R. Kelly Girlfriends Joycelyn Savage & Azriel Clarey Box On Camera After One Threatens To "Tell All"


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R. Kelly Girlfriends Joycelyn Savage & Azriel Clarey Box On Camera After One Threatens To “Tell All”
(WATCH VIDEO) https://bit.ly/2t5m4Sl

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#williedlive #joycelynsavage #azrielclarey <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s the family this is not a video in
support or abandon of our Kelly this
video is about betrayal check it out
so our Kelly’s live-in girlfriends
Joycelyn savage and Ezreal Clary they
get into a squabble and our Kelly’s
Trump Plaza condo in Chicago police are
called and they have to take Azrael to
the hospital to attend to her injuries
that she sustained in the fight that she
had with joseline let me back it up a
little bit so they’re fighting on camera
and as reality is talking about looking
out for herself
says she’s going exposed joseline for
the exact same thing that our killer is
in jail for sex with a minor
Johnson I didn’t take that too well so
they start squabbling now Azrael
followed that up with an Instagram post
saying that our Kelly is not who
everybody thinks he is he forced her and
joseline to lie it’s not real none of
the things that he’s saying is real our
Kelly’s lawyer Stephen greenberg said
that he doesn’t believe as real at all
because she’s just trying to get some
publicity he says he has a signed
document from her
that he received after our killing was
already locked up but she said that our
Kelly did not touch her when she was
underage Jocelyn is saying that I meant
not Jocelyn but that’s really saying
that she had six claims she’s claiming
that she had sex with Jocelyn and
another person while she was underage
we’re assuming that she’s talking about
our killer here’s the deal Joss as real
has not been underage for some time now
she’s been free to come and go whatever
she wants she at some point could have
left that whole situation at some point
just like she got him on the video and
made the claims about our Kelly lying
and you know she’s gonna look out for
herself now she made a conscious
decision to look out for herself now so
that means that if she’s if she made a
statement I’m gonna look out for myself
now what was she doing before
did she make a conscious decision not to
look out for herself and to cover for
our Kelly and others and by her being a
grown grown woman and our Kelly being
free as long as he was how many times
does she have under age six sounds like
to me what she’s about to do what she’s
doing is actually exposing herself
because she’s opening herself up for
somebody to come after her I’m certain
that if our Kenny was engaged in
underage sex with her that and he used
older girls
to have sex with her then once she got
of legal age he used her to have
underage sex with other girls and he
probably used her to go get those other
girls if it is true what they’re saying
about him the thing is for me I just you
know for the first and foremost I do
have sympathy for anybody who’s a victim
of sexual assault but I am very very big
on accountability there even my own with
accountability if I do some made man and
I receive a punishment I can take mine
like a man I take it on the chin to deal
with it and I’m not gonna cry about it
not one day I won’t even complain about
it not one day I’ve taken my punishment
from time to time and I do believe in
being able to take your bitter with your
this chick is real I’m not feeling of
what she’s doing so she was there the
whole time when the gig was good and now
that the gettin ain’t so good like she
say she’s gonna look guy for self I’m
just I’m big on like accountability and
I’m big on loyalty if we’re gonna ride
let’s ride we’re gonna write it on the
way out I don’t believe in being a
part-time friend part-time homie
whatever I don’t believe in that you
either with me or you against me there
is no such thing as a part-time friend a
part-time home
laura has no expiration even if you
locked up no motel

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