Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Has Returned


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A 28-year-old man was stabbed to de*th at a Popeyes in Maryland on Monday night after a f*ght over the restaurant’s chicken sandwich, police said. The stabbing happened at the fast-food chain’s location in Oxon Hill, Maryland, about 12 miles south of Washington, D.C. Two men began arguing apparently after one accused the other of cutting in front of him in line while waiting to order the chicken sandwich, a popular menu item that returned to Popeyes restaurants nationwide on Sunday. The squabble spilled into the parking lot outside the packed restaurant where one of the men was stabbed. Police were called to the scene around 7 p.m. local time, and the victim was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced d*ad about an hour later.

VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTn5gBHZYgo

A snippet of a 2009 verse from Eminem has leaked online, where the famed rapper sides with Chris Brown over his assault of Rihanna. The audio is from a recording session for 2009’s Relapse, where Eminem raps, “Of course I side with Chris Brown, I’d beat a b*tch down too.” The track was scrapped for Em’s project, but a different version of it eventually turned into B.o.B.’s 2011 track “Things Get Worse.” Em went on to collaborate with Rihanna on several hit tracks, including 2010’s “Love the Way You Lie,” and “Monster.”

Eminem audio https://www.vladtv.com/article/258784/eminem-sides-with-chris-brown-over-rihanna-assault-in-2009-leaked-verse

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okay star report welcome to the show
that never ends I’m your host Chucky the
friend you don’t need okay doing
research as you know in the afternoons
look on that screen God forgive me for
laughing there is no god but God forgive
me look on that screen kids huh a man
was dealt with over a Popeye’s chicken
sandwich yes he was did he cut the line
now the fight happened inside Popeyes
and then they took it outside so
somebody’s got the footage somebody’s
got the footage dealt with and we have
to look at the sneakerheads that
pioneered this whole you know clapping
shooting and stabbing niggas in line
remember years ago you stand in line to
get the exclusives the Conchords and all
that all extra shit cutting the line
somebody say something then you say the
magic words did this man say the magic
words and what are the magic words
that’ll get you shot
stabbed or dealt with when we look in
the live chat and see if they know the
magic words
suck my did he say that oh oh shit I’m
gonna amped up got that nap than last
night hang on a second I’m gonna make
sure everything’s uh flowing here okay
okay okay all right boss hogg and full
effect Pellegrino on deck huh we’ll talk
about it um
Colerain Township in Ohio you no longer
hold the crown all that you know hitting
people up side to have the blender that
was cute now onyx or oxen partly Oxon
Hill Maryland have now Oxon Hill
Maryland they have now laid a nigga down
over a chicken sandwich huh fuckers you
go on my nigga you see us standing here
now fuck that I want my
which now y’all y’all little niggas wait
the man is he’s dead
the 28-year old man pardon me I don’t
know his name that’s the whole point of
doing research right now guys holler at
me if you had the info I’m just uh I
just got back in the house I was at the
mall and I just I’m gathering the notes
right now salute to boss chick Ronnie
aka hardcore Ronnie she sent me a text
last night hang on a second
oh no read it to you verbatim I was
relaxing and she said at 12:15 a.m. we
have our first popeyes chicken sandwich
murder mr. oh shit I was napping but you
now have my full attention with this
exciting news yeah did he cut the line
and let’s not blame capitalism
capitalism has no moral base people who
are greedy use the system of capitalism
was this man in line it was he doing too
much and I’m not trying to clown him but
you know you certain things have to be
understood when you’re at certain places
you know cutting the line telling niggas
fuck out of here I’ll smack you niggas
what nigga understanding him for an hour
waiting for the spicy what is it the
spicy in a classic all right also um
gully might be calling in this afternoon
the homey from gully TV oh that’s too
homey we go back a lot of years we go
back like shell-toes and plaid pants
good nigga
solid he’s the first guy that I was
informed of who posted the trailer for
the Alpo Martinez documentary coming
soon by the homie Troy read Troy if you
out there man holler at me via email
somebody’s trying to holla at me on
instagram DM they’re using your name I
don’t know no these niggas man and I do
not handle business via Instagram DM but
Troy Reid if you’re out there if you
want to talk you know if you want I’m
not pressing nobody for interviews but
there holler at me via email the
hater one nine six four at yahoo.com not
Gmail yahoo.com right anyway so gully TV
might be calling him he connected with
Alpo uh up in Harlem it was riding
around and all I don’t fly shit going
through the ghetto about a year or so
ago and I want him to give you guys
details all right other things I want to
talk about this afternoon as we do
research on the screen and should M&M be
canceled no audio that was just released
from 2009 mmm talking about of course I
side with Chris Brown
I had to beat a bitch down yadda yadda
yadda and I just I have to ask the
question because this is if you ask me
the third time Eminem has said something
that is either insensitive towards black
women or or hip-hop culture I don’t
remember a lot of this shit but years
ago there was a cassette tape and my
homie Benzino and Dave Mays they got a
hold of the tape and they were sending
it out where Eminem said I ain’t down
with that nigga shit and something else
about a black female and then on one of
those dr. Dre albums he was clowning Dee
Barnes Dee Barnes
it’s a fucking pioneer for those of you
who don’t know you know from was it
pumping up back in the days let me
looking live chat he was clowning Dee
Barnes on one of one of those
collaborations of dr. Dre now he’s
talking about or apart me from 2009
somebody leaked the audio where he was
talking about Chris Brown of course I
side with Chris Brown it’s like a stab
at beyond it then he went on to do the
other two track with Rihanna I’ve guilt
the fuck desk all but should hip hop
cancel Eminem or is he just too far
above hip hop falling onto open cash app
super Chad holder second guys me make
sure everything is working here okay
some of you have been sending me emails
thank you very much I’m gonna get to
everything this afternoon give me a
oh that’s nice very nice yeah but we’re
gonna talk about Oxon Hill Maryland in
case you’re not the speed yeah a fight
over someone cutting in line led to a
fatal stabbing Monday night at a
Maryland Popeyes Prince George’s County
police say they received a report of a
fight at Popeye’s location in these six
6200 block of Livingston Road Monday
around 7:00 p.m.
yeah 7:00 p.m. well fuck is you doing my
nigga we’ve been standing here I don’t
give a fuck see where niggas I don’t go
fuck fuck y’all niggas who anyway oh I’m
brand-new polo huh hey now for those of
you who know how to get down I don’t
spend my money on a whole lot of clothes
and I went I was at Macy’s this morning
and I saw this and I said hey that would
go nice with my brand new you know
Chicago fitted and I’m looking at it you
know I just I’m frowning at Spanish
goddamn money and a very nice a southern
belle woman of color she said do you
like it and that’s why I don’t know you
know if she said well why don’t you buy
it and wear it and if you don’t like it
bring it back and I looked at and I said
you know I like how you think
so I did I bought it this that
old-school nigga shit kept the tab on
and I might take the motherfucker back
tomorrow anyway
oh I’m in a silly mood give me a second
all right
um who’s texting you already Lord Jesus
hey Tasha okay okay I’ll get back to you
Tasha cake got the block hot Lord Jesus
oh oh all right I’m feeling good hang on
okay Johnny too cool what’s up man how
are you good afternoon he says I’m not
surprised star by the stabbing that’s
regular shit in Oxon Hill Maryland aka
the hood we get in cloud now
respectfully hashtag respect the 301
y’all got the crown right now I hate to
say it like that and you have to look at
the pioneering sneakerheads
huh you couldn’t cut the line with a
seven or eight years ago over a fucking
pair of exclusives you get shanked you
know let me go to cash epidemic come to
the phone lines meet certain guys hey
Michael how are you I’m on the line 2:01
Boss Hogg let’s talk about it hey
Michael how are you still good afternoon
oh you dear Mike how you sir good to
hear from you – yes sir
yeah so you know I’m native New Yorker
born well not formed but raised in Far
Rockaway Queens but I’m out here in
Virginia right now
okay I understand and I said Hill now
the name for like maybe 40 45 minutes
from here and those niggas do not F
around you understand they definitely
give it up clearly both so that’s like
that’s like their National Harbor
understand you come outside a national
hall though you right there and and you
know they’re not to be played with this
is them Capitol Heights district right
yo do not come around and without be an
oil point you know what I mean so so did
you hear that today yeah you know
somebody actually their lives over
chicken sandwich I’m not surprised at
all like that’s just what it is now from
the story that I read um you know how
excited people all over this damn
sandwich I actually bought my cell phone
yesterday they had a dead
line just for the chicken salmon right
you feel me like normally you can’t go
up in the Popeyes and use all of what
you want but because everybody wants to
sandwich they had a special line yeah
and do apparently cutting and they got a
shaking outside and in no no no no they
got a shaking inside first and then they
took it outside I got the notes yeah oh
so somebody’s got the footage because
you know you know when niggas start to
wolf in embarking other people stop
pulling the cameras out so somebody’s
got the footage now whether that footage
is gonna be sold to TMZ at some point
I’m sure it will be but you know yeah I
mean here’s my question grand finale
here’s my question did he say the magic
words because sometimes you can be
whooping embarking and you know it ain’t
that serious but once you say suck my
blank you got to be dealt with yeah I
mean yo it’s possible you know we
outside of what happened everyone
outside of the situation ain’t gonna
really know unless somebody that was
dead can testify as to what happened but
it was responsible other magic words
that sealed his fate did you say testify
we mean taking the stand and pointing it
out because he well you know I don’t
mean that but you know me somebody that
can actually speak to what went down I
mean we are not knew that so so that’s
just is what it is I don’t got no reason
to come through there man I’m good we
got Popeyes over here I don’t got no
reason to go down good okay grand finale
before I let you go man mmm there’s no
audio that had just popped up from 2009
talking greasy about you know of course
outside with Chris Brown I had to be the
bitch down something something I don’t
even have the full lyrics right now but
isn’t this like the third time mm has
said some some like questionable shit
directed towards black females well you
know I don’t know a whole lot about the
quote per se but he actually said but
just based upon what you
seto what you quoted in the saying I
don’t necessarily know if it’s aimed at
black women I think it could just be
women in general that he’s trying to
address they God I’m sort of point where
you put hands on now that sucka shit to
me number one if you you’re dealing with
a chicken she makes you guys emotional
that she is to the point where you got
to put hands on her then that just suck
it shit no matter what race it is you
know what I mean never even let a chick
bring you to that point where you’re
just as emotional as her so well golly
that sounds hot but you know I’m also
talking about what Eminem has said on a
few occasions now you know listen to me
maybe I’m looking into it too deep but
at the same time I’m the guy that has
caught a lot of people over the years
you know by where the lyrics you know I
mean I’m I remember I caught Diddy back
in the days saying I got Asian women to
change my linen after I didn’t blaze and
hit him I’m the guy that caught JLo
saying I tell them niggas mind they busy
mean oh I’m the guy that kicked that
I’m the guy that kicked up that dust
when Jay Kwon said I had a young
girlfriend thinking she needed to be
killed like Kennedy so I pay attention
to what’s going on here and this is a
new story and I’m just I’m just asking
man because he just he seems like he
just nobody checks him maybe I’m doing
too much give the last word yeah man I
mean you you might be putting a little
sauce on it I don’t know I don’t
necessarily know I mean if you heard him
actually saying black women did he say
that Dee Barnes is a black woman okay
and he did say and I heard with my own
ears back in the days I ain’t with that
nigga shit something-something and then
he’s now he’s talking about of course
outside with Chris Brown Rihanna’s black
come on man
I promise you I’m gonna let you i’ma let
you run with that woman I the only thing
so but I’ll follow the fuck back if I’m
reaching too much I’ll fall back me it’s
from 2009 you know
maybe I can get some on the line who
just you know just a little bit more
walk you know the black woman is God
where you niggas at right now hmm
should hip-hop cancel Eminem or is mmm
too powerful to be cancelled in hip-hop
I also have the statement from Popeyes
we’re gonna take our turn this afternoon
huh yeah Popeyes released a statement
and don’t start you know trying to blame
Popeyes yeah you know uh Popeyes should
be held responsible was Michael Jordan
ever held responsible for all the deaths
over the exclusive joints knock that
shit off area code 407 good afternoon
407 Williamsburg
how are you are you doing are you doing
it’s good to hear your voice man Thank
You Man man this is amazing brah
yeah I just wanted to make a comment on
the M&M situation please if you don’t
mind please honestly personally I feel
like Eminem is a lot of people put him
at the top and of hip-hop as far as the
best rapper goes and me personally I
don’t see what he contributes to hip-hop
at all okay
none of his content has ever done
anything for the upliftment of black
youths in particular who and I mean they
always want to throw numbers at it like
you know I’m saying saying the point
that oh he sells the most records so
that makes him the best well I mean to
me like I feel like his content just
degrades black black culture as a whole
you know what I’m saying so I definitely
feel like he doesn’t belong at the top
of the you know the rappers or top
emcees I mean yeah he’s great with the
words he puts the word play together and
all that but what is he talking about
you know what I mean like it’s like when
I hang on a second so I can appreciate
everything you’re saying but my question
is you know shouldn’t he be cancelled
he’s now you know some audio popped up
from 2009 the fuck right I think you
have a black mother a black sister a
black auntie a black daughter
of course okay I think he should be
canceled I don’t think he should have a
voice anymore his opinion shouldn’t be I
mean how do but how do we go about
everybody’s already you know 50-cent
cosines I’m Kanye West cosines I’m
Kendrick everybody cosines him so I mean
I guess you know we just gotta sit
around and watch man okay any thoughts
on the man that was dealt with for
allegedly cut Oxon Hill Maryland that’s
the big story
you know that one is uh that one was
pretty funny because it’s like I I’m a
conspiracy theorist and I he talked
about us all the time I feel like you
know they throw these events out there
all the time like you know to just stare
up you know commotion in the communities
across the nation like a nun saying but
if this happened to be a true event I
mean I don’t I don’t put it past us
because it’s like even though cops are
killing us we still are ignorant in a
sense to let a chicken sandwich and what
hang on second say because the constant
you’ll and everybody not not just black
people yeah I saw a cop layer or white
bitch down and she did a front
she wouldn’t put down his scissors hey
everybody everybody’s getting that work
boy hang on if you’re a conspiracy
theorist how about this how about this
super do you think that there may have
been a combined effort to to pull to
pull back on the the popeyes chicken
sandwiches for two months there was a
two-month drought to to to allow hype to
build up and you know the the one the
need and the desire and then to put them
out and then we have what we have back
that could be that could be bad way of
some type of lawsuit and a discovery
process of course that could be
determined okay so there were emails
going back and forth between Popeyes
CEOs and they purposely with intent did
not put out chicken sandwiches because
they wanted to build up the attention
and then they were competing with with
your chick-fil-a I’ll give you last word
what’s your bet right right
I definitely um I think whoever can
pursue something like that should get on
it right away because that sounds like a
great suit to me like you know I mean if
I had the resources to put that together
I would myself you know what I mean
because I honestly also this may be a
little frivolous but I don’t know if you
remember your movie Eddie Griffin was in
call Undercover Brother and basically
the premise of that movie was the
chicken yeah I’m saying I didn’t see
that so I would never in my life pay for
an Eddie Griffin film I’m sorry but uh
well I had it on VHS I’ve never really
done anything but um yes so in that
movie it’s just like I mean if you get a
chance to like see some of the important
scenes like basically no sir I will not
be watching Eddie Griffin film but thank
you for calling thank you sir
folks I had a nap a good nap yesterday
I’m a little on edge right now come on
come on let’s not get crazy on the line
Dave good afternoon sir he sends in a
super chair he says salute boss hogg
ever thought of doing some kind of
sit-down with your supporters question
mark I would personally put down a
c-note if you did sir that’s in motion
just thank you for your donation first
and foremost it’s in motion I’m in
Atlanta you know working and working
yeah we got something set up mid-january
just it takes a lot of time thank you so
much and I appreciate you saying you
would come down I’m gonna hold you to
that hold you to that all right
is it vine-swinging savage good
afternoon sends in a super chat shout
out to menthol Ronnie best co-host of
2019 I say that respectfully gotta go
Tammy wants a hug suckers shit hashtag
mammy knows best thank you so much for
your donation
Toronto Rangers on the check-in man I
waited 45 minutes for the head bullshit
popeyes chicken sandwich yesterday and
it was cold and underwhelming
I’m so tight right now it’s on site
well Toronto Rangers uh I got two
chicken sandwiches you know when they
first got released the pop I’ve chicken
sandwiches and yes they were cold you
have to take them home heat them up in
the microwave without the the bun for
about 30 seconds and then put it on the
bun and then bite into it
yeah man you waited 45 minutes because
shit as it’s popular right now but thank
you for donation
okay I’ll come back to that also a gully
TV are you out there is gully gullies
got all the official info with regards
to uh the Alpo documentary coming soon
Troy guys also can someone send me a
link to Troy Reed’s either twitter IG or
youtube channel that’s the homie the
father of the street documentaries
you’ve heard me speak about this man
before huh official certified don’t you
much I want to talk about my sponsors
shortly I want to show you some some
analytics for those of you who want to
advertise on the show I want to talk to
you about audience retention and other
things all right let me bring in area
code eighty five seven
good afternoon eight five seven are you
up to speed a man was dealt with over a
chicken sandwich
a57 pick it up pick it up let’s get you
a pad here all right let’s go to area
code nine seven three good afternoon are
yet to speed popeyes chicken sandwich
fight took place 973 okay folks if you
drag and let me get out of here come on
hi hi hello hey hey yeah man that that
bullshit right there just goes to show
you how ignorant we are as black people
grow weed sitting there talking about
his families that you can cook at home
well cook at home you
one on it do what you want to do yeah
will in the waiting great adventure line
well fucking sandwich you could cook at
home think about that footsteps are real
nigga shit also like why why brings like
why even going that route now nigga stab
initiative over chicken salad well sir
if you asked me and I’m not hang if you
ask me I’m not trying to downplay the
sad reality of what happened but you
know if you’re in line you know just
come on just we all here trying to get
the sandwich some people get a little
get a little rambunctious
some people get rambunctious are you a
sneakerhead or were you ever a
uh I’m not really a sneakerhead like
that however like when it comes down to
sitting there in line first of all y’all
realize it’s called fast-food for a
reason right you’re waiting in line that
long for fast food there’s a problem
next thing like come on man I rep the
goal I rather go to Iraq I would never
do it Jordan line or nothin like that
that’s the dumbest shit ever like it
ain’t even about being walk all that
dumb shit like castle continously
wherever common sense star you need to
call her get it you too
we need to come back what a hanger
certainly again I could appreciate what
you’re saying but the sneakerheads
set this type of behavior off I don’t
know how much you know about you know
the sneakerheads and the exclusives and
the Concorde Elevens and all that sort
of shit if if you were a bigger guy and
you cut in front of a little skinny
nigga there’s a good chance he beats and
beats into that knapsack and pull out
the blam er and get you the fuck up out
of there so it’s not just a chicken
sandwich it’s it’s a certain level of
respect you feel me yeah and look who
always gets involved when it comes down
to dumb shit like that materialistic
items will always put you in a bad
position well so let’s not give white
people a past that’s not the point of
what I’m discussing here this Anton
white people are up in wal model Oh
Black Friday like you know fighting
hustling over crazy shit you know white
white boys
high schools and you know the clubs come
on man so I mean I can just you don’t
know no there are no stars that’s not
what I’m saying what I’m saying is when
you see shit like that in regards to the
example what you use as far as white
people shooting
that’s a dumb dumb and shit they can’t
think we’re for a dime anyway that’s why
I have to shit that going on in this
country it’s fucked up because we allow
dumb ass
what the fuck
remember Pope how long people to be
clear remembered aren’t you the people
from the United States that came to this
country were criminals back home I want
try to think about that part too they
gonna kill the Indian you talk about the
forefathers sir dont fathers I mean the
great forefathers put some respect on
their names wait for photos okay I’m not
gonna deny all right I’m not gonna kid
sorry I thank you for your call I’m
gonna get back to the story okay thank
you so much oh all right no worries
thank you seriously oh okay okay
hey I just glanced into the Live Chat is
uh the sneaker addict in there sneaker
etiquette can you do you want to call in
I thought I saw the sneaker addict I got
my contacts on okay yeah the sneaker
addict can we get you on the line to
talk about the origins of people getting
shot stabbed and dealt with in line here
in America over exclusive things okay
I’m gonna keep my eye on the emails I
don’t mean looking at live chat too
often but uh keeping up to speed if you
want to call in also folks let me read
the statement from Popeyes the statement
came out about the deadly shooting we
are very sad to hear about the tragedy
in Maryland tonight we do not yet know
whether this was the result of a dispute
over one of our products or something
unrelated but there is no reason for
someone to lose their life on a Monday
night in a parking lot
our thoughts are with the victim’s
family and friends and we are
cooperating with local authorities okay
there’s the official Popeyes statement
huh yeah whoo
Bostick Ronnie I think she well she is
working I don’t know if she can call it
or not we checked my phone and yet guys
last night I did not do a show um I just
I was exhausted I had a bunch of
meetings in the daytime and then I
fucked around and got some some snow
crabs and a Michelob light and went lead
went lay down and that was it that was
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no niggas getting network over chicken
sandwiches man all right reach out to
number nine via social media okay
someone sent me only yeah there’s a
couple of fight videos going on with
regards to the popeyes chicken
sandwiches I saw another video some
woman was ramming her a car in a parking
lot and fucked up the side of the car
and then somebody was filming another
girl and said is it worth it she said
mm-hmm yeah it’s worth it
I don’t know fuck fuck I want my
sandwich thank you for your donation
hey kid dangerous what’s that matter you
calling in kid dangerous should mean
email what line is he calling is it 3 3
5 or is it 2 2 5 let me see if I can
find kid dangerous she’s uh he had a
battle with Danny Meyer’s I did not get
a chance to see the battle just yet
hold on area code 2 2 5 is that kid
dangerous 2 to 5 hey what’s up man how
how’re you doing with the battle are the
batter’s tonight make some adjustments
yeah okay so you’re okay yeah so now are
you ready are you ready to battle Danny
Meyer’s tonight okay are you gonna bring
up um are you gonna bring up the time he
got jerked on the 10 racks um t-rex you
gonna bring that up nobody’s kids slow
it down slow it down we don’t do that
Danny Meyer’s is the truth so now are
you really ready are you ready to
dangerous in the store and I’m ready to
soar but I’m the one I’m not okay listen
man good to hear from you any thoughts
on the guy that got dealt with over the
Popeyes sandwich in Maryland any
thoughts in it I want you to comment on
them quickly
I mean we know
whatever episode 2 issue matter because
I mean he took the black culture economy
culture for everybody to do so whatever
happened okay all right thank you man
good to talk to you thank you okay okay
kind of same guys Haiti uh good
afternoon story you spelled sandwich
wrong switch it up to sammich haha
please you’re absolutely right you know
on the screen it should say man dealt
with over popeyes chicken sammich real
virtue graft anyone sends in a super jet
star homosexuality is not the problem
it’s actually the answer to radical
feminism oh wow Jesus thank you real
virtue okay that’s a little deep do you
want to call in get you on the line you
sent it a donation I appreciate that if
you want to call in send me an email and
just say what number you’re calling in
from okay and let me look again guys for
a go e to see if he’s on the line the
homie gully TV gully had the exclusive
on the Alpo trailer I wanna make sure I
give props where props who do okay okay
is gully in the live chat let me look in
the live chat guys he and I chopped up
yesterday via email and I told him I
want to support him and purchase one of
those gully TV uh the gully TV vests the
best was fire
okay the sneaker attic okay I see you
the sneaker either give me a second I’ll
get to you
who’s on nine one seven it’s just uh
desire desire how you good afternoon
vitamin vitamin vitamin a vitamin aa low
okay got you okay well it said desire
I’m just asking but let me say okay no
vitamin yeah write another book called a
couple of times yeah okay I’m gonna now
really break down this situation
come on this is one thing I want to
point out that people don’t know potpies
pulled up they just move the new
chick-fil-a by Barclays Center I live
around the downtown booker area okay and
Popeyes pulls up in front of the
chick-fil-a handing out free chicken
sandwiches out of a big Popeyes truck so
that’s what they’re doing out here so
that theory about you about you saying
that they pulled the chicken sandwich
off the off the menu for a couple of
months to build up the anticipation I
really believe they did that because
people have been talking about that
sandwich other stuff they took it off
the menu and now that anticipation is so
high it automatically that kind of
correlate to the sneaker situation
because when you make it a limited stop
people seem to get one and what’s sad is
what the community Weber’s effect and I
think it’s more so freakin black people
if the collective the collective feeling
the collective morality the collective
morale of the black community is so low
that they need materialism
to the point where someone getting
killed over a sandwich because people
feel like if they don’t get the sandwich
they’re not a part of people feel like
if they don’t get the sneaker they not a
part of people feel like if they don’t
get the jeans the shirt
the head form of the beachhead for
America they’re not a part of right so
now people are doing anything and
everything for these type of materialism
just so they could take a picture say I
did it too I have it two very good
points that that you’ve put on the table
here and I saw a video with some white
people fighting in Florida over chicken
sandwich so white folks is getting down
for getting down for the for their
crowns as well you know everyone you
know I think the notion for black people
being the most materialistic in America
is what prevail well I feel with
everyone you know you go to the Apple
store you see Chinese people want crazy
because they can’t get headphones so you
see mothers going crazy because they
can’t buy a microwave but it more so
expensive black people this point where
they actually gun each other down a kid
just got children with iPhone 11 in
Queens by his best friend
in Queens a kid just got killed for
iPhone 11 and
said it was his best friend that did it
Oh minutes I will call that said another
fourteen-year-old to kill another
fifteen-year-old because for phone is
because his morale is so low he feels
he’s not important unless he has that
device or he has that headphone so he
has both we could any solutions I mean
what you’re saying is very very real any
solutions to the problem I think I’m not
sure much
come here a couple years back my little
brother go to school he was getting
bullied because he didn’t have certain
type of sneakers okay so you know I
upgraded him a little bit I didn’t get
enrolled Jordan my god I’m sure he can
work well you know some adidas nikes and
I had a long conversation name about the
materialism Wow there’s no wrong with
having nice things but have it because
you want it not because a certain set of
society required me to have it or people
are gonna look at you in a certain way
if you do or don’t have it right and I
think a lot of parents and a lot of
people need to have these conversations
with youth especially the youth because
they’re the ones really going through it
right now about materialism what and
what it really is you know I mean kids
don’t even know that these sneakers
cause professed to make in the factory
and they think they gain a fly because
they spend 130 on their under 40 I was
dating a girl years ago and her son at
the time I think he was like nine years
old he wasn’t getting bullied but you
know I gave her some money and she went
got him you know dipped as needs to say
and and I said her I said listen now you
should also tell him that if some other
kids weren’t up on him with you know a
knife or a fucking you know a ratchet to
give it up it’s not worth his life you
know I’ll give last word
yo speaker situation just started when
they started lowering the lowering the
stock but there was like keep out this
week is in circulation when they start
doing this point when you’re 500 out
there so you got three thousand people
lined up but only 500 sneakers which the
retailer knows they only got 500 but
they they have this big line out there
so people started getting bad beat up
the Nikes with the pigeon on it was like
the first one that caused a lot of hype
in New York City um the Nikes with a
pigeon on it and then
the matching jacket like walking jacket
with it so now what these company is
doing they do raffle
you got a voting and staying online and
get a raffle ticket yeah like that’s
gonna stop something yeah people are
still doing your photo with who at the
raffle tickets you know what I mean Wow
for appletv great points man thank you
for your call thank you thank you okay
salute okay yeah there could be a an
effort for this type of marketing and
this type of sales strategy that if
there were one or two lawsuits if the
family of this 28 year old said hey you
know I want to sue Popeyes you know
because I truly believe that this was a
combined effort and and you know they
purposely purposely did this with
regards to these chicken sandwiches and
without giving a damn about who got
killed that could be a lawsuit I don’t
know I’m not a lawyer but I just want to
say that ok gully gully hang on a second
there’s the homie let me see if he’s
online goalie TV
he had the exclusive on the line gully
where are you ok I don’t see it yet my
search through the queue there’s a delay
on the show so give him a second so you
might come back to gully
the meantime let’s go to area code three
one seven good afternoon oh you’re there
three-one-seven oh yeah yeah we’re how
are you sir I’m doing great I want to
talk to you man yeah I got the pair in
the shoes and it’s in sandwiches but
this is comparable with me okay come on
it’s like a chicken sandwich glass how
long you had the floor come on I mean
you could you get a swap Raji got pawn
stores you can make you can make money
off whether you guys whip it in a class
or at least a month but for people to
wile out over a chicken sandwich man I
think I don’t know I can’t wrap my head
around it around I hear what you’re
saying and the correlation
I was trying to make you know if it’s if
there is one is that you know the
sneakerheads set the standard for you
know slow that shit down you know
jumping in front of us just because you
might be a bigger guy or you don’t give
a fuck you know you’re and more of a
rush than we are there’s a limited
supply now maybe that’s not a great you
know correlation to put on the table but
that’s what I see as you know in terms
of you know shooting and real violence
with people standing in line oh go ahead
there’s no respect from one another
bakeries were boys dances yeah we have
more respect for the Shuar ticking sound
put another for the other person right
right right
what state are you calling in from sir
what state you coming from sweet
laughter Pittsburgh I’m face is looking
terrible any thoughts on mmm or am i
reaching came out you know with Chris
Brown I had to be the bitch down in 2009
with some track he did and he then they
change the lyrics I’m just asking the
listen man thank you your phone’s going
now thank you thank you okay
gully TV where are you I’m looking for
eight one four in the queue let me see
if if he typed something wrong
8:1 for gulley TV where are you where
are you I don’t seem are we freshen it a
second or two Franklin thank you for
your donation feel free to say Ronnie
said that ok Thank You Franklin
Jordy hey Jordy hey boss hogg him on the
area code 347 I’m in a second
where are you three four seven Jordy
where he’s Jordy did I pick up too late
this may be Jordy right here hey is that
Jody area code three four seven Jody
somebody else okay what’s going me how
are you what’s going on man I wanted to
save some things real quick I just run
it down real quick okay I was trying to
get to that Popeyes situation I was
gonna say I read into the article and it
says that this victim gets the line yeah
and that’s how it all started so that’s
if that’s true now lot of freaks would
you skip a line no one everybody in line
has been anticipating all these months
see too much for the same I’m not just
saying it just about the sandwich but
that’s more about the respect to Irish
solar whatever cases the end of the day
man you can’t be skipping people allowed
man tests you can’t do it definitely
gonna get poked I’m not trying to clown
the death of the man but I mean he may
have been like you know a bigger dude
maybe he was one important brolic niggas
you know
yo I’ll slap y’all little niggas he
might have musta Moneyball we know you
know just fuck out of here exactly fuck
I like you I like you too Chris you’re
right dude right at that point by trying
to skip the line well we need your bread
and the little skinny niggas today will
clap you faster than a big right look
skinny nigga let you have it
I know you saw that video with the big
nigga going in the
but uh with the Popeyes fight yeah
somebody he had the broom and then he
turned his back because you talking
about he said had the broom there’s
enough that they got one with the fire
with the person who drives it for the
french fries fried and it’s sad but at
the same time you know those of us who
are hard-working tax-paying law-abiding
citizens will look at this shit when
saying down look at these monkeys right
I’m talking about one people is in there
right that’s it there’s one little
pickle yeah doing that now they even
worth it
it ain’t worth the damn fool I think
that yeah yeah thanks for the call man
salute thank you Oh what hang on a
second guys I think golly TV’s on the
line oh shit wait a minute wait a minute
go eat TV eight one four well what up
what’s going big nigga how you man I’m
good how you doing good man niggas no
mean you go back like fuckin sheepskins
and and and and dunce caps damn near huh
without a doubt shout-out to the
original shock jock star man I’m glad to
be on the show this imminent thing I was
gonna live with Lord Jamar this morning
it’s kind of getting out of hand it’s
kind of getting out of hand
i 100% agree with Lord Jamar I don’t
think he said anything racist or biased
he just said we don’t listen to his
music I don’t know why everybody feel
the need to you know jump all over Lord
Jamar about it about his opinion but it
is what it is oh come on oh hang on a
second do Lord Jamar comment yet on
these this audio that was just leaked
from 2008 you talking about oh this
morning he made a post from his
Instagram page a picture that is it the
picture is supposed to be obscure
of M&M would have mass gone in blackface
after doing further investigation about
this picture they said it was a mask of
Will Smith allegedly okay but I was
talking about the audio there’s no audio
that just came up from 2009 pardon me
where Eminem was talking about of course
outside with Chris Brown did you hear
that listen girl you never never mind
all that Lord tomorrow homie salute big
respect let’s talk about this Alpo
documentary you are the guy that first
posted this trailer yes I didn’t even
know that homie pardon me for not going
to your page first
Troy Reed who I’ve known over the years
how do you fit into this because you
hung out without PO yes bring this up to
speed yes yes I met him this past summer
I think it was like July he wanted to
meet me in person anyone to see me face
to face I had expressed interest on
doing a documentary with him the day
that I met him he told me that he had
intentions of working with Troy Reed
whenever he decided to bust a move but
based on that footage that just came out
the day that he told me he had plans of
working with Troy I read he had already
worked with okay okay the outfits the
royal blue surely that he has on fire
slime niggas ain’t flying against you
let’s go the same jacket he was wearing
last year when he was captured coming
out of the that diner in the Bronx I saw
I was filming that that was dated it was
filmed he had on the same clothes the
same clothes from the Bronx diner it’s
the same he’s wearing the same clothes
in the back seat yes I met him and I
will like to work on that project it’s
going to be a lot of money associated
with that the video that everybody’s
watching right now somebody tagged it to
me tagged me to it because I got it I
got it I kind of got a reputation for
covering discards in this type of
content promote your channel so people
know where to go because again you are
the guy to mine
you posted first unless there was
someone else no was it Joey TV come on
the real girly TV I called him I have
his number I’m in touch with him and I
was just saying I’m glad that this big
you know this big rat race is over to
get our pool in front of everyone’s
camera I was like because it was kind of
becoming a burden to me a lot of people
wanted me to do it and I just didn’t
want him to go to the other side of
media meaning Vlad CNN anybody Discovery
Channel anybody at at nature that story
started in the urban community urban
journalists should get the first crack
on covering that whole that whole story
so yeah mom I’m I’m very very very well
outspoken on the whole issue I contacted
him and he said when I contacted out for
I was like well you know you you finally
got your little thing off your chest it
seemed like you were sentimental good
luck and you know that’s dad I’m going
to write a book my interactions with him
i’ma write a book so I think the second
goal if I can jump in so now how much
time did you spend with Alpo Martinez
riding around up and hold him couple
hours we was walking it was broad
daylight hours with him little under an
hour like 45 to 50 minutes we was
walking around I met him in front of
Magic Johnson theatres okay take that so
on a hundred 224 that’s on like a
hundred and twenty four for a fab yes
I’m like that I’ve been there so he told
me to be there he told me to be there
he appears I’m like whoa he really came
so we started out walking from Magic
Johnson theater walking through Harlem I
couldn’t believe it broad daylight ain’t
nobody looking for him man ain’t nobody
looking fit yeah I think the streets
well in New York and New Jersey the
streets are differently I don’t
necessarily think a guy like Alpo could
walk walk around and you know the south
like that having done what he has done
and openly admitted what he’s done but I
don’t think anybody about the route
south of New York I don’t think he’ll
walk around in Philadelphia like that
they just definitely not fully because
Philly doesn’t tolerate that type of
behavior going back to the Black Mafia I
mean listen I’m 55 years of age I can
tell you about a lot of different times
and don’t necessarily mean to go too far
back but you know okay so he’s home now
and the documentary is being worked on
by Troy Reed so now are you officially a
part of that or are you trying to get
done with it okay actually naturally he
was gonna work with Tori Reed again you
have a relationship with him torrid
already did it the street stars
documentary on elbow he told me um
whenever I’m whenever I bless the move
I’m gonna include you I’m gonna phone
call fuck with you you ain’t violated
you ain’t violated no codes with me you
ain’t been disrespectful I got more
power to Troy read online the King rat
said to you you ain’t violated no codes
meaning he never he’s never seen me on
the video online calling him a rat you
know dusty goes on I don’t engage in
that time the objective hater and every
and any goddamn by the King hit it man
so you know it is R is alright so listen
man I appreciate you bringing me up to
you know if you need to promote any
exclusives on your channel man you shoot
me an email or text and I will promote
that man and also can you tell people
about your your clothing cuz I’m still
trying to get that vest man I’m trying
to get that vest about a year how do you
find it soon as I get in shape oh I’m a
real girly TV on Instagram man I got
demerged and you can deal with me right
there I don’t have no centralized
website yet but um cash up and taste how
it works agree that’s not my free shakin
time again thanks for having me good to
talk to you golly sloop man all right
thank you okay totally TV on the
checking yeah man I hope oh yeah hey Bob
lady no codes oh okay all right let me
let me calm down a little silly this
yeah yeah you know I’m gonna wait until
I get a call or email from Troy read
them I’m not trying to get no exclusive
interviews you know that in what I do
you know okay check on a few things here
Oh folks is there anyone that has an
email or some type of contact on Vicky
Dillard Vicky Dillard from fly Nubian
YouTube channel I want to reach out
about something business nothing related
to gossip tension or anything like that
I’ve been watching her channel for well
over a year her in Michi X and O me TX
moved on she’s no longer on fly newbie a
network but if anyone has any type of
contact information on Vicky Diller
please email me at the Hayter one nine
six for yahoo.com I say again the hater
one 964 yahoo.com all right research
this afternoon let me take time to put
some respect on one of my sponsors names
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afternoon to the live chat how you guys
doing it’s going a live chat mmm
Kenney 662 sISTAR lay off the gear you
should be telling me to step it up you
Tasha hey Tasha Tasha washer she says
hey boo hey Tasha Tasha are you in
I gotta get a steady girlfriend in
Atlanta you know I got it I gotta grow
the fuck up and just stop it I was
supposed to go to an event tonight and
tada he see coach the author he’s doing
something at Symphony Hall or Symphony
Orchestra something here in Atlanta and
the young lady that I’ve been hanging
out from time to time
now she’s you know she’s at that point
where it’s getting weird hey you know we
hung out a few times what are we doing
we’re hanging out why does it now have
to be what are we doing you know so um
anyway Tasha if you’re in Atlanta let me
know I’m auditioning also um the story
that I do want to mention a little bit
I wanna paste the show here if anybody’s
up to speed a white woman tango second
found dead in her home was likely killed
by her own dogs police say Mary Matthews
49 years of age was found in her
Clearcreek Township Ohio home about 40
miles north of Cincinnati on Friday the
police are saying the cause of death has
been determined to be dog attack
Clearcreek Township police she suffered
multiple wounds investigators found two
large but thin Great Danes when they’re
saying that the dogs could have killed
her was she loving the dogs french
kissing them all sorts of cooking all
sorts of crazy shit confusing the dogs
touching the dogs you know these older
white chicks are they have cats and dogs
and they they I’ll just say they do too
much I don’t grouse anybody out but they
do too much you know dog gets confused
and why would the Great Danes thin was
she trying to make them vegans we look
the larger you guys know what I’m
talking about
hey dogs flipped on the bitch you know
now bitch we don’t want we don’t want
the vegans Rio food who is the beef okay
come back all right all right let’s get
back to our topic here you know a man
was dealt with over a Popeye’s sandwich
did he cut the line until other niggas
y’all little niggas get the fuck out my
I mean you code three one three good
afternoon are you there three one three
yes sir hey what’s up man thanks for
taking my call
yes sir how are you hey what’s up man
thank you for taking my call yes sir
yeah yeah man I want to call in about
the alarm and then you can stab that
Popeyes not yes yes you know I’m a I
support the dumb shit you know I’m a
nigga who stood in line for kicks I’ve
done that before and every time
and every time I had it I had a washer
in the trunk I used to have my p95 Ruger
buy my sniffing western 40 or my lace
let’s talk about it
dare did nigger the tribe man you got to
push you can’t come out of pocket with
that shit man that nigga sound like he
was out of line and it’s dumb ass cock
you know he got he got what was coming
to him emotionally it’s sad that he lost
his life before he said it says that he
lost his life man but but niggas niggas
ain’t playin behind this shit man like I
said every time I done waiting in line
for shoes I had the wild thing on my
fucking way so I’m in the trunk that’s
how you got to be man yeah you ever
heard of this place
Oxon Hill Maryland you’ve heard of him
no I’m Philly trout I’m calling from
Detroit Metro Detroit Detroit area man
oh shit you’re real up here with some
shoes my nigga yeah yeah you know they
but but talk for what the one doubt he
called in a couple collars ago he was
talking about some other kind of
bullshit is materialistic shit damn
right niggas niggas is a beautiful thing
every nigga is a star and every nigga is
a star you know we got a child like a
peacock who’s that Kanye West said he
said I spent something something just to
be like nigga you ain’t up on this
I Spit I spent 400 bucks on this just to
be like nigga you ain’t up on this my
whole day yet I was on uh yes Kanye West
yeah yeah yeah we you know it’s just
it’s it’s sad but it’s just humorous you
know what I’m saying yeah you know it
got so fucked up not me and my kids in a
sneaker this shit now so let’s not run
around sitcom the new Tyrese come out
the new Tyrese come on help its but I
think it’s more so about yeah you know
with the sneakers and shit like that I
think is more sober you know a black
thing you know because my daughter she
go to a white school ain’t up on that
shit but you know it is what it is man
well the white cheese will kill your
mother’s shit no white kids will let you
down yeah yeah get it yeah yeah there
should up the whole fucking school man
but you know in regards to that I’m not
trying to make light of the guy getting
killed but you know when you stand in
them lines man you got to keep your head
on a swivel and they get the bumping you
and all that other kind of shit man
it’s a fucking lie right man yo my nigga
you just stepped on my shit you stepped
on my sneakers and you didn’t say excuse
me slap the shit out of them sighs yeah
slap the shit out of me the grip up man
thank you for calling me Luke you know
anytime niggas be trying you yeah yeah
yeah hang on I think we got a sneaker
head in line wait a minute who’s this
that H oh is this is that Mac that’s new
Mac yeah hey back on second Atlanta are
you from Azoff sneaker addicts sent you
no no no I’m just a nigger that like
sneaking knowin okay let’s go with you
no I know a man second is talking about
the arm I mean really about the Popeyes
ticket thing but you know cocks in hell
they’ve now got the crown sadly I mean
yeah I mean it is what it is like I said
oh sorry but I got some loud that thing
put off okay yeah when it comes to the
sneakers man play yeah we stand a lot
I’ve seen some wild shit in these lines
man like I didn’t seem like I didn’t
pull it up on the scene people hiding in
bushes where I’m fatigued on ready for
war oh my god damn fucking fucking
Georgians yeah right you know I’ll say
I’ve seen I think walk outside with a
shoebox in a like yo what sides are
doing up in bitch right they wait for
you outside
hey do you remember like five or six
years ago I think it was yeah Houston
Texas for somewhere some mall and you
had a couple of little skinny near they
were trying to trying to drill through
the roof to get some exclusive sneakers
yeah but yeah from Concord 11:00 yeah
yeah yeah yeah them off on the foot it
sort of caters off that big so the
sneaker has really pioneered this sadly
you know yeah that’s a fact but see yeah
but see it’s not the principle though
because people talk about all years
about chicken sandwich nigga type it
does Tyler it’ll cut me along with the
got my whole right now yeah the chicken
sandwich yeah and you said the magic
words you got to be dealt with
you gotta be dealt with yeah yeah okay
okay I will see how you feel about baby
you don’t see how you go on suck it out
here oh no say that’s how I’ll go that
yeah you know Sam also got checking
about the M&M situation tumor I know
what you talking about the D bar thing
come on
hi so he didn’t say anything about Devon
she was referring to because they love
the song guilty conscience
okay offer on offer M&Ms on TV it was
all for guilty conscience where he was
like it was a basically going back and
forth and he was like well you gonna
listen to somebody that slap deep bars
so you’re talking to dr. Dre about that
cuz you know dr. Dre you know did
science so that’s what he was referring
but he still mentioned Dee Barnes name
and when I heard that I said whoa whoa
and I Ciroc with Eminem heavy heavy you
know I’m saying that yeah and then I
kind of said you know I don’t know yeah
I mean don’t get me wrong right no give
you alright a before the white man I’m
just I just thought yeah you know they
be careful to dig I’ll get well you know
I would say I just refer to that cuz I
know I remember we say about Dee Barnes
but I am like I was worthless in the in
there back in the day and I’m gonna be
that when he dropped that name does
Eminem all black women and apology and
everybody’s apologizing these days can
we can we ask him for an apology I feel
like to be out which I feel like he
already gave his reparations I won’t let
you sink it on an autumn niggas got it
rich yeah yeah so I think you babies do
a little bit you know for that aren’t
you thank you calling me a sloop yes sir
okay six seven eight tonight there to
pick up Clio area code three one three
homeless circuit folks if you’re new to
the show I do research in the afternoons
I’m all over the place okay I picked up
this call hold on a second I picked up
that one okay
I spoke to gully
good talk in the gully honk ollie TV we
hung out in Philly years ago good nigga
golly man we was up in a hot-ass hotel
room niggas had duffel bags with some
shit one of the homies four major
back in the day I’m not gonna say his
name collies good nigga man
did I pick up the moistest that’s crazy
name thank you for your donation the
moistness ok facts respect got many
underneath salute star ok that’s what we
said facts respects got many underneath
ok yeah oh yeah yeah fuck is you doing
my nigga you see me standing here you
just pushed me out the way I’m waiting
to God could have been on that shit man
fuck you nigga
that it could be that it could have been
that fucking simple hang on a second I’m
looking for uh is that Quentin area code
702 Quentin is that you yeah Griffin so
thank you for your – yep was bothered
when you see them lines out the door for
Starbucks or white people yeah the same
thing with that chicken sandwich yeah I
don’t even know how you got the time to
post up for something like that you know
homeboy violators skipping in line
anyway but I wanna see y’all niggas
ain’t got nothing else to do I same
reason I can’t post up for those
sneakers there’s too much stuff out here
to go do to be waiting in line let’s put
some shoes and sandwich whores from
Carlton well how old you saying were you
calling them from 28 Vegas okay okay so
you’re not really into anything
exclusive you just you sit back and you
wait and that that’s a respectable thing
to do you wait you know you you don’t
get in line for the movies and all that
shit just yeah I’ll see it when I see it
get it when I get it yeah yeah yeah I
ain’t waited in line for nine since the
first spider-man came out when I was
like 12
okay okay otherwise I’m gonna go home
thank you for calling sir thank you yeah
yeah so thank you man okay yeah he sent
that scroll in man
okay I think we got a sneakerhead on the
line hold on a second
sneaker addict Hayes at Del’s area code
911 for sneaker addict yo hey what’s up
man I’m good how are you brother good
good I’m not your brother but listen I
don’t are you an official sneaker addict
or is that just a name you use official
I got over 200,000 subscribers and like
60 million views worldwide on my youtube
channel nice people been watching me
over ten years
nice nice so listen so I mean I was just
trying to make a correlation to the
from what I remember back in the days
you know checking people cutting lines
any correlation to what’s going on now
with the chicken sandwiches yeah if it’s
the height everyone wants to be a part
of the height that’s all it comes down
to you know I heard one guy was like
nothing to do with sneakers at all and I
understand what he’s saying because
there’s no value you know you can’t flip
a damn chicken sandwich there was
actually two jerk-offs oh we’re trying
to flip some Popeyes sandwiches did you
ever see that viral video where they
bought all of them and they were
standing outside in the street trying to
sell them and people are looking at him
like they were a bunch of dirtbags I did
see that but you know this I have no
problem with that because if people want
it now hang on a second so now he’ll be
yeah here we have what we have now and
to my recollection or to my knowledge um
Popeyes has a limit you can only get
four chicken sandwiches per car so that
even makes it more of a fucking you know
just say an exclusive item you know
about that
nah you know I’m not up on the chicken
sandwich like that man
I won’t believe more than five minutes
for a damn sandwich I’m going you know
okay I don’t got time for that crap you
know everyone wants to be a part of
something that’s exciting the post on
social media and inky and get the
Twitter attention and all that shit take
the photo so that’s all this is just
people looking for attention people are
so desperate for attention so everyone
got to go and run and get the damn
just like they got a run and get the new
Jordan or the Kanye West Yeezy if at
least you could flip the easy and make a
couple hundred hours off of it you know
you’re just going to get fat off the
chicken sandwich it has this sneaker
hype slowdown I heard you say you have a
YouTube channel and social media
platforms that are poppin and I haven’t
heard too much about people getting you
know clap over exclusive sneakers has
there been a shift in the marketplace do
do people know there has been a shift
there has been a shift because for the
past like three or four years Jordan
Brand has actually listened to the
people saying make more pairs make more
parents especially with the Jordan 11
okay and they have but what they do now
is go release like collaborations with
Travis Scott which still release like
some real limited pieces to it so that’s
what people go crazy a lot of the times
when you going to fire them online so it
stops all the violence right there can I
buy them online can’t you don’t you do
you have any sneakers yourself any type
of brands that you are exclusive to your
platforms yeah I mean I got I did a
video a couple weeks ago with like
$40,000 worth of sneakers I showed 11
pairs oh shit and I won’t over 500 pairs
okay okay okay well I’m gonna keep your
email address maybe we can maybe we can
team up I have a sneaker that I’ve been
trying to get out you know for a number
of years maybe we can partner up but I
promote your platform again how do
people find you check me out and on
twitter @ DJ dos bj de lv
okay thank you man thank you for
checking in thank you okay
Dell’s from sneaker addict
yeah I should have asked him what mall
was that with those uh sneaker heads
were trying to drill into the fucking
I think they got arrested – hold on a
second okay has nothing to do with get
back to you later
hey Aaron thank you for your cash up he
said salute boss hogg just supporting
the machine Thank You Aaron thank you
and folks please keep me up to speed on
all the niggas shit with regards to Alpo
Martinez and Troy Reed again when I’m
trying to connect with and also
something we didn’t mention with regards
to you know a former drug drug dealer I
don’t know if he was a drug lord or not
Alpo killing rich Porter whatever it’s
Porter killed
what if it’s Porter ever kill mm-hmm let
me look in the live chat
Mitch supported me kill anybody what was
he just a dealer
you know I’m 55 years of age I remember
all that shit going on back in the 80s
and I lived on 152nd Street and I lived
on Riverside Drive I lived I lived in
788 Riverside Drive I lived on 520 521
527 152nd Street holder rich Porter ever
killed and was he just selling uh you
Scarface bottles huh star snitchin you
start B star been snitching fuckers you
talk about nigga I had no time for the
penitentiary told you I told on niggas
get me up out of here yeah
55 coffee girl five five born in 64
proud of my age part of my generation I
survived a lot of niggas went to the
penitentiary taking dirt and hops
hey brother mo thank you for your
donation he says streets gotta eat
Popeyes Chicken
hashtag Redrum okay I’ll get back to
this later something about it’s okay to
be white signs placed on East Tennessee
State University’s campus okay that
looks interesting I’ll get back to them
yeah beholder rich Porter ever killed
huh does it count if he was uh killing
you know killing crack smokers does that
count Cody give him a pass your ass
fucked up her elbow killed him if you
ask me
chickens come home to roost if you ask
me let’s leave it at that
hey hb2 n good afternoon sir he says I
have no issue with Eminem’s lyrics I had
more of an issue with his Trump lyrics
hope he doesn’t get get angry when Haley
oh okay
when Halle gets touched I’ll just say
gets touched that’s his daughter
mmm Thank You hb2 yeah
okay I spoke to the sneaker head Mac hey
mrs. Belle Starr I had a dream about you
the other night you are sexy I love you
okay are you a female or are you a guy a
big nigger pretending to be a female
miss miss Belle not mrs. MS bells should
be an email if you know if you’re in
Atlanta I got to get a steady girlfriend
oh man I gotta stop this dump shit I’m
doing like you know just run around with
just thoughts
RJ supreme good afternoon he says Boss
Hogg let’s not forget that the original
savage whitey started everything we
consider today low ie Black Friday
fuckery and flamboyant clothing facts
facts okay they read real virtue I read
that one a Bush kid had a Miss Bush Q
star what do Christmas lights and
Jeffrey Epstein
you have in common question mark they
didn’t hang themselves okay that was
cute thank you black to death good
afternoon star that chicken crack
sandwich is chemically induced to
specifically target Negroes mmm should
should be canceled should have been okay
his bullet room should have been
canceled decades ago but niggas loves
addy the mailman says in the words of
the nigga thirst can never be quenched
yo my father said some other crazy shit
back in the 70s and I’m sure some of
your parents have said this as well he
used to say you could put a stick in a
bucket of shit and put it on the corner
and niggas would buy it because niggas
love the new shit remember I was asking
him for a pair of Pro Keds no no I was
asking him for a pair of either adidas
of Pumas and he went and got me some Pro
Keds he said hey boy take these you
don’t you know he’d be spending a whole
lot of money there’s your sneakers thank
you of the mailman hey there’s enough on
the cheque and he says blacks and whites
they sometimes mix but black girls only
want your money cuz they’re dumb chicks
Oh Marshall Mathers get him the fuck out
he okay
now we’re talking what was that what was
those lyrics from blacks and white girls
they sometimes mix but black girls only
want your money cuz they dumb chicks
that’s right now now it’s coming back
Eminem said that can someone send me a
link where where did he say that was
that the UM the tape that Benzino and
Dave maze they were mailing out The
Source magazine Thank You haters enough
has he ever apologized I forget you know
yeah I know he’s been co-signed by a
bunch of fucking rappers him niggas is
compromised you know did Eminem ever
sail I’m sorry did he just say I was
young I was young back then you know I
didn’t know any better you got every two
to four zero
hey good afternoon 2.0 are you there
sounds crazy
boys you are you there hello hey men
yeah I’m good hey I know I know how to
do it very well Man City are you crazy
I know I feel very where the area’s
great they got the crown right now Wow
uh-huh yeah
they got the crown all that hitting
people in the face of the blender that’s
that’s a little shit now oxen Hill here
regular that’s here one yeah let’s see
regular man that Popeyes in particular
that Popeyes in particular is crazy
any comma in first lord only have a
drive-through that’s number one number
two niggas niggas yeah no there’s no
drive-through right there
you got a walk-in things about it is you
know you know Washington DC they
gentrifying shit so they’re kicking all
the niggas who in the Lord they’re
kicking them out to the outskirts of
Maryland right here oxen Hill temple
Hill shit like that the Northern
Virginia area that’s all the niggas gone
so you know you got got by nigga from
the painting a little boy he might have
been in New York nigga down there you
know saying the wrong shit because you
know DC niggas still don’t follow us not
if you say you from New York
you won’t you know you won’t make it
back up there yeah you don’t think they
go down south they be if they being rich
man and Carolinas they don’t really
stick to him much longer than the DC or
they go to Baltimore like that so they
don’t hang around DC to all but not with
all his life I mean you got to watch
your back doctor you know like they call
this you hooding see when they get dark
earlier now you won’t get your you won’t
get their treatment you know I mean
some open you want my hope again that
you know I mean whatever it takes
niggas are looking they do something
some I anyway they be house still out
here you know they don’t really do like
weed and shit like that niggas niggas
get house earn but maybe house that shit
they really looking for a reason anyway
go nigga jump in front of you a lot I
think you know that’s what you did yeah
and he may have said the magic words
magic words
look alive the word suck my blank once
you say that it’s on and poppin yeah a
lot of these niggas they trannies
fuckers so bro so lame you say that’s
another big pregnant either you got to
ash or they may fuck with you my future
running Ally most de great star quit
acting like Scotch Plains New Jersey is
500 miles away from NYC it’s
approximately 20 miles away and I was
born and raised in Scotch Plains New
I played and went to school and went to
middle school in high school and private
schools in Scotch Plains New Jersey I’m
proud of Jersey do you have a problem
with that sir we used to go visit my you
know my family in New York
yeah but I’m proud of being from Jersey
he’s mad cuz I always pick up Jersey
yeah Jersey thank you for your donation
I can’t read that from hb2 and said guys
make sure to miss any cash apps who is
this Paul Paul who ok says he’s from
oxen Hill
oh shit wait a minute pause at you oxen
Hill on the check-in hey stay
right there hang on I got a guy from my
ops in the hill hold on I think this is
in my hair I’ll come right back to house
you stay right there stay there
hey is that Paul Paul from oxen Hill
yeah hey what’s up man hello
I want you what’s going on man yeah you
tell me y’all got the crown right now
huh tell me hey man hey man shit crazy
let me tell you about I see Hill is
approximately five minutes away from
Southeast DC okay
I mean it shit is so crazy that we got
diamonds from glass Manor and they don’t
play man you know like a previous caller
said a lot of bamas be on the dipper
when they want a diplomat they’re gonna
do anything now somebody’s got the
footage because they started hustling
inside the Popeyes and then they took it
outside so are you you know something
niggas is doing this yeah man Hey look
man fo-fo early over there is a death
trap man not just a Popeye’s man it’s a
whole it’s the whole area man that hold
the old shopping son of mine it’s wild
it’s crazy over there man have you heard
anything that we don’t know yet because
to my knowledge the alleged world well
the killer has not been apprehended nah
that’s all I know man you know the
bomber ain’t been captured and you know
cuz cuz lost his life of course yeah
be careful if you think about telling
shit I ain’t tellin a motherfucking song
make about snitches and be careful hell
no no snitching over here no great women
over here mmm you just took me try to
read for admin yeah man he’s a rat and a
Gump by the way can you break that down
for those who don’t know you know what a
Gump meaning
meaning he like poking boys allegedly I
don’t know oh yeah out here
would you hear that yeah allegedly you
know how it man out here on the streets
in DC man man that’s the old Romola oh
that’s a whole room of mine hold on a
second stay right here on the line was
on yawns yeah I’m gonna lie with her
okay I got somebody else on the line
from DC who says rayful Edmond was out
there he was he was loving the boy toys
allegedly you know you know he know what
he’s talking about I ain’t saying I was
back he’s dead everything he just said
was exactly right about that area after
he’ll but I I don’t know oh oh
allegedly but I don’t know you know
right but you want
uuuuu right but let me say someone talk
to him
come on he said it exactly man in that
area you know I’m stop these DC okay in
that area right there oxen Hill this may
be like 5-10 minutes across the DC line
right so that oxen you earned that
Popeyes right there and the caller said
it before there is no drive-through so
you got a walk in it you gotta go
through the front door
ain’t no drive-through and and in in
this area everybody keep a little
parking knife on the side of the pocket
I got one right now I’m at a corporate
job they keep the pocket knife on the
side okay if I walk in that joint
say whatever he said so many people
quickly and they could establish a love
of the office of the difference man you
know they’d be on appeal and that’s they
probably think it’s a sandwich the first
time it came out right and he said you
know what forget this man I’m gonna put
the plate in you know it went down man
with this exchange openly it could go
down for less than the chicken
yeah well listen both of you guys if you
come across any footage please
that to me right away all right all
right okay thank you gentlemen have a
good one okay
two people checking in from the DCN oxen
Hill area in Maryland yeah that’s what
we talked about folks this afternoon
hang on a second I’ve got so much stuff
on my desk here hey also with regards to
people that do want to advertise with
the show I send out immediate Jack with
the analytics okay just so you know what
it is there’s a stats audience retention
things I spoke about earlier different
numbers things that you need to see with
regards to you know supporting any
platform core audience views breakdown
growth M attention okay shoot me an
email the hater one nine six four yeah
uh calm and I’m showing you this because
some people are reaching out to me via
Instagram and Twitter and folks I don’t
handle business through those platforms
you know I will respond from time to
time but in terms of business shoot me
an email the hater
one 964 yahoo.com alright let me get
back to cash up and I have not heard
from Bostick Ronnie she’s working so she
doesn’t have time to call in let me just
check and make sure and there will be no
show tonight because I am trying to go
see Tana he see coats
he’s got a brand new book out and I want
to be there tonight
who’s this here dude cash app user –
says how much for a father quote clip
video let’s not do that can’t use
language like that these days you know
it’s you’re running a risk okay someone
sent me mmm apologizes for his old
racist rap via the independent okay hang
on a second guys we’re doing research
give me a second
2003 okay okay so he apologized listen I
was a racist piece of shit
apologize I did ten year old track okay
okay Eminem refers to that nigger shit I
ain’t down with that okay so he
apologized according to the independent
the tape was something I made out of
anger stupidity and frustration when I
was a teenager I just broken up with my
girlfriend who was african-american and
I reacted like the angry stupid kid I
was I hope people will take it for the
foolishness that it was not for what
somebody is trying to make it into today
okay okay
but what about the 2009 track I mean
this is 2003 you feel me am i reaching
am i doing too much I’m not trying to
hang the guy but I mean this is the
objective perspective it doesn’t matter
if I was a Eminem support over the years
it doesn’t matter
who is this who are you
eight one seven he says pick up it was a
donation let me hit delete we sent him
you know email talk him up here cut
nigga like I’m supposed to know the fuck
you are
what’s wrong with you DJ boo birch what
up boss nigga let’s get to the
Piccadilly oh man what’s his Piccadilly
still poppin I used to go to Piccadilly
ximénez as you’ve heard me speak about
before the third floor two fish
sandwiches Oh banging downstairs
drinking and then stumble upstairs get
to grab it on one I’m one of them fine a
fine brown sugar girls yeah Piccadilly
‘s thank you for your donation DJ Bober
CH Thank You Man okay and people still
sending me emails about the staff yes
folks we know about stabbing we’re
talking about it right now
the fatal stabbing so to every code to
zero one good afternoon to our one are
you there 201 hey what up yes sir
this ain’t about no taking sandwich or
no sneakers no you sound like clowns
talkin about all them sneakers we
talking about I was with our polling
that was equated in my life you see this
got to do with niggas how niggas view
each other and how they view themselves
the respect that you have for yourself
and the respect that you have for other
people if now I’m pretty sure this nigga
didn’t go out this hand I’m a chillin
they go for chicken sandwich but I’m
pretty sure to do that walked up in
there said to himself I’m not waiting on
the line for no chicken sandwich that
shows the type of respect that people
have for each other nobody got no
respect no more they don’t have no
respect for themselves but see what you
talking about it’s not it don’t have to
do with Popeyes it all got to do with
sneakers what
in DC like them like them dudes you just
had on the phone this is going on a
Chicago that’s why everybody killing
each other but this is going on East New
York this is going on it sounds you in
the Bronx matches going on in the South
come on see it’s all the same thing if
the respect and people have for one
another because I remember in a second I
appreciate what you’re saying but now in
the most respectful way that I can say
this how do you teach rats in a cage to
respect each other it’s bleep again
they’re too late you gotta let me go
before God about something else but it’s
all the same thing that’s why they don’t
go down that road don’t cross that line
right people have crossed the line all
right all of these people up here
worshipping out Pope now he did his time
and I bet you I bet you I was born in
the seventies I remember when they fell
on the finger and the McDonald’s and all
of that because that’s why you ought to
go to school yeah I remember that he
probably don’t think that there’s
nothing wrong with what he did because
you’re a real dick I shot man that’s why
that’s why she’s walking around because
he’s not even you don’t even feel the
guilt about that situation some people
would be like your idea what I did is
fucked up I feel ashamed how much just
move away from the situation no he’s no
now you’re talking nigga still talking
about that all shit like yo that’s all
gone all that discipline all of them
stand this is gone
even though niggas ain’t on day nobody
cares that’s why he’s able to walk
okay the hang on a second now
objectively speaking objectively
speaking our pole was a drug dealer
I don’t know yep what type of trades
if any he had prior to becoming a drug
dealer so
his mind he still needs to sell drugs he
probably can’t see himself working a
nine-to-five job he probably would
rather have two in the back of the head
and working for working a fucking square
job now he did his time he did his time
he cut his deals back on the block I
don’t know if he has remorse inand he
probably does or maybe doesn’t I don’t
know when you get older you you you see
things differently you know me I think
now sometimes not to make it about me
but I think about at 55 some of the
girlfriends that I had back in the 80s
or even 90s and they were good women but
at the time I didn’t give a fuck you
know but now I look back and I said wow
that was a good girl and I blew it you
know but um so he’s doing what he has to
do now to maybe sell a new drug I think
he’s still a drug dealer and I’m not
hating on the guy but you know let’s
let’s call it what it is he’s now on
social media from what I hear and I
think that that today generation most
certainly does want to hear from him
I’ll give you the last word listen of
course they want to hear from him
because the standards have fallen so far
everything has fallen from grace so of
course they want to hear but you have to
hear but these people all around that
are interviewing them they know better
and you’re not supposed to give
something like that light and this why
all of this that we live in right now
and 2019 thought to be 2020 is the
reason why you weren’t supposed to do it
when people way back when tried to tell
you don’t do that don’t cross that line
you don’t want to do that yo don’t sell
yourself out like that because it could
become something terrible if this is way
worse than anybody ever fathom it would
be that’s why people dying over chicken
sandwiches I mean people can get killed
or I remember people think you killed
over sneakers when I was in school so if
you feel a purse from an old lady that
you know that you that you know that
they’re watched you grow up in their
building that’s the same thing as
stealing a chicken sandwich but you’re
just stealing something different okay
Thank You Cole sir thank you hello –
okay spitting facts spitting facts you
but I’m gonna stand on this I want to
see Alpo Martinez and snow Billy on Love
& Hip Hop do this we’ll have Love & Hip
Hop Atlanta
let me look in the live chat oh did that
shit fall off I heard they’re bringing
Jim Jones and what is his girlfriend’s
name is it Chrissy they’re bringing Jim
and Chrissy back and enter here you
little who the fuck wants to see them
you know what would be a hot podcast if
you ask me
Alpo snow Billy and chilly okay okay
did Jim ever marry Chrissy I just I
don’t want to see that again I mean it’s
not that I even watch that show I don’t
watch Love & Hip Hop it if they put out
poll – no Billy ah yeah I’d watch it all
right what time is it okay almost time
to get out of here who is this you
somebody wants advice so where’s your
donation please don’t email me ask him
for advice without a donation well that
look like okay somebody says a star
salute from East New York East New York
switch SCH WIC Swick my Senate right
East New York Shrek
thank you sir for your donation you
appreciate it I know they were trying to
get Jiali on Love & Hip Hop at one point
and then I think the producers didn’t
want to bring him on there because they
thought it was it wouldn’t be a good
look but you know time to differ now who
hate is enough says salute to gully TV
for remembering the blue suit the Harlem
nigga Alpo wore a whole year ago
Wow hi top joints least up just right
chuckle chuckle JA are you quoting me
from back in the days was that 2005 when
Dame Dash was talking about jay-z when
he spoke about when he first noticed
jay-z jay-z had high top joints laced up
and he liked the way they released the
coyotes sends in a super jet yo star
feed us that trash to make him food
again and we coming up in the house to
get at you hmm
and no plank of wood against the door
gonna stop us okay the Coyotes have
moved on I hadn’t seen them in weeks the
squirrels are back though so I think the
coyotes because they’re gone
now the squirrels are just you know all
over the fucking place and there was a
fox there’s a fox that I senior from
time to time Bush kid says yo star Y
Spanish girls dress up as KKK members in
a black school and didn’t get in trouble
yeah we spoke about that a couple of
days ago and uh those were Hispanic not
Spanish you know I mean I don’t mean to
be so technical but a lot of people say
oh I’m Spanish no you speak Spanish
you’re not from Spain if you go to Spain
and you’re Cuban or Puerto Rican and you
say I’m Spanish too it will spit in your
face no you speak Spanish you’re not
Spanish yeah those were some type of
Latinas and yeah they had on the KKK
robes and little girls black girls pull
the robes off as they should fuck you
think this is okay hang on a second
someone says uh star can you pick up
eight oh one let’s talk about Marshall
Mathers okay a few more calls guys and I
gotta get out of here
good afternoon eight zero one is that
but wild on xanax no.1 yo star can you
hear me good afternoon how are you good
how are you doing so let’s talk about
mmm speaking with regards to the Rihanna
leak yeah that what the topic is what’s
okay I don’t ask him but go ahead yeah
that’s a mess cool I don’t understand
why this should be a surprise to anyone
I mean this is what this man has spent
his career doing here he is today saying
what if I was gay trying to get everyone
all stirred up I’m your elite elite
drops from ten years ago I mean who
gives a fuck it’s the same shit he’s
doing now it’s just the political
spectrum has changed it’s the same shit
to me and he he dropped about five trash
albums back to back to back to back and
I just think that you know what do we
really expect from him anymore and if
there even a reason to cancel someone
literally just being crowned at this
point very good points that you’re
putting on the table and again I’m not
saying I let’s cancel him I’m asking
should he be canceled but but you what
you’ve said I totally agree with yes so
the the leak from 2009 that was prior to
him and Rihanna doing the song was that
song called I forget the love the way
you lie one love great luck yes it was
prior to him even working with her but
still it was you know who was after he
apologized in 2003 and I just like wow
man I mean does this guy has he learned
anything you filming yeah I do just
whatever whatever he thinks is going to
get people talking is exactly what he’s
going to do and people just need to
people need to realize that because at
the end of the day what is Eminem saying
in 2019 he’s saying the same bullshit
that logic is saying oh what if I was
gay what if I suck the dick I love
everyone now yeah I thought Machine Gun
Kelly took his head off to be to be
MGK you know what fuck out of here know
what MGK came with the cannon yeah you
really did yeah I don’t I mean I mean
MGK started that shit with it and then
Eminem is just you know reaching it at
this point starting to beef in an mg K
comes back making fun of them proud
fuckin shorty is for a washed-up EE yeah
you just keep that him down yeah I think
so I think so
listen man I’m getting out of here thank
you for your for your call thank you and
you’re alright cash up as well man Thank
You Man okay Rik Z is it Rick’s start
what’s crackin
keep it real Alpo should have it coming
he’s running around like he’s greasy and
guess what 6:9 gonna do this same soft
era okay I’m running around like he
greasy I listen maybe I’ll post your
doing what he does maybe he doesn’t have
an attitude maybe he’s just trying to
get in where he fits in I don’t wish
note nothing bad upon the man I don’t
you know truthfully and and I’ve said
this before I don’t wanna sound
redundant but I never I didn’t run in
those circles and I lived in Harlem for
a lot of years I was into freestyle
music I was running around the Latin
Kings so you know it wasn’t that serious
to me
the story itself yeah I watched a movie
paid in full I didn’t give a fuck and I
still have yet to hear whether Alpo was
a quote-unquote drug lord yeah what was
he just a Harlem drug deal you know just
a nigger with a couple of fly whips and
some chains did he stash any money does
he have anything now is he or is he
still hustling he might still be
hustling I ain’t mad at him huh / that’s
what a Harlem niggas do they stay
hustling right
dolla dolla bill y’all hey I’ll see you
guys not tonight but tomorrow let me put
some banners on the screen hold on a
second ah let me welcome to homie back
blue label multi media salute to you sir
thank you for supporting the machine
I’ll see you guys tomorrow take care be

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