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The deadly secret grammatical deception administered by the private banking system that destroys our ability to access common law and true justice. The deadly grammatical trick explained. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

going to show you something that some
identifies the presumption of law now
this were here presumption is something
that is assured or something that exists
until factors of now so when they call
it and you’ll hear this a lot lawyers
and win the courts it’s a presumption of
law but I’m going to explain to you
today where that come from because if I
were to ask you well tell me where the
presumption is what’s the difference
between the presumption and the fact
well I’m not many people probably take
about man well
come along in Australia following to ask
you how would you read that what would
you read come wealth of strife or is
that presumption does that come off of a
Slayer really read coming from a slave
is that a fact the presumption well I’ll
translate this horrible case symbolic
text which is a Latin base texts into
English or Fiat comes up
if this is a form of sign language or
just in part of the text or latin-based
text that is the operation of the
grammatical rules on the Latin chromatic
arul if we translate this into the
English text homework subscribe
it reads Commonwealth . end of . and
strategy so this what caused this to be
a presumption because in fact does not
read come off of the study
it reads Commonwealth and off in
Australia now in order to bring this
type of text factually and make it read
come on subscribe according to our
article 11 147 of the Chicago Manual
stars that deals in ASL or American Sign
Language we have to – I
tonight when we hyphenate between Kemal
and we all enemies Claudia that then
comes back to come worth of strife can
you see what’s going on this
is the presumption that creates the
English to look like that which does not
read come work for sliding and then if
we want to translate this or create in
sign language
we some worthless layer or to write an
Australia we have to hyphenate that a
cut like I say and what it says is um in
order to join three words in sign
language together to make to create a
sentence in sign sign languaging
remember to sign a document ending
inside and you must hyphenate between
the three sidewalks between two or more
signs in order to strength a sentence
together inside of course some that’s
not what’s happening so when you see
your name
written on a driver license or some sort
of a a Medicare card or some sort of
doesn’t issue card or a bank and issued
or powder when you see online written
like that
it translates into not your name so if
the or opcodes text prepared on all
government private government documents
and banking documents and power doors
etc to render your true correct name you
need to –
and of course so even if you think your
name is John Paul Smith you will
probably notice also on your birth
certificate name looking like this
when your question line and your surname
appears on the one page when
chromatically is now joined up between
the two so if you think your name is
John Paul Smith there’s no evidence of
with no evidence because this does not
really dumb Paul Smith goes on there is
no correspondence between two languages
and one document so there’s no
correspondence between Latin or American
Sign Language and proper English so on
this document there is a choice of
Christian name or surname it’s not
Christian name and surname it’s a
Christian line also like so the
presumption of law down here that’s your
real name so you have that’s all you
were given presumption of your mind
to the presumption of law but it’s not a
fact so even in your names even with the
autoclaves text translated back into
English in this case if we want to write
Commons will slowly improve correct
English sense we will have to hyphenate
in between the signs same with John Paul
Smith when you see this on documents
that were read John Oh
. Paul Smith would not read John Paul
Smith that would read John and Paul
answers and sounds on your certificate
of value birth certificate estate births
there’s no joinder actually on the on
the name itself but if you’ve presumed
that your name is John Paul Smith
because you’re ignorant to the
grammatical rules of Latin and the
grammatical rules of English one rest
constitutes a joinder of a name so the
one name Commonwealth of Australia the
catalyzers brings that into three words
Commonwealth end of in Australia come
together to form one name
it is catalysed this is not catalyzed
that symbolized this is our that’s
catalyzed it’s just a grammatical just
grow mad grammatical knowledge or
they’re not the knowledge of the grammar
the grammatical rules between American
Sign Language or Latin because American
Sign Language is which is the all
uppercase change operates hundreds of
medical rules of Latin and English
operates on two grammatical rules
English so one rest in English
constitute two joined up to break these
two to three separate words you need one
list and a full stop or two rests or the
same thing another thing they use on
there and whereas in um Latin one rest
constitutes a break so that’s why in
Latin they’ve got to put a mark if you
look at native Latin on the neck or go
home put put in google ancient Latin
you’ll find that it has a small triangle
mark or some sort of a mark in between
the science that creates the um the
joint of between the three signs and the
Vatican it’s official language is
ancient Latin an official language of
man is the Queen’s proper English this
without the marks is legal amount as
in Black’s Law Dictionary is Dublin and
English it’s called debased Latin the
word debased means criminal and immoral
whereas Dublin is that the Latin for
illiterate because it’s Latin operating
under grammatical rules of English which
is impossible but it does create the
presumption of law not the fact and
commitment not that fat of the fat
creates the presumption so when you see
this type of all of the codes text
without the hyphens in between it we’re
looking at a debased a dog latin text
legally or a debased um text under the
Webster’s English dictionary which is
really a crime criminal and immoral and
that is the key secret key to be to the
New World Court
it’s how they’ve gotten the authority
over the people of the world is because
the people have become so ignorant and
done down from society but it’s not the
dumbing down is actually just the
grammatical it’s a grammatical dumb down
society so that when you read this stuff
you read Commonwealth of Australia you
assume it’s common for a slave with an
actual fact it’s not that reads common
and off in Australia which is a which is
a really dirty trick and and that
creates the confusion and just what the
elite once you want it to be they want
to be just a a fiction and losing in
order to confuse you and plunder your
birthright and your true common all
rights to your land let’s show you into
the sea of fiction and that’s where
you’ll remain until you start to learn
the grammar so when you start reading
the signs you will know how to read the
and maybe escape from this some absolute
fraud that’s been kept trading against
the people of the world

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