Queen & Slim star Jodie Turner-Smith "The first men to make me feel beautiful were white men"


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#joshuajackson #queenandslim #jodiesmith <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s that family Queen and slim star
Jodi Turner Smith recently married
Joshua Jackson who is also an actor and
not everyone was wishing them well in
fact Jody went on social media and said
that that mean what in her DMS calling
her bent winches so not everyone is
excited about the union of this black
woman marrying this white guy now Jody
said that the reason why she dates white
man or she prefers to date white man
it’s because white man were the first
ones to call her beautiful she said that
black guys would tell her things like
you’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl
now I’ve heard people say that before
I’ve heard black guys say these type of
things and we do have these type of guys
out there who don’t know who they are
don’t recognize the beauty in that
melanin that dark melanin they don’t get
it and so they say things like that they
give these backhand compliments cuz
that’s what it is
in fact it’s really an insult it’s
really not even a compliment it’s really
an insult but the point is if something
distorted about them to even say
something like that right now I’ve said
it once and I’ll say it again and again
and again I don’t care who the
next mandates I don’t care who he sleeps
with I don’t care who he marries because
I don’t have to be with that person I
just don’t care I don’t have to wake up
to their morning breath I don’t have to
listen to their complaints I don’t have
to be responsible for their safety I
don’t have to worry about whether or not
their budgeting our money correctly or
not I don’t have to worry about if they
out represent me the right way when they
hang out with their girlfriends on girls
night I don’t have to worry about
whether she’s performing well and big
give it satisfied me correctly I ain’t
got to worry about not up there so I
don’t care some people are really really
engaged with it though but not me now
having said that listening to Jody’s
reasoning really made me want to look
into her background because when people
say things like it was white guy that
white man who told me I was beautiful
first I want to know where they come
from so I check that first and foremost
she was born to jamaican parents and a
place called Peterborough northern sure
England a population of 200 mm just over
2% are black according to Wikipedia
several years later they moved to
Gavin’s burg Maryland population 60,000
just over 16 percent black so in both of
these cities they were predominantly
she went to predominantly white
elementary school and middle high school
so the reason why these numbers are
important is because it gives me an idea
of what kind of man a young man she was
around she was around predominantly
white dudes
so it’s not far-fetched for her to first
hear that she’s beautiful
beautiful from a white dude who were
other than her father because the father
I’m sure tell us she’s beautiful all the
time but it’s not quite fish for her to
hear something like that from a white
dude especially in a formidable years
right now that’s all her that’s how she
think that that’s the best I mean she’s
33 years old and that’s the best that
she could come up with that is
mind-boggling to me because no one is
responsible for making you feel
beautiful but you it trips me out when I
hear people who did outside of their
race especially black people male and
female come up with these stupid excuses
these weirdo excuses where they
invariably blame the opposite sex in
their race we got hundreds of millions
of black people in this world man and
women if you can’t find one that’s
suitable if you can’t if you’re really
looking for one that’s suitable and you
can’t find them so you just give up and
that’s your reason for dating outside of
your race
it’s not them it’s you Jody said the
reason she prefers today white man /
black man is because white man was the
first to tell her she’s beautiful Josh
might be a terrific guy but the irony is
that it was white man who first created
the propaganda machine that told the
whole world your dark melanin was not
good enough was not desirable was ugly
but I get it it’s always the black man’s
father no moto

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