Shady Things About STEVE HARVEY That People Ignore


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what’s that family you would think with
all of the money and success that Steve
Harvey has had in his career that some
of the shady things that he does would
be beneath him many people overlook the
shady things that he does because
they’re so focused on his money his
success I want to mention a few of those
things that are shady about him that
people tend to ignore number one he
treats his staff like crap on the heels
of his talk shows big moved to Los
Angeles Steve Harvey reportedly sent the
shocking memo to his new staff demanding
things typically reserved for tourists
there will be no meetings in my dressing
room no stopping by or popping in no one
do not come to my dressing room unless
invited do not open my dressing room
door if you open my door expect to be
removed my security team will stop
everyone from standing at my door who
had the intent to see or speak to me I
want all the ambushing to stop now that
includes TV staff you must schedule an
appointment Steve Harvey feud with his
ex-wife some of the lowdown things that
this man has done to the mother of his
child he put her out of the house he
made her homeless he did this to the
mother of his child listen man
this is not just some spat they say some
chick that you just hooked up with and
you know you had a little fling with or
whatever this is the mother of your
child who you were married to you live
with for years he put out of the house
made a homeless did I mention that Steve
Harvey’s jokes are trash people tend to
overlook that the dude is not funny he
could not tell a funny joke to make real
comic fans lad to save his life his
meeting with Donald Trump he met with
Donald Trump
shortly after Donald Trump became
president word got out that he did this
against the advice of his wife Marjorie
she said she told him not to do it he
did it anyway this despite Donald Trump
having a reputation for being a racist
this despite him being an enemy of the
black community during his
highly-charged campaign this dude
repeatedly made racist comments even
more surprising some of the takeaways
from their meetings do describe Donald
Trump as get this family a great guy
genuine congenial and sincere
he’s a joke thief
don’t even tell his own jokes half the
time been stealing people material for
the long it’s still mark curry material
marks a man why you guys steal my
material come to me man you know I write
some jokes you gotta pay me but you
ain’t got steel for me man
you know and if you’re gonna steal from
me at least let me tell you how to tell
the joke so you can test the right way
still hear the man jokes oh yeah I
believe mark here I believe Mark Harris
say he stole them jokes I believe he
stole more carries jokes and if you
stole more carry jokes I’m sure there’s
others slapstick comedy Lincoln Theatre
on Monroe
Andrew Perry better known as stepping
fetch it reminds me of everything this
dude does everything about you can just
see him dancing and tapping from Massa
look at he is the quintessential
brown-noser get him boy come on fish
toes buttermilk biscuits oh yeah you can
see him doing it and you can see I’m
telling to he looked like the type that
a stitch on the rest of the slaves now I
save the big one for last
I said the big one for last because
Bernie Mac was one of my favorites when
I heard what he did to Bernie Mac all it
did was reconfirmed what I already knew
about this dude garbage a source was
reported as saying someone from Steve
Harvey’s camp contacted the producer of
ocean 12 actually the director of ocean
12 and said that will try to convince
the director to get rid of Bernie Mac
that person said that Steve Harvey had
more fans he was more popular to that
Bernie Mac said I heard about that I was
told about that you know these people
are you surprised tell me are you really
surprised it’s always about him he
continued to accuse Steve Harvey of
showboating he said go back and look at
the Kings of Comedy tapes whenever he
introduced his buddy Cedric the
Entertainer it was always about himself
so yeah I knew about it did it piss me
no you can’t piss me off you ain’t that
good which brings me to my final point
Steve Hart how the hell did you get all
of that action and Hollywood you must
have gotten on your knees and sucked up
a few people because as a true King of
Comedy one see
you ain’t that good no motel

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