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Interview between Romley Stewart and Rohan Lorian. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

like in a ride man
yeah well I guess some I guess we should
at least but the first thing I wanted to
do this missus the young that’s the
Chicago at mineral starts the sixteenth
edition and that’s the one where we
found Lawson I thought that was the
milestone in cracking the code of the
all uppercase or the symbolic text I
spent dumb seven odd years trying to
work out what the name of that text was
and retama ask and registration in a
court that was where the trouble was
they would not answer the question what
is the all uppercase text and you
couldn’t find it couldn’t and I could
not find it and this is the book that I
narrowed it down to and on the day Rowan
came up and he went and bought this book
this is the actual one headboard and
when I saw the thickness of it I was
disappointed because I thought well how
am I going to find something in that
many pages that I’m not looking for
and that was the data actually gave up
looking for the for the for what we know
now now is the gloss our would and I
went into my one friend in town and I
said I’m done I can’t find it I don’t
have the ability to crack this code and
when I came back Rowan had this book for
about an hour and he’d she said no I
found something that’s not English and
of all that all that time I was looking
for something in the English language
and Ron just came up and said well have
you looked in foreign languages now what
I’ve done here is an another researcher
will research a great friend
he just got hold of the latest the 17th
edition I would say it is it’s even
glossed 17th edition so this is the
latest edition and it nothing has
changed from the 16th edition to the
17th edition but there is something
strange or quite and get enough thorough
and pointed this out I didn’t even look
at the young page number but on page six
hang on where we are way way off hang on
a minute on page six six six what do I
know that number wrong yeah edit some of
this out because um it’s take me so long
to find it
here it is it’s on page um 665 of the
17th edition the American Sign Language
still in foreign languages and I can um
I’ll point you to that or takeoff to
take some pictures of this and show you
so what’s worth pointing out on that in
here or is chapter 111 144 in this one
it’s 11 128 yes
11 125 for the I want when I hire filler
for the lot sign language but the
crucial part is yes 11 128 so it’s um it
doesn’t look like anything’s been added
into this actual section everything is
exactly the same and it also gives the
young the a sample of its but here the
sign for a car drove by is written as
vehicle drive by and it’s hyphenated the
same thing happened in this I was
wondering if they would change that but
it’s obviously it’s not going to change
you can’t switch our yeah they’ll be
committing treason the other way if they
did they changed the system works
currently because everyone has been
fooled by this and have accepted under
tacit consent or acquiescence under the
and Confirmation where all this these
documents that are false so the system
works if they were to change it back to
a name they would immediately be
committing treason because they have no
jurisdiction with the maximum similar
was similar and dissimilar things ought
not to be United that would immediately
engage them as a corporation trying to
engage with a a real man or a real woman
and that that’s illegal that’s that
cannot exist in war and that’s you know
that’s the whole bottom line of this
whole fraud it does it all boils down to
the fact that dumb the document has used
a a marginal text or a non English part
of the dr. document and insert that into
the axial context of the book when you
look at any book this is the context of
it that’s the descriptive part of the
book and in the borders here which is
called the margin it’s also referred to
as the gutter and the gutter text is
also known as the sewer
and in the Masonic symbolism you
probably notice that they call it the
goat and I think it’s in Black’s Law
Dictionary that the word goat is the
chat the man-made channels have channels
the water from land into the sea it
channels the the profits of land into
offshore accounts yes
what happens is um the marginal text
that’s a different language going on in
the marginal text so that diamond the
trained eye can tell that text written
in the margins it’s always a separate
form of text which is written in the
context and even in this case where
there’s something in the margin
they’ve even are talented so italic
means removed from the page and in this
case I think it’s a turret and even some
– time
something interesting I was reading one
with some Ronald Reagan’s oath of office
the oath of office heading at the top is
underlined yes an underlined means
italics and italic means from food on
the page so what is his sign Ronald
Reagan sign was not an oath of office
with just that part was removed under
the typesetting conventions they’re
actually telling you the truth through a
cynic absolutely have symbolized version
actually tell you the truth when you see
the young the courthouse it’ll say in in
it says Keynes courthouse that’s what
the presumption is but if it’s written
in the marginal text which is the text
that is from the gutter to Texas from
the sewer the text that is from the
underworld that text cannot be put or
usurp into the context of the book but
when it is your circle if you don’t know
about that text that it’s a it’s a
different language for different version
it has no jurisdiction of the English
language if you’re not aware of that and
that’s where you can send it it’s it’s
actually consent it’s a it’s the test in
Black’s Law for an idiot is someone who
doesn’t know there are nine they have a
duty them to take your power of attorney
and administer your affairs for you and
if you walk in and agree that you’re a
mr. Gordo and there’s no there’s no
evidence of this ever existed apart from
the fact that the police run around and
make these things up something
interesting I thought Ron was a ship
that had been returned to one of the
researchers from the New South Wales
Police he’d overpaid a fine
and I returned them they gave a refund
and it said from the police are the
crown trust so they have to trust thee
so they’ve got to find some other fault
to turn into the trustee for them so
they then become the beneficiary then
they create the debt is that the trustee
they own it and it and they try and give
it to you on the side of the road and
now they’ve resorted to posting them
because they’ve got a post in tune with
the window in them that they because the
window it puts it inside so you can
never look I’ll peek inside the letter
and see if you want it or not and then
it’s up to you whether you want to get
rid of all assent by opening it I mean
it’s really that simple isn’t it there’s
your contract there’s your agreement
that’s the proclamation the proclamation
because the notion dates today you’ve
got your letter right designed with the
sign language yep sealed in an envelope
that is strangely a two to one ratio
which is the same size as a ledger
that’s on the tombstone which is well
you wanted a very very interesting the
other register posts are all different
sizes to the Oh sauce they so they
actually may have a different meaning
postman yeah and if science seal and
then delivering delivered is that
for the mine and I think what start
starting to happen with these government
bodies is that they’re starting to
realize that dome that we are waking up
to the people so in Prior before the
police on the side of the road they
could be abusive and they would abuse
that their their trust because they knew
that we didn’t have the the ability to
understand what is going on I think now
that we’ve discovered that it’s a follow
on trust and it can only be young well
it’s a it’s offer and acceptance it’s
the only thing that can be think the you
need what we do right
also makes that clear that diet that
these contracts they use practice suits
of under is I think about the third yes
the article which simply means contracts
must be kept
now this is where they’re falling over
with us because we have agreed to pay
the contract
we’ve just under something called the
mirror English doctrine if you look that
up it’s if you have a contract and you
change anything about this
Gillian New South Wales you change any
part of it you send it back you end up
with a new contract and that’s what
we’ve done every time is okay well we’ll
accept it near Sophie to accept it and
under the merchant confirmation or we
then send it back they don’t apply
within the 14 days we’ve got a contract
and they are refusing to pay their side
reason to settle the contract is silver
debt so you need right I’ve tried
contacting you to actually to be very
quiet and not this but the International
Criminal Court I don’t know they send to
me things seem to be happening in the
my versus difficut was updated without
me actually asking for it the other day
or when Ian just asked about I had a
photocopy of the old one it was sent to
the Federal Police which there huh
conveniently lost or said that I never
sent it to them even though they sent me
a scanned copy back and then they told
me that I did I only sent them a scanned
copy it’s like I don’t know how I sent
an email to scan copy of the best
depicting about 80 outpost or asleep it
you know there are said lying and
burying evidence but some yes a my birth
did we get the Hildur was changed well
he could even his life was changed from
all uppercase to title case so now all
the court cases that exist in there’s no
birth certificate attached to it yeah
any of it so I’m not quite sure what
they’re doing
yeah I’m I’m not sure but well look I
think um we didn’t I think that my last
talk there’s a little bit of a bit on
the birthing certificate see they’re
refusing to give me the real one I said
they don’t issue it anymore and that my
surname is assumed to be my father’s
name if you ever look up what an
assumption is that’s that’s something
false held to be true it’s so we are
working under assumed names and they’ve
told me that the Registrar General will
not issue at the original certificate or
a copy of it but they’ll issue a new one
so they’re telling me that they’re
they’ve made new birth certificates at
some point about any permission or any
legislative yeah requirement self well
so just basically okay well we’re gonna
assume you’re a surname and we’ll put it
on there which was actually a word mark
and not even a surname and then they
assumed that they could change the they
can change the form of the birth
certificate but they should change the
content just going back to the word mark
if you see the word mark is the UM is
this all uppercase text yep and I think
you just mentioned before but this
styles many of you found it constitutes
a name so this so this one that before
long but we can do it again it’s a great
little section cuz it’s only two lines
if you’d like to personal names so yeah
you eat it out of my bananas of all
individuals real or fictitious should
always be given initial capitals in
publications and correspondence for
example and they’ve got some Michael who
need mr. curly and so this other name a
name would be
like this and this this is a very
interesting character to Zed one thing
about this wrong there’s an a 60s 966
version yeah and it says the same thing
except should has a word must okay
so it is that the 1966 because that’s
when the the changes so the 66 version
that our birth certificates would have
been under federal government star
system you must use initial problems
okay I’ve seen that in the State Library
this is subscribe to that so what one
thing on point wrong the lava and just
sort of work that – is that the both
birth certificates are both legal
fictions and that none of its real even
real Orion is another legal fiction what
are the whole thing the whole concept of
a trust is a legal fiction and if an
entire is fraud yeah but we can we can
end into this trust because sometimes
these trusts a good forearm for
governance on the condition that the
trust has been operated within the terms
of the trust so within our language
grammatical stuff that we found all this
academic references we basically we’ve
got now the ability to destroy every
trust on the planet because they’re
basically not everything properly the
fraud but what we’re also saying to us
that we could enter into the trust if we
agree to whichever PI we wanted to one
was the the creditor the other one that
I think what’s happened is that what
when this file entrusts foreign trust
system came in they had to sort of
destroy the original governments of
Australia so what they do is they
separate all the people from one United
government into a they call it a land of
independent sovereign nation-states yeah
and then what they do is say
individually so we’re not sovereign
citizens were independent sovereign
nation-states and then that was
reiterated by the brothers in the high
court wasn’t yes in the seventies
that’s right in the seventies
or 7:00 a.m. the document called the
Constitution calm and it’s I think was
from the Murphy’s there were the High
Court judges in the 70s they wrote this
this article and what happens is the UM
they they separated all the people of
Australia into a land of back into a
land of independent sovereign
nation-states and then the foreign
registrar generals and the foreign
corporations they then individually to
each person gets the proclamation out so
rather than going through a government
they actually do it individually so it’s
up to each and every one of us to accept
the mail or the proclamation articles it
would that be right to say that that’s
so on the lines of the in the Bible the
Apostles yes so nope US dollars is a
letter to a higher authority and basic
is asking do you want to be much life
yes and that’s what they’re doing with
your all the documents that you receive
if you open them so here’s the contract
would you like to work for us pretty
much no pay and I think the compensation
we get all the consideration is the
Medicare and the doll isn’t that that
they’re the two well I think the
compensation so so little is because um
we’ve assumed that the foreign
administration corporation that derives
from the District of Columbia or
whatever may come
we’ve assumed that that’s our d’Azur
real government
yeah because they’ve called it
Commonwealth of Australia using the word
yes longs to a foreign entity I like to
know a written in English and of on
return an excellent analogy which was
the guy that we hired to mow the grass
has offered to be the police and the
judge and every politician so his little
company is and how he’s put someone in
doing all those jobs for us that’s right
and she’s taken over and we ever
realized that you know Gary’s mowing is
now running the country and we only
hired you see that and this is my other
yacht you know this is what the
administration is about that they’ve
taken over the government they’re
running everything for us but they have
no legal right to do it and we don’t if
we want to fire Gary we can
I guess that’s yes what it comes down to
is that you know this is a Gary Gary
might be an American or somebody and so
he’s come here we’ve hired his company
he sent over some people these hired
Australians to do it so they’ve actually
become traitors to us by doing that
because when they act against us who
want to stay in the Commonwealth of
Australia that’s what’s happening and
yep with you and I and a few other
people who have actually stepped out of
a system or back into the well yeah not
out of the system whatever system back
into their creditor I put it aside for
an aside they won’t let us do it and
that’s where they’re sort of treason and
slavery which is what I put into the ICC
comes in because Gary doesn’t have any
constitutional right now Gary came in
and he knew he didn’t have any
constitutional rights oh man jeez we
better have another coin let’s get the
queen of Australia and in 1999 the High
Court of Australia confirmed that in
sube Hill that if you want to be an
Australian citizen we have to have
so I’m sayin national would be the queen
of you know Kingdom England I’m sorry
which is what the Constitution says and
the High Court of Australia under
Section 71 will not be the what word
mark or capitalist one it would be B
capital letters no wonder they didn’t
want my application because I put it in
to the 71 section cluster by court
no wonder they put it here that’s not us
so I hope you guys are starting to see
there the two into these two two worlds
you know look up I think the British
were but before the United States
corporations to later I think it ran the
same type of system as well it was
doesn’t trust me it was controlled by
more well obviously it was and that was
confirmed in Mabo in 1992 it wasn’t that
they’ve told does exist and this is why
they want to keep all the original
inhabitants in this country incorporated
in I see it mother’s for walk around the
service Lane councils incorporated
corporate laying the in corporations my
father that’s how they’re keeping them
incorporated in they can contract with
them never let them come back this who
they really are do they know they don’t
want anyone to come back and work down
what would they want is absolute
directive power over people just have
that for a long time
for a long time but dumb the director
power belongs to either people but if
you are then the citizen you are no
longer we the people work at the very
moment you’re working for guy he’s
married and and and this is what dumb
what people are started they think that
we we are we the people this also
happens in the United States too the
first thing in the United States all
play souls for us but how you yeah are
you a United States citizen and when
they say yes they know that they’re no
longer a national of the United States
of America well they’re good to clarify
to occur people what a citizen is in
Black’s Law Dictionary that I found it
in anyway citizen is a member of a city
state with the liabilities and the
privileges privileges are rights they’re
not right they are granted and liability
you go liability defend the city
so there’s Australia of a city in which
is the word mark in all capitals and
then there’s Commonwealth of Australia
which is the one written in the
so that one has nationalist but it’s
very interesting if you rate this
company react but if sivanna creates
it’s a Citizenship Act or something like
that it talks about a national having
citizenship it’s like well why would a
national have a citizenship where the
national have nationality well it’s it’s
a change yes
so that you can see where they’ve done
you can’t be a national if you become a
citizen and because of the corporation
Commonwealth will strike corporation or
company whatever and because it’s
registered to the the District of
Columbia it’s certainly no not
registered to anything laughs now it’s
an interesting aramas that logo there is
intellectual property registered in
America as well
yeah it’s registered to the Commonwealth
of Australia well you know what always I
wouldn’t say America I’d say sorry US
Federal Reserve yeah well but United
States because um but the American
people have been subjected saying oh yes
I’m the same well that’s why they’re
building a wall kick them in though
there’s a lot a lot of good things that
are like about Trump yeah but but
there’s um ya always wonder about the
wall it’s is it’s to stop the American
and the Mexicans from coming in or is it
to stop doing is the best place you
wouldn’t have been bothered with it I
think it’s just now he’s got his gonna
win well sometimes when they create a
big commotion here you know that this
what’s happening on Canadian border
legit sir
yeah it’s a I think the the American
people and they know it – they’ve been
subject to this son this has America
anywhere in the common law and I think
it’s I think it’s just the European
private banking system and it’s very
clever system though I’ve got to give
them that with the young it’s a it hats
off to them for the for the for the
trickery and the deceit but you know
really once if you can work the stings
out if we hold us these are all that
this is some of the there’s no counter
factual evidence to this anywhere
there’s nowhere that says all capitals
just the name is it what we can learn is
all capitals is dog Latin or all
capitals is a word mark and a mark
another name you know is a trademark and
another name for a trademark as a brand
and if you’re branding people that’s
do that well that’s what they call it
voluntary servitude yep and but the
servitude has come through our ignorance
of the battery really it’s it’s really
boils down to that one simple thing and
what blows me is that the whole system
is sitting on the very fact that the all
uppercase text says nothing
it reads nothing and if it was to read
anything it would have to be hyphenated
like oh it’s interesting Kevin look at
the instant intellectual property laws I
pay Australia and all that where you
registered trademarks when you want to
own an artwork and you’re an artist
really our tribute to this you own
copyright and you also own the ability
to assign meaning to your art so when
they’re actually rolling in on capitols
they’re not authors because an author
you can read yeah they’re artists it’s
like creating a logo a simple and fraud
which we want to look up and find out
what Ford actually is we look in the
Maxim’s Ford is an artifice it pretends
one thing whilst being another
yes that’s it so there’s your art its
art well the fraud is actually passing
something I’ve seen it off yeah
the document said nothing and they’re in
it basically they’re inert if you use to
try to use them and say that they are
something in that well a word mark is a
name that’s I guess where the Ford
happens yeah that was my last warning to
the young to the Registrar General of
Queensland was to to be very careful
allowing police officers now so why do
our tickets on the side of the road it
is a crime in Australia other reason I
don’t know counterfeit so therefore just
the very fact that our police officer
stands on the side right and issue
issues out a ticket
his crime is this a life imprisonment
crimes I don’t
because he’s serving a foreign deity or
a foreign company against against well
it’s not against the will of Australia
it’s just that the Australian people
haven’t cottoned on to what’s happening
but now that we’re starting to cotton on
to it if they want to operate the system
is still in Australia and have the
benefits of this song this weighted
system because that’s a it’s weighted if
if you’re on their side you can’t lose
and if you’re on the other side you
can’t win so it’s some get you can
change sizes in the system you have this
watch on sides look we’ve got a couple
of our really good people that have
worked hard to X police officers that
are that have looked in a no-fun they’ve
worked out something’s not right
but they’ve looked at the system itself
and what these are officers have to do
is look at themselves with it with their
understanding their zone one Western
Australia that’s putting up so so much
who you are but it’s who you’re being
well it’s it’s some that’s right a name
is actually the identification of an
office of the creditor the name of the
office of the creditor the name of the
office of the debtor so we don’t I guess
in a way we don’t really have a name but
when you know we’re giving you a no
that’s earth-2 they gave us the option
of a couple of offices today yes and
that’s what the word birth is so birth
is really a place where you park your
ship your citizenship citizenship but
the be er th is only part the actual
budget of boat which is the equity but
the BIR th which is really interesting
is the birth of a person and a person is
an incorporation
a corporation yes so a person is
something that is joined to something
else notice that the courts in Sydney
beat up a friend of mine when he asked
for the definition that the court will
be using for the word person they threw
him out of the court beat him up and
broke his ribs on the way out
I simply for asking what definition of
person will release you today yes it’s a
very it was a cooperation I didn’t want
to say that you give it out
it’s unhealthy in some ways to our to
question their foreign military brutal
raging it’s it’s unhealthy but um but
when you get to a certain point where
you do know a lot more about it because
a little bit of knowledge is dangerous
yeah more you know the more you can
protect yourself against this son this
this regime and the more they actually
back down because when they do that
without consent or that the data cannot
attack the creditor ever the debt they
do is there to protect the creditor
that’s the millers on a side of the
distrust hat I was having trouble
understanding how it worked but they’re
basically it’s like a tiny little
military in one well hop in with two
officers a grant or credit so and the
trustees the military to look at or the
military type to look after the creditor
and that’s how it works so that’s why
that’s your mixed war which is an army
against one individual whenever you go
into a court it’s really hard but look
the only real way out is on
if you’ve got to let them know that you
are not the person who they assume you
to be but if you’re going to be forced
to act inside the court and become the
dead eye because this is how I’ve always
done I said well I’m on the credit would
you like me to be the debtor and a half
of the contract but not for the contract
of the of the compensation it’s going to
cost them for you to commit the crime of
being a debtor you know you know company
I mean just joining or becoming getting
on the role of the Commonwealth of
Australia corporation is an act of
treason because you’re leaving your your
national country and you’re joining a
foreign private and you’re now fighting
against your own country fighting again
so even though you don’t see it even
though you don’t know you’re doing it
guys but ignorantest in your own juris
excuse that undermined weakness or there
are more excuses than they want no one
so thank you for watching these videos
to obviously you’re not even right and
you want to know but this is why we say
you’ve got to give everything back you
can’t hold those documents yes sir
that’s right sometimes holding the legal
title to anything cars your home the
whole lot I mean this is our guys this
isn’t easier we joke about it when we’re
on our own but we’ve been through hell
we’ve really been put through the
wringer they will not let us step into
that office of creditor even though
we’re quite but there it is there’s the
two offices roms yes mum’s Bureau I
don’t I might but the best difficut New
South Wales has just been correct it has
the reference number to my proper
certificate on it yeah even 72 the
births were registered at the local
courthouse mine was to one nine oh so
now what they’re saying is they will not
give me that certificate that they
cannot refuse that that’s mine
and that’s where this treason and
they’re not saying they won’t give it to
me and they will not admit that it
doesn’t exist because I’ve asked those
questions but they talk in circles are
we we can’t issue those anymore and you
know we’ve got this thing form and
you’ve got an assumed we assume that use
this is who you are but if you stick to
your guns guys New South Wales here is
another birth certificate exactly the
same point and this has to be in the
trust otherwise the trust is not theirs
everywhere yeah it’ll be in France it’ll
be everywhere yeah Germany to hop the
whole system works exactly the same like
a banking system a foreign banking
system and it can’t work without the
debtor better I mean that’s that’s some
downwards debt and credit double-entry
bookkeeping yeah in the administrator
yes to the Joker
yeah it’s an icy grant Euler see yeah
that’s that would that be that would you
say that’ll be the state of New South
Wales or yes cranny right of New South
Wales it’s registered on the USS DC yes
look I’m not saying it’s bad or good I’m
just signing it was just I said this is
our top right time that’s all if you
work out how it operates it it can be
good and look a bit of a warning to the
police guys you you’re taking such a
huge risk when you’re doing anything we
don’t want you to be do like I know
we’ve had our moments but jeez you guys
are risking some serious jail time done
do it you’re not paid enough don’t know
if something like this happens walk away
from it and get some or at least get
something really good legal advice
because if you don’t know that there
isn’t to birth certificates and you
can’t work out then you’ve got and you
do the wrong thing while
and I tell you what the the
administrators of the system they are
not going to tell us well said no
they’re not going to explain it so the
only way a police officer or any officer
in the military they they’ve got to UM
they’ve got to try and understand this
themselves but the biggest thing you’ve
got to identify is is the person a
debtor or creditor like pulling out
about a car if the car’s got a set of
plates that say that’s new sales well
it’s at Queensland those plates are
telling you that they tagged to that car
that car has been registered to your
corporation so therefore it is your
property now the people that have
registered they don’t really know what
they’ve done they didn’t realize that
they gave the equity away that’s one of
the tricks of distrust and even the
police they don’t know but all you’ve
got to do is just it has it got those
floats if it doesn’t have those plates
on it or even if it has no plates you
don’t have any business of that but what
you’ve got to determine is if someone’s
registered the car and taken the plates
offer yeah so that you know that’s a
crime within the trust yeah so in that
sense you may have to stop the car and
just check the driver but if that driver
is not a driver trevor is just a
traveler but but holds no does not hold
any of this side stake birth certificate
identification but holds this or guess
maybe you need a way for the police to
understand this is they have
jurisdiction over this one not this one
and the best the best way to do it if
they can’t find that person on the
system is to stand down but you will
probably get enough information of that
person if you need to find them later
you’ll find them you’ll find them later
yeah go through your superiors make the
problem is and this is what ROM proved
to me was with the dun & bradstreet was
that these are I was talking in my last
video about them being on military
entity and I said I wasn’t sure which
military it was they might not be a
the military on your own while you’re
working because there’s no line I think
I’m right behind is nothing too much so
that liability all falls on more genres
what if you might all be in a big police
force but your acting is a street gang
legally so the liability doesn’t go to
these individually anyone that high
it’ll just fall on you for what you do
they’ll just go our the Nick a trade and
he was doing what he want to do and
they’ll blame you I blame you so you
guys you are you were in so much danger
with this system as information being
out so please just be careful you know
we’re tired of fighting if you would try
to tell you this a long time ago I won
but you know we’ve we’ve I was gonna try
to get beaten up for you maybe yeah go
to the point and the reason why you
don’t win in the court is because it’s a
trust system yeah so if you’re the sure
that the data you can’t win make sure
the creditor you can’t lose so when
people that know about the system walk
in the court sitting on the other side
the poor our magistrate he doesn’t want
to say anything he’s not obligated to
and he’s not obligated to to tell anyone
anything he could keep his mouth shut
but when he should he should he sure did
and he does they do I’ve seen them make
a mistake when they open their mouth and
start what is it in fact arresting law
firm the bench yeah but you know as long
as the magistrate Konami Kennish he will
determine whether or not um you’re the
dead or creditor and he just asked a few
questions to determine that like your
name your date of birth or do
how the passport or driver license are
you mr. such-and-such yeah because
that’s where you can sing yeah the very
word we start the very are twice
mister it’s a military account yeah so
many of you in the military your guys
there that’s a military that’s the
civilian that this guy protects yeah
that’s the way the people yeah that’s
you the citizen persons and if you look
where the Prime Minister’s when I take
the oath of office the first thing they
do is they they say they’ve taken oath
to protect the people I spoke John
Morrison do swear but I will well and
truly serve the people of Australia in
the office of Prime Minister and I’ll be
faithful and bear true allegiance to Her
Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second queen
of Australia so what we got this guy yes
these guys are all over here then that
puts the government here yeah protecting
themselves your this they’ve taken that
you step out of line I’m not saying I’m
not saying they will have the fingers in
the till I’m not saying that I’m not
saying that but if these are here –
what’s the tilt well under trust law by
rights they get to administer their
state and then assess which is success
turkey right yeah 30 20 66 the problem
is if will you go and go and come back
here but they have to give her
everything back yes because that’s the
end of the trust but yes they do yeah I
still have them when you come back over
here they still have to look after and
pay for everything because you’re now
the creditor the beneficiary of the
trust that’s right
and I am saying that down they do uphold
begrudgingly look it took us four years
let’s take me I’m four years in and I’m
still getting better now since I go sir
I you know the very first time a another
four together now I think we I think you
might look in 2008 or one I am a court
case against urban energy remind you
that court case they retama of won the
court case you will not find that night
because they get rid of them but all it
was was is the bill is the urban energy
bill my bill because is that my name on
the bill there and in the end it was a
bit of a rough day in that court and the
the the marshal says trying to get me to
pay the electricity bill and the
argument was well is it my bill because
I wasn’t that you didn’t want to pay it
you just want to make our paying the
correct yeah I wanted to make sure
that’s right and I offered that I said I
want to pay the bill I need your help
mr. mcfadden the magistrate I said I
need your help to pay this bill they
said well why don’t you just pay it I
said because I don’t know about the name
that’s on the on the account the name
was written in all uppercase and it was
some and I just said is it Mike my name
and in the end he agreed that it was not
my name on the bill and therefore under
certain laws that could have been a 5 Q
of the art Crimes Act 1914 opening
another person’s mail is for curing for
any yeah open yeah it’s it’s a criminal
so was that my mouth and they said well
you can open it I said
that’s not the question the question is
is my name on that and the unfallen so
what he said no in the end he rendered
that the bill void because of the name
and then in 2010 I then questioned that
the driver license name and it was
because it rented from McFadden either
of the the bill with the nine mark and
then when it came to the driver license
to said first is uh is what’s the
writing on the the driver license and
the second is why was the name back the
front and the third question was that
what styles may know did you use since
the feminist destructor the driver
license and that was before magistrate
Pinder of cans and he could not answer
that question in now this is what
they’ve got to find counter factual
evidence against in that question
haven’t they’ve got to find something
that disagrees with this and probably
every every other encyclopedia
dictionary children’s had no evidence or
yes there is none
no and that’s because it’s it’s not a
fact guys this is a picture yes the fact
is that the name written on the the
driver license and the name of all of
this stuff that the name of banking
Morgan said all of that stuff is a
presumption and also your agreement to
pay a contract you know if
if a guy questions a bank line of a
million dollars questions the validity
of the of the bank line and the bank
then drops the line and falls out in
them the line falls oh did the bank lose
1 million dollars and that’s what it is
no the bank did not because when the Reg
didn’t get I leave the money to you they
actually turned it from your account
here and give it to this account here
and then you pay that back to yourself
through the back through the
administrator and if you never come back
to here and everything that you’ve paid
back stays with the banker with the
administrator that’s why I have a
massive profits that we just can’t
understand what profits it because
everything goes to addicted by your
friend here our business and this would
be another um Maria I’d like to it’s to
meant to make mention Edward mental
house at Woodrow Wilson and he was the
advisor but but it was also the
mastermind by the US Federal Reserve and
there’s some things that he said in one
of his statements to Woodrow Wilson that
confirms that
Zuri purposely happened but a massive
money-making bankers Sulis game you know
and um and we the people of the
countries of patrons and that sell a lot
of money the united states of lost money
australia a lot of um deserve our
national countries have been subjected
to these people and even I think that
the Hitler thing in Germany and I never
said I never said Hitler was good or bad
but done what they used was a system
this system and it can be abused for
terrible outcomes alone
and at the end of the day if you want to
go back to the Roman or the Masons in
the hand X or they call the original
Roman books of war produced by Justin
here yes the whole system still isn’t
legal like you have to agree to it at
some point but this is I guess why we’re
a bit I guess a standard that they
didn’t let us just quietly move it back
to the beneficiary because if we get out
all that original law comes back in and
this whole fraud system falls over
versus absolute ignorance on their part
but you have no step down that the
governing bodies the administrators are
actually starting to pull their heads in
this information I know we’re not we’re
not scientists or um or lawyers but you
see it’s not scientists or lawyers that
do the research and find out these
things that happening it’s people that
have been hurt and people that have been
known treated badly by a system they’re
though they’re the most dangerous
because they won’t stop and I’ve got
nothing to stop because they will get to
the nitty-gritty of what doesn’t depend
on their system where no not the why
John up we didn’t we’re not hard but we
haven’t sworn oath to it that’s right
and we it but magistrates and
magistrates is he has here yes he’s
relying on it so that’s what I can a
benefit he’s to uphold the system so he
has to be very careful in that though
upholding a system they maybe should
have been a bit quieter about what if
nothing because they were quiet I don’t
know one too far with people like a sir
and there’s some people in the US have
also done the same thing
Edward Mandell house when he came up
with the system which is really just a
copy of the Justinian and they are a
courteous in 1230 and and just an even
in 532 whatever but but don’t think that
those guys were dumb back there now a
very very clever I mean knows that that
Justinian system but what manor house
did is is he’s just really operating
this slavery system it’s a corpus juris
which means a jurisdiction of yet well
actually it’s the corpus juris it’s a
jurisdiction Michael it’s a broad way of
the Martin that’s the court it’s a
jurisdiction of the gutter episode one
and what they’re doing is that’s one
world the world of the sewer is the
world of Vice Allah tell us in here and
you’d be tricked out and out they’ve
done is those if you want to get
biblical tree of life from the tree of
knowledge that’s your corporation and
you’re sure we die yes but in the Bible
now if they didn’t actually die they
just got asked out of a garden here when
they this dry stuff but now that we’re
all in the garden but they could come
back in under licence yeah
so that’s why they need losses to do
everything even the crap you need
license but what mental house some did
it’s very clever fire here here on one
of his statements he said that it will
be less less than one in a meal that
will ever work this skinemax
and what he said then is that they will
have plausible deniability and the
plausible deniability means that
everything that they’ve done was based
on a presumption and you believe yeah
that you that you entered into it
because when it when you finally work it
out you’ll realize that it was not it
it’s you it’s you that there’s nothing
they and it never has been and they even
a bank more cheap mortgage you own the
house four hundred thousand dollars it
doesn’t exist it if that’s a trick isn’t
it it’s in your mind but to get out of
it you’ve got to get rid of all your
whole life full of driver license credit
cards of legal battles of everything
legal titles and are you going to do
that this is one of the safeguards of
this system is that it works so well to
get you in and you spend your life
building up this what you think is this
equity in it which is never equity if
is dead it’s the opposite it’s the legal
title well it’s always didn’t like it
kind of is but it isn’t you know that’s
you can have a good life in there oh
yeah so now you can and that’s the other
thing too I could you know I talk about
this world I’m saying that you’re going
to be careful because we’ve walked off
into the desert if you do want to follow
an Isis you know like because I think
the slice again we have a better life
and we’re the Slayers back in this yep
and that’s something that you’ve got a
way out you know and I’ve never been
this isn’t easy guys trust me like we
sit here and tell you about it but just
we’ve been through hell yeah and the
other couple of people that have done
this all stone I’ve been to the same
sort of stuff but I think we get pushed
through this I think what’s happening is
that the the system with the magistrates
they want to test to make sure that we
know what’s going on because if there’s
any one little glitch that we don’t know
will wind up in the prison or or
whatever with gets a mess
so that’s what I’m in about just a
little bit of knowledge yeah is it’s
dangerous you’ve got a really know a lot
about this trust law system but
strangely enough we also have no
but like saw I hate those Flint’s
offices but did this to us but on the
other hand I don’t know they they don’t
know they only let me know this I know
you ever seen that
I mean we’re also obligated to protect
them so that’s what this is all about –
I certainly go you know the bottom bars
you’re police have a look for this see
if you can find it yeah you’ve got the
authority to do it there were some
Marines in the u.s. started looking at
this because they had the authority
because they’re all gonna lose their
houses under the mortgage crisis the
subprime mortgage so they started
looking out they hook with what’s going
on yeah so this is this is this is proof
right here guys this is proof if you’re
a police officer any sort of have a look
at this don’t just go off and make
assumptions here because you’ll get
we’re getting to a point where you’ll
get your ass kicked and the thing is
that a couple of the older style place
officers such as in Andhra
David David Wolter who’s really lovely
40 odd years in the police force but his
investigation mind has also found a lot
of this stuff in that and it sounds it’s
or disturbed him to because he grew up
with examine with the belief in the
ghost was and then now it sees found
that it’s something else him and even we
have even police officers there looking
and Starly the following aspect but like
I say it’s um it’s a system at the
moment you can’t try the way at the
moment we’ve got to look after it but
just when you’re in it be careful
yeah and and still you gotta love it of
you understand what you’re doing and
understand who your nationals are on
your citizens are yeah and when the
magistrates I mean if you lose in the
court that’s because the magistrate the
magistrate knows where you’ve gone wrong
he will know he knows the system and
when it becomes a magistrate he’s told
about this that’s probably why some of
them are I think Rowan got one that was
only an ex-police officer here and
they’re the worst times the exploits
prosecutor for a number of years and
then just went straight into a country
legal practice he did apply for a
judgeship I heard but they didn’t give
it to him now that he won’t get a job
for judge C because when it comes to the
crunch those guys and that all they are
all with the high court’s really
determinism first is the consent have
you consented to be in the system if
they can find there’s any point where
the consent is not there then that’s
they’ll find that point yeah and that’s
what it really boils down to is have you
consented to the system but they can’t
turn up and you know and drag you in
there and then threaten you and go if
you don’t turn up ten years and free a
prison discovered that you’re right
there’s a big oh I know this guy and I
go yes you only can turn up a lot yeah
you’re in you turn up that’s why yes
threat threat of force coercion
absolutely they don’t do it that’s what
happened to me I said I’m not dissing on
this guy I’m still trying to find this
certificate you won’t give it to me and
I went now I know this guy when I care
what you say yeah well that’s going out
you know that’s where they screwed up
but for the fine the last letter you say
is you you as plural which should be
using bow of thee I know it sounds our
English but that’s actually correctly
how yeah well you can’t still be a youth
because we were involved in this trust
so we are connected if you’re outside or
asked Holmes to define you so define the
pronoun which you what Who am I Who am I
being we were neither one of those who
said you just you’re not Indian answer
the question then that was the end of it
but I go okay I see no that’s that’s
there’s two days of that transcript that
are missing that I can’t get the first
two days where I mentioned all this so I
said this is treason that’s fraudulent
conversion slavery and I’m taking it
further and and I have been that’s or
yeah I think it’s some but has it’s been
a long it’s been a long journey
I’ve been frustrating because we tried
to tell them to start 2004 telling you
what they say out yes you need to do
something I’ve been very lucky in the
lot since the last court case in 2006 16
I don’t know the number cause they were
given a number for any bit of paper that
always showing I’m not going to paper
but the prosecutor of that court case
away I won’t say his name but after that
court case he left
yeah well saying if you resign I sent a
letter to the premier and the police
commissioners to be only in bed and they
both quickly important days of getting
that yeah they’re gonna get 14 days and
once they’ve become a where H in
confirmation law so the operator doing
it they’re doing the right Jesus rice
dambisa semana here one thing I found
interesting is that on dun and
bradstreet is the Commonwealth
Department of Public Prosecutions has
two separate names all in capitals and
one of them is a trading name which is
to come with the power of public
prosecutions and they they’ve got a
different name witches so they’re
actually they have a trade name so it
must be traded like they not did you or
no I know it well it’s business as usual
you know I found something interesting
about torn Commonwealth of Australia was
owned by company
which was and I haven’t been able to
find that again with some of those
things I’ve found it took some copies of
it for New South Wales is owned by ice
mining which is a a non mining company
in Western Australia we look that up on
the ABN lookup and the thing about I
think it’s interesting run was there
always mining companies because it says
that a mining company can be a no
liability company they’re the only
companies that can be had no liability
company you’ve got limited liability and
no light which is limited you can sort
to their limit of the shares there or no
liability which is all the mining
companies it doesn’t say they have to
mine I just have to be a mining company
so I’m guessing that’s why they do that
well they’re they’re certainly mining
the wealth of our base of this country
and a lot of that wealth is going
overseas and as what stone do well upset
these plebeian Australians have become
the citizens of their company you’ll
notice you know what the farm names and
got the drought and these things where a
lot of the money is going overseas for
for whatever purpose but a lot of that
money should be stuck that should all be
staying in this country in order to but
it’s in here but they’ve got the option
to send overseas yes you’re here and
it’s that what they do is they blame us
for us but um it’s very hard to even
though we have to accept the blame it’s
very hard to accept the blame
I’m the man of reading and research we
had to do a taste or I can say out there
now wonder they got rid of oh I say this
nothing going on up here
yeah it’s um yeah the amount of money
money that’s they’ve taken from this
country is is really actually public
criminal and it’s going offshore
meaning that it’s going from a land
based jurisdiction into a water based
jurisdiction so when something goes off
offshore it never gets back on land it
stays within the corporate well so there
would be no way if you came back under
here to ever get that repaid under the
Cystic Levi yes yes technically that’s
if you come back here I think that this
is why the Roth’s Charles maybe I heard
a bit of a rumor that they’re trying to
get liquidate because they know that
people if they come back here they’re
gonna be stuck with back there they will
be they’ve agreed to be the first get up
and what they’ve got the art so then
this guy and then they’re going to try
and find someone to give this guy which
is you yeah that’s how they don’t yet
it’s called conversion or rum
fortunately clips about you I didn’t
really say that about down you know if
they’re using like these two documents a
fraud they’re not fraud or their legal
fictions and legal fiction is a fraud
when it’s not disclosed or a great to it
here yes if they is it cried when you
are a baby your own infant in the
infantry they do this to look after you
then he gets the age of majority that I
tell you and unless you’re gonna go and
become a QC and real stuff or do a run
an ID which was just over four years
the problem with a magistrate or QC for
those people once they’ve taken their
oath of office to find out because they
they will never know what we’ve
discovered this girl
to practice but when they finally do
find out they are probably yes good but
today’s able to know if not – no just
this yeah and so you know I in my way
it’s the same with the Messiah – when
you like yeah I think when you take a
Masonic go a lot of people take that
oath without realizing at first I want
to be in a club and it’s a great time to
wait into but once that oath has been
taken and you work up to the higher
level to find out
the truth about these systems and it’s
not just
the masonic system also
as well yeah once you once you’re in
that this
containing your earth and you find out
yeah euro things a lot that’s it you’re
done so and
the God or Christ the
and I guess that’s the issue here one of
my houses to find the to find out what’s
going on and get some quiet quiet doing
what we’re doing this is I’m obligated
is to it what you want to read that
little bit on page 66 or that people are
to it yes so I will do that but the
biggest biggest thing or is this this
Mike saw because I received some really
heavy threats
no there were threats there for a form
of debts rent that I want to see the
I’ll be devastated
and they came from our higher sources so
under that right I thought what they’re
at least its shares on this
I found some
crowd noise
it’s beautiful isn’t it really
now that I still receive the ticket in
Washington in
or sometime at the core
an efficient liability
once while you’re holding any of those
euro still in chocolate sire
that’s what you’ve gotta be kidding it
out there he was standing for it
this or any other legal fiction the
place sometimes tiny
when I found out about this little 16
sixteen different
why’d he ever go over there’s no sight
shifty yes actually
so I hear the whole I always astounded
right now at Kostal Wow and there’s only
so I hope that answers your question and
thanks for the comments on my god
nice moment
like the bad coming yeah
but but it’s good because even something
that’s not a bad coming the very fine
bad comment in person
place you’re doing your coffee to
certain person down into it now she
South obesity we
volatile some form of volatile
strength you don’t see the magistrate
coming down there sorted out
pazi’s hiding what that happens in the
college in and running
yeah so you know so we’ve always got to
remember that about our offices in a
peace officer first their police
and I’ll tell you what you do get
appreciate even by
got some researching there have been
feed up for you
and stop our cars gives a lot of my
athens under the wrong now and you’ve
got the end but topping
therefore a text message I can tell you
give you a drive scene that into watch a
switch is probably pretty cool but not
before a fork I see
now you do all these sort of things but
appreciate in the fact still what she
I see 65
Mayo stars which is just on our I don’t
but this is just one little point it’s
11 1 to 29
some combinations and signs have taken
on a different separate so
you know what I mean
separate from the meaning of the
individual song
when you see a sign
since the oil architects
his birthmark
really sight what you’ve assumed them to
say that warning isn’t 11:1
in Americans on
American Sign Language it
five to sixty
six six six of the seven eight position
I further goes on to say I think
talking practical
I used indicate these compounds
a close-up mark
which is probably like that
or a plus sign
brought a set the dependences across it
depending on the trends transcription
the sign for parents now this is very
interesting – the sign for parents might
be just as
mother and far
we suppose mother and father and what’s
what they sign when it’s lost his mother
it’s saying that it’s not to mother
cloud through Harrods and a parent is a
guardian guiding this government has
created this and the mother
the state and your your parents actually
when this is all done I think they
it’s just like a curator looks after say
not work and look after a lot you say
right if I never get a trustee they look
out they cannot celebrate you know
that’s why they can take your children
off here and forth because they’re their
children their parents and interesting
and what have you been able to cure
right up and the many United parents the
moment you’ve registered your child so
I’ve fallen private company that
– the child and then owns the s-type of
the child
which are is peace for her
birthright share of the land
what’s the share of the winner
so that’s what happens when you rinse
the a child too
of Australia as you registered your
child to a government that is
of a private foreign corporation
ministry areolis and the whole thing
else I was actually at government as
such yes Laura demonstration there and
then so then that means you’ve given the
s-type of the child which is their shape
of the of the mineral
– that part of foreign rocks are making
out and then it’s time
Thanks thank you looked looked at the
money off that
and your share of Australia which is
one was
last time I checked that’s
so it’s everything in Australia plus all
the mineral and energy markets therefore
instead of sitting in the ground that’s
been found so that’s a share of the
people so that’s obviously why I have to
do CLE move
of your own rank is to get you off the
land in order to administer your well
silver print the money up and they sell
you solar in Romania but back to you
there’s a bigger the biggest jerk ever
played on on
I think the UN the United Nations is
one tiny
Bruce so listen listen
have you set up one place it could be
the fact it could be New South Wales it
could be in there
my stiletto is a disgrace to everything
to that and
is a religious dictatorship it’s does
one has this up you can fit for all
those countries
Hunter you can feel four of them in
the New York Central Park yeah I just
goes to show that concert
it’s the wealth in the world
they make sure no one is born on the
in order that there was no national
like we come back in that with iron that
would earn everything so that means that
everything then remains in the hands of
the administrator
which is hard for the thematic sorry
all the right side for persons at the
world or corporations it’s going to have
to make
it’s bought so so it could be a good
idea one of you out there can brace and
have a baby
what you pregnant go for a tour over
here about nine months and you know how
to do and try to get you five people on
the Vatican is no light of the world
I see yeah very interesting yeah and
that’s what the Swiss Guard probably
thank you but it’s it’s it’s a funny
it is a joke the money everything that
they’re using is a joke the money’s a
joke and that’s why I’m
and another really dangerous part about
this and it’s about citizens that have
citizenship they’re coming from other
countries when you when you’re on
Australia and you have citizenship
sreeram become a first-rate corporation
if that corporation is defunct closes
closes your citizenship to this country
goes with
and that is a very soon of disturbing a
few people said no now that can’t be
if you want to apply the law have a Wars
to work in these things are either
Trinity this is this is the operation of
law the operation of the law resides
above the will of any man this is the
will of the people and it’s all set in
place it’s all there it’s just not being
used because we all took contracts to
join the u.s. federal reserve
cooperation with the wordmark
Commonwealth of Australia which I found
something interesting
it’s called the possibility of confusion
and that was in any us to go to the u.s.
information protection whatever their
website whether what so really that dumb
and I was called and go to the glossary
it’s in there and what they’ve done is
they’ve actually breached that law
because that’s like me coming up with
instead of cloak collar I try and
register the cloak and collar yeah it’s
too close but they’ve done exactly that
so that’s what they’ve done they’re
registered is deceptively similar
corporation to in Australia I don’t know
the international trade guys on that it
was Australia if I did what everybody
that’s now in this in the Commonwealth
Australia to object humane
we should we should object to that stop
using the unconscious
the trust would serve the people who say
promise them
it’s not realreal yes to complain about
it if we have to leave this system this
system formed
late and when I was going to be between
I’m Australian yesterday was that
well I think it’ll be nothing
that will be nothing
and when the people of America to United
yeah anyway
it’s good to
to catch up with relevant
this video has been overdue
well 10 years I’m an egoist and years
it’s been worth it to some odd reason
Debbie came up with it I just found
wheeled over
the eraser
– but the organ size you maintain
respect for each other
respect the system
the systems that our respect
guys replies otherwise we never war
well I do about this system also calls
for how much they might not win this war
where the soldiers work out their family
it’s really a break in the tyranny

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