Peanut King: Leaving "Drug Dealing" is Just as Hard as Leaving "Drug Using" (Part 5)


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Part 4:
Part 1:
In this clip, Peanut King spoke with DJ Quicksilva about the importance of putting money and community empowerment over violence. As a result, he believes those engaged in street activities ought to find new paths toward success that are less destructive to the community and won’t land them in prison for 37 years. He went on to speak about not feeling like his past mistakes dictate his future. He added that he feels like it’s a blessing to go through what he did and now be on the other side. Peanut King also stated that he feels like he’s “paid in full” for what he did in the past, which you can hear more about above. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

without taking up too much more time one
thing I just want to touch on is the
fact that I noticed that back in the 70s
and 80s when peanut King and and
everybody you roll with the violence
happened because it had to happen like
you say y’all were about money first
filing second can we is there anything
that peanut king could say to the young
people to make them realize like I said
you live the good life
when you reppin liking you were you were
celebrity you were the celebrity in
Baltimore so you you had the money you
had the cars with the women you had
everything you had everything that
everybody from the hood inspired to have
and but let you say over the years this
one from having the money in the fund to
now it’s gonna be fear and when I said
that to you is that know you were feared
let me you you weren’t just respected
because you had money
I mean niggas knew not to fuck the thing
that can does you knew what would come
out of if you fucking there’s you or
anybody in your circle how do you now
get that respect back to the game or is
that respect to the game to make money
completely daughter explain that again
so what I mean by is that y’all were
about getting money y’all about getting
money feeding your family taking care of
well take care of and the violence only
happened because something happens to my
this particular know something happened
but now as we said the the young
generation them about violence first
because I want to be feared first and
that the money comes the money comes
well we ever get to a point where people
really care about making money and
taking care of the community again and
that’s what we’re working on in terms of
the probe building these programs and
trying to get out to the community and
trying to help as much as I can and
hopefully this show could do something
to that’s somebody else know in terms of
a youngster then if there’s anything
that that I could do personally that
could assist you mean and in a positive
way you mean that I would I mean you
don’t have to do the shooting to get
respected you may be you wind up doing
37 or life bit
and I think I’m very fortunate to be
able to get out after 37 years this is a
blessing to be here to be able to speak
I salute you if you could say something
right now to someone watching this and
they think I’m smarter than the last
peanut King he got locked up because he
was he was dumb and they think that
they’re above the law
it was me that was you that was you
thought that nobody gonna catch me I’m
too smart
I’m to fear there’s somebody watching
right now
just like my kidding man he oh then
we’ll talk about if you could say
something to save them right now okay
say you mean I understand that the money
that the glamour there and everything
else is there but there are other ways
to get there and it’s hard to take you
away from that why you end to make stuff
don’t whatever you’re doing is hard to
break loose and get another passion I
mean it’s it’s pretty just as bad as
that getting away from a drug addiction
or being alcohol to this type of smoking
cigarettes and stop it’s pretty tough to
go through but if if you wonder if you
entered to win and try to be just get
out of this or if you just get out and
try to because you can do it the right
way there are other ways you get things
done and you don’t have to spend 37
years in prison you made your good to
try to get back out and head out patron
of you so you could sit down and
probably wind up trying to help somebody
else so he wouldn’t do 237 years
she wants to Maurice peanut King is
because you in East Baltimore to
worldwide and I hope somebody watching
this has inspired to I don’t want to say
learn from your mistakes
but they learned from but you went
through that they you could potentially
save some I remember jay-z said I want
his right if you can learn from my
mistakes is good but a lot of times a
lot of us in a coming up it’s trial and
you may be the best thing you can do is
learn from others so if you can learn
from my mistakes or others mistakes
that’s the best thing you can do
was trial – no you die here mm-hmm
hopefully you save some my life in his
interview minute that’s my goal was to
of course I’m get your story out there
but more importantly make sure that
somebody right now that’s doing it
selling drugs and murders or whatever
the source or whatever they’re doing
they know that anybody could be touched
know about it anybody can be touching
any given time I’ll tell you but I don’t
care how many guns you got something
else got a gun to you and now I’d say
that anybody guns you got it so cool who
grabbed the gun first
so because you’re tough told me and you
can’t be touched and because you think
you’re smart I mean them feds won’t
catch up with you and you potentially
could be doing 4050 years in prison so
I’m hoping somebody watches this and
they says damn peanut came really live
down there saying you ain’t a rapper as
we know a lot of these rappers they rap
about shit that you know I got a lot of
friends in prison to God life and never
get enough and I mean it’s painful to
not be able to help him and I guess it
was the best of the best of whatever
they done but at this point I mean they
stuck in a situation and they got just
as much time in as I have door and don’t
have no day like if you can say
something one of them watching doesn’t
mean we watch this in prisons is where
these type of interview see if one of
them or watch it and they’re like you
can kind of give them some hope because
it’s hard to always say when you go to
prison if you have a release date it’s
almost like I know one day I potentially
campaign no matter what no matter where
you might be 50 years but yeah when you
when the judge said I paint I can you in
jail for X amount of years at least you
heard the years versus I mean a lot of
my friends have found you that I came
with life in prison without the chance
of parole
how many appeals you put in you ain’t
come on what does peanut King say to
them that I’m not come home but I need
to still have a reason to live and keep
fighting I mean hopefully by me being
here that they can get hope in that
situation because that’s what I’m here
for in part is to try to get back to
people that’s really in those situations
is there anything else that you want the
public to know that you’re a part of and
that you’re really trying to promote now
that you are a free man that’s changes
his life like I said you know you have a
lot of the people who were politicians
or police sergeants so people I get from
the 70s and 80s that they never want to
see a peanut King clean they don’t want
to see you King you they don’t want to
see you turn over a new leaf and helping
out the youth because in their mind I
rested this guy this guy was a drug
murder whatever they want to accuse you
of what could you say to potentially
have them knowing that don’t let my
pastor take my future I mean my past
wouldn’t dictate my future because I
could actually easy go another way but
hopefully they can see through time and
and my work that I’m for rebuilding the
city that’s and doing the best I can do
in mankind actually so as we got a got
people in other towns and all of us
getting together from city to city and
we are trying to put together some of
the same stuff to try to make it like
you mean nationwide are you ever fearful
that some of the stuff in your past and
come back now I got too many fears I
mean whatever I mean I paid my debt
already but I’m not paid for every gotta
think I’m paying for but if there’s
something else in the past said you’ve
got to be dealt with you know I guess
you got to deal with that I’m I’m hoping
that I can do whatever I can to bring
light on situations so we can save
somebody’s life and that’s what I’m
hoping somebody who watched us you saved
their life from Eva prison or jail or
murder or go get nerd always say
unfortunately I mean anybody tell you
the drug game normally is to death or
prison there’s no doubt about it tell
you and I know every drug dealer thinks
that I ain’t gonna be the one to get
killed and I ain’t gonna be the one to
get locked up I don’t think that’s your
case never you think people just don’t
care I mean
and I knew something’s gonna be but I’m
going to get killed well I’m going to
you mean going to prison for sure your
name no no no well I salute you man once
again thank you so much for see but it’s
a blessing to be able to go through it
and be on the other side of it and then
that’s you’re on the other side the goal
is to rebuild the city that peanut King
I always say destroy but we build a city
that peanut King because some people
might blame you they blame I said I said
it before like it ain’t what I wanted
that was bad it was the way I went about
getting what I wanted you mean I went in
a different direction budget but I
wanted was real and what I wanted was to
rebuild my to help my family rebuild a
community and do the best I could that
was from the beginning but I just went
did her daughter work the back I think
the money in degrees the other way no
I’ve been opportunity it’s like in
before the 80s before 89 like the
country was shifted a different way
before you know and after 89 I guess the
world on the united states became a
world power and it changed their shift
to to open up into the world but before
then the sixties was a lot of it was
like separation instead of integration
we went through a lot of stuff with
celebration there’s a lot of things that
led up to two things happening sixties
was was pretty nasty
for our sense of people

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