team be black
or Hispanic you know that’s based upon
the script but I think I want to update
that now I think I want to be a
coked-out cop who shoots an unarmed teen
and also who kills to transsexual
prostitutes I’m dead-ass you know like
Ted Bundy style
don’t let that leader okay okay all
right um hang on a second let me get my
um my notes here
all right cash absent at we should be
good we’re rolling rolling all right a
few other things were to mention that if
you don’t want to join the conversation
about Talib Kweli
and Atos when will the Nicki Minaj hate
rain stop
I’m not fully up to speed but Funkmaster
Flex the Big Dawg out of New York City
hot 97 he just released some type of
list I think it’s the greatest rappers I
don’t know whether it was females or
males and females combined but I heard
Nicki Minaj’s like number 49 but yet
Remy Ma was 28 I don’t know bringing it
to speed on that and also there’s a
black man or black guy in New York City
that pushed uh-huh black guy that pushed
a white woman on this on the subway
tracks into a train as she’s okay she
didn’t fall into the train tracks bumped
her noggin POW on the train what the
fuck was that about me looking live-chat
creepy how you guys doing anybody know
what I’m talking about would
what’s up with that what’s up with that
was she involved in the discussion or
the argument that this guy was having
with someone Oh was he on that you know
I don’t give fuck what’s on it I’ll give
a fuck shit what happened oh the black
tea what’s up black tea says a freedom
fighter nigga knock it off okay all
right let’s get two of them okay
Talib Kweli going in on a vos and I
looked on Antonio Moore’s Twitter page
I’m gonna print that out shortly he says
that he Yvette Carnell will be doing a I
don’t know if I should say response or
he won’t be there will be addressing
Talib Kweli let me see if I can get
Ronnie to get the accurate and clear
statement of what time Antonia Moore
said okay second topic did you lose your
man to another man
folks is Friday I’m just I’m wallet I
don’t know where we’re going but that’s
why I have a little fun whether you’re a
guy or whether you’re a girl did you
lose your man to another man
I don’t do hypotheticals but if we want
to do hypotheticals and I’ll even join
the conversation we’ll have some fun all
right okay got my cigar hold on me turn
my phone down oh and I got some on your
this shit’s got me fucking zooming right
now what is this
greep grape heads what the fuck shit all
right phones down you stuck to the phone
lines early it’s got every code it’s
Dana who’s Ronnie 7:32 is that bullshit
Ronnie good evening
hey star hey Ronnie how do you want a
Friday night
pretty good eh yourself good thank you
for being available um I just mentioned
to you earlier the second title did you
lose your man to another man you started
laughing yeah yeah I doubt anyone is
going to come in call and say that they
lost their man
to another man unless it’s maybe another
man who’s gonna call in and say that
bingo bingo and you know because you
laughed I said you know I’m gonna go
that title because she left anyway all
right so there’s a few things I want to
talk about and remind me please
depending on how long you’re on the line
tonight I want to talk about Kanye West
I saw part of his interview with big boy
and I want to ask the question as well
is Kanye West still the goat or is he a
total sellout let’s start with um Talib
Kweli on vlad TV going in on ados
am i exaggerating what do you think
because you saw the interviews as well
yeah and I think he completely went in
so much so that I had said to you I said
you know he’s at Cornell has to address
this and Antonio more because he said a
lot and in fact Vlad has a habit of not
putting out his full interview he
releases sections and I had was checking
his channel looking for you know the
part to know okay now where’s the part
three now where’s the part four because
you know he said a lot and I think that
they are going to address it I did see
Antonio Moore did put something up on I
believe is either his Twitter or hang on
a second why didn’t I sent you an email
earlier I thought I attached Antonio
Moore’s if not I’ll go back
Antonio Moore’s Twitter can you go there
now if you don’t have it he did say that
he and Yvette Cornell we’re going to
address Talib Kweli so I’m not you know
cloud chasing well I am cloud Daddy but
you know I’m not trying to put something
there that’s not there they said they’re
going to respond so I think that we the
The Outsiders or the insiders if you’re
a do su like to call in and and ride
with us tonight I welcome that but Jim
can you go to his Twitter page Ronnie
yes oh I have it right here
yeah where do you say me and breaking
brown now in case you don’t know
breaking Brown is Yvette
he said me and breaking Brown doing our
first recorded skype together in years
to address all this talking we’re and
I’m reading it correctly he has a lot of
grammatical errors but he says we are
dressing the revolt summit slide running
around covering himself in anti Atos and
the election 2020 it will be out
tomorrow evening also look for the ABC
piece on Atos tomorrow okay okay
Joanna check your email if you’re out
there um Joanna wanted to redress this
particular topic and Joanna just know
that Dana with the smoke wants to talk
with you in particular that’s what she
said a couple of days ago but um you
know we’ll address that if Joanna is
available all right so there’s a lot
here Ronnie
um a do Wes do you want to state your
position or have you stayed of your
position in the past or is that not
important right now
yeah I mean I have stated it I don’t
think it’s really relevant like I said
you know the the check comes in my
mailbox I’m gonna cash it so I’m
definitely all for it but with regards
to Talib Kweli he addressed some very
important points and his interview was
Vlad he first of all they both talked a
lot about what they describe as trolling
from a TOS Vlad claims that he you know
will not claim he did show the tweets
where he said he was in support of
reparation and he said that you know
after he made that tweet he received an
onslaught of you know basically hate
messages people telling him to shut up
mind your business and shall live
actually said that you know he’s been
receiving the same pushback from Atos
saying that they mistakenly believe that
he is Haitian he said that he’s not
Haitian he clarified an earlier article
work that his mother had given where she
talked about claiming to be Haitian to
get a better you know to get into a
certain school but in fact she was not
Haitian he talked about
what he felt were was a divisive
attitude from Atos he said that they’re
basically trying to divide the movement
and he accused event Carnell
specifically of being directly aligned
with white supremacist organization as
recent as last month because of he’s a
writer okay so hang on a second stay
with me Ryan
alright so folks I did watch all four of
the Talib Kweli
interviews with flag TV I don’t know if
there’s a fifth one to come but he’s got
their names in his mouth so again I
would imagine and respectfully I would
like to see them respond because he’s
making some pretty harsh allegations and
I thought that he executed very very
well he was he didn’t seem angry he
didn’t seem upset and he also pointed
out some things about Candice Owens and
turningpoint us a Kanye West killer Mike
so there’s a lot there there’s a lot
there and if you want to join the
conversation the phone lines are open
cash app or super chat irani also before
we go in further did you see Kanye West
talking with a big boy that that new
interview is brand new just came out no
I did not um to be honest with you I
really haven’t been checking for Kanye
for quite a while okay a little hate or
you just you think because he’s husky
now and he he takes a pill he’s he’s
washed we think no I I don’t think that
he’s washed you know but from the
outside looking in of course I can only
speculate but my observation of his
behavior you know in the past several
years leads me to see him as sort of a
broken man someone who was a shell of
their former self you know we can
speculate as to the root cause and
attributed to his mother passing or his
inability to handle the same you know
that he is acquired but ultimately for
whatever reason the individual that we
see today is certainly not the
individual that we were introduced to
okay perfect now let me just say this
early folks I lost part of the Kanye
West and big boy interview a lot of
respect for big boy I never met him face
to face but we
spoke on the phone mutes well respect um
Kanye West I never met let me just point
this out irani with regards to the Kanye
West big boy interview that I did see
Kanye West said in that interview
interview with big boy asked him a
question he speaking in general terms
and he said bro we’re orphans
we are cultureless took my black people
and he also said a free man is talking
I think Kanye West even though he takes
a pill now every day he even know he’s
he’s put on weight I think that’s the
same ego driven Kanye West he’s talking
about Jesus more but but but but then
again back in the days remember jesus
walks so um I’m yeah I’m not gonna say
he’s washed I think he has developed but
I think that’s the exact same guy and
I’m just gonna jump out the window early
but folks if you feel different call in
but I like what he said we’re orphans
we’re cultureless we don’t have a
culture talking about black people here
in America he was talking about people
striving to drive for ins and and using
all sorts of profanities I just wanna
point that out in case people do want to
call in about Kanye West and the big boy
interview okay Ronnie hang on a second
let’s get some callers in here and take
it slow grieving every coach six one
honey there six 100 yo how are you so
we’re calling from and how old are you
I’m doing research San Diego California
and I am 29 years old
perfect perfect can I ask you the first
question did you lose your man to
another man start there but nah I’m not
that like I’ll go that way okay okay are
you sure yet I kinda want to call it in
about the car yeah come on come on over
it it’s Friday night would you just take
this no I know I know that that’s a
funny a topic that I want to see
somebody like you know straight bugbears
like yeah I love my dude to another dude
okay alright so you were
kanye west’s you want to talk about
Talib Kweli going apeshit upon vlad TV
what do you want start what you think I
didn’t see the last clip of Kali it kind
of lead but from what you’ve been saying
that he’s not fucking with that movement
I guess you know but it’s unfortunate
because you know you would’ve thought
he’s like a prominent banker and he
would have been riding with that but he
hasn’t youth I’m Hispanic so I can’t
really like I can’t really say so until
you say you’re Hispanic you most
certainly can say you’re a nigger with
straight hair come on jump in here what
do you think do you think that Talib
yeah how many of the videos did you see
yeah you say you saw a couple yeah from
last year not the new ones that you
thought about the glass I just seen it
okay if you haven’t seen the new
interviews okay so listen
the other question with regards to Kanye
West is he still the goat or is he a
total sellout finished opponent yeah so
the gold people aren’t like they think
you know he puts up everyone he bothers
everyone you know moves on for like the
old shit like they want the old Kanye
bump – Oh Connie it but he’s awesome
others did I feel like he’s always ahead
so they’re gonna catch up to him later
I feel like okay I can respect that
because you know Kanye is the guy that
you know according to many people years
ago you know he was on code when he took
shots at the president you know George
Bush doesn’t like black people got up on
stage he was just respect you Taylor
swifty yeah
now of a sudden people think most people
black people appoint me think he’s a
fucking fool no yeah I don’t know why I
think that uh like he was the only one
band Trump at that time I remember on
that video clip I think they cut that
clip like didn’t even let him finish
like what are you gonna say so
he that was George Bush they’re not
Trump back in that time robbery
yeah I mean what’s the funny because now
he’s fighting with Trump and everybody
used to ride with Trump like it’s funny
hey like they put stuff on into yeah
okay what are you doing tonight you’re
out in San Diego what type of bug what
get how you doing on the beach out there
we don’t tonight yeah you know my role
um what they call that monkey oh okay
get high real quick nice you sure you
sure okay thank you for Cole man thank
okay Hispanics on the chicken folks if
you’re Hispanic : I want your opinion
here you’re black most most of you you
you’re Hispanic if you’re not Spanish
and you you speak Spanglish : and let’s
give us your your thoughts hang on a sec
come on e I think um Joanna ok Joanna
are you ready oh she said I’m ready for
Dana what’s poppin let’s get to oh whoa
okay uh Joanna what number do you want
to call in from folks we might have a
power-packed show tonight
okay are you calling it from the 864
number Joanna and Dana are you ready to
call in Dana with the smoke
Ronnie you might want to sit back and
just in you know just let these two talk
or join in it’s up q but Dana said she
wanted to talk to Joanna about calling
Atos I think a cult that’s what Dana
said Dana : if you’re ready okay let’s
take another call in the meantime let’s
go to area code six five zero Hey six
five oh you can turn that down the
background please six five zero hello
six five oh you there Yes No maybe
okay okay yeah it’s go to area code 9 0
1 in the meantime or three four seven
ringing three four seven hello 307 hey
good evening how are you hey what’s that
make you turn it down the background my
place I love I love Kanye to the foolish
you know I listen to I got oh I got all
his offers on my eyes who lose okay
you know he’s valid to me you know he
says some people gotta understand I he
coming about herself
you know what I mean he married the
baddest bitch according to American
he’s got the baddest bitch he’s got a
company worth three billion looks like
he’s winning to me that’s true that’s
true I was telling my boy you cannot
judge how kind he is if you listen to
his jobless from the beginning and now
that’s just himself right you know what
I mean I think so some people cannot
some people cannot respect because he
himself and he’s speaking out what he
feels and you know wrong with that
you know you know how long we speak in
hiding feel you know some people take it
as like oh why he’s doing Minister man
your honor mr. Jimenez a genius okay you
know I wouldn’t become a genius
no Kanye’s your Idol of sorts keep it
real he’s your idol I want to be way
easy there you go you know how would you
sir how old are you in the question okay
why do you want to ask him a question
jump in there Ronnie no I was gonna say
could we ask him for the other topic
tonight yeah I want to get to that did
you see the interview with Kanye West
and Big Boi did not watch the whole
thing but if you asked me he was broken
head boss talk still he was talking a
decade ago coming from 100% yeah I
understand that you know everybody gotta
watch it please
you know everybody gotta understand
where he’s coming from he came from
nothing to something and you know
everybody could be we’re trying he is if
you’re not trying to go up where he is
then you stay where you are
no sir everybody can’t be where Kanye is
some people have to drive the bus and
bus and push the mop that’s just the
reality of life but all right so now did
you notice in that interview with Big
Boi he said and I quote he said bro
we’re orphan
swinging got no culture with cultureless
and he was breaking it down that’s true
that’s true
I believe that I believe that everybody
wants to follow this and that do this
hey buddy what the cause and you know
all that now before I let you go I have
to ask you did you lose your man to
another man being a little silly tonight
can you entertain this please drug deals
gone bad or what how do you lose him one
by AIDS and the other one you know he he
died in his sleep okay thank you for
calling thank you okay all right hang on
a second Ronny I think we have Joanna on
the line hold on Joanna
and Dan are you calling in where’s Danny
with the smoke hang on a second Ronny
hold on okay I can’t do all this shit
with my phone run anything you want to
point out to the audience while I’m
trying to text and do the show if not
I’ll just uh yeah I do want to say that
um with regards to Kanye it’s not that I
you know have a problem with them my
problem with him is the politics it’s
more so the antics
you know just the continual publicity
stunts and and this and that it’s been
more about the stunts than the music I
think the last time I really listened to
an album it was you know with him and
Jay on the Watch the Throne album in
2011 so it’s you know some people say
that these other albums that came out
after were masterpieces if they are I
don’t know maybe you just outgrew him
maybe you just say then I’m someplace
else now it doesn’t really connect to me
well the thing about him is I liked him
more so as a producer if you remember
going way back in the day he was like
in-house production for Rockefeller
especially for the diplomat he curated a
lot of their earlier sound like he’s a
genius when it comes to taking old
samples and you know flipping them and
recreating them and I really liked him
more so as a producer than as an actual
lyricist although you know I love the
college dropout album and I do love late
registration if I’m not mistaken
somebody hit me on Twitter and said
they’re Kanye West sampled James
Cleveland song God is from 1979 for his
new album so I’m curious to hear that
because I’ve been at James Cleveland
supporter for a lot of years you know
hey James Cleveland hey girl
pardon me folks I’m silly tonight okay I
think Dana’s on the line
Daniel with the smoke are you there 973
hey hey you hear me hey good evening how
are you good hey Ronnie
okay I got your your message and I think
we have Joanna somewhere let me
q anything you want to mention banner
before we get into the show about what
is going on with your channel yeah so
tune in to the Rodina subscribe share
hit the like button all that and I’m
going live this upcoming Tuesday for my
Tuesday thoughts show where I will be
breaking down that Vlad interview that
he did with to live in detail in detail
so bit by bit each part 1 part 2 part 3
part 4 tonight Dana you you’re saying to
me now you want that smoker Talib Kweli
again well he’d have any smoke so I’m
saying if he wants to say something back
at me he sure I can because I really
appreciate home saying Dana with the
data on somebody else okay
but I know eventually we gonna cross
paths okay hang on a second I think we
have Joanna on the line Joanna are you
there area code 864 Joe in it
hello hey is that you Joanna Ronnie and
Dana on the line thank you for being
available so I just yeah I say a brief
email saying that we were discussing
Atos Dana wanted to address you because
when you called it to my show couple
days ago you made reference to if I
remember correctly or Dan you can
correct me if I’m wrong Atos being a
Colt and Dana had issue with that yes
Dana yes take it from there please okay
so you know I don’t like when people and
I don’t like it whether you like it or
not if you want to see something about
organization I just prefer for people
and this is specifically for black
people not just usually just to have the
information right it’s not a cult and I
feel as though if you are American
descendant of slavery no black person
who’s American descendant of slain we
should be having anything
negative to say you know about what this
movement is it’s not a it’s not a
membership where you found out to be a
member of something because you cannot
become a member of the lineage this is
about lineage and if you know whether is
doing the work and presenting the data
when it has to do with reparations which
is a claim by foundational black
Americans to the US government to have a
debt T that’s it so it’s not a cult even
though I feel as though we should be a
cult because if we are not criticizing
Asians or Jewish people or in Hispanic
who separate themselves from everybody
else to present their agenda to give
public policies passed on their behalf
then how about we do take their same
example to a vigilant we can get stuff
past their benefit up okay I’m joining
would you care to respond Joyner okay um
listen I did say that if achill and I
meant that in terms of how they are
operating it has nothing to do with the
basis of being a foundational black
American or being an American descendent
play it’s about the operation of
Houseman does it know you can’t be a
member of a lineage but in some ways you
can because if you want to be honest
about it people have to go and become a
member of a tribe in order to get
benefits and things like that so you
know you can use that term loosely if
you want to as far as being a member or
not it’s how you’re conducting yourself
that makes it seem on the side of
coalfish if people disagree with you
attacking them and wanting to destroy a
platform because they disagree it’s not
a good look also at the same time as far
as their to live qual anything because
that’s what I was referring to as well
you wanna you know get in touch with the
whole thing what I was going let’s go
he’s utilizing a platform that is
allowing people to see his point of view
not just on Twitter not just attacking
because that’s what he does on Twitter
as well as its hat people but it when I
got on when he got on by a live
interview it was just like one that
black woman through that food
in McDonald’s and above the McDonald’s
manager he was very well-spoken and
articulate about it and that the what
what you’re not seeing about the Atos
people is that all you’ve seen is attack
attack attack attack attack and you’re
not utilizing other platforms so the
thing about it is I don’t have to give
myself a monitor to say that I am a
descendant of the oppressive era that
made up what happened in America okay
so hang on a second join if I can jump
in Dana are you are you Atos Dana I know
you and I have had these conversations
what are you official Atos do you
classify yourself as that
yes I’m my lineage here in America is of
American decisions of slavery my father
and my mother sighs okay so that’s my
lineage here in America okay Joanna do
you have any other comments on Talib
Kweli on Vlad TV episode 4 drop today
and really bring in the hat tone do you
see it
yeah as I said he’s utilizing the
platform to basically do what he did
online but he can do it in articulate
way glad already the culture vulture of
course that he is he’s helping to you
like what he was saying about his own
viewpoints is to keep talking about
himself and that oh I’m siding with
everyone because I said that I want
reparations for people but I just said
okay maybe you get college maybe four
and the thing about Atos is they want
reparations in the form of money but if
you want to be smart about how you
present on topic and things like that
it’s got to have discussion that’s clear
and I feel like both sides of the coin
you’re basically making light of a real
issue that it’s got to have the ability
to be discussed in a real way and not an
attacking forum so that means that lands
should be discussed because and
different things maybe also the
terminology somebody should be doing
some real research and the research
would be is that just calling yourselves
like slaves is crazy when the
that’s a place when you’re not
researching the the history of it
because if you’re going off of the white
man’s history that he gave to you and
you’re taking it as well that’s what I
wanted you so I can claim to get stuff
in America you sound crazy because you
got to go after them with what Martin
Luther King was gonna go after them with
what he was trying to get the land and
that’s the point that I feel like you
people are missing out on the facts now
hang on a second joint if I can jump in
and Dana correct me if I’m wrong because
I have gone to the website on multiple
occasions I’ve been you know following
Antonio more end Yvette Cornel since
Atos 101.com they’re talking about more
than just money
so so they have done the research and
that’s why I gravitate towards what they
say because they are research in depth
so they’re not just talking about money
correct Dana correct and have you gone
to the website and read the agenda and
what they’re about yourself Joanna I
have gone through the website and read
the agenda but you know the website
thing you would know in detail the fact
that they have laid out the facts and
the data what they’re about wait a
minute let me finish because I did let
you talk they laid out historical facts
and current facts of the medium income
they gap between generational wealth
with black white and others so it’s
nothing but facts and data that come
from Evette car now and it’s only no
more that’s why I do support what they
created because they created a a
movement of foundational black American
heritage no it’s not a white man slavery
or history that they gave us its history
that actually happened which is why we
and black people at the bottom of the
casting Pole here so we have the picture
bottom of the caste system whereas black
immigrants and I don’t have and I’m not
inside immigrate and that’s another
thing I want to get on tile live about
but black immigrants they are even above
us when it comes to economic empowerment
here in America blamey above they’re not
matching a white person or ages but
there are even above us we are at the
bottom and this is the only time right
now in history to start moving forward
and I do agree we need to stop fighting
with each other because that’s what’s
dividing us but also people need to
educate themselves on American history
public policy as well as foundational
black Americans and what we’ve done to
build this country and the wealth and
power now if I can jump in Dana and be
objective with regards to what I think
what I think Atos is doing I don’t think
that they’re fighting I think that they
are leveling out the playing field and
they are trimming the fact you have to
trim the fat everything everybody can’t
be on everybody can’t be on the fucking
boat you know I’m saying if you’re not
fully fully on on code and on page no we
don’t want you on board you can’t go to
a synagogue and say hey you know I want
to study Judaism I think it’s fun I
think it’s cute they look at you like
you’re crazy right we think about that
exactly and it it’s nothing wrong with
that you have to whom if you’re talking
about any claim against the government
you have to separate yourself from every
other American citizen because I am anti
illegal immigrants so you have to
separate yourself from other American
immigrants as a separate groups to get
what is yours what is old to us well
what what my what my defendants here had
to do for free so you have to separate
yourself you have to beat up Poorna
second ladies mind you in jumping or do
we let Dana and Joanna finish this
conversation was Boston 20 yeah I don’t
even want to break it up this is a
really great right here exchange I don’t
really see people from opposite sides of
this argument ever having a meaningful
exchange Joanna you have the floor you
want to respond to what Dana said or do
you want to make another statement
Joanna I mean in the way that okay so
this is the thing so we all have the
right to agree to disagree but the fact
of the matter is history does have some
history has a lot of racial connotation
it’s called his story for a reason
because you got the people in power who
are the ones with the conference they’re
the ones who get to write the book
you’re assuming that the truth in fact
are equal and they are never equal I can
always go write a book put it in the
nonfiction section and call things in an
effect so it’s bullshit to tell me that
is a black American person or person
being called a black that black person
that I’ve done my research so I can tell
you that I have history to the native
people in this lane we’re calling the
Native Americans but you should be
calling them Aboriginal people who look
similar to original people in South
America who look similar to Aboriginal
people in Australia it’s bullshit to
call yourself an immigrant when you were
never African immigrant you own this
land and that’s where you should go and
after the land that’s what the Poor
People’s Revolution was about with
Martin Luther King to objectify you’re
know what I’m not being called a I’m
finished talking to exacta file yourself
to the label of calling yourself just as
play without knowing the history and
it’s crazy because mad people are out
here researching this but but just like
Malcolm X said is that you you don’t
want to call yourself an Aborigine you
want to be called an American my thing
is you are more American than the people
who claim to all name the country
but you don’t know that because you’re
taking on a connotation of the history
that was given to don’t tell me that I
don’t have a right to do my research and
find out that my family where they come
from have more lineage to this country
then then just like a lot of you a lot
of other people calling yourself black
so if you is you better people who know
themselves black because I do have
original Native American one from Africa
be black have some somebody from British
land be black all these people who just
by a custom color you realize they named
us black based off of this census based
on skin color hue
it was not a it was not a worldwide turn
okay so you’re calling yourself the same
thing that they’re calling everybody
else that’s why they want to lump you in
and bring up ten acting movements and
things like that my thing about it is
understand cause I understand that you
there is a separate group of people
there are african-americans in this
country who are being as we called
African Americans who were born here and
have a defendant who have descendants
that we’re here before settlers and
pilgrims got here right and then there’s
the people who came here an immigrant no
that’s not right what are you talking
about you need to back up okay Joanna
can you let Dana respond to what you’re
saying then I do want to go to some
katerini or you want full-blooded Native
American because on my mother’s side my
mother’s mother side they have Indiana
but I still have American descendants of
slavery lineage I didn’t you know when
you’re talking about African Americans
they were here but before I think what
the slaves over what are you even
talking about with that exactly what I
said this is the thing because you’re
not respected of it doesn’t mean that
it’s not this know how they the
historical facts behind that because if
you’re talking about what what is his
name Ivan van der Tamir when he bought
the book before Columbus that Africans
that came here before any white person
did that was centuries prior so that had
that lineage is not only Native
Americans Asian you’re talking about I’m
not talking about Native Americans you
are you said the word Indian you can’t
stand up just don’t know I have absolute
American no I said Aboriginal I didn’t
say Indian I spoke about Native
Americans that’s who they think we’re in
the country but there are aboriginals in
this country Aboriginal meaning Familia
found and those were black people but
I’m passing here they were here from
each other they’re here they were living
here was named a little probable near
second to it
I’m kind of not real question is you
know it has to be baby that should be
telling me you’re not respected in the
nest run okay ladies can we get one
time hang on a second Danny you asked
join a question like no question that
she can’t answer it because she’s
getting sound bites off of people on BS
YouTube channel she didn’t read any okay
Danny can you let her respond you’ve
asked the question Dana okay like I said
listen the the burden of being a a black
person in this country is understanding
that there is a lineage of oppression
whether it’s from how they deal world
math history books and everything like
the truth of the matter is if you dig
deep it’s not going to be Google
findable but if you dig deep you look
for you look for receipts and things
like that you will be able to find that
a lot more of us are tribal defendants
than African descent because there is a
man called Melville herskovits okay
let’s go back in the early 90s in the
early nineteen hundreds late 1800 this
man use of wdp de bois and other people
out here in the colleges including
University of Chicago things like that
they they were out here creating
narratives and things like that to
suppress the idea who was in this
country who the native to this country
who was it okay so you can do some
reading and some research you need to do
that research and I don’t need to have
that research because I am NOT this is
what I’m telling you something years
you’re just letting that you’re
deflecting this is what I’m telling you
when it comes to American descendants of
slavery which you did say you you are
that’s part of your lineage the will we
got music we have a whole bunch of part
of lineage in us and you said that’s
part of yours
we’re talking about specifically
American descendants of slavery that
built this country the aboriginal or
whoever the people you’re talking about
did not go this country the Native
Americans the Indians did not build this
country so we’re talking about wait a
minute we’re talking about a deal when
are we talking about slavery we’re
talking about oppression we’re talking
about Jim Crow we’re talking about
preparations you’re talking about but
it’s totally different
wait a minute wait a minute ladies hang
on a sec I have to get to the cash app
to the super chairs hang on everybody
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okay so you talkin reckless about
pregnant women let’s let’s slow that
down all right the game is rigged good
evening sir he says childhood gang in
New Jersey
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okay fuck DEA in New York okay this is
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all right Ronny you had something to say
I had to get those out of the way
where’s Bostick warning
well I just wanted to ask I wanted to
ask a question because the questions
seemed to I mean the conversation seems
to break down at a particular point so I
just have a question I’m at Dana’s stay
like that she’s referring to a specific
time period with regards to the building
of this country where as Johanna is
referring to a particular lineage of
people is that do I have that right well
you asked me the question or because
she’s referring you can you be specific
in who you’re asking the question to
Ronnie please we don’t have confusion
well I thought it seemed like it broke
Johanna was referring to Aboriginal
people and people who were here so who
do you have the question for who do you
have the question for right now well
that’s I wasn’t sure it is is that what
you’re saying you wanted out reeling
down to me it sounds like they’re having
two different arguments basically and
but you’re advocating for the same thing
but this is really it’s inconsequential
because on Dana’s hand she’s saying that
she’s referring to the building of the
country that would be a particular time
period that has nothing to do with
lineage Johanna is actually referring to
Aboriginal people specific people that
were already here
but if you are both advocating for
people to get the reparations I don’t
really understand the disagreement okay
wait a minute no no hang on guys let
Joanne speak Johanna speak and then
we’ll come to Dana and then we’ll wrap
this up and take of the codes do any you
have the floor please yes so what I’m
saying is I don’t want anybody to assume
my words okay I am saying that a lineage
matters that this is the reason why the
history was set up this way the history
was set up to tell you that you are an
immigrant of this country okay so that
you technically are not part of the
Constitution you technically are not
part of this country it’s it’s bullshit
the your lineage matters okay because if
you are the people who are the
rightful heirs to this land then your
lineage means you own the land that
means that you can be a separate
territory and inside of this country
that is self-governing and like me
Native American but I never said we were
being Native Americans I never used the
word Indians but we did build this
country because we were the Aboriginal
people we’ve taught them how to farm we
set up we start of the workweek you
understand that that that people’s
already had civilizations had cities
they had understandings of business and
everything that was there already we
taught the people who mathematics here
that max we are the same people that are
available are you talking about oh you
would let me finish I’m saying that we
are the same people you’re using the
wrong title and that’s fucking Europe is
it is miss to be manipulative to call
yourself an immigrant from another land
when you were already here like I said
they created the time on purpose to fool
us into thinking that we want visually
from here they brought us over here when
in actuality they took people from this
land and took them to Africa okay baby
Johanna can we let Dana respond and then
I will give you the last word Johanna
Turner please and guys get some noise in
the background please turn down
whatever’s going on in the background
please then you have the floor yes she’s
going way left to Mars because the
people who were here before the white
people came before they bought enslaved
Africans because that’s where my lineage
is from whoever was here it will kill
fall so let’s just get that lineage out
the way so if your claimants on a
provisional lineage of people and then
after that the Native Americans there
were all killed and then they bought the
enslaved Africans here to work this land
for free
build the wealth build the power that’s
my focus I don’t give a damn about the
Aboriginal people or the natives I care
about the enslaved Africans that were
born here and they preserve this damn
land built this land we built the land
okay hi Joanne I’m gonna give you the
last word with regards to Talib Kweli on
vlad TV and
Antonia more said that he and Yvette
Carnell will respond but you have the
last word Joanna please my word number
one is they already responded they have
a video of them already talking about
the little quality right now I started
watching some of it so I suggest people
go in with you so they having a pan they
can you tell us what channel that’s on
I’ll watch them right after the show
what channel is they don’t oh I saw I
saw it on Twitter I clicked on the video
and they have it on YouTube so I think
it’s on
I think it’s on Antonio Moore’s are used
to thing I thought about them they
already started it I saw that that
posting but number number one just to
make sure that I make concise of what I
said what they misunderstood is that I’m
saying that the they’re colonists
American descendants of slaves is if we
came from another country there weren’t
people who did come over here they were
brought over here but what we’re missing
out and the fact of the matter is they
enslave the people who were here who
were dark-skinned turned around and
waited until the early 1900s and called
them African descendants okay that’s all
I’m saying
that’s exactly so we built this content
and I understand what you’re saying but
you’re wrong so that’s what I’m saying
but I’m right okay you’re wrong I’m
wrong and I think Dana I gave the caller
the last word so that’s what I’m gonna
leave it Thank You Joanna thank you so
much for calling in thank you thank you
okay all right Dana i’ma let you promote
your channel before we let you go to the
running I can get back to a couple
different topics the real Dana you’re
doing something Tuesday on Talib Kweli
and Atos I’m breaking down his whole
interview not just going at home but
just everything that he said that was so
anti divisive it was really in table it
was you know so just bringing truth to
life he’s endorsing
cory booker Kamala Harris he’s
definitely dealing with the Democrats
and everything like that
so that’s what I’m breaking down
honestly Joanne seems like a lovely
person but that conversation Dana I
don’t want you to go on top of the
conversation she’s gone now and let’s
leave it that okay I think for calling
in all right
thank you David okay all right Dana with
and Johanna Thank You Johanna for being
available again tonight hold on a second
after on call
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chair I’ll be right back Ronnie uh
that’s amazing on the check-in says to
our reparations is only cash payments
Talib said he’s against that in an
interview because black women will spend
the money on red bottoms he’s he’s no
for it I don’t think that’s all Talib
Kweli said I think you’re twisting his
words but thank you sir for your
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stuff you like fight videos you have not
seen that one I don’t want to see
anything that’s gonna be like
potentially gory because I actually did
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me laughing thank you for your donation
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says Holub is an agent
his brother is an advisor for come up
Kamala Harris
every time I asked him how immigration
helped black people no answer okay
mr. Ellis says salut star until tally
disputes the data tone and Yvette
presents he falls on deaf ears
they got reparations discussed at the
DNC debate okay if you say so
I did hear Talib Kweli though when he
was spoken to Vlad
he asked Vlad to give the source because
Vlad gave out some type of numbers some
percentages and and Talib said what’s
the source you know so so he’s on top of
you know asking for receipts and sources
as well you know but thank you Tony
white good evening and okay that was a
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think I think I think that girl is a
victim of what you call being a YouTube
scholar hmm you talking about Joanna
watching yeah I’ve been watching way too
much Dan Callaway Channel and all this
Aboriginal channels that you know they
try to like discredit the Middle Passage
okay and it’s really it’s really kind of
sad to a certain degree that you know
but we out here like that and it’s
another example of how we we confuse and
Trigg nology because he got that yeah
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all right now back to what we talked
just think about it Ronnie Newport
Ronnie y’all the November but anyway so
anyway okay I appreciate what you’re
saying with regards to the discussion we
just had let me ask you another question
because Kanye West I have not watched
the entire interview but I like what I
heard thus far he and Big Boi sat down
or or I think Big Boi went to Kanye West
clothing location or design design shop
I’m not sure Kanye was spitting the same
shit he’s been spitting years ago he’s
talking selfless now but
ego driven that’s what I’ve always liked
about him I mean ego driven you know you
can harness your ego but you cannot kill
it if that was your eyes that’s who you
did you see the interview were talking
about first of all Kanye is a prophet my
momma cago let’s go I’m from the south
side let me tell you about this problem
I saw this man two years before he even
got a deal okay
and he looks five of us in his face to
say and told us what he was going to do
before he even knew jay-z he predicted
all of this shit and beyond so the man
is the Prophet I can’t put it past me
and this new album is a masterpiece okay
but the Lord you love me let’s just put
that down for the record they put some
respect on his name no I did not see the
entire interview but I’m hoping I’m sure
he’s in a different place right now but
I’m hoping he starts going that big boy
the way he got that sway years ago he
said sweat you ain’t got the answers
sway no space now he’s trying to elevate
us from our sin now okay
he’s trying to purify he’s trying to in
he’s in it we know the night he’s kind
of fighting that around the LGBT on the
low talking about family they might get
off his ass but how much he’s talking
about families because all he’s doing
now is talking about the importance of
families and all the LGBT is trying to
do is break up families Wow Ronnie do
you want to chime in on what the caller
is saying was Bostic Ronnie do we let
that man finish up he might be mad at me
but I just want her to stop that’s why
I’m touched
that’s why I’m getting at okay thank you
appreciate that
so as far as Atos and the whole you know
all of this back and forth I just think
that it accomplishes nothing the
fighting between you know if everybody
is for getting the reparation then
cooler Hershey veil people who there
should be a meeting of the minds let’s
let’s work on it together it doesn’t
have to be so divisive so you think this
way so I can’t work with you
you get paid off it look there’s another
channel right there’s another guy cuz I
know you’re like you talking about but
that’s another person who talked
I don’t mind you promoting people but
please don’t take shot to other peoples
channel but like my man my man tareka
see right now he’s got foundational
black america thing you got a dua I
support Tyreke Nasheed heavy yeah most
people in here it’s like foundational
black so he can fill his merch you know
well this I don’t wanna go in that
direction that’s what I don’t want to do
what he does is what he does I’m not
going in that direction I don’t want to
do that okay so listen before I let you
go all right
the last question respectfully it’s
Friday we’ll have a little fun
having a little fun
did you lose your man to another man
that’s the final question sir no I
called along with a message you learn
where you thank you for support thank
you for calling in yes okay all right
yeah hang on a second yeah I remember
back in the days he said uh an older guy
snatched his baby’s mama up spit that
game at her out of Chicago sure Rhonda
Hartley good evening sir he says Dana
you be lying in Thank You Manuel Hartley
on the check-in Ronnie can you check and
see if Antonio Moore released a video on
his YouTube channel he and Yvette
Carnell responding to Talib call the
approach all right come right back no I
sent it to you already are you did okay
somebody’s sending me email without a
super chat let me just hit delete I
don’t have time to read emails when I’m
doing a show they have nothing to do
with scroller thank you anyway oh is
this Adam Adam sends in a cash app he
says our is history is complex okay I
read it just the way you type to sort
our is okay maybe it’s meant to say how
history is complex okay nine one seven
let me get you analyzer get you on the
Adam are you there sir good evening
hello yeah yeah did I read that right or
did you misspell something it’s an hour
is history is complex could be me I
think I’m I think I miss old because I
had a long day I’m out of flats I this
morning okay and where to work so I had
a long day my head hurt okay what do you
want to jump in show you have the floor
what do you want to jump in well I wish
Dana and the other lady was still on the
line because I gave ya I gave I’m Dana
some information last year about I
history I hope she remembers it about
the black Indian but we came did she
steal your shit sir are you one of those
black people who claims yeah they stole
my shit I gave me idea and I didn’t get
paid where you coming from
no no some time back and uh my reference
to a book about that she can look up to
where we came here in the 1500 you know
how they had this campaign of 1519 and
stuff like that well we actually came on
the first lace ship in South Carolina
and 1507 so I was talking to her about
that that’s for the black Jesus not was
that Reverend she forgot to give you a
shout-out now you want to come for her
neck is that what you’re saying
I’m not like that you know I’m I’m I’m
uh I’m gonna help out you know and and
there’s just little information and to
just move our people forth that’s all
okay as for that history come on
oh yeah yeah no no I’m saying as for the
history we came at different time
periods in this land
there so much the aboriginals if you
have dark skin you are Aboriginal or on
the word doesn’t matter where you come
from Africa or America or Australia we
are aboriginals it doesn’t matter
whether you take America or you here and
in America you Aboriginal by default and
I mean it’s right I mean to cut you off
but you know that conversations over now
they’re gone and I’m pretty I’m trying
to shift gears you know so can I just
ask you did you lose your man to another
man can we can we have a little fun you
know sir it’s Friday night
hang on hoping man you know no no it’s
Friday night let’s take it slow we’re
all just you know people smoking
drinking most of my audience that their
home owners they have careers we’re
having a little fun did you know did you
ever lose your man to another man I have
to say we’re calling from who you are
well well I I know that a game is oh
it’s you know okay that that no I mean
he he probably send me to come to his
room mm-hmm and stuff like that I mean
that’s the only thing that I have you
know the first thing year he was drunk I
was drunk and you know what
tell us all okay okay so now let’s take
it slow you were drunk
he was drunk if that’s what you want us
to believe you
so he asked you to come into his room
and you said no I don’t get down like
yes I do I just looked at him stupid
okay anything what color were his eyes
keep it real color his eyes I think they
were gray okay okay I think gray like
like the bluish gray blue is great happy
jungle fever yeah come on let’s go
Columbian somewhere I don’t know what to
say man this is fine let’s let’s take
our time there’s no rush we’ll get back
to all that solid quali kanye west you
later so he was from somewhere in
colombia he had bluish grey eyes and you
know in the morning wasn’t one type of
breakfast and he feeds he fades you come
what will he beat you I know that he’s
not a weed and stuff like that he drank
he was like you trying to get this this
white fraternity and I think you got
beat up or something like that I don’t
know but he cried on your shoulder okay
that’s fine but what did you guys eat
for breakfast let’s just cut to the
chase then that’s gonna play out poached
eggs turkey bacon
Sesame’s onion bag I mean college
missile they had eggs and you know toast
and you know they’re the kool-aid it’s
like that I mean everybody they you know
they write the same stuff what time did
you guys eat breakfast together can we
keep it real okay so you didn’t eat
breakfast you just said in the mess hall
where every Bell so you
yeah yeah yeah you had breakfast so okay
yeah everybody has bread okay so I’m not
gonna clown you what time did you guys
eat breakfast around okay all right
running any questions for this man they
were they were out they were drunk and
they have breakfast and it’s no fucking
big deal Ronnie let me go so I thank you
for your cash yep thank you sir salute
to you thank you have a good night yes
sir okay put that way out right there
they had breakfast Ronnie you know once
you take it slow you know the night went
by with them together tonight win by you
know ray eyes ocean bow oh oh that’s
amazing good evening thank you for your
super jet star is always asking people
if they are gay but he moved to Atlanta
he’s looking for her poem ADIZ to make
I’m sorry to have stamina to take Pole
hashtag buzzy born I’ve been coming to
Atlanta since the late 80s for nothing
else other than business but thank you
for your donation rigs and wigs sends in
a super chat f reparations if black
people get reparations they’ll blow it
all on weed wigs and cigs not to mention
nails and jail bails hashtag ratchet
shit okay thank you man Thank You Bubba
quarter hey Bubba when he says great
show is always talk but we the people
need to know if it’s Newports Ronnie
or November okay
also your mister my past super chat
about the concert boss okay I’ll go back
bubble Quan give me a second
and if you want to call Ronnie anything
other than bullshit Ronnie hollow it
Ronnie via Instagram or something like
that I don’t you know it’s not my place
okay here you go Bubba Quan he also says
salute fossil-fuel Boss Hogg that’s me
I’m surprised you didn’t take out a
young latina to the marc anthony concert
in Atlanta tonight
hashtag even the cartel showing up so if
you go to my I G page
Troy terrain you will see me with a
pretty little Dominican girl I took her
to see Marc Anthony was it back in two
thousand and God was at sixteen the
pictures there
I got on the Boston Red Sox hat awesome
fucking concert Marc Anthony I like a
lot of Marc Anthony’s Obie music there’s
no sub school to I interviewed him once
good guy
that’s all I’ve man I saw him in uh
North New Jersey Thank You Bubba Kwan
okay hang around let me get a couple
more these cash apps here before we
continue on black – defconn evening sir
he says Atos on the check-in let me get
out these fuck niggas whore shit hole in
a second black to death
see seven one eight where are you sir
seven one eight see if this is him right
here black to death good evenings at you
seventy seven eight
hey is that black to death yes sir and I
want to check in let’s go big nigga take
the floor because I want to be
respectful to Atos and Talib Kweli you
know I love the data that they present
man but I’ll live quality’s up on glad
TV clap in that and what do you want to
start polyp quality is a compromise
Negroes for the DNC bottom line he’s
controlled opposition
he’s being used to dis minutes the Atos
reparations agenda and movement ABO West
is politically driven and ideology in
the agenda is reparations it’s bigger
than a check it’s miss restorative
justice for all the ills that was done
to the descendants of America slavery is
the sister who called in talking about
you know Alba rich Joanna get haha here
save dad Dan Calloway Aborigine example
it’s not about that the aborigines the
Native Americans did not build the
infrastructure of the United States of
the Aborigines did not go to Jim Crow
the Aborigines did not go through
reconstruction the Aborigines did not go
through redlining they they’re not going
to disturb whites they did not go
through convict lease and they did not
go through the crack era they did not go
through mass incarceration they did not
go through centuries and decades of
subjugation by the United States
government federal state and local that
was that the American descendants of
slaves went through all those atrocities
just like everybody else in this country
who has their own ethnic identity
they got reparations in some form of
financial judges some form of tax
stations some form of something they all
receive from Italians on my mother’s
side my reparations
that’s right everybody receives
something now once
Atos starts to distance themselves from
all the other ethnic groups everybody is
screaming and cry because black
americans foundational black America’s
native black Americans are in exploitive
group everybody explains us they exploit
our culture they exploit our style they
spoil our swag they exploit our labor
they explain our identity to make
millions and billions of dollars now
that we take a stand and tell them we’re
not taking that no more we’re not going
to be an exploitive
group anymore everybody wants to scream
foul ball you don’t say nothing
everything is okay but soon as we stop
the distance ourselves we don’t say
nothing when the West Indian habit have
Day Parade in Brooklyn you don’t see
nothing when the Italians have Day
Parade in a Columbus State in supports
Angeles Santa them was with the Mexicans
a Cinco de Mayo we all say nothing we no
see nothing not supportive you can they
parade down in Manhattan
we don’t say nothing from the Irish Day
Parade we simply stand back and we cheer
we’ll let everybody do em as soon as we
start to come up and speak on our behalf
our lineage because ados
is lineage based we’re not an
organization we’re not a group these
little membership fees there’s no
membership dues
we are linear to based and as soon as we
start to speak up from our lineage our
historical atrocities everybody is
screaming foul and you’re not having
that normal thought I mean that’s that’s
just the bottom line
yeah now hang on a second if I can also
just add this to the equation you know
um Martin Luther King’s life was cut
short and a lot of people try and take
shots at him and dump on him I’m not one
of those people because during that
particular time you know it would have
been hard to just rise up and and fight
and and and literally fight an uphill
battle it would have been like fighting
an army with a handgun so I respect a
lot of things that he did and also with
regards to his books that I read when I
was younger um threshold of a new decade
if I remember correctly I forget his
life was cut short his life was cut
short so there were other things that he
could have done that he was starting to
do and I think he gets a bad shake on
you know reparations and other things
what do you wanna say about that okay
definitely gets a bad shape
on reparations and arm em okay was 100
percent Atos and Martin Luther King in
this latter years he started to realize
that advocating for marginalized
disenfranchised groups that went 980 OS
he realized that was a mistake in the
beginning but the Montgomery boycott and
everything it was 100% grass yes
threshold of a new decade hang on a
second five volumes my mother made me
read half those glowing JAMA read those
threshold of a new decade no no I
haven’t read that required reading in my
house my with my white mama made me sit
down and she said read this you know you
can go out and play with the fucking GI
Joes later read this good and that’s
fine and I understand I think Martin
Luther King gets a bad rap and you know
they love to promote model became from
the passive side of turning up cheek the
sit-ins and the forgiving your enemy but
when Martin Luther King was talking
about we’re going to get back – yeah we
coming to Washington this is this money
you’ll never hear them advocate and
promote that part amando became well mom
Luther King talked about when the
biggest mistakes he made when he told
Harry Belafonte that I’ll let my people
into a burning house Ronnie did you say
something boss 20 where are you what you
said Ronnie yeah I said it sounds like
shots fired it sounds like he’s speaking
directly to me no no no Ronnie I’m not
speaking to you I heard you the other
day talking about MLK I don’t have no
problem you said what you said you had
just answer MLK that’s fine I think for
a long time we all felt away about some
of the things and some of the methods
that MLK took in his approach to
advocating for all the other
marginalized and oppressed groups that
was just the Christian that was just a
Christian nature and in him so I don’t
blame MLK for that but once in the case
started to really sit and speak with
Elijah Muhammad on a regular basis he
started to really understand what the
Nation of Islam at that time was really
speedy enough hang on a second black to
death should I assume that you are
official Atos ato west on my mother’s
side Atos on my father stop
grandmother passed away on my father’s
side at 95 my grandmother on my mother’s
side was 92 they come from sharecroppers
they grandparents was both their parents
was born in here going back to the 1800
100% Atos okay and that’s the whole
problem thought everybody has the right
got you because they should but listen I
hate to cut you short I want to take
some other calls I thank you for your
and just awesome bullshit on some
did you lose your man to another man
ever I’m married oh gee I don’t get down
like that
okay thank you man thank you I salute
you thank you okay I had to ask him okay
Ronnie I got your email thank you so
much okay so guys Antonio Moore and he
bet Cornell have responded I’m gonna
come right at it
tone talks his YouTube channel tone
talks it’s titled revolt TV summit Vlad
Talib Kweli
and election 2020 okay I’m watching this
tonight let me just save this here
bookmark this okay that’s what’s going
down tonight for me texting Maya my
girlfriend out west and I’ll be watching
this at the same time okay hold on a
second um wow so much going on here
tonight did e di di says hey star get
you a Haitian girl we have all the herbs
for your weight-loss goal hashtag
fresh-off-the-boat did I maybe you’re
new to the show I’ve had a couple of
Asian girls back in the 90s in Brooklyn
and when I got on hot 97 radio I always
used to say Haitian coochie is the best
coochie so I know that’s about but thank
you bush kid good evening sir he says
star niggas better watch they ass in
Oklahoma now KK KK K can carry guns over
21 openly without a permit okay what’s a
brother to do hmm okay Thank You Bush
get haiti’s on the check and if blacks
get reparations
Ferragamo belt and Gucci slides will go
out of business the game is rigged says
I via super jet is it safe to say tank
is a top you get it tank top hashtag dad
hashtag casuals paid thank you thank you
for your donation okay and I’m going to
cash app as well money only make sure to
miss anything okay I got black to death
hold on guys
Elvis the chef Rosenberg greeting
strangers storm on the line six four six
hang on Elvis I’m coming to you shortly
okay come you honeys line that blind his
Kohl up six four six Elvis the chef
Rosenberg if people get over some of
that whole conspiracy thing hold on a
second right now be right back okay
Elvis the chef Rosenberg coming up John
blaze hey man what’s up he says Ronnie
smokes Newports barefoot and pigeon-toed
holy shit
thank you John blaze okay John blaze
also says Ronnie has a dry new part Wow
he’s taking shots at you Ronnie John
blaze he says Ronnie has a dry Newports
dangling from her lips Elvis the chef
Rosenberg leaving sure you there and a
little Elvis are you there hey how are
you man thank you for your support
what do you want to start Thank You Man
thank you can we start with the bullshit
it’s Friday night did you lose your man
to another man ever Kanye West won’t
talk about Atos Talib Kweli wouldn’t
even start come on well you know I’m an
ally to the 8th
you know as community let’s go I was
raised by a black man you know but
biologically I was just you know kind of
like a person of color for most of my
life okay
I mean know what you know I always think
to myself is black mainly because I was
raised by a black man hmm
and who named you Elvis were you named
after Elvis Presley no I made myself
Elvis of our own 15 years ago okay you
know I named myself to Elvis Rosenberg
when I started to get into the
restaurant field and I started to get
doors opening for me
okay so now Whoopi Goldberg shit change
last name yeah that’s yeah basically you
will be Goldberg is what you know
listening to the way she responded to
that and talked about it I related you
know and I got a lot of doors open for
me you know great yeah
so I just wanted to say great show Dana
did amazing I understand Ronnie’s point
of view even though it pisses me off
when she talks about MLK like that but I
get it and I respect it you know um a
lot of times is it good for someone to
be yelling out there a device that
they’re listening to you on because that
just says that you’re shaking you know
you shake it and pop and I appreciate
that okay you know so as an as an allied
to Atos you know I am I’m very very
passionate and I know that these youtube
scholars are out of control and I see
their views again 350,000 hits a week so
I know that there’s a whole group that
are totally being distracted from what
is the true focus and that is if we
believe that the Jews that that that
Volkswagen and Mercedes had to pay the
Jews then how don’t you believe that
cotton don’t have to pay a deal well you
know that dairy company you know that
tobacco company you know you want to
talk about how to get this money
tobacco sell car and tell Gary tell all
these people that for the next 30 years
that the population is only 40 percent
forty percent of what you’re making for
the next thirty years it’s going to go
to adls it’s going to go to reparations
it’s going to go to making Oh what has
been totally broken and enough is enough
if the Jews can get every all these
people can get you know all these
companies that made it big I even think
they had the people that to do the the
art whenever they saw the beans had to
pay bring all these people have to pay
you know hang on a second Elvis you
you’re saying some really good stuff
irani do you want to chime in in to be
the Elvis just finish up by himself lost
your money well you know when you talk
about reparations you have to consider
what the counter-arguments are because
there will always be detractors who say
it can’t be done
it can’t be done you know and they say
it’s just way too expensive
but when you think about it I you know
sorry I just forward you an article the
other day this is one school that’s
going to pay out cuz then in Princeton
New Jersey
that’s one school Princeton yes and yes
and they’re gonna they’re gonna pay out
a couple hundred million dollars that’s
one school so one school can pay out 200
million dollars you have to consider the
amount of money that the United States
government should be able to pay out in
comparison so it is something that is
accomplishable so a lot of people that’s
the first kind of argument it can’t be
done we’re talking about an extra an
extraordinary number if you have
meaningful conversations with the other
side people who think that it will never
happen it can’t be done it can be done
it is very realistic so help us I’ll
give you the last word I’m trying to cut
you up on anyone get my poles in Elvis
give the floor I just want to say thank
you Newports Ronnie for that statement
and I will continue to
Thank You Man salute thank you okay
Elvis the chef rosenberger go check him
hey Andre thank you for your cash chef
so he says Dana is loud and ignant
honestly that’s how he spelled it not
ignorant ignant okay thank you sir
hold on money will come right back to
John blaze again holy shit he’s gonna
ask you um Ronnie John blaze sends
another cash if he says Ronny blows
Newport Oh rings with perfection Ronnie
I have to ask you do you blow Newport Oh
rings why not
never done that no okay I’ve never been
able to do that oh yeah Rancic cut the
short she’s good Trevor how are you sir
Trevor says he’s on an area code 609
wants to bring the smoke to somebody
where are you sir okay Trevor are you
there good evening
Trevor hello yes sir good evening how
are you Blackie hey what’s up man you
good I’m good okay
Friday night can we start with the
bullshit first bullshit did you ever
lose your man I know but can we stop the
bullshit oh did you ever lose your man
to another man can we start their
respect never man I lost my bitch to
another man no never lost a man to
another bitch okay okay what he wants to
Atos a little quality we do cosign is
bullshit sir I’m being fair and
objective hang on a second that’s my job
to look at both sides to be respected
not to be respectful not to attack
people’s characters that’s what I do men
but wait outside but I wouldn’t start
with Charley I start with lied your boy
is live okay why instigating lines gonna
have to live golly going to taunt or try
to slap
at his house or some Vlada to instigate
it and always doing is going on a lap
from Lord Jamar and all them are their
interest way bladders did too
comfortable talk about black issues I
understand he got a video channel you
can to a black audience but he act like
he likes some colored king of the blacks
I hear you I hear you I’m gonna let you
speak I don’t feel the need to UM I
don’t agree but go ahead I mean
today’s conversation is nothing he’s not
talking about tone tox report on the
world debt he’s just talking a lot of
bullshit gossip tweeting it tweeted me
and they’re against me I’m a victim go
on ask him a question come on Ronnie yes
so one of the things Talib mentioned was
the fact that Yvette Cornell he said is
linked to an organization that has white
supremacist ties that basically was
declared that by the Southern Poverty
Law Center which we also know has said
that about the NOI that’s neither here
nor there
this is an organization that you know is
known to promulgate information that is
negative towards reparations in general
the president has said he doesn’t see it
happening and they put out a newsletter
saying that they’re aligning with them
to help split the Democratic vote
thinking that they can get them to go
along with the Republican candidate so
they publish this information what do
you have to say about that that’s not
gossip or any window or tweeting these
are things that are actually happening
um there’s always strange bedfellows I
go into particular ideology I mean
there’s all different kinds of black
people and they have different beliefs
but I believe that you’re evading carnet
your vet Cornell is on the talks at one
point now I’m just going with the issues
that they’re talking about I mean there
other issues or what
and all that other kind of stuff hmm so
what with their main issues on your
I’m down with that all that other stuff
you want all these other stuff you want
to get anywhere
Trump supporter it inside ad and you got
to get this checklist for being black
nah how did you see any of Talib
qualities interviews on black TV with
that watching today did you watch any of
Talib quality’s interviews on black
evening scatterbrain he talked many
different issues he’ll bring your vet
Cornell in on so unequality Natanz horse
quote and then start talking about tweet
how do you know who’s talking to you on
there’s sounds were told always the
premises he’s talking to that could be
anybody they can just talk it can just
be talking straight I mean you know
who’s on here but how you recruit at the
anyway how did you know those tickle
people around you a referencing a
turning point USA when you said Candice
Owens yes twenty point USA for those who
don’t know yeah well that is the
organization that it is linked to but
it’s PFI are specifically that he
mentioned this organization that
published this newsletter where they’re
basically saying you know they’re going
to go along with Atos and only seemingly
pretend to support their movement so the
entire thing is a ruse and you’re not
going to get their support in the end
you know you’re right that is a strange
bedfellows relationship and I think it’s
something that needs to be addressed
aren’t you okay hey 609 I thank you for
the call ma’am I bring some other books
in thank you ma’am okay white boy Jason
wants to get in on the call holding the
second Jason where are you ma’am
561 Jason are you there Jason Jason
Jason Jason there Yes No maybe are you
hiding Jason hear me hey good even
what’s that mean how are you just
showing on chillin listening to the show
great show so far Thank You Man wait
what are you doing tonight uh I mean
you’re you uh just hanging out with us
or you are you out party and what’s
going on
no just gonna watch
can it easily gonna watch the Lakers in
jazz you know I love my basketball and I
love my politics two big things okay I
have the Lakers do against the UM the
Clippers wasn’t that a couple days ago
was that the opener
yes sir yes sir it was NBA season opener
and the clips
I’m Tony my respects we start if the
Clippers made it last year to the
semi-finals of the Western Conference
without Paul George and Kawhi Leonard
and the other couple in paper court over
the summer imagine what the fuck they
can do they smoke the laser Seder
they killed LeBron LeBron walked off
piste well they even killed the Golden
State Warriors they beat this Golden
State Warriors so oh I’m not up to speed
yeah and that’s B so so how many points
did the Lakers lose by with that their
first game for the season the Lakers I
don’t want to give you the wrong side
but I would say 10 to 15 it was her
first game today tonight live at the
moment 10:30 Eastern 7:30 Pacific at the
moment is Utah Jazz right now mmm well
I’m gonna tune into that shift but but
yeah the Clippers I’m Tony they have
Steve Ballmer the one of the co-owners
of Microsoft and you know he has that
money so like I said they went to the
semi finals last year with that trash
team with Harrell imagine what they’re
gonna do this year they’re definitely my
pick they’re very good for basketball
okay before we before I ask you about
Talib Kweli um Russell Westbrook and
James Harding Hayes last time I forget
James Harden you said it right party
okay instead of perfect this is hard
they seem to be arguing already oh yeah
it’s been on that yes sir uh just petty
bullshit what do you when you get two
egos together star it’s like don’t ever
like you and buck well were a perfect
chemistry Harding and Westbrook is the
opposite of that I want to be the big
boss no I want to be the big boss that’s
pretty much that
why do you think respectfully the
Oklahoma City Thunder had Durant they
had Ibaka
they had Westbrook in they had hardened
but all those four couldn’t make that
team grade because there was four big
fucking egos fucking the whole chemistry
that’s I have no problem with the egos
but do you think that Russell Westbrook
is gonna respect James Harding’s fucking
handle and help him or is he just gonna
go in there and and
the whole shit off respectfully I want
to give you a wrong answer I think it’ll
be the second one but anything could
happen but I think it’ll be the second
Roscoe we’ll only takes the shit for so
long okay
white boy Jason can I get your thoughts
on Talib Kweli going in on ados
but from a whiteboy perspective please
I did not watch it I was hoping to chime
in on the kanye album that’s all
equality I’ve been out watch later and I
don’t want to become like a bozo I just
speak about shirt that I don’t know
respectfully I don’t want to but the
kanye album is great especially hater
he’s making how many people in the past
48 fucking years have said Jesus is king
or Lord is king Kanye’s doing something
great you know and and you’re gonna a
lot of gospel people people pissed the
fuck off Peter cuz they’re like we’ve
been preaching Jesus these past 20 40
years ain’t nobody fuckin listen to us
hmm and then Kanye just comes out of
nowhere with a Mac they hate up there
he’s making have you heard the album
Jason I have not heard Kanye’s new album
you yes yes really yes respectfully it’s
not a 10 out of 10 it’s a 7 out of 10
whoa respectfully I’m being honest I’m a
huge fucking con you when you get time
can you send me a link and I’ll check
that tomorrow can simulate it’s on it’s
on Spotify but I will definitely send
your link for free to stream with that
play my favorite one is follow got it
I’ll just I’ll just read some titles
before I go it’s follow God one of them
is on God another one is God is he’s
just using God Jesus is Lord is another
one but hang on stay with me stay with
me so now this song called God is do you
see a sample by James Cleveland or
written by James Cleveland do you have
any new liner notes
that’s a James Cleveland saw it have to
go to 79 I I believe what you’re saying
but I’d have to go to the website
there’s a great website
who’s sampled who calm you put in any
song and it’ll tell you who sampled –
okay okay
Jason did the top key man have a great
night and a smoke soon all right oh my
boy Jason on the check-in hold on Ryan
let me get some of these cash apps on
this set okay okay hold on who is that
here that’s
for to work mek grieving he says Jojo
Johanna the first natives were killed
mostly okay thank you sir for your cash
at somebody’s sending me something about
dolomite star Eddie Murphy did his thing
in the new Netflix movie I have to say D
I’m not interested I wasn’t with
dolomite I’m sorry he just he was just
like a fruit loop to me you know never
cared for him I respect you know his
contributions to the black exploitation
era I didn’t like his movies I’m sorry
and I’m not interested in saying Eddie
Murphy played dolomite hey Rick Rick
sent in a donation he says check email
hashtag get him okay I got that thank
you sir thank you Rick okay hold on hold
on coming through these John blaze again
oh sure Ronnie John blaze coming for
your neck he says Ronnie has the body
order of a fresh okay what he’s talking
he’s talking reckless John blaze uh you
spelled spell that wrong you spelled it
order I guess you’re trying to say
odor Thank You John blaze talking
reckless IRA hey IRA IRA says that guy
had a lot of sausage for breakfast yeah
he’s talking about the call there called
and said that he had breakfast with the
guy who was what do you say Ronnie we’re
both drunk drunk okay yeah but I don’t
understand how it got to be the next
morning together out for breakfast well
you see that’s why I took it slow with
him and I said would you guys have for
breakfast because if he admitted to
having breakfast then they were out all
you know tossin and turnin
no hang on a second something doing yeah
who is this area code four one five
grieving is that Trey Trey you there
woman five yeah hey how are you man
thank you for your superjet I’m good yes
sir okay Wow my whole stance is this if
you don’t get reparations you need to
shut the fuck up
just get out the way Kegel is all about
to say nothing about these you the
nobody else is getting to the bag when
they need to get to the bag but they
don’t ever find a neighbor who is trying
to see everything we are but there is
only try to get some go out though every
I got a fucking problem with it also
when I hang on a second come closer to
the phone cuz you want some type of
speakerphone you you say your Atos I
want to hear you so now um with regard
with regards to some of the claims are
you know fighting fighting fighting I
don’t think Atos
is fighting with anybody I think a TOS
can you turn that down the background we
get something going in the background
it’s affecting the algorithm some type
of echo can you fix that it’s better now
okay so I don’t think Atos is fighting
internally with people I think that they
are stating their position and I think
that they are they are trimming the fat
am I wrong groups of races of people
don’t want to fight with us no I was
addressing some of some people saying
yeah all this fighting and fighting
inside you know Talib Kweli respectfully
is not a TOS okay you saying the reason
like you don’t want us to get these
reparations is because they only want
stuff above 8000 if we come up somebody
has to go to the Bob that’s a real
reason about fuck shit okay that’s what
a real compound through you’re not
saying you don’t want to go perimysium
why didn’t he had a Mexican guy
ilan the fans see well the key has a Jew
that when they were asked if they never
go back to the bottle if you know all
these other rates of that but my whole
thing is that if you ain’t with movin
get out the way
thank you man salute thank you okay
whole insane guys I think Abby yells on
the line I feel on the check-in hold a
second let me try to keep Ronnie’s call
their AVL jet use for every coach six
one seven hey have you been seen your
banner at the end of the rebroadcast
I’ve been get your banner up there yeah
I’m a I don’t guy wasn’t calling in
because I dropped and cracked my phone
last week no I said have you been seen
your banner your ban have you been seen
it and then we broke yeah yeah you know
appreciate it so what do you in John
yeah yeah I’m a little frazzled by all
that they jump it off the walls that’s
been going on tonight so I lost my
strength of focus so I’m gonna just try
to piece something together with all of
this and say that I think that how I
don’t think Talib Kweli
is wrong for attacking the ados
organization and I want to make it clear
that I’m not talking about people that
are descendants of slavery it would be
the correct term would be us Atos not
Atos because you know most people from
here to pentagon here could could be
claiming Atos if that ever went through
so USAID OS would be the correct but
what I’m saying is the organization of
Atos there’s not righteous and the true
conversation is not about reparations
anyway when dealing with other people
that are against it it’s about
descriptions really in the screen it’s
written that blacks of the black sleeves
that came that were brought to this
country would not be able to enjoy any
of the wealth that they feel so if
people want to start talking about I
don’t want to hear that mystical stuff
and all of that then just taken to the
account that you haven’t gotten anywhere
200 years he knows regarding reparations
and everybody else has
you got a at some point you got to ask
yourself why is the only why are we the
only ones that can’t get it and we built
this country and we’re citizens of this
country but all of you other people that
came here that have nation are coming
here and getting reparations over us so
at some point you got a you got to start
believing with God this is a great segue
into the Kanye West stuff but I’m not
going to go to yet I want to say I
believe I’m sorry I missed my chance to
be a part of that conversation with the
image Atlanta because I wanted to point
out the fact that I believe that it is
that the ABO West organization has
centered and centered at break and brown
and so on czar is a cult because and I’m
not gonna go there you don’t want to you
you don’t like that stuff but it’s more
of a preacher type of thing and I people
sending in money please you know we’re
gonna get the money and they gotta give
us the money then we just go and get it
hang on a second now are you a do
astronaut because now it sounds like
you’re mark you know mimicking event cuz
i’m us Atos
yes i’m one i’m part of that but as I’ve
told you before I’m Israelite so we
don’t believe in all of the silly stuff
with Democrats pandering to these feeble
these Fievel people people that believe
they’re gonna stand behind them I can
push them to the point reparations he
the macragge they stand it to them for
one week talk about some reparation
stuff the presidential candidates talked
about it for one week they may toss they
shouldn’t use my language they toss that
in the garbage
hang on a second have y’all Ronnie any
questions for a VL because I forgot Luke
a knee I’m doing too much here I’m
running any questions for a BL so what
what would what is your main problem
with Atos as an organization
like I said I don’t want to go too far
into it because those other stars people
but I believe that that is a quote no a
VL they’re not my people come on let’s
not do all stars protecting talib kweli
stars be no stars an objective thinker
this show is about being objective I’m
being fair to both sides I don’t have to
defend either one but I’m asking you
know people to chime in speak what you
want to say money has your question
speaking and I’m speaking in terms of
you saying you don’t like people attack
another people so I’m being respectful
of that my audience doesn’t want me to
do that I don’t see you’re like you know
clap it people my audience doesn’t want
that that doesn’t mean they’re my people
just you know what I can’t really go
into it without saying that because I
had a conversation with I had a
conversation with event Cardinal about
this whole Pro black thing in
reparations and when she had one
conversation about when she was
attacking ben Carson for cutting and we
goes off of housing and when I called it
and asked her have you guys are
so-called black then what are you
attacking him from making a chess move
getting illegals out of the system so
more black people could take advantage
of it aren’t you
and she said I was racist so where’s the
pro blackness and you attacking a man
inside the Trump administration making
chess moves to put more black people in
a position to be housed I’ve got before
I let you go have you seen Talib
qualities interviews on vlad TV yes
we’re talking about tonight okay all
right ivl thank you ma’am I take more
calls thank you thank you no problem
lucania pardon me man I don’t know what
the fuck happened I was twisted around
here and I forgot the m2 pick up Luke a
nice call holy shit
Ronny I’m gonna start off with you and
then and then flush out these super
chats and cache apps and then watch
tone Talton yvette cornell video I thank
you for your time right anything else
you want to promote or mention before we
go oh no just want to say have a great
weekend all right I’ll talk to you soon
okay all right boss check money on the
check-in Lucania pardon me man what the
fuck happened I just I skipped over his
super chat ah let me slow down
where’s Lucania let me see if I see him
in the queue if not then I’ll just I’ll
get him on another night
area code 909 I missed him uh give me a
second guys that’s amazing okay that’s
amazing sister Yvette Carnell is half
white so based on what she has stated as
the criteria would you fit in yourself
plus Atos is not a group all right sir
I’ve already said I don’t want to fit
into Atos as criteria I can respect them
from a distance for what it is that
they’re doing the same way I respect
other people’s cultures and/or groups
I’m an Objectivist from the school of
einer and I’m an individual I promote at
well I don’t promote to other people so
they can be what it is that I am but to
me I’m an individual you know I wrote a
book called objective hate you can
download a free pdf but you know this I
can be respectful it doesn’t mean I have
to dump on them just because we don’t
share the same ideology and or
philosophy but thank you for your super
chat okay I read mr. Ellis he said Talib
disputes the data tone okay read that
one for me I missed some super chests
you hold a second hey I got power bottom
power bottom sends in crazy super chats
pimp-juice junior I got you a PL par :
Lou Katy Bubba Kwan
hi-c B hi-c be on the check-in salute to
the homie store thank you man pardon me
if I got to you late the game is rigged
says frock FV f ru ck Atos what about s
dota Spanish descendants of transporters
ok mmm I kid baby PA on a serious note
get Ronnie on the line almost done
hashtag FAP challenge f AP challenge
where if that means night train on the
check and says go to star go to a diet
doctor and ask for the medication
what is this pan terman to get the 10
pounds off let me take a screenshot of
this holistic guys it’s all that her
bullshit man is just like you know III
want the same shit Tom Cruise is on
that’s probably what this guy is talking
about with this female part me Night
Train thank you so much I’m gonna go to
a doctor tomorrow
pthe nter am i any thank you and sorry I
read your superjet leat ok Gemstar says
store how much do I need to donate for
Dana to get me some therapy why is this
broad so disgruntled and angry who is
beating on her question mark Gemstar
always comes with fire super Chad’s
that’s amazing says they are arguing two
different things some black people were
here some came over on a boat
Atos lineage is 1800 and b4 ok Thank You
mr. flowers says star Ronnie will look
great on an episode of black ok hang on
guys who’s um whose Texas
hey okay hold on this side this woman
here give me a second guys I hate to do
this during the show what time is it I
think that’s to hold me on the check and
wait a minute hey yo Canseco wait a
minute wait a minute
well yes sir well I am looking for the
call a Oh Canseco to five when it’s
might be him right here big fax podcast
a yo Canseco’s at you what’s going on
with you Hey could he voice mail was
popping man I really think I need to
make a PSA on this all on this Blas
situation I think it’s spiraling out of
control and I really need you go what’s
going on let’s go um first thing is um I
don’t this whole you had a rush near
tooth right it was all you know a joke
you know there’s pretty much a joke I’m
glad the police very the police but so
many people started saying so many times
that motherfucker’s really started
believing that shit – we’re not all it’s
a negative connotation just on his name
all around the board but when you look
at it Vlad has done more for artists
he’s revived careers he’s resurrected
years that’s right he’s done way more
good than bad like and also i you know
motherfucker the eyes white privilege
white privilege my ass Vlad was down at
the fucking bottom ten years ago he was
doing the same thing scratching trying
to get it but Brandon you had to work
like people just have this imaginary
picture in their head that although as
you write you won’t be reaching you go
oh yeah you won’t get all the privileges
it don’t look like this and that’s just
an excuse to putting this here so we can
quit and say that’s the reason he up and
I’m down
bullshit hey before we go any further
Ayoo Canseco tell folks about your
platform the big facts or podcasts on
YouTube please so they know who I’m
talking to the big space for kids is a
podcast on YouTube I’m also the creator
of the raft trap YouTube channel the
stupid rapper’s YouTube channel the big
bed for kids really is just a place
where users who like religious niggers
who coming home you know saying do this
who just coming home and don’t have you
know they want to hear it just from
someone who’s not polished someone who’s
not you know PC just speak how it is you
know and you’re the founder of the
hashtag men – men – movement started
right two years ago to combat the me –
movement when the movie came out so
we’re about child support reform we
fight well allegation of victims it is
the whole bunch of shit man if the hang
of the second you said child support
reform are you up to speed or have you
done a show on our rich dollars from
Love & Hip Hop arrested again for owen
six figures in child support we should I
be talking about I saw that on TMZ today
rich dollars arrested again I think he
owes up well according to the courts 125
K man you know about that is Blake
Griffin has to pay two hundred and
twenty thousand dollars
hmm we are losing out here the biggest
issue with the whole demand – she like
I’m pushing on pushing on pushing up in
some reason and I’m not getting the
support that this situation Mary’s right
we are losing so badly that I wouldn’t
think that there will be any male
whether you’re on child support or not
whether you’re you’ve been accused of
sexual assault or not can you not see
that you are prone just by being a man
you are prone to go to jail or be robbed
legally yeah Melissa I hate to cut you
short but I wouldn’t know personally I I
don’t have any biological kids maybe
listen I appreciate you calling I’m I
finished up on these cash apps and get
on that bat here again people people go
to big facts podcast you are a yo
Canseco I appreciate you man okay
hey yo Canseco putting in work great
channel on YouTube great channel good
okay let me get back to these uh super
chats there so I don’t miss anything
okay Gemstar mr. flowers black racist
says a white man shot a deer with a
musket the deer played dead waited for
the for the white man to get close and
then proceeded to beat his ass to death
hashtag poor dear yeah I saw that
did he kill the guy the deer I saw
something else about a bear I think that
was an where was that did the the bear
flipped on the trainer thank you black
racist Bubba Quan I read that one yes I
that’s amazing okay the game is rigged
tank okay I read that one tee I’m just
make sure to miss any of these guys hold
on a second and then gem star again says
another show means another chance for a
star to disrespect my black dollar okay
gem – I went back and read your super
pardon me that’s Friday nights you know
shit gets kind of loosened crazy hey is
that Joanna who called in ok sending in
a super chat Aborigines equal black
Americans equal Atos not Native
Americans the Poor People’s Revolution
was a ok BG after our black land after
our /black land rights ok
his story books lie Thank You Joanna and
Joanna um I’m gonna stay in touch with
you if you want to get back on the show
I enjoy talking to you I think I wrote
your number down it starts with 864 ok
thank you for your super chat she was
clarifying what she was saying when she
was talking to Dana earlier big ox ends
in a super chat Talib fans kill me lol
I’m on his Twitter and noticed when
White’s troll his fans get shook and
real quiet but when it’s a TOS they come
out the shadows okay okay uh blade thank
you for your super chat hold on a second
I think I’m done with this cigar how did
I miss this one Atos brothers and
sisters deserve reparations Israel gets
a multi-billion dollar welfare check out
of the American taxpayers pockets every
year Thank You blade Bush kid says new 5
billion American dream dream mall in New
Jersey that just opened in our home
state store for five billion on a mall
but blacks can’t get a damn dime I’m not
the speed on that can you send me a link
when you get a chance I’m born and
raised in New Jersey but I don’t want to
die there okay big Arthur B that one
porting Trump but the black agenda was
don’t vote but plenty of non-whites
voted for him especially Latinos okay
that’s big ah thank you sir he says
people call ad OS anti-immigrant for
allegedly supporting Trump but the black
agenda was don’t vote okay
Remy good evening maybe when niggas stop
throwing Happy Meals and blenders at
each other are we going there they’ll be
taken seriously for reparations hashtag
mute Deena
hashtag Ruger Ronnie hashtag Ronnie 2020
okay okay okay
hailer ii got to have a looked in there
the live channel and how much fool
baby’s doing hold on a second um we’re
gonna shut it down soon and I have to
say I like this little fancy water what
is this is this bullshit what is this
some type of alkaline 8.5 pH it’s got
electrolytes as well as this bullshit
how you guys doing live chat full blast
radio was popping I see you
coyote cage fmg just time just in time
for me okay all right a few more then
I’m gonna wrap it up folks that get
burly in the morning um the game is
rigged somebody told this cunt Gason to
stop saying respectfully he fucking up
my mode man Terrence Howard voice okay
and big Ock I think that’s the last
superjet he says I’m wondering why Talib
kept the same energy with the okay he
kept the same energy with the animal
fans like he did with Atos those geeks
was at his neck lmao
that’s about what fans you talking about
is that animal is that something else
you spelled okay more super chest came
in hold on guys choco choco Chow says
dudes talking about
we-we-we and us us us when the only time
black people come together is to holla
and cuss give reparations to the aliens
an area 51
wow that was hard Julius Lex good
evening sends in a super chat the metric
the Atos crowd is using may be
despite the issue being a valid one five
one six see Peggy I’m on the line for
finish up here is that you Julius Lex
five one six good evening hey how are
you sir Shelly my man yeah uh I just
think it’s sort short-sighted I think
they you know kind of isolating
themselves a little bit like they say
seems well I don’t know about the
establishment running it but the ppl u
here talking about it on social media
and places like this they they seem to
want to be really isolationists and that
strikes me as odd being that being you
know the reason that we’re in this
predicament is because a bigotry and
being isolated that’s why every other
group got reparations and I just think
now respectfully are you a you
african-american Hispanic West Indian
want to use sir no no no I’m black I’ve
raised a Spanish whole household but I’m
black okay and you American black like
okay and you think that ad OS is they’re
separating or not separating they’re
establishing their position you find it
to be offensive no not at all that’s why
I said it’s a battle it’s about it’s not
only valid it’s just do it break oh you
know it’s break what but I think they’re
being short-sighted because on one hand
the people talking about it they want to
they really trying to isolate everybody
they don’t want to partner with anybody
which is not how any other group
received the reparations whether we’re
talking Jews Native Americans whoever
want to go down the list with all of
them had to essentially get the people
who did them wrong to agree that they
did him wrong and then they partnered
with other people who said yeah break
them off now that said how do you know
that other groups did not distinguish
between who could and who could not
receive reparations how do you know that
to be to be fair
what do you mean distinguish between who
couldn’t could not well if we’re talking
Chinese you have Cantonese you have
Mandarin if we’re talking Italian you
have Sicilian you have Neapolitan how do
you know and I’m not saying Chinese got
reparations but I’m saying how do you
yeah okay so how do you know within
different groups that they that they
drool on like takes a Jewish community
gonna take the Jewish community right
like I’m here in Queens right and in New
York between us Brooklyn Bronx we have a
lot of Jewish friends associates things
like that take then now the Hasidic Jews
and you know the real develop about
they’re the ones who were making the
push for being broke off or whatever the
case is but I’m not really sure that
they made a distinction between the guys
who wear the black hats and everything
you know anyone who wears a yarmulke or
anyone around Jewish name I don’t think
they made the distinction I’m not sure
if they have not I’m not Jewish I don’t
know I got plenty I’ve never asked no I
don’t know but my thing is I would say
you have Jewish associates you know
saying you have Jewish friends II that
be careful because right I mean let’s
keep it real according to the tile mood
I’ll move you right you’re not a friend
yeah we’re like they’re doing you a
favor thing according right no doing you
a favor yeah you an associate I think
that the idea of you know not what you
know just isolating yourself when you
have a something’s been done wrong like
this and you need to be you know you
need to be compensated and you need
wrong to be righted you have to partner
with people or you at least have to be
open to it the number one thing you have
to do is be willing to convince those
who are not black or
American black oil or even not even you
know related to the issue in any way you
have to be able to convince them of the
righteousness of the cause yeah I hear
what you’re saying and I respect what
you’re saying but at the same time you
know just because you’re black and I’m
black does not mean I want to live it
next door to me if you can’t afford the
fucking taxes in the community I don’t
want you around and if I have to use
some type of analogy you know I’m saying
so I’m not mad at Atos for drawing the
long grass and that madam no well your
aunt give me last word honey grant yeah
I see your point but and a lot of people
were like anybody’s like this even white
people that’s why yes they call the low
class white people trash yes they in
their business I’ll give you five on the
black hand side on that fly ship if you
can’t afford the time change I don’t
want you living around me you know fuck
out of here gotta go man thank you thank
you all right thank ya I’m gonna cut
your folks I got to go to cash shop hold
on hold on I’m doing too much hang on a
second cash up who did I miss David good
evening sir he says Ronnie laughs sounds
like when you stick the tip in okay
you’re talkin reckless thank you sir so
so bomb I wish you could interview John
Lewis about MLK okay thank you sir who
is this oh did you – Vlad about to get
okay okay
that that’s an email that’s not a cache
at John blaze again Ronnie form of
reparation will be a pack of Newports yo
John blaze going in hard
tre thank you for your donation I gotta
shut it down man Danielle hey Danielle
thank you for your cash at Atos response
video in Antonio Moore’s page yes thank
you I got it I’m gonna watch that I’m
trying to watch it tonight
if not tonight first thing in the
morning but Thank You Danielle thank you
for your cash yet you appreciate it okay
hold on guys let me make sure that mr.
anybody else okay Jason sent me some
I’ll get to that tomorrow profit made
good evening just donating hater salute
New Jersey all day thank you okay and
somebody sent me the list of what we
were talking about earlier I don’t want
to do this right now but I just
mentioned earlier when will the Nicki
Minaj hate train stop for anybody who
gives a shit and Ronnie just sent me an
Funkmaster Flex top 50 living MCS
skill-level bars body of work and impact
okay okay
Nicki Minaj number 49 Wow holy shit Remy
Ma number 25 okay Thank You Ronnie I’ll
get back to this another time Wow Nicki
Minaj way down there
how was Big Sean number 41 how was oh
this is the guy Funkmaster Flex but how
was Big Sean over Lauryn Hill over Talib
Kweli over Ghostface Killah oh I can’t
do this right now let me shut this down
Thank You Ronnie
whoo that’s a whole show about self
profit made ninety nine okay I read that
one thank you sir John blaze again Wow
going in on Ronnie he says nothing but
genuine monetary love for Ronnie hashtag
lit okay Wang Wang Thank You Man I got
your Kashyap I gotta shut it down wing I
got to get out of here but I’m gonna
take a screenshot and I’ll get you on
the call on this show Sunday Wang I just
took a screenshot man all right trying
to get out of here hey Ruth Ruth sends
it another cash app for support Thank
You Ruth you appreciate it
very pretty young lady okay okay and
someone sent me the link to the mall in
Jersey I’ll check that out later David
says you missed my cash app boss nigga
my apologies I’m trying to get out of
here guys I think that’s it let me get
Ronnie’s banner ready and the homie
Sedgwick Mohammed as well let me take my
time here and triple butter let me let
me get butter up first welcome them back
to being a sponsor on the show make sure
you guys go to my triple butter com all
right I’ll see you Sunday not tomorrow
tomorrow I’m gonna try and do some
lessons for scuba diving we’ll talk
about that Sunday take care of be safe
and good night

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