Sunday Morning Service (Alicia Keys)


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Alicia Keys said more people should embrace their “masculine and feminine energies” after describing how her 4-year-old son told her he didn’t want to wear his rainbow manicure anymore. The singer, who has been outspoken about impossible beauty standards, posted a video on Instagram on Saturday where she spoke of her frustration during a recent trip to the nail salon with her son Genesis.

In the video, captioned “Less Labels, More Expressions,” the singer said her young son was excited to get his nails painted. “So he tells the lady that he wants rainbow colors on his nails, and she brings all of these colors, and she paints each nail a different color,” she said. “And after she painted his nails, he looked at me, he said, ‘Mommy, I don’t want this on my nails.'” Keys continued: “And I was like, ‘Why? You were so sure. You were good.’ And he was like, ‘People are not going to like it.’


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good morning star report ya star report
early Sunday morning
inspirational Sunday service how are you
yes the atheist is doing a Sunday
service show never mind the fact I’m a
non-believer if you are a believer and
you want to call in and read a scripture
a passage a sum or a surah from the Holy
Quran the hadith the Talmud call in call
in let’s have a early conversation I’m
not gonna troll anybody I’m not gonna
press you say what you need to say right
I was headed to the mall myself here in
Atlanta to the Dunwoody mall put on my
fly ass little polo jacket can you see
the little uh the little man on the
horse right there and I just discovered
I’ve had this for about a year or so and
I just discovered this motherfuckers got
a um a hoodie in here what that help
never even knew that anyway um so yeah I
was headed out the door and someone sent
me a an email thank you so much to JR
Braxton God god bless you there is no
god but God bless you folks have you
seen this video it’s brand new and I
don’t know where this happened some some
McDonald’s somewhere somebody got their
shit rocked whoa a guy who had yellow
locks he had his hair up you know and
one guy was behind the other counter was
catch and wreck on him another guy a
co-worker tried to stop him and then the
guy who was getting his shit robbed he
then hits the other employee so then he
starts firing back then someone tried to
stop the fight and then the guy who was
um originally you know catch him wreck
on the guy the locks he then punches
that guy like wow fuck off me fuck off
me and I said whoa and there’s a series
now in case you don’t know a bum
fast-food workers fighting back yeah
come on stop the dumb shit you know I’m
saying stop the dump anyway so that’s
what I’m gonna be focusing on this
morning and aside from others
hapax as well hold on a second okay okay
hey hey hey the live chat how you guys
doing good morning good morning good
um and then someone sent me a hang on
this so much they came in some type of
fight in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania some
white person got their shit robbed now
I’m gonna try not to go too far back
into time and history but you know there
was a time for decades in this country
here when I’m the propaganda would lead
you to believe that black people were
the biggest consumers of fried chicken
watermelon so on and so forth and there
was a very famous film that came out
that promoted this propaganda do you
know what film that is we look in the
live chat some of you know birth of a
nation but now we’ve got white folks
fighting and brawling and there was a
white woman who got bodyslam so it’s
like okay well where are we as a nation
right now so um yes a fast-food
employees are fighting back um what say
you phone lines open cash at super chat
I spoke to Dana this morning Dana with
the smoke she may be calling him because
I’m a little concerned I’m a little
concerned I don’t take shots at anybody
as you know I tried to you know just
some limit what it is that I say about
other platforms other content host and
so on and so forth but dr. Boyce Watkins
he’s is he at it again is he trying to
assist the Atos movement or is he is he
trying to tear it apart
there’s article that just came out in
the New York Times I have not read the
article yet and I couldn’t even watch
the video yesterday something about does
Atos need an intervention I said damn
and aren’t you supposed to be working
for the greater good of black people so
I don’t know I don’t know maybe he’s
helping maybe he’s trying to clap back
in the vet Cornell because she exposed
him once upon a time it’s layered so
Dana might call in I’m not sure about
Bostic Ronnie it’s early Sunday morning
how you feel huh oh yes and poor me uh
yesterday I flushed all day
yeah I don’t want to gross anybody out
but holy smokes I feel better I feel
better and as you can see I’m George I’m
sipping right now some lemon ginger
honey crystals anybody know what that’s
about that’s what I’m sipping right now
can you see that it’s really good I
think something’s leaking at a goddamn
box what did I do hold on a second okay
later so on it’s Sunday morning good
morning how you feeling how you feeling
me just move this off my desk vacuum
that later Dana do you want to call in
at some point shoot me a text if you do
because again I want to be respectful
but I’m just what was he doing Boyce
Watkins what is his agenda and I saw
that he bet Cornell said something on
Twitter about you know him having too
much time and I said you know I’m just
gonna get more information then I’ll
come back to it right okay okay hold on
a second other things want to discuss
this morning as I was heading out to the
mall and I’m still going to the mall
after after we have this discussion here
and I’ll come to the phone lines shortly
Alicia Keys what’s going on with Alicia
Keys this is a very sensitive matter
she’s a mother I think of a four year
old did you see the video up on
Instagram is she doing too much is she
now trying to push an agenda against
masculine black men you know it’s
something but well actually I watched a
video but I want to be sensitive her
four-year-old son she took him to the
nail salon and she put this on Instagram
so it’s you know we’re free to talk
about it
he wanted his nails painted rainbow was
something like that and we looking a
live chat make sure I’m saying the right
thing yeah he went his nails painted
rainbow and then and then he said no I
don’t want to you know people might
something they might bother him laugh at
him something and then she’s she goes
through this little thing and she’s
smiling yeah this is my red what do you
think you know what
man : it I don’t see the wrong thing
Swizz Beatz met him one time good guy he
actually gave me a not this means
anything but gave me a big Muhammad Ali
picture framed years ago it was a nice
peace offering you know a lot of these
artists and rappers they have given me
gifts over the years but I then got shit
to do it what I do on this microphone so
I’m just want to say that just in case
you think I’m being biased right also
hold on a second here Oh I have to talk
about the squirrels here in Atlanta GA
running off running all through my
goddamn property and I don’t know just
really just laying down some law they
remind me of the rats up in the Bronx
it’s very aggressive you know the
squirrels Atlanta we’ll talk about that
all right Dennis sit tight I see you I’m
coming to you and here’s a super Chet
that I didn’t get to a Friday homeless
second me fix this hold on guys okay cuz
you cause you’re my bum bitch okay
that’s one of my old songs that’s the
name of the person who sent in the
donation can someone please tell that
buck dancer a kid dangerous to
french-kiss the Mossberg and do the
Lord’s work okay and there’d be this one
from blade from Friday dude what the f
is all this crying over vaping and open
opioid deaths when niggas was dropping
like flies from crack they said just say
no I did read that my poor me okay
alright give me a second Dana on because
I don’t want to make this about Boyce
Watkins at Atos you know just yet
already yep Sunday service Sunday
service I’ll fall back I will not
pressure anybody what you believe is
what you believe if you want to just
call in and say hey I love the Lord
that’s fine
call it in I don’t tell you about my
soap also I’m now exfoliating can you
tell the difference
yeah bleach let’s go to the phone lines
area code two five six
come on into five six inspirational
Sunday service are you there hey it’s
going how are you on a Sunday morning
I’m doing all right
Sunday morning Sunday ferries going good
yeah yeah so I guess I’ll jump out the
bag with the belief first the belief is
that the black woman is God you know she
is the mother of all humanity and she is
the first teacher of humanity so they
asked how to change the world in the
sense of humanity one generation
understand okay
I know I have no problem with what
you’re saying I’m not gonna be grilling
anybody this morning my mother told me
you know back in the 70s that the black
woman was the mother of creation so
we’re on the same page are you believing
yourself in the higher power
yes so I do believe that there is a
energy that everything goes from and
comes back to you know and we have the
experience to you know have the
perspective of what is life as we go
back to the to the energy and the
afterlife okay yeah it’s very early here
in Atlanta it’s a 10:48 a.m. right now
are you heading out to a house of
worship or do you uh you know give
praise at home what is it
what’s your Sunday routine I can ask
well if I have a nice little honeydew
then I would go at the church service
with her whatever her belief is but I’m
more of a internal you know spirituality
type of involvement so it’s not
necessarily I need to go somewhere in
order to give praise given internal
praise and I through my own meditation
yeah do you deal with crystals and what
is that stuff sage and stuff like them I
think I might be getting into a little
bit you know just to relax myself as I
get old you know a nose on it it’s a
beautiful ball yeah you know
they say bless the house with a whole
remedy for for us people uh you know
color neutral okay those you know go
around the house and and most of the
time most things are because of our
beliefs believes it’s such a powerful
thing because you manifest what you
believe so if you believe that going
around your house burning sage is going
to help with some kind of spiritual
cleansing then it will you know what I
mean they got the placebo pill and it
cured cancer just because somebody
believed it would okay it’s a powerful
thing when it comes to belief and you
know great Sunday favorite yeah listen I
appreciate you calling him and and have
a blessed day as they say oh come on
alright so you were talking about Alicia
Keys yeah I was just looking at Netflix
right and nothing this one show about
you know teenagers after it the
apocalypse or whatever and the black guy
that’s on there he went from being a
jock to being a you know it I guess this
long got broken into tackle or something
but anyway it’s another show looks like
it was gonna be like I Save the Last
Dance where you had a black man and a
white woman you don’t see that too often
anymore mister can you send me a link
because I don’t really watch Netflix
anymore I close that account down two
months ago let’s let me link I might
check it out okay thank you yeah thank
you so have a great one hate it alright
thank you okay yeah Sunday service
inspirational Sunday service
calling speak your peace if you like I’m
up early I’m an early riser always have
been hold on let me make sure something
wrong here I got guys house the other
strength on the stream we okay okay okay
I see some uh some people turns up as
you should be on a Sunday morning you
real quick real quick so um I’m
exfoliating now and I gotta shoot a
pilot I’ve been talking to you about
that somewhat sorta and I picked up some
soap now I purchased this years ago back
in the 90s and I was surprised that it’s
still around $13 for this some type of
fair and white soap you guys know about
this a Jamaican chick put me onto this
years ago uh-huh
got to get that out that mark out of
here because uh truthfully I don’t think
the aloe vera plant that Ronnie
suggested I don’t I don’t see it work
you don’t feel it no just this baby so
we got some fair and weight soup all
right all right again guys we’re
focusing this morning on two things
inspirational Sunday service if you want
to call in say whatever it is that you
want to say to inspire others and I did
put the link to the facebook facebook
video if you look under the video it’s
right there holy smokes
that video is lit I want to interview
that guy well either one of those guys
who was you know given the guy the work
with the blonde locks or I’d like to
interview the guy with the blonde locks
can someone please tell me where that
happened wow that was hot that was hot
let’s go to area code 201 good morning
201 inspirational Sunday service are you
there good morning sir how are you on a
Sunday okay I’m a slide and let you call
me brother but please don’t do it again
are you a believer do you want to give
any praise do you want to read a a surah
a psalm what do you want to do because
he helped me realize he helped me
realize anything I was already create
this I’m not gonna say I was all the way
in India but I don’t believe it you know
figure of God so I watch this little
special that you know that such a while
you know well hang on sir respectfully
Bill Maher is not an atheist he’s just
he’s on the fence I know what you’re
talking about he didn’t choose right
yeah but I believe that he believes in
the same thing which that I believe in
which is that everything has to come
down to cause and effect everything has
a start as some where everything came
from something nothing is just energy
that comes from nothing
well respectfully sir he doesn’t know
what he believes and he’s confused I
know the documentary welcome he’s just
he’s confused and he does that whole
little well I don’t know you know the
real cute little laugh ELab jokey joke
thing goes around and 12 to death but if
you asked me hang on if you ask me he’s
too much of a coward to say I’m a
non-believer he’s just on defense okay
you are you actually maybe a hundred
percent correct about that but the way
that he challenges these people who are
giving him just as much bullshit because
what they’re so can you please not curse
on a Sunday morning please correct bring
it down Daria about that brother please
with the beard didn’t you just call me
brother twice did I ask him not to do
so you’re cursing and you’re calling me
brother please slow down please
sorry about that okay enjoy yes star
what I’m saying is he’s he’s given the
people of the church the same BS that
the people of the church are giving to
all of the people that come to give them
money and give them you know their life
savings and just to get into the kingdom
I saw this I don’t want to make this too
much about Bill Maher because truthfully
I interviewed him years ago back I think
was either 2000 or 2001 and he said he
doesn’t like the ego of hip-hop so he’s
not in support of masculine strong
aggressive black men so let’s let’s not
even have that conversation do you want
to chime in and say anything inspiration
to people when you own your own accord
the only inspiration I could give people
is that you you have to make things
happen the other guy you were just
talking to is saying something about all
is you if you just believe things will
come true that’s not the way it works I
could sit here all day and believe that
I’ll wake up a model but it isn’t gonna
happen tomorrow you know okay thank you
for your call sir thank you thank you
never go care thank you Oh some folks
live their lives like that hey I believe
this is gonna happen and that’s fine and
then if something happens not
necessarily the way they wanted to
happen it doesn’t mean that they were
wrong and they’re thinking you know
phone lines opened Danny give me a
second I’m coming to you Daniel with
this smoke hey is anybody in the live
chat seen that video
oh the link is right there the Facebook
link it’s probably very very early and
let me just acknowledge the the the
Facebook page where I saw it
Emily Manuel II M ily Manuel ma n ue l
posted November the 8th at 7:50 7:00
p.m. that was two days ago and thank you
again to JR Braxton there it is in case
you don’t know what I’m talking about
look at that huh mm gave that guy that
work he fucked around and jumped behind
the counter now homie keep that shit on
that side once you cross that line it’s
on and poppin also um someone sent me
the link to the is this the guy who body
slammed the white woman did it or anis
Davis the McDonald’s employee police say
was involved in a brutal fight that
spilled out of the restaurant Monday
night and ended with a man paralyzed
whoa okay no say this is someone
different okay I’m not gonna put
Rodney’s Davis picture on the screen
because right now it’s just alleged he
or she he or she can’t tell um has not
been convicted so I don’t wanna like you
know just come down on that personally
Dead Sunday morning I was headed out the
door and I’m still going to the mall but
I just we I had to talk about that video
Hey deep Meade sends any cash at says
look at God thank you for your donation
thank you yeah
what is this your something about okay
you know I need to start promoting my
GoFundMe page more thank you so much to
those of you who do go to the GoFundMe
page I’m so busy promoting other people
don’t even promote my owner GoFundMe
page too often who is this here is it
Hershel we get her salon line area code
860 where are you Herschel to thank good
morning is that Herschel
oh no what’s going on star good one okay
good morning on a Sunday I’m good good
morning good morning good morning you
hater Oh represent New Jersey oh that’s
right over 280 you already know – you
already know – bullshit oh please don’t
curse sir at Sunday morning let’s let’s
bring the language down please
you got you all ready to go to crap you
see like that bad my Sunday morning
ritual is me rolling a blunt smoking
weed okay while my daughter watches
Minister Louis Farrakhan speeches this
is only ten okay okay she’s ten years
old she lives in a predominantly white
neighborhood of t-port but I have one
weekend in North and uh we go through
our lessons you go through out 120 she
knows how to pray in mathematics she
knows what her knowledge so you are
saying I’m already training the killer
that I spend a morning ritual little
turkey bacon a little you know a little
daddy makes breakfast
Maddie stretches out she sleeps and then
we wake up when we listen to Minister
Farrakhan okay um
one thing that I wanted to highlight was
the Alicia Keys incident yeah her
billionaire Frick man man hang on a
second did you see the video because of
rain I want to be sensitive it’s her
four-year-old Herman Swizz Beatz their
son you saw the video
oh no I’m going on something totally
different if you can page six with the
white billionaire then I don’t wanna
jump around too much I want to stay
you mentioned Alicia Keys did you see
the video if not I’ll put you on hold
watch it and come back you’re the father
put me on hold and let me wash it we do
that in the bottom of the link with no
go to her Instagram page it’s her latest
video hanging let me write your number
down second make sure it gets back home
go to Alicia Keys let me Instagram page
I’m gonna Instagram right now minutes
gonna watch that okay I’ll be right back
got it okay we put on the whole Hannah
thing guys inspirational Sunday service
yeah let’s do it folks we can agree to
disagree but this morning I want you to
two more so feel comfortable saying what
you need to say or want to say on my
platform I’m confident in my system of
belief and I don’t need to to challenge
others or try to you know say something
against what you believe what you
believe is what you believe my mother’s
a hardcore believer you know let me go
to area code 708
good morning 708 are you there
inspirational Sunday so days good
morning these how are you sir I’m doing
well sir I love the show I listen all
the time I mean I’m so glad you chose
this is topping man colorful Chicago
okay okay yeah so I wanted I wanted to
touch on the creation story please yeah
so most of the time when people talk
about God they refer to God as like
light right but in the beginning of
court according to the Bible you know
saying if they got a created life so
that mean that he couldn’t actually be
the light he had to be something else
okay so I’ve been studying like a lot of
Gnostic Gnostic teachings and stuff like
that I don’t know if you familiar with
that yes I am but I’m also want you to
say what you feel think and believe I’m
falling back speak your piece okay no
doubt so in the Nazi and one of the
Gnostic teachers they teach that God
existed as light and then he contracted
His infinite light which created the
vacuum was
face so imagine you know like being ever
president and then drawing up into this
one like like I guess dot you know I’m
saying it then exploding again or coming
back out of bursting through again and
that is the actual God created light you
know I mean okay so now you have
researched and study this over the years
so what is it you would like to share
with the listeners never mind me what
would you like to share and relate to
the listeners that may help others what
I would like to share that uh you know
you can study theology as a hobby but
mathematics is is the real deal it’s
like how you create everything
everything in your life you know saying
everything is created created through a
process and when you’re dealing with
knowledge and belief I want to touch on
that too because I love what y’all was
going with that come on when you’re
dealing with knowledge and belief belief
is the starting point within yourself
because knowledge is just was known like
observe you observe you learn you know
you accumulate the facts that develops
the knowledge but in order to put that
knowledge to use you have to believe
within yourself that you can actually do
that so that the starting point yeah you
have to apply the knowledge that’s what
I’ve always said going back many many
years and you can acquire knowledge but
if you do not apply it absolutely that
does not make you any closer to what it
is that you claim to believe in yeah I
mean I’m totally I’m totally with that
you know I’m saying you have to apply
the knowledge but the starting point to
accumulate the knowledge spots within
yourself and that’s the belief okay you
know it’s always a fight between
knowledge and belief and this data and
belief applied in the wrong spot can be
dangerous so I understand what you know
why the divide is there yeah but that’s
you know that’s how I see it be okay
I appreciate the call thank you so much
Andy thank you okay peace peace peace
yeah you calling and say what you feel
don’t mind me
I’m gonna take one more call before I go
back to the guy on 86 to let me bring in
area code three four seven hey good
morning 3 4 70 inspirational Sunday
service right there my father would be
mad at me right now but she raised me to
be in church on a Sunday but I’m
listening to you right now
service of sorts and I’m not trolling
this is the service of sorts I’m not
looking for a congregation but you know
some people can’t link it up get out and
go to that house of worship on a
consistent basis but if you believe you
believe yes yes Wayman did you see that
I just want to make sure you saw that
video with that white woman is where I’m
in the bigge sir my troll babies keep me
up to speed on everything that they send
me emails three four five o’clock in the
morning yes the woman you’re talking
about now she she was talkin reckless
talking reckless hurling you know I’m
saying she walked out design
somebody took it a step too far now I
believe she’s got five broken ribs a
crack knee and some other shit you
fucked up pretty bad she went for the
chicken got the resume that’s crazy okay
hey but there’s no one ever say to did
you see the guy when she was arguing
with you know you know he plays for the
other team
yeah let’s not insult to people from
that community over there right now
let’s see if the media focuses on that
person who body-slammed her being from
that other side let’s see if that
I’ve got his thought I really do doubt
it does yeah yeah but you know what
though they’re crazy that okay it’s been
two of those situations this in one week
where someone was walking around saying
racial slurs and got beat up you out the
door yeah for the Popeyes get out of
here now
no the Bible says about that yes what is
an eye for an eye sins of the father
visit upon the son hey man thank you for
your call thank you all right okay thank
you sir guys I’m gonna go back to the
phone line in a second hold on I want to
make sure that I oh I gotta fix
something you hold on a second with
regards to the hash
guys did I spell everything right on the
screen some I let me know please let me
go backwards here eight-six to brick
city and building hey did you see it
what’s up mrs. yes I did and you’re
gonna hate me you’re gonna hate me mr.
terrain come on as it’s black people in
this country we are so fragmented that
this LGBT this alpha male garbage you
know we need to stop that we need to
just be each other together because we
got a bigger fight than worried about a
kid wearing her toenails however what’s
in that kid’s mind can a kid code does
that kid know Java there’s you know
Python if it’s mine okay I’ll fight it’s
so much bigger than wearing about kids
and what they do and their sexuality
don’t worry about the intellectualism
there’s worry about 10 main functions in
a global society that’s going to be
automated gates talking back and forth
ok I don’t care my son with 700 and
walking with a dress on as long as he’s
not sleeping on my couch and needs a
productive member of society right
that’s number one number two is that I
just wanted you’ve always been an
inspiration behind the scenes I want to
email you because I want to become part
of the show
paid monthly I want to be in evenly you
was on that terrible station that had to
find was like in the back send me an
email I don’t charge people to be on the
show but send me an email
let’s see if we can meet somewhere in
terms of a common ground but but here’s
the thing
so the Alicia Keys video I just
mentioned it I’m not a parent so how her
in Swizz Beatz raise their child is
really none of my goddamn business but
she put the video out there she’s a
person of notoriety of influence we’re
talking about a four year old making
decisions and she’s using terms like
judging yada yada ya
children have a different perception at
a small age you know so is is she using
her child to push an agenda or belief
you know I’m saying that that was my
only question girl let you finish up let
me finish up now I was in the same bag
my daughter was a five year old play
football you play football for four
years she’s a female she running back
quarterback all of this I got so much
flak from women telling me why are you
letting your daughter play football but
in at the end of those seasons I would
see little girls on the sidelines with
posters with my daughter’s name and then
the next year girls would start playing
football so I’m not saying this in its
agenda anything like that but we got to
start realizing they’re four years old
let’s stop hampering who they’re gonna
be if it sounds gonna be a full-blown
freak that’s what’s gonna be it’s going
to be that way anyway let’s make them
educate and a productive member before
the bill reporter is getting money yeah
before I let you go you are the guy I
put you on hold for those who don’t know
you have a ten-year-old daughter that
you you you you let her listen to
Minister Farrakhan yes thank you every
every Sunday morning that’s our pastor
okay okay okay so now again I’m letting
people say their piece I’m not really
trying to question or you know do
anything that derails your family
structure but mister Farrakhan is
someplace else now he’s now co-signing l
ron hubbard over Dianetics you do know
that yes yes i do but we all know that
when you get 80 years though you get a
little senile when the user starts to
set in so I’m gonna I’m gonna allow him
with all his good work at the end of his
life could be kind of you know getting
the old script bag with l ron hubbard
with the exploding book and all that BS
but at the end of the day that’s what
didn’t do anything for black people in
the 80s is not gonna do anything for
black people in the 2000 no bottom line
thank you be home soon it’s very close
all right you have a broken thank you
folks I’m an Objectivist
that philosophy that was put on this
planet once upon a time by ein Rand not
an rant on read I don’t
I’m not your brother to be disrespectful
but you know we have to have a similar
philosophy or ideology
I don’t just support tribalism off the
RIP most of you know this but in case
you don’t know it’s not I’m trying to be
funny or clown people no I don’t want
you trying to include me in your beliefs
if I don’t know you hang on a second I
mentioned earlier the squirrels here in
Atlanta GA holy smokes now I’ve been
coming to Atlanta as I’ve been saying
since the late 80s but I’ve never
actually lived here these squirrels are
aggressive jumping all over the goddamn
roof where I’m living here and jumping
over the vehicles
let me looking large I would what’s with
the squirrels is it something about um
the South that just makes them not give
a frock they remind me of the rats up in
the Bronx I had two squirrels try to set
it on me back in 2010 up up at a place
called Mullaly Park for anybody who
knows what that is
yeah just jumped on the goddamn the
garbage can and then jumped towards me
like as if to say you know yo where’s
the food hoe ass nigga I’m not whoa
somebody says where’s the chipmunks I
have not seen a chipmunk since I’ve been
here but the squirrel so just you know
doing a whole Lyle just say that okay I
don’t have a lot of notes this morning
but then if anyone saw the video please
give me a call holy smokes fast-food
workers are fighting back
let me get Dan on the line dinner with
the smoke I did call Dana earlier mmm oh
she call me roll in there we have we
Dana’s at you Dana with the smoke hi I
can’t see how are you I’m good how you
doing good good good good so um as you
know I don’t like to say anything that
seems like I’m taking a shot at someone
else’s platform on YouTube but dr. Boyce
Watkins very educated man he’s a
traveler he
he speaks at various schools and
I wouldn’t necessarily consider him to
be an intellectual but what’s going on I
mean I’m just I saw the video last night
with him saying does Atos need
intervention and then there’s article in
The New York Times is he trying to help
was he trying to cause a disruption I
don’t know I don’t know either I think
he’s is cloud chasing the title of that
show he did was are there agents an AVO
was movement so actually he did hang on
a second him he did one video and then
filmed it with two cameras and he put
put it on two different channels with
one different title here and then one
different title there but it was in the
same video if I’m not mistaken
good yeah he does do that to get more
views so I saw the one that I looked on
and says are there ages in a vos
movement so I guess they’re similar it’s
not the same exact title but very
similar to the other channel title oh
you know what I think he’s cloud chasing
because so I did read the New York Times
article and I’m thinking it was poor old
ad OS but that’s propaganda too
so the whole article was it was just
mainly about black immigrants and black
Americans it had nothing they did not go
in details about the ad OS movement and
boy I don’t know where he gets this idea
that ABO West neither intervention like
no we don’t need an intervention we just
need people like you see this shut up or
participate okay no hang on a second
let’s go a little bit deeper than just
saying someone’s cloud chasing he’s an
educated man I respect that about him
and others that have gone to the
institution of learning
I myself am a high school dropout I went
to a hunter college for one semester
they kicked me out so I’m not in any way
shape or form trying to clown the man
but I have said in the past I don’t
really rock with him like that because
of just a few things but why would he
now well still
do something that just doesn’t seem like
it’s productive towards the the
reunification and the Advancement of
Colored People he’s a man of influence
I’m baffled and I don’t want to clown
him or take shots at him but your ados
yes yeah well yes he has degrees he has
a PhD but in that particular video and
has been several videos in the past he
has not been objective so when you want
to have an intellectual conversation
with people your followers who need to
be objective
he’s very subjective he was very biased
you know so he’s not healthy and where
do you stand do you stand against the do
stand for it well I wouldn’t give him
the credit of saying he’s objective know
he is biased because he supports
tribalism and I’m not trying to clown
him for that but again I saw the video I
couldn’t even watch it I said holy
smokes and then I saw you bet Cornel
comment on Twitter so I’m just throwing
it out there anything else you want to
put on the table did you read the New
York Times article and what is that
article right what is that article
titled oh we’re self-interested so they
did a quote and then it was saying you
know can you come closer to the phone
daddy or soundfile weights it’s like in
a tunnel come little closer say again
okay wait a minute
I mean do I sound better now no better
good okay so it says we’re a self and
interest and that was in quotes and then
anna says the black American debate and
then it has went into the history of
what the Asian or West movement is about
but the whole article is just mainly
black Americans versus black immigrants
who’s basically at time that that’s what
you call propaganda well who wrote the
article and is it a hit piece that’s
what I’m gonna know yes the woman who
wrote the article Ferris Stockman she’s
American journalist she used to work for
the Boston Globe I couldn’t do too much
background but she is an American okay
so she also our who I’m thinking it was
more you know given people insight on
what a BOS is about but it was just the
opposite okay so now is he referring to
the article Boyce Watkins and again I
don’t want to drag this out but is even
firming to the article is he is he
trying to help he might pretend to help
and maybe I’ve got it fucked up he’s not
helping with that video so one minute
you have thought you’re talking about
the clutter Anderson and you’re talking
about black empowerment and then last
night you bring up this video about ages
and ABO was is no ages in ABO West
movement the actual movement there
outside ages in the black community so
the difference and he’s part of it and
then wait a minute in real quick
everything he’s on a thirty minute video
I was thinking he was about the
admission solid police said that is that
Google he was the closet okay
okay I’m gonna try and find some time
not today but maybe a tomorrow to read
this New York Times article you know
sounds like it might be a hit piece
there is a combined effort to derail a
lot of things that are going on by we
have black unification I will say that
you know but okay thank you so much did
you see the video Dana with regards to
the McDonald’s employees you know
catching wreck on a guy no I said I
think that was the Pappas video I saw
the one no no no McDonald’s the link
hang on the link is right there
McDonald’s get it right no no I didn’t
see that I thought I saw somebody get
oh that’s the one I thought that’s
that’s old news now now we talked about
somebody getting chin check with a
blonde locks jump behind the counter got
his shit rocking a man they made him
exit but uh I good to talk to you Dana
are you going live today tomorrow much
next time you’re doing a show no I’m at
work right now so I’ll be going live
tomorrow and Tuesday ok good to talk to
you yeah thank you sorry okay like Dana
with this smoke aka Dana with the data I
gave her the name dinner with the data
because I’ve been watching monitoring
tone talks any
Carnell going back a lot of years and in
2017 when we were doing star in the
morning I said hey Dana there’s a woman
named you bet Carnell when she does
great research you know she pulls data
with regards to how she speaks and her
stories and her execution you know
anyway I think I’m done with that
conversation I don’t want to you know
attack the guy I’ve never met him maybe
I should reach out just because I don’t
know give me a second guys I’m coming to
the phone lines as well
bobak wanna thank you for your donation
early on a Sunday he says dang star
I took a bathroom break during my own
church service to send some some
scroller to you
hashtag Lord forgive me hashtag what a
friend we need okay and then he says
hashtag what a friend we have in Jesus
as well
hashtag salute though thank you very
much okay did I forget to read this
super chap in the other day hold a
oh okay I forget hoe checking hoe
check-in sugar daddy star the Sun burned
out years ago
the current Sun is just a hologram
slaves are prisoners of war they were
ambushed and then came pop us thank you
for your donation I think we read that
one Friday night I’m not sure that was a
good discussion we had Friday and
someone sent me a email who was it that
said I missed one of their super Jess
with that sue whoop I think it was sue
whoop okay I got four super chats here
from soup give me a second guys one of
these they’re saying I forgot to read I
read the one about New York chicks pull
out a black or pink do-rag okay I read
that one for the gender reveal something
about New York niggas slow grind to DMX
song slippin I read that one
New York niggers think it Jehovah’s
Witness is someone who went to a jay-z
concert I was cute that was cute um hang
on a second and there’d be this way I
think I did something but where’s Ronnie
yes I read that one as well okay so what
I got you I got all four let me scroll
back a little bit more okay okay if su
loop is watching I took the time Sunday
morning yeah it’s early folks in case
you’re just now joining the show
11:24 a.m. inspirational Sunday service
I just wanted to touch on this this new
video and again the link is in the right
up under the the video box have you seen
it so to area code five one two hey good
morning five one two
inspirational Sunday service are you
there how are you sir good morning okay
can you come closer to the phone please
a little closer yeah what’s going on man
how are you echo but I just want to give
a little sunday inspiration come on okay
this is this is the best way I can
inspire people okay some things they
keep they say can’t be destroyed energy
and consciousness so that means the
electrical impulses on your brain are
nothing but energy so so they look
that’s your thoughts like yeah your
memories all that good stuff okay and so
if you’re in so that means when you die
one day that energy must go somewhere so
it’s just like boiling water women when
you fall when you bawl water on the
stove it don’t disappear it changes form
it changes face like it changes from
water to I’m gonna die but you say it
doesn’t yeah so it changes things so
nothing ever disappears we just change
this form
you know like water
precipitation and rain the water use the
ground will trend you’re hot the water
beverage bowl back in the cloud is a
cycle it’s a bit of a cycle so when you
die your thoughts your energy they going
somewhere now what the hell they going I
can tell you that part but it’s doing
somewhat ok if I can jump in and again I
want people to say what they feel what
they believe if they want to express
their faith I’m not here to question
what you believe how you raise your
family unit is that’s your business
so um let me just say that first so with
regards to energy and things of that
matter um a lot of my research and
studies I conducted them during the 80s
and the 90s and I formulated my own
philosophy I wrote a book it’s called
objective hate free download almost but
but let me ask you since you spoke about
energy and you’ve um you’ve said
something that many people have said
throughout time do you believe in
reincarnation okay doing it on his own I
probably would pick to come back to the
quadriplegic this thing is you came back
thousand times it is just boring after a
while I might want a little challenge so
I might want to come back as a rich
quadriplegic okay but see how if I can
give myself a challenge
oh yeah I believe in a little bit
everything I’ve written all the little
over the Bible the Quran you know I’m
government Ebru Israel I know you know
all that it’s much research as you can
you’re gonna get answers from everywhere
but you gotta kind of come up with them
home and count with your own your own
personal little beliefs by taking little
pieces drinking little jewels from the
ear in there and that’s the month
that’s uh that’s as much as you can do I
mean you really can’t really speak out
I’ve had six near-death experience star
I felt something warm that’s all I like
it did okay I thank you for your calls
her and thank you for your donation have
a good day
I’m doing yeah okay
all right speak your piece hold on a
yo somebody just sent me another crazy
video the Popeyes brawls continue Hassan
good morning Hassan sends in a cash at
pay attention started getting that
creflo bag Church now I’m not getting
that creflo bag I just I woke up I was
heading out the door again going to the
mall and then I somebody I check my
emails and I saw email from Junior brat
sir I said whoa and I just wanted to
bring that energy to the microphone
while you know it was still fresh no
crap flows uh crap holes in it
did he ever get that jet he was trying
to get a jet for 50 million anybody
knowing the Kalon chat he was gonna get
50 million and and who’s putting their
mac down harder I don’t want it you know
slanted but who’s putting a mac down
harder creflo dollar or TD jakes which
one I don’t know I don’t know who’s you
know who’s really getting that bag more
but if I had to guess if I had to guess
I would say TD jakes I could be wrong I
was 82 jigs Hey good morning to a jack
97 Latin Kings kill squirrels if you
don’t feed them okay he or she is
referring to the Coyotes that used to
run through my property and I call three
of them the Latin Kings I have not seen
them in well over going on two months I
don’t know this area but maybe when the
weather shifts or maybe went when they
eat a certain amount of food in that
region they move on I have not seen the
Latin Kings there’s a a fox that I’ve
been seeing around I called her a keema
but the squirrels are back squirrels the
back thank you for your donation let’s
go to area code 424
good morning for two for inspirational
Sunday service are you there morning
thank God ain’t got no inspiration for
men these people I’m just with the BS
I’m gonna try to keep this you know I’m
not gonna cut okay so this inspirational
Sunday but check me out
I don’t care about that energy if my son
come in my house with a dresser on them
so laughing the hell out of one straight
take it easy take it easy no take it
easy okay my fault my fault my fault
but I want to know it is I don’t care
about none of that how did we get here
why do white people forget about the
conversation that they are Neanderthal
like it don’t bring that up okay are you
talking about going on a mainstream
level what I mean
I’m on a mainstream level okay they
science they believe in they do whatever
research and they found out that all
non-africans have Neanderthal DNA in
them but with that being said that
taught that all people must come from
Africa or one African mother state
that’s the bunk Africans don’t have V
and earth or DNA but whites and Asians
do okay a different creature is human
there are different creatures they’re
not even the same species as African I
just wanna I just want to put that in
the air and I’m not the one want you if
you can cuz I know you got a lot of
white listeners I want you to ask them
what’s here black people do the deal and
you have white so you can answer it okay
do we ever do this I’m trying to do to
process what you’re saying I don’t want
to have a racist conversation on a
Sunday morning because as you can see on
the screen it says inspirational
Sunday’s service but now if you’re
asking me a question you asked me a
what did black people ever do to white
for white people white people to hate
them or to manhandle them is that what
you’re asking me oh because I can
understand all right I understand they
had a plan they needed some people to
build up this country and after we did
that they couldn’t you know apologize
for or just gave us some answers but
that hate still carries on oh I’m sorry
I’m not a scientist I can’t tell you
accurately but I can give you an analogy
if it if it helps do you remember the
movie Wall Street who you met they moved
in Wall Street what was the guy’s name
that Michael dug was played and he was
having a conversation with Charlie Sheen
looking like it was a guy’s name was it
Gordon Greco it may have been Gordon
Greco can you google that Oh
Michael Douglas Wall Street something
Greco I forget anyway um so he’s having
a conversation with Charlie Sheen and
Charlie Sheen said why did you buy my
father’s airport and then destroy it or
record or something like that and then
go and then Gordon Greco said because it
was wreck about now I’m just
paraphrasing just paraphrasing but he’s
what he would imply was that I brought
it and I and I destroyed it because I
could and it was there for the taking
now that may or may not work in terms of
what you’re asking me but I’m not a
scientist I can’t tell you why you know
a certain group did something to another
group I mean I had my my theories but I
want to focus more on inspirational
Sunday okay that helped all right you
know Sunday inspiration shout out to all
the people so we don’t do shadows please
slow it down we don’t do shadows but
thank you for thank you know plq once
you start that shout
I’ve gotta get you up out of here
shoutouts okay shout out you know but I
when I first started doing radio in
March of 2000 we had a ban on shoutouts
especially like you know people used to
come on the show and try and shout out
the projects what are you shouting out
the projects for if you’re not from the
project’s stop it
putting people’s names on the mic on the
radio people doing crimes people in jail
and all sorts of stuff guys what was
that uh was it Gordon Greco let me
Google this myself hold on I don’t know
if that analogy works or not but uh yeah
Gordon Gekko pardon me Gordon Gekko GE
kko a fictional character the 1987 film
Wall Street yeah Gordon Gekko he’s
having a conversation with Charlie Sheen
about why he why he did what he did
because I could you know what do you ask
me why and why people do what they do to
black people anyway
um hang on a second guys what time is it
I’m going to the mall okay I’m I’m on
schedule here I’m still going to the
mall I don’t know which one I’m going to
yet there’s the Dunwoody mall the
closest mall to me is in Woodstock you
can google that if you like Woodstock GA
that’s the closest mall to me but I’m
going to one of them this afternoon hey
Jennifer how if she sends in a cash at
religion tears us apart spirituality is
all you need
okay thank you are you calling in
Jennifer would you like to bless the
show yeah say a prayer for star my
mother prays for me
sure she does and I say thank you you
know let’s go to every coat um two four
zero versus at hey good morning two four
zero having an inspirational Sunday
service any thoughts any we didn’t add
to the conversation yes good morning
good morning I want to I want to give a
quote please you can’t lose with the
stuff I used somebody saying money is
the root of all evil
okay but being in poverty is a damn
shame the best thing you can do for a
poor man does not be one of them
God doesn’t want you to have your pie in
the sky by and by when you die yeah he
wants you to have it now with the cherry
on top yeah you talked about Reverend
Knight let’s go the man to get into
heaven for poor man again here he
doesn’t even have the money to bribe the
let’s go let’s go keep going that’s all
that happened overnight stay with me
stay with me what are you fans oh come
on yes yeah that’s Reverend Ike you
talked him out its member night yes I
listened to a lot of this stuff and I
learned his name from you what he said
there’s some will motivational powerful
stuff yes and you take the context of it
jay-z borrowed a lot from revelation the
most people make may not know that but
jay-z bar from every night I didn’t know
that yeah I forget one of his lyrics
jay-z said something about the best
thing I can do for a poor person I
forget how he said it but it was very
similar to what Reverend Ike said the
best thing I can do for a poor person or
poor people is not become one of you
that’s what Mike said he rolls-royce is
back in the 70s I remember looking at a
little magazine called Jet magazine and
and he was stuntin he had the other
conch that the pompadour hairstyle and
it was him and Liberace they would like
you know diamond out you know remember
night yeah revenant like an R&B singer
in the 70s yeah
these are so prayer cloths but a prayer
cloth I think was like $65 for a prayer
cloth I remember as far as Alicia Keys
goes well I remember being a kid and
we’re gonna play football to our dad we
need some football cleats we’re gonna
play basketball
a day and there will be some basketball
shoes we go play baseball and then we
need a baseball goal and baseball bat
all I’m trying to say is he and I said
all right make up your mind what you
want to do kearson they mad all the time
nothing for you all to say I want one
thing or two segregated
want it isn’t that a big deal that’s
what kids do yeah yeah again I’ve never
felt like that stay with me I’ve never
met Alicia Keys I met Swizz Beatz one
time and you know he was very respectful
to me so I’m gonna you know be
respectful in return but you know she’s
a person of influence and what you
believe and how you raise their own
children that’s that’s fine that’s your
business but once you start putting it
out there on social media and you know
she was very coy smiling you’re very
passive-aggressive what do you guys
think I’m just ranting it’s it almost
felt like she was trying to push the
agenda very consistently to what D wait
and a Gabrielle Union are doing you know
that’s a felt like but again I don’t
care what you do but once you start
telling me how how I should raise my
child or if I’m raising my child and
then you you telling you’re telling me
I’m wrong that’s where we have a problem
give me last word that’s I see feel uh
highly doubt Swizz Beatz still the same
way oh thank you man have a good day
thank you yeah I don’t care what you do
at home how you raise your kids but once
you know my kid starts going to school
and then you’re telling my kid that what
he’s being taught at home is wrong
that’s what we have the problem now we
got a problem you know I don’t want to
get into the discussion of sex and stuff
like that with kids but you know it just
it gets testy and weird okay all right
give me a second guys I’m coming to the
phone line shortly when you also say um
I don’t want to talk too much about my
my business but I’m looking for some
type of associate producer with regards
to this pilot that I’m shooting and
about less than two months here in the
Atlanta area myself and my homie DX 21
piece to the god we are constructing
something behind the scenes right now I
think it’s gonna be unique I think it’s
gonna be very different and we do have a
show producer already in place I’ve got
the budgets here budgets little extra
but I’m looking for someone to assist in
terms of show direction show direction
if you are such a person or know someone
please send me an email the hater one
nine six for that’s my email
address again the hater one nine six for you have to live in the
Atlanta area folks I’m sorry I’m not you
know flying somebody in from New York
paying New York price is not that I’m
not looking to pay someone but you have
to be in the Atlanta area okay and
that’s it that’s it with regards to that
a few more phone calls then I’m heading
to the mall yeah
area code three four zero hold on hey
good morning 3.0 yeah good morning good
morning good morning Sunday
inspirational service that’s what’s
going on doing yeah kind of confused cuz
you’re the what objectionable Heath and
out of that shit but you don’t believe
it can you please watch your mouth it’s
Sunday morning please tone it down with
the profanity come on I learned from you
but I’m not cursing the Sunday change
direction but prior to this yeah prior
to this use the curse very boisterous
one day morning again I mean you can
have a conversation or you I don’t want
to argue with you tonight I’m not
arguing with Todd’s get him out of here
let me put on my hole I’m gonna get him
out of here have a conversation yeah
okay okay take the bass out of your
voice I don’t know you I don’t care
about you like that well go get some
medicine go get some medicine there I
are you a believer what do you want to
say it’s Sunday morning
what do you want to say yeah yeah yeah
and yeah I’m a believer cuz when I’m in
trouble that’s the first name that I
call it John okay when I get scared have
a real quick conversation with God
continue on so I think that everybody
has the right to believe whether they do
or not as long as you keep it in your in
your yard in your space
do what you want okay if you’re not
hurting a child or hurting the older
person do what you wanted okay my
platform is open this morning you can
express what you feel how you feel I’m
just asking bring it down bring it down
a few notches with the language it’s
Sunday morning you know some people do
they don’t like to have profanity laced
with you know uh beliefs with a so
called high over I can stop cursing it’s
not a good thing it doesn’t make you
seem like you’re smart okay okay do you
subscribe to a Christianity Islam
Judaism what is it that I would be more
of a mixture of Christianity just
because that’s what I’ve been
indoctrinated with I’m not too big on a
Muslim thing because they kind of helped
us start the whole slavery issue so that
that has me confused even with the
Christianity and still confused I
believe that God I know or in me I
believe that there is a God but as far
as the form of religion and the practice
is to and how to get to God I think
there’s many different forms of it I
don’t think that you can like what
happens to the tribes person that’s in
the Amazon jungle that has never seen a
Bible that she damned to hell I don’t
think it’s fear what happens to the
person that is in jail and it did the
degeneres of society God still loves
them mm-hmm like you say that God
doesn’t love this sin but he loves the
sinner stuff like that I get when you
look around in this world you can’t
explain how but
stuff that’s just in nature it doesn’t
make sense you just like how you saying
you can’t prove or disprove you can’t
prove God exists you can’t disprove
right right so we agreed to disagree yes
so uh it’s not even I disagree so we
agree that we don’t know what you can
phrase it how you like but I’m just
saying I am respectful to those who are
believers I don’t necessarily need to
try and yes sway them to my to my lineup
Thank You pepper now hang on a second
were you from are you born and raised in
the state from someplace else
no this thing where I’ve called you all
right about a year ago from st. Croix I
think I may be okay yeah yeah in in the
US but just still have the accent so
it’s always bleeds through but being out
there a little while okay yeah I was
about to ask you if you knew what was
going on in Jamaica but with the whole
of the whole a Bulgari if they’re gonna
like you know reverse those laws but I
can’t speak intelligently about it so I
would just be some an observer as far as
I understand it it’s just a bunch of
okay no curse word I think it’s
homophobia okay I think that all of
these countries have other things to
worry about than what somebody is doing
in their bedroom know if you’re talking
about somebody messing with so it’s time
for the Yard Man to be truly free free
no it’s time for it’s time for everybody
to respect everybody’s wishes the young
man does not have to appreciate or like
what people do in their bedroom but you
should not physically are cost them
right nobody should be hurt or put in
jail or killed for something that you do
in your home so get rid of the buggery
loans yes give it as laws get rid of you
no no I am I have seen the punishment
for because in each society you have
your own cultural aspect I mean that
to be respected but you also cannot
physically hurt anyone
it’s my whole thing you could be a
Ramada finalist modify them but know
that you are racist it’s fear it’s just
like back in the day this society was a
lot easier when you knew that mr. Walter
was the reason you got along with you
right still try but the problem is when
I don’t know that there’s a snake in the
oh god I’m scared but if I know there’s
a snake in the grass I can go play baby
it’s fine
very well said st. croix thank you for
checking you man have a great day yes I
know curse words yeah no curse words
st. Claire in the chicken yeah he has to
call a couple years ago we had some good
conversations so very early Sunday
morning yeah inspirational Sunday
service do you care about that Alicia
Keys video it’s picking up traction
you’re gonna come back to me little bit
later on and say yo did you see Alicia
Keys we’re discussing it now if you want
to go look at it and then call in that’s
also let me just say this again thank
you for the the Popeyes and there’s a
chick-fil-a brawl and then there was uh
was it Church’s Chicken didn’t somebody
get shot and killed at a Church’s
Chicken it’s like there’s a chicken
conspiracy now in America I truly truly
think that you know how do we reach this
point as a society but yeah thank you
for the videos of your email that I get
hey Jennifer thank you again for your
cash up she says so I’m at the
plantation work catch you next time
thank you darling thank you so much for
your donation and what is this whole
second guys okay that’s about the
paralyzed okay so somebody get paralyzed
at McDonald’s
mm okay
Ronny’s Davis I did not see the video oh
did I see the video and then just not
pay attention
somebody got paralyzed okay I’ll look at
that later
and again guys if you have not seen the
the video that I’m talking about this
morning with the McDonald’s employee
please it’s right there it’s in the
description box under my video right now
it says forward slash and
then you see the code oh that’s
beautiful beautiful video so to area
code six six one good morning six six
one inspirational Sunday service are you
there hey what’s up star hey how are you
I’m great man happy Sunday to you
I’ve decided you sir what do you want
start well first I must give a shout out
so we don’t do that please please no
well sir well we started really called
you he was giving out about tears outs
no believe me snow Billy snow Billy yeah
I gave my pastor but it’s Sunday morning
let’s stay focused here we’re not going
back to what snow Billy did he’s putting
in work I don’t know you
kuna whoops no Billy ain’t no Jesus
Christ I guess he wanted to drop the
f-bomb and that was the whole point huh
let’s get him out of here never mind me
they might just stop with the cursing
didn’t we turn up Friday night let me
looking live chat do we go crazy Friday
night guys
sometimes you have to just pull it back
pull it back Jesus Mary Joseph mad at me
for area code 206 good morning on a
Sunday are you there – you turn that
down the background please or something
come closer yeah I’m better with you
okay but did you say smoke a blunt what
type of work are you doing sir on a
sunday will you have to smoke a blunt
uh I’m uh we’re for Mercedes dealership
so I gotta meet with the client get my
paper then get it okay
and get it make my own schedule you know
are you a mechanic or a salesperson who
are you demonstrate he’s not me okay I’m
a third person continuing but yeah I
just wanted to talk about religion I
feel like it’s crippling people it’s
religion is nothing more than
fear-mongering for people what it does
is and make people near the end and then
really live in the present you fear a
being that’s supposedly sitting in the
clouds staring at you just putting you
through shit when in reality you are you
please watch your language sir please
it’s Sunday morning
oh I’m sorry sorry but you are your own
guard at the end of the day you make
your own future and your life is a
reflection of your actions and I feel
like religion takes accountability out
of the picture and people don’t like to
hear that they want to live in a life
where they’re like hey if I have three
messed up kids if I if I have some fun
bro if I’m oh well for all my life it’s
because of God he has a plan for me
mm-hmm I call it BS I think that you’re
just you’re just wasting your time
okay go under how old you certain have
you studied any form of organized
religion I’m 23 and I can only talk
about my experiences mm-hmm
um have you studied any type of
organized religion that that’s a
question I’m gonna keep it real with you
I have not you see some people just have
this this position that religion is so
bad but they’ve never actually studied
anything they’ve never done the research
they don’t know anything about a surah
or the Fatah move or the hadith they
just that they’re lazy so I’m not
dumping wrote hang on I’m not dumping on
religion what you believe is what you
believe but you know from where I stand
you know you at least should research
some things before you formulate this
opinion and condemn others I’m a
non-believer but I don’t have to dump on
believers to have a conversation
I can take it back and talk about things
based upon research and not necessarily
feel defensive or intimidated you
filming oh yeah go can ask you this sure
look at the 10 commandments more than
himself look at him
they say thou shalt not kill thou shalt
not steal or what happens you go to hell
right and who runs this country white
people what do they do they break every
single commandment what do mr. fire
African Americans groups like you say
they live by the book they don’t break
these Commandments because they’re
looking at the end it’s all it’s all
alive and it’s keeping you in it is
keeping people in control it’s a way of
control religion is the biggest business
in the United in the world this is a
fact and I’m not saying you’re wrong I’m
just saying sometimes to help your
argument it would help if you did some
research on certain things but I’ll give
you the last word before you go to work
you have to smoke your blunt you said
yes yeah and this lab you can be two
things come on you can it be an idiot
and order a nigger thank you thank you
man okay all right he had to drop the
n-word in there Sunday morning take it
easier in the language we went crazy
Friday night did we not gave you that
show Friday night against my better
judgment somebody told me to leave it up
for a couple of days I said Oh yo take
that down peace Shabazz King he sent it
a donation he says every Friday should
be a turn-up show so thank you for your
donation first and foremost you know I
don’t know if you’re a new viewer but
you know how many years have I done
turn up shows on Fridays I don’t think
anybody has blacked out harder than me
on YouTube we had hata Thon’s myself DJ
alias salute to Skylar Saunders Skylar
Saunders sponsored a good amount of
those shows
I appreciate the donation but I don’t
think I want to do
a blackout show every Friday I just you
know just it’s not that I can’t
it’s not that I can’t I just don’t know
if I want to do that right now I got
some other things I’m focused on Oh
what’s this hold on Casey just sent me
an email me a second guys it’s this some
go with me turn that down hold on is
this a shooting at a Pittsburgh gas
station or just a fight was this old
this is old
what are you sending me old videos for
let’s knock it off
folks I’m with the foolishness in real
time please don’t send me old videos
from three months ago last year I’ve
seen it might roll babies keep me up to
speed you know three o’clock in the
morning I go on Instagram sometime you
know if I uh
roll over and I get tagged on all the
nonsense send me new videos please all
right area code nine one seven good
morning it’s still morning here in
Atlanta GA how are you 9 1 7 model good
okay you’re a banjee boy sir bandy boy
your banjee boy are you okay bring it
down bring it down it’s Sunday service I
didn’t curse and you tell still tell me
bring it down funny okay what do you
wanna start soon I’m following the rules
and I’m from Flatbush a few blocks away
from when we used to live okay I’m just
I just woke up Brendan I took him into
the show I didn’t see any of the videos
but I saw that I thought of McDonald I
see that at least the keys join so I’m
just I was just calling you some love
man he one of my favorite people in the
streets got no love but okay look I
ain’t from the street it is what it is
YouTube streets got no love sir
YouTube streets got no love was he on
the on the on the on the rainbow
coalition oh she was talking about
religion well she’s a mother
she’s got the right to say whatever she
says and feels about her child her in
Swizz Beatz which beats a good man I’m
just asking the question how do you feel
about you know her Instagram post
because she’s a person of influence and
sometimes influence with people haven’t
they have an agenda you know and they
can be backed by certain groups or or
financial institutions and there can be
there can be a conspiracy of sorts or or
a combined effort to to make it so that
black masculinity is not a good thing
but if you go watch the video if you go
watch that video and then maybe leave a
comment on the be broadcast I’ll be
appreciated right I got you I know I got
a question I know you’d probably go
deflect we said we’re not going back to
old old topics we’ll have one specific
time I’m not asking you about it’s a
religion based question I’m asking you
do you hide I mean I’m kind of asking
you expose yourselves under you occur
but do you have the star potentially
hide his religious faith for the
airwaves and these dunes who control the
oh no you be harmony you you I feel like
you believe more than you give off to
the people I’m a proud non believer sir
who has done extensive research over the
years I’ve stated that on multiple
occasions what I say on the microphone
is what I stand on what I stand on but
here’s the thing I’m not afraid to talk
about why you might hang on hang on you
asked me a question allow me to answer
the question I’m not afraid to open up
my platform and to let other people say
what it is that they think and or
believe so that we can have a healthy
I’m not sitting up here at 55 years of
age telling people you’re stupid because
you believe that’s not what I’m doing
it’s not what I’m about I’m just saying
I think you believe you believe so
that’s fine if whatever you think but I
just answered your question that’s fine
I answer your question okay thank you
sir thank you thank you what do you mean
you lion you gonna start that next
you’re a believer you lion I I know it’s
hard to believe that a non-believer can
be respectful to others I know that’s
hard to believe
no you’re not
that’s almost the equivalent to saying
you’re stupid you’re not really sure of
what you are or your position you’re
faking but thank you for calling you hey
gem star good morning okay did star last
time you returned to TV you were on vh1
dressed like a mulatto Captain Crunch
this next move better be major let me
give you a background gem star on the
gossip game is what you’re talking about
the gossip game that was on vh1 that was
starring Angela Yee and Kay Fox and my
cousin vid they called me down what to
do one scene and then they kept calling
me back I think I was on like ten
episodes now they never gave me credit
as being a featured person on the show
and that’s fine that’s fine I never got
paid but um and the show was trash it
got cancelled the gossip game there was
no turning up there was no brawling and
then they call me for another reality
show which I wasn’t into I wasn’t into
the concept but this is something
different and it’s not a guaranteed
thing it’s just there’s talks there was
interest and we’re shooting a pilot
that’s all a lot of times with regards
to television there’s there’s
corporations that may have interest
based upon different brands and and how
they relate to a certain demographic so
I don’t know I don’t know at this point
but I’m here in Atlanta I’m excited so
I’ll keep you posted as much as I can
but I’m not going to
and tell everything and then you know if
it doesn’t pop up you’ll be lying you
know but thank you for your donation
hold on a second hate is enough on the
check in good morning hate is enough mo
needs to chime in on this Sunday morning
and break down how this Flat Earth
balances on the back of the cosmic sea
turtle under the glass dome of Allah
okay I have not spoke spoken to her mo
check my phone here most usually busy
watching football on Sundays he’s not
really available for Sunday
conversations I did reach out to boss
chicken Ronny I think she’s busy on a
Sunday you know listen Sunday it’s not a
day where everybody wants to chime in do
a show you know and I get it hey Paul
Thank You Man uh for your Missy he says
I’ll be back in Georgia okay in 60 days
let me respond to this this is a guy
good guy here he’s been helping me out
with my whole training weightlifting and
so on and so forth I better do it now
about otherwise I won’t I’ll forget let
me just say that okay
I just responded to let me see anything
else I forgot to mention before I head
out okay again the the brawl at
McDonald’s fast-food workers are
fighting back fighting back
cutting off cutting everything short
I’ll just say that bringing a few more
calls area code
336 hey good morning 3 3 6 are you there
yes I’m here they start how you doing
hey who’s this this is our Realty Murray
hey let help yo on a Sunday morning I’m
doing good how about you ok what’s going
on with you words of inspirations where
I’m trying to put forth any thoughts
from whom all blessings flow and that’s
what I’m a firm believer in I am a
believer in God and I’ll just say that
but I was really calling in to speak
about Alicia Keys and her her message
okay her Instagram post you saw it yes I
did I saw it you don’t and I mean I’m
I’m a mother myself so I mean we all
know that when you think it’s kid in the
store they’re gonna go for the loudest
toy the messiest toy the freakiest candy
I don’t I don’t understand why she felt
the need to dramatize that he wanted
rainbow colors on his nails it’s a
statement in itself that he was in the
nail shop with you like that’s to me is
like inappropriate okay like I said I’m
a parent myself and I remember an
instance real quick where I was like
well I got to go get my nails done
and my husband was like well you’re
gonna have to wait till I get home
because he didn’t want me to bring my
son like and have him like sitting and
waiting while I was getting my nails
done so I just felt like where she was
going with the whole thing talking about
we all have natural and cemani you know
female energies like that’s not everyone
and it’s not up to a parent to promote
that on to your kids like so I mean it’s
okay if you taking them to the nail shop
with her but we don’t need to hear about
it like keep that among your household
like it sounded like a PSA like you can
choose your gender yeah yeah I’m
understand hang on a second because
again I don’t need to attack nor try to
tear down what goes on in her home her
and Swiss peas you know right yeah but
but at the same time it’s just this
point at the same time she is a person
of influence and it just sounds a little
concerned because years ago I spoke
about the rise of queer theory queer
theory and it may have seemed like a
joke then but it’s very real now when
people talk
about labels and oh I hate labels that
sounds great that you hate labels I hate
censorship but there needs to be some
type of structure discipline a certain
guidelines or until children can be
already to formulate their own opinions
you know I’m saying about whatever but
thank you for saying hey I agree with
what you say that’s why I say it like um
if there are parents listening I mean
you know you know your kids gotta choose
the junk they’re gonna gravitate towards
that junk first it’s up to you as a
parent to put a stronghold over how you
raising your kids and you know hone that
back in you yeah yeah yeah again I don’t
have any biological children well none
that I’m claiming but um you know you
have to put forth structure I have
helped raise children right you have to
put forth structure otherwise the child
in my opinion will have the the the the
thought process that anything goes
anything goes right and then it’s all
one big you know lollipop there’s no
structure nor should you
that’s right and it also puts like a
label over your kid like we don’t know
your kid we don’t know like which way
he’s gonna grow or grow up and be so why
impose that on earth like well he’s in
the nail shop and he enjoyed meeting his
nails done and this time he wanted
rainbow colors like fav all this okay
yeah yeah I see the video that she she
posted all my ig pages got a whole lot
of traffic comments you know and I guess
complet what she wanted to accomplish
I’m not hating on that but you know just
again it’s like when you have these
celebrities that don’t really have a
real wellspring of knowledge they’re
just famous and she’s a she’s a good
piano player I mean I’m not gonna say
she’s great I’ve never seen anything
that she’s done on the piano that made
me say whoa she’s uh she’s famous lamb
Sam but we have to be careful about
celebrities like that who you know all
of a sudden they’re just popping up and
pulling the masses into their line of
right right and do you have some of them
they don’t want to show pictures of
their kids you know when they out
they’ll cloak them and you know don’t
want them involved but then here she is
putting his personal story out there and
now you know we formulate an opinion
about her four-year-old son yeah okay
did you see a picture a month or so ago
Gabrielle Union D wades I’ll just say
family and then D Wade said look at my
girls that was yeah look at my girl
that’s exactly what he captioned it yeah
my girls and I said okay none of my
business but you know he already knows
he already knows the rule Emil is swirl
and since he you know since they took
him in and listened him to go to the gay
parade or some type of March there was
so for him to make that statement was
just a Fuhrman like we’re doing what we
want to do and I’m in support that he is
over worshipping his stepmother because
I feel like Ted I feel like had he been
maybe with his father and his biological
he wouldn’t adore his stepmother so much
that he he wants to mimic her behavior
he’s so excited about the celebrity and
the attention that she gets from being
Gabrielle Union I think it has really
confused him and for her to go along
with it and for him to go along with it
it’s not okay it’s not okay for anybody
under 16 or 17 years old you know being
raised by consenting adults to like just
impose and expose that type of behavior
on their kids do you have boys or girls
I have to get real to memory we’ve
spoken before your boys I’ll have one
fun I have one phone okay how old is he
I forget it’s fine to girl hold you say
my son is pin 10 okay is it too extreme
to ask the question is there a combined
effort to destroy the masculine black
man is that is that a loaded question
no it’s not because we were already
saying that uh the problem comes when
they’re being raised by a single woman
one parent household but no when we have
both parent households masculine male
you know uh you know a female they’re
being raised by both parties and then
they’re allowed to to change gender or
or be free free thinking instead of
emulating what a a man should be
especially in the black community last
year Facebook I think was either
Facebook or Instagram I forget which one
they had some type of ad campaign and
they had the black man wearing some pink
high heels and these were cartoon images
and I said and I said why is the black
guy gotta be in high heels there’s a
conspiracy against the black man anyway
hey real team you’re good to talk to you
thank you for chiming in all right good
thank you bye now okay real team around
the check-in what’s that Facebook
Instagram look alive check real quick
anybody remember that last year and they
had the black man in high heels
damn why don’t you put the white guy in
high heels okay
Bush kid good good morning well okay
it’s 12:15 now good afternoon
Bush kid says peace start happy Sunday
and my great president is making America
hashtag believe in Trump okay hey the
president was in town Friday I was gonna
try to go but I didn’t want to deal with
the traffic in the crowd but it was a
success from what I hear and there are
people wearing t-shirts blacks for Trump
black black voices is a black voices for
Trump Africa and there’s a em and make
America great again
I saw somebody with a big ass make
America great again hey I’m not the
speed on the challenge to be honest with
you I was just busy yesterday hose
flushing I don’t mean the gross over
yo yesterday yeah just I flushed and
stayed home yeah yeah the substitute
teacher in Texas that beat the breaks
off of that student has been fired and
arrested thank you I saw that fired and
arrested the it look like the student
hit the teacher first well that’s what I
that’s what I saw okay hang on a second
someone just sent me something else here
I’ll get back to that later
hey yeah tope a 1600 says a star these
stars are bought and so are their ideas
yeah yeah yeah you know she’s a good
artist musician she does her thing I’ve
enjoyed some of her music over the years
I had an Alicia Keys plaque somewhere I
think I traded it to somebody some I was
like fainting for I see you want this
thing take it it’s like a gold single or
something like that and once that song
she did with most death she’s had a
couple of tracks that I liked she was a
waitress in the restaurant most death he
came into the counter I like her music
I’m a little concerned about her now you
she’s pushing queer theory for those of
you who don’t know google queer theory
it’s very much reality so terry code 206
hey good afternoon
206 inspirational Sunday service are you
there 206 yeah how are you hello good I
guess you can make a topic thing is
processed food making your child gay
well right now we’re just focused on a
few things I want to stay on the topic
fast-food workers fighting back I mean
it makes me really shaky
so you got a lot going on in the
background can you make some adjustments
by the noise hear me yeah yeah I don’t
really want to talk about what’s making
young children act a certain way I’m
trying to be more inspirational this
morning you know we had a blackout show
Friday no save just gonna coast a little
bit any thoughts on the two topics we’re
discussing fuck nice get him out of here
why is why is it so hard sometimes to
just stay within the lines of you know
clean language why is that so hard
hello some guys
Sal hey Sal how are you he said salute
oh gee thank yourself for your cash at
men appreciate you okay this is
something I have to look at after the
show some some long ass email folks I’m
55 years of age I don’t like to read
like paragraphs and paragraphs with
words emails that’s why I have the app
on my phone to block links images and
and long messages if you send me like a
book on my phone it gets cut off it gets
cut off hold on a second
the link gets cut off I’m sorry the
message gets cut off and I just I don’t
get it you know please don’t send me
long-ass books I don’t have time to read
that one more call one more call area
code 201 hey 12-1 are you there good
201 chillin man chillin chillin I was uh
listening to this oh and yeah I did I
saw that Alicia Keys I ain’t even put
the volume up I could just tell by her
facial expressions you know she’s been a
cloud chaser for a long time and I do
believe also that she’s been playing
both sides of the fence
now that this is alleged I’m not caught
you know I’m not gonna blow yourself up
like that but I don’t want to make any
claims about sexuality that that’s not
what I’m doing this morning I’m just I’m
just no no I don’t want to go in that
direction somebody said I know somebody
that’s not what I’m doing
it’s not I’m doing Hangul did you see
the video with her talking about her
four-year-old that’s all I’m talking
about yes I did okay okay okay Crouch
April there’s an agenda even also to
that that did you hear about that video
about that chick making those lasers
aleppo is going in that Rob Lowe and now
your phone can you make the adjustments
so again King Demi yeah okay Jamie you
saying yes all right
there was a video that somebody had made
a racist statement that somebody was a
white woman and the woman was stating
that she was Alicia Keys his friend now
oh yes yes that couple of weeks ago and
she said I can use the n-word because
Alicia Keys is my friend yes right yes
see what regular people have to
understand which is poor people and
working middle-class people is that when
you start talking when you start dealing
with these rich rich eccentric people
and Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz who are
now formed a business partnership that
eccentric level along with jay-z and
Beyonce I’m not talking that a little
bit is up I’m talking about people that
have different ideas about how life
should be lived now that they have
reached a certain plateau so when you
start Gabrielle’s
the d-wave and they’re talking about
these ultimate lifestyles right for
these are children were not made up
their mind had not even decided on what
pair Jordans match the crazy colored
pants that they’re wearing come on
people do not understand that because
this is a doctrine ation that these
people are moving into a disability
started with children yeah they’re not
trying to they’re not passing
necessarily these ideas off to other
adults even though most of the time it
was adults who brought them in because
of their power and influence over their
industry will it be invaluable in to
change the music industry the passages
the children and don’t be powerful
almost like we don’t want better
fighting exciting Popeyes Chicken places
and beat people up and crashing it cause
it’s like to me or people that are
influenced by these people because of
their power
9:14 you spit in facts man I appreciate
you getting able to appreciate your
husband facts
yes and it’s sad and people gotta learn
how to protect the children and that’s
what they’re doing
protective children because therefore
concern about them different to the
party then shaking their ass this being
the music video or being on TV like all
this love only this is people that are
being indoctrinated into the stuff or
the ones that are trying to get away
from who they are as a person what how
they want and being cool that’s what
that’s mostly what this path to do it
and then other than that yes other than
that salute mr. booth no closer
thank you okay Rob Lowe on the check-in
man just spit some facts we can’t come
behind that we can’t come behind that
call all right
let me finish up on super chats hate is
enough good morning or partly good
afternoon it’s now 1224 yeah folks I got
started early this morning that damn
McDonald’s video set me off again let me
a say salute to him JR Braxton thank you
so much hate his end up sends in a super
jet store the masculine black man has
been under assault since long before
Flip Wilson rocked a dress for Laughs
whitey stays on his jo B yeah Dave sends
in a soup jet salute Boss Hogg I’m
currently reading your book did you
really go around okay it’s a little
vulgar yes I did back in Scotch Plains
New Jersey to answer your question
shaking my head can I get an autographed
copy I have no more copies of my book
its online for free you can download the
PDF or if you have the actual book I
that book did very well for me and the
second one has already completed I’m
gonna put it out at some point I don’t
know when and just
keep you posted but thank you so much
with regards to reading the book I
appreciate that okay I’ll see you guys
we might do a show tonight I like to do
shows on Sunday night let me see how my
day goes heading to the mall right now
and keep me up to speed
please don’t know anything I think that
goes on by way of fast-food workers
fighting back yeah this is a national
it’s a craze the whole chicken sandwich
thing and it’s spilling over alright be
safe enjoy your Sunday
take care

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