Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Review


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The Rise of Skywalker is finally here. Trailer 3 for Rise of Skywalker is our best tease at what Daisy Ridley’s Rey, John Boyega’s Finn, Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron, Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren and the late Carrie Fisher’s General Leia are up to in the final installment of the Skywalker Saga. In Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, Emperor Palpatine returns, the Death Star is back and Rey maybe goes to the Dark Side — but we’ll find out how things finally shake out in the final Star Wars movie when TROS hits theaters on December 20, 2019.

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Dwyane Wade opened up to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on what the realities are of raising a gay son after growing into a man within the hyper-masculine world of professional sports. He spoke about noticing his Zion wasn’t like other boys, namely his older brother Zaire, and how that forced him to reevaluate his deeply held biases and prejudices in favor of learning.


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hey good evening this is the star report
on a Friday night okay
season’s greetings happy holidays
feeling good and as you can see looking
good all right on the screen you will
see Star Wars the rise of Skywalker
review yes I went to the theater today
one o’clock showing and I’m here to tell
you all about it
and I have to give you some context I
want to walk you through the whole
process I want to take my time and
here’s my receipt so that you know and I
also got some out is there some type of
goddam some pretzels pretzels were like
nine dollars but there is a receipt all
right yeah I went to the theater I
didn’t sit back and do my usual you know
watching on the free movie website yeah
because you listen most people know I’m
into science fiction films so I wanted
to experience everything I wanted to go
into that place of time in space the
galaxy far far away um if you new to
this show I’m gonna be giving out
spoilers just letting you know right now
I was born in 1964 I’m 55 years of age
so I grew up on Star Wars I saw the very
first film in the theaters I think it
was late 1977 478 I forget but I was
there in the theater ah it took me to
another dimension and I saw the Empire
Strikes Back in the theaters Return of
the Jedi in the theater that one got a
little weird to me and I guess I was
growing up because I didn’t really go
for the whole what was that there Jabba
the Hutt okay well listen it’s Star Wars
I’m gonna accept it and um as time went
on as most of you should know they
started then doing the prequels the
prequel trilogy now I’ve got a lot of
notes here just bear with me I’ll revert
to the notes if I need them and you can
correct me if I say something wrong
because truthfully a lot of this stuff
I have moved on from I’ve just moved on
I like experiencing new things new
movies and you know just all new females
you know that but um you know a lot of
this stuff I’ve just moved on from so
when the Phantom Menace came rolling
around somewhere around 1999 that’s when
I got off the Star Wars train I went to
the theater again I said hey you know
it’s Star Wars I gotta be there I gotta
you know I gotta be inside the fucking
spaceships and I have to feel it but
that’s when they introduced and correct
me if I’m wrong Jar Jar Binks I couldn’t
do that I couldn’t do Jar Jar Binks that
character he was talking jive and I said
what are we doing where are we going and
then it was at the attack of the clones
hey let me check my notes before we
before I say the wrong thing I know
there’s Star Wars people out there right
now I okay yeah okay so I was right the
Phantom Menace 1999 episode 2 was attack
of the clones and then episode 3 was
Revenge of the Sith yeah but after the
Phantom Menace and attack of the clones
that’s and I said hey I’m out of here I
can’t do Jar Jar Binks
I’m just somewhere else mentally so I do
know the history I lived through it I
enjoyed it but truthfully I’m more of a
Trekkie and the reason one you know let
me not go into the Star Trek but Star
Trek has always presented more
possibilities that could come within the
different stratosphere galaxies and
different things like that but um I’ve
hung in there with Star Wars over the
years and before I tell you my review I
want to say that I I went to the theater
again this afternoon I was relaxed in a
good place and I’m just I’m not with
that whole assigned seating thing that
bothers me the the pretzels you know you
have to give your name to get the food
I’m like what that ball that me and I
but I put myself in the mind frame to
sit and absorb this film and not not
think about the past the past films but
it’s hard it’s hard not to think about
the past especially when these the the
first three episodes
we’re so impactful and for those of you
who know science fiction you know you
know that coming from coming out of 2001
Space Odyssey where you didn’t have even
sound in space of spaceships and then
you had Star Wars haha
you heard you know the engines in space
it was a whole different wave so um I
put myself with the mind frame to really
just absorb this film oh I have to say
this before we go any further Billy Dee
Williams lord have mercy
he’s wearing this same hairstyle and the
same cape what is it 30 40 years later
stop it he looked crazy hey good evening
in the live chat let me just say hello
to my troll babies before we get into
the show and Ronnie
sit tight Bostic Ronnie she’s gonna be
calling and we have to talk about d-wade
hey Dee Wade hey girl
yeah I’m not letting up on him but he’s
talking about his his beautiful family
and his son and Bostick Ronnie is hated
she wants to get into it hey good
evening in life – exactly was Papa homey
I see you owe dubs that’s that’s my
nigga dubs okay Fred Dodd good evening
Mac Millie’s well 79 page okay good
evening to you guys um so let me just
drag let me just drag and do a little
review of the film before I bring
Bostick running in and before I let you
guys try min on this because I don’t
want your opinions I tried to watch this
film and not think about the impact and
the swag of Darth Vader but there’s no
villain there hasn’t been a villain in
the last five may
even six Star Wars films that matches
his intensity and you would think that
as time has gone on you know they would
pick pick up the pace and you would see
a little bit more you know just
viciousness but you know of course
Disney purchased the franchise so
they’re gonna keep it PG pg-13 so I get
I get I’m not complaining I’m just
saying that would have been nice but
there’s no real hardcore villain that
makes you say whoa not at all
the girl who plays ray I don’t know her
name I’ve got two notes here but um hang
on a second is it Daisy Daisy Ridley
you know she’s hot to me you know she’s
got that little tomboy things she’s
slender she’s got a flat chest I love a
chick with a flat chest sometimes you
know if I have to put a sexual spin on
this I’m okay with her even though I I
thought she was gonna be like you know
killing every goddamn body you know girl
power and if I’m not mistaken correct me
if correct me if I’m wrong
she was never fully trained by Luke
Skywalker and then she went to talk to
him when he was you know old and living
as a monk and I don’t know what happened
she left I mean just
but she’s kicking everybody’s ass and
I’m not mad at that
anyway um Oh Finn john-boy yay give me a
second can I just take a little sip of
my Gray Goose I’m trying not to go back
into time I’m trying not to put a racial
spin on this this niggas just calling
man ray he’s screaming for her she’s not
even fucking with him like that she even
got to a point in the film where she had
to hit him with her powers cool pound
they make him go sit down
go sit down I’m fighting with the
fucking lightsaber his bitch ass is
screaming to try and protect her and at
one point she said to him because they
were going to she was going to a
different planet she said no
you can’t come it’s too dangerous yo
Finn can I get an amen are you guys uh
fans of Finn and that name Finn come on
man get the fuck out here I’ve got other
notes um I want to talk about Carrie
Fisher who used to be Princess Leia
she then became general Leia she’s dead
now who gives a fuck
she was never an actress a good actress
in real life her whole thing was you
know she was a sassy white chick I’ll
just say sassy back in the original
films and her and Harrison Ford had a
thing for each other that never
developed she dies thank you whoever
killed her it was time and I know she
died in real life oh well Harrison Ford
doesn’t make a return in this film and I
have to say to you when Harrison Ford
popped up on the screen I did this I
said dude can you please get off the
screen because he died in the last film
did he not hang on a second let me just
go to my notes the last Jedi which came
out in 2017 Harrison Ford Harrison Ford
died was it the last Jedi or the force
awakens can somewhat correct me if I’m
wrong yeah he died and it’s like why are
you back whoa why are you back on the
screen talking to your son who killed
you with no fucks given I thought that
was crazy an image of Ben solo aka kylo
Ren he’s the supreme leader of the first
order born as Ben solo Harrison Ford’s
son yeah he killed Harrison Ford a
couple of movies back I forget what’s
won and Harrison Ford pops up in this
new film talking to him I’m like dude
get off the screen please um I’m gonna
take some phone calls and I will get to
super testing cash apps I would like
some other people’s opinions because
truthfully my review is this here’s my
review my review I can sum it right now
I just don’t care anymore I just don’t
care anymore I’m not saying it’s fresh
I’m not saying it’s trash if you’re a
father or a mother and you take your
kids and it’s all about the kids and the
kids enjoy it you might say hey it was
really good
and I respect that I’ll respect that I
just thought it was not something that I
really at this point in my life I don’t
care about it you know she’s it’s
those are the things we can discuss um
let me bring in Boston when I saw her
and I can talk about dewayne they will
come back to the film the new Star Wars
film all right budget money
are you there area code 7 3 2 good
evening hey hey good evening how are you
pretty good yourself how are you I’m
good I’m good I’m dragging a little bit
I saw Star Wars earlier as you know and
my review is I just don’t care I just
don’t care but anyway d-wade Wayne wait
now retired from the NBA he played 16
seasons if I’m not mistaken you and I
spoke briefly he went on a new podcast
called is it all the smoke with Matt
Barnes and someone else talking about it
yes Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson okay
okay you know a little bit um intense
shall we say when you and I had
discussion or how do you want to present
this please well yeah I mean they had a
lengthy discussion about his 12 year old
Zion whom he actually you know kept
using female pronouns to refer to and so
I have to say for me listening to this
commentary was as hard as it was to
listen to the Malik Yoba interview okay
okay just certain things that he said
sounded more like a criticism of
heterosexual individuals so for example
when referring to homosexuality
he said he said this is the new normal
everybody get used to it if anybody is
different we’re different and when he
said we’re he meant us isn’t you know
heterosexual people now I wholeheartedly
reject that assertion because there’s
nothing different or unique about being
a heterosexual and there’s nothing
different or unique about being about
believing that there are only two
genders I don’t have to get used to that
you know so I you know I got the same
vibe from him that I got from maliki OVA
which was that he’s sort of like you
know pushing an agenda and I can just
sum up his entire commentary it’s just
you know another attempt to normal
normalized lunacy okay okay um well most
people know I’m not a father of any
biological children you’re you’re not a
for those who don’t know and this
discussion has picked up some traction
people are talking about it
Dwyane Wade has responded and said that
this is his family his son is strong has
more courage that he ever had so I mean
to some degree I have to say well that’s
his kid you know what the hell let’s
just let him raise his kid but my and I
don’t know if this is a concern or not
is that you know why is the discussion
of his 12 year olds son such sexuality
why is that something that he’s even
pushing on us if your son is gay I don’t
know if he’s sexually active what why
push that I mean or is that not the
correct term anymore was he just
sexually free that bothers me right and
Matt Barnes did refer to his son as a
homosexual and he referred to his son as
she and so it seems like you know the
same sort of confusion that there was in
that Breakfast Club interview but one
key takeaway for me was him giving
all of the credit for his outlook to his
wife Gabrielle Union he said
specifically she changed my whole
perspective now this was key to me
because I have long suspected that she
played a major role in the transition
that we’ve all witnessed in this young
man now of course I can only speculate
but I’ve always felt that that it was
you know her Hollyweird energy that sort
of rubbed off on him and Dwayne praised
her and said she’s very cultured and I’m
just like how she’s from Nebraska she
spent the bulk of her life in Hollywood
and if you know anything about her
she’s spoken before about her mother
taking her to gay pride parades when she
was only eight years old so you know
it’s not shocking to me that they you
know this past April had the boy at a
gay pride parade yeah so I guess at that
point I think he was 11 years old if I’m
not mistaken
um all right so folks you can call in
about this topic also I would love to
hear from some fathers because I don’t
want to just you know come at D Wade’s
neck but um you know he seems like a
very loving father I don’t want to say
that he’s not but it just again the
whole aspect of your son’s sexuality at
12 years old I don’t know why that’s
being promoted you know I mean and also
let me just say this I don’t know
because they don’t have biological kids
at what age they’re teaching sexuality
or sexual ed whatever they call it
in elementary or middle schools so maybe
things have changed maybe that’s the
norm now maybe they’re teaching them at
10 years old about different things of
sexual orientation anything you wanna
say about that before we take calls what
well he said that he noticed at the age
of 3 he and his wife that his son he
didn’t to use his words wasn’t on the
boy vibe okay so I have heard people say
that in reference to adults who are
homosexual that
something that they noticed and then
when they were a child but you know
posting pictures with your son and a
crop top and his wrist bent to show off
his you know his manicure and his nails
and his french tips you know what you’re
doing when you put put that sort of
imagery out there so it’s I think it’s
to drum up the cut the conversation okay
okay hang on a sec let me it’s Friday
night I want to throw some bullshit into
the equation before we go to the phone
lines transcendent music sends in a
super jet star newly released CCTV
footage of Kevin Hart the Kevin Hart
crash shows it was none other than Paul
Mooney in the passenger seat popping
that bussy alright thank you for your
your super jet transcendence baby
let’s bring in area code 201 living 201
we’re talking about a few things here
the new Star Wars film and d-wade 201
good evening good evening maybe anything
yes sir how are you I’m okay being a
star happy holidays Happy Holidays
Ronnie this is in you hey um no I sort
of Star Wars movie it was trash MMN like
it I’m a fan my kids grew up on it I
grew up on it no it was just it was it
has never been episode nine I should
have an episode one two or three a new
not going on old numbers the old numbers
were about later and his family this one
is about somebody’s else’s family so it
kind of lost it to me okay cancer hold
you hold you
45 okay all right so I’m 55 and um you
know I’m trying not to compare it to the
originals but the originals were so
great not just the not just the
storyline but the vision that George
Lucas had in correct me though they were
a product of their time sorry yes and
George Lucas the reason why it took him
so long to put out the prequels from
what I remember that he was waiting for
technology to catch up to his ideas go
ahead yes he would I’m sorry uh he was
he pretty much wanted to have
to be an escalation each set of movies
this one had no escalation they just
took the old technology and used it
there was nothing new at it that we have
not seen before they cut a lot of
corners and it’s if you watched episode
789 it looks like one giant movie yeah
yeah that’s the sad part about it I went
to see a free screening with my son he
was in marketing okay I tried to get up
and get my money back hmm whoo so this
Princess Leia Dada is like I’m done I
did not want to see that one you know
look you said this is supposed to be for
kids at the end of the day yeah you can
just kill off everybody in a movie which
I understood now when I hang out stay
with me because truthfully I would have
loved to have seen Billy Dee Williams
die in this new film he looks crazy no
he was it’s a black guy in 2019 he still
got his fucking hair curled come on stop
it stop it okay even though the galaxy
far far away he still got the same
hairstyle as he happened early 80s and
he’s still wearing the Cape come on
no they were actually going to kill him
sue baka and droids but I was the online
campaign when the script leaked wait a
minute yeah what you’re saying is very
very important I was glad to think that
Chewbacca died because when they took
him of the stormtroopers up in the up in
that a space shuttle the Space Shuttle
blew up I said hey man all right hey and
I was expecting a big funeral and then
he pops up and he’s alive no no no it
was a the way that the director wanted
to go is the way of George Lucas’s first
so it was just humans running around
doing everything and this new generation
is used to the aliens from the cartoon
the clone wars my grandkids don’t know
who any of these people are they don’t
even like them okay and my granddaughter
can’t go see this because she’s really
close to the character oh so good and
she was one of the voices that of a dead
Jedi hmm she can go see this it’s a
ruiner well you’re doing a deep dive
okay so you took martial art you said it
was just trash you didn’t feel that it
was uh you know entering a new world
that they’ll be back in three years it
was another film I think they will know
they already have one schedule but this
is just basically speaking they got
their form a billion dollars back from
buying the franchise now what they’re
gonna do with it pretty much is put it
on Disney Plus as their main screen just
to keep the fans coming in consisting
you know it’s not that expensive for
Disney Plus baby Yoda is more popular
than all the characters in this new
sequel trilogy so it was trash can I ask
you another question you sound like a
knowledgeable man well why is Luke
Skywalker’s still wearing some some
fucking robe is something wrong with his
body that I look so weird
no it’s supposed to be it’s about
pacifistic warfare you wear robes to
hide your body movement okay you know
are you wear your big coat why I wear
big clothes because I had extra clips to
begin when I’m out about anyone I know
that’s why he’s hiding something I do
the same thing I do the same thing have
this big coat on everybody
oh why is your hoodie not you know why
is your hoodie so big here don’t worry
about it right okay so you’re saying is
trash and you don’t recommend it bottom
line oh I would actually tell you to go
see if it is stunningly beautiful movie
beautiful the actors did the job the
best it was just as a fans I want you to
see it once like I don’t need to go back
and watch it like it did the sequel I
mean the prequel trilogy and the
originals it was like I just need to see
it once that was it
okay Haim is not going to be a big
blockbuster they’re expecting yeah I
don’t think so
I appreciate the call man thank you so
much all right okay I want to talk about
doing wait okay we can take the clothes
man but thank you thank you okay I’m
sorry I apologize okay
thank me thank you okay yeah all right
folks we were talking about the new Star
Wars film the rise of Skywalker I saw it
I went to the theaters today at one
o’clock and I just I don’t care anymore
that’s my review I’m not saying it was
I just don’t care anymore if that’s a
review you know um some things that I
just said huh what okay but then I have
to understand that the new generation
they don’t care about you know
the or the origins of the characters and
I thought that some of the characters
needed to go and again I was really
bothered that um Harrison Ford
popped back up on the screen might get
out of here
anyway sooner phone lines every code six
four six gleam you are you there six
four six yo what’s up hey how are you
I’m all right all you doing good good
did you see the new Star Wars film I’m
no I didn’t I’m gonna check it out just
because I’m uh as you say grow up on it
we’ve watched it all since we were kids
and uh you know I guess just to keep in
tune with the storyline but uh like like
the brother said a lot of its changed
since episode one to you know all those
other trilogy so you know like I said
it’s more about the establishes not
really more about the excitement like
you said because they haven’t grown to
billions or anything like that yeah I
also didn’t see any new technology that
made me say wow I didn’t see none of
that I mean it there was a something
what to do with the stormtroopers
they’re now popping up off of the hover
cars and they’re flying now but but
that’s really all eyes like technology
and was like what the fuck what’s that
yeah it because the technology we’ve
already seen I mean from the last movie
you know means um force awakened air and
nothing’s changed you know they’re using
all these did you know imagery and all
that so it’s like you know people ready
used to it now not nothing new yet yeah
yeah now I really caught the timing
about this sad guard Dwyane Wade man
let’s go let’s go alright listen man I’m
a 39 year old man and I’m a single
father okay I’m raising him I my
daughter lives with me custody I raised
my daughter she’s five years old okay so
you know I took my time was an 11-year
marriage didn’t work out after all but
the point is she’s with me okay you know
a lot of this thing that you see now
with people trying to well whether it’s
the left it’s the right moderates
conserve whatever you want to cook it’s
a sad situation in this country where
people are trying to
armed make homosexuality unacceptable
thing mmm whoa okay listen you know I
see it you know in the in our
honestly you see it a lot now you go to
the ghettos now to these impoverished
you see single fathers and single
mothers for example young dude
downstairs for me in my building has a
daughter raises it like a son with the
corn braids with baggy pants with
Jordans why do you think you see a lot
of these young girls as dykes Oh Liz
it’s because it’s being teached this is
being embedded in them within their own
homes this I hear you sir but I disagree
right and I had a good discussion with
my friend Lord Jamar once upon a time
and even he had to admit when we were
talking that all things started in
Africa I don’t believe that you know
black African Americans became gay
because they were influenced by
Caucasian Europeans I don’t believe that
oh go ahead if that’s what you’re going
no I’m not going with that but um if you
don’t believe they influenced plays a
part in how they adapted some of that
culture that knows you’re absolutely
wrong start that is a fact
well to some degree to some degree but I
don’t you have to you have to remember
some degree hang on a second to some
degree it just like a lot of foreign
instrument it’s just like a lot of
foreigners when they immigrants when
they come to America they’re so not
accustom of the freedoms and the kind of
things that we are allowed to just
really do over here that in that country
could cost them their live there and
things like that that you become loose
your in terms of the fuckery yes but I’m
saying that I don’t believe that you
know that black people were never again
in Africa I don’t believe that that’s
what I’m saying but go ahead no no no of
course not
listen it’s been since beginning their
time you know this mom the the evil the
evil mind the curator curiosity of man
and woman you know okay but I’ll tell
you one thing Dwyane Wade is a wee
man and he did definitely allow
Gabrielle Union to teach his son
homosexuality all that you know like I
said he’s a young man when a young man
or a young woman is coming to age and
they become conscious within their mind
about what they believe their sexuality
might be that’s one thing but when
they’re young and you’re taking them to
gay pride parades so you’re telling them
it’s okay to like a boy if you like oh
you could wear this little top where you
can paint your nail this is something
you’re teaching them this is something
them something that you’re putting in
their mind to tell them that it’s
acceptable if you want to do this I’m
not saying you’re wrong sir in no way
shape or form but I’m just saying I’m
not gonna like you know sit here and act
like you know black people were never
gay before they came here to America
hang on a sec stay with us it was Ryan
doin jumping on the cold rock always I’m
making some points was running I would
just say that I agree with him that I do
think that there is a certain amount of
influence that I’m not going to say that
anything originated here in an American
society but I do think that there is a
push and I think that it the influence
is rubbing off on the kids now more so
than ever and I do see the females that
carry themselves in the way that he
described about his neighbor’s child and
I see the and I think it really the
parents you know have a responsibility
to set the boundaries of what’s
important you know you draw the lines
and the child colors inside of them so
Dwayne made a point he said whatever his
child wants to do it’s his job to
support it
now that sounds admirable and it sounds
like the position a parent is supposed
to take but in reality not everything is
to be supported right right and not is
not just the time it will create not the
Armco job but those are arguments and
those are points that people would say
especially a family or father or mother
they use that as an excuse or it’s
hypocritical you know why because if
your child came to you
said you know what let’s just say 12
years old like his son I don’t want to
go to school no more I want to be a gang
banger hmm or dad you know what I’m not
going to school no more um I’m gonna
become a male prostitute very much
you’re not gonna accept this you’re not
going to allow it you’re gonna do
everything within your power to try to
change his mind and his soul in his
heart that teach him what you know to be
right homosexuality is something
forbidden it is something wrong okay and
people have this warped mindset that oh
no listen gay people you’re all going to
hell I’m sorry to say listen God God
created us man he created woman yes
Snickers going ten toes down pay
let’s go sir yeah we have free will as
human beings to do whatever we want but
just remember this we also have to pay
for our good if we also pay for our bad
okay so I appreciate the call man and I
thank you for your opinion thank you
thank you
oh okay easy easy holy shit he’s he’s
taking it there Friday night folks phone
lines open super Jack cash app if you
can’t get through on the phone lines yes
thank you Jesus had to sort of get them
off to a hole in a second Ronnie they’re
bullshit Ronnie yeah yeah your opinions
are welcome here folks yes they are um
and let me just say that again I’m not a
father so I do have a position that I do
enforce when it comes to you know dating
women who do have you know small
children but I tried to be understanding
of whatever it is that they’re teaching
their kids by way of religion parameters
and kids do need parameters they do need
parameters so again I’m just I’m
concerned that that d-wade is promoting
sexuality at such a young age now you
don’t have any kids money but but do you
know let’s take Jersey for instance what
age do they start teaching
sexual whatever it is in in middle
school you know or elementary school you
well it’s required now New Jersey has
passed the law I live in New Jersey
where it’s required to teach LGBT
history and I’m really just confused
about what LGBT history constitutes you
know we don’t teach straight history so
I have nothing to draw from to compare
it to I don’t think it’s the position of
the of the public school system to
educate children about you know
sexuality that’s a private matter that
should be left in the home I would think
so but but but as you just said the LGBT
community you know I’m sure they they’ve
shifted things around hang on a second
Ronnie rondell greeting sir he says
store shut you’re a half-black mouth
about Star Wars rondell do you want to
call in sir do you feel different I’ve
read no reviews about this film I just I
said let me go with an open mind let me
not be influenced by you know whoever
tearing it down sigh guards trash I just
don’t care anymore that’s my review I
just don’t care anymore
hey Ronnie also I sent you an email
Ronnie about Vybz Kartel when you get a
chance key can you take a look at that
does he no longer have access to cake
soap it looks like his skin has gotten
darker yeah I’m checking that out now yo
when you stop using cake soap does your
skin go back to the darker color what
he’s like making albums in there so he
is access to Pro Tools and mics and this
and that he how can he not get the cake
soap this picture of Vybz Kartel and i
just went to his ID page he looks
dark-skinned now yes who sent me this
urban stalks Gmail thank you so much
holy smokes
let me look at fine it’s area code 9
zero a good evening 908 are you there
talking about the Star Wars film and
Dwayne Wade 908
hey so are you doing the show hey man
good evening how are you good good sir
so I’ll probably be one of the few
people maybe on the line tonight they
say that I actually enjoyed the film a
lot okay let’s go
yeah from giving it from a one being
trash can being great I’ll give it a
solid eight by no means of the
imagination is it perfect but while I
was at the dealer today watching it
there were there were mixed reviews in
the theater there were some people
clapping and there were people no
showing no emotion my personal opinion I
do believe that the film was moving
extremely fast it didn’t give much of
how do you say character development
even though I understand it is the last
film of this saga but but I’m also
interested to know if you had a
particular favorite part in the film I’d
be interested to know what part did you
actually enjoy in the whole movie well
for years my guy has been Palpatine aka
Darth Sidious
that’s my daughter so okay yes I like
her yeah I liked when he was you know
shooting his powers up into the into the
sky he was fucking shit up yeah yeah he
was causing havoc and he was he was
putting his Mac down and and he was he
was bringing down spaceships and
bringing down everything I enjoyed that
part because it just showed his power is
still at his age and he’s he’s gay well
he had one foot in the grave he’s dead
now supposedly that’s the part I like
yeah okay I can send that interaction
with him Andrade that was probably my
favorite part in the whole movie
particularly the part where he stayed
I’m all the city is combined right and
then ray when she’s on the floor she
starts hearing the voices of all the
Jedi’s from the past yes and I felt that
that was a very powerful scene and that
was probably the highlight of the movie
for me now hang on a second because
again I’ve lost the storyline over the
seriously I’m being very serious when
they brought in okay Jar Jar Binks I
said what the fuck I’m out of here and
then and then they brought them back in
a time
the clones and they diminished his role
a little bit but it’s just like I said
I’m too old for this shit now but um to
my knowledge
Ray was Palpatine’s granddaughter yes No
correct correct really all right
okay so are they working on a new film
someone else who was in the line saying
that they’re doing another film from my
understanding throughout today I’ve been
looking at a lot of different reviews on
YouTube and some people are saying that
there is something in the works okay I
perfect don’t think so but again this is
this is going to be the talk of the next
maybe five days because there’s such a
mixed review people saying it’s trash
people thinking it’s good to the casual
thing you don’t need to see the last
Jedi the movie that was previous to this
one in order to get this one as a matter
of fact that you just saw the force
awakens and go straight to this one
you’ll be fine
okay so now I do want to ask you this
because you sound like a man who’s
knowledgeable of this whole franchise
kylo Ren he’s he’s not that guide to me
and didn’t he get his ass kicked by Rey
in the last film did she kick his ass
before so yeah so that’s the interesting
thing and a lot of youtubers and I that
I saw their video say they made that
point they said that for some reason who
kylo Ren right who’s really been right
that he was actually more powerful than
Rey in this movie and that’s one of the
the I you know that just it makes me
raise my eyebrows that’s something I
didn’t understand per se but I did catch
that yeah I don’t respect his gangster
he reminds me of um oh yeah he reminds
me about Marilyn Marilyn Manson and I
couldn’t stop his nose is so goddamn big
it just I don’t know it bothers me yeah
he bothered me yeah yeah anyway I did
enjoy him I did enjoy him though in the
movie because you could see the internal
conflict of more vividly in this
obviously in this last that this last
film that eventually he left
our side and came back to you know to
the force and in the pontine on the
light so I really enjoyed that I
definitely you made it you made a
comment by the to Baca part that’s
actually one of the parts that emotion
was brought to me because I said wow man
Chewbacca Zion and yeah you find out lay
your dies and stuff like that so but
overall I thought it was in college so
okay there’s gonna be a lot of criticism
but I thought it was solid thank you for
your call man have a good evening thank
you alright okay hold on Boston Ronnie
let me go to a cash shop good evening to
uh Kenneth he says donations thank you
sir you I appreciate it somebody send me
yes I’m gonna get beat down over a
windshield oh yeah I saw that video on
worldstar that was crazy
some woman broke out a man’s back
windshield and he just he molly-whopped
him that was crazy crazy Spanish Harlem
good evening did you go to Steak and
Shake before the flick and Justine is
hot no sir I’m not going back to Steak
and Shake no time soon well thank you
for your donation yeah down what is this
breaking news but I don’t see a link
whoever you are
Earl you did not put the link in you
just you sent me email this is breaking
news and that’s it let’s bring in area
code nine five for cleaning
are you there nine five four good
evening sir how you doing good night
good night Ronnie well what’s good is
that crime skill sounds and crime skills
yes sir this is them and I have to speak
about some business differently I got a
set up and send you some email about
some different businesses advertisement
and everything like that
okay I’m sorry further down I’ve been
going through some stuff and I got a
star or some stuff you fit me
I love the topic as usual thank you on
you know Dwayne Wade meant Dwayne Wade I
have two sons and and um one of I’m
going through some things right now with
the older one and I I can’t really give
too much detail but one thing I could
tell you it’s aim to destroy
the black man I don’t give it do do what
nobody say it’s something up the
attention to and us and I study you
remember you remember that interview
with that guy on that allegedly Afrika
Bambaataa that did that thing or
whatever – interviewer watch star and
when I watch those two guys and they
gave too detailed information of what
happened and when I found out the secret
to what’s going on you’re really really
hurt but I wanna just blasting I want to
say for all the fathers out there this
is not know played play time around and
if you wanna if you have a female and if
you both if you want a female can’t come
to a complete understand
run run it doesn’t matter how she look
how she shape if Sheena if y’all head
are not on the same level
don’t even say you’re gonna have a baby
mother it’s not even worth it it’s
something I’m going through right now so
I’m speaking from experience it’s not
even worth it trust me on that
it’s what I’m saying but like I said I
hear your cries I’m a little confused
now are you talking about a personal
situation are you alright do you want to
address first do you want to address
what d-wade says right now
okay all right personal her when it’s
done when it’s done because I you’ve had
a couple of topic about child support or
whatever when it’s all done I’m gonna
tell my name then everything I’m gonna
give to show you that ain’t no games
like it’s real I’m gonna give the
information and everything that’s going
on when the case is done I’m gonna let
you guys know you thought were you
talking listen I have shows about child
support but truth be told I’m a coward
I’ve never allowed myself to be a father
I mean I’ve I paid girls to go have
abortions or today I’m not gonna be
there I’m not gonna be around take the
money go get your stomach pumped you’ve
told me so I mean but but with regards
to do you Wade he seemed sincere he
seemed like yeah and you’re his wife
Gabrielle Union they’re a team so I’m
not hating on him but at the same time
I’m trying to understand why why his
sons sexuality is so goddamn important
to promote to us at 12 years old and I
think when he was 11 years old money it
correct me if I’m wrong he was walking
on some goddamn runway at 11
yeah that’s facts I’ve been paying
attention the rest facts cause I mean I
also been paying attention to what’s
going on in that guy laughs that’s
that’s facts it’s not no propaganda its
facts because I’ve been paying attention
also yes but one last thing
come on Ronnie come on Ronnie this is
the same thing we’ve seen with Alicia
Keys recently you remember her putting
up that video telling her son you know
lots of boys get their nails done don’t
change your mind know lots of boys don’t
get their nails done
maybe d-wade son gets his nails done but
that’s about it
hey crime skills can I ask you a
personal question how long did you live
in Jamaica you were born here yes yes I
came here at the age of 13 I’ve been in
this country since I was 13 I’ve been
back on this only about five times I’ve
been back okay do you have any
experience with duckies back home
repeat that Duffy you know the Duffy is
and Jamaica that they call a go yeah
yeah yeah yeah Duffy yeah I got a
chipped tooth from that stupidness man I
got my front tooth like this this this
is these things are really let’s go
let’s talk that song tonight I got some
great come on let’s go come on Gretchen
well anyway I was I was when I was a
little probably seven eight I had of
those already running and everything all
there’s the balls there’s a doctor
running I’m running jump
it’s niggas don’t wanna pay don’t you
know when you when you’re doing it when
you’re when you’re a kid and you don’t
know better it’s easy to just have you
twisted up I think the most sia every
day I came into this country and I
started to learn certain things man
that’s all I could say
and like I said I’m a blessed night man
respect you know y’all doing the thing
man yeah I got you in some chunks you
feel me I got you on some fun just let
me sort out this some ketchup thing man
and don’t sing separate when it comes
from my wife cause I’m trying to pick
summiting iris thanks miss okay all
right client skills on the chicken yeah
I threw him a curveball with the double
you ever heard of a duppy Ronnie anybody
in the live chat from Jamaica don’t talk
him out Duffy you had a girlfriend she
was dealing with that back home and she
literally we were living in Brooklyn on
ocean and Katyn and she had to fly back
to Jamaica because her aunty she was
dealing with a duppy back in Kingston
it’s gonna code somebody sent to the
cache happens to start him on the line
hold on a second 301 who is that 301
good evening is that Mike from Michigan
Mike Michael oh hey Mike is that Mike oh
how you sir believe me I’m good good hi
Ronnie I just want to touch up on the
doing weight thing look like I’m not
gonna be on too long okay when I was
when I was 10 years old it was a boy my
elementary school class who was very
feminine in his mannerism and his his
boys always hanging out with a girl so
everybody thought naturally he was gay a
couple years and a couple years ago I
ran into him in a supermarket and we
chopped it up he told me that he has a
wife and kids now and I was like whoa
hold up I thought you know we all saw
has it as boys no you were attracted to
boys and he told me no I was just very
feminine as a boy so that made me that
made me realize that kids kids don’t
even truly understand sexuality
they’re not mature enough to understand
it so being placed into boxes
at such an early age I don’t think it’s
natural should get me I got you
you’re making a good point go ahead good
point yeah yeah yeah so you know
watching that that that um that
interview with Matt Barnes and Steven
Jackson they it’s kind of like what
Ronnie said in regards to the Malik
young boy energy there was a lot of
confusion Matt Boren’s was calling the
kid homosexual uh wait is calling his
his son hee hee yeah it was it was just
it was it was a complete mess and I felt
like those two should have called him
out on a lot of things but maybe they
were trying to be I don’t know um
accepting maybe I don’t know it was just
it was just a little bit weird but I do
think there’s a weird agenda to push
these kids at an early age to to fit our
narratives and that’s not normal at all
Dwayne Wade is talking about this is a
new normal but I think this is the
opposite are you a father yourself your
father no I’ve had girlfriends that have
you know I’ve helped them raise their
kids I even lived with a girl for like
close to two years and you know her son
he was a little feminine
and he used to put feathers he’s to clip
the feathers on to the back his baseball
cap and he wasn’t the most masculine kid
but I liked him I liked him and I didn’t
you know try to tell him don’t do this
or don’t do that he turned out to be a
good young man you know so um I can’t
come back I can’t come down on D way but
at the same time I don’t know personally
because I’ve never had like biological
kids who knows I might think totally
totally different when I have kids but
that you say yeah and I think if
anything you tend to see a lot of
committed qualities in children’s I
don’t have male figures in their life
like I personally I personally was
raised by my mother and dad that I had a
lot of qualities but I tended to be more
around females that I did around ma’am
okay so so I think that’s another
another point but but you know I would I
certainly wouldn’t want it to be placed
in the box just because I feel more
comfortable with them and and I don’t I
don’t I don’t play sports I don’t talk
about you know quote-unquote masculine
things in school you know okay so I just
I just I’m not an agreement with uh with
this agenda okay is my partner’s my
perspective on it right I thank you for
your culture any comments on the new
Star Wars film or do you not give a shit
no I don’t give two shits of us always
thank you can we not go back let’s now
go back please I’m it’s about the exact
it’s about six s about what did you ever
go back ass taking shakes taking shake
no not yet no I go there twice a month I
mean I tried not to eat you know fast
food like that but you know I probably
will why do you have any advice read
cock ring pops real cock thank you sir
Thank You Man thank you yeah folks you
have to watch the other episode I want
to go back Mike from Michigan good
evening sir he says yo star why is it
boss chick Ronnie and not running the
rider hashtag Dana at slim I’m not sure
what you mean Dana uh Ron Ronnie’s a
boss sir she has she owns her own
business so I just I just started
calling her boss chick money but you can
call us something different it’s not a
name that has to stick you know just but
thank you for your donation black racers
on the check-in via super jet he says my
two biggest fears in life is a Chinese
president and having a gay son a
daughter I can probably live with but a
son I might kill myself
Wow okay thank you black racist are you
a father all black racist I don’t know
if we’ve ever exchanged emails like you
know personal emails are you
I mean you people have said similar
things like that over the years I think
even Kevin Hart caught some hell I’m he
was talking about breaking a dollhouse
over his son’s head if he was gay or
something like that but um you know I
don’t know me I don’t know no g98 sends
in a super jet star uh the new trilogy
is trash they should have just left it
alone and started a new story
how about Knights of the Old Republic
question mark you know that’s easy to
say sir but we have to think about you
know Hollywood is always trying to bank
on a shore assure win you know again I
got out the Star Wars train years ago I
just I’m a Trekkie if I had to pick
between the two Star Trek I will always
pay to go see a Star Trek film because
again they introduce new concepts new
ideas they address things by way of you
know stories and theories especially
back in the sixties you know the whole
thing with the phasers you know start
Star Trek was doing phasers back in the
60s and here we are now damn near using
phasers I mean we don’t have these
weapons that can fire fucking lasers
laser beams but um I don’t know man
I just I probably will not entertain any
more Star Trek upon me for me Star Wars
films but I did go today thank you very
much for your donation hold on Ronny let
me go to UM John blaze grieving so he
says mo fax has 7-inch aerials and I
can’t read this hey Ronny can I send
this to you yeah he probably said
areolas okay if I had kids I would know
what the hell exactly how to pronounce
this I think he sent this in before
homeland second guys John blaze Lou John
okay check emails he can read that me
Ronnie see we can be precise mm-hmm hey
good evening to uh David he sends in a
cash yet you must see Watchmen with
Regina King masterpiece okay stay right
there let’s talk about this because
Boston Ronnie you got me to watch
Watchmen that wasn’t last week it was
earlier this weekend forget or this
weekend this past weekend yeah this past
weekend yeah I watched episode one sir
I’m not gonna say it’s trash but I won’t
be back you know it is I’m at into that
whole alternative universe thing I mean
like you know I I deal with Star Wars
you know a galaxy far far away but you
know if it’s too much you know like
Earth but it’s just backwards if that
makes any sense I’m not interested I
watched episode one with Regina King and
I just I wasn’t impressed I won’t be
back I won’t be watching another episode
of that and how many episodes that they
have running how many seasons do you
know Watchmen they’re on like episode 12
I think I have to check okay okay anyway
okay David thank you for your Akash yeah
I’m gonna pass man unless you email me a
link that you say hey here’s a here’s
the episode you have to watch but anyway
did you get the email Ronnie John blaze
what did you say yes I did
so Johnny Blaze said mo fax has 7-inch
areolas and lactates like a poodle okay
so what I what I areola ism what is it
that’s the circle around the nipple
basically okay okay John blaze flute man
and I don’t know what this Edward you
sent me email I there’s no title subject
title I don’t have time Thank You Man
Troy good evening sir choices D word
the new epstein grooming oh you’re
talking about Cosabella skid-man
but thank you for the donation Troy okay
bring an area code for one three good
evening for one three are you there no
what’s going on independent Academy are
smoking on that Kershaw Day hey Rhonda
the boss what’s up man how are you hey
what’s good he man was good he just here
chillin let’s go let’s go with y’all
Star Wars have you seen the new film
rise of Skywalker no I’m not I haven’t
seen a man um I’m actually gonna go see
it tomorrow
really okay how old you and and why do
you care what do you care
but that’s them the graphics man I’m
about to just go you take some shrooms
and go watch it and just five out I
think you’ll be disappointed there’s no
real graphics that are like you know oh
it’s not like transformers it’s not that
if that’s you’re talking about you clean
it already just get him out of here
you’re talking for damn near how about
the guy Diaz only me if I seen it
already what are we doing
it’s gonna a recode h-60 gave me eight
600 are you there yeah hey a one two a
one two how are you sure a lot of people
don’t know he’s actually really really
smart and he’s actually playing he’s
playing the two characters that he’s
walking with he’s actually fooling them
needs assists a lot of people don’t know
Jabba the Hutt from Return of the Jedi
from the fucking dumb one what’s his
so you’re confusing me I mentioned Jabba
the Hutt earlier from Return of the Jedi
what are you going what what’s the other
guy that’s like always acting talking
job kid when I was talking guys OH
Jar Jar Binks yeah Jar Jar Binks he’s
actually really smart and he’s actually
playing everybody
he got feeis get him out of here Jar Jar
Binks is one of the most annoying
ever in the Star Wars franchise damn
near racist some people felt smart he’s
talking jive jive talkin dudududu well
thank you
it’s what area code six one six gleam
you are you there six one six hey was
hot start hey going on Ronnie yes sir
agreement yeah I saw the movie hey I saw
the movie um I thought it was good I
mean but you got to remember like we
live in a time now will we you know
there’s Hollywood banks on like legacy
they don’t they don’t Bank on impact
that’s why I like you might know like
you say you don’t care you know I mean
but at this point it’s like I just like
to go see a good movie like I’m not
trying to like go in if you like oh my
god cuz I didn’t like watch any or read
any reviews I stayed away winning with
low expectations mmm and you know of
course the movies gonna get mixed
reviews this is not the original you
know I mean Nate and like the guy set up
few calls back they skip they skip real
fast with the storyline because the
movies almost three hours yeah so they
gotta kinda you know speed it up because
who’s gonna sit through a three over
three hour movie of Star Wars like cuz
I’ll tell you what when uh when they
killed off well when they supposedly
could try to kill off Chewie
I almost got up and walked out I was
like all this trash I’m like oh you
can’t do this can’t do this to my guy
man then it kept they brought him back I
was like okay that’s why I thought they
wasn’t gonna bring him back I was like
I’m out I literally had my phone my keys
I was ready to roll out but overall you
about to shed a tear in the theater I
was like I should buy head out of like
what are they doing man cuz I cuz you
know these new characters like you
that’s why we’re not connecting with
them because they’re not they’re they’re
they’re new characters with no legacy
behind them so it’s gonna take some time
for them to build that up you know when
I have a second be sure because again
I’ve already said that you know I did
not go in trying to always refer to the
past the original thing the original
film’s monumental not just classics but
you mental that they actually changed
the course of science fiction films I’ve
been reading our that see Clark and a
whole bunch of other you know authors
and movies especially in the seventies
when I was growing up it philip k dick
and a host of others so I’m bright I’m
not hating I did not say the film was
trash I just said I don’t care anymore
because um you made a very good point
the films now are geared towards younger
people they don’t care about me as as as
a consumer I mean it’s nice right if I
give them my dollar but reality they’re
not going for me as the target demo I’m
old to them absolutely yeah for sure
yeah cuz I mean I always go see them but
like honestly at this point like because
I’m 38 so at this point I’m just wanting
to go see adult movie but it’s just not
something I’m gonna go back and like go
watch it like 20 more times you don’t
understand like kinda like in gay men
games the same thing no they just
skipped a lot at all this like this
weird stuff it was our it was good it
was really good but it’s just not
something like like for example I took
my daughter to see frozen – I thought
that movie was dope
that’s just me though because I’m a dad
you know I mean I took her to it and I
remember all the scenes and that movie
still so but this movie it’s just the
last stuff going on at one time so you
kind of got to go see it like another
time to get another to get another like
you know analysis on it but overall I
mean I see why you wouldn’t like it I
see what people thought it was trash I
can be an objective enough to say if I
had small children and I took them to
the film I would probably say hey it was
good film we had a great time you know I
would feel different different because
it’s about what the kids enjoy you know
I’m saying so but so me saying I don’t
care anymore is not trying to trash it I
just I just don’t care I can also say
that I don’t care about about the Planet
of the Apes franchise anymore I just all
man I don’t care you don’t say I’ve I’ve
seen that franchise the origins of it
and going back to Charlton Heston ironic
Ronnie McDowell Kim hunter and I’ve seen
how the the great story lines before
they even had technology the great story
lines right it’s not
anymore so I don’t care what it’s a
keyword yeah but I wouldn’t say it’s
trash you feel me good yeah keyword I
mean they just do it like they don’t
Bank on like a good story there just
banking on the fact that you know hey we
can take all these characters and all
the stuff that you know you grew up with
and I grew up with and then they just
you know kind of cash in because they
know we’re gonna go see at least one
time especially if you create content
you gotta go see it at least once to say
you know whatever you know say your
piece about it you know I mean but I
could definitely see why why people
won’t like it because I mean it’s just
it’s just you just there’s no connection
anymore the kids they’re connected with
but even my kids they kind of watch the
new ones and they’re like huh
yeah but you you break out the old ones
they love it they connect with it it’s
like it’s like it’s a feeling and you
just don’t get that it’s just kind of
like a synthetic one some hate and shit
Finn bothers me fighting with the
goddamn lightsaber and his bitch ass is
screaming and she hit him with the power
to knock to knock him back yo what is he
he bothered me he believed it my man’s
bugging man he came he tried to use a
lightsaber I think in the force awakens
and he couldn’t handle it so he got his
ass working
thanks for the call man thank you have a
good evening thank you appreciate you
you too happy holidays all right yes sir
hang on Ronnie let me go to area code
I’m supporting upon me Clark
cunt good evening sends in a super jet
star looky looky knee is fixing himself
some roast a hippo meat for Christmas
okay you’re taking a shot at Dana sir
she’s not here
Elvis the chef Rosenberg is chasing
thigh ladyboys okay Elvis this chef
Rosenberg is uh catching a little heat
tonight I thought I saw a cash that from
him hold a second hey here you go Elvis
the chef Rosenberg good evening sir hold
on six for six me get a mint on Elvis
are you there sir six for six I am here
hey hey somebody just took a shot oh
yeah now somebody’s took the shot yeah
hey Star Wars did
you see it the rise of sky walking is
the last one the last one right before
this one okay I’m come to this
conclusion that Star Wars is made bad on
purpose hmm okay okay I would argue I
would argue that the creatures I refer
to them that are in charge are looking
for ways to feed themselves through the
people stress and anxiety and we have
millions of people that wait for these
long periods of time and anticipate
something great happening and then they
fail and they become miserable and
there’s over like 300 YouTube channels
that are talking about how bad this
movie is and I would argue it’s all
because it’s done on purpose okay okay
I’m not doubting what you’re saying come
on you’re talking about influence let’s
go yeah thank you
that’s another way of looking at it
influence is aggressive it’ll move the
needle influence and I know that so many
people are banking on this escapism and
it seems like this system is trying its
best to kick you when you’re down so all
those people that weren’t going hard and
they think of things anything dedicated
all these kind of time there’s so many
millions of people that dedicate so much
time to Star Wars and the franchise that
it brings forth probably some sort of
utopia of pain to the system that it
feeds off oh you’re going there and I’m
not doubting what you’re saying because
you know Hollywood has for decades
centuries if you will try to you know
push propaganda to shift a public
narrative I’m not disagreeing what
you’re saying I’m hearing yeah yeah
thank you I appreciate that
yeah I’m just just one of those people
that I like to I like to say things like
I can read the matrix code and you have
a look you have Disney who has all the
resources in the world to have the best
directors the best writers the best
actors and it seems like all the actors
they get you don’t even care about the
character you don’t even feel for the
people that are the stars and that right
there shows how possibly this is being
done on purpose because how do you get
the woman who’s in charge of Disney take
a look at that woman’s picture does she
look like joy and prosperity this the
person who directed this movie does he
look like someone who you can trust
who is only involved in one or two
different things
yeah I think one of one size was
something called looper my point is that
you have all the resources to do
something amazing but you choose to not
do that fact if I could also chime in
and tap champion what you’re saying to
some degree you know when the original
films came out a new hope Empire Strikes
Back Return of the Jedi those films they
will lead leading the charge they were a
character driven story driven because
again for those who don’t know George
Lucas went when he first presented this
story to 20th Century Fox they didn’t
believe in the story so much to the
point where they gave him 100 percent of
the merchandising they looked the
executives came down and they did the
screening they said this is trash you
can have all the money from the goddamn
merchandising you know and if we break
even fine if not you know Thanks see it
and the film look the film blew up
because again it was character driven
distort the characters were leading as
opposed to now where they’re just more
so just trying to fit in to what’s going
on in society so I just want to champion
what you’re saying go ahead yeah thanks
I agree with that wholeheartedly
it was a it was just one man and he
created something so amazing it’s like I
sometimes look at the system at the ass
burger cousin that you have that cannot
relate it appears like the system we are
in just cannot relate to the nuances of
humanity in a way where it pushes the
narrative that this is so great but then
you say to yourself
my cousin down the block could do better
than that right right you know and I I
just feel that this is just some sort of
once again
kicking us while we’re down people have
these expectations and they’re
constantly being humbled with emotions
of just down and even their movies they
can’t even escape in the theater than
Elvis did you see the film or you have
no intentions or what the Neuse come out
this time I mean I might go check it out
maybe do a review on my channel you know
I’m doing the intermittent fasting
Channel okay but I also do a few movie
reviews as well nice nice I would be
interested in hearing your um your
review of this film because again if I
can just go back for a second with
regards to the characters that George
Lucas did create you know and I’m sure
most people know or if they don’t know
the original or the voice of Darth Vader
was a black man James Earl Jones was a
black man yeah yeah
so so now here we are now in 2019 19
going into 2020 and I kept hearing as
I’m sure other people did who watched
this new film the rise of Skywalker you
kept hearing breathing that was similar
to Darth Vader but yet and still he’s
not the film so they would they were
trying to hang on to little bits and
pieces from the original films but um I
just don’t care anymore I’ll give you a
last word go ahead um only thing I would
say that you referenced the Planet of
the Apes which I would argue the first
movie of the fan of the eight with the
greatest ending to any movie of maybe 12
50 years
okay okay and 15/16 and honestly no one
is really happy being up guys
your phone’s gonna intern out over
suppose going in oh I think he dropped
out yeah he dropped out yeah I used to
be able to to recite the famous scene
from the Planet of the Apes and for
those of you who have a known known
about star and buckwild show over the
years we used to play that that part
where they were on the beach and Ronnie
McDowell was reading from the other
scrolls and he said beware the Beast man
for he is the devil’s pawn alone amongst
gods prong amongst God’s primates he
kills for sport or lust or greed who’s
the other part yea he will murder his
brother to protect his own so I forget
shun him shun him but he is the
harbinger of death plan the Apes great
dialogue back in the days area code 443
are you there good evening 443 know you
wanted a I got it I try to catch up with
you star won’t on the wane way so I came
in a little late what’s going on man and
I’ve been listening to you for a while
but I’m from Baltimore out here Vegas
okay now did you see the the video the
interview with the D way talking with
Matt Barnes about you know a lot of
things basketball his son did you see
that interview no guys on the east coast
or west coast out of your face well if
you get time watch the interview will be
on for at least another 30 minutes or so
and we’re talking about you know his his
position on his son he’s calling his son
now or she son is 12 years old calling
me she your father yes sir yeah okay how
old is your oldest and how old’s your
you know my me asking oh yeah this is 22
my hold is 40 Jesus okay are you saying
heterosexual respectfully nice nice so
also we’re talking about the Star Wars
film did you see it the new or the rise
of Skywalker in Star Wars in the
beginning ain’t no use trying to get it
down you know I disagree but I think
that they have now tailored these films
so that you can walk in and you don’t
even have to know about the films of the
past you can just get in and you can be
you know enthralled with what’s going on
but but it’s different and I just I
don’t care anymore that’s my review
don’t sit out here and just trying to
stay on top and what’s going on with
Charles okay
I think it’ll calm a so we’ll have a
good evening thank you okay he’s trying
to figure it out it whoa hang on boss
shit Ronny uh let me go to cash shot
okay David wants to go to line and talk
about Watchmen were you sir
David is that you gleaming area code 9 0
8 yes sir Watchmen you very cool I can
be loud and clear are you promoting this
uh this film Watchmen or series what is
it well what is it it’s a limited series
it’s just it’s just going to be one
series there’s only nine episodes
okay very very different and what I
would say to what she said earlier you
were saying that if there were alternate
realities but I guess it’s kind of like
it’s like huh it’s based on a comic book
so um Watchmen the original watch me was
created in 1985 and it actually talked
about something you talk about a lot the
Manhattan Project and stuff like that
okay and it kind of like spins it a
little bit and I kind of like where they
this I appreciate um what they did with
this uh it wasn’t necessarily pandering
to our community but it did shine the
light uh that I get is pretty much
political commentary and you know even
the creator himself he said the first
episode and for me as well it’s not a
good episode to something early because
I was like under them underwhelmed to be
honest but as I kind of vested a little
bit more into it I realize how how good
of a series it was I would think episode
six I’ll try to email you the episode
six would be the episode I will email
I’ll try to send you a free free free
series uh Network fight or whatever but
um yeah that’s all I got to say for that
but I would just say try to give a
little bit more of a chance I know you
got you don’t have too much time but
I’ve got plenty of time so I mean like
you know I’m I did not say was trash I
did not say it was trash because I’m not
the type of person who’s just dismissive
you know just off the rippity I pride
myself on being other now and paying
attention to what’s coming down the pike
so I speak you know so I’m sent me a
link I’ll check out what you consider to
be a good episode bottom
I just wasn’t captivated you know enough
to watch anymore and I watched about
thirty minutes of it I said the fuck is
this you know yes not same here I had
actually I guess saw some of the comic
books so I understood some of the source
material so I kind of tried to steal it
a little bit longer and I’m happy that I
did because I mean it’s as good as it as
it is I mean really good writing
I see if I’ll say that there’s a movie
that came out around I think 2008 uh
that was a box office moving Washington
and that was yeah I’m familiar with the
original film and I’m familiar with the
comic strip but they’re totally I wasn’t
into comics you know I mean I had a
couple of crates of comic books back in
the 70s that I’m sure right now
be worth at least $100,000
I sold Wow those three crates of comic
books for some fucking Hawaiian Punch
some Doritos and some Slurpees lash it
to a white boy named Norman I just a man
get this shit that’s all I had also
about doing doing the wing weed son I
just want to chime in on that guy please
please just just in general I just think
that uh he’s in he’s in a tough place
doing way that he realizes we’re in the
information age and it’s different to
just kind of guess school with your
child and try to be really visited with
your child I think your child is a
little bit more exposed I don’t know if
I would have just kind of stooped down
to call him ashy though I mean I don’t
know what that’s about but not not under
my house not in my household I’m calling
your she but I mean people do what they
do I think he’s trying to do the right
thing it’s not a win-win situation for
him so I think that’s what now he’s
taking but you know that that’s that’s
pretty much it I thank you man salute
have a good one thank you okay money off
John blaze on the check-in via Kashyap
he says mo fax loves his proctologist
I’m sorry
he loves his proctologist tickles his
colon okay you meant say he loves how
his proctologist tickles is : okay thank
you John blaze I try and mean slow
Ronnie I sent you email did you get it
some guy got 15 years for burning am an
LGBTQ flag yeah I first saw that story
on social media and I clicked on it only
because I was thinking to myself there
has to be more to the story than that
but no he was given 15 years
for burning a flag but not just any flag
a rainbow flag Jesus okay shit
okay uh hold on a second let me just
clear this out okay so someone sent me a
picture who Herbert good evening sir is
this you okay he says I was there and I
loved it okay
Herbert thank you ma’am for your uh your
picture okay he sent me a picture of him
and what appears to be his beautiful
daughter and she’s carrying a lightsaber
yeah man listen if I had a child as cute
as yours and as young as yours I’d
probably go see this fella oh great
awesome you know it’s all about the kids
Thank You Man thank you for your email
every code two one five good evening two
one five oh you did thanks so much for
the compliment about my daughter hey I
appreciate it man thank you um yeah she
was dressed up like Greg I was dressed
up like mousse right right about about
the movie right
and I just clicked on that thing about
the LGBT flag which is crazy I want
touching that also but about the movie
the movie spoiler alert it kind of you
could kind of see the ending as a
reflection of like feminism taking over
for white male supremacy okay I don’t
know if you’ve seen the movie have you
seen it are you talking about the Star
Wars yeah I would say between you
talking about okay how was the last one
yeah I went today okay Kyle won’t die
right here’s my ticket on the screen I
went today to a one o’clock show I was
there okay so calm and I woke up
great guys right Kyle room brings her
back to life yep and then
he died yeah right so that’s kind of
like white feminism observing absorbing
white male patriarchal supremacy
I agree now hang on a second also
because you if you didn’t catch the show
earlier I said after the Phantom Menace
when they introduced Jar Jar Binks I
just I lost interest in the storyline I
mean I pretty much know what’s going on
for the most part but the intricate
details now of the last two or three
films I’m kind of out of the loop
Finn is Finn in love with Rey why was he
screaming when she was fighting and you
know when they were going down in that
quicksand was he about to tell him he
loved her and what’s going on with the
well that was weird that they never
really um kind of tied that up they
asked me time but I think that film was
actually I think he’s actually force
sensitive okay and that’s what he wanted
to tell her is he sweet on Rey based
upon what you know be don’t think so I
don’t think so I think that he wanted to
tell ray that he that the force was
returning him and that he felt as though
he may have been a Jedi also because
remember he said okay we’re gonna attack
her Burt hang on Herbert now listen I
don’t remember the last film in detail
but if you ask me Finn is sweet on ray
and that’s what he was screaming ray he
was trying to tell her I love him but in
reality she’s now fucking with him come
on man well I don’t think I don’t think
we’ve events that point of society the
main a cat of female a white female
character in that position as powerful
as he is in an interracial relationship
I think you should progress that far yet
um but yeah I think he’s force sensitive
because remember when he attacked the
ship the navigational thing on the ship
and they were like well how do you know
it’s on the ship he was like I can film
it remember when kylo Ren was coming he
said he knew that Collin was coming
you knew what she died okay the hang on
a second her but I’m gonna jump in here
again I’m just asking was Finn in love
with Rey because he was in love with the
Chinese oh I don’t know how to say this
without looking up yeah don’t say any
Chinese slander words please but okay
okay but now here’s the thing in society
that door was kicked in long time ago a
strong black masculine man you know a
kissing or taking the white lead actors
I mean I can go back to Jim Brown and
Raquel Welch I think it was called 100
right hang on hang on Jim Brown Raquel
Welch 100 rifles kids that’s going very
far back so we have reached that point
but I’m just asking is is Finn a simple
why was he screaming gray and becoming a
Jedi but again I’m right is the face of
a franchise right and I think that’s
kind of a little bit different than what
you talked about before and I hide the
guns with Rocco Wilson Jim Brown I’d be
right face of the franchise
she’s not just a white female leading
lady she’s a white female leading lady
structure of one of the most iconic
movie franchise ever I stand corrected
hey man I appreciate the the email you
and your daughter look like you had a
great time anything else you want to say
oh yeah yeah something about the LGBT
flag thing I wanted to say something
about about the way Wade okay boom
there’s one thing to refer for to be
attracted to someone of the same sex
it’s another thing to identify as the
opposite sex so for him to call his son
is she that’s kind of crazy
yeah I’m saying it’s one thing he said
to him as being you know attracted to
the same sex but there for him to accept
him being identified as obviously sex at
that age
it’s kind of a I can’t agree with that
but as far as burn the LGBT flag
that’s insane the LGBT flag
not a flag is not an official flag that
represents a nation or that really
represents of people it’s associated
with LGBTQ but it is not a an officially
recognized flag of a people so to get 15
and I clicked on it just like Ronnie
said when you said it I clicked on it I
said little man maybe this guy had
previous charges maybe it’s something
else to it but you cannot well I mean
you can because they did you sat him
down for 15 listen her I’m gonna take
more calls man thank you for checking it
thank you
Clark cunt on the check and via super
chat and folks if you can’t get thrown
the phone lines the link to send super
chats and cash apps is right up under
the video okay that’s a you correspond
with me if you are trying to get through
on the phone lines as well Clark Hunt
says why did you read my why did you
read my shots at others but not Dana
question mark respect my dollar
shout-out to Sancho on yah but what is
that for saying Elvis the chef blood
type is bacon grease ok whoever that is
Sancho Yabut Dana’s not here
Clark hunt you know I like for people to
at least be on the line if somebody else
wants to take a shot at them so they can
respond or at least you know have a say
so but thank me you appreciate it
I got Clark gemsto hey jim Starlin jumps
to us a star that kid who taped the
feathers to the back of his baseball
hats grew up to be stacy galore Clark
can also says Luke Aeneas fixing himself
some roast people me I read that one
okay thank you
Wesley Pipes on the check-in did I
breathing so hard
okay Matt said I’m breathing so hard
in this hotel and this hotel room Ronnie
the heat is on 93 Ronnie please come
over and ordered it dominate me with the
power tool I need you okay Wesley Pipes
on the chicken Ronnie oh my goodness
John blaze says uh Elvis the chef
Rosenberg has three necks and Counting
okay he was on the line he’s no no no
thank you
and Dex says did you do start and Ronnie
this is Dex keep me in line six one six
I think we just picked him up didn’t we
six one six they’ll come back in a
second to him that was Dex who we spoke
okay 609 either yeah I think he said his
name is dead okay six Oh gnarly they are
gleaming yo what’s up hey what’s up man
how are you I’m doing I a girl si si si
yeah my fault so I’m gonna read this I
please it says sex refers to the
biological difference between males and
females such as genitalia and genetic
differences gender is more difficult to
define because it refer to the role of
the male or female in society known as
gender role in an individual concept of
themselves now for me you know I never
want to be a part of the oppressive side
of truth of society okay if you look at
evolution as a whole society things that
have to utilize change so I think a lot
of people and I don’t understand it you
fool me like I’m not even too familiar
with the whole transgender thing and
stuff like that but I will see is I
think that it’s hypocritical for
especially black people to not to tell
all of us and for us as the oppressor of
this type of chance okay I hear you
I hear you yeah so you know like that’s
not me thing it’s um you know society’s
goals weather so do you think Dwyane
Wade is a tool see an agent who is he um
I just think that he just happened to be
a father in society 2019 that could you
know that could happen to anybody
no sir d-wade if you asked me he could
be at all he just met with is it
Bleacher reporter ESPN he’s about to
start doing some commentating he met
with the Turner family if I remember
correctly in that interview running
correct me if I’m wrong and he’s about
to be someone that’s going to be even
more influential so it’s not fun it’s
not far-fetched what I’m asking so he’s
gonna be in a position to influence your
babies Ronnie did he say he was gonna be
on ESPN or bleacher did you hit that
part the interview to be honest with you
it was an hour and 15 minutes interview
and I just couldn’t sit through the
entire thing so are you a father
yourself you bother I’ll be right there
getting it are you a partner your father
okay you chicken shit like myself yes
you chicken shit like that okay I’ll
give you a last word then you had the
last word evolution his own society
Society and it’s up to you what side you
want to be on the press the sound or the
press mm-hmm that’s about it okay thank
you for your call have a good with me
thank you he said something about
d-wade he’s gonna be doing some type of
sports commentating in the near future
and if I can also say I thought Matt
Barnes did a good job is that his new
podcast what does it call all the smoke
I thought he did pretty good yeah well
this was episode number nine and I don’t
think he did very good I don’t I don’t
think he was objective at all he didn’t
ask any he didn’t ask any questions that
certainly should have been asked and
even at one point he said yeah I was
arguing in the comment section with
people who were criticizing you so you
know obviously there’s a bias there and
even Stephen Jackson who is Matt’s
co-host spoke about his brother being a
homosexual so these are you know three
people who are obviously all coming from
a bias standpoint okay and what was the
other guy’s name he was on the podcast
his name was Steven Steven Jackson yeah
even Jackson what did he play I know
he’s a former former basketball player
did he specify guys Steven Jackson what
did he play with Hey yeah can you google
him please he spoke about his older
brother being six foot five and being
gay squaring up with niggers okay okay
the Pacers and the Spurs okay okay
Mavericks Warriors Wow okay he’s around
yeah it looks like he’s been passed
around the Pacers the Warriors the Bucks
the Bobcats the Spurs the Clippers the
net Pacers so finish up what you were
saying Ronnie you don’t feel that Matt
Barnes was being objective you say he
was he didn’t do a good job please
elaborate yeah I I think that part of
being objective is asking the questions
that people want to hear or at least if
you’re not going to ask those questions
have someone else so that we can have a
different perspective he could have had
an expert on you know a child
psychologist or if you’re going to you
know delve into that sort of topic
because there was only one narrative
push there well I’m sure they’re friends
he and d-wade and you know they just
chop it up like they were doing at the
barbershop you know so right thank you
for that information hold on a second
Tran Touraine sends in a super jet star
do you plan on having a big panel on
your next big tranny gate topic
featuring Stacey Gloor TS Ronny and all
sorts of other trannies what are you
talking about tranny gate you know that
tranny gate we tried to set that off and
then it kind of fell flat we had a oh
god what’s name of the person that
claimed to be in a relationship with
young buck I’m forgetting the name
we interviewed I interviewed that person
and two other people
what’s the name of that person anybody
remember that name glamour perfect
glamour perfect yeah thank you for yeah
yeah thank me donation Wolf’s bat wilts
bear hitter sends it a donation star I
want to let you know that because of you
my two years in Penn State Hazleton PA
was a nightmare you’re the definition of
a true slumlord hashtag fuck off okay
might be someone that I evicted yeah I
was good for getting people up often you
know up off the goddamn a trailer park
property you know for whatever reason if
you’re one of those people and the state
didn’t want to pay your rent anymore you
had to go I purposely wanted people that
got SSI or money from the state to pay
their rent I don’t want hard-working
people to have jobs I can say that now I
can say they’re back then what it’s just
early you’re sending me something here
some type of video shot ma’am I’m not
downloading videos what is this breaking
news ms-13 can you send me a story link
please I don’t like downloading stuff
I don’t know you like that I’m not just
downloading files and get some spam and
malware on my shit
707 ory there good evening 7:07
hello John blaze on his goddamn check in
please come on I got you Anna you’re the
– I’m here – come on who’s got him
Dwyane Wade man let’s go make no goddamn
sense he went ahead go ahead
he’s advocating the you know it’s hard
for me to talk about because I got an
affinity for basketball okay when I look
at Dwyane Wade when he linked up with
LeBron James I thought that was my
thought I was building emotion now the
way way is setting a bad precedent when
it comes to black males because what
he’s doing now is he’s following that
agenda to which they are damask elating
the black male image in media and film
that’s all it is because the waying way
when they were when it was hot with the
heat he was coming to the game and hot
pink pants right you got a look at what
was going on in the house because the
imagery the way way even before his son
was of eighth he didn’t be doing this
right now was coming to them games and
of course you thought Westbrook was
coming in there crazy
Wang Wei was coming in in there crazy
yeah all right now look I don’t that’s
why we started the whole thing
Haidee Wade yeah because of the way he
dressed white then the way Wade is the
original when it comes to the feminine
look coming to the game with his stretch
marks which he stretched pants on with
your flat bottom shoes you want your
shirt all cut open with the areolas all
open look
let’s load up going Matt Barnes and
Steven Jackson you forgot about Steven
Jackson bruh yeah you got about Steven
Jackson did you season Jackson was a
participant a major participant in the
rumble in the palace when Ben Wallace
set it off when you had a metal world
formerly known formerly known as run out
– shit let’s go David Jackson the reason
why he choked is lit right now because
he was the one who settled off the win
up substance’ fought the wrong person
ramaa cancelled what he went right back
after him Stephen Jackson want to reign
with San Antonio Stephen Jackson is a
major factor does he into one of the
originals that when they had to play for
the goddamn warrior do a put some
respect though Stephen got their name
Stephen Declan Matt barky trying to get
that smoke in and they not gonna be able
to market themselves so they’ve got that
YouTube channel with a smoking tree you
got a look at who dat you who they who
their gear to who the audience that’s
John blade I’m the goddamn audience
along with you got their trolls right
now so you got to look at who’s those
who lose the goddamn audience they’re
not gonna be marketing to what you gonna
see them on ABC or NBC they literally
out there smoking trees talking about
giving gang what’s going on in the game
and how you gonna market yourself in the
game these dude is also real game right
now breath so I don’t want to take up
too much Dennis stay with me don’t go
don’t go nowhere so now I’m d-wade said
he met with the Turner family is he
coming to TNT ESPN he’s going somewhere
he’s gonna be a an influence Hey
that is fax right there that is pure
fact and there’s no coincidence was born
all because we started with Dwyane Wade
I was going to the gay parade with
Gabrielle Union let’s not forget about
that because it was already in the press
just last year where they was taking it
and now we see him as a mouthpiece for a
network that is gonna advocate the
pushing of that agenda is not a
coincidence it’s a fact that the Wayne
way now is in a position where he’s
gonna be a mouthpiece to go ahead not
only be a mouthpiece for black folks but
be a mouthpiece for also for the LGBTQ
that’s why I asked a question is he a
tool oh hey hey ma hi yellow niggas you
are are factually correct
he is a tool for corporate America who
is pushing a homosexuality agenda on
young black males the agenda 2d master
late young black male started when they
was actually a slavery we ain’t gonna go
that far back put John places go kill
you right now breath I’m gonna tell you
right now and I’m a predictor right now
befo it’s all up we won’t see this bull
in our jumpsuit
shackles in front of the judge 16
charges is going down well and I and I
tell you this now I tell you this now
and that’s fact and that fact because
right what’s going on right now is he’s
gonna be used for a particular purpose
that was going out and that household is
not a coincidence
how is the child gonna be our particular
age where the woman who is not even the
mother of that child is taken to a gay
parade they already took his two
children from the original mama the
original models go ahead went to court
and went ahead and told him what was
going on at house they said he was lying
the the what was really I believe was
going on she was not great advocate what
was going on with the child there was
something going on with the child did he
get full custody to a D wait you’re full
custody he took full custody he took
full great both their kids he took full
custody of both of kids the model and in
court she was in court she didn’t have
the money to go ahead and have these
high-paying lawyer a second not only can
go ahead and support the judge was
looking for reelection right they can go
ahead and go ahead and say hey look I’ve
got someone hey look it’s the fact that
something was going on in that house
because you look at the history going on
with the Wang Wei and his baby mama now
you look at great Gabrielle Union taking
a child that’s not even hurt who a gay
program I remember he had a whole lot of
drama with his uh his son’s mother of
years a great mother joy they had major
he had major drama but since he is the
celebrity they will take him in favor
and look at the baby mama as he is the
demon he went anyway what the court
bought for her kids
nobody cannot say whatever is going on I
follow was going on I love the way wave
game but I will tell you as being
objective as I can’t the way way it’s
something going on and if I was a
betting man he’s gonna be in front of a
judge and shackled they go get him know
what’s going on hey well what is going
on that house is what I thing when he
was coming to the game when LeBron left
to go play
yeah what baby hang on a second John
blaze Ronnie you want to say something
was Ronnie I’m trying to get in yeah his
his his babies mothers actually his
ex-wife and she made allegations that he
gave her a sexually transmitted disease
she produced you know test results
showing that and she said that he was
very reckless sexually he was also sued
by the landlord of a property that he
was writing and the landlord said that
he was throwing wild sex orgies
he said that Duane turned the place into
a dump it was littered with all sorts of
you know condom wrappers and liquor
bottles and Gabrielle has done
interviews talking about how she likes
to see how I can say this pleasure him
orally his butt so you know no d-wade
getting pegged out here but you remember
they went ahead and not video but the
pictures of them actually after they was
having sex they was actually exploiting
themselves when they put those pictures
up of the Wayne Wayne so called him and
Gabrielle Union in the bed what they
look like after they have sex Jesus so
if that’s the case you look at the
totality hey you look at the totality
was going on with the Wayne way in a
household it is fact that the way way
gave that woman a sexual transmitted
disease she went to the court they would
have had created some idea that she is
wrong who was like some demon warming up
some child all she was trying to do is
find I was going on with that young boy
who already has to send it away someone
who’s at 4 years old
hey it is already was written in the
court in the court when they said we
won’t go in favor with the grain way
because the magistrate was already in
Miami they took the math right in Miami
you look it up it was in Miami and he
end up in a full a short look I’m a
cutting short man you’re doing great
you’re doing great come on finish up for
the show
you don’t like hey hey I can’t go hold
up much to mature to your time man but
you are stating the complete back when
there is an agenda to which I watch this
morning for the Turner
network is about the higher hill either
the Turner Network or he’s gonna go to
obviously that the the neck compare will
be a front-runner like Stephen H Smith
the front-runner right yes there we go
there’s only two yes the N or the Turner
network people be up there with Ernie
cat Chuck and other brother right so it
is what it is the writing’s on the wall
amen thank you good night Thank You
jumbly well Bonnie
yes sir salute Thank You Man all right
whoo John blaze on the check-in can’t
follow behind that he broke it down yeah
that’s a great point I think he made he
meets a lot of great points a lot of
great points yeah yeah you would
especially with him the way now going to
do the commentary makes you think like
what is his son like some sort of
sacrifice to make himself more palatable
and they can sell more trendy we talked
of Illuminati now the guy we need
running before you go before you go
Amanda seals was doing the most on her
Instagram page
with regards to Kim Kardashian thank you
guys whoever sent me the emails
yesterday Kim Kardashian posing kind of
resembling black women of the 60s
Diahann Carroll and some other very
notable celebrities do you want to
comment on Amanda seals or is it not
that deep or what it’s picking up
traction I mean he wasn’t she was making
some very great points I did see the the
pictures of Kim Kardashian and you know
I don’t know if she I know she released
a statement saying that he didn’t do
blackface but that’s some strong
airbrushing or spray tanning whatever
she did you know Amanda made some great
points but then she made some points
that I felt were sort of a reach so she
was like responding to people who say
well black women you know you guys don’t
wear your original hair and so she
brought up you know she said well black
people we have blonde hair too but you
know that’s referring to a specific
group of people over in the Solomon
Islands that’s not every day black
people with blonde hair is it’s not a
natural a naturally occurring trait okay
so I felt like this was you know Amanda
doing what she does going on and on and
you know making a big deal out of
nothing I you know I’ve been over the
Kardashians for a very long time so I
really don’t care about this picture
spread not to take Amanda seals side but
yeah she had some very valid points and
to go a step even further
you know Kim Kardashian has been doing
the most over the years with regards to
quote unquote black culture but now
she’s got Kanye West
she’s got biracial baby so you know no
she’s not gonna get hammered but by
black people for the most part and she’s
she’s getting people out of the
penitentiary Amanda Steel’s pointed that
out so I’m yeah I just wanted to address
it seems anything that we needed two of
them to touch up on but okay anything
else before we call a night no I guess
I’ll be looking forward to seeing
whatever Dwyane Wade is going to be
doing now I’m sure this was just a you
know a pretext is something bigger yeah
you know you yourself gonna see this
doorway with that Star Wars film where
that’s not your sort of they’ll do some
sort of collaboration with Malik Yoba
what about the Star Wars filming you are
gonna see that or knows that not your
your uh no I’m not a Trekkie
okay okay okay well that’s the Star Wars
home Trekkies Star Trek but all right
Ronnie thank you for well yeah yeah
thank you for your help tonight and
we’ll talk tomorrow
YouTube take care thank you bye now hey
boss check running Troy thank you sir
for your cash at Gabrielle eating
groceries and Jar Jar Binks
okay so you’re talking reckless they
caught you thank you uh gonna land
yeah Gabriela hey eating the groceries D
way is gonna pop up as he said on in
that interview with that Matt Barnes
he’s gonna be doing uh some sports
commentating he’s gonna be a position of
power don’t get it fucked up
Remy good evening he says every time
John blaze calls in I want to pick up
the Ruger the mask the black gloves and
go put in put in some work on these
streets turn up nigger thank you man
alright guys um I don’t think I’ll see
you tomorrow
more than likely um Sunday will do a
Sunday show you know Sunday service hang
on a second here’s the homies banner we
get him some shine first and folks if
you want to get your banners on the
rebroadcast send me an email the hater
one nine six four at have a
good evening what’s left of it and I’ll
see you Sunday take care

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