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They say you should try anything once. What about Flaming Hot Cheetos and milk?

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SFX Provided By AudioBlocks

Licensed via Audio Network <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

– I’m actually scared for this one.
– Really?
– Yeah.
(loud crash)
(distant groan)
– Now I’m scared.
(classical trumpet music)
We’re gone be eating some weird snacks.
Weird snack combinations.
– I’m not exactly sure
what weird snacks entails.
– I’m just like hoping it’s not
like some sort of animal parts.
– I don’t want a “Fear
Factor” up in here, yeah.
– Weird combinations do freak me out,
so if there’s like Oreos
with ketchup or something,
that’s disrespectful!
– Anything’s up for grabs.
Let’s see, let’s see.
– Oh!
– Grapes!
– But with ranch.
– [Jasmine] I love grapes; I love ranch.
– Have you ever had them together?
– I actually think I have.
– You go first.
– I’m gonna put a lot of ranch.
– I’d go for a little ranch.
– Cheers.
– Cheers.
– That’s fine, yeah.
– Mm, good!
– You know, the texture reminds me
of like when you dip celery.
– Maybe this is like
a parent trying to get
their child to eat more fruits.
– Yeah.
– And this is working for me.
– I feel like you know
when you buy those platters
from the store of the vegetables
and you have the ranch in the middle,
like someone accidentally
put grapes in there.
– The first time I tried grapes with ranch
was because I went to a party.
There was a veggie platter
and a fruit platter.
Grapes were touching the ranch,
then, I’m not a food waster,
so I put it in my mouth anyway.
It was fine, I enjoyed it.
– I would not eat this again.
– I would really, really
not eat this again.
– I’d have this again.
– I would eat it again.
– I’m in the middle, but
more leaning to the no.
– One thumbs up.
– Ours would be a thumbs down.
(mellow classical music)
– Oh no!
– Oh!
– Ooh, Oreos!
– Ooh.
– I enjoy Oreos; I enjoy orange juice.
– I love dipping Oreo in milk.
– Alright; let’s do this.
– Do we let it get soggy?
– I’m going full tilt.
– I’m making it extra soggy.
(soft crunching)
– Okay, it’s not that bad.
– Mm!
– This is really good!
– Mm-hm!
– I kind of like this.
Like you get the first hit of the Oreo
and then you get a little
after citrus-y taste.
– Mm-hm.
– It makes the vanilla cream
inside like an orange cream
so it’s a creamsicle situation.
– Oreo creamsicle!
– Yeah, oh, damn!
– Somebody did this because
they ran out of milk.
– Maybe they were trying to eat Oreos
with milk and then they
realized they ran out of milk
and the only other beverage they had
was water and orange juice.
– It’s something I
wouldn’t have thought of
but now that I’m eating
it, it makes sense.
– I still like the classic dip in milk.
– Hell yeah, I’m having
this all the time now.
I’m going to push this on my friends.
– I give this a thumbs up,
thumbs up for this guy.
– I’d say thumbs up for this pairing.
– Mm mm, two thumbs up!
(classical piano music)
– Oh no!
– Oh no.
– Oh no, it’s gonna be like cereal!
Okay, this one I’m a little upset about.
– I think the only thing that’s like nice
about this combo is
because like when you eat
a lot of spicy food, milk
kind of helps with the spice.
– Yeah.
– So maybe that’s why.
– It’s not too late to
change anything right now.
– [Nate] This is some you just
a lost a dare kind of stuff.
– [Jasmine] Yes.
– What’s a good analogy for this?
– Death.
(soft crunching)
– I hate to be a weirdo,
but I like this too.
This isn’t as bad as I
thought it was going to be.
– It almost tasted like a cold soup.
– After the Cheeto dust kind of dissipates
into the milk, it kind of just tastes
like cornflakes and milk.
– I’ve never pictured the phrase
once the Cheeto dust melts
into the milk before, but…
– Like, it feels so wrong.
– But you like it!
– But I like it.
– Spicy milk is not bad,
don’t knock it til you try it.
– I would eat this in an extreme occasion.
– I would eat it in like
a not as extreme occasion.
– I would try this again with friends
just to see their reaction
and see what they think of.
– A side thumb creeping
towards an up thumb.
– Yeah, definitely thumbs up.
– Just one thumbs up for this one.
– Oreos and OJ is the clear winner.
– The best one was Oreos and orange juice.
– Spicy milk first.
– Second one was grapes and ranch.
– For you, it’s the Cheetos and milk.
– Second place would be
Oreo and orange juice.
– Third best, hot Cheetos and milk.
– Yes, I agree.
– The grape?
– The grape with ranch.
– The grapes and the Cheetos
are both last place for me.
– I thought they were
going to be real nasty.
Yeah, that was like pretty pleasant.
– I would dine with you again.
– I would say I’m too nice
to leave a negative review
on Yelp, so I just ignore
it and never come back.
(mellow jazz music)
(camera flash)

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