T.I. Talks With Jada Pinkett On The Red Table


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The Indian Council of Medical Research, a government-funded biomedical research agency, has successfully completed a clinical trial on an injectable male contraceptive, the Hindustan Times reported. “The product is ready, with only regulatory approvals pending [from the government],” Dr. R.S. Sharma, senior scientist with ICMR, told the local news outlet. “The trials are over, including extended, Phase 3 clinical trials for which 303 candidates were recruited with a 97.3% success rate and no reported side effects. The product can safely be called the world’s first male contraceptive.”

Story https://nypost.com/2019/11/19/first-male-birth-control-injection-almost-ready-for-penises/

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Boss Hogg on a Monday I’m in a weird
weird place right now so just know that
off the RIP a weird place all right come
on in kids
I had a shit day no sense in hiding it
um I hope your day was shitty as well
misery loves company yeah let’s start
right there
um a few things want to talk about
tonight and I’m gonna take my time and
go real slow up I want to think before I
talk that’s an okay here want to think
before I talk you know might say the
wrong thing
YouTube is cracking down as you should
know December the 10th cheers and also
let me just say to some of you people yo
star you be cursin well if I sit here
and sniff a goddamn a grandma blow would
you do that while you’re watching the
show as well it’s wrong with you people
please watch your language when you call
in or else I’m gonna have to start you
know trimming back on the coals and take
it back to the Star Chamber days where I
just do all the goddamn talking I enjoy
talking to people now you know I want
different opinions and that’s why I call
the show the objective perspective okay
um I’m in a weird place because it’s
just you know Mondays Mondays get off to
a weird start nothing really bad
happened no series of events but around
5:00 p.m. I did have to I did have to
demand a refund on a slice of pizza from
Johnny something New York style pizza
here in Atlanta it’s about three dollars
and 80 some odd cents for a goddamn
slice of pizza I couldn’t take that el
and I told myself when I first moved
down here don’t start that
that weird petty shit you know Oh always
taking something back to Walmart getting
refunds on
French fries you know just crazy shit I
told myself don’t do that but today I
could not take the El let me just tell
you about that before we get into the
so I went into this place five o’clock
me afternoon something like that I
ordered a slice of pizza with anchovies
and I said I’ll be back in a second I’m
not gonna say the color or lack thereof
of the person who took the order I don’t
want to sound racist and she said okay I
come back about it must have been maybe
eight minutes later and the slice should
have been in the bag or the box waiting
for me I walk in she looks at me because
she was having a conversation with
someone else and she says oh and then
she runs to the oven I said ah shit
what’s the slice gonna play brings the
slice to me in a box I pay for it
actually I paid for it ahead of time I
take the box I exit the establishment
get outside into my truck I open the box
the slice is burnt I still took a bite
just to make sure you know I wasn’t
being too testy took a bite and it was
okay but I said to myself now I don’t
want to hold this el today walk back
inside and I said very loud because
there was other people there at the ER
you know by the register I say excuse me
this is horrible
I’d like a refund thank you sucka shit I
just did not want to take the El today
got my refund her in the manager is
somebody because somebody had to what do
you call that stuff where they have to
uh do something override override the
transaction the manager had to come over
and the manager said I’m so sorry thank
you have a good day and I didn’t say
anything I just said I’m not one of
those people who always responds just
because you say have a good day don’t
say oh you – I’m not one of those people
all right anyway here we are tonight
folks Monday night a few things
before I bring basta grunion TI property
I a ka officer Harris let’s go there
tonight he was on the red table Jada
pinkett-smith I’m gonna try and be
respectful I’ve always called Jada
Pinkett Will Smith’s little brother
those of you who know my my history
she’s got the body of a 12 year old boy
but but I thought she did a decent job
interviewing Ti and tiny Jana’s mother
was there and I want to be respectful
but I have to ask the question what is
what does he’ll claim to fame that she’s
Jada’s mother is that it means she’s is
she married to some ballers and
shot-caller she’s just sitting there no
she’s just doing all these these
emotions you know that that whole STI is
talking you know just you know all the
weird expressions
she was bothering me but I thought the
interview was respectful it was cool GI
competently yes she was capital e he’s
an entertainer he’s not a gangster
anybody i he didn’t keep that same
energy no he’s an entertainer he waved a
cop down as we used to say he
backtracked everything was done and I
understand now
Ronnie may have a different position I
don’t know I’ll bring her in shortly but
yeah it just came out today the footage
that the red table with again with Jada
Pinkett and what’s her daughter’s name
she was not there so it was just Jada
and her mother is it is it willow willow
wasn’t it yeah yeah yeah he was
backpedaling he’s an entertainer
mr. please I sort of think about that
instantaneously please get these bullets
out my hand these ain’t
yeah well okay well Oh wasn’t there um
and and tiny-tiny was talking about the
family structure yada yada yada and for
those who don’t know tiny is not the
biological mother of TI’s daughter that
you know he a couple weeks back he did
the interview and spoke about taking her
to the gynecologist every year to make
sure her hymen was intact
Tiny’s not her biological mother I have
some notes here
Dasia I think that’s her name deja
Harris her biological mother was up on
Instagram taking shots and she’s posed
to hold a second yeah she put up
something I think her name is uh Miss
Nico she posted something saying who
child the narcissism now she didn’t say
TI’s name but you know that’s what she
said on IG so I would imagine she was
taking a shot at tiara
alright also a few other things guys I
need to be abrupt brought up to speech
and I pardon me with regards to our
Kelly the our Kelly um clusterfuck and
josselyne savage who supposedly has got
an IG page we spoke about this yesterday
is this fake news or not because one of
the other accusers Lisa Van Alen saw her
up on TMZ earlier she she doubts that
josselyne really flipped Lisa Van Alen
and as I said you know last night I
don’t know if this is really if it’s
real news Lisa van Ellen Van Alen
partner says the claims that some of the
stories that are being told on that
patreon page are not consistent with
what Jocelyn Savage has said in the past
is it fake news I started to text Tasha
Kay today you know but I don’t want to
bother her with this but and thank you
to a couple of people in the comments
from yesterday’s show because I didn’t
even think about it I guess I was so
busy with other things is our Kelly
pimping josselyne from from behind the
maybe alright Kelly’s the one that’s got
her if if that’s her page on patreon
maybe aren’t Kelly is behind her you
know of creating the patreon page to get
some money I gotta get out of here do
what you gotta do tell them anything you
know um alright so that’s one of our
topics for tonight oh I’m sorry you know
what and the the male birth control
injection passes clinical trials give me
some time on that bullshit line he’s
gonna call in as I said and we will talk
about that over in India there’s a
contraceptive that is effective right
now for 13 years but you you have to
take an injection into your tool how do
you feel about that guys would you would
you do it it’s past certain phases now
right now which is past phase three
clinical trials hold on a second
303 candidates were recruited within
ninety seven point three percent success
rate over in India would you trust it
okay phone lines open cash app super Jen
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and uh also we’re gonna be talking a
little bit later about um there’s some
type of new skin bleaching technique in
Nigeria did you guys care about this
holy smokes
I saw a black woman in a bathtub is this
up on worldstar and another black woman
was peeling the skin off of her anybody
see that in live chat anybody know what
I’m talking about over in Nigeria yeah
peeling the black skin oh she’s in the
bathtub I think we should officer we
should also put the question out tonight
why do black people hate each other oh
they do
oh they do okay PD cracks as I see that
story yeah Lord Jesus let me get basta
crying in the line then I’ll come to
super Chad cash yep I see a couple of
early supporters uh Christian thank you
so much Christian I got you sit tight
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how’s that going respectfully how’s that
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nice yeah my my right you know got my
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I’m looking to work with people
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so if you all got your business and
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girlfriend what what’s going on in your
personal life
now I’m got a girl right now you know
sale free single disengaged no lady
caller can I make a suggestion I’m going
in tonight fuckin what’s up yeah get
yourself a white girl man it’s a white
girl man oh yeah a dedicated North
calculate away be dedicated alright
alright hey star will you coming down
the door man I don’t know man I’m
flipping out right now man but thanks
for the call thank you okay yeah behind
every successful black man’s a dedicated
white bitch let’s go there tonight hey
Bostick whinings at you every come 732
um laughing at what you just said behind
every successful black man as a his a
white woman what a dedicated white woman
dedicated yeah oh boy you know I just
saw in the headlines today Michael
Strahan Zach’s wife who used to be a
dedicated white woman and looking for
another three hundred and fifty thousand
dollars for their kids horseback riding
lessons so and he should give it to her
she helped him get to where he is a
white woman helped him get there I’m
absolutely I don’t know I dunno that’s
that’s why I’m going
I dunno yeah she helped him get to where
he’s at she accepted him with that big
ass gap between his teeth no black woman
wanted michael strahan room when he was
playing in the NFL when we go well you
know that gap is pretty exceptional but
um yeah so where are we going what are
we going to talk about here maybe we
should start with the male birth control
injection passes clinical trials you
sent me that story and I said I think
that that’s a really good
pick to start out with um this comes out
of India and you know me personally I
wouldn’t go down this path
you know I’m 55 years of age this is a
method which lasts approximately 13
years according to multiple sources yes
and 303 candidates were tested in ninety
seven point three percent success rate
what are your thoughts well also in
addition to that high success rate there
were no reported side effects so it’s
looking like this is going to hit the
market within the next seven months and
it basically functions is sort of like a
non-surgical vasectomy they’re just
pretty much injecting a compound into
the vas deferens and it just it blocks
the sperm from leaving the testicles so
I think it’s pretty stop right there
stop right there Ronnie stop right there
this blocks this semen from leaving the
tool or the testicles that reach the
tool and we get too graphic from leaving
the testicles that reach so it’s not
going to they’re gonna stay in the
testicles so you’re not going so a man
is not going to ejaculate then after he
takes this shot in the tool you know
that’s a very good question question
question I I don’t think I think that
would be highlighted if if that were the
case especially since they’ve reported
no side effects so that would be a side
effect right so I mean in all the
articles that I say they say that this
is how it functions it blocks the sperm
it’s a compound that that’s getting
injected but it sounds more invasive
than it actually is I don’t see why not
why not
you know women go and get birth control
injected into their buttocks right okay
hang on a second because I don’t want to
be too graphic you know YouTube’s not
playing that game anymore but um you
know for a lot of couples whether they
be males or gay couples I’m assuming
like gay couples but um the the blast
off I’ll just say the blast off that’s a
big part of the climax you know I’m
saying so if this prevents the blast off
I don’t know if that would really be
something that would be enjoyed can you
can you dig a little bit more I mean I’m
right this way I am going to check on
that because I don’t think that it stops
you know it eliminates that part of the
process but I do need clarification on
how it works if it’s blocking the sperm
from leaving the testicles you know so
I’ll try to see what I can dig up okay I
mean there are people like myself whore
just like when that weirdo creep shit
and like you know just it’s not always
about blasting off inside I’ll just say
that you know sometimes you just want to
blast off sort of blast off you know on
some bodily part of your partner you
know and and that’s exciting within
itself and then your partner says
daddies that for me so so let’s find
find it out hold on a second guys and
also Ronnie this comes out of the the
counsel of medical research in India yes
yes but researchers in the US are
currently working on a similar
contraceptives called Basel Joe can you
explain that is that similar to this
what is it
allegedly it is similar I would imagine
that it’s some sort of gel because of
the name that would be applied or would
be obviously injected since they’re
saying that it’s pretty much
like a the same the same sort of
mechanism that’s involved with this one
so but you know you numb the area before
you inject I can’t imagine it’s you know
gonna be the greatest pain in the world
you know it should be bearable i I have
to say that you know anything that
involves you know injecting something
into the tool you know just makes me
cringe you know I don’t think I could do
that but again I’m an older man maybe a
lot of younger guys today may um see
this as an option so we’ll take some
calls also can we just go left here for
a second I’m running so the TI and tiny
interview on the read table with Jada
Pinkett and her mother I forget her name
did you saw that yes because you sent me
the link can we explore that before we
open the phone lines your thoughts yes
yes well I think it’s important to note
that he did acknowledge that his
daughter whom he was discussing on that
podcast she did have a problem with him
talking about it he also said that when
his comments on the podcast went viral
she had asked him not to respond so he
sort of agreed to take the heat but
she’s recently given him the green light
to go ahead and address the situation
and so that’s why he’s now you know
chosen to finally speak on it so he has
a clip on his IG promoting his
appearance on the right table talk and
and that clip he’s stumbling and
fumbling you know it’s buttering and I
understand now right so I watched part
one on Facebook and it’s pretty much a
continuation of him stuttering and
walking back what he said he actually
claimed that his comments were said in
jest and he was joking and exaggerating
and you know like like you said he said
oh I understand now and he even went as
far as to say I understand that I really
don’t understand so to me that I took
that as a concession okay so um I’ve
already said I think that he
an entertainer he’s gonna do what works
for business I get it but at the same
time I’m not a father of a biological
daughter well none that I know of
intended I’m claiming what are your
thoughts do you think Ti is a punk for
walking back his comments do you agree
with him trying to clean things up what
is it you feel with regards to uh
what you saw personally I feel like he
in general does too much and this is
just another situation where he did too
much you should not be discussing your
daughter’s hymen in public that’s not
ever a topic that should be up for
public consumption because it’s one
thing to have a private discussion at
home with your daughter her mother
you know her stepmother whomever it’s
another to talk about it on a podcast
it’s how low can you go you know you
don’t have any other content to discuss
to promote your podcast that you’re
discussing your daughter’s hymen
so that’s creepy to me so I just think
this is just him doing too much I can’t
speak to how he parents his daughter but
I do know that he pretty much walked
back his entire stance on the right
people okay but now to be a fair and
objective I myself nor you our parents
so we can’t really understand his
position would you agree with that or do
you feel different
well I mean I will say that there are
parents who certainly don’t agree with
his position so whether or not your I
have children doesn’t preclude us from
having an opinion on the matter
especially since he has brought it to
the forefront for public consumption you
can’t introduce a topic and then say
well this is between my family or this
is only between people who have kids you
know you put it out there now second and
I want to be you know an informed
opinion I I can’t say certain things
with conviction about how a father
should or should not think feel or react
because I don’t have a daughter I mean I
have to literally harness myself in even
out 55 I don’t censor myself but
sometimes I feel like saying you know F
this bitch when I’m talking about a
female but in reality there are men my
age who are fathers and grandfathers and
they won’t be as quick to say something
like that so I’m just asking do you and
I have well I’m already saying I don’t
have an informed opinion so your opinion
would you agree it’s not really that
informed another mother I I’m not a
mother no I’m not but I know that if I
were a mother there just are certain
things that I myself as a parent would
not want the father of my child doing to
my daughter discussing her hymen in a
public space is one of them all right
folks I’m I’m in a weird mood tonight f
these bitches F these hoes where I’m
going area code 9 7 3 good evening
9 times do you know who’s this please
watch your mouth never mind what I say
no cursing please
we want to jump in well no tea I was on
the red table with Jada Pinkett you know
and tiny they were talking about his
comments he walked everything back
you have to speed on that if not we’re
talking about male birth control
birth control injection they said on the
same room last week that uh if they goes
it doesn’t go your tool it goes in your
groin area your bra like basically
you’re wrong mm so they are they inject
you with that yeah first off I don’t
believe the man should use birth control
pills but your man is your job to pull
out or not funny can we confirm sir hold
wait can we confirm where this injection
goes it is in the scrotum area or the or
the tool can you it’s going into the
groin he’s just he just back that Walker
because you know just like he got
sponsorship he went to the white man and
a quote so he don’t want to mess up none
of his contracts and all his feelings he
just car this podcast so that’s why I
took back his statement I was a smart
move on him yeah idiot or a podcast or
people reveal it to the people don’t
care anymore podcast that was their not
poppy facts
I sound like a businessman from Paterson
New Jersey a businessman choices our bum
bitch man she’s my friend
okay call me thank you salute Dubrow
thank you okay all right I’m not your
bro Paterson New Jersey on the check in
WoW is that a shithole
Ronnie can you confirm is that’s the
home of Fetty WAP yeah and in the former
home of a Lou Costello I know that’s
before a lot of people’s times I think
they they do they still have a statue
there of a Lou Costello I’m probably not
area code seven eight good evening I’m
sloppy tonight someone ain’t good
evening are you there seven eight
yes no maybe testing testing one two
three okay let’s get you out of there
area code seven two zero were talking
about gi’s interview on the read table
oh you have to speed seven to zero good
evening yes sir how are you Oh
star star salute to you baby yes sir
I’m beaming you from Colorado right now
but I’m just going Time Machine who
wrote on this one time machine you real
dammit I meant on that birth control
shit I remember you from back in a day
when you sinned
I remember you from back in the day when
you were syndicating on on power 99 with
starring buck Wow right remember that I
remember that yeah all right all right
all right so salute to that so we won’t
bounce off of this right now going this
just on this male birth control thing
you know this is just this is just my
perspective this is my perspective the
middle birth control thing I think it’s
more designed towards you know the black
man because the man is fertile hmm the
black woman is the black woman is
fertile we black women have babies at a
higher birth rate more than any other
race in this world whatever they happen
for all reasons or whether they haven’t
for the right reasons but we outnumber
everyone in this world
I think it’s designed more
I think it’s designed more for us to
stop populating because we’re gonna
outnumber everybody in another 10 to 20
years you did okay now hang on a second
because this is coming out of India so
now when it reaches here in America it
could quite possibly take that turn that
you’re talking about that that’s more of
a conspiracy yes conspiracy in
perspective I I would agree with you on
but me all right I’m not the same age
population control all right all right
and and and I do have a daughter and and
to also segue off of what G I was doing
you can’t put chaos perspectives to
everybody else’s perspective he got the
daughter he’s been through a lot of
things on the street so he he already
know what it is you know I mean so so so
so if I want to take my daughter to get
a checked out periodically every so X
amount of months you can’t blame that
man for that because he already assumed
it and he probably was one of the people
that was doing it to females you doing
so so you can’t really be mad at him for
that if anything you should applaud him
because how many fathers out there even
in even in a child’s business or in a
life like that like listen I don’t mean
no malice with you little dirt or
whatever but I’m in your face I’m gonna
be around your face I’m a being back of
you I’ma be behind you hang on a second
did you see the interview that we’re
talking that it just came out today did
you see it be honest no I did six
working man but I will chime in on that
I will chime it I will chime in on that
and checking on that later and then I
and then I’ll gather my own perspective
from that what we’re gonna have to wait
until it actually reaches America then
we can talk about you know sterilizing
black females and white genetic survival
we have to wait till it actually come
here when I got your point yes yes yes
and I’m gonna step off hang on is that
you laughing quiz run that basta quiet
laughing Ronnie talk money talk nobody
talk come on Ronnie
okay all right it sounds like the high
it sounds like you sort of formulated an
opinion about this before you realize it
was being manufactured and marketed to
people in India first I mean like he
just said like like like star just said
yeah I didn’t I didn’t see the
finalization of
TI’s opinion but but I don’t call for
studies man I thought I thought the
human experience function and I have a
son and a daughter I have a son in the
daughter every new old daughter who I
got a prepped her for life and I may not
be no I was I was referring to the
sterilization of black women with this
male birth control that you were you
know I mean I mean I mean I mean
actuality it is happening it’s happening
to young black men it’s happening to all
it’s gotten to all people the
sterilization of people it is that’s
just the fact of the matter it is it is
hey I appreciate the call thank you man
saloon okay hold on did I bring in
Ronnie’s other topic give me a second
Ronnie I have a super chat one read here
avi L he says everyone knows I think Ti
is a nitwit so I’ll skip that but those
Indian dudes okay tools are going to be
a hanging like heavy grocery bags in 13
painful okay he’s talking about this
this male contraceptive coming out of
India at this point in time
the injection can last up to thirteen
years these are the reports so at this
point in time they’re saying no side
effects right Ronnie at this point in
time who knows what’s gonna happen in
decades now right and you know that’s
the chance you take when you agree to be
a lab rat for these sort of clinical
trials is that you are the first
official guinea pig there are no
long-term studies as you go on and live
your life you will be the long-term
study so we’ll have to check back and
see if whether you no obvious
predictions ring true you could develop
some type of cancer assist and then they
would have to cut your testicles out but
you know Dave good evening Dave well you
know the same time the fact of the
matter is you see these commercials for
these drugs on television all the time
right and the selling part of the drug
is maybe like 10 15 seconds the person
was happy they’re free of whatever
affliction that the drug is supposed to
treat and then the next two minutes
you know they speed it up legally
they’re allowed to and it’s like two
minutes of side-effects right so you see
the rush
you know they push these drugs on to the
market and then months later you hear if
you’ve been injured you know and they’re
directing you to call a lawyers so
that’s essentially what happens with a
lot of drugs when they’re fresh to the
market okay hold on a second movie some
super chat Dave good evening he says
Ronnie that video on your IG had me
dying a grown-ass man trying to school
with kiddies lol trying to go to school
your idea your Twitter oh that that’s
the video we talked about on the show I
put it up in case people didn’t see it
of but remember when the bus driver
throws the person off the bus and
everyone and gets upset thinking he
threw a kid off the bus right okay
thank you Dave for your super chat just
notice mm-hmm I don’t know if I read
this or not glad you’re back after
eating that Popeyes chicken sandwich
with swine flu star let Ronnie know the
best way to get her followers up is sink
pics okay sink and also a cash Shep
comes in from a Christian thank you
I’ve got your cash yet alright folks if
you just now join the show we’re talking
about T is interview on the read table
with Jada Pinkett if you saw it what are
your thoughts if not we’re talking about
male contraceptives that have now come
out of India with regards to birth
controls birth control methods for me as
well phone lines are open
also Ronnie um Bill Cosby not that you
had to but did you hear his audio
there’s a new interview with him that
just came out if not will keep a pushin
from his first interview from jail no
but I did I did see an article that had
some of the quotes and he basically said
he’s not sorry
you know he’s feeling like he shouldn’t
be in there and he said when he goes
before the parole board he he’s not
gonna you know he’s supposed to fall on
the sword and you know accept
accountability and all of that he’s not
doing that
he has no plans to do that so I don’t
think I think he’s gonna die in jail
hang on a second did you hear him say
he’s not sorry
or are you reading what they had on TMZ
because I listened to as much of it as I
could I got down to the last minute
thirty some-odd minutes and I never
heard him say I’m not sorry but if you
go to tmz.com they’re literally making
him look like a monster who has and they
used the words no remorse did he say
that he I’m paraphrasing but from the
direct quote that I read I see that
that’s how they made that deduct
deduction that he doesn’t have any
remorse because that’s not what I got
from the quote that I saw in the article
that I read and I think it was the post
where I was reading you know loose
of the interview but he said that he’s
not he doesn’t feel again I’m
paraphrasing you listen to him directly
how did he sound to you I didn’t hear
him say I’m not sorry and I didn’t hear
him say there’s no remorse I heard him
talking about a lot of other things the
death of his daughter and he was talking
about black people and and you know
being respectful to black women I didn’t
hear him say no remorse I was just
curious but we don’t have to harp on it
if you didn’t hear the actual interview
hold on a second I want to go to UM
super chat juice junior on the check and
he says yo star what’s worse
GI discussing his daughter’s hymen or
CTG relaying a message for his niece to
surge blocker about his toll
what does CTG is that Charlemagne is
that strong man nickname I think if you
talk about Charlemagne stroking the
yeah I’m not up to speed and someone
sent me a link to Charlemagne talking to
some guy about the his beef in the sweat
pants is up he’s talking about that that
was too weird for me sir I’m just I’m
I’m 55 and I don’t mean to sit here in
sound like I’m just so not with the
Breakfast Club but I don’t listen like
that you know I mean I I don’t know if
you can clarify except you’re 12 come
out hit some some guy
maybe I’ll Google that guy’s name to see
if that’s you talking about who’s asked
him about the beef and the sweat pants
and the guy was at whoa I’ll come back
to you
I bet thank you for your donation drew H
Philly on the check and be a super Chad
he says star regardless of the race all
of these women can become emotionally
I’m married to a Puerto Rican why a
white girl question mark they crazy til
you know I’ve elaborated in the past
about what type of woman will support
what type of man now that some would say
that a strong black woman will go good
behind a successful white man it’s not
that I’m looking down upon black women
but there’s different levels now are you
married to a Puerto Rican I’m sorry you
say you might to a Puerto Rican okay I
know nothing about your particular union
if you want to call in phone lines open
we can discuss it
what we can girls are dedicated
dedicated and they deal with a lot of
bullshit a lot but as long as you take
care of the house the Puerto Rican girls
based upon my experience they’ll cut you
some slack you know Jamaican girls you
wake up with a steak knife in your chest
in my opinion area code three one three
are you there three one three good
evening hey what’s up man I wasn’t sure
you boys how’s it going I’m pretty I’m
pretty disappointed backtracking already
said and tried to play it off but I do
understand why he had to do it and you
know he didn’t wanna you don’t want to
mess up the back so I get that but I do
I do have an issue with everybody kind
of thinking T is the weirdo about this
like he was asked he was asked by those
two women about his 18 year old
daughters you know sex life the real the
weirdos were those two women you know
like everybody’s trying to paint it like
she is a weirdo they wouldn’t want to
ask him about his daughter’s sex life
like who who does that who is a half
that type of stuff so I mean he said
would came to his mind he couldn’t like
check him or nothing because then he
would look even worse like that and this
just I don’t know man it’s just this
weird just I hear Ronnie telling key you
know saying what she I should do is
as a father this is weird it just makes
me wonder like I did did Ronnie have a
father growing up in her life I know she
doesn’t like talk about it herself
personally because she’s paying you but
like I let you speak
let’s not put forth false narratives
she’s right there you can speak to
Ronnie that’s hb2 men if you wanna say
yeah oh yeah so I actually the only
thing I said with regards to him and
what he should not do is disgusting
sorters hymen publicly now if you called
then hang on hb2 and let her respond
then respond so we’re not talking on top
of each other go ahead if you call them
to tell me the opposite of what I said
which is that he should be out in the
world discussing his daughters hymen
with the public then I have to question
you know you as well and I would have to
say you look like a weirdo
along with mothers they didn’t ask him
first of all and let me clarify
something that you said they didn’t ask
him about his daughter’s sex life they
asked him merely have you had a
conversation with your daughter about
sex he went on and all endeared all of
that information and also if you watch
an interview
hold on if you watch the interview he
says that he was lying when he said that
he still takes her he said that this was
when she was 15 16 years old and that he
never scheduled the appointment so the
entire narrative that he put out there
he has taken it all back so anyone who
is criticized it is probably correct to
criticize it judge by the fact that he’s
taken it all back aged between you have
the floor sir yeah I mean weird cuz
Ronnie never liked
right question she always kind of just
spins and there’s and makes up her own
answer so I don’t even I don’t even
really know it she said like it doesn’t
really make any sense
they brought up his daughter that’s
because you know why you know why
anything to end because you’re know hold
on I’ll tell you why you don’t
understand because your brain processes
information as slowly as you but if you
listen to the rebroadcast you’ll get it
you can’t correct questions it’s weird
start literally ask what did you think
about him flip-flopper because obviously
Wiles is the truth he flipped watch all
you went into is some mess about it so
we already talked about weird everybody
has so much to say about how a black man
raises his kids is weird it’s like for
some some white supremacist angle like
everybody thinks they know it which now
you a father hb2 a knife again meanwhile
you’re not even a father but you’re
gonna criticize me because I’m not a
mother and I have an opinion
grow up with the father so I never I
never took on that I never thought that
that was something that I needed to to
you know complete my life as well as a
woman that’s bearing at 32 you should
understand that Ronnie so you know it’s
it’s 35 and see one question you did ask
me I guess you’re still waiting on an
answer yes I did have a father so now
that you’ve let us know that you grew up
without your father and that he
abandoned you I understand why you don’t
understand how fathers should have
when it comes to raising their children
running with the uppercut be discussing
their daughter’s private parts on a
podcast for starters I just don’t
understand what surprised it about it
it’s a hymen are you so you think her
hymen is
public business right they asked him
about her sex life then if it’s not that
was conversation they never asked about
her body weight which which means they
weren’t to know she sexually active or
not if they’re having the conference
efficient they’re already in it not your
er you well anything else because you
know you sound like you have marbles in
your mouth and it’s really hard for me
to process what you fuck a pack of
cigarettes then go back okay age beat
well this man I don’t wanted to get too
personal I think I get it I get it
tighter have never you know speaking on
herself personally she has all these you
know she’s so opinionated about
everything but she never wants to bring
it back to it so absolutely you start
Thank You Man thank you
HB twin on the chicken all right hang on
a second have y’all greeting sir sensor
name super jet black Ronnie has been
cutting off heads and drinking the blood
for the last few weeks I’m loving it
let’s look to her Jesus is king thank
you sir gem star says star why does hb2
and always sound like he just woke up
from a slumber party at edy bucks house
and pimp pimp juice jr. I did Google um
the name you gave me a hole in a second
and I think Ronnie I sent you the email
do you have time to check your email
okay yeah oh great now okay I saw a part
of this clip this guy he’s a
professional basketball player let me
just I mean not say the wrong thing okay
and yeah the conversation I wasn’t in
the know about what they were talking
about in Charlamagne from The Breakfast
Club he asked him about when he said
let’s let’s get back to your beef and
your pants or something and I just I I
clicked off because I thought it was
just like
inside conversation or some inside joke
I wasn’t up to speed but uh do you see
it Ronnie oh my gosh how do you say his
last name LeBlanc
serge ibaka okay ibaka for me
ibaka okay okay so I don’t know what’s
going on Thank You Man I got you super
hold on Ronnie um Kashyap hey Linda
thank you so much darling oh she’s a
hottie too Halen did she says uh black
to black color ISM is self-imposed
stupidity I agree with you
self-imposed to patootie thank you so
much Linda I’m just gonna say the first
name thank you for your donation darling
Elvis the chef Rosenberg okay sit tight
sorry I got you he wants to chime in
hold on and Christian with another
donation let me see if I get Elvis in
here Wow Elvis the chef Rosenberg good
evening sir is that you six for six I am
I am here hey how I’m in a little way
okay okay what do you want to store it
ci or the male the male contraceptive
coming out of India you have the floor
the male son I’m thinking about the male
contraception and if this all reminds me
of how India is debated tenth of the
world it’s whenever you want to try
something out let’s go to India see what
date what happens with them it’s kind of
sad how the system that we have and that
we’re living in chooses to still dish
out eugenics on the people of India they
started out with the cashless society
testing it out over there and now
they’re testing out more eugenics to try
to bring down the population and of
course the brown person is the first one
they try it on
well they are overpopulated in India so
it mean it makes sense that they would
gas me
spearhead this you know we don’t earn em
well I think there has a lot to do with
the fact that whether they overpopulate
it or not because they’re some that some
that would argue that we are not as
populated as we think we are okay that
is just a little loop and a lot of that
has to do with the Georgia Guidestones
and what the Georgia Guidestones
represent and the first thing that the
George I stone thing is to maintain
Earth’s population that’s 500 million
and I always would say I would argue the
word maintain if we were to break down
the word maintain or mean that it has
already been done so that’s for another
day it’s a long carnival no no stay with
me I like what you’re saying I’m I’m not
rushing away from this I think this is a
very interesting topic but again the my
thing is that this last for 13 years
this injection into the groin area and
who wants to inject himself with
something to prevent procreating for 13
years I mean women have the choice of
going on birth control and then you know
coming right off of it I don’t know what
that time cycle is but the 13 years that
just sounds excessive to me well it
sounds like something that might have
been made for a situation where the
courts might be able to also person to
very good point it always comes out
voluntary and then they charge a lot for
it and then they give it away and then
they administer to courts and
legislation and all that to the people
if it comes to the states here the
courts could look at certain low income
fathers and say well instead of giving
you 90 days in jail you have the option
to take the injection to stop
procreating at a first starter
Mississippi or Florida yeah
oh hey Ronnie are you there anyone jump
in the conversation I’m talking to a
Elvis that Chef Rosenberg what are you
thoughts money yes yeah what you what
you just apostatized is something that’s
actually been taking place there is a
woman I spoke a few months it on here
about her who has an organization and
she pays women who are mainly drug
addicts to get sterilized and there’s
even some prisons that sterilized women
still to this day and you know as you
know we this country has a sordid
history of forced sterilization so but
this is something that’s elective it’s
if you want to do it the choice is yours
you say why don’t people get a vasectomy
because this is sort of semi-permanent
so it wears off whereas a vasectomy I
don’t think that that’s reversible so if
you change your mind it’s you know
nothing you can do about it so and this
is also less invasive you’re not you
know going to have an actual cut and
procedure done you know so August you
that you have the last word thank you
for all that you do Thank You min thank
you salute okay Elvis there chef
Rosenberg hold on a second Ronnie let me
just clear out some of these cash apps
and folks if you can’t get throwing the
phone lines you can send in a cash app
or a super chat and can you guys please
hit the like button and the share
there’s a whole lot going on with
YouTube and they’re cracking down as you
know I don’t know what’s going on with
the notifications and stuff like I don’t
start screaming conspiracy but if you
could hit the like button and the share
that would be great to notify other
people we’re talking about two topics
tonight and let me go to super check and
I’ll come back to Bostic Ronnie a vlo
sends another super jet he says second I
read that one pardon me
Queen Vicki pardon me Queen Vicki says
hi star just wanted to say how beautiful
Ronnie is and how much I enjoy hearing
you to chop it up love her and you best
okay best team in or radio forward slash
Internet thank you darling
Thank You queen Vicki okay Ronnie did I
sing you that video I mean if we can
just go left for a second
in Nigeria there’s some type of new skin
bleaching techniques and that you know
no you didn’t send me that but I have
this link on Charlamagne and Serge Ibaka
Wow okay did you see the video there’s a
video that they’re talking about
pimp-juice jr. I’m sure many of you did
you see the video I have heard about
that video where she’s like in a bathtub
and you know bleaching her sky I’m not
talking about the skin bleaching I’m
talking about there’s a video of
Charlemagne talking to this guy Serge I
saw that one yes yeah yeah and I have
actually exactly what was said word for
word okay so you saw that video
Charlemagne talking to this guy Serge
yes okay what’s this all about
I’m confused something about the meat in
the sweater sweat pants here okay so I
think the year was like 2015 Serge Ibaka
had posed for a picture and he had on
gray sweatpants and you know it sort of
kind of went viral women were talking
about like the print trying to be
careful here and his sweat pants right
so Charlemagne in this video and this is
a recent video is asking him about the
picture and he says Charlemagne asked
him was that all you
you know as if to say like maybe was
there a sock and that you know basically
insinuating and that’s not a question
the heterosexual man asked another man
so of course he got some heat for it and
he blamed his niece she said that his
niece said that you know all women have
wanted to know that no we haven’t
I don’t think about serge ibaka or his
sweat pants that’s something you wanted
to know I have to jump in and in defense
of Charlemagne I have to say that that
was probably the right question to ask
that guy because he’s talking to
Charlemagne right
yeah hang on a second Charlemagne’s a
cutting-edge guy I mean he’s not he’s
not a fucking he’s not too deep in terms
of politics and other things but you
know he’s a cutting-edge guy he wants to
ask the unique or get to knee-jerk
reaction from people shock value so
that’s what we asked here we are talking
about it you know people chance I don’t
think Charlemagne I mean I guess if he
won thank you it’s not just this one
incident it’s the totality of all of
these incidents him offering to perform
fellatio on Takashi 69 and saying he
forgot about that and when asked if he
yes him when asked how he identifies
saying I guess I’m straight you know you
know it’s a collection of different
incidents where it’s like what are you
doing are you trying to signal to a
certain community like are you front of
us what’s going on this is very
questionable behavior yeah I stand
mouths okay so now has he released his
statement or is it not that deep I’m
just responding to someone’s uh superjet
well that is the statement he pretty
much wrote a paragraph on Instagram
saying oh ladies are I dare I
on this hill for y’all I asked you know
basically saying that his meet told him
that this is something that women have
wanted to know for years no we haven’t
okay this is not no maybe maybe it was a
viral moment you know in 2015 we’re
about to be in 2020 nobody is thinking
about that but you sir okay so
Charlemagne was curious maybe huh it was
curious I’m curious about you loving
hanger steak 69 chop shops ends in a
soup yet did Charlemagne give Ibaka
something to drink during the interview
okay we’re going someplace else tonight
I don’t know I don’t know I didn’t see
that interview I just saw that little
snippet well thank you for your donation
69 shop shop yeah Charlemagne out there
giving drinks to the babies once upon a
time that’s not a legend let’s go to
area code eight six zero eight six zero
you’re there yep yeah hey good evening
how are you sir male birth control
injection approved in India what are
your thoughts well would you take the
injection yeah why not me let’s go on
the but freely it’s gonna but freely get
my rocks off and don’t have to worry
about getting hit up for child support
well I still don’t know if you would
bust I mean that’s the bill that’s the
question I asked Rani do you actually
bust or do you just experience a climax
mentally and nothing comes out I’m still
trying to find that out I’m with Mythili
there is no evidence to leave no
evidence behind it takes you to the bath
when we try to mix up Wow Wow we called
from sir why not look on don’t fourth
sign me up
put my name down well it might come here
with it I would imagine it’s gonna come
here to the states at some point but
right now it’s been approved in India
okay you got a twelve-year-old son
so I’m 50 years old I’m still fertile
I’m saying yeah when it comes here I’d
be the first one okay okay also di
twelves with Jada Pinkett on the red
table did you see that interview just
came out today
he’s walking everything hot but I heard
what you guys are talking about I heard
what you guys are talking about and uh
yeah I just think you should be talking
about his daughters you know private
parts or whatever that’s kind of kind of
weird you know I got three daughters
myself now me and now I don’t think it’s
a good look for him aren’t you he did
the right thing by by by toning it down
a little bit you know what he did you
know what he did was wrong yeah all the
backlash he got in everything oh no
these ain’t my bullet yeah I mean but
I’m I appreciate the call thank you man
oh yeah folks if you did not see the
interview mmm Hootie I on the red table
tiny Jada Pinkett Smith and her mother
no tea I was just saying he understands
now saying he was wrong and you know
tiny didn’t come down on him she was
rolling down to dedicate it you know and
I have to say that I thought Jada
Pinkett did it she did a good job with
the exception of that whole pointing
thing you know I just a black woman
always pointing you know and then if you
don’t cut that shit show then he took
point you know pokey in a head so that
was the only thing I didn’t like about
Jada Pinkett did you share her pointing
during that interview yeah yeah I did
and at one point he was saying he’s like
oh I’m disappointed not that willow
isn’t here I wish she was here or
and Jada is like oh no it’s it’s better
that she wasn’t which was basically
implying like that you know
willow might have gotten a little feisty
with him because she’s very outspoken on
that show okay do you know what Jada
Pinkett smoother does I want to be
respectful but what if she’s just
cutting her eyes you know rolling and
sighing if she married somebody like you
know not gonna her down or if she just
like you know Aggie all the time um I’m
not sure if she’s married but she is a
part of the read table and she did seem
to echo like everything Jada said it was
sort of weird it was almost like a
chorus she was definitely taking cues
from Jada normally she does seem to sort
of like you know be a little bit more
outspoken but on this episode she was
definitely you know taking cues from
Jada and just backing up everything that
she said I thought that she was cutting
her eyes and I thought Jada did a good
job you know again with the exception of
that pointing thing to TIA
you know to to let him know you know I
thought the mother was just doing too
much can you google and see if she’s
married it mean because she might not be
getting her back blown out and that’s
the Dustin reason why she’s sitting
there like you know you know doing all
that extra carrying on just go glad I’ll
come right back to you okay hey Mike
foster is that you sir every coach six
one seven I got you Tasha hey man how
are you I have a little trouble here you
Mike can you take off the headset hers
come closer you said so yeah Charlamagne
won’t hear you yes I wrote that yeah I
was just saying Charlemagne you know the
reaction to to what he said it’s been
really bad and King earner actually
matched his honor
because what he said so I don’t want to
talk about other people’s YouTube
channels you know just let’s just stay
on Charlemagne well I’m just saying that
the reaction in the community overall
it’s been worse for this and it’s almost
as bad as you know the Jets the lead
Fiasco I mean he people are really
getting out of that okay threatening his
place of employment or is it just you
know people kicking up dust I mean if he
just said something that was you know
suspect I don’t think it’s that bad
well just based on you know the people
that I’ve heard react you know people
talking about it people are seem very
kind of kind of just be fed up with with
with Charlemagne and his antics as
Ronnie said you know a culmination of
these these different things that he
hadn’t done people thinking maybe
pushing an agenda at some time I’m not
gonna hate on the guy just a hit on the
guy never met him every don’t care you
know I mean I think what he does is
shock value and I don’t say this to be
disrespectful he doesn’t have an ounce
of political sense in his fuckin head
clearly so so this should be expected
this type of stuff you know they’re
talking about it as far as the the 13
years goes that would be my problem with
it because you know a vasectomy can be
reversed they can do a rehearsal but
like that to be right so you know that’s
not like once you get a perspective me
it’s over for you you can get it to turn
back 13 years that’s a commitment you
know you have to once once you get that
you know you then you change your mind
and you want kids you know you’re kind
of screwed so I think that that may be
the drawback for that type of thing you
know the drawback from
would be if I can’t you know blast off I
don’t wanna be too graphic but you know
I’m the type of guy you know it’s freaky
freak you’re freaking now you know I’m
saying so you know that the blast-off is
a big part of the climax for a lot of
people and if you take that away from a
guy mad I don’t know man that’s I’m
still telling a confirmation for money
but then other than that Mike everything
else good with you man I appreciate you
support yeah yeah start back up with
with 300 yesterday I took a shot of such
300 yesterday yeah hit me up Easy’s
let’s not talk about that on the phone
lines here it’s everything’s being
monitored I’ll talk behind the scenes
thank you man up thank you Mike okay
yeah can’t be uh catching no steering
charge that’s it they took all the back
of these you know steering steering a
sail you know why did we give any
confirmation or my beating a dead horse
here about this whole blast ball thing
with the male contraceptive coming at it
no you okay I found out you will still
be able to ejaculate but there will be
no sperm in it oh my god so it stops the
sperm from leaving the testes dangerous
so you’re still going to ejaculate but
this firm the there will be no sperm
present that sounds crazy
you’re gonna eject late but nothing
called it yeah it’s just like when you
have a vasectomy you were still
ejaculate but there’s no sperm present
okay RJ supreme sends in a super chat
hangul running mmm hater the injection
coming from India as a decoy used by
whitey Indian are also Caucasian they’re
for the rest of
our prey hashtag where mo mo eat or moet
I’m not sure what you mean sir we’re
moet thank you thank you okay I read
that was a 69 shop shop is that thing
really picking up traction about
Charlemagne pandering was it I said he’s
pandering show me you know he took yeah
he sucked up with the I heart you know
machine and he’s doing whatever he can
to pander to a certain demographic to
make himself more palatable so he can
appeal to a much broader audience you
know look at the way he conducted
themselves when Malik came up there with
those three guys so that should tell you
you know all there is to know but where
he stands he’s willing to make his own
sexuality the butt of the butt of a joke
for what what does he gain from it you
know I don’t know the guy and I don’t
want to be disrespectful he’s married
yes last time I heard he’s married he’s
got a bunch of kids that’s a beautiful
thing but he does play the whole mental
health card yes like I’m I’m crazy or or
I go to does he go to therapy I don’t
know did he go to therapy what imagine
so allegedly I think he’s you know turn
this whole mental health thing into you
know a bag and it’s like the gift that
keeps on giving because everybody has
problems so I mean it’s sort of like you
know the horoscope you you read it and
of course you think it applies to you so
you know he always seems to deflect with
this whole mental-health angle you know
whatever the problem is you know it’s
always mental health problems and so I
don’t think he’s really interested in
necessarily healing people so much he’s
interested in turning
– dollar sign it’s very trendy okay I’m
not gonna take shots at the guy just to
take shots I don’t know his whole you
know position on things but uh hey
listen come on e uh that money blue
sends in a super chat goddamn Ronny
shooting ten for ten salute shush
thank you for the cash at that money
blue pulling a second uh Brandon good
evening sir
read my email star can hang on a second
where’s the email homie hang on Ronny
I don’t see an email from Brandon I see
a cash shot can you resend your email
Brandon I do not see your email is it
from the same account I see something
from what is this is this neighborhood
watch is that you sir I do not it
doesn’t say Brandon something about
number nine number nines – homie I
haven’t spoke to him in a while if
that’s yours can you confirm can you
send me another email say yes that’s my
email I’m not religious I’m 55 home I
can’t multitask help me out area code
301 good evening are you there 301 look
star was good hey okay you know the vows
yes sir we come from I’m in Maryland
right now okay okay please don’t start
that cursing you you to be shutting
everything down December the 10th I
might be out of here just take it easy –
profanity okay that’s all I ask me
what’s going on let’s talk about it do
you see the fight for Keith Wallace sir
that was Saturday night today’s Monday
we’ve been going back there for God but
you saw that kid though oh sure you’re
using profanity come on the fight was
we’re not talking about the fight that I
spoke about okay oh damn you sent this
little girl to give me a Leever okay
what’s going on now you sent in some
squirrely you said are you going to okay
I appreciate that so what’s going on
otherwise man
I’m back on the on the under snow again
bro so again you’re slurring your speech
say again I’m back on I’m back on the
snow again Oh any some advice you know I
was about to ask you that but I don’t
want to be disrespectful
are you serious you’re back on the blow
you back on the blow yeah are you
serious are you trolling no I’m that uh
how old you and are you married
you live with a female I’m talking with
that life where you pop a firecracker up
Oh easy easy I know where you going all
right take it easy you’re 24 you’re 24
you live by yourself
are you heterosexual or you gay or you
try sexual what are you what is that you
transsexual means you willing to try
keep it real what are you all right
woman I don’t know how do you describe
that okay woman okay let’s take you slow
you’re 24 how often do you do coke
how often don’t lie we talked before so
you called me so I’m just ask you a
question how often do you blow every day
every other probably
right do you have a regular job alcohol
work okay you have a regular okay can I
ask what yeah what field are you in what
field are you in construction okay you
work with your hands you no no no put
your hands yeah yeah yeah can I make a
yeah and then this serious is colon
cancer you’re 24 this is a different
generation I’m not trying to play out
get yourself an eight ball and a tranny
listen to me listen to me listen to me
slow down get yourself an eight ball and
a tranny do some blow with the tranny
and that will determine who you are in
life whether you’re straight gay or
trisexual then take a good look at
yourself in the mirror that’s all you
need you need my my advice I mean I can
say anything to you you don’t saying
that no way easy with the language
please no profanity come on I didn’t do
snow I mean I didn’t do profanity I said
you just know for like how long like ten
years twelve years a decade 1981 to 91
but I never sniffed blow with the tranny
I choked the train you kicked the
training in the side of the head because
he tried to beat me on some blow I never
sniffed blower training but as far as
you’re concerned listen to me listen to
far as you’re concerned it’s a different
day in time you guys accept anything get
yourself an eight ball yeah yeah and get
a tranny and go from there right oh
thank you man thank you okay let’s get
him out of he’s cursed and he can’t
can’t stop the profanity Jesus Mary
Joseph whoo okay hey Boston
Ronnie I want to ask you the video out
of Nigeria of the black woman that was
in the the tub and they were literally
scraping off a layer of skin you saw
that yes yes and I just immediately shut
it off it was you know it’s really
disgusting but she’s not the only person
that’s taking extreme measures to alter
her appearance that’s a multi-billion
dollar industry that the skin bleaching
so you know I’m not surprised it’s you
know I I see ads pop up on Facebook of
you know all different types of scrubs
and you know it’s it’s really big it
said that’s good well you know from what
I gathered here Nigeria is one of the
leading places in terms of bleaching and
I saw some commercials with the blac
Chyna so yeah so I don’t know if she’s
um bleaching or toning because a lot of
a lot of these people are claiming that
it’s not bleaching its toning toning up
their their skin you know and I have to
say this again what’s her name the
actress Oh God
we were just speaking about her and we
were saying she’s making good Megan good
Megan good she looks different and if
that’s your choice you know that’s her
choice but this video was really scary
and if anybody’s concerned the video I
saw it on worldstar a woman was in the
tub and and another one would just take
literally just some type of spatula
taking off a layer of black skin yeah so
there is a product that blac Chyna’s
been promoting and that’s been
particularly marketed to people in
Africa and it is a bleaching cream it’s
also very big over in Jamaica over in
Haiti and you know really
all over the India there’s this weekend
going on yeah in India and China Japan
so you know all over the world darker
skin it’s just seen as undesirable to
some people okay hang on a second Ronny
um okay neighborhood watch I got you a
second email sir thank you for your
donation let me just say that first and
foremost okay he wants number nine to :
listen number nine is the homie he can
always call in but let me say this let
me say this you know I’ve known number
nine a lot of years good man
solid man I want his a-game at this
point we’re coming up on the election
soon 2020 presidential election I want
number nine to call in and get right to
it about politics he’s a smart guy what
he has done in the past I thank him for
that but YouTube has changed and he’s
capable of calling me and giving me his
AGame we’ve done enough for the other
stuff we’ve done enough you know he’s
always welcome to call he and I text
each other sometime but I want his
a-game with regards to politics but
thank you for your donation you know I
just want to say that Judy Boris says
post Malone won Best Rap Album at the
American Music Awards rats dead does the
llamas really even matter anymore it’s
not like Dick Clark’s old award ceremony
who gives a damn the American Music
Awards I saw him in the audience he was
dancing and singing and I think Shania
Twain was on stage who gives a damn
about who wins the best rap album at the
American Music Awards you know be eating
all these other black networks have
their awards ceremonies with regards to
black music black culture the black
experience hip
Arab who gives a damn about what post
Malone won and I’m not hating I like
post Malone’s music but so what
so what American Music Awards thing of
the past will hate on the checkin so it
might not be no hater thon this year
shaking my head well so there’s always a
room for a hater thumb we used to do the
storm Buckwald hata thon back in 1998
the hater thon what is this
Thanksgivings coming up I made you a
hater panel of Thanksgiving I might do
one on Christmas and am i doing on New
more than likely we will get to a head
of thorns in during the holiday season I
mean I will not be drinking and driving
here in Atlanta so I plan to be in a
home for one of those one or two of
those you know what probably not
Thanksgiving but one or two of those
holidays but thank for your donation
I’ll keep you posted
yeah and for those of you younger people
I pioneered the hata thon Starbuck while
hated on going back to 19 actually you
know what hold a second
I think 1995 when I was writing for The
Source magazine and my pen name at the
time was buck wild that I brought my
half-brother buck wild in I think I did
yeah I did a hater thong column in my
own magazine around the way connections
so that’s how far it goes back but Tim
will get one this year no offense buds
black races on the check and lead me
astray he’s a star I’m not calling you a
but you agreeing to one man asking
another man about any meat is very gay
actually I think it’s sexual harassment
no I’m just I’m understanding what
Charlemagne what I think I don’t know I
don’t know show me what I think he may
have been doing by way of entertainment
sometimes you have to ask the questions
even though
you may not care yourself or you may not
be interested you have to ask the
questions that certain people are
curious about you know well thank you
for your donation hey there’s enough
good evening sir he says this is the New
Age tuskegee experiment designed to
sterilize the black man
Gandhi was an effing with Blacky and
India is trying to mop up whoa that was
a hard way
thank you haters enough Haiti thank you
very much if that’s tea from North
Carolina she says yellowstar i see you
trying to shoot your shot with Jada’s
mom i got my third eye open uh nigga why
do we find out of Jada’s mother’s
married or not yes she is she’s been
married since 1998 so 20 years okay jada
pinkett would never let me get close to
her mother anyway I was in Philly at
100.3 the beat and they scheduled willow
to come on the sternum buck wild sure
this was like 2012 what was that song
she had that big song back in the days
remember with my hair
what was it whip it with my hair with my
hair with my hair okay either 2011 or
2012 she was scheduled to come on the
store on buck while morning show 100.3
the beep and the day of the interview
someone came and said hey it’s not
happening like an hour before the
interview I says what happened so Jada
had other plans just oh okay I have been
calling great yeah I have been calling
Jada Smith Will Smith’s little brother
for years and I’m sure she heard of it
receipt for your payment okay someone
sent me a picture claiming I hate on
women no don’t you got to twist it hate
on plus-sized No
baby you you you you confused me to
somebody else star has always said that
you know was that more pushing for the
cushion okay but you didn’t send in a
donation oh wait a minute no no she
didn’t me slow down golden diva hey
okay so this looks like a picture a
little beggar okay Mambo number was it
Mambo number 5 yeah you ever heard about
Lou Bega Ronnie yeah he had that one
phone right big-ass head yeah thank you
gold and even let me see what she says
you love your show okay you still have
black dot on your face okay might need
some skin bleaching done and anyone ever
tell you you have a striking resemblance
to Lou Bega Mambo number 5 yeah you know
back in uh he must I think he was
popping somewhere around either 1999 or
2000 because I was on MTV at the time
and they confusing me with Lou Bega yeah
thank you darling oh yeah thank you so
much okay hold on right let’s go to area
code seven one eight with even seven
eight are you there I know seven eight
seven eight pick it up piglet piglet
alright gotta get shattered it’s gonna
be code three one five three one five
good evening we’re talking male birth
good evening mister terrain hey whoa I’m
like Burt I’m like Burt crap I’m all
over the places like you said so watch
your mouth that’s first and foremost or
I will get you out of here slow down
what I’ve been crap sir okay I think
Kratzer I can help you but um but anyway
screw male birth control as far as
Bloomberg thing yesterday can we jump in
on different topics from yesterday cuz I
didn’t get a chance to get on the show
but uh no
go back to Michael Bloomberg he’s on the
road he was scheduled to be talking in
Virginia we already talked about him and
there stop and frisk you know policy
that he apologized for all right today
we’re talking about men are a male birth
control injection that was approved in
India your thoughts on that
oh my thoughts on it is you know good I
mean is what I’m doing you got to still
wrap it up I mean you know you don’t
want to be getting the UH
the eight in your veins out here but as
far as what it was what this as well as
Ti talks with Jada Smith on the red
table just are we talking about that as
well tonight sir no I didn’t put as far
as T I you know we’re talking about a
daughter and you know getting on the
stand and getting caught with the guns
and doing the crime Watchers like he’s
washed up anymore I mean what are we
really talking about with him anymore
you know I mean just like I don’t know
Marta that look at the statistics
wouldn’t keep the statistics as far as
what he’s saying about checking his
daughter’s hymen you know somebody’s
gonna cosign with it without whatever
the hell T I say nowadays is really a
mic raised here what’s going on well
hang on a second can we go back to the
statistics I’m a little confused what
statistics are you talking about what’s
the tactics I could just pull it up
right now like I’m on YouTube search in
your video I can pull up t I sitting
there testifying on the stand I can pull
up him saying a whole bunch of different
things about his daughter’s virginity
and this set in the third what Nabi just
asked you you said the statistics I’m
just trying to clarify them let’s take
it slow what’s the distance we talk
about the statistic son I don’t know
just him calling out different maybe not
statistics but different different
things that you know accumulate that his
not well-being okay anything are you a
father sir let’s start right there
what are your father a my father yes sir
no I’m not I’m 30 years old not a father
well he went on the the red table with
Jada Pinkett and you know he he walked
everything back but you know he sounded
like a sincere person if you ask me I
don’t have a daughter so I can’t put
myself in his shoes but at the same time
I’m saying he’s an entertainer he did
what was the right thing with regard to
his business and that’s really all I
have to say other people have different
positions but you know as far as you
know with the listen what’s the woman
movement say yes or me or this that in
the third I’m sure he caught a lot of
backlash off that you know what I mean
and um you know today today and age
saying something he’s not a comedian
today and a is saying something like
that you’re not even the comedian so of
course you’re gonna you know backtrack
your statement when you’re saying
something like that you know what I mean
just like he backtracked the statements
about him being on crime Watchers so you
know as far as I’m concerned all this
shit yeah please take the language
please I’m sorry sir I’m sorry sir um
yeah so this number 10th is that correct
yeah you got till December 10th oh we
got to start watching it now you’re
gonna watch it now they got an audio
algorithm I’ve been talking about for
over a year people think I’m crazy but
they believe suppress a statement it’s
serious that they’re wiping people out I
might be out of here – I have no idea
but you know just some I’m not fighting
a war against censorship you film it no
I hear you sir I hear you sir but salute
to you and all that Paula and thank you
man okay okay hang on a second hold on
boss chick Ronnie uh I got a couple
super chats who is this here
international excel are you on the line
what is this here I got an email give me
a second doesn’t me figure this out
international Excel six one seven and
see if I can find you hey is that Excel
I get your donation
I know hey what’s good start with salute
salute hey what’s that minute hear me
okay I get you donation thank you very
much what’s poppin
yessir either uh check it out I got a
couple of things as far as male
I’m calling from Boston by the way right
off the boss the New England Patriots or
like that hat the hats fire oh I’ll do
it man I looked at the company man it’s
two company just one in India and
they’ve been doing it I think they’ve
been testing itself like the 70s or the
80s yeah and it’s a it’s supposed to go
to the market in seven months and
there’s another one called bazaruto
that’s uh us-based they’ve been
resources just 2010 I actually emailed I
was like yo hoping y’all put me on your
trial to get pregnant you don’t like
taking birth control because they see
gains crazy wait I’m mad at it but it’s
like we use birth control for certain
amount of time it causes a lot of
problems you know how some like whatever
man I might just do that Joey right Wow
well yes as far as Jada Pinkett and
ti-ti is the cool he’s an idiot let me
take one thing well I got sisters I’ve
had mad girls in my life I’ve never in
my life used that word except tonight
Highness so when I looked at the
interview I saw with Jada her mom she is
in a tiny that was very offensive that’s
like not a word that a dude would ever
use would you agree I don’t have
daughters you know I mean I don’t want
to act like I’m some self righteous
person you know I don’t have daughters
my momma the only course to make use
that word ever I’ve never used that word
till tonight so I think that words kind
of offensive you know and well hang on a
second now you know saying the word
hymen I don’t think that’s a bad thing
he’s a following music the context the
context I would I have a daughter I
would never let my wife still mean that
justice like from a father perspective
talk to your boy your son
about you know the Jui whenever but your
daughter you like mom handle a that’s
tough I think that’s where it came in
it’s just not something normal that it
father would say to his daughter it’s
just kind of crazy
hello what was the topic there was a
third one y’all was talking about I
forget man well we never touched on guy
what el Cosby and we were talking about
skin bleaching there’s a new bleaching
technique coming out of Nigeria for a
couple of minutes and they help you can
literally just like wipe off a whole
layer of black skin of Nigeria it looked
crazy it look like she was in a tub of
acid you know I’m mad dark-skinned and
when I was like a teenager I used to put
this cream on my face to light in my
skin because everyone used to tease me
because I was dark-skinned and when I
turned 18 it was crazy so that looked
ridiculous that looked like some someone
in an asset tub that’s out of control
you saw in that video yeah it looked
like a pig and a tub full of acid just
scraping the skin off her legs miss
Gracie it looks crazy yeah yes listen I
stopped it to you Thank You Ronnie then
Russia would you says mm peace thank me
peace okay hold on Ronnie hb2 and taking
shots via a super jet he says star when
you have a hate Athan please leave
Ronnie the robot with no personality at
home she’s your only host who has never
never to talk about herself
okay I’m starting to think there’s might
be like a little obsession going on
because he said that when he called now
he’s saying that in a super jet he’s
like a little bit too preoccupied with
me personally
well I have to say he’s a good man in my
book he spends scrilla and I don’t
forget things he gave me a password once
upon our time to his you some type of
YouTube group so I could go in and watch
an NBA playoff so I don’t forget those
things like that Thank You hb20 donation
Ozzie Ozzie see on the check-in he says
yo star you gotta do a f’n what and no
apps given before December the 10th well
here’s the thing if Ronnie let me put
your hole for a second here’s the thing
I would imagine YouTube is gonna be
doing a lot more before December the
10th that’s just the date that they’re
saying the big crackdown is it you know
well the hammer is gonna drop but
they’re already combing through channels
I mean I have a tough time with you know
just certain words in the titles
yesterday we had was our Kelly’s name in
the title and then we couldn’t get that
green ball so so that we could get
premium ads so then I you know Alex sent
me a text he said hey I’m gonna change
the title I said do what you got to do
and yesterday’s sure I forget what
yesterday’s show was titled I think it
was Sunday service something I don’t
know but they’ve already started to
crack down I’ve been talking to a few
people behind the scenes I’m looking for
a different Avenue other than YouTube if
anybody out there has the next wave
holler at me I’ve got some opportunities
on the table but I just I love the
freedom of the Internet
demographics and stuff like that you
know um but yeah YouTube’s uh December
the 10th Hammers dropping
hold on Ronnie um can I read that one
from black racist but thank you for your
donation okay still a few more calls
Ronnie before we wrap this up
area code 83 – good evening are you
there 8 3 2 hey sorry this is body hey
how are you good
I just wanted to kind of talk about Ti
and his daughter really quickly did you
see the interview first of all on the
red table with the Jada Pinkett yeah I
did um I agree with you when you said
that tiny was kind of supporting him
throughout it so I mean I can’t really
call her for that but I just feel like
overall like she I tries to portray
myself as if he’s just like you know
father figure who has all the advice and
he can’t do any wrong but I feel like in
this situation it kind of humbled him
were he kind of apologize in a sense
though oh you know I was wrong in a
sense for you know speaking on her hymen
or whatever but at the end of the day
that’s kind of weird you know what I
mean I just never really heard of like
anybody any of my friends or any of
their parents but he’s just so concerned
about like you know get into 18 years
old and checking to see if they’re
hiring is in fact like I don’t know like
why would you even think on that yeah
you know I mean you’re absolutely right
and I think that you know he he realizes
that now I mean I give him credit for
the way he spoke in that interview with
with Jada Pinkett and and again with the
exception of her doing all that
finger-pointing I thought that they had
a good conversation yeah he didn’t come
off as being arrogant or non remorseful
he was stuttering did you see him said
right oh yeah hey look at here he was
nervous about that chick with the bag
you know I need to say this the right
way I got to understand I don’t care
about what y’all talking about as long
as my income is cool I would say what
y’all want me to say yeah I mean
basically the devil
control interview you know I mean yeah
what did you think about Jada’s mother
with all that I ball rolling cutting her
eyes I was like damn she was the one
that had me saying WOW you know just the
man sitting here speaking from the heart
and I thought she was doing too much did
you see that or no yeah but I mean you
have to understand to like the same
thing that Jenni’s mom was doing inside
of the whole interview think of but
think back circa 1992 Jada that’s the
exact same person so he hasn’t that’s
the same to same personalities in that
table you know I mean they’re kind of
like they look just alike I mean they
probably just were discussing it before
you came on you know the whole show and
look like oh my god you know we’re about
to go in on him we’re gonna steer
America isn’t rated pink in an old home
wrecker allegedly a home wrecker with
Herman will smith smith’s first wife if
I remember correctly no jada jada wreck
wills a Will Smith’s yeah you’re right
allegedly I don’t know by man Ronnie are
you there was Ronnie yeah I mean they’ve
talked about it but though from the way
that they put this story it was that the
relationship was pretty much done you
know what he was still married but that
the relationship was over I guess that
point where you know it’s a little
overlap wait wait my question is it
didn’t been and um Wilson’s ex-wife say
they she called Jade on the phone and
how to like address her for answering
the phone allegedly it was something
like I don’t remember maybe I shouldn’t
say she was an old homewrecker but you
know there was some type of overall
overlapping and confusion so you know so
to look at her now but all that yeah
being a point you know
any any thoughts on skin bleaching
there’s a new video I saw up on
worldstar a woman was sitting in a
bathtub literally taking off a layer of
black skin some type of spice I think to
be honest I feel like it’s just making
the narrative horrible like at the end
of the day like nobody needs to look
back and see any people who are like I
guess the real African people tries to
take off their skin and just make sense
be like well what are we sitting here
going through everything we’re going
through we already just be over there
just wipe it off like milling and like
it’s like an awesome makeup you know I
mean it doesn’t make sense at the end of
the day I feel like whoever posted the
video at the same time to it is missing
the narrative like that like
simple-minded thinking of people like
you know I mean to be doing that like
that kind of disgusting you know bye bro
you can’t be doing nothing in there like
that thank you have a good night don’t
let me shut it down soon all right all
right thank you good night okay bullshit
money I’m gonna wrap it up anything you
want to finish up on topics or oh I’m
sure you know what hang on hang on you
had an incident earlier where I
shouldn’t say an incident and I didn’t
want to ask you about this because you
are a person who loves what was that
word convenience yes yes you love
convenience do you want to lay this out
or sugar I do I love my app okay so do
you wanna lay this out or should I
attempt to tell people what you said to
me I’ll let you take the floor okay so
you know you tell me what time here you
were thinking about going on and I’m
thinking to myself okay great I got some
times I’m gonna go run and go get a
coffee so I ordered my Dunkin Donuts on
my phone because there’s an app for that
which there’s an app for everything and
you know I’d say I’m ready right now I’d
you know drive there I get there they’ve
closed early even though they were
supposed to be open until 10:00 so
I place my order and the place is closed
and they they charge your card and took
the money yes yeah I mean I can get that
reversed I just have to call them but
who wants to go through all of that I’d
you know if I get a chance to call them
I’ll call them if I don’t I don’t but
they are very good because at one point
for several days in a row I was ordering
my coffee I was ordering a quantity of
two accidentally and so one day the like
on the third or fourth day the girl said
did you know you’ve been ordering two
coffees I figured it was a mistake and I
said no I didn’t know that and when I
called they just immediately you know
credited me back for all the the double
charges they’re very good in fact one
once once I ordered to the wrong
location and they still credited me so I
don’t want to laugh at you I just
thought that it was a very entertaining
story because again you you love
convenience I’m one of those older
people who just you know I just I don’t
do all that all the AB stuff it’s just
oh thank you for sharing that story
that’s all I hope HP to and enjoyed that
story because it’s definitely it’s
personal and it’s recent right I hope
you sleep good tonight hey have a good
night and we’ll talk tomorrow okay
okay sorry okay Bostick money on a
check-in hold on guys let me shut this
down now while I’m in front of you
because I did some crazy shit yesterday
and left the goddamn stream okay
alright alright thank you for bouncing
with us tonight
I hope that you have been entertained
and somewhat enlightened let’s look to
hb2 and always spend scrolling with the
I appreciate that man’s perspective on a
second I’ll keep you guys posted on the
hater thong the starring buck while
classic we used to do those on hot 97
and I don’t think we ever did one on how
105 okay let me get let me get the
homies banner up here first H and H okay
um thank you in the live chat for uh
sharing the show tonight I appreciate
all right I’ll see you guys tomorrow at
some point possibly in the afternoon um
I gotta get up early hit the gym back on
the cycle I know I’m gonna be gonna be
charged all right take care of be safe
and good night

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