Oprah Winfrey Is Coming For Russell Simmons


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#50Cent has said that Oprah Winfrey only criticises black male stars at the centre of sexual allegations and ignores the white people who have been accused. Following the news that Winfrey was to produce a documentary about the allegations against record executive Russell Simmons, the rapper questioned her intentions on Instagram. According to a press release, the currently untitled film is said to be “a profound examination of race, gender, class and intersectionality, and the toll assaults take on their victims and society at large”. “I don’t understand why Oprah is going after black men,” 50 Cent wrote, alongside a photo of both Winfrey and Simmons..

SOURCE https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/50-cent-oprah-winfrey-russell-simmons-documentary-metoo-michael-jackson-weinstein-r-kelly-a9245141.html

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good afternoon star in the afternoon the
nigga that just won’t die alright folks
um my usual routine of smoking my cigar
in the morning sipping hot black coffee
and talking to myself did not happen
today because of the rain it’s raining
like hell here in Atlanta although I
like the rain it was too much rain to
walk around and you know talk weather I
go to Lake Lanier to walk on the sand or
you know walk around my property here so
came in the house after running some
errands and I’m talking to myself as I
always do as I always have and I said
well you might as well cut on the
goddamn YouTube and talk to yourself in
front of the people now pardon me I will
not be looking at the camera too much
this afternoon because again when I talk
to myself I have to process things and I
have to think and then answer myself so
that I come to conclusions so I’m not
ignoring you but you know truthfully I’m
having a conversation with myself and
you just happen to be there so I’ll let
you see what I’m smoking you can see
that so on the screen
yours what are you saying you’re saying
talking to myself about Oprah Winfrey
but in reality I’m asking myself the
question is Oprah Winfrey a black
traitor a black traitor now you should
know those of you who are you know black
or mixed or whatever that the worst
devil is a black devil can I get an amen
in the live Jenna I’m not even looking
but can I get an amen the worst devil is
a black devil the messenger told you
that once upon a time messenger to the
black man yes he was the honor
Elijah Muhammad put some respect on his
name if you new to the show folks you
may not want to watch this episode
because when I talk to myself I’m like
bird shit I’m all over the place
sipping a hot black coffee I do have a
little water I get some some really
fancy uh some highfalutin shit you know
just in case that started you know
shaking it calm me down but truthfully
when I’m you know talking to myself just
by myself nothing on the youtubes here I
don’t sip water I just I go ten toes
down put my put my foot on the gas ah
but because you’re there I’m gonna
supply water when I get two extra okay
all right so is Oprah a black trader
absolutely 50 cent he’s clapping at it
from what I have seen on TMZ and some
other platforms because Oprah who’s in
her mid-60s to my recollection is going
after Russell Simmons now some of you
may say well whoa whoa whoa whoa she’s a
capitalist she’s a woman yada yada yada
ah well now again I’m just asking myself
the question is Oprah a black traitor
and she Oprah came up at a time and we
have to go back I have to go back I
can’t sit here at 55 years of age and
avoid history
Oprah came up at a time when you know
people were proud to be black you know
even though they were doing the bus stop
in the Boogaloo in the hucklebuck five
on the black hand side you know James
Brown said say it loud I’m black and I’m
George Clinton said I hit hit him with
the bop gun and Nina Simone put some
respect on her name if you don’t know
who she was
she came out with the classic to be
young gifted and black and then you had
Aretha who when Aretha put her foot on
1972 up if I’m not mistaken to be young
gifted and black or what a precious
thing or oh but what a lovely thing I
forget the lyrics but you know that’s
how Oprah came up oprah came up at a
time of Muhammad Ali Angela Davis the
Black Panthers Judi pace
Teresa graves James Earl Jones
Diahann Carroll so how do you come up
through the black experience and now you
here you are you know in the twilight of
your life you know trying to take down
the black man who does that a traitor
you see that I asked myself a question
and I answered it
a traitor does that a traitor
all those highfalutin fundraisers she
had over the years are $20,000 a plate
her and Chaka Khan Maya Angelou Shirley
Murdock was in the building if I’m not
Wester williams r.i.p karen white are
they were all their grandstand and oprah
was talking that black shit yeah yeah
girl girl we got to we got to make it
right we got to bring the past we got to
talk to the ancestors and teach the
babies nothing with $20,000 of plate so
she was on that black shit
pardon my reference when I said black
shit you know just she was on that black
and do you know who she never invited to
those fundraisers Whoopi Goldberg
oh she was hating on will be after the
color purple came out Oprah
shut Whoopi down I mean she didn’t stop
her from eating but you know she she you
know she tried to block her yes she did
years later I think maybe 20 years later
they finally had a conversation and and
Whoopi said what did I do to you well
what did I do to you and she said it in
a very nice calm demeanor Whoopi was on
that bullshit because you know what we
can turn up and then Oprah said I
thought you were mad at me bitch stop
pump faking will be outshined her that’s
what it was outshine her in the color
you told her to beat me folks I’m
rambling talking to myself but this is
your cup of tea there’s other other
platforms to go to I does this on a
regular that say nothing new Oprah
Winfrey sitting down with the little
white well I’m not little part me
sitting down with white men coming after
a Michael Jackson goddamn never
Neverland Ranch wasn’t even built when
some of those claims were made right
I’m not gonna say pardon me for yelling
this is what I do when I talk to myself
I yell in the house you just happened to
be here watching me
good afternoon in the live chat I don’t
have my contacts on good afternoon how
you doing how you doing I don’t give a
fuck about Takashi 6:9 fucking straight
like that straight cheese as we used to
say fuck them
Oprah’s sitting down with the white men
trying to come after Michael Jackson so
so what if Michael Jackson was giving
them a little Jesus juice and teaching
them how to shake the Willie Bobo okay
that was that was that was a little too
much poor me let me take that back shake
it like this Billy here let me know slow
down slow down slow down slow down
I’ll come to your shortly cash at the
super churches just let me ramble this
is what I do no shame in my game
whoo Russell Simmons responded up on
Instagram and go to Russell’s page uncle
Raj getting at that traitor yes he did
huh I don’t have all the details about
you know whenever sitting down doing
yoga you know talking that highfalutin
bullshit talking about the little
tomatoes over there in the South of
France but Uncle Russ responded dearest
Oprah you have been a shining light to
my family and my community contributing
so much to my life that I couldn’t list
a fraction of it in this blog he goes on
and on about the power
now you know they’ve been doing that
whole self-help spiritual retreat you
know and the herbs the the crystals the
arms you know what once niggas start
hanging on sup in the house they’re on
another level you know they’re all a
shit so he’s throwing off Hey Baby where
you going I spent money with you uncle
rush has responded to it
is she a black trader you tell me I’m a
businessman you know this so I have to
respect how grizzly oh I have to respect
it don’t have to like it but I can
respect it and who else will she take
down if she coming after Cooper Gooding
jr. run Koba run girl what is it what do
we have to like 2223 females now that
have accused goober Gooding of sexual
misconduct nigga you better hightail it
out of here fuck is you thinkin on I
believe in the justice system nigga you
gonna be cellmates with our Kelly the
two of you’ll be sitting sitting around
playing chess in the dayroom
whoever the fuck you going yeah
open Winfrey 65 years of age does she
still had the two little uh or the three
or four little white dogs yeah she got
white dogs ain’t got no kids and I’m not
hating on that because I don’t have any
biological kids or none that I’m
claiming but yeah she’s got little white
dogs if I’m not mistaken doesn’t she
Troy doesn’t shit what yeah I saw white
dogs once upon a time you know
oh I’m sure those are white dogs eat
high up off the hog she probably flies
in beef you know prime Kutz from from
somewhere in Europe if a housekeeper
ever tried to give her dog you know
something out of a shop rag it’s a shock
right you’re fired get up get out let me
let me bring it down a notch good
afternoon how you feel how you feel this
is what I do you much I is crazy you
know this is the way I process many of
you you go to college the institution of
learning I salute you I applaud you I
could have gone I told you before my
parents had the money and I chose not to
truthfully I think if I would went if I
would have went to college uh how to
fuck my life up you know got a job wiped
a bitch from apartment upon me wife a
woman from college you know we’d grow
together we’d become one she’d push out
some demon seed so yes my my kids will
be demons and then I would become a
shell of a man
so salute to those of you who have gone
to the institution of learning Michigan
see me shaken hmm that’s a good sign
that’s a good sign when I start shaking
that means you know I’m I’m I’m vibing
with myself
you know oh and thank you for the emails
with regards to the crystals yes I’m I’m
exploring that world now more so than
ever dilithium crystals and other
crystals you know crystals and when I
die if anybody gives you shit please
don’t let them cremate my carcass put me
in a monastery and put crystals around
my body see what happens
see if I wake up in 50,000 years so I’m
talking to myself is Oprah Winfrey a
black traitor there’s so much more here
it’s so layered and oh oh wait what
didn’t she have something called sundae
something on was it be ET or her let me
looking live chat guys what what what’s
going on with Oprah something about
Sunday morning or Sunday something she
does a whole lot uh is it Sunday soul
now I’m sipping coffee and this is why
I’ve always been Oh stars on one no you
should get on when I’m on and get the
bag Nick is always looking for an excuse
you know I mean if the white man inside
here was talking to himself he’s a ho
he’s so intelligent oh you know
Nietzsche and a host of others were
craziest cat shit and you suck on their
schlongs don’t you huh Schopenhauer
Hobbes I could go down a goddamn list
black man talk to the bar he cheats
parking is crazy
you probably answer to a bitch mmm honey
are you okay yeah
happy wife a happy life that’s you ho
ass nigga it’s always a nigga isn’t it
always a nigga it’s always a nigga
who brother mo good afternoon sir he
says Oprah is frustrated that Stedman
won’t wife it
so she’s spearheading social lynching
upon other black men hashtag her old
okay that’s that’s crazy Ashley no sir
I’ve heard Oprah say she will not marry
Stedman you see you you’re believing a
false narrative it’s not Stedman Oprah
said no no no I don’t want to get
married and I’m not hating on her for
that but but at the same time she was
pushing the whole black but the black
you know us we you know black power
Ungowa all right Casey Grafton who I’m
gonna read a couple of super Chad’s here
What’s Up boss hogg Harvey Weinstein’s
out here cutting checks for 25 million
to avoid charges for up to 20 to 25
women yet you’ll catch Oprah showing
facts Bill Cosby’s money is long why did
he say hey you know what okay listen
listen I got a hundred million let’s
just get past this shit
maybe bill cup maybe they didn’t want
Bill Cosby’s money maybe he’s just he’s
a black he’s just a black guy bill do
you have a billion do you have two
billion do you have to have a billion
not 25 million Bill Cosby do you have a
billion will let you ride for a billion
fire coochi on the check-in via super
chat I’m on four oh okay just give me
give me some time I’ll get to the phone
lines I just I’m talking to myself just
let me have this moment please
just let me just do me if you want to
talk send them super chat and cash happy
I just this is what I do
I’ve rambled in the mornings hey there’s
enough good afternoon i cosign 50 Harvey
Weinstein just scored a twenty five
million dollar plea deal yeah with his
accusers and is about to beat this whole
thing still no peep from Winfrey nor
will you hear one yeah she’s probably
not that powerful
you know having money doesn’t mean that
you have contacts or the right
connections you know just just a rich
black bitch I hate to say like that just
if it’s black bitch she’s probably got
YouTube power that’s why that’s why I
gotta be careful with the title I’m not
saying in the title is Oprah a black
Oprah Cocola the head of YouTube
destroyed terrain the little reckless
half-breed doing all that extra carrying
on up on YouTube shut his channel down
please it is a crumb get him out of here
a crumb I’ll be gone
the mailman good afternoon star if
capitalism has no moral base value and
we view Oprah as a capitalist then why
do we care
hashtag respect who said I care so I’m
mentally massaging this in front of you
do you care
are you proud to be black maybe you
shouldn’t care maybe you should dismiss
all Oprah Winfrey has done over the
years maybe you should just say hey well
you know she spent all that money in
Africa to build those schools for
African girls and just say hey that that
was just a money move I’m not hating sir
I’m mentally massaging this on the
screen it says the objective perspective
but thank you for your donation
mahmu good afternoon he said salute
store my happy place okay he’s still
talking about a happy place in know so
he ain’t talking about a happy place
today we talked him we talking about
Oprah huh I’m coming for uncle rush
about to getting the fuck up out of here
live chat do you think um do you think
do you think we’ll see Russell in
handcuffs oh oh no I don’t want to see
that that man has been good to me
Russell Russell and I sat down a few
times the first time I had a
conversation with Russell Simmons a
legitimate conversation was at the Slick
Rick release party what was his uh
the Great Adventures of Slick Rick uh he
was on he was on something his breath
stunk and I’m talking to him I was
working at we at Time Warner electorate
landing he was talking what he talked to
me I was a peon I was doing rock and
roll promotion and he’s people he gave
me four minutes
but he gave me four minutes so I can’t
come for the man snack I can’t come for
his neck
I don’t wanna see rustling handcuffs a
man the man gave me boxes and boxes what
was that was that clothing line he had
once upon a time well what was the
clothing line Russell had all sorts of
sneakers him an uncle uh run test test
test kids checking my audio platform oh
he gave me boxes and boxes of that shit
you know and then he he never cut me a
check but I’m not mad at him he gave me
jewels you know Leo and Kevin Liles and
and Irv Gotti or they cut the check and
Mike Keyser they cut the check you know
the story
if they put Russell in handcuffs
what will that change the course of hip
hop that might do it
if you take down the god father of hip
hop the Godfather of hip-hop who already
admitted to to smoking water that’s what
he used to call a smoking water PCP oh
my god I tried to smoke some angel dust
in the early 80s on 42nd Street and I
said whoa oh this ain’t the move first
and last time but Russell has admitted
to that shit is she trying to get him
the fuck out of here black racers good
afternoon sir okay I think this is an
old super jet he says star what are you
going to ask Elvis the chef Rosenberg
what’s up with the Chinese boys and his
feet whoa whoa my hats edit that shit
out what the fuck whoo shit – chef hey
ish thank you darling she says og took
the day off to drink a cheap wine and
clean thank you don’t ya enjoy your life
you know take take a day off sit below
something smoke a little something thank
you darling for that support I
appreciate you Oh
Thank You boss chick Money Ronnie says
don’t forget Reverend Jeremiah Wright
was Oprah’s pastor yeah oh yeah so she
was with the whole black wave so so
again so you can say you know oh she’s a
capitalist something to do with the
Apple business deals and we we applaud
the the business moves but why are you
going after a black man baby girl Oh
baby girl hey Jennifer sit tight darlin
I see I just I’m rambling baby I’m
talking to myself you know I’ll get to
the phone shortly just I have to do this
this is how I process
Alfred thank you for your Kashyap he
says blackout boss nigga hashtag tip
drill magazine yes sir
305 only checking you’ve heard me
mention that that man before yeah that’s
the man that called my show years ago
and said never show your plate to a
nigga that’s hungry I think that was
like 2014 or 15 when he called and said
that thank you sir
appreciate you someone says Crystal’s
talking to yourself
shaking rambling you okay I don’t know
sir Am I am i okay I’ve been doing the
same exact thing for years you just see
it now because I’m on YouTube
same exact routine I became aware of
this routine back in 1987 when I lived
on Martha’s Vineyard Island if you’ve
read my book then you would know if not
don’t worry about it you should walk
around the house sipping coffee in the
morning smoking Garci in Vegas and
platinum xenos cigars talking to myself
listening to rush thank you sir
the donation
and ask yourself is the white man okay
if the white man was sitting here doing
this would you say oh are you okay are
you okay whitey it’s always a nigga
isn’t it always a nigger oh thank you uh
young lady super soul Sunday okay yeah
yeah okay so yes she does the super soul
Sunday thing you know yeah super soul
super soul soul sister who made that
song Troy who made that song Troy who
made that song come on come on it was a
heat wave
yeah heatwave super-soul cells sister or
the album too hot to handle
1976 how’s the jam Chaka hey Chaka lol
that MJ talk was wild drink some water
my G yeah yeah I started to go down the
wrong path
whoo shit yeah put some respect on
Michael Jackson’s name somebody had
sleepover sleepovers you don’t give a
ramble Boss Hogg ramble thank you a
Javon for your donation it’s white is
whitey ok go on some of those white
YouTube channels and asked white man
when he’s ramble a while you are you ok
Oprah is here to destroy the black man
for whitey ok Johnny Storm
ATL thank you sir for your donation
today Friday yeah folks I’m going out
tonight to handle some business I don’t
think there’s gonna be a show tonight so
so maybe it’s it’s best that I just
ramble right now ok some of you are
sending me emails with regards to Oprah
and I’m sorry 50 cent salute 250 coming
at Oprah
I’m salute 250 yeah okay okay
eight one three boss Clifton he says
uncle rush needs to team up with Oprah
Oprah’s stepmom and expose her ass
Oprah’s step mom has her shook yeah
something about her father and I don’t
get fuck about all expose and shit you
know just we talking about Oprah now
trying to put black men or get black men
out of here
as we talk about mr. t uh
good afternoon sends in a super jet UFC
245 is tomorrow
Ali Kwan sidenote bam dusky puts
pineapple slices okay you sir you’re
talkin reckless talking reckless and so
I haven’t gone by the name Ali Kwan
since 1983
thank you unless you’re somebody who I
knew from that era thank you for your
fire coochie oh the chickens the story I
don’t want to I don’t want to get on the
line read my last super chat
respectfully okay hold on a second who
are you now now I’m not read that I’m
sorry dude listen the youtubes not
playing that game I acknowledge
everybody but we have super chats and
cash tips do I not some people don’t
even read you some people just say yo yo
they say my name yo thanks for all for
the donation and keep it pushing I read
what I can I don’t own YouTube I’m
taking a chance here today Oprah could
put me she could push the button on me
get him out of here is a crumb I’ve had
enough of him we’ve had enough of him
thank you for your donation
let me check with my troll babies uh
kids should I take any phone calls who
just keep rambling don’t let me know you
see when I do this and people’s all he’s
he’s buggin he’s he’s crazy
no I you know I’m doing no phone calls
today I’m just I’m just gonna ramble and
then shut it down and then go on about
my day
kashish up who’s this on the check-in
shaaka happy holidays sir thank you
happy Holidays to you and your family I
said poor I celebrate and support the
let me see Jennifer’s on the line where
are you Jennifer Jennifer is that you
good afternoon
hey baby hey sugar I’m good how about
yourself am i doing too much I mean this
is what I do am i doing too much ok ok I
mean sometimes I don’t want to let
people into my world because you know
just I don’t need to squeeze the Eagle
overturn you feel me ok you were saying
everybody understand everybody don’t
want to understand but all these a lot
of these black women want to be you know
they look over like an idol in jail and
all these high ratings blacks in the
celebrity world and they don’t
understand half the shit some people got
a gold book right you know they don’t
own them but when you want to get to
that certain level like Oprah earth to
keep Diana Ross Alice Walker Whoopi
Goldberg real Whitfield all of them got
white husband white baby fathers you
know they don’t care nothing about the
black man once they get to a certain
level of success and that’s what’s going
to happen so every time you want to be
like these women you got to do your
research on them and see what’s going on
with them ain’t none of them happy they
all miserable and they they felt so bad
about black men leaving these women and
they just be babies baby mothers a lot
of lives like that but they just got one
they got a white baby father but they
just got money that’s all yeah yeah they
will have a child by white hair
Alice Walker walking dancers all over
have chosen my white line and listen I
got a wet mama so I’m not you know
hating on nobody but you know
interracially procreating but you know
she’s been pushing the whole black wave
over the years you know we got to do
this right don’t get me wrong I’m not
trying I’m not trying to fuck that about
information children I’m just saying you
know that when they look to those types
of women because they’re not the certain
status quo as you you know better
yourself you’re not going to be happy no
matter who you with
but when you get into that certain level
of success you have to subscribe to
rightly an ideology that point blank
period that doesn’t mean that you’re
going to be happy because you have money
cuz most of those women that I know have
white children
white men and they died miserably yeah
so hey are you familiar with this whole
super are you familiar with a super soul
Sunday what is that about this that’s
like a something she does what is that
I’m not laying what it’s fun but I think
she like like I she has like black
couples or some like that or like black
families and all this yeah he promotes
he has a good run over has a really good
yeah but you know like her and Gail I
just I’m not I don’t like I don’t feel
you know I think I don’t think that
they’re genuine I think that the youth
oh you know black people to get them you
know all riled up but you know I think I
have a hidden hidden agenda because they
always come for black men and I don’t
understand why yeah I don’t know what
that problem is like did you see that
film called beloved did you see beloved
people loved it
there were so many levels to that film
it didn’t do that well if I remember
correctly in the the box office but it
was it was very deep you remember that
part when she killed the baby you’re
going baby
yeah she went up the light yeah the
white man was coming in to take the baby
and she
that’s all faggots that part out pay
attention mentally you know you want you
don’t you don’t subscribe to y’all man
you don’t let you don’t want your man to
be the head of the household but you
subscribe to the government you
subscribe to the white their way of
living you’ll keep your strong mentally
and by let’s keep them as their they
have the right man because you don’t
want them to listen to their own father
you know I’m saying I have no proof if I
can just jump in here for a second I
have no proof but you know I wouldn’t be
surprised if Oprah practice is wicked
you know what Wicca is yes a form of
witchcraft yeah yes I wouldn’t be
surprised either hard Gale a lot of
people don’t know about wicker you know
they talk about the Illuminati but you
know Wicca I wouldn’t be surprised won’t
be surprising I went to a jay-z Beyonce
concert when I was living in Atlanta and
thought it was just like it was a whole
different vibe when I was there I felt
like you know I felt like I like I
couldn’t breathe you know it’s so
horrible and when I left it was like a
breath of fresh air
that’s what they say music and me
you know whatever they doing mister I
don’t know you know I’m not as advanced
as you are but you know I’m getting to
it I’m starting to understand because
I’m like it’s just it just never pans
out for our me you know I’m saying
everything is the uplift of black woman
the black Queen the black to happen I
don’t even know them ourselves you you
don’t need to like it here you go click
the money up is here you go somebody
else eyelashes on it I’m not trying to
take away from assistance but then I’m
brainwash us to be so insecure that we
looked at Oprah who come on I think she
hates yourself a beautiful black woman
but she still had the little white dogs
I remember years ago I saw some pictures
of her and her hello white dogs not
black dogs but like dogs
coming off my show one time this is way
back let me get the steam coming off so
one time and she jumped on this black
girl because the black girls are thinner
herself the white girl started with her
in the audience and she jumped when the
black or the thinner herself she just
jump on a black girl she didn’t say
nothing about go for the white girl at
all yeah but you know that’s what
supporting you you have to go in that
agenda you know oh can we really be mad
at her I just take it I just know that’s
not what I want to do right and before
you report I’m just going to close on
this note before we start looking at
these people because they have so much
money is he supposedly about well maybe
Sally do your research on these people
don’t just look at what you see on on
media and things of that nature about
these people because your little slides
they’re not happy before you go let me
ask you another question
now you do know that she had the issue
with Whoopi Goldberg all those years it
wasn’t Whoopi
Oprah was not inviting Whoopi to any of
those black tie a white white linen
functions out on the yacht she wasn’t
fucking with Whoopi you know that right
because you know what B was like at one
point you know they both described and
white men have a baby sort of like well
not to say like you know Whoopi Goldberg
competition for her and what we call for
a mouth is not gonna be on you I love
Whoopi love her to death
I mean even though she comes she comes
at Trump my guy you know but but I just
that that bothered me all those years I
think was like over 20 years Oprah did
not fuck with Whoopi
I think was over 20 years at all no oh
one thing I was there about I mean what
the elite here you know she’s proposing
that we here had a baby born but there’s
my babies but thank you for calling in
thank you God
donation oh thank you okay yeah does
open still have those little white dogs
you’re looking at live chat huh I’m the
white dogs of feeding them good huh
prime Kutz
you you better not bring no food in this
house from c-town for the easy two hogs
get out take that back or you’re fired
oh look at this email somebody just set
me with Oprah hugging Russell she got
the big kool-aid smile
can we put a little respect on um
Russell Simmons name folks it just let
me just ramble before I go two more
phone calls
Elvis’s Shep Rosenberg sit tight I see
you I got you let me get him in the
queue Elvis sit tight I got you sit
let me process something hold on let me
just process something before before I
talk because if it were the show at
night I would have notes here I have no
notes right now just I need to figure
this out
when will we dig up Hugh Hefner’s dirt
found for Playboy
when will we dig up all of the miss
allege only just a legend right now
alleged misconduct that went on in that
Playboy Mansion over the decades huh
will Oprah get behind a project like
that never mind a Harvey Weinstein he
he’s already you know cutting to check
he dodged the bullets
what about Hugh Hefner hmm how old were
some of those playboy bunnies over the
decades swimming in that nasty poor head
nasty pool people so uh so proud of ours
at the Playboy Mansion back in the 70s
and 80s you know probably high on that
shit high on that shit jumping in that
nasty water hmm
politicians so-called Christians
has anybody written a real tell-all book
about Hugh Hefner going after Russell
I want to call her a monkey bitch but
you know she might push the button on me
get him out of here
suddenly settle down now over sous-chef
Rosenberg good afternoon sir I’m wild
and I’m you know right now are you there
who I am here Howie sir I’m very good
I’m very good to hear your voice great
show I would I would argue that she has
and I’m talking about Oprah has done to
black community a disservice by not
having lineage by not having children
hmm come on the fact that she has no
legacy leaves us in an empty space
because there’s no torch to she could
have even adopted you know she could
have adopted right it was really wrong
for her to now just be the first a
one-off a unicorn right and the problem
is is that there are very few women of
color that do not refer to her in casual
conversations as if they know her and
can we link to her and how can you
relate to a woman who will never have a
legacy hmm maybe is that is that the
truth drop is the truth drops the black
man will always have to be a one-off
right they can never truly be wealth is
that the truth drop here who is that
that had all those adopted babies what
was Josephine Baker I know I’m rambling
I’m just Josephine Josephine Baker
though the preacher via the actress the
if you moved to France Google want you
to hold Josephine Baker know what us
before my child yeah yeah I’m his always
dust come on I’m gonna google was he
talking go ahead no man that’s it dude I
just think she’s just she’s totally did
a disservice to the black community by
not having kids you know stay with me
stay with me okay Josephine Baker did
you do do-do-do born 1906 she died 1975
she was an American born French
entertainer okay so she was was she born
her career was centered primarily in
Europe mostly in her adopted France ok
Baker was the first african-american to
star in a major motion picture the 1927
silent film simon of the tropics Wow
I’m talking to myself so so pardon me if
I’m just throwing shit out here
yeah Joe she adopted a shitload of kids
and she she was put out of her home and
she loved the kids she wanted to leave
as you just said lineage but go ahead
I’m not only am I getting into change in
my afternoon I’m learning here ok start
learning over here right now hang on a
second now respectfully why do people
keep talking about you and some some
Chinese Chinese boys did you say
something that I missed what the hell
was that super 10 about earlier well
Dana had a show and I called in one day
okay and she was wondering and she was
trying to try out this skyping program
so I I signed up for a skyping program
and I walked directly into a show okay
and it just so happened that I was
walking I was walking to the the place
that I get a massage once a month or
twice a month depending okay I had when
I got here when I got there you know I
go to this guy’s name is Michael I
usually only deal with Michael because
he’s really good it’s just a foot
massage so you know people making a joke
that I’m getting reflexology by a man
but I’m a chef I’m on my feet so I need
a real person up in there you know oh
okay easy easy I don’t I don’t get too
crazy hey man I appreciate you thank you
have a great day thank you Miss Liu okay
what do you say a real person getting up
in there
okay guys I think I’ve done enough I
don’t want to do two hours I just I
usually talk to myself for an hour and
and I think I’ve done enough here if I
miss any stupid chats or cash tips I
will get to them tomorrow thank you –
haters enough he says let’s let’s not
forget Roman Polanski okay fire kuchi on
the check and says respect store I just
be thinking my shit funny no sweat
big nigga okay thank you you got the
best show out here respect the Machine
thank you so much schoolboy hey
schoolboy he’s on the check and he says
we need a Power Hour behind the paywall
or something a show about all your dear
old dad and his sayings about okay yeah
let’s not do that right now
Thank You schoolboy propane que 1982
hoprah he spells h OE – p ra h been
hating on the black man but the white
boy that played played the dad on 7th
heaven admitted to being okay yeah Thank
You Man thank you okay 403 on the
check-in talking reckless bitch go do
bitch go do the dishes listen let’s not
bring that up right now please let’s
just stay on Oprah
always talking about pickup did you send
in a cash app who is this a Chris Thank
You Man but I just I’m rambling I’m not
really trying to do a quote-unquote show
I’m just rambling you know you just
happen to be here thank you for your
email sir who is just too much Union not
okay okay uh too much Union 5-3 to not
enough equality 7-2521 sir it’s right
there I’m just gonna put up my banner
it’s at the end of this particular
broadcast because it’s just it’s just a
ramble session but Durrani’s banner is
always at the end of the rebroadcast
thank you so much sike l good afternoon
Oprah is allegedly a high-ranking witch
in the Illuminati you you may have a
point you may have a point
mm psych L also says Harvey is her
warlock handler and he owns her soul
well listen if you subscribe to certain
philosophies and or ideologies or
mysticism who am i a non-believer to say
you’re wrong thank you for your donation
okay Jay Lee okay he’s talking about
somebody else’s YouTube channel I know
nothing about that sir but thank you for
your donation Jay Lee you appreciate it
okay seal what is if someone says seal
called out Oprah for knowing of
Weinstein assault is this the new
article uh hang on a second okay no this
goes back to January 2018 a singer seal
what was this big hit kiss of a rose oh
dude yeah
is it kiss of a rose I forget great song
seal accuses Oprah of knowing about
Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct
thank you whoever just sent me that link
that comes from variety variety comm
from 2018 January the 11th to be exact
mm seal clapping at her no more coffee
I’m done for the day
she bears king peace he says Oprah and
Liz oh are the white woman’s pets
hashtag fax thank you sir hey Keisha
Keisha says slow down star you sound
like you need some sleep no baby you
should be saying to turn up boss nigga
turn up and blow a gasket turn up and
what does that break an aneurysm and die
on the microphone that’s it you should
be saying but thank you darling yeah
this was just a ramble session folks for
those of you who don’t know how I you
know how I do it been doing this for
okay thank you for stopping by have a
good day I’ll see you tomorrow
um that’s it that’s it I feel better now

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