Postal worker accused of slinging CRACK out of mail truck!


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what’s that family a mail carrier in
Ohio was arrested on drug charges after
she was accused of selling crack cocaine
out of her mail truck 52 year-old Darcy
Spangler appeared in Ashtabula Municipal
Court in Ashtabula Ohio on Wednesday on
charges of trafficking in drugs
court records show that it was a result
of a three-month investigation and two
suspected drug bending taking place
during her mail route the investigation
involved transactions on purchases
through undercover confidential sources
on two of the three occasions the
transactions occurred out of her postal
vehicle here’s what things start to get
interesting no drugs were found in
Spangler’s home however authorities say
that they did find scales and packaging
apparent evidence of drugs being sold a
preliminary hearing was scheduled for
Monday Spangler’s bond was set and get
this family a whopping 1,500 dollars
it’s basically she paid about $200 and
she goes home but I don’t know if she
got $200 because she has a
court-appointed attorney this is a
common theme so often that money as fast
as you make it as quick as it is often
times when the folks come and they
always come you got call somebody to
help you get out of jail cuz a lot of
time you ain’t got the money he can’t
afford an attorney happened to me ain’t
trying to talk down nobody
happened to me 17 years old I kept doing
all kind of wild stuff collecting that
money getting that money getting that
money spending that money spending that
money came down to it couldn’t afford
their turn had to get her put a
court-appointed attorney got to think
about it
anytime you on a dope charge of robbery
I can’t believe that bond was only
$1,500 seem like the me like after three
month investigation they would give you
like a tax bond you know just for
wasting their time like are using all
their resources like oh we got to get
him got do something tool you know even
if they got to stretch it even if they
have to stretch Authority you know they
seemed like they were trying to tax it
right you know put the bond up there a
little bit you know like trying to hit
it with like a you know 20 or 30
thousand undred thousand dollar bond
because this is a federal case highs it
data but is only fifteen hundred dollars
I need answers this is the yeah the post
office using the Postal Service makes
this a federal offense
how does she only have a fifteen hundred
dollar bond perhaps she knows someone
these transporters they are something
it was just I think like a month or so
ago that I reported on these UPS drivers
out in Arizona who was running a drug
I mean running that drug ring and yeah
that was Arizona yeah
and now this and then there was a case
about a FedEx driver was selling dope
the job noticed that this didn’t make
national news I didn’t see this anywhere
I barely found this story this story is
like over a week old I just came across
the story
why isn’t the news talking about this
where is mainstream America
why aren’t they talking about this story
this is why it’s important for you guys
to subscribe to independent media cuz we
are not controlled by the puppet masters
I know I’m not wow I wonder how long it
will take before uber and lyft drivers
start getting in on the action because
you know they’re already I’ve got
committing crimes anyway I wonder how
long it’ll take
I don’t think it takes that long it
ain’t gonna take that long in fact
they’re already doing it we just haven’t
gotten a story like that yet that’s
what’s going on a man I don’t think oh
girl have anything to worry about except
maybe getting high on our own supply
because for 52
I don’t know IOC but you know what I’m
thinking no moto

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