Pardison Fontaine Talks Writing For Artists, Repping Newburgh, New Project 'UNDER8ED' + More


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#UNDER8ED <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

Breakfast Club morning everybody is DJ
envy Angela Guiche Alamein the guy we
are the breakfast club we got a special
guest in the Belen party partisan
my guy what’s up you haven’t dropped
more than two songs in a year since 2015
no okay selective but you got underrated
out now mm-hmm
not supposed to be here that was four
years ago right 2015 why you’d be afraid
to drop music man he’s just like trying
to figure out the time inning dividuals
I’m a perfectionist so I get him own way
a lot but um you know it always works
out always lines up perfectly now this
is a mixtape a project an album it’s a
project it’s a mixtape I was just
itching to get some music out to the
so that’s what this was my first
opportunity to put some real music oh
you remember the first time you met
Partizan it was a long time ago I don’t
know if I’m good at the diner at times
and I know he was doing a Breakfast Club
or some magazine or some situation I
thought you met him
no I think that’s what time I met you to
it what I’m not sure if that’s the first
time we met wasn’t the first time yeah
before I think you might have seen him a
BB King’s and one of those clothes back
in the day as I remember he was with the
ball player clean yep now it’s a theme
when you’re not supposed to be here
right how was your first full body at
work and the first song on this album is
not there yet at what point will party
feel like he’s arrived I don’t know I
feel like once you feel like you’ve done
it and you’ve arrived and you’re settled
in I think that’s when you’re done you
got a platinum you got a platinum single
you got ghost writing credits you’re
getting money I’m sure you got some
indiscreet pussy at this point we got a
lot more further to go to net I’m still
not there Mattie how do you decide what
you gonna give away what you gonna keep
because you gave away a lot of hits and
four hours of writing this concern um
was for me I know I know we’re not going
I’m doing stuff for me you know I mean
um and if I’m working with somebody
obviously we already got this person in
mind that’s how we do it you’re not
really a ghostwriter person a toe
hey not at all Cole Ryder correct I
helped out a few of my friends the funny
thing about that is everybody brings up
like it’s same two people you know I’m
saying are the same same songs all the
time nobody brings up like this stuff
they’re like I’m most proud of all I
think he’s like the most impactful like
what like Oh Cellino and Barnes injury
attorney if you got a long-term
settlement and you need cash now
yeah right what everybody knows my work
but nobody brings a we are for Marty you
ain’t that oh why would we know bro we
are farmers a kid you not four years old
and this is why he’s so baffled I’m like
you got bringing up the same begins with
party line man you do got one record on
it on your project on the new joint
underrated that I heard and I said he
should have gave that to somebody mmm
tough to know good feet I knew you wanna
say that why that’s the only regular way
I’m doing anything outside of what
people know me for yes that is very true
so I had to think about as I was
listening to it I was like I feel like
he should have gated to somebody but
then it is a good record right yeah it’s
like it’s like that’s like Afrobeat
something right is my boy a swank oh did
I smile I smile it’s my homey DJ slinko
due to production um he did the big
booty hos yeah dad in there but he just
gave it like some type of island vibe we
did that song like three years ago
yeah three years ago in my living room
my mom cribs the same time is when the
farmers they don’t do it no I was well I
did that before that’s before you ever
knew me yeah it’s crazy you work with
certain people when they just get you a
whole different way which I’ll be
hearing me for you okay yo but um so I
got any I’m like
I did the hook right in a minute and I
just knew I had something I knew it was
like I if I’m ever gonna step out out
when they know me for this is gonna be
the town so I I just think it’s weird
that in an era where people flood the
market with music you choose to do the
exact opposite but and now when I drop
people are so excited everybody call me
when I listen to it because they know
it’s gonna be a quality body at work for
like everybody could put out is that in
the third and I feel like I still got
fans that talked about not not supposed
to beer mm-hmm because it took such a
long time for me to put it together and
I took my timing and crafted it was a
baby you know I’m saying my took me a
whole nine months to make it and then
put it out but now it’s something that I
stand the test of time like if you go
back to that you bla y’all he’d been
nice yes but people that don’t know
you’ve been grinding for a long time
people think a lot of times overnight
success happens right away how long have
you been grinding and what some of the
jobs you did why you were rapping boy oh
my I’m gonna just feel like 10 years and
in 9 10 years I have been a sales
associate at Saks off if I don’t know I
worked at the Nike outlet at Woodbury
Common yeah I was there I’ve been a
substitute teacher after school program
yeah any in Newberg if you got any type
of associates you could teach anything I
thought of Spanish I taught science give
you work push you in there with the kids
but I was like a kid’s favorite so it
was like when you were substitute
teachers you had all the time to not
even let me had a hat name let me wear
the hat but I was I wasn’t I wasn’t
expecting to be to that long so I went
and I told her my first name you know
I’m saying yeah I’m mr. Jordan I was
trying to be the cool teacher now I’m in
here for six months
I’m like ah I’m gonna make them respect
me now it called me by my first name and
whatnot but uh it was still a dope
experience oh you know when middle
school kids yeah I refuse to go to the
high school cuz I knew that you would
like to fight bro so you know the middle
school girls was like trying to touch me
like yo I’m gonna tell my mom you should
be my baby son like what are you talking
about you feel me because the age got
wasn’t that big in the hey so I’m like
I’m deaf
go to the high school is gonna be like
oh Kate’s waiting happy they gonna try
to put something know the one thing I’ve
always liked about you you’ve always rep
nuber great and I like when I don’t know
an artist but they tell me what a from
so what do people not know about new
burgers you make it sound like it’s a
shitty I do yes you make it sound like
some place you should never go unless
you from them totally know it is a hood
it’s absolutely her and I think that all
the thing I really try to get across
about it is that all people don’t know
what it is you know it is all it’s like
a foreign to a lot of people unless you
did Tom unless you so drugs and you move
some weight up there you probably don’t
know where but the other thing is there
was nobody else from there like you know
how you got certain calves you got cam
that caredbar lamu got Jones graduation
Tina even Yonkers got locs and whatnot
Oh Brooklyn got numerous people Newburgh
never had one success story and here
popping me in hip hop or any
entertainment there’s there’s nobody
that we ever could look to to be like I
they did it so I could do it that way
when I was coming up that’s probably why
you ain’t hit how much music for me
there was no rapper doctor by you know
how you did this nobody could take me
under the wing nobody could give me a
cosign nobody could show me the right
way to do none of that so I had to
figure it out you know and that’s why
it’s so important I always talk about
Newberg because I feel like now I’m
giving them opportunity me being right
here it’s like a big step like Oh party
and Breakfast Club you know so I’m just
happy not to do that I’ve been a party
fan for like seven years know was a
20-19 probably longer now like I’ve been
listening to party music for a long long
time and he’s just getting here I just
let you know you never came with him the
first time I met you that day I’m like
yo please get me on The Breakfast Club I
want to be on Brooks Club doc you know
I’m saying I don’t know what’s gonna
happen tomorrow
just get me on British club before I
hate that a lot those I have you guys
met for you to die
I think a lot of people don’t respect
outside of New York if it’s not about
the five boroughs they know they look at
it as foreign I’ll tell them you know
I’m from New York part Newburgh that’s
not New York all the time oh absolutely
but now what has given me is like an
opportunity because we you’ve heard all
the other stories you heard about the
kid that grew up in Brooklyn you heard
about to do that so cracker Hall you’ve
never heard about the nigger from
Newburgh so this is why my sound is so
different is what my stories is
different point of views on on things
are totally different and he’s working
to my advantage now people expect a
certain sound no coming out of New York
right especially being that you can rap
like you rap rap so when they hear you
make a giant like the joint would offset
what’s called take it down mmm you know
I mean I hear something like even back
it up with car didn’t even like I had
any New York I mean New York now is so
so diverse
I feel like you got a little TECA and
you got young man you got Davis you got
me you got like you got a bunch of
different sounds now a boogie like so
New York is New York could be a wide
scale of things now would you grow up
vibing to me my feel my personal
influences in this was like X X and
Kanye like those are the two people that
really DMX DMX DMX acarya those are the
two people that let me know like I could
have a voice in this they like this
stuff that they talk about what stuff
that all related to me because I grew up
in the church like I was in church five
days a week I I couldn’t listen to rap
in my house and I’m saying so for all
four DMX to be talking about all the
gospel stuff that he did on that flesh
of my flesh blood of my blood um it
resonated with me and then Kanye making
a big gap between being like beanie
sigel and common sense rapping about
working in retail and doing all this
other stuff like let me know I had a
story my story could be told to now you
know that’s why I cut you know Kanye
wanted you to write for him because of a
line about retail bro when you said you
said you wrote well did I
I got a static Gucci I’m getting too
many hangers
who’s working who works her he called me
up y’all that was a crazy story that was
that call how do you reject oh my god
first off I hate to push it and I’m like
I’m like I wanted to get push on my
table and I’m like y’all got a joint
he’s like yo that’s crazy hit me up um
Connie was just talking about you were
he like yeah uh can I give me a number
I’m like yeah nigga you give my number
you know I’m saying like I bet I’ll hit
you up I go and do a show go doing show
somewhere and by the time I got back I
had a text message they said yo yo this
is yay can I call you and I’m like nigga
hurry up before I call you I couldn’t
believe it so he got on the phone he
just saw I was talking about all his
ideas that he had for the project and
what he was dealing with and how he
wanted to express itself and if you like
you know can you come to could you come
to LA tomorrow I’m like nah probably not
tomorrow money I got a kid I come out
this week and we flow I respect that I
respect the fact that you put your
family first you know some people would
just drop they care to be like nine
percent of the people to drop their kid
hey Kanye I’m home but I work on a song
I work on music yeah yeah yeah yeah it’s
funny too cuz we had we started working
in Calabasas and he already had his
seventh song like this and um and it was
everything was fired I’m like are we
working on this stuff you know by the
time we got to Wyoming yeah scrapped all
of those seven songs and wanted to do
seven new songs and this we did made it
happen although I knew parties it was
getting hot cuz I worry a was like kept
up my party party and I swear I thought
you took my party next door I could
never talk dummy until he said the line
that he got that line is the Gucci too
many hangers I’m like you took my part
of the Fontaine
he’s like yeah I’m like oh you know
about this I hit you yeah I remember
and you you I think you said you already
coming out there something
I’d already been calabash a few times do
you know what the gospel album no no not
that one
I’m surprisingly those two because I’m
super gosh like I’ve never seen that’s
my background
I don’t believe nothing you saying you
don’t believe what that’s your
background you don’t think so no you
yeah what’s your favorite Scripture um
Psalms 34 what is it now cuz you can’t
you can’t put my history on on the
scripture cuz scriptures was never my
strong point knowing the scripture
memorizing going up on Easter Sunday
definitely right now god no that’s the
sinners I don’t care what you doing when
you’re doing dirt that’s the one now
Robin hmm we did the record Robin Robin
Oh get a lot of love in hip hop man
which is wild to me you talk about like
basketball references glad to think
about it I’m like damn you here
represent the board like Robin you did a
whole song
without a vindication to him do the
dirty work like Rob yeah I don’t know I
don’t know what I was thinking I haven’t
put off yeah he was definitely icon one
of the most iconic basketball players
yeah yes and then it seemed like good
timing because in Robert documentary
Kame hame just just so happened he
actually reached out to oh yeah oh yeah
that song is crazy oh my kids love that
song he won’t stop playing his song at
all that he gave me like two autographed
jerseys that’s dope yo funny thing is he
came to New York and he was like um and
hit up my management like y’all wanna I
want to go to some type of forget to
type of I was but I’m like for I ain’t
about to go to no spot some type of spa
boy I looked it up and it happened to be
one of those joints were yeah did y’all
meet at all y’all telling me now we
still I’m um we supposed to link up we
gonna do like some uh some merge stuff
but we definitely definitely cool dude
Oh Francois
well how many people would have done
that go to the spa with Dennis Rodman
that’s not just for the first meeting I
don’t know what experiences have you
been through over the past few years
that you take it made you a better
artist um giving in some beats giving
away I’m like y’all you got to your
paperwork immediately you want this
record you care about it do that joint
immediately um just from songs ideas
that I hear out there that I had you
know I’m saying I could have done don’t
wait for now I missed out on a big
feature – I slept oh I don’t even like
telling people about it I’d be like how
could have been on that record it was a
anime brilliant a little cash bring it
I got it you know that song the record
is fire right record ain’t and he sent
it over for me I think Scott really
named if so like that boy he’s a fire
and I was like I bet on my do it and I
just waited like two days two days past
coochie-man was on it I was like God so
you just not to be slow just to just uh
the act on as soon as you can but you
are notoriously kind of slow to body say
slow you just move at your own pace
yeah and God always finds me somewhere
right in the middle and I’m here now
well let’s talk about Rav Shaul of man
mmm one of my favorite ready I could be
biased just a little bit um I love that
record who did that his Boy Wonder right
yep yeah you did it but the Nicki Minaj
did I don’t know who did what first but
I don’t think he had the hard white
joint what happened with that record
why couldn’t you still use because I
don’t understand why in hip-hop we can’t
have like rhythms like they do over
there oh yeah to my knowledge I thought
I had it first I thought it all the
funny thing is wonder made it but him
you know him and vinyls are very close
so you know and I’m cool with finals as
well so um that’s why in the bar says
vinyls matey so you know it’s going not
that’s why I got it from I laid it down
and I was ready to put it out I’m
actually playing it on my IG story and
then I believe wonder call like yo uh
they got I think somebody else got that
beat and he looked into it on behold it
was Nicky whoa
you know I mean I’m like that’s crazy so
it was not gonna really do about it but
wait for the drop
she did and then I was like I just put
out a freestyle and I’ll put it out as a
freestyle but apparently that Kiley
snatched it off they put me down
every boy instantaneously I think he
live for like eight hours but what else
because they thought that you was one of
the people that was plotting on taking
Nicki Minaj out right so you got think
you got to think it’s Atlantic Records
its cardi then you took the beat and
called it rap Charlemagne OH
oh my god so this really had nothing to
do with me you know it was all you
because I saw the rap Charlotte so about
it called Arab Envy that she was so like
you need about you to write dramas maybe
rap drama she’s been good so
what well have one yard she thinks that
we don’t like her she thinks that it’s
this industry plot against her right now
the barbs are watching this right now
mad just because you got gotta bring
Nicki Minaj name up but we’re talking
about a particular situation the hard
white versus the rap Charlamagne wreck
whoo God they took it down to it all
take it down everywhere nice on
soundcloud you know saying so you go to
soundcloud in here and my ID better
hurry up think she was throwing a shot
at you when she said she gonna start
going at um ghost riders that make
records about her
oh I doubt it I doubt it oh like she got
a DJ who knows me you know I’m saying
like they said my name so I don’t think
so I think they would have said me if it
was me you know dis record I never
there’s nobody yeah I never never
there’s nobody would you do that if
somebody say y’all want to write a diss
record or diss record just someone would
you do that I’m not like this is the
thing I’ll be telling people I’ve never
been a writer like nothing I never liked
y’all my writer I do let me pin this for
you there never been one thing I’ve
always been an artist you know I’ve
always been passionate about what I do
these two people just happen to be
friends of mine and like that I’ll
respect in whatever and that’s how it
came about yokai you want me to come out
here and like viable to hear my ideas
cool you know I’m saying oh and see we
just go way back so I’ve never been a
writer so you don’t write for car to be
fully right for cardi B no like if she
got some tracks you want to play
everybody got somebody they stay in the
studio with you no I’m saying absolutely
when I go to the studio you go with your
boys that are like I said nice got one
mic from from his brother you feel me
mm-hmm it happens that way and it’s not
like cardio out of the fact you know
saying no you know I’m credited for
anything our participation the wild the
wildest thing was watching you perform
be careful on Instagram story wild to
see that the content of the music you
know saying the content of the record I
want to get married like the Stefan
that is ashamed we more like you use
rapper from the perspective of a woman
though right yeah but that was my those
that was like the mo it at all that song
that song for me boom I’m like I bet I’m
a rap from a female’s perspective so by
the time I had got done with the first
verse she heard him was like not that
would be dope this is disappear dope
record you know I’m saying for me and
she did it did they’re a little second
verse or whatever and it became my song
I’m like cuz once you got today uh yo yo
this nigga rich no there’s no way you
can say that my dough is from what girls
respect if they like yo they’re not
gonna know that by the time you get to
it it was like somebody sucked his dick
not gonna know that by the time you get
this he was absolutely right but Psalm
34 you knows in God only God had
anything to do with it
now when you think you drop an official
album doesn’t even matter
um 2020 I really don’t I don’t know the
difference is nowadays V’s and Isaac
blase dish that I don’t know they go on
the same streaming platforms to me you
know I’m saying y’all do the same
pressure you do everything the same to
me I don’t know I ain’t been in it that
long feels the same to me I’m doing it
you doing a show tonight right release
absolutely sob he’s already sold out –
how they treating you in Newberg I knew
but I just left Newburgh I did uh I do
like a release party for it was amazing
they always turned out show me love but
because you know it’s hard being the
only one from any place I was you know
saying like it’s hard but we’ve never
we’ve never had one so it’s like when I
go there it’s like I go to the football
game so I just shot a video there all
the kids I take a million pictures
everybody’s happy
you know I’m saying everybody’s happy to
see it um in order all the real
dangerous people in Newburgh I’m cool
with them you feel me sorry like ain’t
nobody it’s an amazing thing Newburgh
always showed me love Jimmy Carter for
people that don’t know how did y’all
ever had started cause bro
Oh coming from Newburgh the only way I
knew how to get hot was go to the strip
clubs you know I’m saying this is this
is New York City I got to get my music
from Newberg all the way to New York
City so I was in the clubs heavy I was
in Sue’s rendezvous trying to perform I
miss Susan oh dude they got no backup I
heard but there they are
I hope they meet him he bought it I
heard the mayor is China I can tell I
can tell what about it potent voice yo
that’s crazy that’s great yeah buying a
baby yo homie but yeah so I’m there
performing my songs and we had a mutual
um ash cash who used to work with and
they will play my records and she’s like
oh he’s nice I like this song I like
this song um one day one day I woke up
and I’m looking at my Instagram is
jumping numbers shooting up numbers
shooting up and cardia actually did like
this video to my record Oh like she
jumped on top of it all Nissan Sentra or
something at the gas station and up and
she we just been cool ever since Oh
album is out right now you got to play
something man I play I want to pick a
record but I don’t know if this one you
listen to the whole project of course
what’s your favorite I’m still fuck with
you I just don’t act like it because
everybody like you know no that’s crazy
yo yokka job of freestyle snippet on the
grand back in the day Charlemagne was
retweeting me and posting it bro now I
send them a direct exclusive told me
nothing he might not even respond but
you made it already Brian I can’t do
nothing for you bro just watch party
support it too but it’s like you know
when everybody is on it it’s like I’m a
bit rocky with doing his dope I been
trying to tell y’all you know I mean so
what you want you in play
is a couple what I like now when I edit
from him but you all played once all
Charlemagne it’s between two dough angle
I – it’s between pay your bills
different rate just for radio radio
between pay your bills and good for you
I should’ve gave away it’s a good record
I just like yo that don’t sound like
party but you know what that’s good
which one good party don’t have a sound
facts the slipper coin which one you
want what you want you say what is your
other coin if you had to pray and you
had to like you heard that you have to
pray right party said who got a coin and
God what would God telling you right now
maybe you got something else I don’t
know no you in a play
what’s your date Ron pay your bills all
right pay your bills gonna pay your
bills right now thank you party I’m
having that it’s The Breakfast Club good
morning hey

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