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So called police officer illegally parked told to identify or move on… Police cars are registered as COMMERCIAL, (Not public) doing private commerce on public lands! is this right??? I would think not, not only doing commerce on public highways like highway robbing bandits but couldn’t even be bothered to park legally…

https://justiniandeception.home.blog/2019/08/19/police-are-not-government/ <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I know he got
you’ve parked legally here you’re on a
business and some the close to the
corner they’re under
any reason for that
dealing with you is your honor if you
please walk away just to decide if all
nine men there we start tonight number
plates no I don’t need to because I’m
not doing with you got part Samara
right because registers commercial
registers commercial mate you know
registers government you registers
you got an ABN but you’re registered as
a non organization
I might
you’re not even a police officer
you’re not even a police officer get
illegally parked
not in the corner
if from traffic Branch are you from
traffic brains
I can’t hear one you in there gonna be
chocolate here
come on be be civil I’m asking a
question but go Park you go park
somewhere right you don’t park you
you want my name
I’ll give you my name and then we then
my contracting like you better you
better move on I
come on man move on you go park
illegally you got plenty of time to do
that you work for us come on boy
he does your town
this is commercial you know you’re
running a commercial operation here it’s
it’s a commercial operation yeah you’re
good you got it yes I will move I’ll do
anything you want it’s a commercial
operation or are you doing something
business or you know you can park over
there or partner on the right here okay
yeah but you’re not the most dear come
please move away from the vehicle you
handed me from doing my job you’re not
doing your job properly
you’re free legally partly your
commercial I’m not gonna I’ll step up to
me I’m stepped away from you you don’t
step up to me that intern argument with
you you already have illegally got your
job well go pack properly goodbye you
are a commercial operation that’s
register this commercial vehicle it’s
not government you are not government is
that an order
is that an order is that an order
yeah move on that’s an order
Ranma Stewart 1 9 5 6 1 4 6 3 5 will
order move on move on

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