STAR Has A Major Meltdown


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A new study shows that leading AI models are 1.5 times more likely to flag tweets written by African Americans as “offensive” compared to other tweets. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are developing artificial intelligence technology to help stop the spread of derogatory speech on their networks. The idea is that complex algorithms that use natural language processing will flag questionable speech faster and better than human beings possibly can. But two new studies show that AI trained to identify hate speech may actually end up amplifying racial bias. In one study, researchers found that leading AI models for processing hate speech were one-and-a-half times more likely to flag tweets as offensive or hateful when they were written by African Americans, and 2.2 times more likely to flag tweets written in African American English (which is commonly spoken by black people in the US). Another study found similar widespread evidence of racial bias against black speech in five widely used academic data sets for studying hate speech that totaled around 155,800 Twitter posts.


Recent deaths from vaping are freaking people out, but as a doctor here’s how I think about e-cigarettes, CBD, smoking, and risk. Against Medical Advice (AMA) #38


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hey star reporting Friday night come on
in let me get down for my crown tonight
um I had a shit day hopefully you did
too if not allow me to fuck up your
evening you know it’s just one of those
all right on the screen our algorithms
biased against african-americans I don’t
feel like doing shit tonight and let me
just say off the RIP fuck the algorithm
i’ma throw the goddamn show away delete
the file fuck the algorithm let’s get
reckless um I got one page of notes I
don’t feel like doing shit tonight there
it is see that so I do have a source
with regards to the topic but I want to
see what you know because some of you
have been you know yo you paranoid
no nigga the game is changing and I’m
here to play the game still say most are
for years some of you were too young
once upon a time you thought I was
joking I was playing
you thought I was rapping the real
reppin the streets no nigga I represent
myself I’m a businessman
get it right game is changing YouTube is
changing up in December again and I’m
here to get it
sorry house house my audio we okay I’m
on their bullshit tonight hold on a
second sponsor my triple butter calm huh
strike a pose
flip the fuck out
hey you’re in the live chat anybody who
calls in tonight please attack them
this attack there now the caller’s you
know we takin no shorts tonight taking
no shorts tonight okay got that on
Funyuns on deck I’m sorry you know what
fuckin a Maggie I’m so AG you tonight I
got Funyuns huh
cancel my date for tomorrow give me a
second would be respectful just in case
you know she’s watching cancel my date
and let me say ladies I’m a full
a full narcissist you say the wrong
thing to me bitch kick rocks we’re
talking earlier today she said something
it wasn’t like disrespectful brat I said
what let me call you right back
fuck out of here so just to make sure
that she’s canceled for tomorrow I got
myself some laughs some laxatives and
some magnesium citrate so now I’m not
coming to see you tomorrow bitch I’m I’m
gonna flush and do me all day tomorrow
all right phone lines open shit shitty
shitty did the traffic goddamn the
fuck’s with the traffic here in Atlanta
the presidents in town my guy that trunk
20/20 nigga what you didn’t get no
fucking money with Obama you got no
money with Obama he gave you a fucking
initiative that’s it
he gave the gays in and everybody else a
bag gave niggas nothing okay okay hey I
got some Pellegrino just in case I do
too much you know
oh shit yeah I’m here to fuck up your
night tonight check check these hoes
well I rechecked my my day but I want to
check the rest of these hoes Hague
leaving in the live chat how you doing
huh let’s get to checking these hoes
tonight bitches out here bleeding every
30 days huh
also it’s a crazy-looking discharge and
you talking reckless to her pimp bitch
you got me confused with somebody who
takes you serious
I don’t okay okay all right I had a nap
earlier I’m sure you can tell I was due
too much what have a nap sit tight on
the phones I’m going to cash app and
super chat first put some respect on my
fucking name tonight boss nigga or Boss
Hogg I don’t talk to niggas for
free twit underscore clothing on
Instagram you’ve seen me talk about them
and twit stands for that’s what I do
it’s one of my sponsors twit TW ID
underscore clothing I’m sorry underscore
clothing on Instagram alright can also
Moringa origins calm mor ing a origins
calm right
alright let me have a fine just relax
oh yeah the sugar rush is crazy
do you guys here mean yeah live said how
we doing huh okay our who says go watch
your language
fuck you how about that who are you Saba
ho fuck you you spend the money he did
jet bitch nigga Oh raggedy ho whoever
you are
fuck the algorithms name um yes so on
the screen our algorithms biased against
african-americans now you know I’ve been
telling you for a long time
watch your mouth the game’s gonna change
it’s not that I’m hating but I’m not
fighting a war against censorship I’m a
businessman same old star the man who
came into the game back in 1998 and said
to you on public access I’m not selling
out I sold out I’m here for the bag
I ain’t reppin hip hop I’m not reppin
your hood fuck your hood remember so the
game is changing and Ronnie sent me
something Ronnie McMinn may not be
calling you tonight what’s going on with
them Instagram because somebody call in
and and read don’t like reading shit
tonight instagrams now are taking away
the lights but you won’t believe me
until you read it for yourself black man
tell you something I he lyin
white man tells you something then you
call me and say yo shit is real now oh
real now was your white man told us real
so now it’s real I’ll wait
I got a Michelob light right here as
well just in case I really want to black
the fuck out but I don’t put them on the
screen okay okay well slow it down slow
it down okay good evening to our that’s
amazing sent in a super chet star my
parents were beat as kids and they will
tell you still suffer psychologically
front it okay and they’re in their 60s
sorry to hear that sir sorry yeah ma’am
I was never beaten I mean I I sympathize
with you but I don’t know that life that
world you know having to put your cereal
in a Tupperware of because of the
roaches you know sleeping five in the
bed piss on each other
borrowing clothes I don’t know that
world but thank you sir uh who is this
here okay no that’s not a donation we
delete fuck out of here
here we go Thank You Ronnie Ronnie sent
me the okay according to
Instagram will test hiding likes in the
u.s. starting next week are they trying
to stop the bag they trying to stop the
black bag if you ask me but you won’t
believe me until you know a white person
says it so I’m not gonna sit here read
the fucking article there it is wired
Instagram will well test hiding the
likes so what’s that about niggas
getting too much power
niggas eatin huh what is the next wave
fuck Instagram fuck YouTube what is the
next wave I want to be down I’m sorry uh
hold on uh is this sina laxative what is
salute sir Satsuki summer six huh
a beautiful female she’s a day one she
told me to get this so guys if I die off
of this and the combination of the
magnesium citrate tomorrow
blame Satsuki sigh so blame Sookie
summer six I called her when I was in
target I said hey should you talk about
Xena laxatives okay lung butter was pop
and I see on the checking yeah six
dollars and sixty six cents the number
of the beast Thank You star got kicked
out of the skating rink again who you
not me
I go ice-skating two sometimes three
times a month I’ve never been kicked
into ice skating ring were you talking
about did you get kicked out lung butter
hey Gemini 209 all day Thank You Donna
she said star you scaring me tonight lol
hashtag no fucks given baby this is this
is me I can put the pedal to the metal
at any given time I’ve learned how to
harness my ego but I’m the same the same
fuck nut don’t get it twisted we take
this coughing thank you darling Gemini
209 all day yeah don’t get scared boo
boo I’m talking that real shit tonight
that real business shit hold on guys
okay okay okay coming through the phone
lines shortly okay okay and what is this
Kendrick hey Kendrick Kendrick always
sends me good emails something about
worldstar yeah if that’s something to do
with papas yes I’ve been loving the
videos of people getting their shit
rocked at Popeye’s over the the
conspiracy that’s a conspiracy
this whole chicken sandwich craze
I don’t do conspiracies but that’s
fucking conspiracy Maples break that
down tonight but again you won’t believe
me unless a white person says I’ll tell
you you a lion why person says to you
then you say yo shit is real
transcendent music I see you via super
tech good evening
removing the likes from Instagram is a
way to keep people from noticing when
alternative media outlets are popping
it’s a slick censorship method yeah
thanks help stop it star no need to stop
anything I’m part of the problem
I’m an agent I told you this before why
do you not believe me when I tell you
some of this shit what area code 727
good evening i’m turn to fuck up 1770
there no
good og with father getting that bag
nigga getting that bag I’m on the same
ocean I’ve always been on you’ve just
grown up now and now you see it’s real
go to use a job back you know but but I
always knew what it was okay it is what
it is I’m saying I’m all listen a lot
more Christian Brothers tonight I want
to bullshit that night let’s go where’s
lamb is on Christie brothers at night
good listen maybe they shit on black
people I tell you go you stabbing niggas
for fucking chicken sandwiches you know
they like yo he’s asleep know how
Grizzles is fucked up are you up to
speed on on all the chicken sandwich
I’m loving it oh you can’t see the thing
is it is now black people can’t say Oh
white people were saying Oh black people
all black people love chicken it’s true
you niggas is one of the stab over shit
well sir who are you to be talking about
black people and niggers who we are you
black Hispanic over you you a nigger
with straight hair from the welfare
state Puerto Rico how dare you talk
about African Americans you fought
Wars how dare you how dare you get out
of here maybe once in a while you got a
Puerto Rican talking reckless as if you
know you fought some great war party
welfare state plate me tonight pay no
circuit to it one good evening to a 100
you’re there are they biased the
algorithms good evening
oh yeah oh yes are you did the nail on
the head man series they don’t want to
hear from a black brother you’ve been
telling us I’m gonna – I’m a cute and
good message right here I mean black
people’s listen and read to respond and
not to understand but there sit here
listen to that to them white people tell
them what they want to hear I’m a
youtuber I see the algorithm all the way
fucked up come on a promote your
platform I’m not on that we don’t should
promote your platform let’s go
oh urban policies TV man I’ll do
interviews in the streets in the hood
and the traps so they’ve done over 150
interviews and uh I’ll tell you this
right here if you go to an interview
star with a black artist black rapper
black in a no sir I don’t need those
niggas it to be pop not no I’m not
interviewing nobody I curved out poll
last week I need them niggas blank yeah
yeah I was just saying the way is how
they do the black people right right
bill give us a hard time but there go
there and respond politely it
respectfully with a white person honey %
man I feel exactly what you’re saying on
that will you calling from say you sound
like you come from the south y’all from
usurpation okay h-town
please / – hey style man thought I think
that’s my cue slow pumping past that
angle go huh so so okay I’m wildly man
thank you for calling thank you thank
you okay I’m a little too turnt up hold
on let me take a sip of Pellegrino I
feel myself slipping hold on Shh
shit yeah you won’t believe me crack a
need to tell you before you before you
know it’s real huh yeah oh okay okay let
me slow down all right what is this
according to Vox the algorithms that
detect hate speech online are biased
against black people huh I don’t like
reading shit tonight there it is five
pages yeah I got two people that comb
through my motherfucking comments for
the be broadcast and if you’re not
addressing the topic they get you to
flunk out of there I’ll let you run
rampant in the goddamn live chat why do
you still want to go in the rebroadcast
and say all sorts of shit that has
nothing to do with the goddamn title get
out of there I don’t question who they
delete who they block I don’t question
it may be a code two to five good
evening good evening amen those thoughts
on key dangerous though too dangerous
not sending me fucking emails slow it
down man on you to the spam folder fuck
wrong with you man I’m sorry I’m sorry
man don’t hurt me oh don’t be sorry
nigga be careful stop flooding my
goddamn I’ll eat inbox with emails you
know come on noises my guy man I called
norms he said you’d he said you’re the
real deal don’t set me fuckin to any
mail today
come on I’m I’m sorry about that I
didn’t mean to do that uh with you my
best friend too I’m buddy
I wanted this to stomach haul in and
tell you about the Danny Mars battle it
was it was really amazing
you went at it it was uh three rounds
and what it was it was three rounds one
minute each so yeah we went at it oh I
still feel like I beat him no cause uh
when you look at the bar breakdowns you
see like I pick it they’re like I feel
like my boss is more personal man fuck
that shit did you send you the donation
sign you calling here talking batter up
i fucks with batter but what’s going on
man I’m talking batter at times
algorithm folks please don’t play me
tonight please
I’m flushing tomorrow so tonight I’m
going a little heavy or hard in the
paint sipping I got a fucking a subway
meatball hero or a half of a subway
meatball hero in the kitchen I’m good
I’ll play me tonight please okay the
game is rigged leave me sir he says a
nigger wearing a Redskins hat talking
about internet oppression oh what’s
brown and looks good on a nigger a
police dog hashtag salute that’s an old
joke my nigga oh I don’t wanna start
doing racist jokes tonight because if we
do that then I’ll have to really have to
fucking delete the stream but thank you
for your donation how about this one sir
do you know who was a quarterback when
the Redskins won that Super Bowl under
the direction of a black man do you know
his name you probably don’t hoe ass
nigger but thank you I’ll give you a
clothes name is Doug first named Doug
Google that fuckwad def de Greve me so
he says nigga that sina and magnesium
not hatred gonna leave your ass running
like crazy PS let us know how your date
with the tranny goes hey girl I swear
I’ve never did a training in my life nor
will I ever but but I will say this I
can’t confirm this but I got somewhat of
a word that the tranny that I choked out
in 87 on 150 4th Street uptown Manhattan
may have transitioned back to being a
so I may not have to worry about that
but thank you yeah whoo yeah transition
back to being a man choked him right the
fuck out and kicked him in this and
decided to head over a grandma blow try
to play me out
firestarter what’s up man sends the
donations Luther fire started he’s a day
one this is the star I missed fuck
everything else this is the live and
direct days turn up you fucking wop
fucker okay he’s talking about reckless
about other cultures Trump 2020 let’s go
yeah oh yeah I didn’t even mention the
second topic holy shit is vaping really
bad for your health I know nothing about
vaping guys nothing and I’m not doing no
research tonight you call in you send in
a super tech – yeah I’ll read it
I don’t play doing shit tonight um but
Bush kid I don’t know how long you’ve
been with me but then you know in terms
of the show pause I think it was 2016 DJ
alias and I were doing the Star Chamber
and I was smoking an e-cig for like
three days on the show anybody remember
and then I fucking smoked um part me I
was smoking the ecig and then I was
drinking a cup of coffee holy shit that
I get sick I got sick so I’m just asking
the question because I know there’s
something going on now about vaping and
shit you read that shit in and then call
it in I’m on vacation tonight okay
anyway Bush kid says star vaping is not
bad for you it’s when you mix drugs with
it as a kid as a kid my sister put vicks
vapor rub and hot water and inhaled it
to clear my chest I don’t understand
what are you saying sir okay are you
saying that vicks vapor rub is similar
to vaping I’m confused
thank you for the earth cash up to so
every kill three three six good evening
good evening good evening three three
six no sir I do not who are you sir who
are you
kerala Carolina boy man college
strikethrough speaks man sir good night
I liked it yeah yeah I had to check a
bitch as I do half my age have you
checked the bitch lately oh yeah yeah my
famous bitch post on Instagram she say
if you ain’t paying a rent you ain’t
giving now no question how you fuck that
bitch fuck that bitch come on let’s go
there today let’s go in tonight yes I
feel okay okay they caught you lacking
in robbed you keep it real New York
niggas good for Robbin niggas ah no stop
I don’t know what type of niggas they
would I think there is some Buffalo
assault okay okay yeah I don’t need when
horror like let’s talk about checking
these hoes when’s the last time you
checked the hoe and how did you check
her man I think this beast the other day
man she asked me to bring this on you
eat yeah I said this don’t you work too
so you didn’t go nah man go
I don’t went Ida told her to save me a
hundred dollars cash at and then I would
have took you know fifteen dollars and
stop by Arby’s and keep the change
no change those to run a nigga let’s go
come on starchy when we go to Popeyes
are standing there long as Ilana that’s
300 bitch sent that cash up right now I
got you I’ll stand in line
nikasha but a chicken sandwich yeah
I’m just playing with you
hey so let me ask you a question our
algorithms based a biased part to be
biased against African Americans you
give a fuck yeah I believe so man you
know you said you said it’s like a white
man but don’t believe so you have black
half white right okay I think that’s
fair but in reality I’m I’m color
neutral you call a neutral Thank You Man
salut have a good night a quarterback
that’s gonna matter
Thank You Man thank you yeah oh yeah
folks I’m color neutral yeah Trump was
in Atlanta today in case you don’t know
the president and I wanted to just go
you know not to meet him because I don’t
know I nobody’s fuckin fan and I just
want him to protect my rights you know
he’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs we know this
but you know somebody like him who I’ve
you know grown up around in Scotch
Plains New Jersey I would give him the
benefit of the doubt before I give a
fucking liberal or some type of Democrat
you know a chance but I didn’t go I
didn’t go downtown it was too crazy
Hey ugh leave me full of hate on the
check and he says turn up Boss Hogg I
hate the algorithm yeah yeah appreciate
you man
dapper Dunlap on the check and he says
was this some Popeyes shootin dice while
wait okay you’re in Popeyes shooting
dice okay can you film that please send
me the link and was that a tranny or a
white woman that was body slammed
outside of one of those dumb Popeyes I
mean lookin a large anybody know what
I’m talking about
I’m up to speed
all the videos somebody’s in there
trying to spell Scotch Plains it’s
scotch sco TCH you dumb fuck what did
that happen the white okay yeah was that
hermaphrodite somebody got body slam
some type of bleached blonde would that
happen yeah that was crazy that was
have fun yeah I went to was that mall I
went to today Lennox is it Lennox Hill
or Lenox Mall was that thing called the
food court is poppin is it Lenox Mall or
let till I forget which one is I don’t
know just I put it in the GPS controlled
out there cuz it my said the trans
Atlanta all them niggas up in that mall
is fucking switching and Kiki in Lenox
Mall yeah I’m all over the place
yeah Lenox Mall traffic was crazy
hey uh is it maricar am I saying your
name right
she said storm once 6:31 well your sugar
look like you about that bag hold on a
second hey good evening is that Maurice
R I’m terrible how do I say your name
it’s a very nice-looking name hello I
said it’s Merrick or
Marisa fabulous viola Merrick our mamas
mean you know can you turn that down the
background please turn that down don’t
suck you hear you can I do
okay I’m actually on the road going to
Binghamton from Long Island you going to
school up in Binghamton was a really
nice school up there
now I have family up there okay okay so
what’s going on with you tonight I’m a
little extra I’m just I’m out there you
know had a shitty day I can tell I can
tell why it’s a bad day I didn’t really
get things accomplished you know I mean
I had a just I don’t know sometimes if
it doesn’t like pop on all cylinders and
I get weird I mean nothing really bad
happened just every day has to be
progress for me you know you always put
a bag yeah and then I had a bitch
talking slick half my age you know well
I’m not the one I’m still the same Oh
nigga from 1978 to samo nigga who don’t
give a fuck about a bitch you feel me I
do bitches I hear acting cute with
urinary tract infections not for me you
will address the topic is vaping really
bad for your health or our algorithms
bias against African Americans anything
well I think they thing is terrible bit
but you know what that’s each is own and
anything you put in your body as a bag
of this you don’t want to you know ruin
your body yeah we should treat your body
as a temple so why put anything in your
body so you don’t beep you don’t smoke
at all you don’t blow a little cushion
no did you ever pop any back in the days
no okay all right
what’s good to talk to you darling thank
you for checking on let’s get that
donation here right thanks have a good
night okay thank you darling yeah
somebody’s texting me what the fuck is
this about oh and also I think I need to
reiterate again folks my Instagram page
I please do not send me stories to my
Instagram DM I’m now those people who’s
always on the phone all goddamn day you
know checking Twitter Instagram that
ain’t me if I go to the Instagram DMS I
want to see a female you know trying to
holler and then we we have a
conversation I don’t want to you know
stories about Popeye and some most
stupid shit and I got some some silly
ass DJ who keeps sending mediums so I’m
gonna block your dumbass and block your
dumbass it’s going to area code 6 1 7
good evening I’m a little turnt up good
evening 6 1 7 yeah hey who’s this Mike
Fossum hey how are you you sent me a
donation the other night but I took too
long to get to the pole yeah yeah I’m in
I actually had been vaping for the past
three years I switched over from from
cigarettes I smoke cigarettes for about
ten years and I I couldn’t quit you know
I I tried everything you know I quit for
periods of time but I always went back
to it until vaping became available and
I was able to quit smoking completely so
so for me they you know it it was a
lifesaver you know I I was you know I
was gonna smoke until I died and I think
but but but but my perspective no as a
the time that I spent smoking cigarettes
it was very obvious that I was doing
damage to my body I could you know I
could feel like when I would run or I’d
walk upstairs and I would be there you
know your arteries were getting hard
yeah I was doing damage to me but when I
switched over to vaping
I never got any of those side effects
and you know I felt great I think it’s a
lot of hype you know you know behind all
of this
you know there’s this thing that’s going
around with the with the vaping and and
you know from what I’ve seen with what’s
been causing that been this this new
form of the thing where you know they
come in these little collards that are
flavored like you know what people you
know those are appealing to the second
because I saw a report recently that
said that they’re no longer targeting
you know young people with the ads
because the vaping ads of today are very
similar to the ads from the the 60s back
when all the big cigarette companies
Philip Morris and those guys were you
know promoting on television radio and
banners and the vaping edge uh correct
me if I’m wrong we’re going down the
same path but now they’ve pulled back on
targeting the younger demo yeah they’ve
gone further than that I mean it’s in
San Francisco for example they’ve
outlawed basing 100% you can’t fight any
nothing like all the shops are shut down
you know and they think well they cold
all you know related flavors or anything
that could be appealing to kids they
pulled it all from the shelves you know
so you can still get it at certain
places but what’s been happening is
these younger people have been getting
these flavors from you know third-party
sources who have tampered with the you
know the the liquid they’ve actually
added you know different drugs into it
you know it’s easily you know cannabis
oil and things like that
so once you start messing around with
that shit you know you can start Tet you
know you get they don’t kind of shit in
there that you should be putting in your
body and you drop something dead
yeah yeah I heard something about
cancer-causing agents and people being
poisoned over some type of fucking
vaping oils so so the bottom line is is
it really bad for your health
I guess you would say yes or in some
cases what I would say that you know it
hasn’t been around long enough for them
to really do anything get research on
what the long term effects are but you
know what what we’re seeing now is the
people that are dying now like you know
immediate you know the aftermath is
doing it they’re getting their third
party anything supplies that have been
tampered with that have been had create
a being true I’m but the stuff that
you’re getting directly from the
manufacturer you know that could be
doing would be you know so we need to
wait 15 years to then look back and say
hey you know it was really a clusterfuck
and six million people died but now we
understand what it’s about
we need a week but we fix the hive big
done just going off with what we know
now it seems to be 95 percent safer in
my case you know I was ready to take a
girl to happen a couple years ago Mike
how long were you smoking cigarettes
over 20 years 10 years were you smoking
menthol or were you smoking Lucky
Strikes and did you inhale hey Mike I
appreciate the call minute thank you for
your donation near the Knightmare salute
yo I smoked that fucking a cigarette
again years ago me and DJ Elias when I
was doing a Star Chamber sipping a cup
of coffee I got sick like I had never
been sick before a couple of people say
yo you can’t drink coffee when you’re
ecigs I said why the fuck not and that
was the last time I smoked in ecig I kid
you not
fuck that shit oh wait a minute
a shooting in Popeyes no wait a minute
hang on folks
a shooting listen man some I pulled out
the the cig or the Desert Eagle hold on
guys hold on I gotta see this shit let
me put this on mute so it doesn’t bleed
are there shooting dice niggas is wildin
who is this okay okay that was a
shooting damn shame here I’m looking for
a real shooting
jakers good evening he says for the
machine honk turn up big nigger so I’m
just doing me this is this is who I am
you know I mean I suppress it at times
I’ve learned how to harness my ego but
I’m the same fucknut from from 1992 you
know here to get the bag here to get the
bag but thank you for your donation
jack grieving so Jack says 8 7 oh let’s
get it okay where are you sir a man sent
in scroll of worry 8 7 oh hey what’s
going on Starbucks algorithm let’s go
man let’s go yep yeah fuck the
algorithms and usually you know you
pussyfoot around you tell us not to say
you know faggot or anything like that
everything’s going yeah well I’m going
to delete this file that after we finish
what a second can we address the topics
first one of these topics is vaping
really bad for health or are the
algorithms biased against
african-americans do you care yeah I was
just saying the only people that
actually died from vaping were yeah they
used to cut coke with vitamin E not me I
never cut cocoa beanie but go ahead
no I’m not saying no not you never start
no but they um they’d make the
cartridges and they’d cut it with
vitamin E in the the cannabis ones yeah
and that’s what was killing people not
not the you know just normal vaping is
just it’s like the same thing as chewing
nicotine gum it’s just as vegetable
glycerin nicotine and flavoring so it’s
when they say it’s not tested that’s
just a bunch of big tobacco bullshit
trying to get you to buy another pack
what do you cut your coke with just
curious oh I would never do that dark
come on keep it real man you just said
what some people cut the baby who shit
with you’ve never dabbled in coke no I
don’t know anything about that okay were
you calling from in what state
yeah the Arkansas okay okay
I appreciate coal man thank you much
salute thank you all right thank you
thank you okay all right he’s on the
chicken salute to an old friend um well
I can’t say we’re still friends I
haven’t seen this guy since Wow
88 black guy light-skinned big afro his
name was Eric and he used to come pick
me up can I can I just go back for a
second he used to come pick me up I
lived on 150 second Street between
Broadway and em stamp he would come pick
me up he lived in East Harlem and he
would always have a big boom box and he
would be blasting Black Sabbath and we
would get skied up in my apartment and
and then walk around well we would
actually walk uptown blasting Black
Sabbath Sabbath pardon me on a boombox I
wouldn’t be still alive he was a good
fucking guy pardon me I’m wrong
area code six one nine where are you
somebody’s sent to the donation hold on
a second
that guy Eric didn’t give a fuck
six one-hour are you there good evening
six one nine I’m doing City so how are
you I’m shitty today I’m doing City
today to marry on the same boat yeah you
want to check a bitch before we get
started come on check her home man check
her home I should jump out the women go
take know but no I think I think
algorithm is biased to be honest based
on you know it is man-made so
obviously you told me to do what you
wanted to do so I mean I wouldn’t tell
my expert in it but yeah I’ll take it by
how will you sir I’m 23
okay now at some point you’re gonna read
an article in it and then you’re gonna
you’re gonna believe it but right now
you know you you’re not too sure because
I’m a bi-racial you know I’m a bi-racial
guy so it doesn’t mean anything see but
at some point you’re gonna be the
article you goes oh shit now it’s real
now I know what we’re talking about
I don’t think I’ll just believe anything
nowadays definitely I’m gonna take my
research and make sure everything checks
out but but anything to do with machines
and computers is man-made so obviously
you can target a particular group to see
particular thing you know I’m there when
you wanna face you know they can target
you just to see one particular ad hey
you might ask yourself like why why I
keep seeing this ad is because it’s
targeted to you because of somebody else
behind the machine you know who’s able
to you know keep track of what you do or
arm on the web so obviously they can you
know they can be biased there until I
say you’ve seen Bernie Sanders in your
feed and you don’t want to see Bernie
Sanders in some of the targeting but
stay with me don’t rush there with me so
you’re in your early 20s are you in
college no I’m not in college I’m gonna
work though right now I’m just on
testing I’m working construction right
now okay well be careful believe in the
white man he’s the master of Technology
be careful okay I mean I’m over for me
okay push me um I’ll be all ready among
themselves with them and um okay the
white men already done with them is back
home like in terms of when you
you think about why Jesus I watch it is
a lot of me believe that that’s somebody
I really know not some describe someone
so yeah um and yeah I think your co-host
she said Africans on like African
Americans on much fun well so she’s not
here right now let you and I finish up
this conversation with United finished
your from Sudan you said yes Sudan yeah
now for the war zone man it’s ugly out
there you man I’m telling you man it’s
beautiful but there’s too much pollution
going on down there
you’re from this shithole I know you’re
from hitting a hang on a second I’m glad
I got you alone how’s the black man lose
everything on this planet religion
religion that’s number one religion
trust me if he believed let me ask you
hang on a second hang on a second how’s
the black man the original man lose
everything was he slipping or is whitey
that smart it’s one of the other I think
I think nothing lasts forever man but um
why do you got a little bit smarter he
put it like that so where they
outsmarted you huh keep it real what do
ya’ll smarted you yeah it works are you
mad at white people sir
many white people nah I wouldn’t be mad
at why he would be why not you should be
they took everything from you why not
why don’t you met you’re from Sudan
why aren’t you fuckin pissed I why
people yeah I do I do a whitey way and
took everything from you pimping out
your woman and your kids everything but
that’s not every white people and you
know you won’t get it back right you do
know that the white man will blow this
motherfucker off of the axe
this point lets you get it back you do
know that yes absolutely well thank you
thank you sir okay okay he figured it
am i doing too much let me look the lab
tech should I shut it down with my
Pellegrino hold on a second
ninja Lee said soft African judge why
aren’t you mad I’m furious
I’m furious my father told me boy take
everything you can from the Kraken and
start with his woman let me slow down he
made second hand music whoa
give me a second I’m flushing tomorrow
I’m gonna flush I get this stuff that’s
Satsuki some az6 recommended I’m gonna
be in a house all day
yep William Lester Turin told me they
take everything you can from white man
and never apologize and he said he said
Troy I’d rather see you in the
penitentiary rather than to apologize to
a white person for anything don’t you
ever apologize to white person I’ll live
with that
I’m grieving too uh Calvin 2 to 5 no 8th
know anything about Alexis Crawford from
ATL question mark r.i.p you can send me
a link sir or ma’am I may have ran
across the story but what is it you’re
trying to say do i I don’t feel like
googling well you know what you sent in
a donation hang on a second hang in a
you sent in some school while doing it
who are you talking about sir there’s so
much so much shit going on in ATL who
are you talking about Alexis Crawford
okay yeah yeah that’s very sad she was
found dead okay I did see that story
earlier yeah
college student a week after going
missing yeah thank you sir or ma’am for
your donation I did see the story but
I’m not fully fully up to speed
okay okay I pick up six one nine I did
mm-hmm tonight tonight’s file will be
deleted Gemini 12 nine says how much to
get number nine on the line tonight
listen he’s always welcome to call he’s
a good guy
don’t don’t get it fucked up about
people that I have brought through this
machine I promoted everybody helped
everybody push them out out the fucking
nest go get a bag bring me a bag back
why does it always got to be on storoe
stars you bring back so-and-so why I’m
55 years of age when some I win some I
don’t call me a co-star I
since your five hours for a cup of
coffee you help me teaching people about
the algorithm especially when I had star
in the morning
I didn’t take store in the morning down
to go to complex star in the morning had
reached its peak it’s Pig the numbers
went flat bring back oh it does this by
my goddamn self
number and I can call it but I want
number nine to get his own goddamn show
popping get his own platform up off the
ground talk the negative goddamn
blueprint fuck loud somebody sitting
here splitting donations with niggas go
get a bag
hang on fixing my dreamy started hey
Vanessa she says Puerto Rican from
Brooklyn why are you darling
okay look I like the glasses are shit
Thank You Vanessa
few donation
universelle one on the check-in
algorithms are based on John Nash’s game
theory okay okay
how long is the internet been in
existence how about how about that one
let me look the live chat
anybody know how long has the internet
been in existence holes you get talked
about strong needs to get some uh
Skywalker og to calm down
Nick I’m about to jump through the
fucking window by trying to calm down
I’m focused fuck ass nigga okay yeah
okay yeah the Internet’s been around for
decades but you won’t believe me you
need the white man to tell you if I tell
you you’ll be lying
white man tells you something now it’s
real slave minded ass nigga nine one
zero good evening good evening good
evening for two for good evening good
evening I want I want to talk about them
fucking huh what that’s it the baked
beans or whatever that bullshit come on
I hope there’s a thing I hope them fake
tears kill as many little white boy you
want that real shit let’s go nigga turn
up also I want to say that the white man
didn’t outsmart the black man yeah they
took all our it the only way they could
have took all our shit is when they
technology of the gun got better they
went been doing shit when they made some
little muskets but when they make when
they technology of gun got better that’s
when they was able to take everything
but they created the first weapon of
mass destruction outside of that the
white man wasn’t doing well ho created
gunpowder sir since you you know you’re
talking that time who created God I mean
it’s one thing to create gunpowder for
explosives and fireworks
there’s another thing to create the
actual gun right and you who created
gunpowder who said bang oh we can use
this who did that
that was the Gunpowder was in China in
Africa China China wasn’t respecting the
Chinese yes sir but they wasn’t using it
to kill motherfuckers they didn’t create
the gun see see that iron metal that
steel metal is that one is the it’s the
only resource that be in Europe that’s
worth anything okay how a half shit they
ain’t got shit them motherfuckers ain’t
smart they just saw more savage
motherfuckers were uncivilized and still
are civilized only someone’s civilized
for the fucking we’ll create a gun if I
was using a gun on their they were
creating me they was using a gun on
themselves at first we need a hundred of
you DeGeneres to line up over there we
want to test something out pow yeah if
somebody woke up and I give this one
smart motherfucker web whatever white
motherfucker is worth I give him this he
woke up this day hey we ain’t gotta kill
each other no more we could take over
the world with this weapon because we
the only motherfucker that guy tell me
about the Europeans that went over there
into Africa and showed Shaka Zulu and
his whole team showed him what that can
and do I mean I can and the motherfucker
winners just got Boeing arrow
we just have bow and arrows it rocks the
white man shows Shaka Zulu and his whole
team what that cannon do made him bow
down right wrong hey what the way right
or wrong right or wrong no he was right
but listen to this Oh with them with
them motherfuckers dude they dropped a
bomb they brought the guns to Africa
they dropped a bomb on them Asia yeah
yeah someone white motherfuckers a stick
they all didn’t think say this they wet
the read I got in my head nothing else
so why didn’t a black man create you
know the weapons of mass destruction why
what were you doing you too busy people
too busy fighting amongst each other
what happened civilized people don’t
create own weapons to kill people were
still alive
we’re doing other shit we’re building
the pyramids with fucking bitches we
tell them with line sir the aliens built
a pyramid stop it stop it
i’ma give it a last word come on finish
that please slow down did you vote for
Obama no did you vote for Obama is yes
in there did you both Obama yeah okay
thank you sir good night Obama was the
Pampa I respect his pan pan let’s not
get it fucked up my man give you shit
thank you for the coal sir thank you
good evening Juan Juan sends in a cash
yet he says what’s your favorite science
fiction movie again question mark one to
watch why so wait it probably wouldn’t
be something you’d like you know I’m old
I’m proud of my age I’m proud of my
generation my favorite science fiction
film is called silent running with Bruce
Dern you wouldn’t be into it unless you
you know a sci-fi you know head like
myself silent running Bruce Dern
1872 I think I’m not mistaken 173 I
figured hey is it Kaori hi Kaori star
have you been lifting waist with vadi
your son for the TV show
no daddy sent me a super chat a couple
of weeks ago he got divorced no I I go
to the gym on my own Kaori I’m getting
ready for you know some some projects
down here in Atlanta but um no daddy’s
uh he’s very brolic you know and I don’t
think he wants to do reality TV I set
him up with Eastern television and then
he he didn’t want to follow through but
thank you so much for your donation
Kaori okay alright hold on a second guys
black sheep 9 to 4 says Big Tobacco is
taking the hit in the pockets ok who are
you where are you
area code 3 4 7 hold on two five one
four is that a black sheep hello
9 2 4 good evening yes sir how you doing
I’m terrible how about yourself what’s
your network so I thought i calling chat
what you want one o’clock
yes but yeah big tobacco’s wasn’t a lot
of money so I think they use this whole
the the media to spread propaganda about
all vaping kills you more than tobacco
to go back to cigarettes they’re losing
money worldwide it’s on CNBC you can you
can look it up they’re losing money like
worldwide because anybody can make faith
like anybody like but big tobacco has a
lock on tobacco and just nobody smoking
it anymore are you smoking no I’m not a
smoker I do they CBD though that’s the
only thing and I do and that’s like real
help stuff so why should we take you
serious are you black white asian what
are you Hispanic where are you I’m black
from Brooklyn ok
and I mean I I need a source I don’t
really trust black people from Brooklyn
can you give me a source I’m telling you
what what is it articles about this CNBC
is a legit news source
okay bad buddy you should know I’m sorry
I’ll talk about this stuff oh yeah but I
mean I don’t know if I necessarily trust
you you said you’re black from Brooklyn
yes you’re sheisty nigger from a place
where you know cutting people’s throats
has been promoted for decades you I’m
one of the niggas that read be wary be
be fearful of me look as I read stuff
and I’m at work right now okay so where
do you work sewing what type of degree
do you have afraid of anyone so I don’t
have a degree I’ve been working in the
IT field for ten years I went to career
training for one year I graduated from
career training went right into the IT
field so I’m a dropout you do data entry
yes keep it real data entry that’s
you’re working late at night you’re
doing data entry no you’re at the
hospital with the walkie-talkie and you
do a building yes I was just helping a
guy out the guy that prints out all the
checks I was just helping a hand with
his computer his computer was breaking
nobody in the whole Hospital so I’m sure
I respectfully go back to school and get
a degree so you can move up in the
hospital right go back to school
Thank You Mia I appreciate the donation
yeah he’s up he’s doing the graveyard
shift at the hospital yeah
hang on a second I’m gonna take this
stuff magnesium citrate and I’m gonna
take half of this pill Sena is it sent a
laxative I’m taking half of this and
flush tomorrow how are we doing in the
live chat you guys all right remember
make sure you shit on the callers nobody
gets any fucking slack tonight get Adam
black races good evening sir he says so
you believe in et but you don’t believe
in God you piece of shit I hope he comes
and sticks a probe up your ass it would
probably make you a better person
no I don’t believe in aliens I just said
that to that guy to see what you know
what he would say no I believe in what
it is that I see here on the
metaphysically given do I think there’s
a possibility of aliens I don’t know I
would love to find out I’m dying to know
literally dying to know
but um yeah hold on guys put my phone on
vibrate somebody somebody’s violating
here oh she’s been watching the show she
said your mouth is reckless for an older
man that’s right bitch and you got me
confused at somebody who takes you
serious turn it down
Sagi nacho supreme says I’m turned up
tonight of that firewater
aka tequila okay where’s menthol Ronnie
I empty her ashtray for free and buy her
a chicken sandwich
giggles Ronnie’s uh she was helping me
out earlier but she had to UM handle
some other business but thank you for
your donation SGS on the check and says
of course the white man outsmarted us
just look at just look at what they’ve
done with weed locked niggas up for it
now it’s legal I’m just rambling I don’t
know anything I’m scrambling Kotter
hates everything the vape dummies can’t
be serious and yes I’m a I’m in a fucked
up mood to area code nine one seven hang
on a second are you the Cottagers
everything Potter Toulouse Jason the bag
same old story nothing change say most
or how are you sir oh yeah yeah we are
rare form this is what other ways so bro
this is what I’ve been waiting for you
know you remember I mean I sent their
super chance before you blacked out on
me and on me I’m your comic guy um even
though you know to come and sit there
slow down a little bit so I am
descending onto you cuz donation tonight
so I’m fuckin with you let’s go my
niggas poppin bro the fame deuces
dummies man like like like like the vape
people like the way I look at the vapor
situation and the vape culture is this
is almost like you throw something out
there you say all right this is the cool
thing to do and then everybody jumps on
it without question without looking into
the facts without even thinking
is this gonna hurt you know I’m saying
like and they jumped in on it so now
when all these the statistics start
coming out saying that these things is
happening to the people who are inhaling
these vases which is something that most
when you question them they don’t even
know what the ingredients is they just
say all bro just good for you justjust
just go ahead you know and go into it so
it’s there’s no surprise that this is
happening now let me ask you a question
do they make these vaping oils in China
because China doesn’t give a frock China
sends a fake rice over here
fake eggs yeah it must be like a decade
ago I was given a story and there’s
there’s plastic rice that they’re
incorporated in the rice that comes over
here in America
rice up in the Chinese restaurants you
know this yes yo Scott yes absolutely
and think about it that is a form of
biological warfare let’s keep it above
tonight dude can I can I say shit oh my
shit the fucked-up moves at this morning
so let’s really get it that’s a form of
biological warfare but in these dummies
they fall into anything that’s given to
him so yes they buy a cheaper because
remember when the vapors when the fake
culture first started it was super
expensive there’s almost like like 200
to 500 dollars for one a little big
machines because I’d be on periscope and
all of them for like last three to five
years everybody would be on the scope
papers Abe is a been talking about how
to faith is like the new ways so for us
as far as like well you know for them
black folks we can’t do a little for din
of buying all that extra expensive shit
so what we do we go to the cheapest
source you see I’m saying now they get
the cheaper source which is China Taiwan
Thailand Thai everything they’ve shown
you any and everything but these dummies
because it’s the ways they just jump on
didn’t go away you know the Chinese are
about that bag that’s why when you go
in the Chinese restaurant today whereas
before they wouldn’t give you a credit
if you’re 35 cent short on some our
chicken wings and poor for our rice they
say okay you pay tomorrow
you pay tomorrow because of yeah in
reality you’re eating dirty poultry and
plastic right so you pay tomorrow so you
eat new your pigeon let’s keep it
applause market eliminated all of the
hood cats in the woods because remember
we grew up there was word cat yeah don’t
see him no more
remember there was stray dog you don’t
see him no more
the pigeon walk remember there was a
viral video that showed the age of chick
bag of pigeons in the park right let’s
keep it apart I don’t want to get too
crazy but have you seen some of the
videos whether um they take the rat out
of the fucking cage and slam it on the
ground to stun it and then they chop off
the legs and the tail strip it and throw
in the pot dog yo star I will keep it a
thousand with you niggas don’t do too
much good night folks the show’s over I
posted a video of me with a fucking rat
in my Chinese food boom I was ready to
go over there burn down the whole
goddamn spot B yeah like like it was
well and I bit it I ate out of the
fucking rice and the shit was in the
rice looking crazy and I took this shit
out like yo what is this yeah and laid
it out like you know Lord yeah it and
now listen sir before I let you go I’m
gonna take more calls I appreciate
appreciate your donation um you know do
you want to check a bitch before you go
that we’re checking these hoes night no
yeah come on man check them all cuz like
look you know G shit man if the chick
didn’t know you was a G when she saw you
coming then she’s supposed to kick rocks
brother she already knew what that was
she saw you coming bro she knows now I
just blocked her Thank You Man thank for
the call absolutely
Thank You Man okay so Lou yeah eylem
blocker on Sunday
after after I flushed I can’t do that
with it tomorrow anyway uh hold on a
second guys who don’t too much I’m doing
too much I never even read the fucking
article there it is for those of you who
need to hear from a white person the
algorithms that detect hate speech
online are biased against black people
there’s the source box okay so save all
that Oh
extra shit you be telling me yo you
paranoid yo what happened to my comment
okay I read SGS I’m come to come to cook
I’m coming through the phone line it’s
give me a second full blast radio hey
that’s the home he says today is the
eighth anniversary of the passing of
legend Heavy D check out my tribute on
my youtube channel and fuck that shitty
number one fuck that shitty one-in-eight
redskins hat LOL yeah man got this
motherfucker today man up at the Lenox
Mall man I was up in there stuntin
HoloNet these young hoes man yes I was
downstairs there in the food court one
of them little girl she had the UH the
toothpicks and give out the samples in
the food
I think thank you a full blast Rita yeah
folks go to full blast radio calm that’s
the homie DJ Tiger all the tributes boom
bap hip-hop classics b-sides full blast
radio calm Thank You man salute blade on
the check and he says just tuned in shit
is lit tonight nigga and star was taping
okay for his Jew masters with that six
million died from vaping comment you
ain’t slick nigga oh listen
I have no masters I have none I’m a
businessman I do business with every and
anybody the devil knows its own okay I
have no masters I’m the master don’t get
it fucked up but thank you for you
donation okay baby soup soup says uh
okay so part of me part me okay let me
slow down guys I’m doing too much here
so whoop sent in a donation where’s
Ronnie tonight she’s an expert on
tobacco related products she’s light
skinned but but her insides look like a
con oh shit that was that was crazy
thank you sue sue also says New York
niggas slow grind to DMX song slippin
sue boop also sent in a donation saying
New York chicks pull out a black or a
pink do-rag for the gender-reveal okay
folks I’m taking my time with these
super chats because people are typing
fast I struggle with Ebonics just spare
with me okay but thank you sue the
Thunder sound says via super jet Habiba
in the back of the gas station cutting
the vape liquid with vitamin E oil
giving people popcorn ceiling lungs Wow
I would believe that I would believe
that what is that shit they used to cut
coke with back in the days was it uh oh
man who was that shit cold some type of
vitamin B something I don’t know I
wasn’t a drug dealer I tried like you
know just I did stupid shit because I
sniffed fish-scale I don’t like to talk
about that but
I had a buddy of mine and uh and I’m
sure some of you had friends as well
they used to take ivory soap with a
razor blade and and chop it up and put
it in those Scarface bottles you know go
down to midtown Manhattan go down to
midtown Manhattan down by Madison Square
Garden if there were concerts and you
would sell little ivory soap and fucking
crack bottles God forgive me for telling
you that there is no god but God forgive
me the game is rigged sends in a
donation star dougie fresh was was the
Redskins quarterback turn up that’s what
we’re here for her fuck the half central
star Wow hashtag respect my Lincoln yeah
it wasn’t dougie fresh you guys know who
won the fucking Super Bowl black
quarterback for the Redskins let me see
if they know come on put some respect on
his on his name he was older in his
career and he won that motherfucker come
on him a we own you Doug what Redskins
huh ah okay yeah Doug Williams act like
you know he used to play with the Tampa
Bay Buccaneers
yeah they all counted him out Doug
Williams he wasn’t up he won the big one
I think it was college he went to
somebody says ivory ivory soap what the
fuck yeah what’s me niggas had to get it
back in 80s I’m sorry niggas had to get
it it’s got it phone lines every coat um
nine one zero
good evening nine one zero I’m talking
about the algorithm being biased against
black people what are your thoughts look
oh hello reading how are you doing I’m
good I’m good in yourself I’m sitting
how are you yeah African nothing much
but Africans really don’t like us period
come on I’m from Jersey okay so
basically the just from getting calves
getting your hair braided so on and so
forth they what speaks he speak about
you in their language and you know call
you all kinds of akkad –is various
different types of niggas and here
languaging you know yeah okay how old
are you you call from Jersey my home
state how old are you and what part of
Jersey let’s take a slope I’m 42 okay
okay okay so your experiences with
people from the motherland have not been
good right no okay my children might you
be a descendant of slave traders and not
necessarily Atos yes
we can’t hate the Africans for being
business people once upon a time listen
we have we got we got a too many people
here in this continent you know I mean I
know that sounds kind of fucked up but
you know they were trading and selling
right but now that Atos has this
movement now we want to be words in a
phobic where were the ones we all date
we all deserve reparations no you didn’t
come get us you traded this you sold us
period so you don’t you don’t get to be
included in that conversation that’s
this period are you a do s you a TOS yes
I am okay yes my father’s side is
descendant of sharecroppers farmers my
father fought in the wharf anybody’s
getting a check ID I’m I’m getting
checked too but if we’re talking about
Africans I mean it’s a very layered
large conversation I mean I will you
don’t hate the player hate the game you
know no I that’s understandable but I’m
speaking about the Africans who are here
in the states who are basically you know
second generation Africans who’s right
like I’m here too and we desert how do
you deserve reparations what where’s
your lineage that you deserve American
reparations you deserve reparations from
the country in which colonized you right
what do you call it African if you’ve
got a problem with one of them I don’t
have a word yeah I don’t have a casa
whatever you call them copper but be
ready to fight when you say it what does
that mean exactly I don’t I don’t break
it down but just say copper copper can
you can you fill up my give me a ride or
so just consular and as far as your
algorithms are concerned you sent me to
all the summer jams I ever went to oh
yeah I want Achatz from you yeah because
I’m I’m that chick that you made up to
720 login for basically you put us in a
little holding areas but I was a tick
that was always calling first and then
you made up this little area in which
you started putting you guys hit today
and you’ve started putting people on
hold I’m like well hang on a second
because most most of my audience is
younger they don’t know what you’re
talking about
nor do they give a shit they don’t give
a fuck about you talking about 97
tickets that all radiation and winning
tickets to Summer Jam yes yes yes that
was a scam and that’s not a legend that
was a scam if you called the radio
station and you were screaming
did I win get it win we said yeah you
won and then you scream right you
screamed no I actually didn’t scream
baby baby this me you didn’t get tickets
to me unless you scream like an animal
if you were acting sleepy inside I did
you know I performed a little bit like
we were looking for the monkeys no
disrespect if you if you call that
station and you said did I win something
hell no you’re calling number 12 but if
you called in and said did I win and you
will call it number 3 I would say you’re
calling 97 you’re going to summer jam
and then you screamed again right
more than likely yeah 20 yeah that’s
good but hey I was a part of this game
and a diver hated the good seat there
you go they go I appreciate a call in
dogs good night thank you so much all
right get that donation here all right
put some respect on my fucking name okay
pardon me folks I’m just I gave her
tickets did she send it a donation
that’s a scam folks it’s not a legit
move sit down push the buttons your
calling number 12 what’s call are you
don’t call number 8 no you didn’t win
we scream you scream you’re gonna summon
Jim flipmode squad coming to summer jam
who else a day unit knows 112 Faith
Evans call us right now okay okay
Oh who’s they sending a donation I’ll
break a bitch Marvel have announced
their newest superhero team
one consisting entirely of trans women
the x-men okay really can someone send
me a link via email please an entire
trans woman superhero team your your
serious Judas potion black racist
gleaning story since the don’t donation
box is full of shit i watch mad white
youtubers mostly car guys and they’ve
been crying for months about being
demonetized for cursing and other things
okay i’m showing you the article i’m
asking you know i’m asking you or
algorithms biased against
african-americans because if i say they
are you won’t believe me as you said you
watch mad white youtubers and i bet you
when you go into those white youtubers
comments sections or the live chat
you’re on your best behavior your best
behavior but thank you for your donation
Topa hate hope a sends in a cash yet
five years from now where is this
society at question mark i’ve no idea if
there’s still a planet you know i mean
at some well this is gonna be according
to scientists millions of years from now
the sun’s going to you know what let me
let me not do that tonight
mmm i mean i do that anyway thank you
for your donation let me just let me
pull it back in extra shit you wouldn’t
believe me anyway if i told you about
the process of convection and the
nuclear explosions inside the sun and
how long it takes those explosions to
reach the surface the liquid you and
believe me you won’t believe me the
process of convection but why a person
told you you believe it thank you for
your donation though
hey Stacy gloor internet algorithms
equal control hashtag modern-day slavery
hashtag I’ll send in a cash app aka
scroll at any time for the foolishness
Thank You Stacy galore thank you thank
hey there you go Stacy glow she sent
into Casa thank you so much Stacy yeah
algorithms equal control hashtag
modern-day slavery yeah okay
Oh talking reckless as you should be
come on turn up in there turn up in
oh wait women we got a reading nigger
some somebody talk about when the sun’s
gonna burn out who is that who is that
oh we got a reading nigger in the live
chat a read nigger would you care to
tell us about the Kuiper belt read
nigger huh I’m gonna have bullshit
tonight the Kuiper belt please so two
area code a three to gleaming I’m turnt
up on the dumb shit let’s get to
checking these hoes come on man I got a
good on these come on let’s go I’m like
I gotta give peace of this I’m like this
is what I’m talking black right let’s go
Houston yeah
are you barely I checked the 28 year old
bitch today check the hard – you know
what I think that’s what I think she
needs to get that laughing like come on
now bitch you know don’t give me close
this bitch said the wrong thing Jimmy’s
something something about the other
front and a front end alignment on the
good call you bum a spa the bitch call
call your auntie you better get up on
and don’t search in her say he get you
back no she got me she got it straight
now no now she’s clear now nothing to
talk about right yeah man I got shit to
do I’ve been talking shit all day
okay but I was like man I know there’s
been specific I got nervous that bitch
my got you fucked up she talked about
that before she you made money she
didn’t get me pissed off it’s just you
know she I don’t like when somebody like
you know reads me wrong you know you
know I got down British it breaks they
shit on our car goddamn my wife don’t
you max me no shit like this what if you
ask me it sounds like it sounds like the
fuckin it sounds like the pads ran down
and are digging into the rotors you
gotta get the brake plan done and the
rotors you go still pose this afford to
sound like one of the calipers fucked up
I do one boo-boo I do indeed
is that hurt as fucked up our canvas is
this she got you fuck my wife go do you
beg me for no shit like this is like God
don’t know if you can’t get to me hmm
what the fuck do I have what what the
boy and the alignment is fucked up
because the rims are bent or one of the
rims has been the rim is bent bitch
because you’re texting and driving and
you you running over up bottles
slow down bitch bitch be speaking with
you see a pot in there the bitch bitch
please go some some pussy please please
go turn the date and turn the trigger
please bitch I don’t don’t kill me –
yeah like whatever this car with you got
any new music coming out what’s going on
with you man if you want to promote oh
man I got it I got a whole bunch of new
music coming in but it’s just a point of
I had to find like live people to play
the live instruments you thought out
bush and when I was emailing you about
playing bass guitar own shit and I be
sending you shit that I would like man
if you can fuck with their own bass
guitar and shit he’s not listen I can
still play the bass guitar band plan for
a lot of years back
I don’t really have time for that right
now you’re feeling I’m doing a whole lot
different shit man you know ya know I’m
talking about in your leisure that’s why
I thing you certain songs I’m like
whenever you get around to it I don’t
have no leisure time Houston I don’t
have to leave your time
oh listen when I get in that bed I pass
out within two minutes from exhaustion
hey kids
they have my got their away cuz I got my
steak he got their of your wheel but
y’all need to stay out the way baby
get out the way I work hard on it in
this wheel bike God with the bullet ear
but I would get out the foe but it was
good you don’t see Malcolm to you very
soupy already but yes okay he’s doing
the check-in well he had a hot ass track
got me a gun and I’m riding around with
it he’s out of Houston Texas
you guys remember Houston let me looking
live-chat got me a gun and I’m riding
around with it oh that was the shit we
used to play that uh me and TJ Elias
okay all right folks I’m gonna shut it
down soon I think I’m gonna start
drinking this tonight magnesium citrate
and then take should I take half the
pill or a whole pill with the magnesium
what do you think anything okay okay
okay Frank Ross says take half a pill oh
gee Bobby said take two pills nigga you
oh ho check and sugar daddy thank you
for the donation the Sun burned out
years ago the current Sun is just a
hologram slaves are prisoners of war
they were ambushed and then came Popeyes
okay suckish okay thank you
who’s this crazy that’s crazy thank you
thank you who is this here something
about the basement and it okay Chrissy
hey Chrissy thank you darling
thank you for your donation you know
she’s she’s looking for sugar daddy no
baby I ain’t ain’t one for that I’m
gonna fuck about your bills boo boo I
can show you how to get the bag though
but I would never pay your bills no
niggers okay I got there I think I’ve
got all the super chests let me just
double check hang on guys
full blast radial blade black sheet 924
the game is rigged so whoa did I get def
D ya got def D the game is rigged hold
on fire starter fire started thank you
man good to see you
transcendent music did I miss this one
hold on a second transcendent music
maybe you should fight a censorship war
the Illuminati is cracking down on your
business while you’re smashing broads
and twig slides let’s go nigga Thank You
transcendent music did I reach a will
501 a star since you’re blacking out
tell us your top 5 quotes from your
lol none no no let’s not do that let’s
not do that
but thank you for your donation hmm
that’s different time you know I think a
lot of people’s grandparents parents
uncles and auntie’s have said things at
different points in society that were
acceptable shall we say but by today’s
standards they would be insensitive you
know I love my father and I would never
you know denounce anything he said it’s
what he said you know and most of the
times you’ve heard me say this before I
would just say copy copy bill I called
them bill copy yeah and I said copy
because I watched those shows adam-12
Hawaii five-o beretta Barnaby Jones dan
August you know that’s what the cop said
copy copy meaning gotcha
the Thunder sound maybe that one star
the algorithms are worked on by non
blacks but they are always updated based
upon how blacks use the technology oh
he’s absolutely right if you ask me
decentralized web 2.0 coming what do I
know you know I’m just a dumb dropout
but thank you for your donation there be
this one that’s amazing my parents were
I think I did beat as kids okay and how
low yeah I bet all that stuff okay it’s
what I make sure to miss anything hang
on said guys we shut it down mm blade
says what the fuck is all this crying
over vaping and opioid deaths question
mark when niggas was dropping like flies
from crack they say just say no frock
out of here he’s talking about Nancy
Reagan that was her campaign just say no
the former first lady to Ronald Reagan
great president he was ah ah did I get
money during the Reagan administration
and if you didn’t get money during the
Reagan administration it wasn’t meant to
be that was my guy Reagan I’m sorry I’m
DJ guy be on the check hey was poppin
Gabi hold on a second Gabi just sent me
a flyer are this Sunday 8:00 p.m. Gerald
Kelly oh that’s my homie from back in
the days good guy jor-el Kelly comedian
November the 10th where is this Gabi is
real steel real steel sports bar and
who is the address Gabi I don’t see the
address on the goddamn flier is it me
hey listen guys still real comedy show
presents Gerald Kelly LA
five November the 10th $7.99 real steel
bar and grill was the goddamn address
Gabby horn said guys that’s all me Gabby
what’s the address
am I supposed to Google the fucking
address mm okay uh Sal G 102 he says
shake that beat her son on video cops
took all five kids yeah I heard about
yeah well the some type of agency they
took her kids who’s that story out of
what was that I wasn’t named in text the
town in Texas hanging the same guys at
least at least she said star better calm
down no boo-boo this is me this this is
me just saw some regular shit you know
yeah so that so they took the kids as
they should you know
yeah Beaumont Beaumont Texas you know
you all that barking and wolf in you
hear me talking to the kid yeah all that
a pocket crazy you know yet it took all
the kids as they should as they should
yeah she probably wanted em bitch down
girl fault
uncle fuck take them she probably want
it like that no second
hey baby who was this witness somebody
Kimberly hey darling she says we spoke
via Facebook okay thank you darling
thank you so much yeah I went in and
checked my facebook page for the first
time in like weeks maybe even a month
that’s a messages from these old niggas
man these old dusty niggas you know
all niggas telling yo yo yo do you mind
if I tell people about what we did in 86
nigga I don’t know you and I say that to
the white boys too nigga I don’t know
you or them Italian boys be snitching
heavy don’t don’t ever think it’s just
black males that are snitching the
metallian boys from back in the days
tell it tellin how do I say this name is
it a datin dai n Danton put respect on
them super chats and stop mumbling well
sir can you please you know use use the
King’s English you know I went to
private schools and public schools well
but yeah I struggle with Ebonics you
know a lot of people you you have this
thing where you you instead of saying
for you know like like the number four
you’ll just put it’s different it’s
different you know I’ll just say that
it’s too too complicated too right now
hey anyway listen guys um I’m a call
tonight thank you for joining me hope
that you are have a shitty evening
whatever’s left of it I had a shitty day
let me get some closing batteries up
here let’s look to the homie Skyler
Saunders and let me get my first sponsor
up here triple butter dot-com and then
the homie right here hole in a second
full blast radio hold on Blue Label
multimedia always on the check in the
day one hold on
and I’m gonna put Ronnie’s banner on the
screen as well for those of you who keep
saying what does Ronnie look like please
pay attention to the fucking banner
right there for God’s sakes all right
good night I’ll see you Sunday
not tomorrow Sunday take care

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