Reading Hate Comments & Eating Sweet Potato Pie

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If you try to do anything big, you will be hated. In this video, I’m going to read some hate comments while eating sweet potato pie to show you how to deal with negativity.
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Reading Hate Comments & Eating Sweet Potato Pie
0:11 – When you’re on YouTube you get to see some very interesting comments
1:05 – When you have the Minority Mindset of thinking different than the majority of people, you will be hated and face negativity
2:26 – My background on why I look the way I look
3:49 – My thoughts on sweet potato pie
4:00 – No matter what you do, you will encounter people who who don’t support your dreams you have to keep moving forward
5:25 – Our videos teach financial education, watch them to learn

What Is The Minority Mindset?
The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look or what kind of family you’re from. It’s a mindset.

Give the majority $200 and they will come back with a pair of shoes. Give the minority $200 they will come back with $2,000.

Think from the mindset of a consumer and be the provider, that’s the Minority Mindset. Don’t be the majority. #MIH #GetMoneySmart


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Video host: Jaspreet Singh

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