Out 7 YEARS Early 🤔 Ramsey Tha Great said he 🐀 on Chief Keef because he was DRUGGED UP


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it is Monday night and we have a
courtroom mystery that we need to solve
two years ago in 2017 a producer by the
name of Ramsey the great
with salad chief keeps music on the low
and I’m saying
chief capable to the studio the matter
according to pedes recording to sound
all of that and then sell chief Keef’s
ad-libs and all that stuff to other
man’s on the low chief keef heard about
that he they go for real nice of minds
are doing at the studio all right
blinky it up went to the studio handled
his business and then Randy the great
said he’s telling the police y’all don’t
even understand half of the people
commenting saying I’m Loretta Fitch all
these I broke the code got lost in the
man ain’t after that Ramsey the great
got himself into some trouble and I’m
saying he got caught for pimping bodies
while he was in jail chief keeps boys
rolled up on in and said yo you don’t
drop those charges against Chief Keef
those blinky time dog
so grab me the great dropped all the
charges against Chief Keef which brings
us to right now
Rachid agree got ten years in jail for
pimping a thottie
how come is 2020 not even three years
later broke
it’s two years in a little bit you got
ten years now I’m not a mathematician
and I’m saying and I don’t need to bring
algebra into this to tell you guys that
if you get ten years and you only do two
and a half you have a lot more time left
bro you have like seven years minimum
left under sentence why are you out of
jail bro how are you are the jail on a
10-year sentence up to two in a little
bit no matter what I say is gonna be a
lot of people rocketed right and I know
that myself it’s not for those people
before the people who did stick by my
side and supported me I appreciate that
for real now in this new video razzing a
great explains to everybody to really
say the reason why he ratted and said
all that stuff was because he was
drugged up but you know I made a lot of
dumb drug fuel decisions and real you
know like anybody really know who knows
that’s not no cop out that’s his real
whatever see what every what you’re
saying everything in that video except
for the part that will how come you’re
out of jail bro how do you is somebody
talking are they just letting man’s out
of jail seven years early I don’t know
I’m just here to bring you the gossip
that goes down 24 hours a day and if you
don’t know if you didn’t know you’re
going down 24 hours a day
more videos coming up next that you’re
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