Stephanie Mills Speaks On Michael Jackson Transformation, Talks Son's Disability + His New Book


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breakfast morning everybody is DJ envy
Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are
The Breakfast Club we got a special
guest in the beat we say special guest a
lot but sometimes you got to put a
little okay there’s a whole legend right
here because I watch you guys you told
me it was how you doing I never got that
no I live in Charlotte in Brooklyn but I
love living in Charlotte I’ve been
living in Charlotte for 27 years Wow
isn’t it crazy to see how much best eye
has changed from back then from back
then yes when I bought my brows on my
parents were like why are you moving –
because I’m from Flatbush they were like
dude Flatbush – I lived all over Brooks
all over Berk yeah father was a
construction worker and drive a taxi for
Black Pearl back in the day hmm
so he know all about it yes yeah my
parents moved to Jersey when I was in
high school and then when I bought my
house in bedside they was like right
because they didn’t realize how much it
has changed
like why are you moving to bed-stuy and
I promise you ism yeah it’s amazing how
did you get into the music industry let
stuff in the beginning I was like 7
years old and singing you know listening
to the radio and singing and my sister’s
used to always you know like put me in
little talent shows anything like that
then I auditioned I went to the Apollo
and I want three weeks in a row okay
was you scared no okay I’m saying who’s
loving you and for once in my life by
Stevie Wonder and who’s loving you by
the Jackson 5 and then I auditioned for
a play called Maggie Flynn that ran on
Broadway about nine months and that’s
I’m from there then I had a record out
call I knew it was love mm-hmm and the
producer Ken Harper heard that record
and asked me to come down an audition
for The Wiz and because I had auditioned
for a lot of different things and so
much rejection I didn’t want to do it my
mother made me go and thanked before we
get to the how do you get the record
singing okay they heard me sing at the
Apollo and and then Paramount records
what kind of deal was it like did you
have business savvy or your parents or I
didn’t have business savvy but my
parents and my family managed me well
very very long time so I didn’t have
business savvy yet at that time I
learned it because this is all I’ve ever
done I’ve never done a regular job so
basically you got taken advantage of
early on on that base oh yeah you make
no money no yes yes you well you still
get taken advantage of even when you
when you are successful because you they
employ their friends all around you so
you have to be careful because you know
your manager and poor his friend and
then his friend and his you know what
about Broadway what are those Great
White Way
Great White Way I just I went to go see
the Tina Turner musical no way to by the
way yes and that’s intense
it’s very intense we you do eight shows
a week when you do theater I did I did
Maggie Flynn I did The Wiz I do
ragtime I’ve done some other shows that
were on the road and you that’s your
whole life you can’t do anything else
you know but I love Broadway I would
love to go back to Broadway and stay
maybe a year that’s it cuz I love it it
was the best training
did you see the Motown musical any of
them no I see the Motown musical or
they’d since or what’s the with the ape
the ape King Kong thank you
what else did I see Diane I’m old I’m 62
so I know you know looks 25 years old
black don’t crack
how old were you when you played Dorothy
17 17 yes I mean that’s Yoshi’s debut if
I’m not mistake my that was the big
thing yes it was wonderful of the cast
you know George faizon a brilliant
brilliant choreographer Geoffrey holder
director it was wonderful
Felicia Rashad was in it she was a
munchkin and she played she was the
understudy for Glinda it was a I’ve
stayed in it five years now why didn’t
they use you for the movie though
because they hardly ever used the
Broadway person for the movie I don’t
know why but I was signed to Motown
briefly and she came to the show quite
often just oh yeah were you guys friends
at all I wouldn’t say we were friends
but I admired her I wanted to be like
Diana cuz I would go when I was signed
to Motown and met mr. Gordy and Suzanne
de pez they took me to Vegas to see her
shows a lot so I admired her style in
her class and her grace on stage I never
had a friendship no really seemed like
that would be peers though in this
business in this business it’s not
friendship she looks you as competition
you know I don’t think she looked at me
as competition but it’s very hard to say
you have a friend in female singers in
this Angela wimbush I would consider
Freddy Jackson is my friend you know of
course Tate T P Teddy Pendergrass was
with my big brother and everything but
it’s very hard because recently actually
to put a show together it’s very hard
because I’d love to perform with a
female entertainers but it’s hard you
know you don’t hate a name Freddy
Jackson that much I know
Freddy and Lucy used to seem like but
they don’t see no did you prefer do you
live yes okay oh yes yes he is but I
think that we are tolerated
we’re not celebrated in this even by our
own even by well I think that our own
celebrate us but not enough but I really
do believe that the black artists in
this industry is not that single
something in the way yes
that was written by Angela winbush yes
and produced
yes DJs well you were you are aware of
all the DJ’s doing their own mixes no no
but did you see the work in Capri what
kid Capri and he told me I was not aware
of that not at all not at all no nobody
ever you never been in a party and her
nobody flaming and now that I’m old I’m
like no I want a party and get out there
but you feel like you’ve missed your
childhood in a way no I think I made it
made up for it in my forties so what you
doing your voice
what do you call frisky fun oh yes okay
she said yes straight up yes yes did
they know did they even know you was
40-something I always was I’m always
honest I don’t like people that say
they’re not why couldn’t say I don’t
respect people that don’t own up to
their own age you’ve earned those years
that’s right were those the guys that
were attracted to you to like the
younger guys but always shiny socks
younger guys were always attracted to me
they thought I was younger right and
sugar mama too because you have yes and
I that’s what I got turned off well I
don’t leave you sugar mama you know I
was a sugar mama
a BMW Mercedes Wow both the one guy got
to come Oh one guy was that much money
why’d you do that for I gotta say this
my ex-husband Michael Saunders was the
program director for this station when I
walked in here this morning I was like
yeah he got them so this is the rooms
can tell some stories we were divorced
by then all killed
well we were still cool but was it at
least are you outright purchase the car
right just that’s nice I don’t matter
like maybe a lease and then you pay make
the payments but she born to ball the
ball it was the nicest thing anybody
ever got you I have people don’t give me
presents oh I’ve never had a man to
shower me with presents I’ve always
brought my own presents not even Michael
Jackson used to date Michael Jackson I
used to date Michael Jackson but we were
young he had that money yet well he was
he was doing The Wiz and we lived on
Sutton but I’m not we but we you know he
stayed on Sutton Place and I used to
stay there and go with him to the film
and stuff but no he he never bought me
how long’s a date he dated while he was
black yeah what was his mind said he was
the most gentle most kind but he never
said a bad word about anybody I’ve never
seen him upset never he was so gentle
and so kind and he’s not a pedophile
not at all when did he start changing
like when you started seeing him
lightening his skin and doing stuff I
think that I think when he became bigger
you know and now in our entertainment
world they always tell you because I was
always black I was too black to this to
that so they want you to cross over so
they tell you you have to you know not
sing so soulful not so I think when he
crossed over to pop which I don’t like
labels because I think music is music
um that’s when he began to change when
he began all that success and he had I
believe he had the wrong type of people
around it was when did you break a wider
job Rico why did you stop because I
wasn’t I didn’t want to go to certain
people’s houses for dinner or I didn’t
want to do that why why people you
started hanging around yes well you just
could probably see the devilish way than
them and that’s probably when you
started to see the changes yeah and I
wasn’t gonna change myself you know well
if I was too black of my songs with to
R&B you know only one of my songs was
played on pop radio so why do you think
he got caught up in the pedophile
scandal because Michael liked being
around children because they were
innocent even my my brother Andre used
to hang around Michael and they weren’t
they didn’t want anything from him they
didn’t have an agenda and I think that’s
why he liked being around children they
just liked to play and have fun they
didn’t have an agenda but most people
around him had an agenda they wanted
something I mean I would go to
Havenhurst and see mothers drop their
daughters off to stand at that gate and
wait for Michael really yes do you um do
you think it was strange any of his
behavior like staying over with the kids
I don’t think anything he did was
strange I think the public and I think
people that around him made it strange
and and and because he liked that they
made this story but he’s not that he’s
the most he was the most gentle person
kind did you guys stay in touch even
after all of that like we did when he
did the bad video he called me and he
wanted my best friend who was Greg Bird
to choreograph the bad video and I got
in touch and they got in touch with each
other and then I went to visit the set
that was the first time I ever saw him
when he had totally changed what did you
think I was I whispered something I spit
something in his ear I used to call him
a nigger all the time yeah and used to
laugh I already used to use the word I
sorry Michael was I heard Michael was a
nigger he was he was a nigga and he was
not soft people thought he was sought
was not sought hmm no but I used to call
him nigger all the time and he he would
laugh him and LaToya what about him in
competition with Prince I never heard
him say anything about Prince okay
never I love the rumor that the two of
them had like this thing I think that
was just a rumor I don’t think Michael
was in competition with anybody but
himself mm-hmm well you said you didn’t
get to play opposite of him in the Wiz
because we ain’t I was a role that made
you know you know why because I loved
Diana Ross and I and I really truly
believe that you God has a plan and you
get what you get I’m never jealous of
anybody never I mean just a little
disappointed upset not even when she got
me I’ve had a wonderful career you know
what I’m saying and that whiz was
nothing like the whiz on Broadway hmm
did he ever help you with any music
right with you or anything like that no
we were gonna write some stuff but we
never got around to doing it we were
what was it like being part of Motown I
know you were signed to Motown like you
said briefly we’re Barry Gordy did you
do the whole Motown bootcamp like with
the artists where they had to go and do
all that well you know they took that’s
the beautiful thing about when we were
coming through they really trained you
how to do interviews and what not to say
and what to say and don’t cross your
legs like that and I think that kind of
bootcamp is so missing in today’s world
because I loved it and then coming from
Broadway and having to do press and
everything it really trains you Broadway
was the best education as far as doing
stage shows really yes why there because
Broadway artists don’t clap in the
middle of anything
they went to the end of the song so as
an artist you may think that you’re not
doing well but you are so when I began
to do shows I wasn’t expecting the
audience to clap and stuff and do like
they do so it was and to be on time if
you were 15 minutes late you couldn’t go
on right whether you were the star or
not well helps you when it comes to like
self validation because you know now we
live in this era of social media where
people put things out there and they
have to get likes that I have to get
comments about it when you’re not
getting no response from a crowd how did
that help you when it comes just like it
helped you well at the end they showed
you they stood up and gave you
innovation so you knew that you did well
right you know and then you had to rely
on your talent and rely on yourself to
know that you’re doing the very best you
can and to do eight shows a week you
don’t do it the same you have to
constantly grow it’s probably better
when it’s really quiet because of you
because you can concentrate they’re so
engaged and you have their undivided
attention mm-hmm what was your
relationship like with Teddy Pendergrass
oh I love TP yeah I loved and I could
say whatever I want there used to be a
time with Teddy you know he had food hot
food and nobody could eat until Teddy
not be like hey you know I’m hungry I’m
gonna eat and I would eat I could do
almost anything
Teddy it was okay I watched his
documentary I thought it was amazing
because I didn’t know all those things
about him and I thought it was great how
he tapes himself so they had all of
these like audio autobiographies from
him that they could include in it right
were there things that you learned about
him that you didn’t know did you watch
no I knew a lot about Teddy and I was
supposed to do that documentary but I
chose not to why did you not do you know
too much no I just I didn’t like the way
they were putting it together and and
just for financial reasons I didn’t
think that they were giving the people
what they needed and I thought other
people were making money off somebody
that they didn’t even know – so very few
– fire Hilda by our two hearts which one
would you favor both of them I loved I
loved singing with Teddy he was just the
straight-up dude you know he was just a
dude egotistical of course but he was
just a straight-up kind of person do you
remember those recording sessions yes
what was it like baby yeah partying
studio of all business Teddy was a lot
you know the Teddy was a lot he was a
lot he was the biggest star at that time
so I would have to say – nigga come on
let’s do this song and get it over with
you know I would talk to him like that
as Lee Daniels reached out to you about
– Teddy Pendergrass no no Mac was just
telling me about it but I know that
Tyrese is is supposed to do it Tyrese
can pull it off she’s very uncensor so
let’s hello
no I don’t but uh I I think I think
Tyreese will do a good job you know III
don’t like that he goes around saying he
was Teddy’s son cuz I never saw him
around Teddy at all not at Thanksgiving
and I most Thanksgivings I was at
Teddy’s house so maybe he was towards
the very very end of his life but I
never saw him around Teddy maybe he
means like in a spiritual sense like
maybe yeah like that’s like what father
maybe but I think he’ll do a good job I
hope and I told Charlie Mac I said I
hope you all be good and stay true to
who he was and not put a whole bunch of
mess in it why why do they do that I was
like when it comes to like Teddy
Pendergrass or Michael Jackson’s any of
the great black stars they always gotta
in their lives which some mess but they
don’t talk about Elvis Presley Marian
all right sixteen or or any of them cuz
I I say this they tolerate us in this
business they don’t celebrate us well
someone needs to make that documentary
about Elvis everyone talks about it and
they don’t talk about they don’t talk
about this but someone needs to
absolutely there’s so many other you
know that white artists that dude have
done the same thing but they don’t come
after him it’s just like happening you
know he took a knee for the brutality of
policemen and no one remembers that so
they they they making him this villain
and he’s not he just stood up for
justice because police brutality is real
racism is real I just experienced racism
and the Guardia Airport yesterday coming
in uh uh we had got in the car you know
how you get the car the lady that does
my hair Karina and she had her hand on
it so she asked the guy can you help us
and she was like pulling the car and the
guy just totally ignored us and then
this white woman came and put her bag on
the cart and he helped her totally
ignored us and I told him I said you’re
ignoring us well he was something else
he Boca Spanish or something else cuz I
call a black person out quick for that
oh yeah but we’re the worst you know we
are the worst against each other I mean
we’re so racist against
each other we don’t support each other
the way we should and we should and then
we always want to cry I hate that we you
know and all this Botox and yes my said
come here for a hot ride take your
jacket off baby come to come to your
mama no you don’t need your stuff I’m
here baby
say hello they gotta be careful with our
stuff in here to say good morning
come on me well first of all well how
was it raising some especially I know
that you travel I know it’s a lot I had
him when I was 45 we gonna cheer and I
was I was really wanting to have a child
I didn’t want that time to pass me by so
I was told that three months that my son
was gonna be especially but I was like I
don’t care if he has one I whatever this
is my baby
we’re gonna rock this world together
yeah take mommy’s chair date though now
listen I want to talk about this book
that that he wrote no talk about this
book a little bit what’s the name of
your book baby prank and what’s the name
of it the adventures for what yeah what
is the book what is the book about what
is the plane she likes to do pranks how
do you wanted to show that you could do
pranks and be safe did your mom he’s
pretty uh yeah who’s your favorite
artist Tupac come with me he’ll marry
one fixie what do you happen now if we
know violet I know Dada Dada
did you like the Tupac movie did you
like the all eyes on me movie yeah how
do you get into Tupac you gotta listen
in the to girlfriend you like them
Thomas Mallo I do I like yes I like
thugs yeah educated educated yeah yes
thank you
how is reason a special needs that made
you stronger it’s given me patience and
there’s a love you know with any child
you love them but it’s he just I feel
like he’s my gift God gave me a gift he
gave me the perfect child for me cuz for
ride when he was small he didn’t cry I’d
get up in the morning have to do TV
whatever he’s always traveled with me
and he’s an A student he’s on the
computer now he’s homeschooled i main
stream to him from kindergarten to fifth
grade and then I didn’t want him to go
to middle school how was that wait cuz I
know kids could be so mean and so nasty
to get well I had I had a teacher go to
school with him and she was with him all
day and no and and I go up to school
every night and somebody messed with my
child they don’t have to deal with me
you know I’m a fighter by heart how did
the book come about at all was he like I
want to my his teacher when he would
finish his work would let him write so
one day she came to me she said your son
writes he writes stories and books we
should put it together I said really so
she gave me some papers that he had
written and I was like this is really
good that’s how it came came about you
said you had him when you was 45 is
because when you were younger they would
tell you all focus on your career focus
on the business no I’ve been married a
couple of times and I had tried to have
children and I had problems getting
pregnant okay so at 45 I was determined
that I was gonna get pregnant and have a
child you’re married to another thing I
was I was married to Jeffrey Daniel
Jeffrey Danny yes
tomorrow maybe like shalwar yeah I was
married to him yeah yeah well you guys
did you guys used to like singing the
house and stuff what was that like
we used to sing in a house and fight –
but I loved him he was so handsome and
he really brought me out of my shell
so marrying him yeah because I used to
weird things you know all I was young
and weird things because my sister was
dressing me so he really kind of just
brought me out of my shell there was no
second time around for you know second
time but we’re great friends though he
he was a friend of mine for nine years
and then we decided to get married flew
to Vegas and got married and I didn’t
stay with him too long because he was
kind of crazy
okay Michael Saunders I loved he was a
great husband it was me you could have
loved you in an adage of you wouldn’t
player records when he was a
WJLB in Detroit cuz we were say why your
husband’s the program directly we don’t
hear you as much so I don’t know but I
learned a lot with radio I used to go to
all the functions and everything but
Michael was let me tell you something
Michael was a program director for R&B
and everything but he listened to Elvis
Presley and music that you would never
think he would listen to I said if they
really knew what you’d listen to they
wouldn’t they would say why are you
programming you know an R&B station did
you ask my own play your records no I
just say you should you could play me a
little bit but I didn’t really care
because I was kind of off or kind of
like not working for the five years that
we were working or that we were married
I really didn’t work as you never tell
him and he should dig it he should play
you know yeah he should right I don’t
think you should ever tell a man to do
anything for you I think it should
happen organically never knew love like
this before
yes into May and Lucas that’s what I
wasn’t about anybody in particular no
and you know what to watch though when I
first did what you gonna do with my love
and I didn’t want to sing it because I
was like wow what what do you mean what
you’re gonna do with my lover so they
had to kind of coach me into singing
these love songs but in to May and Lucas
were the absolute best teams and to me
was up here before it oh I love James
into into he’s amazing they wrote all my
songs gave
my hits very spade I mean of course he’s
gonna tell us your brother but he’s just
he’s very spiritually he’s always been
that way in the studio he always have
been that way him and Reggie Reggie may
he rest in peace passed away but he and
Tawaf I used to sing all my demos for me
to Arthur Agee what about the music
business to you do you like the lease I
like the least the people that at the
record companies and and press people
and just that whole regime because it’s
so fake agents you know they they sell
you cheaply and want to do that you
really have to stay abreast to that the
best part about the business is I love
to sing and perform all the other stuff
and I have the best manager now because
he totally allows me to be Who I am what
you managed to do and Paris yeah you
consider yourself a legend no homo why
not I don’t know because I think people
throw those divas and ledges I think you
know like the King of Pop or the king of
king of Michael Jackson is the King
period absolutely R&B whatever he’s the
King period and that’s how I feel but
you have songs that have stood the test
of time that you can play today yes and
they’re classic songs a lot of people
don’t have that what do you think about
music today like do you think people are
making classic songs still some some are
I love I like I love be queen bee I love
Beyonce yes I love Jasmine Sullivan I
think she sings organically I love
I love Kenny Lattimore I think he sings
great songs some people are not played
like that babyface album grown and sexy
they didn’t give that I love I love that
song I love pure pure singers I always
wonder how come like when you when you
have a berry gordy who was so
established and you know put so many
black artists on why wasn’t it more
black executives at their homes of these
record labels and said all that he’s
coach we clueless white people
that’s my problem I don’t understand
because they don’t understand us they
don’t live our life so how can you tell
like I used to have a at MCA you know
Gladys Knight myself
what’s that baby’s name mary j blige she
came in at the end and all of us was on
the label at that time and we all would
come out you know and we all got
together we would tour together and it
was peaceful but we I had one executive
day and he wasn’t white he was black
that totally worked against me
Wow yes okay and that’s what we we but
what I don’t understand is they see you
the way they are why people see you the
way they are the way you are there’s
nothing that you can do that’s gonna
make them like you more it’s just like
what Tyler Perry said you know Hollywood
totally ignores him and he built this
fabulous place that’s right and it was
only us there a sprinkle of them right
it was beautiful
that’s right so there were so many
people that were against him too like
black people yeah and he gave one of his
a person that criticized him the most
was Spike Lee anybody gave him a
that’s a teachable moment right that’s a
very teachable moment that’s a very
extremely teachable moment I just love
that we were all there and had a good
time and Mary performed and it was great
I think entertainers of today don’t look
at me as able to give them advice
because they would never take first of
all their handlers will keep you away
from them because I would honestly tell
them the truth
so their handlers keep you away from
them and they wouldn’t take advice from
me I don’t believe that I I’m telling
you I did the Wiz live with Mary I did
you know with Mary and Queen Latifah neo
and you tried to talk to her and she
other no I didn’t try to talk to I would
never approach no but they’ve never come
up to me and asked me anything maybe
they feel intimidated I don’t think so
oh no why would you feel intimidated cuz
people will look up to you
I don’t think so I just saw you I don’t
think so show me and I’m touching you
but I’m just a touchy I don’t mind I
mean you met my wife but black yes right
black yes yes I’m so glad no what’s a
relationship like without Minister
oh that’s my daughter yes yes that’s my
oh yes that’s much like I’m solo yeah um
I’ve been around the Minister the
Minister has been in my life since I was
17 years old people don’t realize that
so when they see pictures of me now
they’re like she’s he’s been in my life
since I was 17 mm-hmm I love him he can
do no wrong as far as I’m concerned I
love Minister Farrakhan what is he
instilled in you spiritually to put God
first he always told me as long as you
have God you’ll be okay don’t worry
about nobody else don’t worry about this
nut he’s always said put God first and
you’ll be fine when it comes to the
music right when you do music do you
think did you used to think about making
songs that would be on the radio that
would be hit songs or just songs that
you would like this is just a dope song
when I was younger they used to make
those decisions for me but then when as
I got older I didn’t care I didn’t care
about being politically correct I didn’t
care about oh you have to wear this you
have to be this I didn’t care about any
of that when I once I got older and
really realized what the business was
all about I wanted to do what I wanted
to do if they liked it they liked it if
they didn’t I didn’t care are you still
doing music now no I don’t like it’s
different I can’t just come out with a
song and play and then there’s all this
Paola I don’t want to pay $100,000 to
get my bracket play damn and I don’t
want to put yeah I don’t want to pay I
don’t want to pay I don’t want to play
the games that they want you to plan now
I just don’t do right yeah you don’t
because you can but I haven’t felt like
recording I do things when I feel like
it right and I haven’t felt like
recording I
fun doing it with kid Capri that was fun
that was fun I’m at the point in my life
where I want to do things that are fun
and and it’s happy and even with what
amp is promoted he promotes a lot of
shows that’s how we met
I’m back in the day but even when we
doing shows I’m like amp if the
promoters gonna be I don’t want to work
I don’t want to do that with them
because life is too short what would be
your dream tour right now you and who
like oh me well I’m doing a show with
Shaka but I would love to oh my god I
got kind that was in my love and was
shocked it when I see shock I say hey
bitches she says hey but I would love to
do a tour with Shaka Anita and myself or
Gladys and I would just love cuz the
country people do it on me that would be
an amazing choice they do it all the
time why can’t we you know what niggas
be like y’all got relationship though I
know yeah me and Shaka me and Anita and
and and of course Angela would be on it
but you know it’s it’s hard what about
miss LaBelle its I think I’ve done shows
with her yeah what I’d like could do it
that’s always sellout I think so I think
y’all need to put that together I know I
used to go to Patty’s house for
Thanksgiving all the time she’s so funny
she invited us she did yeah I know I
can’t do things given ourselves yeah I
feel like a lot of these young women
look up to you but you don’t realize
that and I think that they would love to
connect with you
well I’d connect with Monica I love I
love y’all the same type of energy yes
we are going around me why she’s opening
and I am too for real I’m a real round
the way girl and a lot of people don’t
really realize that so when I like come
off a little like if I come off and I’ll
say fuck you are fuck you yes it’s too
late now
but yes hey pops
sorry puffs have you thought you just
said I’ll fuck you know I was like I’ll
fuck you up what did you go to for
advice cuz you also have to think people
are so jaded in this business too and
not trusting because everybody’s been
through a lot right nobody’s had like a
smooth road so who did you use to go to
for advice when you were coming up you
know when I did the Wiz Lena Horne came
to see me Ella Fitzgerald and Pearl
Bailey and that’s who those beautiful
beautiful women came backstage and they
would say you know there’s gonna be some
wolves out there but you just keep your
head up this will come against you that
Lena was you know Lena was a real she
she didn’t know when she did her show on
Broadway the prostitutes had to go
inside until her show was done and then
they can come back out and work those
how she had it Wow I don’t feel like the
real stories are y’all are being told no
they’re not they’re not cuz it’s white
people tellin it’s white people telling
him and you can’t it’s just like Betty
Boop was a black woman and she’s colored
as a white woman it’s you know it’s like
they take out shit and run with it you
know and I have a real problem with that
like I thought Shane was a huge record
by Tyrese I thought that should have
just gone every but you know he was
competing with Adele yeah yeah yeah so
how do we get those real stories told
like do you write books like what do you
do you have to work with the work with
the people that are that are doing the
stories like Tyler would tell a real
story Kenny Leon would tell all right
those are great directors but I would
love to to to work with I love Tyler
Perry and I love Kenny Leon I worked
with him on the Wiz live and I just
think he’s a brilliant brilliant
director would you ever write a book not
a book about myself I probably buy the
book on how to raise a baby but I
wouldn’t write a book things that that I
did an experience of going through with
me to my grave if somebody write a book
Diane you know what to do what you
yes when you get older and your son
needs help as far as being you know
growing and everything what happens did
you think about that Oh add that that’s
that’s already in place that’s already
in place yeah that’s what a lot of
people think about yes yes but he’s very
high-functioning but he will be very
well taken care of
yes I still feel like you need to write
this book but I think those stories and
you’ve you know been in this business
just going from Broadway record David
I’m happy that I’m still here and I’m
very sad that Michael and Whitney and
all is because I think about what
Whitney went through and people thought
she was crossover and pop and she was
she had to go through a lot about
Whitney now we don’t know what’s true I
never knew Whitney I only saw him
passing but being a female singer and
going through I didn’t go through it at
the level that she did but I’m sure you
know I read in the book that they told
her they didn’t want her to wear her
little afro but people have told me oh
why are you wearing braids I feel like I
am my true self with my braids you know
what I’m saying I felt what cuz I was
doing putting on wigs and things like
that and the wigs was too hot you know
and then on stage eyelashes eyelash glue
getting in my eye and burn I’m like look
this is what it is and I’m very piece if
people don’t like my hair so what go to
the we need to hear these stories about
like just even marriage and being in
such a high-profile business being on
the road you know I’m good at marriage I
don’t think I’m I don’t think I’m good
at married three times
craziest I you know I mean why do you
think you crazy you know
I suffer with depression and and and I
just think people a man I didn’t know
how to handle me maybe I’m you know said
I think now I probably would be a better
partner cuz I’m really at peace with
myself and I know myself but back then I
wasn’t well back then people there was
such a stigma around mental health
often the black community I have
suffered with it since I was 35 but
didn’t know what it was until I started
going to see my psychiatrist and things
like I know right yes you don’t like mad
you like to pop in it no I don’t have
you been to a club or strip club I’m
just curious a strip club hmm maybe
seven eight years ago I went with a guy
I was seeing and my cousin how we had he
was did you tip the women yeah I had fun
I enjoyed it I mean I don’t judge
anything or judge anybody I’ll go in and
I have fun I love to dance
you know when when amp does his annual
things we had a good time there so I
love to dance and have fun and talk as
much mess did they play a little
Stephanie Miller set lost something in
the way and I don’t know if they know I
was there yeah I’m on the low I don’t
like being on the low I don’t like going
in and I don’t I don’t expect to be
treated differently you know I don’t
like to be treated differently am we all
in this together I’m cool I don’t need
all that if you were ever gonna tell
your story where were your story start
in Brooklyn growing up my heroes are my
mother and my father my mother was no
joke she took no prisoners and my father
was just the gentle giant but it would
start there and and growing up and my
family and because it wasn’t always easy
for me you know being in the business
and being young and having sisters so
I’d went through a lot my life has not
been easy and you guys why you gotta
tell you thirds are you doing a white
person will know why person bed not tell
my story but what they doing I like to
do it with you so I leaving Neverland
what you doing leaving them I don’t like
anything that they did on Michael cuz
you know we had a white man playing
Michael one member torial man somebody
insulting is that how stupid how crazy
is that
that’s some crazy stuff right there you
know I think I think they make fun of us
and I think that when you like I never
wanted to sit at their table never I
wanted to sing do my music and be a
great artist and perform to my people I
never wanted to sit at their table never
because I wanted to do something with
the artist I’m not gonna say their names
so don’t ask me Charlemagne and they
were like well your audience is too
black I’m one television so my audience
is pop so a black black person a black
woman and she’s a singer and I was like
well we could go out and do know your
audience is do black but you know what
I’m good on my audience being too black
and I bet you right now today one of the
people that act so black they don’t know
Patty’s doing a movie about it unless
she’s doing a movie by everybody who
dissed them before oh why should she do
that why should you I don’t care who
don’t like me I don’t care who dissed me
I don’t care why give them that energy
wait she’s a she’s a legend who cares
why would you want somebody to know that
they upset you yeah this pom woman was
on TV you said she was this sitcom what
was it she was on TV a white show was
your New York show she’s a Broadway star
she’s done a lot but I’m not gonna tell
you so don’t Broadway sing black
Broadway star on white TV show let me
see what comes up
I like your necklace what’s the range
we’re on my age I think I’m younger
I think I’m older yeah I have no idea
who you talking about but it’s okay it’s
cool cuz you know no was a while ago
I wanted you like she’s still alive but
you know who’s wonderful was I did a
show with Melba Moore okay I believe in
giving homage to people that came before
you know I bow down to I love the least
I got a chance to talk to Aretha and I
lived in Detroit when Michael was doing
jlb and I loved I got a chance to talk
to him months before she passed and
that’s why I put pink roses on cuz I
just sent her pink roses and she loved
pink roses but Aretha was like she’s the
queen that’s it you had to put hands on
anybody don’t look over there that was
the tool how many people ask the
question I’ll fight I’ll fight even
today I will yeah she said I don’t know
I haven’t fought in a long time did you
used to fight other women like when you
were no I don’t marry I don’t this is
the thing I don’t believe that women
should fight other women because she’s
there because that man wants her to be
right your mouths off at you though like
I’ve had women call me when I was
married to Geoffrey women used to call
me all the time damn and even Jody and I
had a little thing but I don’t believe
that women should fight other women
about men what have you caught her in
your bed in your house then I’m kicking
that ass right yeah yeah if my bed in my
house she’s um she won’t believe this
she’ll be an ambulance somewhere yeah
what’s the point of calling great though
like for the woman to call you died just
to let you know your husband well this
is the thing and this is my theory on it
because the man is not leaving you
because men lie the only way to cause
confusion is to get to the woman right
how’d it break it up because we know why
the women we
don’t want to hear that right the man is
not gonna leave you a man is not gonna
leave his wife or his significant other
just for another woman men are hunters
by nature so even if they have a woman
that’s doing everything for them they
may see another woman that they want to
hunt that’s their nature so we shouldn’t
get all bent out of shape I used to get
bent out of shape about it when I was
younger but I understand the nature of
that better now we change the narrative
not because black men don’t cheat what
did they do they don’t cheat I wouldn’t
put hands on the artist but now money
what did you I could tell you a story
but I’m not I’m not I’m not telling you
I could tell you a story but I’m not you
know I don’t call your name just tell us
what happened we were in the studio and
I was working with this one producer and
his manager called me a spoiled bitch oh
boy and I hate him
rightfully so with my fists and then I
picked up something hit him over the
head with it what was it something
something in the studio that I could
pick up did you hurt him I don’t know if
I heard him on that but he knew he was
in a fight glass is all twisted well if
you get tired of singing – wanna do
security you know I just don’t like to
be don’t disrespect you know I love I
love I love hard and when I like
somebody I like them hard and I like I
always tell my girls y’all in trouble
just call me
I’ll be there I’ll be a backup for you I
love that you go tell us about your
foundation 444 but love
oh yes cuz I um I have a foundation and
I go to different schools in Charlotte
to speak to children because what’s
going on with our babies it’s just
it really is so I go and talk to them
and try to inspire the girls to be
ladies – they don’t have to cuz these
kids don’t even know what I asked the
question what is love what is God and
what this mother mean to you most of
them didn’t know what love was
mm-hmm they knew who God was and they
knew their mother but did I ask do you
think your mother loves you and most of
them said my mother loves her boyfriend
more than she loves Wow and that said
that’s very very sad so I go and love on
them you know and then I try to
associate myself with other
organizations but then they be on some
bullshit because they don’t do what
they’re supposed to do for the children
actually it’s more for their for press
and I’m doing this and I’m doing that
and that’s not what I’m about you know I
don’t when I see a organization its job
I don’t associate it with anymore we
appreciate you for joining us thank you
with us thank you thank you a
conversation that’s gonna happen after
it cuz I’m getting all of these texts
and emails about all of the stuff you
probably used to do I’m sure I’ll tell
you about it whoever wants to say and
all that just come on give me the
website for the book uh bar IJ my
son’s book for Raja I’m calm and it’s
the adventures of a ride yay absolutely
thank you it’s The Breakfast Club good
morning good morning

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