T.I. Faces Major Backlash For Policing Daughter's Hymen


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morning everybody is DJ envy Angela ye
Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast
club now if you just join us we’re
talking about Tiana Tiana says during
the interview he said he goes to the
Ghana colleges with his 18 year old
daughter every year to make he said he’d
be gone with her since she was 16 since
she was 18 now I don’t think that she
needs him to go to him anymore she’s not
a minor well let’s play the audio we
have yearly trips to the gynecologist to
check her high he will sit down in the
doctor calm and talking you know doctors
maintain a high level of professionalism
he’s like well you know sir in order for
me to share information I say Daisy they
want you to sign okay I just want you to
know there are other ways besides sex
that the hymen can be broken bike riding
other forms of athletic physical
activity she an athlete no she all right
no sec all right nobody play no sports
man just check the hymen please so what
are your thoughts 800 585 105 won let’s
start with you ye well of course
everybody should know this but having
your hymen broken not broken that has
nothing to do with your virginity you
couldn’t have your hymen intact and have
had sex and you can have your hymen
broken and still be a virgin and I think
women should be able to control their
own bodies if she decides that she wants
to have sex then she should be able to
do that without somebody interfering
with her and telling her what she can
and can’t be doing the other issue I had
was he said he doesn’t do this with his
sons right so it’s okay for his trying
to do that and that and that micromanage
their sex life right but he doesn’t also
pressure them about not having sex and
he said that when he was asked about it
in the interview what he said I will
definitely feel different about a boy
then I will about a girl and he does not
give the same level of scrutiny to his
sons when it comes to their sexual
activity so to me that’s treating people
like of course as a double standard
there but you should be able to educate
and have conversations with your
children and she’s 18 years old she was
right when she was 16 you should be able
to have those conversations where you
talk to your daughter about sex and
sexual decisions that you want to make
and what you decide to do with your body
nobody else should be in control of what
to do with your body alright what do you
what do you think show me I mean I think
it’s a few things man I said number one
what T I shouldn’t have done it share
his family business with these digital D
heads because now you’re opening
yourself up to a bunch of people having
an opinion on you and your family and
family business should be kept within
the family that’s number one right but
number two we all know that you know we
have fathers who aren’t in their kids
lives at all so we give them hell for
that so I’m not gonna be upset and a
father for being overprotective because
that’s what this is right it’s a classic
example of a father being overprotective
right no and number three you know I
have been doing a lot of work on myself
I go to therapy but also have a
spiritual adviser a sacred purpose coach
and we discuss things like sacred
masculine and divine feminine and to me
this is a prime example of your internal
sacred masculine and divine feminine
energies being out of balance CTI sacred
masculine energy is looking like toxic
masculine energy because there’s no
balance right because the masculine
qualities Ti is displaying here our
logic and reason and action and being
firm and I would even say survival but
those qualities need to be balanced with
the divine feminine qualities of
nurturing being gentle emotional and
probably patience because I don’t think
T I was wrong I just think it needs to
be a balance of both two sacred
masculine and divine feminine and that’s
just something that we all need to
explore more of well I would say this ti
has the right to raise his daughter how
he wants to raise his daughter he is a
father and he is being protective mm-hmm
I do go to the doctor with my daughter
I don’t ask the doctor if our hymen was
broken but I do go and there’s times
where there where my daughter has to
fill out the information to find out
what’s going on in my daughter’s life
and yes I am in my daughter’s life and
yes I will tell her don’t have sex until
she’s married but she can do what she
wants to do and I want her to be as open
as possible with her and you can be in
your daughter’s life and you know that
doesn’t mean you have to go to the
doctor with her and see your hymen is
that doesn’t mean being in your
daughter’s life does not equal make sure
her hymen is intact and that does not
mean I understand what y’all are saying
when y’all say that but those are just
semantics at the end of the day all of
us as fathers are trying to keep our
daughter from having sex the truth to
the man you know whether it would be an
overprotective about it or not and I
know eventually I’ve said this on his
radio several times
yes my daughter is going to have sex one
day you know why cuz I’m having sex with
somebody or order Envy you had sex with
somebody’s daughter we all married
somebody thought that is going to happen
right but if I can prevent her from
doing that for as long as possible I
will absolutely try and I’m Laura fide
if my father did that to me growing up
horrified but you know I took Gear’s
virginity we’ve been married for 18
years been together for 25 years but if
I felt like I broke your heart but I
thought there was a possibility that my
daughter would be having sex and now I
know me going to the doctor with her
would stop her or or maybe make her not
have sex yes I mean you said I would do
it all the time said something so real
just now yes I would we don’t know the
context to this right because at the
time when he was doing this she was like
16 how we know she wasn’t you know
running around with some little boy you
know me like if something that made him
that paranoid we’re already naturally
paranoid as fathers but if I go to the
doctor with my daughter every year and
my daughter knows I go that’s gonna
encourage her not to have sex because
she no daddy gonna be checking and we’re
saying that she didn’t have no control
over her body but the doctor had to ask
her to give the father permission right
I don’t know that was a real permission
though you should also be able to have
conversations with your gynecologist
that it’s not gonna be revealed because
that’s why you go to the doctor right
there’s some type of privacy there where
you are can have conversations
yeah and ask about anything they don’t
release your records to anybody they’re
not supposed to do that that’s a totally
private thing but if the doctor asked
her and she said yes then what’s the
look I have my parents there and my
daughter doesn’t have a choice either we
all we all at this doctor’s appointment
I just think it’s dangerous to tell
young women that somebody else has
control over what you do or don’t do
with your body you have complete control
over that and if you decide that this
conversation lose your virginity then
you can and nobody should tell you that
you can’t nobody should be checking to
see if you have or if you haven’t so you
tell them you as a father right look I
got three daughters you tell me as a
father because you just said we need to
have the conversation about having
birds and the bees with our daughters
correct I am posed to encourage my
daughter to have you’re supposed to
encourage her to be able to have
conversations with you and be open and
honest with you about whatever so that
you can have that lines of
communications open so you guys can talk
to each other so she can come to you
about anything the conversation starts
now I know you are married okay because
you’re going to hell if you have sex
before marriage I know your mom and
daddy did it but we didn’t know any
better right okay and you think okay so
please keep your legs closed baby girl
all right until you find somebody that
really loves you and wants to be with
you all right
I’m sorry that’s my I just I just think
he’s scaring the issue out of it if you
know every year i’ma go to the
gynecologist with you to check your
harmony you’re not gonna have you also
don’t want to make women feel ashamed
about sex in their bodies because using
words to throw people off you’re saying
women she’s 16 at the time she was 16
she’s a young woman 16 is a young I
don’t want my 16 year old daughter
having sex even though I know the
reality is she probably will I don’t
want her to you know what you know why
because that’s all I know how that
affects you when you young also don’t
want her to be scared to come to you
about it if it does happen that’s why
you got to have a balance of divine mat
of sacred masculine and divine feminine
go to your mama mama mama gonna know how
to come talk to me about it cuz she
gonna tell me later on anyway that’s
right and then I know how to talk to
your mama and then your mama to relay
the messages to you okay cuz I know I’m
not gonna answer this correctly yet
because my Divine Feminine and sacred
masculine have not balanced the way to
they need I don’t even know how I’m
feminine and masculine is but all I know
is I can’t deal with it yes don’t think
your mama Della’s open the phone lines
hovering 805 85 105 what is the
Breakfast Club good morning divine
masculine femininity and all another
issue hello this my name is Valerie hey
Valerie what do you think about t I
going to the gynecologist with his
daughter to check her hymen I think
really grows really I think he’s got
some masculinity issues with that listen
I do think that it needs to be a better
balance between sacred masculine and
divine feminine that I do agree with but
I just cannot knock a father for being
overprotective of his daughter
all he’s really doing he wants his
daughter to be a virgin as long as
possible even though we know that’s not
the reality of the situation
somebody is eventually gonna trick your
daughter into giving up some okay but I
don’t want that for as long as possible
I mean I would say the same thing I mean
if my daughter was around a boy and I
thought that maybe she was getting a
little too close with the boy and I
wanted to encourage it not to have sex
that might be a scare tactic I would
rather have had and I had this whole
conversation yesterday we had this own
every piece discussion which was all
about sexuality and owning your body and
owning yourself and having these open
conversations I think what really works
best is when your parents can come to
you and have these open conversations
about sex and what it’s all about and
what happens and if you make these
decisions here’s what’s gonna happen and
come to me and talk to me about anything
I don’t want you to have sex very open
open hello who’s this it was Eliza now
we’re talking about TI and him going to
his god going to the gynecologist with
his daughter what are your thoughts
highly inappropriate kind of a violation
when I was 13 my mom kind of surprised
me with a visit to the gynecologist she
didn’t tell me where I was going or what
I was going for and when I got there it
was an extremely kind of eerie situation
you know I didn’t know I didn’t even
know what a gynecologist was at that
point and I think you know Charlamagne
mentioned like the Markham Matthews in
my feminine I think it’s really about
respecting a person’s body and just
guiding them through the process of life
and just not being controlling you know
and ready for a there’s a different type
of way to kind of guide your children
through the topic of sex and just I mean
it’s a natural process so I think
control is super and you’re right and
that’s why you know when it comes to
those divine feminine qualities you know
it’s a lot of them but you know
nurturing being gentle emotional in
patients is what I think you know t I
might’ve been lacking in this situation
hello who’s this
hey Lisa what do you think about t I
going to the gynecologist with his
daughter and uh making sure our hymens
I’m saying like we we knock men for not
being in their kids lives and then when
you got a guy like TI who’s being
overprotective we knocking him for that
like I didn’t know you could I didn’t
know whether daddy I could whatever what
if there is no wife and in the life for
no mom and the life and I’m the dad I
got sole custody I mean I can’t take my
daughter to the gynecologist what do we
say yes you can but you know but I don’t
think you should make a woman feel
ashamed about sex that’s all like it’s a
shameful thing yeah whatever I got three
daughters I’m definitely making my team
my daughters I feel ashamed about sex
when a teenagers will actually affect
them in relationships later in life and
a lot of women will tell you that when
they turn 18 they can make their own
decisions but when they 1569 I want them
having sex 805 85 105 one call us up
what are your thoughts were talking t I
go into the gynecologist with his
daughter at 16 and making sure her hymen
was intact for make sure she wasn’t
having sex so let’s say let’s play a
clip of the audio we have yearly trips
to the gynecologist to check her high he
will sit down in the doctor come in
talking you know doctors maintain a high
level of professionalism he’s like well
you know sir in order for me to share
information I say Daisy than what you’re
saying okay I just want you to know
there are other ways besides sex that
the hymen can be broken bike riding
other forms an athletic physical
activity she nicely know she all right
no more sec all right nobody will play
no sports man just check behind me
please so 800 585 105 when we’re asking
what are your thoughts no he doesn’t he
doesn’t do this with his sons which is
crazy you can tell them you can also
tell them not to have sex we know that a
double standard exists it just is what
it is I don’t know how people go out in
the world and they start thinking that
men have a different they have more
opportunities and other things that they
can do that women can’t do and you’re
teaching them that at a young age cuz of
sex no listen I wouldn’t want my little
son’s 15 and 16 having sex easy you know
why cuz I don’t want me to get some
little girl pregnant cuz they ain’t got
no goddamn money and guess what waiting
about me to take care that child me so
yes I would be telling my chap my son
the same thing you better if you out
here doing what you’re doing you better
wear condoms and I’ll be telling my
daughter hey I don’t want
you to have sex but if you’re out here
doing what you’re doing you better make
sure these little boys are protecting
protecting themselves 9 take care nor
the babies but I having a conversation
just don’t have sex how about that I’m
with that – no no nothing there’s no sex
in this house but you’re not gonna check
her hymen right you’re not gonna have
her hymen check like T I was checking
his daughter hymen on on his own with
this situation instead of having a
productive conversation she’s not about
patriarchy and Divine Feminine and
sacred Matthew but he’s a father he can
raise his kids away that I’m a dad I
wouldn’t do the same but now deja feels
about it
hello this daughter’s hymen what
happened I’m not gonna let y’all do that
to my back my god let me refresh not
right how do you feel about ti going to
the God of colleges with his daughter to
check the timing to make sure she wasn’t
uh having sex I thought rumors get
started by noon today it’ll be T Iowa
checking his daughter
nobody’s dead I think it’s beautiful
he’s going to the doctor with his child
and I also think it’s beautiful that
he’s been stealing his own values within
his own family that’s his child I agree
he is wanting super-mo and to encourage
his daughters to be a virgin if you
think about in society what is identity
virginity is nothing there’s no value
behind it so the fact that he is doing
that with his daughter it’s showing his
daughter that he values virginity he
values her body and that was then
correlate for her to also value her body
and value her virginity as well you
should do that you think you should do
that with his sons or only with his
daughter I do but that’s another
conversation so for this one we’re
talking about his daughter but I also
feel like that I think it’s a scare
tactic because if I tell my daughter I’m
coming with you every year you’re gonna
think about having sexy Blake no my
dad’s gonna be there he’s gonna know
submit and maybe I’ll wait it has
another your hymen intact does not mean
that you’re a virgin we know that but we
know what he’s trying to do he’s just
trying to keep her he’s trying to keep
her being a virgin we know that hello
yeah good morning guys morning guys I
agree with ci with that matter I love
your daughter last week I got a call
saying she’s got a boyfriend our
brothers bitch daughter she’s got her
phone so that’s why she hasn’t been
answered me and uh I kind of agree with
him on that you know my hairline went
back again I’ll owe this man what you
think about T I going to the
gynecologist with his daughter and
making sure her hymen was attacked that
man is buggin Lake that is ridiculous he
has some serious control issues and on
top of that there’s too many factors to
like determine if she’s actually still a
virgin what if she messes with somebody
who not really not equipped in her hymen
agree what does virginity even mean if
you do oral sex are you still a virgin I
don’t want my daughter sucking old
enough to make these own decisions Jesus
right listen this is the moral of the
story and the reality is every woman you
love in your life is eventually gonna
have sex or Owen otherwise all right
there’s nothing we can do about it and
yes us as men we are gonna look
extremely crazy being overprotective
trying to prevent our daughters from
having sex but that don’t mean that
we’re not gonna try I’m gonna try I’m
trying to keep my daughters you know
from having sex for as long as possible
I got three me too all right but I’m
just telling your vote my daughter is
innocent I don’t want to have sex I
don’t have no sons yet but I’m just
telling you we need balance okay we need
balance between the sacred masculine and
divine feminine I encourage everybody to
go out there and do your googles and
look up which take your masculine and
divine feminine is because you have
masculine qualities and you have divine
feminine qualities and I think right now
t-i-is just lacking some of the divine
feminine qualities like nurturing
being gentle emotional and probably
patience but I don’t think he’s wrong I
don’t think he’s wrong all right up next
is your rumors you got rules in a way
yes we’ll talk about Whitney Houston her
best friend Robin Crawford is opening up
finally on their love affair that
everyone kind of knew about all right
and also next our ask ye so if you want
to get on a phone lines if you need
relationship advice any type of advice
call ye right now 805 85 105 won its The
Breakfast Club good morning

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