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Error pointed out!… New Holden made in Germany, not China, as was earlier stated in 2017. However, we have still lost the Australian car factories…

When your government sells you out, start to question who really owns your government. Who do they really serve? do they serve a foreign private bank? does your government derive from a foreign district? … Vigilance is the only remedy. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

there it is
new Chinese made
Holden Commodore this is what the
Australian government wondered
it’s the new UN policy to have all the
manufacturing done in one section of the
and mining in another section probably
farming in another section but what it
does is it makes each country dependent
on each other because if one country was
self-sufficient it wouldn’t depend on
the other countries
so the Australian government to follow
the UN treaties the UN Agenda and
destroy all manufacturing in Australia
in order to serve its masters Australian
Bank the Australian Federal Reserve
belongs to the Rothschilds you just go
onto the internet and our search
Rothschild banks and the US Federal
Reserve comes up as one of them the
Commonwealth while the Australian
Federal Reserve which controls all the
banks in Australia it’s owned by just a
private company that’s the UN just a
private company and that’s what we’ve
we’ve sold out australian-made hold him
sure is a nice car for no reason and we
gave our work to China the manufacturing
base and our farmers are next they’ll be
chucked off the land because they
in the road of the morning
so they’re the next to go so that means
that our government is just the
Rothschild family a private foreign
company someone that lives in France is
controlling Australia calling itself the
Kemal to Australia when that’s just a
lie and the outcome of those lies is the
destruction of the self-sufficiency of
without make our own cars we won’t make
our own things their own refrigerators
how are white goods soon we won’t even
be farming and that’s the agenda to
destroy our nation through a quiet
system a quiet war and this is the
result of it
you see I don’t think people give a shit
anymore I just want the car they don’t
care who makes it I want everything but
down the track
you’ll get it
it’s a shine

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