Slim 400 & CREW were HEAVILY DISRESPECTED by Adam22 "I was the ONLY Gangsta There"


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this is found real talk
I don’t know about those other channels
all I know is that this channel right
here runs 24 hours a day seven days a
week that’s all I’m saying
right now the mind you have to do it
down 24 hours a day
rappers slim 400 who was recently shot
nine times I’m not sure about the 9 to
12 times you got shot and heat the mags
respect in the street and nobody’s
giving it to him last night
slim 400 got disrespected not once but
twice found slim 400 thought it would be
a great idea to try to get some thug
points some street cred off of Adam 22
so he called the battle 22 he’s like
your dog takes a party going down right
now I mean I’m saying he’s only gonna be
gangsters there nobody there’s gonna be
banging on people banging on the
Oh attention bodies on people you know
I’m saying told Adam 22 he’s like all
right cool
he’s gonna go to the party without a
gangster’s pinkies up all of that he
goes to the party
400 takes a picture with I’m 22 and
uploads it to his Instagram page now
this is where it gets really grinding
and slimy slim 400 try to get some gun
points in the street pro vise pumpkin on
Adam 22 in the caption by saying you’re
Adam 22 this must have been your first
gangster party ever and I’m saying thugs
in the building I know is your first
time dawg it’s all good it’s your first
time 22 responded right away to let
everybody know that slim 400 and I’m
saying this whole crew your bootleg bro
banging on people banging on the
keyboards on Adam 22 responded right
away and said Oh for real slim gangster
party thugs
that’s funny because I thought that I
was the only gangster in the building
slim 400 you continue to get punked off
bro you’ll end our little Reese y’all
are the same yo go get a job nobody
respects your gangster I’m saying hang
up the tower bro hang up the rabbit bro
the second time since 400 got Punk’d off
in the same day and I said the mouse was
in California doing this thing in a
Magnum rolled up bottom like yeah we’re
not done which was good yg know what a
Melrose right
I just write to a person watching you
watching you watching you
I might know my nigga slim like oh
what’s up slim 400 yeah boy stop it by
looking you know my name looking for any
real toxins nobody knows who you are bro
so first somebody to think that you are
yg yo that’s a good thing from nobody
knows who sent 400 is that’s like
somebody coming up to me saying yo what
up dawg
yo DJ good DJ and you don’t want to miss
duster 400 get dug points for trying to
Punk off item 22
looks like you looks like soon 400 count
fuck off anybody

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