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The depth of the NEW-WORLD-ORDER deception reaches to the very Bibles that sit in their quasi courts that control our minds… Grammatical Deceptions that remove God from the bibles and replace such a God with corporate private banking administrators… <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

did you know that when you walk into a
court or aware of that the witness box
will witness stand when someone walks in
and swears knows from the Bible and in
order to speak the truth in the whole
truth I swear an oath it’s one of these
things that sits in the court so one
would assume that if a Bible is in the
court then there must have some sort of
biblical connection to the Bible to
what’s going on
so a lot of people that ignore the Bible
and say oh the Bible means nothing in
law and you know why would it be sitting
in the courts so so the system of
government governance we had must have
some relation to these books but we have
from what we’ve discovered or from what
we seem to be discovering there seems to
be a quasi Christian system system that
is made to look a bit like the Bible
look a bit like the a true system look
like through Bibles in the court but may
very well be some sort of a hoax system
or a or a deception or some form of a
lie and so that’s what I’m just going to
point out today is that there’s two
Bibles here this is the King James
Version the later one and this is the
version that is kept in the courts this
is a Jerusalem Bible that’s not the one
that’s in the courts but there’s a
difference between this Bible and
this one has got the Lord the God
removed it doesn’t exist in me it’s
taken out
this one dramatically still remains the
Lord God is Yahweh is still in this
Bible but it’s not in here
but even though when you open this Bible
up and greet it and see for yourself you
will see you will see you will read that
the Lord God you will read the writing
but in it in grammatical terms begin
beginning of every young chapter and
paragraph the first words are all
thus V now V and Adam can see in this
book that that the first words first two
words have been written in a in an
uppercase text which is a symbolic text
or a an Egyptian hieroglyphic text which
is not English and has no correspondence
with the rest of the English Leiden in
this book so even though you can see it
there the word has been grammatically
removed not only does that say and V
which is in all uppercase text
everywhere where the Lord has been
written it is also in a smaller all
uppercase text which which again it
separates it again from the rest of the
but they’ve capitalized the capital L on
Lord so the Lord the Ln Lord is a larger
Lord and then the OID
is small case but that’s a smaller font
size but all uppercase text which is a
which is a corruption of the text
so from the point of a layperson or
someone that is grammatically ignorant
to the grammatical standing of Texas and
everything which is the science of
English really the King James Version
has had the Lord
grammatically removed from it not only
is the Lord the first two words of the
text of every paragraph has also been
removed which really questions the
intention of why this particular version
of the Bible sits in the courts so if
you walk into the courts and you believe
that you have a very unfair trial or
unfair look you’ve been treated unfairly
in the courts the reason is because when
you swear on this Bible you swear on a
Bible that is grammatically corrupted
and had the Lord removed it we move from
it so you’re swearing an oath to
something that is not God
not existing I don’t mean to be against
God in this but in a grammatical sense
you have to be very careful because the
deceivers that come that operate this
quasi Christian Judeo system
may very well intentionally be doing it
but they will stop at no lengths to
maintain such a fraud against the people
of the world this is the Jerusalem Bible
and the Lord Joey
God is all written in the main part of
the text in proper English so it all has
correspondence the only glosses are in
the marginal text as where they should
be which the glasses or the all
uppercase hieroglyphic text is stating
that it is not part of the text so no
glosses should appear within the text
itself it should remain in the margins
whereas this version of the Bible
the glasses are also usurped in between
the are you served within the paragraphs
and within the context of the book
itself so that’s just a another clue on
just how deep and deceptive this new
one-world government or one world or new
world order really is in relation to
getting you to become the debtor is to
trick you from being a part of um a part
of the land a part of your footprint
your footprint to the land has been um
legally removed from you through a
deception that even extends to removing
the Lord and God and Joey from the very
Bible that you try gain some sort of
protection from when you’re in the court
that’s pretty pretty sad there’s a
warning in the back of these two Bibles
because the text is still still correct
the meaning of that is still early but
grammatically it’s been corrupted but in
the back there’s a warning on the last
few lines of these books but if you
remove or add anything to these books
and you’re in trouble and all I could
say is the one-world government under
the new world order and their corrupt
system can only come to no good and can
only come to an end because if they’ve
tried to deceive even the very books
then the warnings are all here they have
a limited lifespan
and that’s the
crushing the bottle man

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