Reporter Quits Her Job Live On Air After Winning Lottery, Finds Out Payout Is Only $5K


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The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.

#BreakfastClub <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

now I’ve been called a lot of my 23
years but donkey of the day is a new one
well doc you today for Wednesday January
8th goes to a TV reporter named Natalia
Escudero Escudero now if you watch The
Breakfast Club on YouTube will see us on
revolt TV and you know there is a young
man who looks like he’s from Iraq or
Iran sitting by a DJ envy no need to be
afraid for any of us because that man’s
name is DJ drama all right don’t let the
beard make you think he’s some type of
terrorist the guy is harmless and he
happens to be Puerto Rican right yep
yeah so I’m gonna lean on him have you
for this one
now today’s donkey of the day I’m sure
the Latino community will appreciate
more because they can understand what’s
going on
even though Spanish is the second
language to so many people here in
America okay my four-year-old gets
taught Spanish in pre-k I do remember
being younger and going to memory
Elementary in Charleston South Carolina
dropping a close bond from memory
Elementary I don’t know let me just
don’t open but they had us in a special
class when he gave us a choice in
learning Spanish or French but it wasn’t
like we’d I knew how to speak it
fluently and I clearly didn’t retain any
of any of that education because the
only thing I know how to speak fluently
it’s pure neuro but enough about me
Natalia escorted arrow that’s good arrow
that’s cool Darrow she is listed as a
Spanish TV reporter and over the
holidays she was covering Spain’s annual
Christmas lottery called El Gordo Gordo
I think I know what that means drum what
does El Gordo mean that grab mp’s mic
it’s that fat big one the fat one right
the big one we’re literals the fat one
yeah I heard Envy muttering that under
his breath yesterday after he received
the mold of my ass now el gordo is the
state-run lottery with the world’s
richest draw both do two point 24
billion euros which is about two point
forty three billion u.s. dollars nearly
fifteen thousand people can have a
winning amount that pays different
amounts according to the travel website
Barcelona yellow the winning number this
year was two six five nine oh and
Natalya was one of the lucky ticket
holders to have the correct number for a
prize worth four hundred thousand euros
which is 444
thousand dollars for each ticket okay
but the prize money can be split in
multiple ways clearly nobody told me to
tell you this and what happened next is
exactly why you don’t eat your empanadas
before they’re cooked now this is where
I need a translator
all my spanish-speaking folks will know
exactly what happened because they
understand Spanish the rest of us have
to rely on myself and DJ dramas to
translate for you okay let’s go to our
TV for the report please
Ramos translate what you just heard okay
so she’s celebrating that she won she’s
got the lady with her that sold her the
ticket okay they’re asking her if she is
gonna go to work tomorrow she says no no
no no no she’s not going to work okay I
think she got champagne RI that’s a
whole big thing okay yeah you’re right
because I was I was reading and they say
what happened was natal you looked into
the camera and said I’m not going in
tomorrow she wagged her finger in front
of the camera and said Natalya doesn’t
work tomorrow her colleagues at the
station didn’t know she had one
Natalya jumped up and down in excitement
she screamed out it’s true it’s not The
Truman Show now if you don’t know what
the Truman Show is it’s the Jim Carrey
movie where his character discovers his
life is a televised situation so she’s
trying to say this is real the crowd is
jumping up and down and y’all popping
bottles of champagne and spraying
champagne like they just won an NBA
championship and the Talia pulled the
woman who sold her the ticket a towards
her and kissed her on the cheek is the
champagne continued to spray Natalya
even repeated her lottery number and she
said she would never forget it and
here’s the thing after quitting her job
live on air because she thought she had
won this huge jackpot she later learned
that her share of this huge jackpot was
only 5,000 euros aka 5,500 American
dollars I don’t even know what that
means tell me a drum would oh God okay
because it’s a Spanish lottery cost 200
euros so to make the game easier to
enter people can buy a decimal
but a decimal decimal a decimal Dec IMO
I don’t know what it is but it’s a temp
of a full ticket all right and a tempura
for twenty to twenty year olds so the
ticket Natalia bought was only a tenth
of a full ticket
share of the prize that’s why she only
got fifty five hundred dollars take that
one day off the next day now members of
the public and Spanish media accused her
of being unprofessional and lying to
viewers she apologized to anyone who
felt defeated by her viewers and she
tweeted an apology for anyone who felt
deceived by her reaction this my friends
is why you don’t count your chickens
until they’re roasted and seasoned with
adobo all right
please give Natalia Escudero Escudero
Escudero the sweet sour did its own
I can see why she would get excited
though because it translates into four
hundred and forty four thousand American
dollars and a lot of people have been
telling me since 2020 they’ve been
seeing 444 a lot not the jay-z album but
you know when they look at clocks and
stuff like that and 444 as a number
sequence that lets you know you have
nothing to fear all is as it should be
in all as well and things that you have
been working on will be successful and
it’s an indication that you are
surrounded by angels who love and
support you and their help is close at
hand so I can understand her being super
super duper excited when I see four four
four I’m like damn I overslept hmm forty
point a month like I should have been up
20 minutes ago yes
all right well thank you for that donkey
today donkey today is brought to you by
the law office of Michael s lamonsoff
don’t be a donkey down pound 250 on your
cell and say to bull if you’ve been hurt
in a construction act

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