PROCLAMATION License To Be Killed


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Why are all “Acts” that are passed in corporate governing parliaments reliant on a “proclamation” date yet to be set at some point in the future? … To make a “claim” is to take upon ones self! …. Do you serve a “foreign nation” because you were grammatically deceived?… <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

might now notice something
some time back a young astute man by the
name of our Chris summers had a video of
him being pulled up by a Queensland
police officer and he asked for the
proclamation date that gave the
queensland police officer to write to
pull him over
checking for a breath test I told you
think the patient of course will raise
our breath test if you plan under arrest
and we’re free to go are you going to
comport am i under arrest or am I free
to go
are you going to comply am i under
arrest or am I free to go
you can get a replica Emily I’m not
convincing I’m not good setting to
anything I’m asking you a simple
question which you won’t answer
am i under arrest or am I free to go
it’s the first arose over a set am i
under arrest
let er go that’s some fresh test if you
can’t avoid process you can be rough am
i under arrest or am I free to go
have I broken a law is there a law that
I’ve broken right now if you’re not
provide a spectrum of breath what was
that it I just told you what it is what
was it you repeat it for the camera
please in the trance of operation for
every minute for that okay and as I’ve
got a proclamation certificate with that
it’s insulated I’ve been like a player
on our Proclamation to do it’s got a
knock but it can buy deflation it’s in
legislation again a plethora of greens
I’ve looked at it’s influenced by the
Queen what claim line is that the Queen
of England the queen of Australia
it appears that Chris is a bit of an
astute man is some he’s looking at the
law he’s asking questions of how our
government the cheese is authority over
us in play so he asked briefs officer
well if you show me the proper motion
date I’ll accept the bread test of
course the police officer they couldn’t
they couldn’t explain what they don’t
I did not
the Chris Chris didn’t know what proper
motion date was because when all the
store that one of the laws and statutes
are passed in parliament they’re all
subject to a proclamation date there’s
on the bottom subject to a proclamation
date at some time in the future
so there is no Proclamation date set yet
our governments and our government
Department centel’s
assumed the authority over us now here’s
the strange part there is a proclamation
date now
when the government makes its laws
statutes what-have-you no one actually
signs off on them we just made by the
and it’s subject to the proclamation
date at some time and feature just like
Chris summers asking and his question
was can you show me the proclamation
date we gave that police officer the
right pull him over public highway and
check him randomly for a birth test what
gave him the right where did it get the
consent do that because he already know
he already knew at the police officer
was a member of a foreign entity
registered on dun bradstreet as a non
not a non-for-profit organization a non
organization or queensland police cars
are also registered as commercial so
therefore they are for-profit
registration which gave Chris sort of a
right to ask these questions now the
police officer he couldn’t answer inside
he’s just doing his job
he didn’t look he doesn’t matter who
worked we’d just need the money and so
what happened was the police officer
could see that he wasn’t started drunk
couldn’t answer the question so in the
end he let Chris go
of course they then since they are the
queensland priests goon squad the unit
roid dog goon squad around to arresting
terrorizing and facing before the
corporate tribunal charged with armed
regarding even though he was he was
charged with highest form of drink
tribunals which is ridiculous but that’s
what happens when we being involved with
this new style and new type of
government that was gone something like
to be very careful so they took him in
the court and they terrorized him there
as well
terrorized his mum terrorized his family
just because he asked for Proclamation
data it also raised some other
interesting things of outcome Star
Chamber courts and he lets the
magistrate know that the magistrate
could be on shaky ground if there was no
proclamation data
but in the end it was led off with a
$200 fine no drink loving Tigers no
er no point public license so and let go
very light very lenient but what
happened in return
it’s a magistrate it’s not
disclose the proclamation data
which is very interesting because the
magistrate knew she was aware of he knew
that there was some Proclamation late
but what he didn’t want to do was
disclose how Chris summers gave his
consent to a foreign you good private
corporation private law system because
well I guess the private companies that
now administer Australia as non
organisations are probably making a
handsome little profit airline that’s
why all our fines are now our power
prices and what-have-you of or
skyrocketed to such a point because
because they’re proud of companies
making a profit and those caught from
those tribunals without notice great
work that’s not a real court that’s just
a military foreign corporate tribunal
and that magistrate did not want to
disclose or let out to the Australian
public to the people how they’ve been
manipulated into consent
now the big question is that you’re
probably saying well what’s the wrong
car most day you believe there’s a
proper motioned a magistrate wouldn’t
say about the police officer didn’t know
it because of asking questions for
summit properly well I’ll tell you what
is the best thing you can do with any
word use and even the small words is go
to the dictionary and have a look at the
synonyms of the word because if you
don’t understand what one word maybe
when you look at the synonyms you start
to get a picture of what what the other
synonyms are if you can understand some
of those words then you start to get a
picture in your mind at what such a word
that you don’t understand really is and
when you put in Proclamation ah it comes
up as there it is as an account but one
of the most important things is a
statement and what comes in the mail
counts take the statement is a
proclamation it’s definitive to
proclamation Pro claim Pro for the I
claim the proclamation is black is to
take upon oneself so where did that
happen where is Chris agree to allow a
foreign corporate you need roit private
law systems take over his life and pull
him up bash him bashes mum put some
humiliating with them through the court
they’re not Telamon it’s in the word
it’s in the words himself
so the day that chris summers applied
for his driver license went in there and
made it fill out an application form
they won’t give him the right the driver
license over the counter because they
would be tendering a counterfeit and
I’ll show you why that is – but the
driver license is then posted to him in
the mail which is a statement of the
driver license
and when that card arrives to Chris when
he opened and broke the feel of that
statement when he didn’t really know
that his name was or the type of writing
that was used on that mail that relative
has an accountable as a statement the
day he opened that today he made a claim
over the driver license and the terms
and conditions that came with it the day
that he opened that mail was the
proclamation data of the date of
acceptance because he broke the field
existed the ledger and on the top left
hand corner that ledger would have been
if unclaimed or undelivered turn to
sender now in all fairness to the state
to the governing corporation if you want
to work for the administrator you want
to drive if you want to um drive in
commerce or commercially on the highway
you do need a license to do it but if
you’re traveling in an automobile that’s
and you are and you stand in the correct
legal standing you don’t need a driver
license to travel on the highways and
this is one of the big things that’s
been sort of your circle trickiness that
the corporation’s of have in order to
make sure we pay all the fines and all
the debts for their profiting
organizations non well they’re profiting
organizations they have deceived and
tricked us and made us believe that we
all need driver license well a driver
license only relates to commercial
activity on the highway if it’s not
commercial activity well then you don’t
need a license but they wanted to
control you because the control of a
player 1973 was handed to beat the
University of Rome I got with it and the
Uni dry clear of Rome is basically the
Roman Empire and it’s been that’s the
same system that Hitler operated in
thirties and forties so that’s the sort
of corporate control that done has been
usurped upon us through our consent but
our content is being done through
absolute ignorance of how the system
crisps our summers
is like more Australian becoming
vigilant being becoming concerned at the
treatment of Australians by our
government our government are killing us
they they inflict forced medication upon
us through the water through you know
vaccinations the laws they are
destroying the economy through over
governing over-regulation on our
businesses if you want to work for
administrating companies and any company
that’s registered to them then you have
to fall into line with their rules and
regulations and their rules and
regulations make sure that they continue
a profit just got a look at the rock
tiles who are the major players at the
incredible amount of wealth that they
have compared to the rest of the world
and where does it will come from rather
age at simply owned the company so if
you’re certain selves into the art to
public domain
but the reason why they’re there is
because people that not like cricket
don’t ask questions they happily go
along and they consent to unrealistic
demand from a profiting corporation
that’s claiming itself to be or passing
yourself off to me the government of
Australia so that’s just a little bit on
how the proclamations work so as to cap
it off a proclamation is a statement an
account and on the top the remedy on
those the articles are there if
unclaimed if undelivered return to
sender and only you can make that claim
over such an article the proclamation
date is a date with you open the article
and then all the trans conditions such
as the driver licence or the council or
the electricity companies when you open
that fate that’s the agreement that you
agree to act as the debtor or the
account holder of their accounts and
that’s how they get your Dominion they
tell they get your Fred footprint or
your equitable title and give you their
legal title and that gives them the
right to administer the terms conditions
of their companies upon you transit
conditions that are passed in parliament
do not relate to you until you’ve
claimed the accounts coming from the
government and only at that time that
gives such corporate entities the right
to administer their will upon you that’s
why the magistrate did not want to give
the proclamation date – Chris summers
because the magistrate employed or
serves the foreign corporation so he
must keep that quiet in order to
maintain the proper of a foreign entity
you trust those magistrate
well you can’t because when you know
what’s going on
I won’t blend themselves and I won’t
burn you if you know if you know what’s
going on along turn because the place of
a first in line that offered to access
the dead of foreign corporations that

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