Portland Trail Blazers Sign Carmelo Anthony


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Basketball superstar Carmelo Anthony, who has been out of the NBA for over a year, will sign a non-guaranteed deal with the Portland Trail Blazers sources told ESPN. The Blazers have tried at different times in the past to add Anthony and made an attempt to acquire him when he was with the New York Knicks.

Story https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28082614/sources-blazers-signing-carmelo-anthony-non-guaranteed-deal

NFL clubs were informed Tuesday that a private workout will be held for free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Saturday in Atlanta, according to a copy of a memo obtained by ESPN. The session will include on-the-field work and an interview. All teams are invited to attend, and video of the workout and the interview will be made available to them. Several clubs had inquired about Kaepernick’s current football readiness. Sources told ESPN’s Dan Graziano that the workout was also set up in response to an Oct. 10 statement by Kaepernick’s representatives, who said they had received “little to no response” from the 32 NFL teams.

Story https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28067012/nfl-invites-teams-colin-kaepernick-workout-saturday

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hey this is the star report Thursday
night back in the building we had some
technical difficulties earlier but let’s
continue the conversation with regards
to which NFL team will sign Colin
Kaepernick he will be working out this
Saturday here in Atlanta GA according to
Steven a Smith 22 teams are expected to
be there to watch his work out I have
reports here according to ESPN that 11
teams are confirmed but Stephen a Smith
says 22 all right what say you do you
care do you think this is just say a PR
stunt you think he’s going back to the
NFL I’m saying the Miami Dolphins will
sign Colin Kaepernick I’m not sure how
many or if any offers will come down the
pipe but I’m gonna jump out the window
early and say the Miami Dolphins they’re
shit this year and that’s my choice let
me bring Bostick Ronnie him Ronnie are
you there area code 7 3 2 boss chick
Ronnie hey hey hey hey thank you for you
I’m Ted thank you for being patient we
had some type of electrical issue in
here earlier so let’s continue the
conversation you said he will get no
offers Colin Kaepernick I said that
while you’re asking who’s going to sign
them I’m saying all none of them and I’m
also saying that you know if he does get
an offer but that isn’t necessarily a
win okay if the offer is something that
you know is an insult to what he’s worth
and I just used the example of Michael
Vick you know he actually broke the law
and went to jail and so when he came
home his first offer was like a million
dollars right when we know that my
Invicta dog killer michael vick well
regardless if you’re gonna sign the mand
and sign him don’t worry about you know
he served his time but they still gave
him a laughable offer of a million
dollars he humbled himself and he took
it but he we all know that he was worth
more than a million dollars but that was
a continuation of his punishment so
Colin Kaepernick it’s a million-dollar
offer that
ridiculous he didn’t break the law why
is he being punished okay okay so that’s
why I said even if he be careful of the
offer he does get if he does get one
okay and if we can just go back for a
second a couple of shows back you were
in support of Colin Kaepernick I forget
we had a lengthy discussion and you were
saying that he never received any offers
and the statement that his camp put out
a month or so ago saying that he never
got any offers you were on his side more
or less yes I remember correctly yes
because he put out you know the
information that everybody was looking
for there was a lot of speculation did
he get an offer did he turn down an
offer did he have a work out did he have
a tryout and he said listen I reached
out to all of these teams all none of
them have expressed and any entrance
interest in terms of offering him you
know a contract so it’s not that he’s
been picking there they haven’t put
anything on the table for him okay also
if I can just say this folks you know
already there’s a speculation that jay-z
had something to do with this I don’t
know where this is coming from I can’t
confirm anything I’ve combed through a
couple of sources earlier but you know
some sites are saying yo jay-z had
influence here I don’t know also on the
screen here this just came in Portland
trailed Portland Trailblazers in the NBA
are looking to sign Carmelo Anthony but
this is not a guaranteed contract
because that email Ronny can I lean on
you for that was that good to the phones
yes I received it and hang on I’ll come
right back over bring some calls in
because we had that outage a little
while gonna bring some calls in and I’ll
come right back to you
area code 843 good evening are you there
843 Thank You Damon yeah Omar anything
you know want to comment on that
Kaepernick shit please and please slow
down on the language early early all
right my bad my bad
but the dude who called in before this
show went out he mentioned something
about like it was on fire so what I got
what you
thing but at the same time he asked for
this he asked for it
so the NFL is beating him at his game
because people are saying how well he
may not be ready and mister that
remember whether he just posted the
videos I’m working out and promote
himself like two weeks ago with Beckham
and a whole bunch of other people he was
throwing balls and all that hang on a
second you just said said that Colin
Kaepernick asked for this workout to my
knowledge according to espn.com the NFL
organized this and Colin Kaepernick did
not know about this ESPN says nothing
they organized it but he wanted it
before that’s what I’m saying that’s
like a what people say they sprung it on
him but he was he wanted this before he
wanted a chance to get back into the
lead okay but but this Saturday he did
not organize this this was the NFL right
right but they be pleaded to where was
like okay but begi love it up let’s give
it some what he least expected and then
he asked for the extension and they said
no do it this Saturday because you’ve
been posted all his videos or whatnot if
you said you were ready but you should
be ready to Saturday and that’s the game
they’re playing so this is his shot so
he’s going to capitalize it or he’s
gonna mess it up okay so in your opinion
which team will sign him I just I want
to jump right to it I’m just you know
this is a big hypothetical which I don’t
do hypotheticals but your let’s let’s
speculate according to Stephen a Smith
22 teams I’m gonna be there who’s gonna
sign them it’s gonna be the Steelers and
let the students is gonna be the Bengals
and thus viewers have already openly
said they’re willing to sign it hmm
they’re open to the idea both teams I’ve
already set that idea down that’s why
that report about the execs not knowing
about the workout
came about because people have already
say no we’re not touching that that’s
why the execs he might have said that
it’s not damage control okay any
thoughts on the the volume shooter the
ball hog signing with the Paulie
Portland Trail Blazers Carmelo Anthony
come on was that guy in a barber shop
who sits around thinking telling
everybody put the pads on me I could
still run for honey God’s in the game
he’s that guy and he doesn’t realize how
much the game it seems he’s that guy
you can’t play defense his jump shot was
quick but these guys these guys are
jumping 40 inches off the vert he can’t
do it
he’s watched Friday vital for a reason
LeBron did not bring up to LA for a
reason and that’s his homeboy so what
does that tell you all right thank you
sir thank you for the call
okay I think left hand is gonna be
calling it as well
a left handed sit tight I got you I got
Ronnie any details on this Carmelo
Anthony article is this ESPN and what
type of contract is this I see a non
guaranteed contract you have that that’s
correct it’s going to be a non
guaranteed contract but you know he’s
been out of a job for over a year so i
guess he’s biting at whatever deal is on
the table for him
they are down as far as the power
forward so he’s going to replace that
Colin okay okay and folks this just came
out according to espn.com Carmelo
Anthony Portland Trail Blazers let me
see if I can find left-handed on the
line hold on a second area code three
four seven and guys I’m coming to super
chat as well just bear with me
left-handed is that you sir every code
three four seven hey please how are you
sir but I’m chilling man was good
evening how are you this trying how are
you we’ve got a lot on the table here
what do you want to start and take your
time I’m in no rush tonight I want to
comb through this please all right cool
let me get the pressure first being a
gentleman beside Ron you’ll speak to me
sooner or later it’s all good I’m gonna
quiet t listen man Colin Kapernick I’m
with Ronnie Oney it’s a forest it’s a
you know being run amuck letter strange
let me break it down to you real slow
first of all week 11 it’s week 11 of the
NFL season okay everybody’s got
speculation about where he’s gonna go
Miami Dolphins come on bro what we doing
you got no 59 year-old Ryan Fitzpatrick
playing and Josh Rosen of your training
gave away top draft Explorer then you go
to the slide Colin Kaepernick in and do
what exactly
you know I mean so and let’s take it to
the workout is everybody expected Colin
Kaepernick’s they’re gonna fire a four
five three forty are they expected him
to do that
who is he gonna throw the ball to is he
throwing up all the Dez Bryant is he
gonna throw the ball the Antonia Brown
who who’s he gonna be throwing at you
so this whole thing is a but as a safe a
smooth okay they talk to all this talk
about we’re gonna you know bring College
Japanese the hot back in all this you
know and they’re doing their part I’m
not mad at that they’re doing their part
okay but what do you really expect in
week eleven of the NFL season okay now
can I jump in right there objectively
speaking you and I have yet you and I
have spoken our sports on multiple
occasions and I respect I respect your
knowledge your wellspring of information
i I parted ways with the NFL years ago I
think maybe the early 90s I guess I said
I it’s becoming too much of a modern-day
slave trade and it’s a different game
now and would I be wrong to think that a
lot of teams now are not so much
interested in winning but they’re
they’re interested in the the cable
deals filling the seed absolutely all
sorts of merchandising deals everything
to bring in more money more money even
if they don’t see a Super Bowl you know
down the line for two three or four
years as long as they are meeting that
that that quota or above and that
corporation is is winning financially
isn’t that just as much of a concern now
as winning the big one yes it is and you
absolutely get right and I think that
this is a attention grad if I could say
that it’s a attention grab as far as the
NFL’s concern they want you know they
want you know the press they want people
to have eyes on them know again any
chief of any of those teams that you
know 22 11 whatever the number is gonna
be banned he’s not gonna walk out in
there with a deal
none I mean um and and and you know my
man said earlier about Cincinnati you
know that would be a good look you gotta
maybe answer a couple
he could you know go and pray for it but
winning pillow fight Sunday if they
start him on Saturday that’s not gonna
happen so what are we what are we really
expecting out of it if I can also jump
in and just ask you this again
objectively speaking okay so we’re in
week 11 I don’t know what the numbers
have looked like this year in terms of
an NFL seating attendance or you know
viewership or the numbers flat or maybe
that has something to do with them now
organizing this and they’re gonna have a
press conference this Saturday they want
Colin Kaepernick to speak I think again
it’s a how do how do they say this the
dog and pony show yeah none of means
they’re gonna do they’re gonna milk this
daddy getting attention they’re gonna
milk it for what it’s worth like my man
said earlier who’s really going to be
there that no has any influence you know
I’m concerned jay-z jay-z will be there
jay-z gonna be catching passes from
Colin Kaepernick you know I mean so I’m
not at the end of the day star and miss
rowdy talk do we really trust the NFL
can we trust anything no that’s exactly
why I’m being sarcastic and kind of
cynical here jay-z might be there magda
stallion Meek Mill I resent joke no joke
attacks an hour go and say yo Colin’s in
town this weekend you want to go at
first he said now and I said yo this
shit might be lit I said you just bring
the camera
I’ll get the microphone what’s up he
said bet let’s do it yo this shit might
be lit yo I mean again at the end of the
day man I think this is exactly what
Roger Goodell and the good old boys over
there at the sheer war they want you
know his impressed they want people to
talk about them things of that nature
they’re getting exactly what they’re
looking for not I mean so if our
Catholic does it no do you know as
expected or whatever even if he does
what if he does let’s say Colin
Kaepernick was it’s like my man said
earlier he has been working out I mean
he had this preparing himself for this
moment so let’s say he does what a a 4
for 8 yeah 40 40 yard dash let’s say he
does look good when he scored the ball
is mobilities or a point so now
everybody’s gonna be clamoring to side
caller Kaepernick the backs is that the
okay so let’s handle I want I want you
to please entertain the question even if
you don’t feel he will get signed what
team will sign Colin Kaepernick that’s
my question that’s that’s my question
okay speculate please all right um I’m
gonna say I’m gonna lead on Miami’s
dolphin thing alone i’ma leave
Cincinnati alone
I’m afraid of Denver Broncos really John
Elway they need a quarterback bad is now
even though they did draft rule lock and
they got Joe Flacco’s 100 years old um
you know if they want to get you know
back in some publicity background and
they had people talking about the Denver
Broncos I just throw it out there to
Denver Broncos gym go to my head but at
the end of the day man I just think this
is just you know going along to get
see we did it we brought her back he
wasn’t ready for long and that’s it
let’s move on and the story
all right can I ask you to turn the TV
down in the background because the
algorithm is very sense my bad yeah turn
that down and I want to ask you about
Carmelo Anthony yeah hold on Ronnie are
you there okay
you want to jump in here Ronnie anything
that we’ve discussed before we uh shift
it around Ronnie yes I agree with this
caller as well as this is a dog and pony
show a charade yeah I’d be a mini
concert Dupree um done camp and all that
you gotta be so ludicrous and gee I
might be there we all did but up again
at the end of the day man I think that
um whatever happens is what happens but
you know whatever but um you know
Carmelo Anthony’s back in the building
fort Latrell but same kind of dynamic
man let’s take this one very slow I’ve
been a very
vocal okay Carmelo Anthony hater hater
you you in case folks don’t know you are
a very knowledgeable New York Knick fan
going back decades tell us about the
deal to non guaranteed contract is is he
even going to make it half the season
and listen that’s what the more I
guarantee aspects of it is all you
really need to know okay you know they
say they just kind of like you know it’s
gonna be I would imagine that if the
contrast of the performance Laden it’s
going to be heavy on performance not I
mean but again at the end of the day how
many assistants Dame lil they’re really
gonna give Carmelo Anthony okay and I
think the really really as you know my
Roger basketballs I’m watching my Knicks
right now um I think that because I saw
right side turned out to be a bum for
the Portland Trail Blazer that got him
from the Miami Heat
he’s not doing anything so they you know
and Portman was in the Western
Conference Finals last year you know I
mean so again the Carmelo is gonna have
to he’s about to get hot quick do not I
mean so he’s got to be ready right now
so again offenders days to the contract
performance incentives and heavy no and
he’s going to do what he does man but
what and if you don’t be still on the
Portland Trailblazers um
January February I doubt it but who
knows you know but I think the way that
they start the season you know we
thought we saw the Lakers on white
Howard to a similar situation before the
season started so good you know Lantana
good to twelve command you want to
promote your platform tell these folks
when you’re on because you do a bunch of
shows you’re also writing for platforms
Tuesday nice to have my show after
further review 2.0 aka to star our past
we get into a hard body karate two hours
straight sports talk we don’t do that
regular stuff that you see on TV all the
time we talk about it from a real
perspective Wednesday I’m in the
building with my man Chris marijuana
Chris metal show syndicated out of Miami
Florida I’ll do my thing over there um
Saturday scratch the business out to my
man DJ scratch got the sports bettors
show over there and I and I get my
appendix fire – man I write for
validated magazine that’s a magazine
owned by every sermon PMD catch me on
validated magazine
online test me on the score croak calm
and I get busy man and it is what it is
and again shout out to everybody man
that’s going crazy because you know you
know what are the only people I will let
do a shout out on my show but you know
he’s been trash I look forward to him
being being cut sooner than later but
thank you Miss Alou thank you hey hey
okay left hand on the check-in yeah it’s
my god um hold on this oh shit Ronnie
I’m sorry I cut you off by mistake
bullshit Ronnie damn it hold on guys
Ronnie can you call back I hit the wrong
button hold a second I’m doing too much
here cash app comes in from kdh storm on
the line area code 202 good evening – OH
– are you there – OH – yeah Colin
Kapernick which team is gonna sign him
I’m speculating tonight let’s go yeah
yeah if you ask me I think it’s gonna be
the Panthers and the reason I say that
is because they picked up Eric Reid yeah
yeah they just deactivated Cam Newton
for the rest of the season you know they
got the young guy our Island
I mean it’s a marginal success but you
know cap brings that dual threat dynamic
we can’t run bad not the ideal
quarterback at this point we haven’t
seen him in three years but Octopussy
the panthers at least given it a
legitimate look Oh who’s Cam Newton
still injured or is he just trashed now
why has he been deactivated
so they deactivated him for the rest of
the year because he’s dealing with a
foot issue that typically takes like 13
to 15
Just War you know you’re up to see but
he’s not gonna be a panther moving
forward that’s a whole different
conversation okay wait but yeah I think
this whole thing is a scam by the NFL
you know the NFL wanted to schedule this
thing on Saturday Kaepernick’s camp was
like hey let’s move it to Tuesday which
is typically the day these types of
workouts take place of DM coaches and
other league officials can’t watch but
they weren’t willing to do that and the
reason they gave for that was hey we
can’t find another NFL stadium to go to
you can do this at a high school
football stadium just give the dude an
opportunity to do it in front of people
who actually matter I mean most of the
Scouts on Saturday are watching college
football players that they gonna draft
next year and so yeah man hang on a
second with all that being said I
appreciate you you know giving us the
information that you have which team is
gonna sign him I think that the NFL is
so greedy and they want to meet all the
quotas and and exceed them yeah I could
see the Chicago Bears okay you know
travesty up in Chicago their quarterback
he’s been so far this year
you know they easily could have been a
Super Bowl contender if they would have
messed around and drafted uh who was it
Patrick my home and DeSean watch it from
the second see they passed up on it but
yeah I think the NFL is running a scam
like Ronny said it’s uh it is crazy that
didn’t happen in three years after he
initially took the need of a second you
said or your co-signing what Ronnie said
how old you told you oh I’m 27 26 okay
so never mind how old I am and what I
remember football to be once upon a time
it’s a totally different game the
everything has changed and I expect it
to now be a slave trade and as you say a
scam so are you really surprised that
this is going on
with regards to the Saturday workout you
I am surprised because the NFL really
didn’t have an incentive to do this like
the conversation was going
the incentive is money all that money
based incentive right but but the way TV
ratings are off that what they expected
TV ratings were down people would do we
need bigger ratings bigger more and more
and more yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean
never enough
hey I think you call me thank you for
your donation as well so hold on Ronnie
I’m coming to Rick Hayes I see you serve
via super chat sit tight and let me make
sure that I’m missing a super chance
pardon me uh steaming Willie Beamen I’m
saying that right start the WWE will
hire Kaepernick for a cage match Barry
Sanders will come out of retirement
before Kaepernick gets hired bang bang
r.i.p john with a spoon ok mr. Ellis
says star who killed more black males
over 40 in 2019 the police or Yvette
Carnell from Atos lmao she got these
dudes out here in their emotions
unhinged yeah she’s been going ten toes
down the hater misses nothing huh the
YouTube streets are hot there’s a lot of
shit going on I just I don’t want to get
in the middle of it you know I just I’m
watching it oh but thank you for your
donation Mike Jones on the check and he
said star the volume shooter just got
signed to the Portland Trailblazers yes
sir he did thank you so much Bush kid
said storm uh why didn’t they sing look
he meant to say sign Carmello to the
Blazers he’s washed up this is all caps
by the way what is a one-legged stripper
favorite restaurant called ah ha ha
I was cute it was hey – and good evening
sir he said star did you see Judge Joe
Brown call Atos a social club last night
on Dana’s show question mark I’m still
hurt about those comments but you got to
be proud of Dana okay I did not hear
this show I did speak with Dana
yesterday and yeah she said that her and
Judge Joe Brown had a long conversation
prior to him coming on her show and I
will try and check that out if not
tonight definitely tomorrow Thank You H
B to M okay Ronnie if we can shift gears
for a second we’ll come back to Carmelo
Anthony and we’ll come back to Colin
Kaepernick according to TMZ com Dame
Dash is now broken asking for help he
has responded Dame Dash has responded
and saying if this is an attack on him
as a businessman I met Daymond – one
time I like the guy you know it was on
the instead of that film paper soldiers
and is there a conspiracy against him I
mean why is it always something negative
in the the press or the media about him
or is he doing too much or is he really
broke and he’s just not being honest
with us and that means what I’m asking
you all that is because you like his
boss talked as well I’ve heard you say
that yes one of the scenes yes mm-hmm
yes I mean the conspiracy against him is
within himself it’s team against team
and you know I’ll start by saying yes I
love doing for his entrepreneurial
spirit and for all the efforts that he
is made to be and stay independent but
at the rate he’s going he’s going to die
broke game it’s time to swallow your
pride give Jay a meaningful apology and
not that surface of apology that you
released on Instagram months ago reach
out get in touch just ask the man
personal I mean you have a baby on the
way and a $2,400 judgment that you can’t
pay until January according to TMZ
court documents are saying that as you
just said he’s got a baby on the way
and he can’t make certain payments and
he’s why we’re even talking about this
is because he is a fucking icon every
time he sneezes there’s something in the
media so we’re not just you know pocket
watching trying to you know kick dirt on
the man I’ve already said I like his
boss talk but uh you know so you say
it’s not a conspiracy he’s just got to
be more humble what no I mean he can’t
keep doing interview saying I don’t know
why people keep saying I’m broke damn
this is you keep telling us you’re broke
you said you made and I’m that thing you
broke it you you’re declaring an income
of fifty six thousand dollars but you
know you’re you’re saying that’s all
that you made and you can’t pay your
other debts and now you’re saying you
don’t you won’t have $2,400 until
January you’re broke
humble yourself go talk to your old
friend ask him for some money he’ll give
it to you you know it’s obvious that
Dame Dash has sort of hit rock bottom
he’s reaching out to guys like Adam 20
to a guy who would otherwise be
considered a culture vulture you know
and asking that man to do a podcast with
so Adam already exposed the fact that he
paid game $500 to do that first
interview he did you remember about a
month or so ago now he’s exposed the
fact that Dane came back and asked him
to do a weekly podcast with him but I
get it James you know he’s looking for
cloud he’s looking he’s looking at Adams
numbers he’s seeing Adam has over three
million subscribers and Dame has
40-something thousand subscribers so he
wants some of that cloud okay okay guys
if you if anybody wants to chime in on
that topic as well I mean I want to be
respectful but it’s a big story on
tmz.com as well Dame Dash reports saying
he’s broke Dame Dash fires back and says
no I’m not
oh and folks if I can say this if I can
just throw this out there
Ronnie you said he should call jay-z yes
yes absolutely okay
I want to say based upon my knowledge my
experience and the men of a certain age
jay-z is one of those quintessential
Brooklyn cats
I don’t think Jay would help dame i
think jay-z would watch dame – hit rock
fucking bottom and still try and give
him some advice I don’t think he would
break him off I just want to say that
for the record because a lot of people
seem to think oh yo Jay should give him
a job you know there’s a lot of guys
from the older school and I hate to say
old school but you know just a different
time and when you violate across a
certain line which I think Dame – may
have done I don’t know it’s not that
easy to forgive I just want to say that
all right hang on a second we bring some
more calls in I yeah you think that oh
you finish up well you know Jay is it an
arrogant man so I don’t think it would
be a matter of forgiving if he did break
him off with some money he’s under no
obligation to do so but I think giving
him some money helping him and his mind
it feeds his ego because it’s like now
this guy’s finally at the point where
he’s you know personally reaching out to
me you know for help so in his mind well
I have the one up on you you need me
okay bring it area code for 1/3 creeping
for 1/3 we’re talking about Carmelo
Anthony the volume shooter signing with
the Trailblazers and Colin Kaepernick
are you there amigo point three yes yes
Pete star what’s going on in Panama
group hey man how are you good evening
I’m chillin like Matt Dillon on
penicillin man okay
so here’s the deal I mean with the whole
can I start off with Colin Kaepernick
then plans and chimed in to Carmelo yes
sir let’s go so Colin Kaepernick it is
my take on it I think he just needs to
chill enjoy the money that he has
relaxed with his beautiful woman and
just really take this meat because let’s
look at it this way if he does get
picked up by a team
is he gonna continue to take the knee is
the team gonna allow him to take the
knee I don’t think they’re not they
don’t want that that type of
tension so this whole thing that’s
that’s going on on Saturday in my
opinion is sort of like what you said it
could turn out to be of some big
buffoonery like when LeBron came into
the league with with Dwyane Wade and um
and that are and what’s that other guy
does the big three win in Miami it could
turn into that Chris Bosh on Saturday
well I’m legal yeah Chris Bosh yes with
me hey Chris Bosh a girl stadium Vanya
I’m while importing gunnery you’re not I
mean a concern it’s surreal buffoonery
but he just needs to just take an L and
just you know possibly audition for
Wildcats to a Goldie Hawn sir hang on
stay with me you’re hating and I don’t
mind your Haiti but I have to ask you
the question we’re doing a hypothetical
tonight we’re speculating which team
will sign Colin Kaepernick god I’m
jumping at the window would see Miami
Dolphin okay alright any thoughts on
Carmelo Anthony signing to the Trail
Blazers we’re talking sports tonight I’m
letting you guys speak educate me come
he needs to focus attention on getting
his wife back
yes this takes it out to Melo you’re
washed up he’s gonna hurt the
Trailblazers more than he can assist
them and yeah just concentrate on your
acting career you know what I mean I
guarantee when they throw him into
rotation they’ll lose their games he’s
gone in a week gone in week he’s gonna
be on TMZ in a week or with Steven
Naismith or you probably get caught with
marijuana somewhere thank you sir thanks
for the call all right salute all right
side note side note I saw Vivek a fox
she did an interview somewhere and I
have the source point you guys and she
spoke about is it Easter ray that is
planning or she’s gonna redo the classic
did you hear that running do you care I
really wish that they would just leave
that alone I think it’s a classic I love
that movie I still feel some sort of way
about the way Clio went out what’s he
gonna be about they all died except for
Jada Pinkett oh well so little to vivica
a fox because she she um she had the
look on her face and she said yeah it’s
a classic leave it alone I just want to
mention that for those who care those
who are not into sports tonight also
side note another side note I don’t have
that link here dolomite ex-manager has
been doing interviews on YouTube I think
it’s called comedy Oh God let me see if
I can find the link and about a month
ago if not less he said dolomite was a
closeted homosexual and he also recently
just said that it’s ironic that Eddie
Murphy is portraying dolomite in the
film because he never tried to help
dolomite and it was one of Dolomites
biggest dreams to be on television or to
be in a major film and Eddie Murphy
curbed him with regards to the film I
was a Harlem Nights I think when he had
Richard Pryor Redd Foxx and he did not
bring dolomite in so if anybody wants to
talk about that phone lines open this
world what’s in there all right hold on
let me bring in some more calls
I see Rick Hayes on the check and get me
Rick he says tap is tap hashtag
algorithm hashtag make America great
hashtag mute Dana okay okay we can every
coat two four eight screaming – gotta
turn it down the background please it
was loud Jesus it’s bringing every coat
III – hey three – are you there good
evening I actually wanted to come in on
the game deck topic hey what were you
calling from what state
I’m calling from Texas bull from Houston
okay okay so yeah according to TMZ Dame
Dash is broke and he needs help and I’m
not trying to kick dirt on the man I
think that there may be a conspiracy
against him to try and make him out to
be less than the businessman that he is
he still has a couple of galleries or
something he has a network that he
speaks about but according to TMZ he
can’t even get $2,400 what are your
thoughts my thought is I believe that I
don’t want to put this all on horoscopes
and stuff but damn basilosaurus and my
dad is a source
I believe that damn guys don’t want to
play those people and he’s making up
these excuses because at the end of the
day he refuses to give up his money he
likes to store his money up he doesn’t
like to give it out you know I’m saying
that’s bottom line we all know how we
all know how Damian game is he’s very
cheap he’s keen but it doesn’t mean he’s
broke you know I’m saying and I feel
like the other people right and Jane is
not the person to just be like I’m
actually cheap
you feel me so at the end of the day I
feel like also too I agree with you when
you said that Jay would help him
I believe Jerry wouldn’t help him at all
I believe that he will fit the idea out
there like oh we’re gonna talk that’s
not like it wouldn’t be shit it would be
smiling I’m sorry about that
stay with me hang on a second you’ve
said a lot stay with me okay so your
father’s a tourist now I’m limitless I
haven’t subscribed to astrology
astrology in decades but Dame Dash and I
are born on the same day same day boom
there we go yeah I’ve been telling
people for years ain’t got nothing and
I’m not trying to sell yourself I’m not
trying to sound cool but you know if
there’s one thing I learned back in
Scotch Plains New Jersey is how to hide
your money my mother taught me so oh
yeah you know um but again I don’t
subscribe to astrology mythology stuff
like that so you think Dame is lying you
think you’ve got this grooming agency
yeah that’s what I definitely think
because honestly you have to think about
it like this I know that we’re we’re
kind of like trying to guess to make
different things like their costs so you
have to understand that dude is running
like and on 24-hour streaming service
that he’s trying to make by himself yeah
pay a lot of people and I don’t see any
of them – employees something I feel
like I haven’t been paid you know unlike
other people never being say about other
people you know I mean so I feel as
though Jamie’s just one dose people he’s
frugal and he’s coming up with these
excuses because possibly remember how he
was talking about on The Breakfast Club
interview how like heelflip money and
its assignment it didn’t like that I was
ordained grew up grimy he like man I’m
holding on to my friend I’m second I’m
second up the hang of the second you
said your father’s a Taurus so is a dame
– Oh someone to your father
are you kicking dirt on your father were
you going oh no no I actually like that
I actually agree with the whole ecology
actually at the time my dad was that
because I feel like this there are
people who have worked hard for what
they have I’m not just you know
generally both of them but I’m thinking
in particular about my dad um he’s
worked hard for he had and he’s one of
those people were he grew up really with
nothing and now that he has something
he’s gonna make sure that he doing his
finances at the end of the day he wants
to keep more money than he’s giving out
you know how a lot of people claim
bankrupt they they will actually have
the money but they just don’t go through
man people you know I mean enough church
some people do it that way the second
you mentioned jay-z you know most people
don’t remember that jay-z watched Biggs
go to the penitentiary a grimy Brooklyn
nigga he’s got that passive-aggressive
thing the whole Joe Camel thing you know
big go to the big house probably didn’t
send him nothing either you probably one
of the main people watching the games
pocket honestly that he probably one of
the main people are silently you know I
mean you know it’s kind of like trying
to peep an enemy like I seen what you
doing I see how you rock our streaming
service huh okay I appreciate your call
what’s your name
you’re from Houston you say Marty Marty
Marty yes okay thank you for checking
anything else you want to mention before
you go what money
um the NFL is rigged that’s all I gots
it thank you so much thank you cold
thank you hold on Ronny Mahdi was on the
check-in is it Sanjaya or Sanji sends in
a super chet store I grew up in an NFL
family I’d like to talk callin cap I’m
on the line every code okay where are
you horn a circuit am i single name
right is it’s Angie Sanjay Sanjay how
are you sir good evening I’m good yes
the legend from the Detroit Lions at
your father yeah of course okay can you
come a little closer to the pony sounds
like you’re in a speakerphone hear what
you’re saying please yeah for the
workout I mean I know that was hurt
I mean his back is hurt so I mean they
brought Cathy and work up games I think
I’d be great that’s something you know I
mean cuz I’m you know I don’t know what
I record it right now I think the NFL is
a totally different organization I think
it’s it’s not just about winning the
goddamn big one it’s about you know
endorsement deals
it’s about cable deals it’s about
everything so that the corporations or
that the owners can make more money and
more money and more money it’s a very
greedy organization if you ask me and
that’s one of the reasons why I just I
kind of backed off there’s no more
loyalty of course I mean like I like
that that that’s the people who run the
weed you know so then the entire thing
is a business to them you know the
40,000 fans didn’t understand they just
paid you know a ticket to drink but
later I was polite and you know watch
the game with their forgiveness you know
all those tickets are making millions
every week
so he says for the teams like bringing
in just exciting you know stories like
let’s bring in Johnny mezzo just for
some Jersey sales I forget what year
your father are retired from the Detroit
Lions but he just said I’ve had nothing
any not you know okay or not Iran
$89.99 exactly your father nice yeah are
you trolling or as Barry Sanders really
your father had it how do we know how do
we know can you put him on the phone can
he say hello to dad right now
is your father is still involved in the
NFL in any capacity coaching or for an
office or anything I mean he’s like he’s
ambassador for lions but he’s young he’s
not you know going out trying to coach
anything like that you soon I thank you
for the call and appreciate you checking
in good luck in school thank me I
appreciate you okay all right young man
claiming the legend Barry Sanders from
the Detroit Lions is his father
who knows he might be might be some
truth I don’t know Haiti’s on the
check-in via super jet hey Ronnie I just
heard that Colin gonna be throwing
passes to his shirtless tank and Wesley
Pipes you’re gonna fly down on Frontier
Airlines right question mark Thank You T
few donation
Purple Rain Man says Kaepernick will be
signed by the bears midseason and they
will win the Super Bowl or maybe I’m off
the angel dust
call me Ronnie I got menthol
and here we have Alan Jones a new
chicken Alan Jones says uh Ronny Michael
Vick received to 100 million dollar
contracts one from the Atlanta Falcons
and the other from the Philadelphia
Eagles and it’s called horse and pony
not dog and pony okay
Thank You Alan for your donation hey
city girl on the check-in city girl says
I hope this isn’t BS my heart is smiling
for cap and I hope he gets his shot to
prove himself and let team’s know he can
still bowl okay then she has a little
fist for the emoji thank you very much
city girl okay somebody wants to talk
about mellow area code 202 where are you
hey is that KD h2o2 good evening yeah
yeah about the cat situation yes she
wanted to get my two cents so mellow
that was okay yeah so so yeah so what’s
about 450 players in the league mellow
as soon as he got signed he’s got the
number one ego he see the problem with
he’s a either chemistry killer he goes
out and he wants to take fifth anywhere
from 15 and 20 shots a game and he never
makes he never seems 50% and I’m gonna
tell you what it is
he considers himself to be a
hall-of-famer which he is but he wants
that farewell tour like the Wayne way
guy like Kobe God nobody because he’s
not gonna give you the effort on the
defensive end and so I mean that’s just
my synopsis that his host on it I
doubted if he plays ten games with him I
mean he was on the Rockets with Chris
Paul and James Harden right last year to
start the season and they only kept them
for 10 games and and you know they
wanted him on the team but it was upper
management that was like yo he he’s one
of the problems as soon as they got rid
of him the season turned around I think
they finished number one in the West and
so yeah I mean Melo the type of guy I
remember he had a situation in New York
when he played for the
Tim Hardaway jr. he turned to him and
said yo get the rebound and Melo was
basically like yo I knock your ass out
I’m telling me to get a rebound on that
little Anthony yeah man Melo bellows for
them hang on a second I’ve already given
my opinion whether it’s educated or not
on the NFL what I think it is I think
it’s just a really greedy machine at
this point in time is the NBA on the
same wavelength I mean do they even care
about Championships now or is it just
about what they can do as far as the
organization to make more money and then
if they get a championship fine but
maybe Carmelo Anthony still has some
type of drawing power I don’t know
whoo yeah yeah I think I think some fans
will show up you see Melo play just
because we know this is really his last
go-round but overall man I kind of
commend the NBA they they they try to do
do good in terms of social issues I mean
they not perfect but that I feel like
they’re diametrically opposed from the
NFL the NFL is basically a plantation
and they make it clear to discipline
tation but on the NBA star I mean you
you get to it you get to do what you do
I remember LeBron came out and had the I
can’t breathe shirt and the whole team
had that on when the thing went down in
New York right and so they think if the
NBA players a platform to express
themselves but you ain’t doing that if I
could ask you this other question here
and again I have very little knowledge
about the internet you know the inter
workings of the NBA could be signing him
for a year and then get some type of
exclusive rights to his image and his
jersey and then through some type of
digital marketing or even that Jersey
itself you know sell that and that could
be the motivation for you know getting
this legendary Hall of Famer onto the
team I mean they might make who knows
2030 million off of his image in that
Jersey does that sound far-fetched I’m
just asking
okay so so Melos he’s a hall-of-famer
but he’s not a legendary Hall of Fame
he’s not a top 50 player of all time
and so yeah I mean he got Sun when you
get Sun they have the right to sell your
Jersey yeah and so PlayStation there’s
new Xbox so however that works I’m just
I’m saying they can say hey we’re gonna
use your image you’re gonna give us the
rights we’re gonna give you a deal it’s
gonna be a it’s gonna be a shit deal
because truthfully you’re shit now but
we’re gonna take your image and we’re
gonna pimp it out to PlayStation and
we’re gonna we might make a 200 million
off of you oh oh yeah absolutely
you’ll be on sookay tomorrow okay
tomorrow you know they’re doing update
you know is overall probably be some
trash but uh you know they’re gonna give
him his leak minimal I think the league
minimum for a player of his stature is
like 2.5 million okay you know which is
which is really garbage compared to
other NBA players it’s hard to find a
player not getting trem million a season
and so last opportunity I honestly hope
he embraces it
you know meshes with CJ McCollum and
Dane Lillard and make something happen
because you know this is it I was
surprised to actually see that come
across on ESPN today and uh yeah thank
you for your call man thank you for your
support as well thank you all right
Ronnie hold on a second I think we have
John blaze on the check in hold on Oh
area code 707 John blaze is that you
good evening
hey John blaze yes sir
hey man man hey look I gotta get to this
bitch ass nigga fucking Carmelo Anthony
man okay we gotta go John blaze can I
ask you to bring you down on the
language tonight please just bring it
down a little bit come on we’ve all
we’re gonna bring it down we’re gonna
bring it down but look let me get it all
let me get on the Carmelo Anthony mask
this don’t make no goddamn sense right
we got to remember Carmelo Anthony came
out of Syracuse where he won that
goddamn championship now that’s the
biggest thing that anybody coming out of
the college league to work he won the
championship when he got drafted by the
Denver Nuggets right played a good five
years up until you remember your boy
Iverson came on
see everybody left right okay that’s
right right am I right or wrong right
okay so you got to remember Carmelo
Anthony had a good six years before he
would got on his high horse and got that
big contract from Denver got traded to
New York from New York he took his
mother mm you know what to Houston so
what the deal is with Carmelo Anthony is
the fact that you don’t play defense the
fact that he went ahead and got on the
bad side of the ownership to go ahead
and put himself on the high horse no
it’s the simple fact that Carmelo
Anthony has always been an offensive
minded player and nobody didn’t want to
play with them include his own best
friend with LeBron because it’s LeBron
wanted to you could have had them on the
Lakers right now Carmelo Anthony like
the previous caller sent one a farewell
to what he ain’t go get and I don’t get
where anybody’s even had fans that he’s
gonna be Hall of Fame a Hall of Fame is
for those although Hall of Fame puts
everybody in there as far as the NBA
Hall of Fame really are those who got
the ring so enough is enough with
Carmelo Anthony I’m calling calling
Carmelo Anthony’s a sucker man he’s a
straight suck and I’m 94 Cole doling the
New York Dolan the owner one in the
mouth so Carmelo Anthony ain’t nothing
but somebody who was sucking on the
monetary teat of the inner of the inner
NBA and ain’t doing nothing else is just
having the office again and they really
ain’t doing nothing hang on jobless
because you when I have spoken we did
some business together as well is that
far-fetched what I was asking about like
you know the digital rights the rights
to take his image on the game’s
PlayStation and stuff like that because
you you’ve done a lot of streaming
online was it okay I forget right right
NBA 2k but the thing is is that no
longer no longer the the the NCAA or the
NBA can take the imagery or the right
from any player due to the ed O’Bannon
brothers who sued the NCAA and won in
the court I think was about two years
ago to it now if they went ahead and
EA games which prior to the O’Bannon
play for the UCLA who also play for the
net okay right and you could look it up
so I believe you you always clone with
some good facts I believe you come on
right but he see he sued the NCAA with
the NCAA loss which means now they have
to pay pay the players if they use the
imagery on a video game or any promo you
didn’t and so what happened was was that
the EA sport now no longer make
collegiate or college video games
because of that fact so now you just see
the NBA to which they get paid but you
know it is what it is but you’re right
though in a sense you see them fans
what I was just asking me because I
don’t keep up with any o basketball
it’s another slave trade market and
Emmas I’m a capitalist I support you
know capitals and non restrictive
capitalism but you know just it’s too
much for me to try and keep up with it
anyway listen can I get your thoughts on
Colin Kaepernick he’s gonna be in
Atlanta GA this Saturday Stevie J Smith
has been said he heard 22 teams are
gonna be there I see 11 at the line what
do you got come on it’s a lot I can’t
see 22 teams the only things that I
can’t see him going through was either
the New York the New York Jets the New
York Jets will definitely need a
quarterback or even the other red kid
okay you can down you can’t say the New
York Giants need a quarterback because
they got one now even yet alone
Cincinnati Bengals so the only people I
can think that the team’s right now is
the AFC which would be the New York Jets
or yet along the Titans that see the
Titans in the AFC there’s no way in the
world I can see even Capitol Lake even
go on to the NFC South which is
California passes which would be BS
because you got Christian McCaffrey
running out the back that they falling
out of control right now you can’t see
him going to Tampa Bay so it is just it
is a it’s a it’s a thought to waste even
a Smith to what I heard this morning in
faith and 21 things at the light at
propaganda yeah he said 22 because yeah
that’s what got be a lot of people look
at it but that’s what he’s saying he I
got to call my phone’s ringing
if the simple Broncos will call his ass
up okay all right so you got to go ahead
and remember how many teams they
actually need a quarterback based off
injury not based off skill set
Calvin Kathryn they got a better
opportunity either going to New York
Jets I would say the New York Jets or
even if I was to pay the wife part of
Chicago Bear okay you got to look at and
you meant to say Carolina Panthers not
California Panthers correct the Carolina
Panthers because you already got Cam
Newton’s already out the door Haiti
misses nothing exactly but you know what
I’m saying the can’t the Carolina
Panthers can never be another wild card
at playing this because they need a
quarterback so you can’t go ahead and
say 22 teams because that number is too
a Smith man oh he’s a fraud but he’s a
prophet you play a lot of that
propaganda for the benefit got the
biggest contract to ESPN so I would
write him for something he got the
biggest contract based off his
relationship with the NBA and NBA’s up
your fixing games allegedly John please
good to talk to you man thank you for
your your nose thank you big profit hey
hey people are you running okay all
right hold on a second Ronnie who’s on
the line here and guys did I miss any
cash AB super chat hold on let me slow
it down
we had a an electrical issue earlier
pardon me okay we’re good we’re good and
Ronnie you sent me an email what is this
Michael Vick agrees to 2-year deal was
this him of course what the caller said
Ronnie I’m a little confused
yeah you received a super check from
someone who wanted to correct me about
two things they said that he signed a
hundred million dollar deal first of all
what I said was correct his first year
of that deal with the Philadelphia
Eagles was one point six million dollars
which was what I said so second of all
he said that I don’t know if it was a he
or she they said that I used the term
show and it’s Horsham pony actually if
you look up a horse and pony it will
direct you to dog and pony because that
is the colloquial term so if you’re
going to pay to send in a super tried to
correct me at least be correct
Ronnie would the uppercut nice one
nicely hang on a second we have somebody
from the 305 305 where you’re on the
line is that Dade County where you’re
calling from
you know it boss hey what’s up man wait
wait G so Bob hey Jason before we 12
sports now you’re in are you in the
miami-dade area or you just that’s just
one of those burnout phones this is a
burner function but because you do use
burnout bones let’s keep it rollin right
right I’m all about it’s not even a
burnout I’m six different numbers I pick
up three line magenta maybe code two one
nine three anyway that’s that’s picked
up alright so Jason let me ask you a
question right and I were talking
earlier and the story that came out with
her and the white woman in somewhere in
the 305 who called her a nigger bitch
Ronnie brought to my attention that
years ago I forget when Trina was was
saying Oh claiming that she wasn’t black
she was what Ronnie uh what did she say
some type of Hispanic or something I
forget she said that her mother was
Spanish and her father was Dominican and
as we found out that was a lie so and
how did we find out you said her father
did a video saying she’s she’s mine
forget yeah I actually caught it on
Tasha case channel she did a great video
where she was breaking down the
situation that happened with Trina at
the Walmart how she came with the
receipts let’s go footage of yes she
played the footage
Treena claiming that her mother was
Spanish and her father was Dominican and
then she played the footage of her
father getting Trina all the way
together saying I don’t know where she
got that from
he said money changes people I told her
she can’t take that money to the grave
with her so you know some black people
want to be everything but black but you
know when she got in the Walmart
I guess she’s back to injuries you know
feeling like a black woman again I said
Jason have you ever heard this year in
the Florida area have you ever heard
Trina claiming to be Spanish no but I
don’t know what happened to Ronnie but I
did see the Trina video master was nasty
I don’t condone I don’t condone racism
attire I rather condemn it it’s just
nasty and should respectfully and I
Ronnie’s right Mike that’s the thing I
don’t hear Ronnie shoes when it comes to
ps3 and ps4 that’s a different combo but
I’m saying she was right about Vic
they’ve got a million and here’s the
thing that’s it’s honestly because she
was black if it was a white guy they
would’ve give them 20 30 million and
that’s why you I’m a Kraken all happily
keep from the african-americans because
I know that bullshit I see that every
I call that I slow down with the
language Jason slow down with the
profanity if you want to chime in on
colin kaepernick are you a football guy
forget not really boss are there been a
couple dog dolphin schemes I’m going
with Ronnie I don’t think nobody will
sign them but you’re also kind of right
if anybody needs but cloud more if it’s
the looser dolphins we have at the
moment down here it’s their just trash
they’re absolutely trash do they still
play in Joe Robbie Stadium or did they
do that yet
Joe is it called Joe Robbie Stadium no I
said I don’t play there they played a
hard rocker ain’t no hard rock stadium
they had Lockhart stadium in the past
too but at the moment it’s a Hard Rock
Stadium but I don’t think anybody will
find cap especially because they’re
they’re they’re they’re cowards I’ll
just say that does it’s a language
friendly show they’re cowards of the
repercussions that’s my opinion
Oh Jason wise I have you in the land
hang on a second because you are a a
techy guy lately when I go live on
Instagram and I see something that says
somebody’s for
sting to come in what is that about
that’s like just like random people want
to come into my goddamn live when I’m
exactly exactly and you want to get like
two minutes of cloud exactly two minutes
about you I’m not I’m off social media I
stay off that I focus on anything
business but if I’m if I remember
correctly there’s a setting where you
can change it to only people you don’t
know no longer get the insights from
random trying to get some cloud off okay
when you get time can you send me that
email because listen to me
I tell people I can’t look at the
goddamn the comments when I’m driving
I’m 55 I gotta focus on one day one
thing at a time I’m not trying to crash
but yeah that’s why I see somebody’s
requesting to come in like what is that
yeah just anyway hey man good to talk
with you I don’t know I don’t know much
I don’t know much about it but I’ll do
my research and I got you also for the
future if you could pick up the fucking
phone number like I said we’re Gucci
nothing bad wad I’m too tired of it you
know okay hold on a second the five six
one oh seven two seven is that you okay
okay I’m gonna take a screen share guys
thank you Miss thank you Jason thank you
he always says one more thing and then
it’s three other things thank you thank
you yeah why do you sent me an email
Oh what is this actress Monique she’s
suing Netflix what’s going in yes all
these years later she is suing them for
bias and racial discrimination okay I
mean I just don’t see this going
anywhere because she was made an offer
so you you can’t force a private company
to pay you the amount of money that you
want you you know if you don’t like the
offer you can counteroffer there’s a lot
of different things you can do and her
husband drop the ball in that situation
as her managers he chose not to
counteroffer so I don’t understand how
she’s making this a you know a bias and
discrimination sort of thing look at how
much money they gave even to do Rene
what did they get for a hundred million
dollars they gave Issa Rae
I think relatively you know close to
that amount or you know well hang on a
second so according to NBC News calm
which is the link you sent me the suit
said Netflix reportedly signed a 100
million dollar deal in 2017 with
comedian Jerry Seinfeld for two stand-up
specials and an interview series sign a
deal with comedian Dave Chappelle in
2016 worth 60 million for three specials
Chris Rock was reportedly offered a 40
million dollar deal in 2016 for two
specials yeah I don’t know the numbers
and and the breakdown whether it is bias
or not I mean there might be I’m just
I’m not trying to dirt in her direction
but there might be some type of system
or some type of alga mated system if I’m
saying that right that she’s basing this
on or that she wants to see a lot of
times things are look one way to us but
there’s actually we started hearing
Gabri show was it last week or I did you
try forget about the algorithm being
remember that one that shows it Danny
uh-huh yes so no that was just you but
but but the reality is it is some sort
of algorithm thing right and they’re
looking at her metrics and her
engagement you know
Netflix gave I just looked they did give
Ava Duvernay a hundred million
they gave Beyonce 60 million they did a
deal with ether way they’ve done deals
with a lot of black women so maybe they
looked at your numbers Monique and they
saw that the interest wasn’t there and
in order for them to give you a certain
amount of money they have to know that
they’re going to make that money back
you’re giving your content away for free
on YouTube you and your husband doing a
podcast and people don’t even want to
watch for free so how can we be sure
that you’re going to sell these tickets
that when hang on a second if I can just
throw this in here real quick Monique
spoke about the $500,000 offer that she
sieved the Netflix 500000 we just went
down the whole list here of 60 million
100 million they offered a five hundred
thousand I would be tightened if I was
her good ok start
Monique isn’t worth $500,000 with
$500,000 in her pocket Wow
continue please name me listen all of
the Great’s have you know something you
can refer back to and you know exactly
who they’re talking about
Tim down stairs some milk and cookies
who is that you know who that is I mean
I can just go down all all of the the
what do we have for Monique her biggest
claim to fame is you know the Oscar
nomination for the role that you played
in precious but you’re not going to
Netflix and pitching them an acting role
you’re pitching them a comedy special
and your numbers aren’t there to support
what you’re looking for if I could jump
in hang on a second now the the film
precious was a oscar-winning performance
yes but if we’re talking numbers we
cannot exclude the queens of comedy
what was that wasn’t that the title of
that tour that that mega selling tour
was it the queens of comedy do you know
yes I remember that and this is back
when you know you could buy DVDs for
five dollars and you can get all of
those things no no no I’m saying that to
say that is why are you going ten toes
it’s a classic just like they had all of
the it’s a classic like they had all of
the kings of comedy specials they had
the bTW comedy special Def Jam comic
special so she is definitely you know
she cemented in history but as far as
it’s this industry is about what can you
do for me now right you look at her
number okay hang on a second Ronnie and
if I can just say slope to the live chat
Emmure glance in there once in a while I
don’t you know we don’t write
like that they always have our eye peas
in the line
all right peas in the live chat and if
you’re new to this show you look in
there you will literally think that
people have died you ever notice that
Ronnie look alive yeah I you know I a
long time ago I used to check it like an
idiot I used to check it like an idiot
like get on Google thinking oh my gosh
you know but yeah that’s only if you’re
so the troll babies had you going to
Google because they were saying are me
two people who are alive look they go
alright be a little Reese right now it
was crazy in there alright hang on guys
we’re gonna get back on the topic hold
on a second good evening to capo de vos
died FQ star on the topic of Dame he
ain’t broke
just a black jus fiddling his books
looking for Becky in the motherland
salute from London okay thank you sir
well listen I kind of was sticking up
for Dame in case you missed it I’m
saying that maybe there’s a conspiracy
against the guy I have seen and I have
been the victim of the media trying to
you know just lie on me one a few times
and I’m like damn is it that deep um I
think it’s a smart guy but I cannot
ignore the fact that jay-z is a he’s an
old-school Brooklyn guy they don’t
forgive you cross him one time what
there’s no second chance I don’t think
even if he apologized JPJ would fuck
with him pardon my language they were
talking jay-z about Daymond dad just
maybe like five years ago
and jay-z said with a straight face he’s
a smart guy he’ll figure it out don’t
figure it out that was like a showboater
area code nine to nine good evening
right there 99 oh yeah this is true
thank you good start how are you sir I
can’t complain um I just wanna I want to
talk about Kaepernick and I want to talk
about Melo please so I almost start off
with Carmelo Anthony I feel like
everybody is like they bullshit and he’s
getting black boys like that’s the
that’s one of the go straight there
I’m just saying okay I mean if you look
at the stats say he’s proven he probably
has a hair like the best team but he is
one of the best players in the NBA stuff
so does not take okay oh can I ask how
old you sir told you okay now I’m not
trying to can you make some adjustments
there’s a lot of noise in the background
echo or something can you fix your
headset please Anthony an individual
player yes great stats but a team player
no he’s older now he’s got to learn how
to work with the other team members if
he can at all and I think that’s where
we are I think that you know it’s just
you know this is not a decade ago and
the team doesn’t need him like you know
running up up and down the court you
know just always shooting the ball what
do you think about that I mean I agree
but he he’s not as bad as some of the
other players who are probably not as as
good as Venus as a teammate like LeBron
you for me okay
like he’s not a good team player but but
he is good you know okay you were
younger man so I’m not necessarily
trying to say you’re wrong I’m looking
at you for the answer based upon today’s
sports you know I mean me I just I lost
interest years ago I mean I’m still into
hockey but you know basketball and
football is just it’s a slave trade but
good I’ll give you last word um well
just to put more
most details on a mellow a small forest
job is not really to really like dish
out assists in my opinion probably like
four five the most if you could get more
that’s cool but you know like he’s
averaging about like three assists a
game career a career start was but uh I
don’t know he’s he’s a great player um
can i chime in on cabinet yeah please
okay so Kaepernick he’s another go he’s
gonna have if he gets to play he’s gonna
have a good season okay even with his
trash stats he’s gonna have a good Steve
his dad some trash 38:30 interceptions I
thought he got the noise behind them you
know he got the noise behind them though
yeah thirty interceptions seventy two
career touchdown passes thirteen rushing
touchdowns he’s trash happening trash I
mean he’s not like he’s probably not
even top twenty now say the top dirty
yeah now you don’t think though I think
it’s trash but I’m gonna seem to you
continue I’m listening to you all right
now but he’s gonna have a good season I
mean we’ll see what he does if he gets
to play but um yeah he might go to I
would say the judge and if not the judge
he might go to the Denver Broncos okay
that is my opinion on that yeah what
happened to Geno Smith who was on the
Jets he got his jaw broke yeah yeah he
went he I think he went out to a club
one time he and he fucked up is he still
playing in the NFL thank you thanks for
joining me thank you
okay thank you
you didn’t want a Gino Smith’s teammates
break his jaw in the locker room
sucker-punched him Wow crazy
why do we talk about Eddie Murphy
curving dolomite when he was alive
nobody cared right Elvis Garrity called
him to talk about it but yeah he was on
the line when yeah Eddie Murphy uh did
not put dolomite in any films when
dolomite was alive and according to uh
Dolomites former manager whatever his
name is I forget he said that that hurt
dolomite you know Eddie wouldn’t put him
in a Harlem Nights in one of those other
films about Eddie Murphy’s here he is
now profiting area code 609 good evening
609 talking about Colin Kaepernick he’ll
be in Atlanta this Saturday do you care
so nice hello hello hi good evening how
are you good evening
are you there 609 609 yes hello hello
can you hear me yes sir good evening
what hey what’s going on I want you
chime in honor of Carmela please yes I
mean I did that I don’t know who the
clown ass nigga who called it earlier
I’m talking about Carmelo you can’t get
along with teammate yes
the guy is number 19 all-time scoring
list in NBA history
okay do we understand what that means do
you know how many people have laced up
NBA sneakers right and this guy is
number 19
oh hi Oh football star I’m sorry I was
in Jersey man thank you
piece of New Jersey no New Jersey nice
hi big fan yes sir thank you yes sir
okay okay so anyway um yeah I mean you
know drinking one up low down to is he’s
black ball you know he walking around
first of all he’s got box you already
know that okay
well if I can jump in I don’t think he’s
blackballed he’s back in the NBA so
clearly you know he’s got another shot
but to me and I have you have no
argument with me with regards to him
where he is positioned in the all-time
greatest scorers but we’re talking he’s
in the twilight of his career
can he adjust I mean I think the fact
that he’s now got this new contract is
not guaranteed is if they’re saying hey
you know get in here do know learn the
system fast or else getting your old ass
up out of here
what I’m not mad at dad I mean here I
get low jungle for sure but but Bobby
most things that you put them on if you
got 12 players on the team there’s no
way he’s at least 6 to 7 and good point
at this point so I mean he could help a
lot of things but I don’t know who he
pissed off from a political perspective
but melo is still melo you can still
give you especially if a team that is
particularly good for playoff he just
won’t guard anybody but he’ll give you
those points he gets the ball is on and
pop you can dribble right through his
legs around Travian into a sky tomahawk
dunk and you can get that off mr. ball
it’s on and poppin hey man thank you for
your course Luke thank you okay since
I’m not on the check-in hey Ronnie what
else did we forget to go over and we
were exchanging a lot of e-mails back
and forth anything you would have
mentioned that I forget um it’s a crazy
video earlier I’m forgetting what it was
was it a fight or something a shooting
or stabbing
do you remember running the fighter eye
we taught that well you talked about the
fight at IHOP in the beginning of the
first show yo yeah somebody who sent me
a video I don’t I don’t mean to sit here
like you know laughing any way shape or
form something like I was at Phoenix
Arizona will was there he beat two
elderly women with the coffee pot some
white guy uh-huh yes Phoenix I have did
you see the video you can watch it oh I
watched it open to the point where they
both were I’m all three of them sorry
went out of the frame and then I just
shut it off I know it’s like 9 minutes
but I watched I would say probably a
minute and a half it was really hard to
watch because the coffee pot was full
that he was beating them with okay so in
addition to getting beaten they’re also
getting burned so hang on so now you
couldn’t watch it because they were
older white women getting beat but you
like fight videos with younger black
people shooting and brawling real abayas
I like to see a fair fight the only time
I like to see somebody get brutalized is
if they actually deserve it so I don’t
care if you’re what you are if you’re
minding your business at IHOP and you
get brutally attacked you know that’s a
little hard to watch he’s one of those
ugly white women with the coffee pot
like three times she gets up for those
of you who saw the video and then rather
than leave and run she starts throwing
dishes and silverware and then she goes
back to get her pocketbook and then he
he tries to throw a table at her and she
wants to fight rather than run for cover
so you didn’t watch all that no I didn’t
see any of that because I didn’t know
how graphic it there was the fight was
gonna get but you can watch the black
teenagers slice stab and shoot each
other you can either I wouldn’t watch
that either
like I like a fight not a stabbing you
know I like a good fight gotcha okay I’m
just checking go to area code two five
good evening to 540 their area code two
one three
good evening two one three there we’re
talking about Colin Kaepernick and the
ATL working out this Saturday are you
there – well hey gleaming yes oh yes sir
I know buddy
yes sir all right listen um happening
with the one your caller said if
something about the Jets and wanting
them to just already have their
franchise quarterback okay so he doesn’t
know what he’s talking about and the
other caller who talked about no I’m not
being a hall-of-famer first of all the
Hall of Fame is not the NBA Hall of Fame
it’s the basketball Jose so that’s your
whole career college is everything so he
needs to educate himself okay well what
the Basketball Hall of Fame really is I
also know what this a bit a little long
time listen up Thank You Man big
supporter of you minsu okay thank you
okay all right two one three on the
chicken you broke it down he got
technical you know basketballs
let’s talk basketball area code 4 4 3
good evening are you there
4:43 yeah
am i you go
please stop letting these young as dude
call in talk about basketball Melo is
trash Melo is trash he don’t have no
knees he don’t play defense
he’s a one-on-one player that’s why I
don’t nobody want them cuz all he want
to do is shoot the ball he don’t you
can’t play no team okay so in this day
and age you’re not going to get picked
up that’s it people are getting them
pick up games and playing at the rec
center playing that what is it LA
Fitness very man all in shit cuz he
played he played against the average
Jones put them against LeBron put them
against Kawhi put them against
curry trash that’s why he’s not getting
picked up he can’t play in the symptom
no more
he’s a one-on-one player like you say he
don’t play no defense his knees are
going he can barely he likes he’d be
like six five six it can barely don’t
right now hang on a second I appreciate
what you’re saying but when I when I
start talking that type of talk I’m told
right away shut up you don’t know
basketball so I let the younger guys
talk I hear them out
but I remember Carmelo and being on the
New York Knicks and all people cared
about when his sneakers his sneaker
deals you know because he can’t he don’t
have it no more he don’t have it no more
that’s it and be still had he would
still be out he would be out Houston
where we’re Harden and uh who they got
there harder and the UH with the boy and
Westbrook he can’t play with them cuz he
can’t run up and down the court with
them are they getting along that just
seems like a weird you know situation
they get along I don’t know what go in
the locker room
but when playoff town come I don’t see
it happening because that’s that’s two
people that they I I want the ball in my
hand right to see where they want the
ball in their hand give me the ball
y’all watch the pistol smoke give me the
ball step back watch me shoot the pill
yeah and Kaepernick’s not getting picked
and Kaepernick is not getting picked up
sir sir it’s a hypothetical right right
now it’s a hypothetical question
it’s a speculation with if you had to
guess if you have to guess we’re gonna
have okay but if you had to guess
speculation which team will sign him
just give me one name
I can’t think of anybody that would I
honestly can’t what reason I’ve already
said the Miami Dolphins and I would also
like to add up the Carolina Panthers
no no Carolina Panthers got that white
boy in it and he’s bawling right now
Miami Miami Dolphins has fitzpatrick and
they doing so so for what for what they
had if any teams wanted if any teams one
of him they would have scheduled him to
come in the NFL is doing it the NFL
never does that ever so you mean to tell
me this what they making an exception
for this one person yes trust me it’s
not happy okay hang on a second stay
with me according to espn.com there’s
two reasons why they’re saying that this
is happening now sources familiar with
the release thinking say there are two
reasons a little over a month ago
Kaepernick’s representatives put out a
lengthy statement to address what they
described as false narratives okay
that’s number one number two several
teams have been in contact with the
league’s office to ask about Kaepernick
status and the league has grown tired of
telling teams they’re free to find out
for themselves so that’s the reason why
they’re saying again according to
espn.com why this is happening now give
you last word exactly my point
so if they’re free to find out
themselves then why didn’t they do it
okay why is the NFL doing it it’s date
the NFL you just said that the source
said they’re free NFL teams are free to
find out for themselves so why haven’t
they done it okay okay I thank you for
the call sir thank you all right hold on
Ronny let me read a couple of super
chats you got time money yeah a few more
minutes okay hold on
dije descends in a super chat storm my
49 year old aunt says you’re a cutie
she’s a RN a real nurse and wants to pay
for your plane ticket to come to Irving
ttan for
weekend hashtag Haitian coochie I might
be interested shoot me an email can you
send me a picture of your auntie tell
her I said hello
Irving tenue Jersey I mean I do have to
come back up up there soon holla at me
via email the hater 1 964 yahoo.com
so whoop is on the check in via super
jet star what Carmelo is doing is the
same as Michael Jordan joining the
wizards and and New York niggas take
their kids to see New Jack city on ice
thank you Oh Mike from Michigan says
salute star the show is better than ever
Ronny is fire you’re a businessman would
you ever monetize Ronnie’s beauty to
make some scrilla question mark 20/20
calendar maybe question mark I don’t
think Ronnie’s trying to be seen are you
running mean aside from your IG page
right probably you see I have offered
and spoke to money about a few things
and she just wants to do what she wants
to do so I appreciate her and thank you
for your donation Mike from Michigan let
me see if kdh sends another cash app
he’s 19 and scoring but top ten and
shots taken shaking my head ah ha okay
that Carmelo Anthony top ten and shots
taken volume shooter okay I think we’re
pretty much done with this topic hold on
a second let me make sure we didn’t miss
anything tonight I think we flushed out
enough of this Colin Kaepernick okay
folks in case you don’t know the police
did arrest a suspect in the fatal
stabbing via the Maryland Popeyes person
who died over the
chicken sandwich I had that story
someone I don’t know what happened to it
I don’t know if that it looks like the
same guy they had on the second video
but there’s a female as well and I don’t
know if they have the female Oxon Hill
Maryland the guy’s 30 years of age I’m
not gonna hold his picture because he’s
just the suspect not necessarily the
other killer he has been arrested for
killing a 28 year old Kevin Davis also
of Oxon Hill Maryland
okay Ronny thank you for being patient
we had a little speed bump earlier I
think I sort of mentioned
no I guess this is I hope with this you
know guy getting arrested for this
murder we’re gonna see a slowdown and
violent incident that the chicken places
no we’re not not lying
Thank You Ronnie take care I’ll talk to
you later money on the jacket no folks
we’re not gonna see a slowdown in the
other Popeyes brawls no we’re not hold
on a second let me close this down give
me a second guys okay let me get
Ronnie’s banner ready and let me get
some of my sponsors up here and folks if
you would like to be a sponsor to the
show or advertised by way of your
business or something on the screen
reach out to me via email the hater one
nine six for yahoo.com I say again the
hater one nine six four you calm I’ll
see you guys tomorrow at some point take
care be safe

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