Rico Recklezz on Doing 2 Years in Prison, Killa Kellz Catching 3rd Gun Case

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Rico Recklezz and Killa Kellz spoke openly about their experiences with crooked police in Chicago, and Rico revealed that they’d named him “the crazy one.” He added that they put out an APV on him, stating that he’s armed and dangerous and a high risk, which he says is due to him being a gangster rapper.

During the interview, Rico and Kellz spoke about the long summers in prison, adding that in certain Chicago prisons they only allow you to take a shower once a week. Rico also shared how Boosie’s VladTV interview about rappers being killed in their city changed his life.

To hear more of what they had to say, including how they disagree with Russell Simmons about money buying you happiness, hit the above clip.

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