Rob Kardashian Seeks To End Joint Custody With Blac Chyna


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the report The Breakfast Club well in
case you’re wondering what’s going on
with Bootsy badass and webby the two of
them haven’t done any music together for
like the past three and a half years
they don’t have any beef they’re just
not lined up right now here’s what
happened when Vlad asked boo see about
that how come we don’t see boo see and
we’re be together no more need to have a
conversation posted a one since day one
it’s a negative world bruh people enjoy
a negative energy way more than positive
energy if me and B was fighting on this
pic I bet it would get millions of views
and legs but since it’s another pic of
us having a good time enjoying life
let’s see what it does crazy world bro I
will always appreciate web B webby has
provided some great Breakfast Club
interview he has classic material if you
ever want a little chuckle just go
google web being The Breakfast Club and
go back and watch some of those
interviews hilarious all right Rob
Kardashian he wants to get joint custody
taken from blac Chyna he is claiming
that she is a danger so he says that her
that dream their daughter’s behavior has
changed for the worst along with her
personal hygiene because of blac Chyna’s
parenting he says their dream started
naked twerking and acting out sexual
positions that she said her mom taught
her he said his daughter arrives to him
with messy hair dirty teeth and dirty
nails and also dream has a potty mouth
now she says a bitch and what the f and
these are not terms that she hears at
his home yeah right we watch the reality
show we hear the curstyn that goes on
that’s curse at their mom and see all
kinds of crazy things to their mom and
past episodes her heart got a whole
sextape out here what she talked about
now Khloe Kardashian also says because
she’s added to this too she’s noticed a
behavioral change and dream at her
playdates with her cousins
Chloe says when dream first gets back
first gets back from being with Chyna
she’s more in defense mode and is
decidedly more aggressive and also got
physical with another kid in the
gymnastics class last month
kardashian-jenner is what makes y’all
think y’all Saints like people have been
watching y’all antics on television for
years you don’t think they have no
influence on that young woman well we’ll
see what happens but I guess for
whatever reason he’s saying he’s
concerned now blac Chyna and the
meantime has not commented on this whole
situation as of yet the personal hygiene
is the part that would piss me off as a
parent don’t tell me my child stank of
dirty that those that now now we got it
now we got to might have to precede him
hand but the one thing that blac Chyna
did do was right after the story broke
go on social media and she put a nice
and then she posted a fashion Nova ad
with it tell me much our bad telling me
tell me my child not it sneaking dirty
all right now Rob Kardashian also is
considering going to a weight-loss camp
because he does want to be healthier for
his daughter he’s thinking about trying
an intensive weight-loss program they
said he was doing better toward the end
of last year with his weight he knows
it’s mostly a food issue and he really
is trying to be healthier and he was
partly inspired by his siblings Kourtney
Kim and Chloe they’re always working out
thinking about what they eat he wants
this year to be the year when he takes
care of himself
are you go from when he was with blac
Chyna he lost a lot of weight though she
had him working out yeah what was his
hygiene like what it smelled like unto
them titties Rob all right well he’s
been drawing up in town in weeks so it’s
been a difficult time for him and
clearly he’s going through it all right
now let’s talk about hustlers the movie
that might be coming to a Broadway
dustless I saw it
how was he know it’s a really good movie
and isn’t you know there’s a lot of
issues with hustlers because I tell you
about that in a second but it was great
I watched it on the plane okay and I
really enjoyed it
I gotta watch it and so anyway when
asked about whether or not this is
actually going to be coming to Broadway
Hustlas director Lorraine Safari I tell
a variety this where are you at with the
Broadway musical of hustler we’re just
starting but everything I I said it to
them a few months ago that I thought
that would be a good idea that’s all
writing a scratch I am trying
music-wise it gonna be original or we’re
gonna bring in all that fun
older music I think you can have a
little bit of a mix it’s gonna depend
what uh sure lets us do was I have to do
with this um he’s actually in the movie
there’s a scene where he’s in a strip
club okay and that’s it so maybe you
know gotcha
she’s real cool with him but the woman
who was the inspiration for a J Lo’s
character and hustlers is suing the
production company saying that they used
her likeness and her story without
permission and they also defamed her in
the process Samantha barber she’s saying
her suit produces approached her to get
her consent she turned a thumbs down and
they went ahead and did it without her
anyway so she’s suing for forty million
dollars and that’s not directly JLo but
the whole production company and
everything alright I’m Angela Yee and
that is your rumour report

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