Should Grandparents Be Babysitting?


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what’s up family I just watched a video
of a woman having a discussion with a
couple of women who I’m presuming to be
her daughters one was on screen one was
off there were two infant children
sleeping there by who I think were her
grandchildren now the woman said that
the new generation the Millennials got
at all effed up because I became a
grandparent does not automatically make
me a babysitter or daycare true
grandparents are supposed to raise their
children right so that when they start
having kids they can financially provide
for their own children and secure that
daycare so that they can go to work so
they can go out or anything else
grandparents are supposed to send for
kids she said that it is not the other
way around you don’t just send your kids
to the grandparents she also said that
if there’s a situation where the mother
and the father are no longer together
then you have the kids during the week
the father takes the kids on the
weekends well y’all think about that
does having children automatically make
your parents the grandparents
babysitter’s here’s what I think about
that I can agree with some of the things
that the grandmother said because and
it’s based on conditions for me it
depends on if the parents are
parents enough or if the parents are
just trying to have a good time
and don’t want to be bothered with their
children because that adage about it
takes a village to raise a child could
not be true especially today you need to
support a family to raise these kids
properly I know we got off track but
some people started getting a big head
thinking I got this only nobody I need
no help I got this I’m do it all by
myself you cannot possibly be with those
kids all alone all the time
impossible so maybe you let allow some
strangers to keep your children and you
just want to be able to say my parents
and none of my family members help me at
but you cannot possibly be with those
kids 24 hours a day
now the grandmother also attributed this
mentality whereas the grandparents are
automatically the babysitter to the
dysfunction of the black family I really
don’t think this is exclusive to black
parenting this is a United States of
America thing
I personally believe that Americans the
whole American family is dysfunctional
because you know you can go to certain
parts of the world like India and Asia
and it’s automatic that grandparents and
cousins and uncles and stuff like that
and aunts
everybody kind of look out to each other
this really is a village many of these
communities you have you know three four
five families living under one roof
and they make it work and they don’t be
going through all those divorces and all
that kind of stuff they make it work
now of course anybody can always say
well you know that some pros and some
cons to it and you know I ain’t gonna
get into all of that but I will say that
Americans have a propensity to throw
away their elderly and envy you you know
we love shooting the kids to the day
cares to these strangers you know like
and sometimes that might be an option
but then other times it may not be
because we’re so conditioned to not look
out teeth after each other like we used
to so the daycares getting all the money
and the daycare is in the mage and all
these type of people are raising our
children so we’re making more money but
we have a wider disconnect because we’re
not raising our own children a lot of
these kids are growing up with
behavioral issues because they’re mad at
their parents because they don’t see
them parents are always working and you
know it’s it’s a it’s a kiss it’s a
catch-22 thing going on because you know
you got to get the back you know you got
to know the kids want these nice things
and everybody won’t live in a nice house
and everybody nice car you buy more nice
stuff but yes I might I gotta go ahead
and work for it I think that if if we
had a better mentality about you know
working together using our support
system our family support system and we
were closer like that I think we’d be
better off my kids used to stay with
their grandmother at times and sometimes
with their their I who was their
grandmother’s sister they were really
the only ones that we trusted but when
they would stay they would know stand
with them like for days at a time
if we went out somewhere we went and got
our kids the same night there was no
stand overnight we never allowed myself
to get lazy like that because we loved
being around our kids their grandmother
never had a problem with it they are
never have Hollywood they love them but
we love them more I said so we just love
being around our kids and we took them
everywhere all the vacations they went
on every single vacation we ever went on
like we do just leave them at the house
they couldn’t go we didn’t go you know
so I think it boils down to whether or
not these parents are responsible or
irresponsible if the parent is
irresponsible that is a very big
difference that because this is the
parent that don’t want nothing to do
with the kid just dropping the kids off
baby gone kids don’t see their mom my
daddy for for for days and weeks
sometimes even months they just they
Papa my problem popping popping popping
dropping you know so there’s a big
difference between the irresponsible
parent who will drop their kids off
because they don’t want nothing to do
with them and that parent who will call
on the grandparents to step in from time
to time and babysit and allow them to
have a break or take care of business
when things get hectic but what say you
going back to the original question does
a parent having a baby automatically
make their parents babysitter’s drop a
comment no more talk

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