Queen & Slim Movie Review


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Queen & Slim is a 2019 American romantic drama film directed by Melina Matsoukas (in her feature directorial debut) and written by Lena Waithe, from a story by James Frey and Waithe. The film stars Daniel Kaluuya, Jodie Turner-Smith, Bokeem Woodbine, Chloë Sevigny, Flea, Sturgill Simpson and Indya Moore. Described as a modern day take on the legend of Bonnie and Clyde, the plot follows two African-Americans who must go on the run after killing a police officer during a traffic stop gone wrong.

Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip3iE416WxE

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hey hey this is the star report Sunday
afternoon Queen and slim movie review I
just left the theater about an hour ago
got my receipt right there huh 12:30
showing uh and I want to talk about this
film the new black standard let me jump
out the window right now the new black
standard if you have not seen the film
take wifey hold her hand oh she’s gonna
cry she’s gonna cry in the middle of the
film at the end of the film people did
not want to leave their seats when the
credits were rolling love Jones was the
standard for a lot of years love Jones
but this film the new black standard in
post today’s show is a black show
today’s show the black show alright um
phone lines open cash app super chat we
had some technical difficulties earlier
never mind that I’m here for the
get-down I’m gonna be objective but I
have to say again this was a good film
not a great film a good film there was
something that was a disconnect for me
but I don’t want to make that you know
an issue for some of you if you’re in a
black love relationship you will enjoy
this film
no sense in even trying to hate you will
enjoy it
wifey will be in tears when you take her
home she will give you sloppy toppy she
will act right for the next 24 hours
she’s gonna be texting her friends she’s
gonna be up on the gram up on Twitter
give me a second I want to make sure
everything is running smoothly here I
got a couple of cash apps from earlier
King Bankhead was popping I see you
homie salute he scented a donation thank
you sir had some issues with you the
phone line earlier never mind that we
have to talk about this film then no
black standard have you seen it if you
have not you have to go you have to go I
don’t know what’s going on on Twitter
right now something about because the
actors Queen and slim and that’s not
their names in the film look let’s be
clear but there’s something going on on
Twitter a whole is hating on this film
are you miserable you have to be
miserable to hate on this film and
that’s coming from the objective hater
I’m not gonna spoil the ending I’m not
gonna do that to you that’s what I
usually do but tonight today apart me
today this evening I’m not gonna spoil
the ending but I have to say salute to
the nig in the gold teeth
this was his come up come on now also a
few things that were on the table before
we get into the discussion and ladies I
need a co-host because Dana’s not
available she’s at work Dana and I spoke
earlier she’s still just crying Bostic
Ronnie she’s not available but I need a
female co-host I think Aisha sent me a
cash app she said she saw the from hey
Aisha if you want to UM send me an email
tell me what number you’re gonna be
calling it from I will pick up Aisha I
think she said area code five to zero
wife he’s gonna cry and let me just say
to the pimps hold wifey’s hand cut the
phone’s off if you’ve got kids so the
kids don’t bother you let wife you had
that moment huh she’s gonna be crying
yeah um I got a few few notes here also
but I want to focus on this film and and
pardon me folks the in the Chiron’s you
will see would you die for your black
queen this film is about a man who threw
his life away yes he did
he hadn’t even sampled the goods threw
his life away PO
please pull them over the action get
started fast in this film so just just
know that action get started fast and
again I’m gonna just make reference to
them as Queen insulin but that’s not
their names in the film and please stop
with this whole Bonnie and Clyde thing
that takes away from the beauty of this
love story this is a love story these
are not people riding around you know
robbing shit I mean there’s a little
scene where you know they need gas but
note that the intention is not to be you
know disruptive within society that’s
not the intention of this film and
that’s coming from the objective hater
this is a good film only scale to 1 to 5
I would give it a um a 4 not a 5 but
I’ve given a four what say you phone
lines open and we get some some folks to
talk about this film from the heart
don’t follow my lead down the path
because I’m gonna go down a certain path
I myself would not throw my life away
for a female and and I’ll even I’ll even
be a little a little um over the top
female and I’m not gonna say a black
female but a female that’s got that
sassy thing you know when the cops pull
us over
bitch close your mouth because my life
is on the line
don’t be talking to the cop add to the
conversation close your mouth that’s
what happened but again this was a good
film so I don’t want to I don’t want to
start this whole thing but ah well you
know here’s what’s wrong in society and
and yadi don’t do that
let this be a love story that people Oh
Momo I see you sir sit tight let this be
a love story that that black females
have can I get an amen in the live chat
huh have you seen the film black women
deserve this film and that’s coming from
a white woman lover yeah whose bags okay
Dana a horse you’re Dana so don’t listen
let black
and had this film amen sipping on cran
grebe who got my punk ass up this
morning early I’m back on that sussed
300 got up in the gym powder gun shows
back and who’s that and said can’t
relate cuz my wife is Asian ooh
Arturo talkin reckless okay hang on a
second I’m looking for Aisha first she
sent in a cache are you calling in
darling area code five to zero let me
make sure I am pay close attention to
her who else Rizzy de god 94 Grafton
Nostra he says I’m on a 661 hold on that
man said spent scrilla brizzy’s that you
sir visita God hello yes sir good
afternoon good evening have you seen
this this film the new black standard
man I haven’t seen it but I’m gonna go
see you right after work
surprise I gotta be honest I’m surprised
you want to go see you you really don’t
I know you don’t like spending money on
the black black hang on no listen man
what I do on this microphone I have to
be prepared I have to be up to speed I
can’t just be sitting back and you know
commenting I don’t do my homework I
spent hold on seven dollars and sixty
nine cents and I kept my receipt okay
give me my props okay so listen okay so
you haven’t seen the film but can you
answer the second question
well the question would you die for your
black queen to have a black queen my
mother a black queen okay
I’m young
an American man I’m I’m trying to get
into being a pan-africanism trying to
get into that stuff they just I love my
black queen dilute the black queen right
– the black queen all that stuff the
question is would you die we go black
queen because this man slim threw his
life away over his black this black
woman would you die if your black queen
for a black man I’m not necessarily but
I thank you for the clothes thank you so
much here and I’m really gonna take my
time here this uh this evening because I
don’t wanna say the wrong thing like you
know just turn this into something else
oh and let me just say before I forget I
watched the Irishman with Robert DeNiro
Al Pacino and who else was in that film
Joe Pesci trash that was trash is this
mold facts area code 703 Moffat what are
you doing third yes sir how will you we
spoke briefly earlier uncharged I went
to the movies I spent my money for the I
gave my money to the black community
this is good film Oh have you seen it no
I won’t be seeing it because I know what
it is as I always say you know saying
I’m always gonna stand on my square with
this and say hey they give and when they
see us and all these other movies is
trauma-based mind control trauma based
entertainment and it’s exactly what you
said it’s gonna get black dudes out here
lettin a so-called quote-unquote Queen
act up and they’re gonna 30 lakhs away
put yourself in a bad situation
no I won’t participate in that
tomfoolery Wow mo going ten toes down
I gotta respect it I got a respective
here’s the thing with me you know I had
to go see it so that way you know this
microphone that can be informed there’s
a little dust being kicked up because
actors are not african-americans but I
didn’t think that they needed to be do
you know what’s going on and oh oh
there’s more dust you know I always come
with the facts you say the same is how I
get the name old fast and on the casting
call they asked for a woman and this is
from the direct this is no I’m coming
straight from the facts here backstage
casting call they said they wanted a
woman if she was a slave she worked in
the fields and we have a tough exterior
for a reason
they wanted I feel slave for the poor
Queen okay so I mean this is what I said
when you see people like Lena wait she
wants to be a black man and then what
she wish she would get on the UH when
she gets on making her movie she wants
to put the black man and the subordinate
subservience why I would not participate
and watching films like this but then
she wants to parade around Hollywood
call herself a woman while when wearing
the costume with a black man so no I
don’t have any love for her at all Wow
hold on mo you’re talking about Lena
wait she’s the the screenplay writer
this was someone else correct yes
someone else’s concept and then she took
it and she added on to it we broke that
down Friday so I’m gonna go back into
that whole thing unless someone else
wants to but um I thought the chemistry
between the two Queen and slim I thought
it worked from the story it wasn’t
that was good chemistry between these
two oh yeah I mean I’m no doubt I don’t
think it’s a fine piece of what was
what’s the word I want to use if you
want to say art you know I mean they
make high qualities and feelings I’m not
a hater in that standpoint that they
don’t put quality work out there and my
thing is the question the motives of the
work and when I when I was listening to
her talk because I saw on a silver show
that she’s like you know we’re gonna
name the woman Queen and then the dude
was slim they were at like slim they’re
like this is what we call an ordinary
dude around the neighborhood slim it’s
my hole so you want to call it the warm
and clean to be worshipped but then you
want an ordinary black man and then
there was like all queens of 80s and
non-believer bla bla bla
Oh slim is a standing you know good guy
and he’s supposed to throw his life away
brothers know it’s all your life away on
somebody not working let me commit let
me let me clarify on another question
said yes I would die for my black woman
okay because she put that time in for me
that’s my wife right but you were saying
throwing my life away I had told my life
away for nobody
okay listen mo I appreciate you ma’am
but I’m gonna get some ladies on the
phone that have seen this film I thought
it was a good film not great but you
know there’s some things I do want to
point out and again I’ve already said I
myself will not throw my life away you
know for a female that was out of pocket
okay Oh Dana’s on the line all should
hold on mo I would not throw my life
away for woman that you know that is out
of pocket she was out of pocket the cop
pulled pulled him over he had the window
rolled up the cop had to save all the
window down he had the music on you know
so it went left hold on a second Dana
said you’re lying about something
Dana with the smoke are you there Dana
yeah can you hear me good evening Dana
how are you I’m good we spy door Dana
who spoke earlier us you Network um
what’d you pull it in what’s going on
yeah I don’t know way you got will you
get it from saying and they wanted a
fill please okay yeah that’s that’s that
but Lina wait the producer she heard and
the director wanted an unknown actress
who was not a feature actress they
wanted a newcomer and he wanted someone
to be dark-skinned so maybe that’s how
the white media wants to describe a
dark-skinned woman oh this is what the
film puts out what I’m looking for for a
character and let me read it for you
okay guys one at a time when time oh can
you finish what were you reading always
yes it says what they looking for she’s
brown skin if she were
a slave she would have worked in the
fields she has a tough exterior for a
reason that in the actual casting call
okay wait wait so what is your problem
with that because she’s Darcy and that’s
how people portray that’s how people see
dark skin dark skin women if she wanted
a unknown actress and the purpose of um
wanting or start skin woman it’s because
the way the character is clean it out
and that movie shows you just how
feminine and beautiful she is it was all
about taking down the myths of how
people see is the stereotypes but why
would you use a stereotype to take down
a stereotype that makes no sense well as
far as that that that media magazine who
write that no this is the cat in it
we’re not talking about a TV or anything
like that we’re talking about that okay
let me look like a girl cuz I’m Network
and I seen just Punk you on his phone so
it’s not cutting me off now I’ll let you
speak let me speak dirt that magazine
which is what white owned cuz we’re
still talking about Hollywood they want
to show win descriptions like that
because that’s how they see dark-skinned
women but that green play that Lina
wrote is to let people see the to break
down the stereotypes and take you on a
journey of seeing this woman is not only
dark-skinned but she’s feminist she’s
beautiful she’s sensitive she’s all of
that she’s intelligent no I’m not a
magazine there are you listening what’s
this I have to do with the room but she
caused that man to throw his life away
Dana can you agree on that uh okay so
that first part of that movie I was like
yeah I think yeah we go hang on a second
mo yeah she got out the car she got out
the car supposed to issue all that stuff
I’m reaching for my phone huh wow this
thinking she know every thought is shot
what do you reasonable about fuck is he
exactly no and
and that’s what I’m saying I had all
those stereotypes of a black woman being
sassy talking back yes during that scene
and bought it in of that movie it was a
total opposite of how I saw her because
during the movie we remember that cop
killed the innocent black man and I’ll
pull over what was that that’s what they
claimed but Dana I want to stick to
stick to what we actually saw because
anyway listen mo I’m gonna bring some
other people in that have seen the film
I want to give you your last word mo I
thank you for calling in what do you
want to say you’re not going to go see
it right no I would not spend my money
at a theater to go see if it’s all you
know Sam BT two years from now I might
check it out well about me if you see a
woman put you in a position to throw
your life away go the other way let her
get shot in the roadside you should gain
a hold on a second hold on D and stay
right there mo facts on the check in
salute to that money blue sends in a
cash yep thank you sir he says respect
star og salute thank you I’m still
looking for Ayesha area code five to
zero I think that’s her okay are you
sure hang on a second I see why you
should just stay right there is
everything okay so Dana let me finish up
with you I know you at work you said
this film renewed your interest in black
men the other day can you explain that
please yes it made me fall in love with
the black man again I just uploaded a
movie review on this on my channel and
basically I said this is why I would
never choose any other man except for
the black man I wouldn’t do it because
that that movie yeah it just it renewed
that in me it just reminded me of why
black men are so important okay
now Dana I have to ask the question
please don’t don’t take this the wrong
way does that mean you’re done watching
gay black porn with the black men are
you done with that oh no because I like
I said before I do that for research
purposes and gay black men need love too
let’s talk later if I’m still alive when
you get off assuming objection right
yeah well I’m a call back in somebody
trying to talk to reckless about this
movie but Dana with this smoke okay hold
on I think Aisha is on the line guys let
me just reset here for a second so I saw
the film Queen and slim I enjoyed it and
went this afternoon at 12:30 showing I
had a good seat relaxed I didn’t do
popcorn and Reese’s Cups as I always do
I wanted to soak up everything so that I
could come back and be fair and
objective this is a good film this is
the new black standard the new black
love standard Oh wife he’s gonna cry
expect her to cry let her have that
moment as I said me personally no female
black white Hispanic Asian when I’m
talking to the cop shut your mouth don’t
say nothing don’t ask the cop nothing
don’t question nothing let me handle it
I’m the type of guy I cut the lights on
hands at 12 o’clock wallet
license and insurance is already in my
hand the windows down and the engine is
off sometimes I take the keys out and
put them on top of the roof comply or
die that used to be my old model back in
2001 storm Buckwald she’ll comply or die
but he threw his life away fucking
around with the Queen again that that
wasn’t their names in the film but I
thought it worked
let me eat you on the line she sent in a
cash yet hey Aisha is that you area code
five to zero
how are you how are you thank you
donation and pardon me for the mix-up
phone lines
okay you saw this film okay okay
opening night yes oh my gosh yes I have
been waiting forever so I went and
thought opening night you know speaking
of things to my black queen my boyfriend
did not want to go to see it he was
going like the same type of stuff mo is
on so instead I took my dad to see it
okay and he we had so much fun like um
you know the sex scene was like a little
awkward whatever cuz there was a lot of
kids to the movies but like honestly as
adults like I thought sure I thought it
was beautiful like I have nothing bad to
say about it another great movie okay
can I ask how old you and keep it real
are you the type if you’re in that
passenger seat and your boyfriend’s
talking to the cops or are you you know
trying to talk to the cop too or do you
do you zip it keep it real I’m 27 and
absolutely not because my mom is that
type and she got my dad into like a lot
of you know sticky situations doing
speaking like that I learned through her
not to do that okay I’m not coming down
on the film because of that I’m just
pointing that out and I you know when
that happened I said aw shit this bitch
you know but um oh yeah I thought the
chemistry between them was good
well-written and you know the execution
and again this is not Bonnie and Clyde
they’re not going around robbing shit
you know and uh and I I’d like to end
him what you think about the ending
don’t spoil it but what you think about
the ending oh my god well you know what
somebody already spoiled it for me if I
knew what I was going into but even
still it caught me off guard and of
course just like I was crying like
uncontrollably like you get so
emotionally invested and attached to the
I just feel like it personally oh my I
personally what it happened I’m glad you
liked the two stars if I would expect a
year of you to be a lot different
I’m pleasantly surprised that you liked
it well you know again and I always try
to hammer this home with people I’m the
objective hater not a player hater I’m
in a great place I had been for decades
you know life is good so I’m not gonna
go in and be miserable and grumpy I love
the holidays so I mean you know I can
acknowledge something when it’s well put
together it’s well put together didn’t
have a whole lot of gay stuff in here
there was a transgender in the film did
you know that oh my god yes I knew that
and um that was one of the things my dad
brought up and I was just like you know
what the heck does that have to do with
anything like I think you didn’t know I
think you didn’t know that the lady was
like a trans innocent oh maybe he was
like eyeballing her through the film and
then once he found out he was like super
put off and I like that far I’m an elf
okay but also they spiked the guy with
the gold teeth that was my nigga I
thought it was going to be the black who
would’ve like pulled a fast one on them
like I’m not gonna be moving away but
you know how i yeah I thought it would
have been shown yeah but I know when
star cuz I was just like oh you guys was
just like smoking up a lot rolling off
into the sunset like this just seems too
good to be true like it was oh man I
wish more people would have seen the
movie star but thank you thank you you
got me feel like my undergrad in the
classes I used to listen to I was an
undergrad the star report I love I love
Dana mo haulers like all your
commentators Ronnie you know I think
Ronnie’s on the line I’m going to bring
her in shortly but um thank you and
your boyfriend you might want to take
him to see it convincing oh yeah he
wanted he we went to see 21 bridges and
we just watch the I was like the iris
the worried iris man slashed Irishmen
was trash those trash thank you so much
you should thank you you’re welcome
yeah you have to take why you feel let’s
not even play that game I fucking with
that film if you want to call in and
keep it real if you have not seen the
film that’s fine but the question is
right there would you die for your black
I’ve had two situations with black women
and they they just did something that
made me say whoa whoa slow it down and I
don’t I don’t want to get too much into
detail because one of them she might be
watching now she strayed away from me
late night and a situation occurred I
didn’t know what the fuck was going on
and I said hey stay close to me don’t be
no bouncing around like shit is gravy
you know if I gotta pulled the blame her
out everybody’s getting shot including
you might be setting me to fuck up hb2
and uh good evening sir he sends it a
donation store I saw Dennis review of
the movie sounds like the black male
sacrificing himself for a black woman
propaganda not from me
but let BW have their fantasies okay he
means black women okay sugar G hey sugar
G sends in a super check biggest
takeaway the story is out of pocket
holes will always take you down I’m
showing this to my baby mother judge and
that’s why I’m that’s why you know I’m
keeping a real I would not throw my life
away for a female if you
you’re out of pocket you talking when
I’m talking to cotton in a concert bow
no shoots shoots of Beeman I’m a look at
you sir hey what the hell’d you do my
life is too goddamn precious bummy davis
okay bummy you’re into me sir not now
can you talk about the other film come
on man he’s into me
no homo fuck out he hit that shit man
like a blood clot said he said salute
thank you sir Nicole 7m hey Nicole she
says pickup 302 let’s get some females
in the line here folks today is today’s
a black show I don’t see you Nicole
three two I’ll come back in the in the
queue in a second a VL good afternoon
sir afternoon evening all times it’s
5:15 okay it’s evening have yellow yeah
sure happy oh yeah how’s it going man
how you alright alright so yeah I just
want to give you give you a little bit
of objective hate on this because any
time any time you see any time one of
these movies make these black women
react inside such a manner where they’re
posting on Facebook and agreeing with
each other poison and meant to divide
women these women develop a false a
false envisionment of what a black man
is supposed to be in whom he should be
to her and then they start trying to
tell a black man who he’s supposed to be
so if you take my if you take the way
I’m reacting you’re reacting Mo’s react
and even the last Carla’s boyfriend
reacted you you get you get like I said
the false envisionment what a man is and
then eventually it becomes divisive
because the woman starts resenting the
man for not being a picture of what
these movie characters are so black
people in general are very easy to
they see these characters in these
movies and even down to King mo a kill
monger who was the Marvel superhero
these are supposed to be representative
of real-life people and then that
becomes what the division is so yeah I
don’t have too much to say I just wanted
to put that inside stay with me I like
what we’re what we’re talking I stay
with me and again I’m being objective
and I’ve already said I myself would not
throw my life away for a female you know
I’m saying but now to be fair we’ve had
these movies over the decades the
centuries promoting white propaganda
we’ve had Jennifer Aniston making all
these comedy love comedy films about
what what the white male is supposed to
do he’s supposed to raise her up on a
pedestal he’s supposed to worship her
he’s supposed to ignore all these other
females black Hispanic and praise her so
so you’re saying don’t give the black
woman that much energy what’s the
difference between that is that it’s not
it’s not a hinderence to the black men
of the white man success or at life in
fact you know they don’t look at the
white man and a white woman is about
looking at a film and expecting reality
to shift because of the film okay it
might have a little a few women drinking
some wine talking about their husband
but you ain’t going home demanding that
their husbands act the way Joey was
acting on Seinfeld or something like
that or friends or whatever okay so at
the end of the day that they’re not
being affected nearly as much as we are
so I’m not and I’m not taking the shot
at dinner but when I hear it and I get
on the line and she’s her she’s an
echoing the same thing that I’m seeing
on Facebook with these women right in
the whole goddamn excuse my language
list of things of always men should act
and all of the things men gotta do to
satisfied and I instantly understand
this is meant to divide and create a
problem between men and women in the
black community because were so easy to
manipulate oh hold on a second
I thought Bostick money was on the line
hold on ivl yeah
I got off to a rough start pardon me if
I’m missing some of your calls okay
Ronnie he said she was on the line I
don’t know what happened I’ll check back
in a second I’m Dana says I’m on the
line let me get at this ho ass nigga Wow
hold on I don’t even come at her like
that I’m on the line okay okay no she
just said pardon me shaking my head get
ahem late okay listen up y’all Thank You
Man I appreciate the call and uh are you
gonna go see the film or no I’m not what
can I tell you something about copper
real quick before I get off policemen
yeah I just wanted to tell you you
should actually be happy about this
copper thing because the whole walking
on eggshells things that you’ve been
having to do lately is going away they
actually bring in monetization for
r-rated an adult content so you’ll be
able to go back to being the regular
regular star after they implement these
new changes after the new year second
because I’m not walking on eggshells I
mean you know I’m a businessman I’m not
trying to you know be cutting-edge just
because you know everybody else is
talking about uncensored unfiltered
yadda yadda yadda I’m a businessman so I
go with the flow
with regards to you know my brand and my
direction there’s other things I’m doing
outside of YouTube so I just don’t want
all the cursing in the profanity anyways
it’s time to just you know make a shift
you’re filming but hold on a second then
it did :
Danny you’re back on the line Danny with
the smoke yes why there every time you
get off every time you call in as far so
you got to say my name you are a stalker
and have you seen the movie it’s not
every time but I didn’t you have okay
okay so just not right there you haven’t
seen a movie but you trying to the pain
and a lot something that you haven’t
done research in so that makes you
unintelligent and you created a false
narrative why don’t you go see the movie
and then you could criticize it Oh
we didn’t listen to anything that I said
if you still ask me what you say is
irrelevant it doesn’t make sense you
just want to get on here and say my name
so people can subscribe to your channel
because I’m the one that’s not true if
you look at the comments everybody was
saying affects the whole time I was
speaking I wasn’t saying nobody cares
about you yeah unimportant nobody knows
you okay regret so many knows you know I
could call any time I want your ambition
is life is to stay a short cook so why
don’t you just keep flipping burgers and
go see the movie Becky have an
intelligent debate or conversation with
somebody that doesn’t hurt are you
trying to make a real point or no you
want to pamper your family a little boy
for now stop acting like a child
go see the movie and then you can have a
grown-up conversation so you can’t call
the pig called me because you see two
black people on the screen that are rot
and die for each other that are making
love you see and you saw the trailer and
you want to come to a hateful conclusion
you have even watched it so whatever you
say it makes no sense it’s not important
that’s what I’m saying because you have
not done the research okay guys I’m
gonna cut it short Ave y’all thank you
for your cash and thank you for your if
you call someone’s name then I like to
bring them back in on the UM on the call
hold on a second and I think oh damn it
Nicole I’m sorry I just I cut you off by
mistake Nicole can you call back in I’m
doing too much Nicole
damn it I just cut her off by mistake
she sent in a donation
area code 302 mr. greenbacks on the
check in via super jet slew star just
checking in I got a new well playing
state job while paying upon me therefore
I may have the hook-up on the official
state soap I’ll keep you posted
yo seriously holler at me and for those
who don’t know about the state soap it’s
got its got all sorts of stuff in there
that really clears up bacteria on your
body and people who go to the
penitentiary know what I’m talking about
that state soap No
thank you for your donation hang on guys
what is this this has nothing to do with
the show let me mention something else
before I bring in area code 302 I hung
up on her by mistake
both them John’s brother you know going
back to the amber Geiger trial he’s
gonna receive an ethical Courage Award
you guys know about that
both them John’s brother I forget his
name that that’s the guy who was on the
stand and he said to uh the judge mammy
mammy can I hug her please please mammy
and mammy said yeah go ahead they’re
giving him an award somewhere also thank
you two other two people that sent me
literally video footage of the Jamaican
down there in Florida the guy who
blocked the ak-47 and then killed the
gunman he’s not doing Club appearances
you know I saw the footage he’s on stage
doing Club appearances holy smokes
all right um hold on a second let me see
if I can find Nicole area code 302
Nicole can you call back again I hung up
on you by mistake it’s just the homie
number nine Jeanne Richman is that you
every code 203 amen yes from you man
what’s going on we spoke on Thanksgiving
Day what’s poppin yeah oh you had a
great turkey day and just good to hear
for you to call me
yes well I’m gonna need you in late
January before that pilot state
seriously stay in touch with me okay but
come on what’s going on all as well
and I’m all put together okay I needed a
well-deserved sabbatical I just came
back from Mexico I’m feeling good
okay let’s keep it clean keep it clean
have you seen this film queen and swim
well I first started I did not see the
movie so I so my my idea of what this
film is about will only come from just
an opinion of a man who has not seen the
I’ve watched several reviews and I’ve
talked to certain people well for
starters I like to say you really do
like doing shows for blacks because this
is a black show you just said bright
it’s a black show today we don’t like
today it’s a black show because this
film it’s a black love story and he and
he plans to go see it your plans to go
see it oh yeah I won’t go see it I
talked to Dana I wish she convinced me I
haven’t seen all black women on the
internet saying all this stuff and you
know given these weird commentary so I’m
going to go see the film nice I
typically don’t go I typically don’t go
see war movies I don’t go see walk
movies but from what I gathered from
this film like you said a mile deep
black woman and the dark of the black
woman the worst she is she ruin a black
man’s life he’s that enough that enough
cost me to go see this film but I just
don’t like wolf movies but I will go see
this film did you see the classic back
in the days love Jones yeah of course
with Loretta state and uh Deborah Cox me
alone yeah she was like there’s a new
church show with a black woman on CBS
that show will fill they always want to
put a black woman that sassy they always
want to make the black woman sassy all a
Hispanic woman can be a certain way
white women could be a certain way
but anytime a black woman comes on a
show she has to be sassy she has to have
an attitude hollaback we after you see
this film I want your a-game what your
a-game on this film you’ve got black
sisters you’ve got a black Dora your
daughter’s what dove 13 14 up again
she’s 50 she’s raised by the way but yes
okay that’s a guy’s okay I’ve listened
man stay in touch and remember I need
you late January I need you in Atlanta
for that for that taping all right I’m
gonna forget you just want to take a
stab at me you didn’t forget okay all
bullshit Ronnie did send me a text and
I’m so looking for Nicole who I
accidentally hung up on Nicole area code
302 you sent to the donation I
appreciate that
I got hb2 n whole in a second also I
want to mention yeah let me just go left
for a second who is Shannon Brown is
this monica’s ex-husband Monica the
singer I saw a picture of him I guess
it’s him on the shade room he’s just
turned 34 years of age he’s now gone
blonde he took a picture when he just
got out the shower wet topless
is he coming out or I mean that that’s
some realty I shouldn’t really be
talking about that but uh just somebody
I think this is uh
Nicole’s at you Nicole area code 302
yeah hey my apologies for hanging up on
your head a little phone issues can you
turn that down in the background please
we got a little echo you turn it down
yeah okay okay
did you see the film the new black
standard Queen and slim
and so cleaning to a mine I will say
that that movie is a little short is
my only issue with it is some of the
things that happen in the film was a
little unbelievable like the part where
they decide to not kill that Sheriff
that they you know ran into when they
ran out of gas that was not smart I
think that they hope as a drug and this
this film filled us with too much hope
we actually mostly surprised the leaves
that they were maybe going to make it to
Cuba but the problem is why they
probably didn’t make it is they didn’t
kill enough people now wait a minute can
I ask how old you and how old you I’m 33
and I’m from Jamaica New York sound like
you belt that Boulevard so you felt that
they should have killed the sheriff and
the one that they put in the trunk I
don’t want to spoil them film but you
thought that Queen should be killed a
lot of people they should come on yes
they should have killed him cuz they
should have killed him that wasn’t smart
they’re gonna find the car and he’s
gonna give them information
the next person nation to kill was the
boy’s father that they got to get the
food and the one that was talking about
his mother he got mad holes they
should’ve killed him too they said let’s
take him to the hospital you know this
is like if you’re gonna do something you
got to do it a thousand percent you
can’t just do it half act like if you’re
gonna be a cop killer you gotta like
kill everything moving are you married I
think I want you are you yeah are you
engaged what’s going on with you
actually I’m actually single now so I’m
listen any plans to come to a land I
always say you
oh yeah I’m definitely I can definitely
come to Atlanta okay I’m dead-ass if you
find the time shoot me a DM Oh a picture
is something but anyway so um do you
reckon do you recommend this film to
other people because myself the
objective hater I paid my money I
enjoyed it I recommend this to couples
black couples they should go see this
film i yes I I’m glad that you actually
did this with you and that’s why I call
them because that might people really
need to talk about this I recommend the
movie to black couples I I’d like how I
really wasn’t feeling clean at first
because I felt like she was just like
she had to stick up her ass and she
really mean you know the guy was really
nice to her yeah but it was like I feel
like the theme of this the movie was
like black love is a form of
revolutionary suicide because if you
think about it like they had no choice
but to just go with it because they
didn’t know how much longer they had and
I think that’s the way that you have to
look at love like when you can
experience it like enjoy it to its
fullest you know for those who know the
story of Romeo and Juliet it’s it’s you
know it’s love over everything I love
you more than life itself
right yeah and that crossed my mind to
the Romeo and Juliet I grew to like the
blacks of Bonnie and Clyde that’s not it
I wanted them to bond inside and maybe
they could have made it to you but if
they like have more body and they need
their lay people down and that was the
thank Nicole thank you for your donation
and send me that picture when you get
time all right
oh okay baby talk to you soon all right
Thomas uh good evening sir I got your
cash at let me slow it down doing too
much sipping some Ocean Spray
cran-grape was in the gym this morning
again you know feel-good area code for
7-0 give me a second I’ll get to you
Thomas I see you sir and is that Luke
Haney oh I see area code 9 I think
that’s him
lucania is that you 909 yes are you
doing Luke a knee from the Congo
good evening sir how are you I’m pretty
good I’m good good did you see this new
classic the new black standard Quinn
insulin no I didn’t watch it I feel like
it it’s a movie for couples you know and
for couples to discuss situations like
this one right like you said info if a
woman puts you in a position where you
have to keep your your life away
especially on the first day she’s
probably not the right one in my opinion
you know I feel that you should you
should never lose track of that right so
you don’t you you don’t want to die for
somebody that you barely know but like
more said I think if it’s your wife that
she’s not putting yourself in the
position where you have to compromise
yourself yeah maybe but when I hang on
Luke Annie do you plan to see the film
do plan is I respect what you’re saying
I feel the same way I’m not done in for
you know a female making a dumb decision
that jeopardizes my existence but do you
plan to see the film I will see it but
I’m not gonna spend money on it you know
I’m gonna watch it on Amazon Prime or
something like that maybe five months
from now okay
you know for free well do you not want
the black woman to have her mo
bitch do not know you know what them to
even feel good about a film that has
come out that thank you milady you know
me what I’m having that that uh that
satisfaction no you know I think that
black women should have these moments
for them right but they should never did
they should not keep track of reality
right because this is this is a fairy
tale right no real truth is when I died
for you on the first day like I’m the
type of guy like look on the first page
you acting crazy I’m gonna tell gather
cars my life yeah I let you let me go
you Katie thank you for calling me
asleep Thank You Lou Kenny alright
yes okay Lou Kenny : Wow blade on the
check and be a super Jack leading sir he
says star here putting respect on the
name of a snitch ass gold tooth Florida
nigga that was my guy I don’t want to
give it away but yeah man salute to that
nigga with the gold teeth huh
counting all them stacks that’s a good
boy let me look alive jacket can I get
an amen on the snitch that was just come
up that was just come up exactly hey
Zack Lee are you okay do you want to
call in shoot me an email I don’t know
what the hell happened in a Friday show
did we do a show Saturday I forget your
front if um there’s like 50 replies to
Zack Lee something to happen
it’s crazy okay um thank you blade if
you donation bush kid on the check and
he says star it it okay he meant to say
it’s it’s just another film on how
destroy a black man life the number for
a big mouth black woman hashtag they
should have put her down I’m not going
to spoil it but thank you Bush kid and
to be objective and fair you know what
we have to ask ourselves are we being
too critical again if you think about
some of these white propaganda films
where you know the white man just mows
people down for his white queen goddess
partly goddess that’s the whole concept
behind the blonde here in America for
those of you who don’t know that’s why
you have these these Caucasian females
and the Hispanics that dye their hair
so they can have the goddess effect and
everybody can be in awe and fall to
their feet are we being too critical are
we not looking at it as just a piece of
art III know I’m a female out here in
Atlanta and if she hasn’t seen this film
I might I might take her she’s not my
steady girl from everything like that
but you know I think she would enjoy it
if she doesn’t have plans to go already
who is this how do you say your name sir
something karate EPS system karate a
great show Brooklyn has your back
okay system self-defense club thank you
sir Adelphi
I appreciate that sir but I’ve got my
own back yeah I mean I’m no tough guy
but I just I got my own back I don’t I
don’t like to you know to move with a
bunch of people I learned my lesson
niggas get you in the lawsuits you know
I and again I have been told by two
judges the next time you pull it out mr.
terrain you better use it don’t pull it
out wave it that’s a charge
brandishing a firearm but thank you sir
um who’s on the line here okay I’m
coming back to guerillas oh I think four
seven I want to get a piece of the
action here
area code four seven zero is that uh
Thomas good evening sir yo yo yo yo yes
yes yes yeah me clearly I’m clear how
are you okay good good in your throat
Queen and slim have you seen it yes I
thinking I thought it was treble and I
kind of like fucked out supported it say
again you said it was trash yeah come on
like I thought they had an excellent yes
I put they had the excellent chance to
like bring forth plot that definite need
to be highlighted and that’s one all
black man in fear of his life and who
defends him something just Don white
officer yeah like I’ve heard the could
is like there’s so much wrong with my
plot like why would a lawyer advised you
to run why would the lawyers on her
personal I just a black woman at general
we’re in 2019 why would you go in your
well I why you put it over so and I just
thought they were addicted like they’re
like so much more that’s why I thought
it like it was a bill it was a good idea
and getting into a deputy’s life we need
to be highlighted about but he could do
more with it okay okay I I respect your
opinion but um yes she was a lawyer but
she had internal issues her and her
mother did you hear what she was saying
about her her mother her mother mother
was trying to hang on her mother was
trying to make a connection she rejected
her mother she took a detour and drove
to the cemetery where her mother was
buried she had issues so yes he was
lawyer but she had internal a stain that
that could have led her to be this
defiant bitch you know fuck everything
fucking about and if you remember she
said when he uh slim asked her can you
just leave your family what’d she say
I got camera exactly family I said yes I
can leave that caught that man whose one
you brought that man laughing like I
think how’s the white black bitch oh
just a minute general I was thinking
like we should just be able to like
sacrifice our lives for one bit we got
one life can you go a step further sir
would you die for your black queen take
a step further you know you know I would
think that I out wouldn’t Bobby but the
shoe kind of has to be on your foot like
I’ll be being addition that cuz like
we’re gonna forget to the widow
providers though I thought I ended on my
foot I father sir just say no keep it
trill come on man stand on it
stand on it yeah say no come on man say
no I wouldn’t do it
Thank You Man No thank you I respect
their thank you Miss Alou yeah okay be
stumbling and fumbling nigga I already
said no no bitch I’m not dying for you
even if the couch is fire when the Beast
run down Jake the gooses whatever you
call them twelve shut your mouth mo you
F mouth I’m doing with too much hole in
a second what else are we not mentioning
here about the film hey Realty Maria are
you calling in shoot me a text I got
your email
what is this a Dewayne his family I’m
not gonna comment on D weight in his
his son or gender gender-free preteen
I’m not going there but Realty Murray
are you calling in let me know I want
more females to really talk about this
all right so uh the film again Queen and
slim 2019 American romantic drama film
directed by Melina Matt asked our task
awaits Bo came Woodbine is a probably my
favorite in the film Boheme Woodbine
he’s done some great work over the years
okay I mentioned Shannon Brown I guess
nobody gives a shit shirtless photo hey
how you guys doing in the live chat good
evening to you you see how much roll
babies doing a second okay okay anybody
want to call in and hate on the film
call it and say just like the last
closely I was trash man fuck that it you
got some guys that don’t want to see
don’t want to see a black woman happy
let’s keep it real you know David’s what
is this David something about okay that
that’s not a Kashyap sir but I thank you
for the email I’ll check that out later
gorillas only check in via super jet he
says before the algorithm change on
December the 10th I want to say fu Lou
you filthy anti black African Coon Mon
cricket damn hash tag not my brother Lou
Gemstar on the check-in Jim Starr says
Lucania not secure enough with himself
to bring his big bodied white woman to
opening weekend of Queen and slim the
African a shook
yeah I can be objective and I can stay
it was a good film and you know it’s a
film it’s not a documentary you know
just let’s be real with ourselves this
is not saying what you should have you
shouldn’t do at the same time we have to
acknowledge the the white films that
have been pushing forth an agenda of
hatred over the decades we bring in
every code nine one seven eight nine one
seventy there good evening nine one
seven hello yes sir hello hello hey so
star what’s going on bro I’m good man
I know I’m not your brother but okay hey
oh yeah I ever seen I ever seen the film
yet but um I think it just lends to
their own you know I feel like America’s
trying to push the female as a head of
the household right now okay yeah and no
mouthing of a story of my boy he told me
you got pulled over by you took a girl
out you got pulled over by some officers
and they were drinking a little bit and
she was the one that was getting feisty
and another letter to him get a little
DWI but he was you know chill and the
girl said on a passenger the the or the
officer said you’ve been drinking and
she said yeah I’ve been drinking and it
also looked over at him any guys hit
again checked and got a DWR you know
certain things you have to get straight
off the rep you know I mean when I’m out
with females that’s that’s a major point
for me
close your mouth if I get into any drama
or issues if somebody throws something
on us just let me handle it don’t don’t
start whooping embarking you know if
people had thrown shit on me I’ve been
into some shit over the years you know
but at the same time I’m not gonna start
blasting you know just because somebody
is you know just over
overly jealous you feel me yeah but the
females like especially the black
females they feel like that’s like this
fast they’re like that’s the thing like
I’m like I’m you know I got a attitude
deal with it you know you can’t handle
the strong female I don’t want to deal
with this strong thing I want you with a
fee to dice our females gonna listen to
what I say so once you’re not gonna
argue what I gotta say I want to dice
out like you know it’s like I don’t want
somebody nut because I always I listen
to show so much man like I want one way
to work in the morning thank you like
2:00 in the morning and it’s like you
know that’s the profit it’s a pound of
like everything is out women we don’t
have control about women you know it’s
like they’re just like above these like
they’re above the men you know can I
throw you a curveball and first of all
how old you come here I’m 30 I’m 30 am
30 years okay perfect perfect do you
think that maybe black women are
naturally maternal so it’s yeah yeah so
it’s not that they’re just sassy to be
sassy they are genuinely concerned about
the welfare of a black man do you think
that could be a possibility to be
objective maybe maybe when that white
cop whether it be male or female or
black cop so I was questioning the black
man the black woman Gil she just
automatically a maternal instinct comes
out what the fuck are you bothering us
for and we mistake that for being sassy
we think about that no no it’s a little
bit of that I play it they want control
I feel like they want it’s like we’re
like battling with control like
specially in the household now they’re
battling with the petrolatum and so they
only be told what to do they want to
show the man that I’m in control like
you know they don’t want to any little
teeny look at it like a slavery or you
know if you expect them to cook or clean
oh I don’t do that I’m you know like
like that pretty sad it’s pretty sad but
yeah man good calling it thank you
plan to go see the thank you sir do you
plan to go see the film I’ll go check it
out I’ll go check okay no I’m Nam we’ll
wait for it to come out all right thank
you good night
yes folks that’s being objective that’s
not taping for black women that that’s
asking a legitimate question do you
think that because of the hundreds of
years hundreds of years of the black
woman knowing how the the race soldiers
have treated her ancestors her son a
grandson her nephew her father her her
brother her uncle’s do you think that
she instinctively pops off something to
think about
exactly whole exactly is that you five
six – what happened was that Friday show
is Saturday sure I so like 46 replies to
something you said or did in the live
chat what’s going on man bring that to
speed just trolls man it ain’t nothing
no no control business is is important
you keep the live chat turn the fuck up
I don’t look in there that much what
happened can you thing this is just a
thing star season they don’t understand
it is to hate wrong we in there turnt up
right doing what we do right so they
they come in there and when I get on
they neck that complaining about it okay
so then you got a couple of throws
that’s just teaming up and they want to
go against me but it’s really nothing no
listen man have you seen this film Queen
and slim do you plan to see it no I
haven’t seen it but I plan on seeing
okay do you have a girlfriend a wife
side chick yeah
yeah that a girl huh
in my opinion in my opinion take her to
let her have the moment ticker take a
seat in the theater listen up turn the
phone off so nobody can interrupt let
her sit there and watch her cry I saw
two women today crying when the film was
over do it all this I said damn shit’s
real what about the drive-in store we
got drive-ins out here that’ll work
that’ll work okay smash her in the
backseat right after it’s over
wrong that part at that part yeah hello
to the hey girl
thank you Miss Liu okay exactly on the
check-in he keeps a live chat lid I
don’t even look in here folks in case
you’re new to the show the live chat is
right here
I’m always looking over here to the
super chat in cash yet they do what they
yeah muttering shit how do I say this
name is duh okay it’s Mila I’m saying
this right
area code six for six make it the
correct pronunciation here did I say
your name might go to a FEMA how do you
say that name
thanks it need not know it’s my it’s my
love they smile okay yeah yes sir how I
got three strong points and you’re gonna
fuck with all three of my language
calling marmalade stars I thought so the
first point is this but the one man who
name won’t be said you don’t want to
talk about it was just on your call and
she’s showering the call as we see I
donate to my community I watched the
movie and did my research and her
opinion a lot of times comes up as
emotional and not intellectual so a lot
of times he has good points to make but
her point does it come across correctly
because he’s always trying to come at
somebody instead of just taking the
point so if you ever want to come after
me I’m the right one so put some respect
on her name she’ll call in she’s get
call it in I
I don’t care listening right now Caleb
with the data we talking about data with
the data
so anyways alright now a second points
it is move come on this movie was this
movie was good but I’m not here to do
apples and oranges but what I will say
is this the more impactful movie that I
thought I would have guarded more
okay black clansmen because it was based
on a true story and black clansmen it
wasn’t trying to embellish um the fact
that black people died and people are
considered martyrs at the end and that’s
why pullman people are crying and i
having such a knee-jerk reaction to this
movie you know for me i want to see this
movie in ten years and i want to see
like what it still affects me the same
way when i watch the boys in the hood
i watch boys and hood every time and i
still trip out about Ricky every time I
don’t know if I’m gonna feel the same
way about this movie and years to come
okay so okay now hang on a second now
based upon my knowledge in research
radio and television and film they
target the female demographic most of
the time daytime television morning
radio of primetime viewership they
target the females so there’s a good
chance that this film will become a
quote-unquote classic you know it’s good
chance yeah they also say the same thing
about Pandora’s box back in the day you
have movies we’re talking about a love
story man a love story look I hear you I
watched the movie I think both came with
ham and I move please had to underrated
actor and every movie like he gives it
at all
and I definitely think that there was
some character development when they
went to New Orleans and she went to go
meet her uncle and things like that but
ultimately I think what would have made
the movie a little bit more substantial
in terms of storyline if they would have
just gave them actual like realistic um
well honestly they died that was pretty
realistic all likely to do is get shot
but just a better way if that makes it I
don’t want to spoil it for people
because I feel like audience we’re gonna
watch the after this because you have a
I’m a big reach well are you hating sir
do you have a black woman in your life
absolutely I do yeah I sure do and she’s
doing that thing yeah yes he’s in the
medicine world you know so we can you
know we can I love corporate dollars so
shout out to us yeah I would say this I
would say this about one of the calls
you just had um you know about the black
woman in the hundred years of being you
know a friend I do feel a lot of black
woman do feel comfortable dating white
men because when you date a white man
you could come home at 4:00 in the
morning 6:00 in the morning and he’s not
gonna act anything because he’s so
privileged he doesn’t see a woman as a
person that he needs in his life it’s
like an accessory like having a text
without having a car with black love
y’all tend on each other so four black
men are more hostile because anything a
woman does you feel like if the top
based off who he is and infringes on who
he is
that’s white dudes like you know things
like that it’s because they’re more
preoccupied with their more preoccupied
with sustaining black love to actually
keep it going because I really don’t see
it and you don’t hear celebrated as much
but in other races that seem like a lot
of black woman will go that way because
they have a longer leash and they’ll get
to be feel more free like birthday
because you’ve been cut black woman
being oppressed with alone in my opinion
just just my crazy opinion I think that
that what a Rican love is deeper than
black love oh yeah yeah Porto Rican man
will kill everybody in the house yep and
the mother don’t cover it up for to
prove his devotion you’re not leaving me
no you’re not no you’re not taking the
kids no mommy no
that love is so deep it’s above me
talking about it because that’s how deep
it is like it’s um actually to be honest
most Porto Ricans are know and they
dated a girl of high school they still
are probably in a relationship with that
person when they get older and their
late 30s don’t ever date a Puerto Rican
woman that has kids and the baby daddy
is still alive he’s always gonna come
back and so yeah he’s always gonna come
back in Spanish yeah oh
it doesn’t matter what job he has it
doesn’t matter if he’s on the corner or
if you working for Al con Edison he’s
gonna be in the mix Thank You Nicole man
thank you for one little thing
um be your space okay Puerto Rican will
shoot up the house stab everybody me I
don’t get too graphic but you know in my
opinion I don’t have any stats in front
of me what are your thoughts did you see
the film do you care
do you not plan to see the film pull an
open never seen guys I mentioned buck
while is back home did I not yeah he’s
now he’s calling me as he always does
you know like clockwork
yo star McCoy tomorrow you know 8 a.m.
and the phone rings pow
now when he’s when he’s out here in the
world you know he calls every other
month or so when he’s in back home in
jail okay okay music did I miss any
super chat coals I know why I hung up on
someone accidentally let me just check
and see if balls took money cold back
wizard number I don’t see her okay maybe
she got busy um blade there be blaze
super chat hold on
blade says the female worth dying for
is the is the one that loves you enough
not to risk your life like the West
Indian chick that pulled star away when
he got spit on yeah yeah yeah yeah that
was years ago
who’s that up but some restaurant up in
the fucking I forget I don’t wanna say
where I was gonna do but I just who I
was he did she said uh-uh uh-uh no no no
no no let’s go she saved me
that would have been a hell of a charge
thank you for that donation blade black
races on the check can be a super jet he
said what what nigga do any of you know
that will throw his life away for any
woman he just met especially one he did
not smash Cuba my ass that will never
happen that’s in my opinion what makes
this film so so much of a tearjerker
with the females
you know just met him and he’s gonna die
for me and the whole part about legacy
ah yeah I think even Dana mentioned that
the other day did legacy and the the
screenplay writer I mean wow she’s got
to get some type of a award for this and
the guy who plays slim I thought the
woman who played what’s her name who
said guys some of these names are hard
to pronounce I’m just gonna say Daniel
that’s slim and Jody I guess that’s
Queen let me double check
I’m coming to the phone lines shortly
give me a second I just want to be
accurate hold on okay Daniel yeah I’m
just gonna call him Daniel his last name
is hard to pronounce he’s a British
actor a British subject and
yeah Jodi Jodi Turner Smith great job
but I think Daniel should get an Oscar
clearly his expressions is his timing
timing was superb in terms of the
dialogue between them superb
the monkey should have a check-in via
super chat on star I’m not dying for no
black queen just just like chess the
game is not over unless the King gets
taken mmm hashtag pluck out of here
hashtag chuckle chuckle Chuck
Chris boom on the check can be a super
Chad niggas got to shooting at CIAA I
jumped behind a random black chick I
ain’t dying for nobody holy shit okay
black racist sends in another super chat
I can’t find Queen and slim on the free
movie site must be trash and y’all just
gas and shit up I’m not paying to see a
movie with the budget under 100 million
fuck out of here well respectfully what
was the budget for the Joker that that
wasn’t that much can someone in the live
chat bring him to speed on a flame
googling was it 50 million and they
spent if I’m not mistaken a hundred and
twenty five million on the Irishman that
was trash sir
okay Rob Lowe hey man he says the Joker
was under 50 million and that was a
really good film okay
who is this how do you say your name a
ll ma ul yeah you can call in what
number you’re calling in from phone
lines open hold on a second every code
seven eight that way I know you’re there
good evening seven eight hello and five
four three two one
area code three one seven good evening
three one seven are you there Queen and
slim you see know either seated okay do
you plan to see it uh what’s it about
real quick it’s a black love story are
you black sir are you black yeah yeah
I’m half I’m like you but I’m half okay
well I’m really looking for black
couples are to chime in
can you call back another day yeah I’m
just uh figure uh we’ll figure it out
and call me back if you can’t figure it
out you know you’re not black enough got
to be black tonight this is the new
black standard oh don’t call here with
that uh I don’t really know truck out of
here it’s a black film black love hang
on a second area code six seven eight
who’s that
okay I’m gonna get you a second here
darling is that say con am I saying your
name right
say con hello try it again six seven
eight hello hi hey good evening Hey
am I saying your name right you said it
is a con oh well yes say con yes I’m
good I’m in the airport right now next
we bout to catch a flight out I really
enjoy your show and people might see me
say con talks I make comments on videos
a lot
on a movie a couple of nights ago yes I
got nervous I enjoy them will be very
I’m an actor inside this movie several
times okay and I read the script and the
script was amazing right so then when I
got a chance to see it on you know just
see it like activated I was a little
disappointed the cast was beautiful they
were beautiful but I recognized you know
it’s a fantasy type of thing so you
feeling those real feelings of you know
getting pulled over and all that stuff
but then the fantasy mixed in with it
with the choices they were making it
similar to the other girl that called in
I felt like you know if we go on for the
full fantasy they should just you know
put the guy out you know do things to
take more chances if they’re trying to
survive you know I really like I really
liked their performances the same way
you talked about Daniel Kalu goes for
farm innocent and this Jodi who I
believe is going to be in the new Grace
Jones found this coming up if I can just
respond to what what you just said yeah
fantasy yes if you ask me in my opinion
I thought that they did just enough I
wouldn’t have enjoyed seeing them
killing people your own a killing spree
Ben Bonnie and Clyde
you know and and that would have been
you know not that I give a shit what
society thinks about but then they were
in charge it’s too violent you know okay
yeah that’s true that’s true I must say
I got it we got ahead and I loved all
the lovemaking in the back of the car
was like it was hot any issues with
these people being British actors or not
from the US any issues of that and that
was an interesting thing I also know the
actors who play in the Harriet Tubman
movie in you know she’s also British you
know I
one thing would just be for them to to
always do the dialogue work so that they
make it right but you know I don’t know
there was the era where where Denzel and
everybody was ruling but our first huge
black heroes and cinema Sidney Poitier
and Harry Belafonte both came from the
Caribbean and there are two first black
major movie stars so you know we we cut
our teeth on that as african-americans
you know I don’t know I don’t know I’m
kind of I’m on that guy’s boring life
though hang on a second you said you
were an actress yes you’re an actress
yes yes yeah my name is sekar
do you feel some type of way that they
gave a role to a transgender did you
notice the transgender taking out Queens
extensions oh you know I didn’t you know
wondered if I didn’t I didn’t realize
that that I was trans so so that could
have been your role a black female
actors do you think that the
transgenders are now taking me hater
realize this is for that role I just
have a role of Queen and then I sent
down my my my second taping and they
asked for tapes for that role too but uh
you know I don’t know I certa that’s a
touchy subject you know I think whatever
role is for you is for you shout out I’m
gonna be in the new Aretha Franklin
movie a car respect I’ll be playing her
nice armor Franklin nice but um yeah I
don’t know I can’t I don’t know so hang
on a second did you see the belly with a
guy who you saw with the girls are by
yourself who just do it straight up I
went inside by myself I left my family
from family celebrations and I was like
a vibe hit me I was like oh come on so I
just went by myself I went over to to
Atlantic Station and I saw by myself
yeah I think going to the movies by
yourself sometimes is the best choice
because nobody’s bothering you nobody’s
asking your questions you know
that’s just me personally exactly you
enjoy it more you know I thought I was
gonna cry because when I read the script
I loved it so much but I didn’t cry but
I loved seeing all the just all the
beautiful chocolate skin you know I’m a
chocolate girl so it’s nice to see them
represented looking beautiful up there
that was really nice so you didn’t cry
at the end yeah I enjoyed it I did not
cry then I thought I was I have myself a
pair too but I think it’s because I knew
all right you know I knew it was gonna
I read the script you know but um they
did a great job you know I appreciate
you call travel safe on your plate okay
thank you thank you can I shout outs
Akon talks podcast I’ll check it out for
you okay thank you darling okay a woman
who didn’t drive a black woman didn’t
cry I think I missed a super chat hold
on a second who’s this am somebody
something about the live chat I missed a
super chat about okay who’s this a Chris
boom pardon me
star forget them dating sites your live
chat is full of black baddies get up in
there and get you a queen any from
Atlanta any available baddies in from
Atlanta holler at the hater thank you
for the heads up out Chris boom okay
okay I’ll come back to a BL in a second
clapping a Dana again damn he wants you
want some smoke area code 201 leaving
201 the film Queen and slim did you see
201 yeah I saw it as a matter of fact
when I was walking out the data that’s
when you that way I was about to call
him but then we snuck in to go see 21
pitches yeah I seen it yeah it was it
was it was I I didn’t like the beginning
where uh after he you know she ain’t
talking shit and then he was up doing
everything she says and they heated a
moment after you got a Copland dead in
the snow and then you know he was saying
you know we can’t just leave him here
like that now of course just people
that’s gonna look at that yeah fuck
whitey or whatever but when you in a
situation like that it’s like she was
already in control of the situation a
situation that she and directly started
and yet a cop was after blood I mean
there’s a lot of metaphors yeah I don’t
think the whole thing was meant to be
looked at as something literal I think
it’s more along the lines of like
content with traveling down the gold and
that’s the road that black people are on
somehow down the line we don’t get along
with each other but we find each other
and then we wind up with each other and
by the time we realized that life is
worth living something tragic happens it
snuffed out or whatever but yeah there’s
a it was the imagery was there was some
nice imagery in it um I thought they
were parts that was funny
um they were you know I kind of took
kind of you know not I’m not going I’m
not trying to be judgmental but I was I
was sad I and some things like how they
made the uncle the way he was why the
fuck was she so better like what do you
you know why you gotta make it why you
gotta make a character like that it’s
like he killed her mother yes killed her
mother right he killed them yeah yeah he
killed the mother but this went
and he sent uh they sent him to white
folks and the white folks held them down
and then they when they get to where
they’re going they make it with gold
teeth sold them up the resolute nigga
with gold teeth yeah yeah I know he did
I know he did it in a way when before
anything popped off because he drove off
too fast like I’m like why did he peel
off like that but I mean that’s another
story I mean big but all that it can I
ask hold you go see the film with did
you go buy yourself a guy and feed on
who you going and now we’re with my wife
okay did your wife enjoy the film
yeah you enjoy it yes she yes she liked
it but we look at things differently
because she sensitive and I’m I look at
everything like this conspiracy but a
found a pool of water was might be
crying yeah III no no I think I was
I know front I was kind of shocked when
he you know what had to happen and who
they who they actually did what they did
to first I’m not I’m not trying to if we
can just focus on you and wipe you
respectfully respectfully so was wife be
moved by the film she did you say she
didn’t cry will she moved by the film
yeah yeah yeah we both were we both were
okay we both were do you think she
wanted to cry but knowing you know when
you use a hatin ass nigga she said I’ll
cry when I’m you know away from him
because he won’t let me have this moment
mmm you might be right girlfriends over
the years and it’s like you know they’ve
said I can’t talk to you we are you I
get to I get to see that’s why I can’t
tell you nothing I get that all right
but right here man yeah yeah it it
you’re surprised it’s a light I thought
it see I don’t want to ruin it but when
they did what they did when they were
don’t ruin this I think you and I have
said enough man we’ve said enough
don’t worry thank you Miss Alou thank
you yeah yeah yeah okay listen to the
objective hater folks if you have a
black wife girlfriend let them have that
moment it’s gonna touch him
oh it’s gonna touch him if she doesn’t
cry hug her you know you okay sugar
oh yes gonna touch him you know I don’t
want to tell you the ending but yeah man
whoa shit had a woman sitting in front
of me with I guess her husband she was
wiping her eyes wiping eyes the two of
them must have weighed 700 pounds
together but I have to say salute to the
nigga because he put his arm around her
and patted her shoulder you know pimp
shit you know Klan cry bubble have
yelling to check in via super chair he
says I’m gonna stop saying Dana due to
her bad habit of turning real
conversations I’m trying to have into a
wig snatching world star of fights new
holla and I appreciate your donations
maybe yeah when you call her name man
it’s just like you know she has me with
the taxi Dana with the smoke she wants
to smoke I’m not gonna tell annatto :
you know for Reid grieving Farid says
mr. train did you hear how Billy Dee
Williams is now gender-fluid hashtag
strong black roles yeah I heard that old
nigga I was trying to avoid that
conversation to be honest with you Billy
Dee Williams you know back in the 70s
days Colt 45 commercials you know always
had a bad bitch now of a sudden what is
he saying is he is he saying he gets
down on all fours and takes it in the
ass what it was he really saying or is
he saying he has female tendencies I
didn’t read that sure that’s a man nigga
don’t you dare don’t you dare you know
fuck up you know decades of a black you
know masculine pen swag you know colt 45
man we looking live chat no silly ol ass
nigga Billy Dee Williams where’s the
line Billy Dee Williams said God would
Diana Ross give me a second was it was
it mahogany Billy Dee Williams classic
scene he’s talking to Diana Ross
he says success is nothing unless you
have someone to share it with classic
line man looking live Chad was that was
that uh Lady Sings the Blues what was
that mahogany I forget which I know it’s
one of those films oh fuck ass nigger
gender-fluid nigga kill yourself
okay nobody knows okay you guys must be
you’re very young okay somebody says
mahogany was it mahogany now someone
says lady sings singles I don’t know
somebody says that was Cuba Gooding jr.
can you can you please stop trolling
that was Billy Dee hold on a second
let’s see I got OCD I got it I gotta
figure this out
listen guys success mahogany mahogany
yeah okay yeah lay down that pimp shit
if she was getting out of pocket if I
remember correctly you know all that old
European shit you know the designers and
fronting and stuntin and this pimp nigga
had hit he he had the had his shit fried
died laid to the side you know fuck is
you doing bitch I pardon me I’m walling
who who sent me that super chair Thank
You Fareed yeah I seen that old fuck ass
nigga ability dead dumb shit hustle
gleaming sir he said started to hear
whack 100 he was shitting on Nipsey
Hussle saying when he died he only had a
million followers and no platinum hits
shaking my fucking head yes I heard it
and um I met Nipsey Hussle at everyday
struggle we had a great conversation as
you may or may not know good man he’s a
legend now I’ll just say that you know I
know nothing about wack 100 you know
he’s an alleged gang member or gang
affiliated that I don’t like to put that
gang title on people you know that West
Coast thing is it’s deep it’s deep you
know and they have their rules their
regulations their protocol I can’t call
that one man
you know if I’m not mistaken didn’t
Nipsey went on tour with game did they
did they know each other
wack 100 and nipsey Mitzi was crypt wack
and game were allegedly blood it could
be just setting the record straight I
mean we’re talking West Coast gang gang
shit man it’s different you know a lot
of people in Midwest and the south and
the East Coast you can’t really relate
to what them cats is saying out there so
sometimes you have to just sit back and
just let them say what they say I don’t
know but he was a good guy
and he has become legendary I’ll say
that okay but thank you for your
donation sir I’ll come back to a couple
more super Jeff’s let me go to the phone
lines area code 662 good evening talking
about Quaid and slim did you see the
film 662 yes no maybe try you again six
yes – are you there yeah idea yes sir
oh yeah oh yeah star can hear me yes sir
yes sir okay yeah I saw the film and uh
I would say I had about five key
takeaways from the film was full of
symbolism to me and I say that because
if you look at the way the incident
happened with the cop the cop was on the
white cop was on his shit the black man
was trying to say hey I see that he’s on
his shit and I’m pretty much trying to
get out of this situation okay and the
woman like you know as a woman normally
a woman only doing this to survive think
she speaks up she’s right she’s working
no doubt but maybe sometimes there’s a
time of the place for everything and the
situation happens where he killed the
cop and of course they started running
and the running symbolizes to me almost
like an underground retro feel where
they were answered uncle
get at the uncle house for a while then
he said I’m to the white couple house
and they were hiding in the white couple
and you had the black man the letter the
black cop to let us go from the garage
and being sticking to the guy that was
supposed to be freeing them to Cuba yeah
so it was almost a mobile Underground
Railroad instead of going through the
South are you trying to get as far south
as you can at the end the next to the
hangar sir do you have a problem with
the film because you know you can look
at it many different ways symbolisms
ulterior motives
who wrote the film who directed it you
know if there but did you see it as a
piece of art and say are you saying nah
nah nice fresh and it’s no no you I
think you hit it right on the head star
you the nail right on it I think it was
ballpark because when I go watch a movie
I go back to movie for a villain like
good feeling bad villain eerie movie but
this movie I looked at more fart
it was almost like that uh fatality no
song this was America where you didn’t
listen to it for the rhythm you looked
at it for the art you know you gotta
watch with the video oh you’re right
that’s how I look that’s how my wife and
I looked at this movie but I would say
woman to work these things I want to
point out too much is as they were in
this fucked-up situation and they knew
that the CIA FBI everybody’s looking to
kill them
and look for them they found happiness
within all the bullshit and I think that
symbolizes black people because we went
to slavery Jim Crow all this bluish did
pass the conservation and we always
found a way to be happy in America to be
dance to smile to have her eyes you know
and I think that symbolizes this and
being the last keeping hang on a second
so don’t give anything away but I have
to ask you the question did you cry at
the end absolutely I did not because I
didn’t cry but I knew what they expected
I knew what was going to happen and in
that there who did you see the film went
sir hey would you see the film with I
thought well my wife hey wifey cries
sure life he didn’t cry surprising with
this heart but she was bad good wife you
want to cry but knowing you’re a hater
she said I’m gonna hold it in because
you know I can’t talk to him yeah I
don’t know if this maybe there is a star
because I ain’t got a hard-on shit like
that I do kind of tease or whatever play
well let me get this one laughs you
wouldn’t that wife you have her moment
that’s fucked up man yeah exactly let me
pay this last thing my wife packs up in
at beers and she was saying she was
asking me that I think that the guy that
ratted them out for the money was he
more like sir don’t don’t do that don’t
do that don’t give it away but thank you
thank you yeah he’s he’s about to uh
spoil it no no listen to the hater on
some pimp shit you don’t have to cry but
you know just at the end of the film you
know squeeze wifey’s hand hugger say
baby okay you’re right kiss her on the
head and wash the tears come down black
races on the check-in
he says story you and the rest of the
call is damn near told us the whole
movie already just go ahead and tell us
the ending and save all of us
$50 in a car ride no sir
take wifey to see I’m not gonna tell you
the ending take a man take your side
chick you know to take your boyfriend
I’m not saying you black braces I know
you don’t get down in there but you know
listen man black love and this is kind
of graphic wasn’t last time I had some
real dark dark chocolate coochie
was it 94 94 it was finger lickin good
to you no blade on the check-in via
super check he says anyone else think
that if they had both been taken alive
she would have testified against that
nigga when they got to the interrogation
room blade
I don’t do as you already know man I
don’t do hypotheticals let’s look at it
for what it is man let’s look at it for
what it is at the end slim he looked at
and realized a lover a lover nothing
else matters
fuck everything put some respect on
what’s the actor’s name Daniel put hell
of a job I have taiked I got admitted
held job hold a second guys I got some
cash yep I need to get to here Rodney
good at good evening sir
okay give me a sec let me see if I can
line him up in the queue area code 662
we’re all you Rodney I don’t see you sir
did I did I pick up already
hey Jennifer black women have always to
go before being Queen okay that’s
written low crazy black women have a
ways to go before okay before being a
queen okay okay but now keep in mind
that was not their names in the film you
know Queen and slim that that wasn’t
their names in the film David on the
check and he says we should protect our
good women at all cost
okay shoot a cop would you shoot a cop
sir slim squeezed off he didn’t he
didn’t shoot the cop you know in the
chest leg ah
put him in the head head shot Jennifer
again says will our men protect us when
most sell them out okay
Thank You Jennifer Jennifer did you see
the film dolly if not I recommend it
Green Kings on the check-in via cash yep
I’m not dying for no female other than
my daughter okay okay
and I don’t see Rodney area code 6 6 2
I’m not sure what happened Lana 404 yo
hey how are you sir hey man I want to
take my old lady to see no shit like
fuck all that bullshit can you watch the
f-bombs please just pull back on the
hell behind our students keep our
department because the lady should know
they already own the hot sauce to begin
with okay now when you running your
mouth everybody’s saying that the end
he’s looking like oh no no it’s matter
what are you looking like they’re my
life I’m good the last lady on the scene
I’m thinking I’m just gonna pop off and
get out of here look at this okay
look at this all because they get mouths
you’re already see this cup they squeeze
in all four niggas you know excuse me
again you know energy bonds I know man
bonds against again
yeah you know I’m saying all that all
this is pre-programmed in his week man
that’s not love you want to talk about
love take it back to the old going with
that outlaw Dean James or John
girl okay the kids you know make make
something strong like that me trying to
pop off and then you get me in something
like this I probably would have squeezed
off for her to let it walk that way you
know I mean the whole thing in the
previews or whatever their songs I’ve
seen it get a while oh yeah they borders
he’ll come on man you already see what’s
happening in real Tom now Oh to put
something like that out there it won’t
be more cops pulling over dudes with
their girl girl or do any of you love me
you know this guy – whatever yeah I
would’ve jumped out threw my hands up I
won’t get involved yo you know how to
get Wow okay so I think you gonna call
salute boo-boo thank you okay shit he’s
really saying what I said earlier yeah I
wouldn’t I wouldn’t shoot a cop not if
she’s running her mouth no jumping I
talk about I’m reaching for my phone oh
shut up ow I don’t know her I don’t know
her that would’ve been me I don’t know I
like that oh my goodness
um did I miss any super chats I think
I’m gonna shut it down I was coming up
on the two-hour mark
Gorillaz Oh said slim died without even
tasting the coochie this film is a
symmetry –m no guerrillas oh he smashed
he smashed they were out in the woods in
the car smashed in the car maybe she had
the fire coochie we haven’t even
considered that maybe the coochie was
firing slim said yo I’m ready to die
fuck it you know this is the last piece
fuck it
thank you for your donation guerrillas
oh okay okay
Kevin sent in a cash app he says for
maintaining thank you so you appreciate
it alright guys um I’m gonna call it a
I gotta get up early I’ve been up since
6:00 a.m. this morning
I went to the gym and I need to power
down and get some rest all right let me
find the homies banner here where was
mr. Schuyler Saunders got me should I
get him in hold on and I will see you
guys tomorrow at some point I’m not sure
exactly when but uh enjoy the rest of
your evening and if you have not seen
the film I recommend it I also recommend
that you take wifey let her have that
moment encourage the tears hug her kiss
her squeeze her hand you know all right
take care good night

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