Psychic SCAMMER Finessed A Woman Out Of $70,000 To Get Demons Out Her Daughter's Body


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what’s that family a mom and
Massachusetts reportedly paid a palm
reader over seventy thousand dollars
after she was convinced by the woman
that her daughter was possessed tracy
mallanna this the proprietor of Traci’s
psychic palm reader was indicted earlier
this week for the alleged scam police
began investigating last month she
reportedly finessed the scared mother
out of over seventy thousand dollars as
well as towels and bedding among other
things the palm reader is reportedly
being charged with larceny obtaining
property by trick and witness
intimidation and authorities are now
asking that anyone else who has been
scammed by Milanovic
in the past to report their encounter
the victim started visiting mallanna
this back in November this is when the
woman told her not only did her daughter
have something inside of her that was
bad but she too was dead to god that is
when the woman became very concerned
among the services reportedly provided
by Milanovic were lighting candles in
which she charged one thousand dollars
each she also convinced the woman that a
payment of six thousand fifty eight
dollars was needed in order to buy back
both her and her daughter’s soul these
palm readers and psychics they are the
big and scammers in the world next to
snake all preachers and Donald Trump and
the likes of him absolutely amazing I
don’t believe in psychics but
is it really a scam if they know what
they’re getting into if you advertise
your services and you say I’m going to
read your palm this is what I see I see
this I see this for you and you give
them giving them to feel good cuz that’s
all it really is he’s just trying to
make people feel good giving them some
feel good and cuz they want to believe
that whatever it is that they’re psychic
is telling especially if they’re dealing
with somebody who has had the loss of a
loved one
people are so connected they don’t want
to let go and you know they can see uh
they can see a horse walking down the
street and then they’ll be like and the
hearts be brown and they’ll be like she
told me that something brown like you
know something brown colored will stand
out today and you know that horse you
know it has something to do with my
son’s death I just know it does you know
they’ll tell you whatever they think you
want to hear after she got the money
this is like looks like after she got
the money out of her for the daughter
she started working on the mother like
you know I got me juice this thing see
they try to juice it in levels I don’t
try to get you all that one time I’ll
hit you it with everything cuz ya gotta
keep you coming back keep you coming
back keep you coming back that’s to go
give you a little bit more each time a
little bit more a little bit more
it’s just amazes me the people that that
far for this stuff I know educated
people that believe in this stuff the
thing is was crazy is that how do you
tell him not to believe when you have
people that believe in other things you
know and they spend their money for
those things that they believe in you
have people that spend their money to go
hiking to jump out of
planes to go to the club and party you
know some of us find that those type of
things ridiculous
people spend 5,000 miles to go skiing we
find that outrageous waste of money
right but it makes them feel good then
if that’s the price to feel good who are
we really to try to discredit them or
criticize them I’m just playing devil’s
advocate here you know I’m just trying
to see you know it’s not for me though
the psychic thing is not definitely not
for me but you know if I were to go to
the gym and I went that’d work out but I
actually didn’t really work out I just
went and not stared at the women oh you
know worked out for 10 minutes and left
I didn’t really do the exercises I
didn’t really get any weight training in
or any lifting in I didn’t really
benefit me can i really be mad at the
fitness facility on my trainer or is
that on me I will say it is though I’m
not superstitious not at all people
I was with my boy the other night when
we were walking and I was a pole like
right in the middle of like the sidewalk
and he went around one way and I went
the other one he was at women and he
turned back around and went the way that
I was what you doing man oh man I’m
superstitious like man I don’t believe
that stuff I went back to split the pole
on purpose I just don’t believe in that
you know black cats and breaking a
mirror and seven days bad luck or seven
weeks whatever they call it I don’t
believe in none of that stuff none of it
none of that superstition stuff
and but people who do believe in and
stuff they are the most gullible they
are the easiest to get them to dig in
their pocket you can easily get them to
dig in their pocket you can easily
finesse them because they’re gullible
that’s why religion is such a booming
business if you really think about it
you know they’d deal with a whole lot of
gullible people but what I want to know
speaking of religion is again how is it
a scam what these people do that do the
psychic reading how do they get arrested
how is it a scam when you have all of
these pastors who do the exact same
thing week after week after week after
week and they’re praised maybe yeah I
got dancers I can’t figure that trap
comment no moto

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