She Wasn't Allowed To Take Photos At School Because Of Red Weave! But Is This School Policy RAYCIST?


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nope you’re telling an eight-year-old
how pretty she is but you’re gonna have
a bunch of Negroes keep on making videos
he said that bad baby got big titties
what’d she do I think one fucking she’s
16 I’m gonna fuck how old she is I just
looked at the girl and said wow this
girl’s got big breasts that doesn’t make
me anything except observant jackass so
I was wrong for saying a girl who going
around cussing and talking shit all damn
day and it’s in the media all the damn
time got big titties but it’s okay the
job go around and photo shoot and
lipstick an eight-year-old talking about
some how fine she about how beautiful
she is yeah we don’t want to talk about
her intelligence nope
she pretty and for this third grader
that means the world they said she had
breast implant well oh are you able to
get breast implants at 16 why didn’t I
know that I thought you had I didn’t
know you could do that at 16 right this
is JonBenet Ramsey how many of you guys
saw that JonBenet Ramsey photo shooting
was disturbed
the one picture that sticks out in my
mind is the one of JonBenet Ramsay in
the arm and like a like a Joan Collins
tight top and she’s holding it like this
with a head full of a face full of
makeup red lipstick and her hair started
out and I immediately looked at that and
said that’s inappropriate
that’s a kid who fell puts that picture
up on their on their mantle this is a
child what were you doing this for why I
don’t know but for this third grader
being told by strangers online that
she’s pretty means the world let me tell
you what you guys are doing they’re
setting up pedophiles to be able to get
this young girl’s attention tell me am i
lying tell me if this is a stretch or
tell me if that’s the truth you guys can
comment am i lying is a stretch or is
that the truth see cuz if you convince
this girl that strangers on the Internet
telling her she looked good is going to
help her with our confidence when she
gets 11 or 12 and a little bit of rest
of stuff and saw her body starts to
change a little bit and the grown men
who are in the comment section or
getting her a DM tell her how pretty she
is she’s seeking this attention now
because as it states on the screen and
for a third grader that means the world
so y’all got to pay attention to the
wording see they’re setting up this
pedophile compare the pedophilia and the
cameraman is doing this let’s say it
again and for a third grader that means
the world so the opinion of people who
you’ve never met on the Internet
means the world to you so now you don’t
seek the attention from people around
you now you seek it from this grown man
who took the pictures
from the grown man who published the
pictures from the grown man who read all
this you’re taking it to where she now
starts to feel like grown men finding me
attractive means the world up lift
so guys going around telling black women
all the time how pretty they are is the
era we live in now that’s the era we
live in let’s read what it says and then
I gotta go when eight year old Marion
scott was turned away in her school’s
picture day she was devastated Scott a
third grader at Paragon Charter Academy
in Michigan was told her red extensions
violated a school policy which first
reported on her school story back in
October the girl’s father named Doug
Scott was outraged that the school
didn’t contact the family about Marion’s
hair this is uncalled for they didn’t
even call us he told WIIL xtv
Marian didn’t leave the house go down
the street and go get this done on her
own she’s eight years old we did this
ourselves in our home and there’s just
no way that I felt like this would
Jennifer say violate schools policies
and still outraged that school policy is
implemented what do you understand is
something wrong with Negroes
I read the policy and Mister policy
exists but I mean she didn’t do it to
herself we did it so why is she being
punished what I sent my kid to school
with the gun not the kid so why is the
kid being expelled from school we put
this in my kids hair she didn’t do it
I’m surprised yes the whether they’re
going to kick you out of the school
we’re gonna do keep you from pitcher day
according to the school’s handbooks
students hair colors must be natural
tone to get their picture taken
however Scott feels the school could
have handled the situation better how
many are tired of black people telling
you how you should have handled what
they were doing it’s happened to me
oh yeah even if that woman did that to
you on the side of the road you should
have had a bit better you should have
did it yeah even though that girl
slapped you you didn’t have to do this
you could have handled it better
somebody said the photographer is in the
chat where’s this photographer I’d love
to be any let me bring you on the show
if he’s in the chat I’d love to bring
you on the show sir
I would love to bring you on the show
sir Jermaine I will talk to you right
I see Jermaine in the comment section
let me see if I can pull him up right
now hold on a sec he said I’m trying to
sexualize the child oh it looks like it
is we’re it’s really him Jermaine how
would you like to come on the channel
it’s in jamayne how would you like to
talk to me right now I can bring you on
my show right now and you and I can have
a have this conversation all right let’s
get him in hold on a second Jermaine let
me see if I can set this up real quick
Jemaine I put a link in there and my
moderators make sure that Jemaine gets
that link Jemaine click that link Ryan
thank you Jermaine for being able to be
here while we wait on Jermaine to come
on make sure that we my moderators make
sure you give Jermaine that link right
there well if he’s a troll it would be
easy to get rid of him I can tell if
he’s a troll or not
I see his photo on on theirs right now
and I see his videos or two months old
so I’m pretty sure that’s not a fake
Jermaine these videos are two and three
months old and it’s him so Jermaine all
you have to do is click that um you said
how he manages find me if y’all
forgotten who I am
y’all keep forgetting who I am and it
doesn’t mean that I mean anybody
important I just think that I mean hell
I mean if I get an opportunity to go on
Joe Rogan I’m gonna go do it a real
discussion is a real discussion to be
had it doesn’t matter who has it
my problem is I buy my everybody knows
what my problem is I bogged down my own
stuff by talking to these jackasses who
want to ride who want to ride my
coattails to where I’m going so here’s
what we’re gonna do let me see if I can
find I need to find a photo of Jermaine
since it looks like he’s not bringing
his and if you can’t remain brain turn
your camera on but if not it’s fine I
will just put up a picture up he brought
his he brought his camera on great all
right give me a second guys and we’re
gonna bring Jermaine into the show right
now so hold on a minute

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